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St. Peter & St. Paul, Kent, copyright 2013 Susan D. Young
St. Peter & St. Paul, Bromley Parish Church

Dunn Funeral Accounts, 1803 - 1809

Transcribed by Henry Mantell with the generous support of Bromley Archives.
Bromley Archives reference 688/1/1. This folio remains in original binding and unlike other folios has no sign of fire damage and has had no paper conservation. Where possible named individual mourners are noted in the transcript.
11ALLENJohn13-Feb1803blank£5-18s-0delm coffin
11ALLENJohn13-Feb1803 £3-3s-0dpaid the Society at the Greyhound for use of 63 Cloaks for the funeral of John ALLEN
11STRADWICKElizabeth13-Feb1803Mister Thomas STRADWICK£2-4s-0delm coffin
21DAWSONWilliam1-Mar1803Mister CHALMERS£28-5s-4delm coffin lined with flannell
21DAWSONWilliam1-Mar1803Mister CHALMERS£37-13s-4dpaid clerks fees at Waltham and attendant to Chelmsford in Essex
31ALEXANDERMaster Nicholas1-Mar1803Mister William ALEXANDER£4-19s-0dextra deep grave 8s 6d
31SMITHHester3-Mar1803Reverend Mister SMITH£8-17s-8d4 bearers 10 shillings refreshment for bearers 4 s circled in red
41SANGERElizabeth13-Mar1803Mister SANGER£3-1s-6ddeep grave and filling 4s 6d
41WHITEMister6-Apr1803blank£1-10s-0donly 2 mourners I cloak and one pell charged
41EDNEYElizabeth17-Mar1803Mister William EDNEY£2-11s-0d4 bearers 6 shillings refreshments 3 shillings and 6 pence;account only paid in part 5 shillings and 6 pence due
51WILLIAMSHenry28-Apr1803Mister WHITE Plastow£3-1s-6delm coffin
51CURTISElizabeth1-May1803Mister CURTIS£1-17s-0dMiss Elizabeth CURTIS
51KINLESIDEJukes Harrison20-Apr1803Reverend Mister KINLESIDE£18-18s-0dcarried over to next page;Reverend Kinleside of Angmering Sussex
61KINLESIDEJukes Harrison29-Apr1803Reverend Mister KINLESIDE£43-3s-0dhearse and four horses to Angmering House Sussex £10-10s-0d and 10 shillings and 6 pence for coachman
61COLEGATEThomas3-May1803Mister COLEGATE£2-18s-6dthe funeral of Master COLEGATE paid for Beer 2 shillings and 6 pence
71DAYWilliam21-May1803blank£11-16s-0dMaster William DAY's account includes £1-11s-6d expenses for attending surgeons lodging
71BROWNINGAmey31-May1803Mister BROWNING£1-19s-6delm coffin bearer to carry
81DAVISMrs8-Jun1803Mister Nathaniel DAVIS£3-8s-2ditem for turfing and filling in grave
81  26-Jun1803  paid Mister MEAD 6 shillings for bearer and pall
81CARTERElizabeth1-Jul1803Mister John CARTER£1-4s-0ditem for fetching body from Farnborough 2 shillings and 6 pence
91WILSONJames1-Jul1803Mrs WILSON£4-13s-6dlead coffin with outside elm coffin
91WILSONJames1-Jul1803Mrs WILSON£13-5s-0ddeep grave and filling 10s 6d;Mister ROBERTS Mister SCOTT and Mister TAYNTON were outfitted as mourners and 6 shillings refreshments for 8 bearers
101MARSHALLElizabeth16-Jul1803Mister William MARSHALL£3-2s-6ddeep grave and filling in 4s 6d, also appears on a separate card
