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Holy Trinity, Bromley, Kent, copyright 2013 Susan D. Young
Holy Trinity Church, Bromley

Bromley Holy Trinity Parish, Burials 1844-1918

Transcribed from the original register by Henry Mantell.
Bromley Common Holy Trinity Burial Register 1844-1932, archive reference call number P/47C/1/16, provided by the courtesy of Bromley Archives and Local Studies. This volume has not been microfilmed and, therefore, is not available on rental from the Family History Library.

The register includes the following note:  "This church was built 1839-40. Consecrated 31 March, 1842. Number of sittings, 480, of which 180 are appropriated and 300 free. The tower was erected 3 years later at a cost of £500.  The church was heated in 1865.  The District was assigned by an order in Council 10 June, 1843 under 59 Geo. III, 134, section 16.  An additional burial ground was donated by Mr. Charles Lloyd Norman of Oakley who was also entirely responsible for the entire re-roofing of the church in August, 1881.  The Yew Tree on the right in entering the church was planted in 1840, that on the left was planted in 1843."

Reg. #Surname Given Name DateYearAge, Residence, Occupation, NotesBurial Plot #
1840  1-Jun1906Man Unknown, about 45, suicide by poison found in Oakley Road, no service held verdict of Coroner's Jury Felo de Se,772
564ABBOTTCaleb13-May187549 years, Bromley Common 
1372ABBOTTDorothy Fey15-Feb18921 year 8 months, of 1 Cowper Road, Bromley Common653
1022ABBOTTEthel17-Jul18867 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common653
1477ABBOTTMark John17-Aug189328 years, Cross Road, Bromley Common 
1940ABBOTTSarah22-Feb191379 years, of 3 Cross Road, Bromley Common, Widow of Caleb ABBOTT [husband's burial at burial register number 564] 
1947ACKHURSTBeatrice Mary25-Aug19132 years, of 68 Jackson Road, Bromley Common322
1803ACKHURSTEmma15-Jun190462 years, Upper Gravel Road 
696ADAMSHenry5-Oct187860 years, Union House, Farnborough 
1183ADAMSMary Ann4-May188945 years, of 6 Addison Road, Bromley Common317
1328ADAMSRobert James14-Jul189164 years, of 44 Swan Place Old Kent Road 
981ADCOCKMary25-Aug188566 years, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common640
1727ADCOCKSarah1-May190170 years, of 36 Stanley Road640
1286ADCOCKWilliam David8-Jan189172 years, of 35 Stanley Road, Bromley640
1470ADDERLEYGeorge Wright25-Jul18936 months, of 59 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common, Certified by George GRAHAM Undertaker, 45 Stanley Road, Bromley Kent546
1338ADDISJohn Thomas5-Sep189164 years, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common 
840ADDISSusan24-Mar188352 years, Holmesdale Road 
1661ADDISONJane10-May189866, of 19 Southborough Bickley, Bromley619
1181ALLASTONCharles27-Apr188978 years, of 35 Stanley Villas Pope Road, Bromley Common718
953ALLASTONMaud28-Mar18858-1/2 hours, 35 Pope Road, Bromley Common718
965ALLASTONWalter Sydney27-May18858 weeks, of 35 Stanley Villas Pope Road, Bromley Common718
971ALLBONMary Ann15-Jul188559 years, Johnson's Road, Bromley Common190
1375ALLCORNOlive22-Feb189246 years, of 23 Havelock Road, Bromley Common400
793ALLENEmily1-Jan188243 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
662ALLENEmma30-Dec187736 years, Bromley Common 
1ALLENMichael25-Feb184482 years, Bromley Common 
