The Dutch refugees, above the age of twenty-one, resident in Maidstone in the year 1585.

During 1634 upon the interference of Archbishop Laud with the form of worship of the Dutch at Maidstone the congregation that held services at St. Faith's Chapel dispersed with many of the families returning to the Netherlands.

Vander Schuere Nicasias 1570, Minister of the Dutch congregation
de Jonge Peter 1582, Minister of the Dutch congregation
Heard Abel 1608, Minister of the Dutch congregation
Millar John 1625, Minister of the Dutch congregation
Baeret Jacques with his wife and his two servants
Baeret Peter with his wife
Baudert Jan and his wife
Baudert Passchine widow, and also another widow and a maid, which both dwell with her
Beeckmans Christian with his wife and four of his servants
Broos Jan bachelor
Buaert Joorys with his wife
Buskins Maeynken a maiden
Callant Jan and his wife
Daton Peter with his wife
de Bock Jacques  
de Claerke Jan and his wife, with six of his servants
de Clercke Claysyme sister of Gillis de Clercke
de Clercke Gillis with his wife
de Haene Jan and his wife
de Hond Anthonie with his wife
de Hooghe Peter bachelor
de Houcken Macynken  
de Jonge Peter and his wife, Minister
de la Zonyacart Jan with his wife
Flaalens Caerell with his wife
Flactens Jan and his wife and their son
Fransyne ..  
Goddert Lewis  
Krekete Jacques brother of Karell Krekete, with his boy
Krekete Karell with his wife
Pe Daniel with his wife
Punyt Jan  
Sanctiuzilla Anthonius  
Santine William  
Sarket Jan with his wife
Seysen Goollethen widow
Vaeren ..  
van den Busche Jacques  
van Gorele Adrian with his wife
van Lacten Lowys with his wife, his sister and his maid
van Lucten Joos with his wife and two of his servants
van Lurchen Cornelis with his wife
van Peene Jan  
van Peene Jan his seven servants
van Seneclok Jan with his wife and their two daughters
van Speybrouck Daniel  
van Speybroucke Daniel his maid
van Trubben Lawrence and his wife
van Vleteren Margaret a widow with two of her sons
vanden Gillis  
vander Brugge Jan with his wife
vander Busche Jacques and his four servants
vander Busche Liveing with his wife and two maidens, which be his cousins
vander Donk Katelynne widow
vander Donk Tamkin daughter of Katelynne vander Donk
vander Hacqen Gillis widower
vander Hacqen Perincken daughter of Gillis vander Hacqen
vander Velde Kateline widow
vander Vinckl Gilles batchelor

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