101COLLISMrs27-Jul1803blank£0-16s-0delm coffin
101THINMrsAug 1803Mister THIN£1-14s-0dfine shroud
111DRAPERMrs26-Sep1803Mister William DRAPER Junior£1-1s-0dsmall coffin
111STEELAnn7-Oct1803Miss STEEL£17-16s-0dlead coffin with outside elm coffin
121STEELAnn7-Oct1803Miss STEEL£32-5s-0dDoctor SMITH Reverend Mister BAKER Reverend Mister TALMAN and Mister ROBERTS were fitted out
121STEELAnn7-Oct1803Miss STEEL£36-15s-0dfine for burying in linen 15 shillings
131STEELAnn7-Oct1803Miss STEEL£63-8s-8dincludes fine for burying in linen and Doctor SMITH's fees
131BEDOWAnn8-Oct1803Mister DOWLEY£6-18s-0d4 bearers 8 shilling refreshment for bearers 4 shillings and refreshments for mourners 5 shillings
141PITTMANRobert23-Oct1803Mrs PITTMAN£8-2s-0delm coffin
141THORNBERRYHenry27-Oct1803Mister THORNBERRY£2-19s-6delm coffin
151STRUDWICKThomas19-Nov1803Executors for£11-3s-6dextra deep grave 3s 6d
151STACYSophia30-Nov1803Mister STACY£3-14s-0delm coffin
161WESTBROOKJane13-Dec1803Mister Samuel WESTBROOK£10-12s-0delm coffin
161DUNNJohn21-Dec1803Mister John DUNN£1-6s-0dno charge for elm coffin
161GREGORYMrs22-Dec1803Mister GREGORY£1-11s-6delm coffin
171INNOUSWilliam16-Jan1804Mister INNOUS£3-10s-0dDeep grave one shilling and 6 pence
171OSBORNMary18-Jan1804Mrs OSBORN£18-14s-7delm coffin and elm shell;items for hearse to fetch the body grey beaver gloves
181OSBORNMary18-Jan1804Mrs OSBORN£24-18s-1dDeep grave seven shillings and sixpence;items for white gloves
181LUCASSamuel22-Jan1804Mrs LUCAS£2-19s-6delm coffin
191SANDLINGAnn12-Feb1804Mister HUMPHREYS£5-3s-0dthe funeral of Mrs Ann Sandling is entered in DOWNARDS account 132;grey beaver gloves (mens)
191TURVEYJames18-Mar1804Mister WHITE£7-9s-6dextra deep grave 7 shillings and tenpence
201CARTERSarah23-Mar1804Mister CARTER£16-3s-6d2 coffins were carried in by bearers; Reverend Mister BAKER and Reverend Mister SALMAN were fitted out
201CARTERSarah23-Mar1804Mister CARTER£30-15s-2ddeep grave filling in 7 shillings and sixpence
211CARTERSarah23-Mar1804Mister CARTER£50-19s-91/2ditems for bricklayers and stone masons
211BROWNINGBenjamin25-Mar1804Mister BROWNING£5-12 s-6delm coffin
211GUNNWilliam15-Apr1804Mister WHEELER£3-2s-6dcosts paid in cash weekly averaging 7 shillings
221BURBRIDGEMrs10-May1804Mister Henry BURBRIDGE£1-8s-0dentered in DOWNARDS account Folio 132
221FELTONJohn13-May1804Mister John HARRISON£4-10s-6ditems for women laying out body and for bearers
231DUNSCOMBERobert27-May1804Mrs DUNSCOMB£3-17s-6delm coffin
231UPTONMister30-May1804blank£1-1s-0delm coffin
241DELLEYJames4-Jun1804Mister DELLEY of the 13th Light Dragoons for the funeral of James DELLEY infant£0-18s-6d 
241BAKERAnn8-Jun1804Mister BAKER£3-4s-6dreceived part payment of one shilling from the parish remainder due
251SHORTERCharles8-Jun1804Mister George SHORTER£3-7s-6delm coffin