30ALLENSarah17-Jan184767 years, Bromley Common 
1314ALLENWalter14-Apr189151, Cudham 
1491ANDERSON(Girl)8-Nov189310 hours, Havelock Road, Bromley Common [name not recorded]468
468ANDERSONAgnes Smith1-Dec187228 years, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1851ANDERSONElizabeth19-Dec190643 years, Cooper's Farm Magpie Hall Lane262
1153ANDERSONWilliam Thomas8-Oct18884 months, of 13 Nelson Road, Bromley Common592
1972ANDREWSHarriet28-Oct191472, of 6 Cross Road, Bromley Common228
1889ANDREWSJohn18-Aug190971 years, of 6 Cross Road, Bromley Common, died at Bromley Cottage Hospital228
1907ARROWRobert10-Mar191170 years, of 10 Jackson's Road, Bromley Common226
1066ASHBYAlbert John20-Apr188712 days, of 44 Havelock Road, Bromley Common54
1065ASHBYEllen15-Apr188730 years, of 44 Havelock Road, Bromley Common54
713ASKERWilliam19-Oct18797 years, Bromley Common 
1944ASKER Rose Ann3-May191345 years, of 10 Gravel Road died at Bromley Cottage Hospital171
1414ASPINELLEdith Laura7-Nov18924 years, of 23 Havelock Road, Bromley Common276
1644AUSTENAlbert Vincent11-Dec18979 months, of 6 Johnson's Road, Bromley Common300
1627AUSTENFrederick George21-Apr189721 months, of 4 Blackbrook Cottages Southborough Bickley300
614AVELINGAlfred John19-Nov18763 years, Bromley Common 
615AVELINGAlice Agnes21-Nov18765 years, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
712AVELINGFrank25-Sep187912 years, Napier Road, Bromley 
1195AVELINGMaggie Elizabeth3-Aug18894 years, of 4 Napier Road, Bromley 
926AYLINGFrank Howard25-Sep188417 weeks, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common725
411AYLWARDAlfred31-Jul187016 months, Bromley Common 
1995AYLWARDHarriet28-Oct191581 years, The Infirmary 
738AYLWARDJames23-May188057 years, Bromley Common,  
942BAGGETTMary Ann16-Jan188549 years, of 28 Havelock Road, Bromley Common729
1217BAILEYElizabeth Annie13-Jan189011 months, of 18 Nelson Road, Bromley Common506
1434BAINESHarriet20-Jan189319 months, of 20 Havelock Road, Bromley Common367
1544BAKERJohn23-Aug18946 weeks, Billet Cottages Southborough270
1993BAKERLaura Amelia27-Aug191544 years, The Crooked Billet Bickley129
948BALCOMBCharles Frederick28-Feb188510 months, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common723
1894BALCOMBEHenry28-Dec190972 years, of 115 Jackson's Road, Bromley Common401
1373BALCOMBEMercy17-Feb189256 years, Race Course Bromley Common401
1836BALDOCKElizabeth15-Mar190642, of 9 Blackbrook Cottages260
465BANKSElizabeth24-Oct187274 years, Bromley Common 
899BARBERCharles12-Apr18842 days, Botany Bay Bromley Common720
962BARBEREdward16-May188550 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common59
1174BARBERFrances2-Mar188946 years, of 51 Pope Road, Bromley Common59
162BARHAMStephen2-Sep185877 years, Bromley Common 
184BARHAMSusannah7-Oct185962 years, Bromley Common 
141BARLOWJohn31-Aug18573 months, Sheepwash, Bromley Common 
2028BARNESAlice22-Aug191737 years, of Jacksons Road, Bromley Common1404
654BARNETTFlorence Alice16-Oct18774 weeks, Bromley Common 
989BARNETTHarry14-Nov18854 years, Skilleter's Cottages Bromley Common666
1895BARNSDALESusan13-Jan191057 years, of 22 Jackson Road, Bromley Common5
1134BARRETTAlice24-Apr188818 years, of 50 Pope Road, Bromley Common253
1268BARTHOLOMEWElizabeth Vinal17-Nov189035 years, of 49 Walpole Road, Bromley Common286
