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photo of St. John the Baptist Parish Church at Margate, Kent, England
Margate Parish Church, St. John the Baptist
by kind courtesy of Alan Makey and the Kent FHS
(Click photo for larger view)

Memorials inside St. John Church

In the chancel on the south wall:

A monument to Wm. Hunter, Surgeon of H.M. Forces, who died Feb. 1785, aged 75; also Margaret, his wife, daughter of Peter Smart, Esq. of Hall Place, East Barming, who died Sept. 1792, aged 75; likewise their son, Robert Edwd. Hunter, M.D. who died 6th June, 1824, aged 69; also Maria, his wife, who died 23d May, 1813, aged 48; also Robt. Edwd. Hunter, Lieut. R.N. who died 30th June, 1824, aged 39; and Margaret Hunter, daughter of Robt. Edwd. and Maria Hunter, who died in her infancy.

A table to Mary, wife of Edwd. Boys, Esq. of Salmstone Grange, in this parish, who died 5th June 1792, aged 44.

Above this, one to Letitia, wife of Robt. Brooke, Esq. of Margate, who died 12th Aug. 1823, aged 40.

Another for the Rev. Wm. Chapman, A.M. who died 17th Sept. 1810.

A monument for Henry Crisp, Esq. of Quex, 1588.

Another for Paul Cleybroke, of Nash Court, in this parish, and Maria, his wife, daughter of Richd. Knatchbull, of Meresham, in Kent, Esq.; he died 24th Aug. 1622, she died 9th Oct. 1624.

Another for Wm. Payn, of this parish, and of the family of the Payns, of Shottenden, in this county, who died 12th Feb 1716, aged 55; erected by Ann, his sister.

On the north side

A table for Ann Turner Brown, only child of the late Jas. Brown, of Chapel Hill House, Esq. and Ann his wife; she died 5th Mar. 1838, aged 68.

Near this, one to Ann, wife of Jacob Sawkins, Esq. relict of Jas. Brown, Esq. daughter and sole heiress of Capt. David Turner, formerly of Nash Court, in this parish, who died 1st Feb. 1810, aged 58; also the above named Jacob Sawkins, Esq., who died in London, Jan. 30th, 1819, aged 65, and was interred at Camberwell, in Surrey.

Another for Francis Foster, Esq. of this parish, who died 24th Feb. 1835, aged 63.

A monument to Robt. Brooke, Merchant, and Sarah, his wife, daughter of Gilbert Knowler, of Strood House, in Hearn, in the county, Esq.; he died 30th Sept. 1767, aged 83; erected by their daughter, Ann Brooke.

A table to John Harvis, Lieut. R.N. who died 25th Aug. 1789, aged 54; and Ann, his wife, who died May 15th, 1800, aged 63.

Another to Daniel Jarvis, Esq. M.D. who died 18th Mar. 1833, aged 67.

A monument for Valentine Petit, late of this parish, Gent. and Mary, his wife, daughter of Thos. Clyve, Gent.; he died 3d July, 1626, she died 28th Apl. 1609.

On the east wall

A table to Ann, daughter of Jacob and Ann Sawkins, who died 21st Feb. 1818, aged 32; erected by her sister, Ann Turner Brown.

A monument to Henry Petit, of Dent de Lion, and Ann, daugher of Thos. Finch, of Coptrer, Esq. wife of Henry Petit; obiit 6 Jun. 1656, aet. 31.

Another to Capt. John Petit, of the ancient family of this name, of Dent de Lion, who died Feb. 7th, 1700.

In this chancel is also a brass to the Norwood family, 1557.

In the south chancel, on the north side

A most beautiful monument to Sir Thos. Staines, of Dent de Lion, in this parish, a Post Capt. in H.M.R.N.K.C.B. Knt. Commander of the royal Sicilian Order of St. Ferdinand and Merit, a Knt. of the Imperial Order of the Crescent, who died 13th July, 1830, aged 56; also Sarah Tournay Bargrave, widow of the above, and wife of Geo. Gunning, Esq. of Dent de Lion and Frindsbury in this county, who died 25th Jan. 1832, aged 47.

In the south aisle, on the south wall

A table to Dame Eliz. Rich, relict of the late Sir Rob. Rich, who died 22d July, 1788, aged 48, wife of Jas. Walker, Esq. of this place, who erected this to her memory.

On the north wall

A table to Nathaniel Hodges, Esq. who died 29th Sept, 1806, aged 63; also James, his eldest son, who died at Bengal, in the E. Indies, Oct. 21st 1804, aged 24.

Another to Eliz. relict of the late John Leach, Esq. of Stamford Hill, Middlesex, who died Oct. 12th, 1825 aged 69.

A table for Lewis Agassiz, Esq. late of this parish, who died Sept 29th, 1807, aged 70; and Mary, his wife, who died June 22d, 1810, aged 69.

In the nave, on the south side

A table to Thos. Walker, Esq. of this parish, who died 7th November, 1815, aged 63.

Another to Thos. Clements Eyeham, Esq. of this parish, who died 26th Sept 1837, aged 75; and Genevieve Eliz. his wife, who died 23d June, 1835, aged 66.

A monument to Jas. Taddy, Esq. of the Dane, in this parish, who died Oct. 17th, 1764, aged 54; and Sarah his wife, who died Oct. 23, 1793, aged 77; and others of this family.

A table to John Gore, Esq. who died 7th Apl. 1836, aged 59.

On the north side

A neat monument for Lieut. Col. John Robert Coghlan, K.T.S. 62st Regt. of Infantry, who after having distinguished himself in the battles of Talaverna, Vittoria, the Pyrennees, Nivelle, Nive, and Orthes, fell gloriously leading on his regiment to the heights of Toulouse, 10th Apl. 1814; he was born July 29th, 1782; erected by his brother Robert.

Another for Frances, wife of Go. Slater, Esq. who died 20th Apl. 1817, aged 75; also Geo. Slater, Esq. son of the above named G. Slater, Esq. who died 28th Oct. 1817, aged 44; and Geo. Slater, Esq. who died 1st Dec. 1822, aged 84.

A tablet to John Carden Esq. eldest son of Sir John Craven Carden, Bart. of Ireland, who died 10th Aug. 1794, aged 18.

Another to Eliz. wife of Wm. Phelps, Esq. of London, who died Octo. 8th, 1828, aged 73: and one to Edward Dering, Esq. of this town, who died 10th June, 1836, aged 57; and Margaret Dering, sister of the above, and daughter of the late Edwd. Dering, Esq. of Doddington, in this county.

Source:  C. Greenwood, comp.  "Epitome of County History", vol. 1, County of Kent. (London, England: privately printed, 1838).