251UPTONStephen13-Jun1804Mrs UPTON£3-13s-6delm coffin
251UPTONStephen13-Jun1804Mrs UPTON paid the Society at the Greyhound £3-8s-0d for use of 68 cloaks
261HINDSWilliam21-Jun1804Mrs HINDS£4-10s-6delm coffin
261OWENMary23-Jun1804the executors of Mrs Mary OWEN£18-17s-6dtwo coffins one lead lined
271OWENMary23-Jun1804the executors of Mrs Mary OWEN£33-16s-6dDoctor SMITH Reverend Mister J TALMAN Mister SCOTT and Mister TAYNTON were fitted out and a fitted coach included
271OWENMary23-Jun1804the executors of Mrs Mary OWEN£56-11s-2dextra deep grave stone mason's bill Doctor SMITH's fees 2 bottles of wine and cake and mourning rings are itemised
281DAVISCharles24-Jun1804Mister DAVIS£3-0s-0delm coffin
281LAWESThomas1-Jul1804Mrs LAWES£0-9s-0delm coffin
291POINTERSarah18-Jul1804Mister POINTER£1-9s-6dItem for fees paid at Farnborough
291STRADWICKWilliam2-Aug1804Mister William STRADWICK£1-7s-0daccount settled by cash from Mister ASHWORTH and Mister James SWINDLE
301PHILLIPSFrancis8-Aug1804Mister PHILLIPS for funeral of Master Francis PHILLIPS£4-11s-8d 
301HAXBYSarah16-Aug1804Mrs BOOTH£6-4s-0dextra deep grave
311WRIGHTMary18-Aug1804Mrs HYDE£4-3s-0delm coffin
311MORLEY 21-Aug1804  payment to the Society at the Greyhound for 37 cloaks for use at the Morley funeral at Hayes
321YOUNGJohnAug 1804Mrs YOUNG£2-18s-0dpayment of £1 from parish
321BROWNINGSarah7-Sep1804Mister BROWNING£1-7s-6delm coffin
321BURTONSarah12-Sep1804Mister GRAY£3-8s-0delm coffin
331CARPENTERElizabeth16-Sep1804Mister CARPENTER£4-2s-0delm coffin
331DRAPERElizabeth23-Sep1804Mister DRAPER£4-4s-0delm coffin
341DOWLEYElizabeth28-Sep1804Mister DOWLEY£4-2s-6delm coffin
341BURGESSMary13-Oct1804Mister BURGESS£1-13s-0dfuneral of Miss Mary BURGESS
351SOANSarah16-Nov1804Mister William SOAN£2-3s-6dfuneral of Miss Sarah SOAN
351TILLMary9-Dec1804Mister TILL£2-18s-6dfuneral of Mrs Mary Till;item for Bell Tolling at Bromley 5 shillings
361BELFIELDEdward9-Dec1804Mister NELSON£5-0s-0ditem for a stout elm coffin;one pound recived from Keston Parish for burial
361COVENTRYAbigail17-Dec1804Miss PLANCK£11-8s-6ditem for a large stout yellow deal coffin;8 bearers item for bread and cheese for bearers;extra deep grave
371GRISBROOKElizabeth30-Dec1804Mister GRISBROOK£5-13s-6ditem extra deep grave a small deal coffin for still born buried on the mother
371LUCASElizabeth6-Jan1805Mrs SLOUGH£3-0s-0d 
381DOWLEYRobert15-Jan1805Mister DOWLEY£12-11s-0ditems a stout elm coffin 6 bearers from Bromley "to your house" wool mattress
381DOWLEYRobert15-Jan1805Mister DOWLEY£16-13s-6ditem Mister DOWLEY ordered the Hearse coach from London
391HARDElizabeth17-Feb1805Mister WOODHAM£8-15s-6d 
391HARDElizabeth17-Feb1805Mister WOODHAM£12-4s-0ditems for 8 bearers wine and a cake
401POTEElizabeth Augusta21-Mar1805Mister ATKINS£12-0s-6ditems a stout elm coffin 6 bearers wool mattress