1046BARTHOLOMEWElizabeth Vinall19-Feb18876 years, of 49 Walpole Road, Bromley Common286
1898BARTHOLOMEWThomas10-Feb191067 years, of 5 Stanley Road, Bromley286
1778BARTLETTNora Stone2-May190319 months, of 66 Jackson Road, Bromley Common365
1998BARTONEllen1-Jan191692, of Union Infirmary771
1494BARTONJessie29-Nov189378 years, of 50 Pope Road, Bromley Common,Certified by George GRAHAM Undertaker 48 Stanley Road, Bromley Kent253
813BARTONRichard21-Jun188248, Bromley Common Union House 
1560BATCHELORAlice Maud8-Feb189518 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common 
1752BATCHELORConstance Clara Matilda6-Sep190221 months, of 68 Jackson Road, Bromley Common389
2000BATCHELOREdward John10-Feb191643, of 104 Canonbury Avenue Islington389
783BATCHELOREliza16-Oct18817 years, Bromley Common,  
1636BATCHELORHerbert John13-Jul189710 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common389
1863BATCHELORHorace Leslie11-Jan19081 year, Brewery Road 
1430BATCHELORRose14-Jan189313 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common 
1467BATEMANEmily Susan Rosalie15-Jul1893[age missing], Skym Corner Bromley Common516
1877BATEMANHester16-Jan190966 years, The Asylum Maidstone204
1739BATEMANMarian5-Feb190218 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common204
1910BATEMANThomas19-Apr191170 years, of 15 Addison Road, Bromley Common204
1035BATESPercy23-Dec18864 weeks, Crown Lane Bromley Common254
1721BATHElizabeth25-Feb190133 years, of 12 Jackson Road Holloway624
1543BATTARBEEHugh23-Aug189411 weeks, Billet Cottages Southborough, 301
629BATTENAlbert Edward8-Mar18778 years, Bromley Common 
452BATTENArdele19-Apr18722 weeks, Bickley, Bromley 
676BATTENHenry22-Apr18787 years, Page Heath Bromley Common 
678BATTENJessie11-May18788 years, Page Heath Bromley Common 
576BATTENMatilda Harriet16-Dec187534 years, Page Heath Bromley Common 
188BAXTERMargaret15-Jan186099 years 7 months, Bromley Common 
1025BEADLEAlbert Edward23-Aug188610 weeks, of 10 Havelock Road, Bromley Common650
1574BEADLEBeatrice Mary21-Sep18959 months, of 2 Beechfield Cottages Widmore Road, Bromley670
1554BEADLEFrederick James21-Dec189457, of 2 Beechfield Cottages Widmore Road670
980BEADLERebecca24-Aug188552 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common670
1297BEADLESydney James13-Feb18918 months, of 82 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common650
1483BEAUCHAMPMontague Edward8-Sep18934 years 5 months, Southborough, Bromley Common518
1733BEAUCHAMPWinifred Eleanor11-Oct190120 months, of 23 Johnson Road, Bromley Common518
334BELCHAMBERSSophia19-Dec186770 years, Bromley Common 
495BELFIELDCaroline1-Jun187348 years, Bromley Common 
475BELFIELDClara Emma23-Feb18733 years, Bromley Common 
130BELFIELDEdmond Francis22-Feb1857infant, Bromley Common 
733BELFIELDEliza11-Apr188039 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1599BELFIELDFrancis Charles6-May189660 years, of 6 Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
349BELFIELDThomas30-Jul186869 years, Bromley Common 
868BELFIELDThomas19-Sep188377 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
937BELLCHAMBERSJoseph2-Jan188569 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common 
362BELLFIELDEdward10-Jan18698 weeks, Bromley Common 
318BELLFIELDElizabeth20-Apr186718 months, Bromley Union 
