The county town of Kent, in the diocese of Canterbury, on the east bank of the Medway which is here navigable for barges of 60 ton, burden and crossed by a Stone bridge;  8 miles south of Rochester, 22 west of Canterbury, and 34 south-east of London.  It has a very considerable trade in timber, wheat, large bullocks, apples, cherries, etc. and extensive manufactories of thread, etc.  Orchards and hop plantations are very numerous in this county.  Markets on Thursday and Saturday.  Fairs, 13th Feb., 12th May, 20th June, and 17th October.


London Waggons from this town to White Hart, Spur Inn and Nag's Head, Borough, High Street.


Vessels to London weekly to Bridge yard, Tooley Street - Beals wharf, Tooley Street - Hayes wharf, Tooley Street. Maidstone new wharf, Upper Thames Street - Bull wharf, Upper Thames Street - Brook's wharf, Upper Thames Street.


Maidstone Journal, Tuesday, coverage Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey

(Source:  London and Country Directory, 1811, vol. 2. pp. -, and vol. 3, p. 122)

Alchin R. secretary to Kent Life and Annuity office ..
Alexander Thos linen draper Gabriel's hill
Allen Gabriel surgeon King Street
Archer & Peck .. corn factors High Street
Archer George seedman High Street
Argles & Potter .. grocers High Street
Ballard Jno. tallow chandler Stone Street
Baldock W. & J. coal merchants Earl Street
Balston William paper maker Springfield mills
Beaumont & Homewood .. braziers Gabriel's hill
Beeching & Edmett linen drapers High Street ..
Bensted Wm. & Joseph coal merchants, wharfingers & hoymen Pudding lane
Bentliff George & Son shoe makers High Street
Bigg Jno. miller Loose
Bishop Sir Wm. Larking Hughes & Co., bankers ..
Bishop, Sage, Burgess & Potter .. coal merchants & wharfingers Bridge wharf
Bishop Geo. & Co. distillers High Street
Bishop Sir Wm. Knt. .. ..
Bishop A. & Co. malt distillers ..
Bishop Geo. C. soap manufacturer St. Faith's green
Bishop .. upholsterer & auctioneer ..
Blake John stationer & wine merchant High Street
Blinkhorn Thos. miller King Street
Blundell Richard flax dresser & sackmaker High Street
Bowra Mary haberdasher Week Street
Brenchley, Stacey, Parker, Springet & Penfold .. bankers ..
Brenchley & Co. .. brewers Stone Street
Brenchley S. grocer & cheesemonger High Street
Brown Thos. land surveyor Gabriel's hill
Brown Wm. pump maker Earl Street
Browne & Mares .. Chymists & druggists High Street
Bunyard Jas. nurseryman, etc. West Borough
Bunyer Tho. gun maker & cutler Gabriel's hill
Burgess & Co. .. merchants Week Street
Burr & Hoan .. attornies King Street
Carter & Morriss .. upholsterers & auctioneers Stone Street
Carter & Summerfield .. surveyors Gabriel's hill
Chambers Sam. corn factor High Street
Chaplin Thos. boot and shoe maker High Street
Charles William surgeon St. Faith's Green
Chrisfield William grocer & cheesemonger Stone Street
Collens A. draper Week Street
Collings Jas. brandy merchant Week Street
Cooke John Jas. attorney Queen Street
Crowder John cutler High Street
Cutbush Tho. plumber and glazier High Street
Cutbush T.R. plumber and glazier Gabriel's hill
Cutbush Henry builder King Street
Cutbush Catherine victualler King Street
Dann Jas. baker Stone Street
Day Thos. and Son surgeons Gabriel's hill
Day Dr. .. ..
Dimmock Benjamin basket maker Stone Street
Diprose John cutler High Street
Dodd George baker King Street
Down John Haunch of Venison Inn High Street
Durgate James poulterer High Street
Durtnill Richard sadler Gabriel's hill
Durrant Walter tanner West Borough