401POTEElizabeth Augusta21-Mar1805Mister ATKINS£21-9s-2dReverend Mister TALMAN Reverend Mister BAKER Mr TAYNTON fitted out;extra deep grave;paid man to clean road 2 shillings
411TANDYJonathan6-Apr1805Executors for£11-13s-0dReverend Doctor SMITH Reverend Mister BAKER Mister WALKER fitted out
411TANDYJonathan6-Apr1805Executors for£28-7s-0dfeathers for Coach and four featherman;six bearers refreshments £0-17s-6d
421TANDYJonathan6-Apr1805Executors for£105-4s-6dextra expenses DOWNARDS Bill £8-5s-0d SOANS bill £13-14s-2d CUBITT's bill £14-14s-0d items for repairs to the house
421SCOTT 6-Apr1805Mister SCOTT London£1-5s-0da covered coffin for a child shroud cap and pillow;item for tolling Bell 5 shillings
431GRANTThomas12-Apr1805Mrs GRANT£2-9s-0dthe deceased died at Wrotham coffin and shroud made there
431NICHOLSElizabeth5-May1805Mister NICHOLS£3-10s-6d4 bearers 8shillings and beer for same 4shillings and sixpence
441ELENPhilip13-May1805Mrs ELEN£6-0s-6dpaid fees at Keston and man to attend
441HUTSON 14-May1805Mister George HUTSON£0-6s-3ditem a childs shroud
451FORSTERAnn28-May1805Reverend Mister TALMAN£9-7s-6ditems a stout elm coffin Doctor SMITH outfitted
451FORSTERAnn28-May1805Reverend Mister TALMAN£12-7s-0dextra deep grave;6 bearers
461BROWNWilliam16-Jun1805Mrs BROWN£6-18s-0dvery stout elm coffin
461BROWNWilliam16-Jun1805Mrs BROWN£1-4s-6d 
461BROWNWilliam16-Jun1805  paid the Society at the Greyhound £3-17s-0d for use of 77 black cloaks
471HODGINSMary13-Jul1805Mister HODGINS£2-16s-6dan elm coffin
471STORERHarriet11-Sep1805Mister STORER£4-0s-9dextra deep grave
481TYLNEY-LONGSir James15-Sep1805The executors of£8-18s-6dbearers to carry corpse to Beckenham;account paid by Mister SIMS High Holborn
481LAMBMary30-Sep1805Mister LAMB£20-9s-6da stout elm shell and outside elm coffin;Reverend Mister BAKER Reverend Mister TALMAN Mister ILOTT fitted out
491LAMBMary30-Sep1805Mister LAMB£31-0s-2dMister LATWOOD
491HUMPHREYJohn3-Nov1805Mister HUMPHREY for the funeral of Master John£1 16s 8ditem from Day Book Folio 199
501CRIPPSElizabeth3-Nov1805The Executors of£6-16s-0d4 bearers 10 shillings refreshment for bearers 3 shillings and six pence
501PERRYMrs9-Nov1805Mister PERRY£1-7s-6d 
501HOLDERblank23-Nov1805Mister HOLDER£1-6s-0dfor funeral of a child;elm coffin and bearer to carry
511PUCKNALLThomas27-Nov1805Mrs PUCKNALL£5-7s-8dbearers refreshments 3 shillings and eightpence
511PUCKNALL 27-Nov1805  paid the club at the Rose and Crown 9 shillings for use of 6 cloaks
511DAYJohn27-Nov1805Mister Thomas JOHNS£5-14s-6ditem 6 bearers beer for bearers 4 shillings and sixpence
521TAYLORJames15-Dec1805Mrs TAYLOR£7-11s-0dextra deep grave
521DAYMary17-Dec1805Mister ROGERS for the funeral of Mary DAY£2-7s-0dextra deep grave
521STRADWICKWilliam21-Dec1805Mister William STRADWICK£0-18s-0delm coffin shroud cap and pillow