403BELLFIELDMary Ann8-May187070 years, Bromley Common 
8BELLFIELDThomas29-Sep184583 years, Bromley Common 
156BELLINGHAMElizabeth Ann11-Jul185814 months, Islington (East) 
1044BENNETTEliza Louisa17-Feb18878 years, Nelson Road, Bromley Common383
1551BENNETTJamie Wheeler20-Oct18949 years, Carisbrooke Bromley Common675
1031BENTLEYEthel Ada18-Dec18869 months, Page Heath Villas Homesdale Road, Bromley Common222
646BERRYElizabeth12-Aug187769 years, Bromley Common 
1119BERRYJames28-Jan188874 years, Cross Road, Bromley Common 
164BETTSThomas17-Sep185851 years, Bromley Common 
725BIDMEADEliza Edith31-Jan188011 years, Johnsons Road, Bromley Common 
234BIGNOLDAlfred12-Oct18625 years, Bromley Common 
1311BIGNOLDAnn8-Apr189177 years, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common93
611BIGNOLDAnnie29-Oct18766 years, Bromley Common 
944BIGNOLDHenry21-Jan1885Chatterton Road, Bromley Common93
1824BIGNOLDJane15-Aug190550, Union Infirmary Farnborough93
1838BLACKOwen23-Apr190666, Bromley Union Workhouse11
1584BLACKFORDCaroline23-Jan189647 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common11
1546BLAKEHenry3-Oct189441 years, Infectious Diseases Hospital Skym Corner610
5BLAKESylvia21-Jul184469 years, Bromley Common 
1289BLAKEMANCharles15-Jan189114 months, Bromley Union Farnborough643
1432BLAKEMANJames18-Jan189315 months, Bromley Union368
1123BLEWMary Florence6-Mar188821 years, Great Elms Road, Bromley Common410
1630BLEWRobert19-May189763 years, Ventnor410
1409BLIGH 4-Oct189212 hours, of Chatterton Road, Bromley Common, [name not recorded] [civil registration indicates female child]550
753BLOOM 23-Dec188050 years, Bromley Common [name not recorded] 
799BLUNDELLWalter Thomas25-Jan188258 years, Page Heath Bromley Common 
558BOAKESBenjamin4-Apr187586 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1805BOAKESEdward28-Sep190468 years, Cross Road,  
682BOAKESEliza9-Jun187816 years, Bromley Common 
850BOAKESEllen16-May188354, Oakley Road, Bromley Common741
1253BOAKESJane23-Aug189059 years, Shorter's Cottages Bromley Common723
1662BOAKESWilliam28-May189872, of 6 Skym Corner Bromley Common84
215BOAKSAnn5-Jun18615 months, Southborough, Bromley 
669BORSBERYJames4-Mar187833 years, Stanley Road, Bromley Common 
1063BORSBERYJane6-Apr188775 years, of 5 Stanley Road, Bromley 
439BORSBERYJohn8-Nov187161 years, Bromley Common 
1182BOSANQUETEdith29-Apr18895 years, The Cottage Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common282
1163BOTTENAlfred Edwin5-Jan18896 days, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common538
1164BOTTENAlice5-Jan18896 days, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common538
1309BOTTENEmma1-Apr189110 weeks, of 51 Pope Road, Bromley Common538
792BOWENLucy12-Dec188181 years, Bromley Common 
366BOWESElizabeth23-Feb186939 years, Bromley Common 
514BOWESSelina9-Jan187475 years, Bromley Common 
1219BOWLANDAnnie25-Jan18908 months, Waldo Brickfield Bromley Common476
1400BOWLANDCharles11-Aug189236, Lansbury's Bromley Common Saint Lukes Parish476
1568BOWLESAnn6-Jul189589 years, of 24 Oakley Road, Bromley Common575
1067BOWLESRichard5-May188774 years, Chelsfield575
1864BOWYERHarriet Maud13-Jan190842 years, of 51 Oakley Road, Bromley Common174
1421BOWYERMargaret28-Dec189262 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