Durrant J. tea dealer and grocer Gabriel's hill
Edmeads, Atkins and Tyrrell .. bankers ..
Elgar William grocer Week Street
Elliss James hop planter East Farley
Eloy Mrs .. High St
French Stephen ironmongery etc Week Street
Filmer Elizabeth fruiterer Stone Street
Fletcher Henry timber merchant Waterside
Foulds Samuel shoe maker King Street
Gorham William clothier High Street
Gorham William wheelwright Knightridger Street
Gray Robert confectioner Gabriel's hill
Green John paper mould maker Queen Street
Green John clothes warehouse High Street
Green James pipe maker Earl Street
Green William innkeeper West Borough
Haffenden Richard surgeon Earl Street
Hardy John tailor Stone Street
Harris Elizabeth hatter High Street
Hawkins George china, glass and Staffordshire-warehouse Gabriel's hill
Heathorn Robert maltster and coal merchant Havock lane
Higgins Edmond glazier ..
Hills Joseph timber merchant and hoyman Waterside
Hills Walter baker Stone Street
Hills Thos. baker Week Street
Hoadley William coach maker Weeks Street
Hobson Richard mercer High Street
Hogsflesh John baker High Street
Honey & Gilbert .. thread manufacturers, rope and sack makers Gabriel's hill
Honey James baker Week Street
Horne & Sankey .. timber merchants Waterside
Howard & co. .. confectioners High Street
Howsley James shoe maker Stone Street
Hughes John slop seller Week Street
Hughes J.N., Esq. .. High Street
Hyde Thos. patten maker High Street
Illsley H. ironmonger and cutler Week Street
Jackson W. silversmith & watchmaker High Street
Jarrett John butcher Middle row
Johnson Tho. butcher Middle row
Johnston John draper & tailor High Street
Jones Thomas hop merchant Knightridger Street
Jones F. corn factor Stone Street
Jury & Brattlo .. draper and tailor Gabriel's hill
Jury William plumber Stone Street
Kennard T & E braziers High Street
Kennett John builder King Street
Kennett John victualler King Street
Kent Life & Annuity office .. .. High Street
Kent Fire office .. .. ..
King Mr. John .. Stone Street
Kingsnorth Daniel thread maker High Street
Kipping Edw. broker and appraiser Week Street
Ladbrook John patten maker Gabriel's hill
Lamprey Stephen attorney Stone Street
Lancefield Tho. tallow chandler Gabriel's hill
Land John druggist High Street
Lidiard Thos., Esq. Secretary to the Kent Fire office ..
LInk Mrs. druggist Gabriel's hill
Luckhurst Eliza fancy dress maker Gabriel's hill
Mackellow John watchmaker, silversmith, umbrella and parasol manufacturer High Street
Marsh John shoe maker High Street
Marshall Elizabeth milliner High Street
Martin Benjamin Mitre Inn High Street
Martin Joseph linendraper High Street
Mason Allen hoyman & wharfinger Waterside
Mason Robert hoyman & wharfinger Waterside
Mercer Richard miller Church lane
Mercer John victualler Earl Street
Moore Joseph millwright Stone Street
Moore John smith Earl Street
Moore Edw. smith Earl Street
Moore William smith Havock lane
Morgan Joseph sadler High Street
Munn George tailor Week Street
Newton George sadler High Street
Oliver Joseph currier & leathercutter High Street
Oliver Edw. leathercutter High Street
Oliver Geo. butcher Week Street
Orford Thos. staymaker High Street
Overy Wm. plumber, glazier & painter Week Street
Owleet Mr. John .. near this town
Pack Thos. Post Office ..
Pack Thos. tanner Loose
Paris Thos. boot and shoemaker Stone Street
Pearce William poulterer High Street
Pell Thos. cooper Stone Street
Pell Thos., Jr. cooper Stone Street
Peters Mrs. baker High Street
Pexton James carver and gilder Gabriel's hill
Pierce & Stanger .. ironmongers High Street