521WALLISblank21-Dec1805Mister WALLIS£0-7s-6dsmall deal coffin shroud cap and pillow
531CARYERCatherine22-Dec1805Mister READING£3-5s-0dpaid man to attend 2 shillings and sixpence
531WILSONblank23-Dec1805Mister WILSON£0-9s-0dsmall deal coffin
531COOPERMister5-Jan1806Mister COOPER£1-0s-6delm coffin
541HOLLISJohn10-Jan1806Mister Robert HOLLIS£5-19s-6d 
541STREETLYWilliam12-Jan1806Mister STREETLY£2-6s-0dfor the funeral of Mater William STREETLY
551MORRANJohn19-Jan1806The 54th Regiment for funeral of£2-0s-0dplain elm coffin
551DUNSCOMBMary20-Jan1806Mrs DUNSCOMB£11-10s-0dpaid in part 4 October by a bureau bed and stool value 5 shillings
551INNOUSInfant22-Jan1806Mister George INNOUS£1-6s-0d 
551ROFFEYEdward24-Jan1806Mrs ROFFEY for the body of Mister Edward of Reigate£4-3s-6dElm Coffin and 4 men to assist;extra bell tolling seven shillings and sixpence
561WRIGHTJohn29-Jan1806Executors for£1-12s-6dElm Coffin;tolling the bell 5 shillings paid man to assist 2 shillings and sixpence
561BALLRebecca4-Feb1806Mister BALL£1-11s-6dElm Coffin paid bearer to carry
561KINGWilliam7-Feb1806Mister KING£3-4s-6dextra deep grave
571STILLWILLJane9-Feb1806Mister STILWILL for funeral of Mrs STILLWILL£3-18s-0dextra deep grave
571TASKERFrederic16-Feb1806Mister TASKER for funeral of Master Frederic£2-12s-2dbearer to carry
571WALLISAmelia21-Feb1806Mister WALLIS£1-12s-0delm coffin
581DAYGeorge22-Feb1806Mister James DAY for funeral of Master George£3-2s-6delm coffin bearer to carry
581BEATYHenry17-Mar1806Mister BEATY£0-15s-0ddeal coffin small pall man to carry
581BRASHERWilliam8-Apr1806Mrs BRASKER£4-7s-6dstout elm coffin 4 bearers
591TOWNSENDAnn14-Apr1806Mister TOWNSEND funeral of Mrs TOWNSEND£12-1s-4dMister TAYNTON out fitted;sweeping snow and paths two shillings and sixpence
591TOWNSENDAnn14-Apr1806Mister TOWNSEND funeral of Mrs TOWNSEND£13-0s-0d 
591SMITH 14-Apr1806  paid the Society at the Greyhoud for 74 cloaks for the funeral of Mister SMITH at Plastow
601BROWNINGHenry1-May1806Mister BROWNING£1-10s-6delm coffin bearer to carry
601WHITEMary2-May1806Henry WHITE£3-0s-6d 
601OGILVIESusannah3-May1806Executors for£29-15s-6delm shell and lead lined;paid men and plumbers refreshments 10 shillings and sixpence
611OGILVIESusannah3-May1806Executors for£56-19s-6dhearse and four horses coach and four horses;fittings for clerk at Brasted;paid bill at the Porcupine £2-7s-0d Ministers and Clerks fees at Brasted £2-3s-0d
611OGILVIESusannah3-May1806Executors for£60-2s-0dopening vault and oak £1-7s-6d
611FLETCHERAnn29-Jul1806The Reverend Mister FLETCHER£11-11s-0delm shell and elm outside coffin
621FLETCHERAnn29-Jul1806The Reverend Mister FLETCHER£46-10s-0dHearse and pair four coaches and pairs;featherman 16 bearers refreshments at Beckenham for bearers 11 shillings paid dues at Beckenham
631WHITWELLAnn29-Jul1806Mister WHITWELL£8-14s-6dextra deep grave;4 bearers