886BOWYERSamuel Thomas8-Mar188425, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
800BOWYERWilliam4-Feb188249 years, Cathley Road 
2007BOXALLAda12-May191632, of 66 Jacksons Road 
745BOXALLAlbert Edward18-Aug18801 year 3 months, Bromley Common 
628BOXALLAlice Emma7-Mar18777 weeks, Bromley Common 
1083BOXALLCharles5-Aug18873 months, of 32 Pope Road, Bromley Common623
1827BOXALLCharles 190573 years, Bromley Union Workhouse 
1645BOXALLEdith Harriet24-Dec18976 years, of 2 Princes Plain Brewery Road, Bromley Common238
726BOXALLEllen1-Feb188021 years, Bromley Common 
1893BOXALLEmma28-Dec190982 years, of 81 Victoria Road, Bromley lately resident in this parish, 
397BOXALLGeorge16-Jan187080 years, Bromley Common 
2010BOXALLJohn Davis22-Nov191619, of 14 Brewery Road28
692BOXALLMaria25-Aug187859 years, Saint Peter's Walworth 
1549BOXALLMaria18-Oct189439 years, of 19 Saint Paul's Road3
1135BOXALLRosie3-May18885 days, of 32 Pope Road, Bromley Common623
520BOXALLSophia22-Feb187482 years, Bromley Common 
1801BOYLEAnn13-Jun190495 years, Oakley Farm 
1535BRADFORDFrederick Charles14-Jul18945 months, of Bromley Common498
390BRADFORDHenry24-Nov186950 years, Bromley Common 
1529BRADFORDHenry Thomas23-May18946 years, of 61 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common498
175BRADFORDMary Ann6-Feb185937 years [no residence?] 
1281BRADFORDMary Ann16-Dec18904 years 8 months, Waldo Road, Bromley Common498
1424BRADFORDSusanna Elsie31-Dec189213 months, of 10 Havelock Road, Bromley Common498
656BRADFORDWilliam28-Oct187763 years, Bromley Common 
1609BRADFORDWilliam31-Oct189643 years, of 43 Havelock Road, Bromley Common498
207BRANDHarriett23-Sep186052 years, Bromley Common 
372BRANDJames14-May186976 years, Bromley Common,  
1088BRASIERErnest William13-Aug18875 months, Oakley Road, Bromley Common661
1006BRASIERGeorge24-Mar188674 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common661
1918BRAYJoseph9-Sep191178 years, of 61 Havelock Road, Bromley Common21
1966BRAYSarah Ann4-Jul191481, of 61 Havelock Road, Bromley21
1211BRAYWilliam12-Dec188916 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common21
148BraybrookWilliam Robert [entry deleted] 
122BRAZIEREdward6-Jun18569 months, Bromley Common 
208BRAZIERGeorge25-Nov18606 months, Southborough, Bromley Common 
563BRAZIERMary11-May18753-1/2 years, Bromley Common 
737BRENDELChristman22-May188083 years, Walpole Lodge Bromley Common 
808BRICKELLAlbert28-Mar188216 months, Bromley Common 
487BRIDLEElizabeth14-Apr187337 years, Bromley Common 
1155BRIGNALLDaisy17-Oct18886 months, Bromley Union590
852BRIGNALLEdgar21-Jun188311 months, Wellington Road, Bromley Common742
775BRIGNALLGeorge William7-Aug18815 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common 
943BRIGNALLThomas20-Jan188533 years, of 89 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common728
263BRISTOWJohn2-Mar186476 years, Union House, Farnborough 
198BRISTOWMary20-May186070 years, Bromley Common 
1208BRITTAINRobert Benjamin7-Dec18893 months, of 70 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common346
282BROADMercy11-Jul186557 years, Keston 
1206BRODIEElizabeth Jane14-Nov18893-1/2 years, of Well's Cottages Bromley Common379
1214BRODIEMaria Amy26-Dec188910 months, Wells Cottages Bromley Common379