Pine Benjamin C. ironmonger Gabriel's hill
Pine John paper manufactuerer Lower Tovill mill
Pine John stationer Stone Street
Piper John smith and wheelwright Havock lane
Plane W. brewer Earl Street
Poole Thos batter Week Street
Poole James & son linendrapers Week Street
Prentis Stephen wine and brandy merchant Earl Street
Randall & Co. .. nursery and seedsman High Street
Reader John currier & leathercutter Stone Street
Reader Walter sadler Stone Street
Reader Thos. Baker Stone Street
Reed Ralph linendraper High Street
Rhodes Thos. turner High Street
Ridout Thos. surveyor of the customers Stone Street
Romney Right Hon. Earl .. ..
Ruck John bricklayer & glassdealer High Street
Ruck Hannah bricklayer St. Faith's green
Russell, Pigram & Munk .. wholesale & retail grocers Week Street
Russell & Munk .. grocers High Street
Russell Mrs. .. High Street
Russell Robert stock salesman Stone Street
Russell H & T paper manufacturers ..
Ruse & Turners paper manufacturers Tovil place ..
Sage & Moore .. ironfounders, hoymen & wharfingers Waterside
Sanders Catherine St. Faith's boarding school St. Faith's green
Sanders E. professor of music St. Faith's green
Saxby I.R. hop merchant High Street
Scott & Giles ...silversmithsHigh Street
Scudamore William attorney Week Street
Scultup Joseph painter High Street
Scultup Mrs. grocer High Street
Seares Daniel stonemason Stone Street
Sharp John gunsmith King Street
Simmonds Thos. spirit merchant West Borough
Simonds Joseph Bull Inn Gabriel's hill
Sloman Thomas wheelwright ..
Smallman Robert draper, tailor, milliner & fancy dress maker High Street
Smith John county surveyor King Street
Smith William hardwareman Gabriel's hill
Smith James coal and coke warehouse St. Faith's green
Smith Dr. .. King Street
Smith Ann Swan Inn High Street
Smyth & Atkins .. brewers ..
Spratt William Star Inn High Street
Springet John linen and woollen draper High Street
Stanford James shoemaker Bridge wharf
Stanley Samuel butcher Gabriel's hill
Stevenson Mary brandy merchant Gabriel's hill
Steward Mrs. .. High Street
Stone John cyder merchant High Street
Stone John & Co. oil mills Lower Tovil
Sutton James stonemason under the Cliff
Sutton Thos. clock & watch maker Gabriel's hill
Sweetlove Thomas millwright Queen Street
Tanner Benjamin tanner, fellmonger and woolstapler High Street
Tassell Robert groer & cheesemonger High Street
Tassell Thomas grocer and oilman Stone Street
Taylor John basketmaker Gabriel's hill
Topping Charles attorney King Street
Tyrrell John ironmonger Week Street
Tyrrell John & Jas. coal merchants Week Street
Tyrrell Sarah bookseller & stationer Week Street
Tyrrell Richard stationer and music seller Week Street
Valentine William plumber and glazier High Street
Vinion John bookseller & Streetationer Week Street
Vigor Mary dressmaker Church Street
Warwick I. & R. linendrapers High Street
Watts James & Edw. linendrapers High Street
Wheatley William carrier Earl Street
Wickham Elizabeth George Inn Gabriel's hill
Wildes Thomas .. ..
Wildish Dilnot Bell Inn Week Street
Wilkins Samuel tailor HIgh Street
Williams Richard broker & auctioneer Stone Street
Wilson Mr. John Miller Loose
Wilson Mr. John .. Gabriel's hill
Wimble & Chaplin .. coal merchants & hoymen Earl Street
Wise Stacey, Esq. .. Stone Street
Wise S & G paper manufacturers ..
Wright George baker High St.
Green & Co. .. coach to the George Inn Borough, Blossom's Inn, Lawrance lane and Golden cross, Charing cross, London, daily

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