631DAVISNathaniel24-Aug1806Mrs DAVIS£13-0s-0dReverend Mister BAKER out fitted
641DAVISNathaniel24-Aug1806Mrs DAVIS£14-8s-0dextra deep grave
641DAVIS 24-Aug1806  paid the Society at the Rising Sun for use of 6 Cloaks 9 shillings
641WOODENThomas Nicholas24-Aug1806Mrs BELLCHAMBER£1-2s-0d 
641WHITTLEJohn Richard24-Sep1806The Parish of Lewisham£1-14s-2delm coffin
651LYONEsther26-Sep1806Mister LOAT for funeral of Mrs Esther LYON£8-17s-9dextra deep grave and clearing out a way
651HARDWICKThomas1-Nov1806The Bishop£3-14s-6d 
651HARVEYMary Ann12-Nov1806Mister HARVEY£1-16s-0dtolling Bell at Bromley two shillings and sixpence
661FISHSamuel12-Nov1806The Executors for£24-11s-0da hearse coach and four
661FISHSamuel12-Nov1806The Executors for£32-8s-0dextra deep grave
661MURGATROYDJohn Richard13-Nov1806Mrs MURGATROYD for the funeral of Master John Richard£3-19s-0delm coffin bearer to carry with white gloves
671STIDOLPHSally14-Nov1806Mister Henry STIDOLPH£22-19s-3dhearse coach and fours;4 bearers;paid bill at Worlingham and Addington
681DALEAnn5-Dec1806Mister DALE at the Star and Garter£6-3s-0d4 bearers
681WATSONJohn William11-Dec1806Mister WATSON£2-9s-3d 
681BROWNSarah11-Dec1806Mister BROWN£1-17s-0delm coffin bearer to carry
691CORBETTJohn18-Dec1806Mister Richard CORBETT for Master John£3-16s-0dextra deep grave
691STRADWICKThomas21-Dec1806Executors for£9-0s-9dextra deep grave
691AGENTAnn31-Dec1806Mister AGENT£1-0s-6delm coffin
701HOSKINSJames22-Dec1806Mister Thomas HOSKINS£3-5s-0dpaid man to attend 2shillings and sixpence
701WHIFFINLydia9-Jan1807Mister WHIFFIN£9-16s-6delm coffin
701WHIFFINLydia9-Jan1807Mister WHIFFIN£11-12s-0dpaid 2 men to attend 10 shillings
701MERACharlotte1-Feb1807Mrs MERA£2-6s-8delm coffin
711WALLISStephen1-Mar1807Mrs WALLIS£2-11s-6delm coffin
711MASCOEAnn8-Mar1807Mister PIPPET£2-9s-6delm coffin made by Smith
711MASCOEAnn8-Mar1807Mister PIPPET£5-16s-8delm coffin made by Chapman
711MATTHEWSHenry19-Mar1807Mister MATTHEWS£2-5s-3delm coffin made by Dunn
721HODGINSWilliam22-Mar1807Mister HODGINS Junior£1-16s-6delm coffin made by Dunn
721SKINNERMartha25-Mar1807Mister SKINNER£6-15s-0delm shell black outside coffin made by DOWNARD
721SUMERTONWilliam29-Mar1807Mister SUMERTON£5-11s-6delm coffin
731GRISBROOKWilliam9-Apr1807Mister GRISBROOK£3-0s-0delm coffin bearer to carry
731GEGGERAndrew19-Apr1807  paid the Society at the Greyhound for 70 cloaks for use at funeral of Mister Andrew GEGGER £3-10s-0d
731CORBETTLouisa4-May1807Mister CORBETT£3-3s-6delm coffin made by DOWNARD bearer to carry
741UPTONWilliam12-May1807Mrs UPTON£1-8s-0delm coffin
551MORANJohn 1806  54th Regiment
661MURGATROYDJohn Richard 1806Mrs MURGATROYD  
711MASCOEAnn 1807Mister PIPPETT  
711MATTHEWSHenry 1807Mister MATTHEWS  
711MATTHEWSHenry 1807Mister MATTHEWS  
701MERACharlotte 1807Mrs MERA