1245BROOKEMatthew10-Jul189058 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common534
1121BROOKSEllen Louisa25-Feb188811 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common570
373BROOKSLewis21-May186943 years, Bromley Common 
752BROOMEWilliam18-Dec188084 years, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
2024BROWNClement Leslie19-Jul191714, of Cottage Avenue Bromley Common1240
479BROWNEliza4-Mar187344 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
986BROWNElizabeth23-Oct188547 years, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common667
1370BROWNEmily Ellen13-Feb18923 years, of 37 Havelock Road, Bromley Common83
237BROWNGeorge17-Nov186248 years, Bromley Common 
1735BROWNHerbert Richard12-Nov19014 years, Chatterton Arms Bromley Common83
73BROWNJames28-Mar18528 years, Bromley Common 
1008BROWNJoseph2-Apr188647 years, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common25
48BROWNSarah25-Mar184947 years, Bromley Common 
1407BROWNWilliam Frederick24-Sep189230 years, of 1 Wellington Cottages Wellington Road, Bromley Common581
1020BROWNINGJane8-Jul188661 years, Fern Cottage Homesdale Road655
1858BROWNINGWilliam13-Mar190782 years, Holmesdale Road655
1548BRYANTDaniel17-Oct189477, of 12 Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1793BRYANTEllen Catherine29-Dec190376 years, of 22 Bromley Common 
2002BRYANTFanny Elizabeth25-Mar191677, of 11A Lownde's Avenue Bromley 
249BRYANTFrances Jemima1-Jul186366 years, Bromley Common 
303BRYANTJane25-Oct186638 years, Bromley Common 
195BRYANTJesse1-Apr186035 years, Bromley Common 
467BRYANTRebecca1-Dec187255 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1128BRYANTRobert24-Mar188887 years, Bromley Union 
515BRYANTSarah11-Jan187467 years, Croydon 
1124BULLENArthur12-Mar188835 years, Bromley Common571
1896BULLENEllen5-Feb191079 years, of 20 Cambridge Road, Bromley134
1696BULLENEllen Elizabeth8-Jan190061 years, of 3 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common61
658BULLENHarriet2-Dec187770 years, Shooting Common 
1365BULLENJames4-Feb189282 years, of 14 Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
481BULLENJohn William17-Mar187343 years, Bromley Common 
269BULLENMary23-Jul186485 years, Bromley Common 
221BULLENRichard13-Oct186181 years, Bromley Common 
1694BULLENRichard25-Oct189971 years, The Nursery Bromley Common134
1722BULLENSusan18-Mar190176 years, Point House Oakley Road, Bromley Common134
588BULLENSusan Elizabeth10-May18766 years, Bromley 
604BUNNERJohn15-Sep187678 years, Bromley Common  
1295BURBRIDGEWilliam24-Jan189165 years, of 5 Heath Bank Villas Page Heath Bromley Common526
1098BURCHETTCharlotte20-Sep18877 months, [ no residence?]643
1335BURDENDorothy Elizabeth8-Aug18914 months, Race Course Bromley Common 
1869BURDENEdmund14-Mar1908[age missing], Racecourse Cottages Magpie Hall Lane170
2037BURDENSusan22-Dec191785 years, Blenheim Lower Gravel Road, Bromley170
321BURGESSHenry7-Jul186756 years, Greenwich West 
159BURGESSMartha4-Aug185870 years, Bromley Common 
185BURGESSWilliam30-Dec185976, Bromley Common 
267BURGESSWilliam19-Jun186431 years, Bromley Common 
222BURLEYJohn20-Oct186127 years, St John's Horsleydown 
490BURLEYJohn10-May187382 years, Union Workhouse, Farnborough 
456BURLEYMary22-Jul187262 years, Union Workhouse, Farnborough 
1976BURRAnne4-Jan191591, Union Infirmary Farnborough 
301BURRChristine21-Oct186629 years, Bromley Common 
18BURRGeorge11-Jan18465 years, Bromley Common 
15BURRWilliam9-Nov184554 years, Bromley Common 
1732BURRWilliam26-Sep190180 years, Bromley Union 
1498BURROWSJohn7-Dec189367 years, Southborough, Bromley Common450
652BUSHSarah Elizabeth30-Sep18775 years, Bromley Common 
1330BUSHELLHenry28-Jul18918 days, of 9 Nelson Road, Bromley Common348
1192BUSHELLWilliam13-Jul188910 days, Great Elms Road348
1140BUTLEREdward George26-May18887 years, Bromley Common540
571BUTLEREdward Roberts16-Oct18753 years, Bromley Common 
1595BUTLERGladys Ellen7-Apr189618 months, of 6 Cowper Road, Bromley Common580
1405BUTLERSamuel20-Sep18928 months, of 28 Walpole Road, Bromley Common580
1152BUTLERSydney Charles27-Sep188814 months, of 6 Cowper Road, Bromley Common593
1626BUTLERThomas George10-Apr189730 years, of 23 Walpole Road, Bromley Common580
102CALEYThomas William25-Feb185519 years, Bromley Common 
742CAMPBELLAnnie10-Jul188024 years, Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
1221CAMPBELLCharles Archibald5-Feb189045 years, of 23 Walpole Road, Bromley Common52
940CAMPBELLJessie10-Jan18854 months, of 24 Walpole Road, Bromley Common731
1671CAMPIONFrancis31-Oct189865, of 5 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common267
212CAMPIONJohn10-Mar186173 years, Bromley Common 
513CAMPIONMartha4-Jan187477 years, Bromley Common 
634CAMPIONMartha Sarah22-Apr187711 months, Bromley Common 
1929CAMPIONMary Ann30-Apr191278 years, Cottage Avenue, died at Bromley Cottage Hospital267
831CAMPIONWilliam Francis Shorter2-Dec1882[age missing], Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
990CANACOTTCharles18-Nov188546 years, Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common663
1010CANFIELDJane7-Apr188679 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common659
684CARLEYHannah20-Jun187818 months, Southborough, Bromley Common 
519CARLEYJames William22-Feb1874[age missing] Southborough, Bromley Common 
708CARLEYMary27-Apr187926 years, Southborough 
1389CARRBeatrice Mary7-Jun189225 years, Infectious Diseases Hospital Bromley Common610
929CARRECKElizabeth Fanny Caroline15-Oct188413 months, of 24 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common736
1466CARRICKJames5-Jul189349 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common514
1835CARTERGeorge29-Jan190651, Bromley Union Workhouse40
111CARVILLCharles Edward12-Aug18555 years, Bromley Common 
1800CASONBeatrice Ellen7-Jun190412 months, of 3 Billet Cottages Southborough Bickley353
1392CHALTONThomas4-Jul189224 hours, of 26 Pope Road, Bromley Common394
983CHAMBERLAINEdith Esther18-Sep188511 days, Bromley Common639
849CHAMBERLAINJohn9-May188364, Elizabeth Villas Bromley Common740
2033CHAMPIONElsie Jean Butler12-Dec191723 months, of Bromley Common1084
565CHANDLERCharles19-May187542 years, Bromley Common 
1358CHANNANBessie Caroline7-Jan18926 weeks, of Albert Terrace Bromley Common51
1558CHAPMAN(Girl) 22-Jan18953 days, of 9 Oakley Road, Bromley Common [name not recorded]781
854CHAPMANErnest Alfred27-Jun18836 months, Bromley Common224
1296CHAPMANEthel May31-Jan189114 days, of 17 Walpole Road, Bromley Common494
1621CHAPMANHenry13-Feb189774 years, of 8 Oakley Road, Bromley Common43
917CHAPMANJessie Annie11-Jul188416 months, of 1 Union Road Pope Road, Bromley Common741
51CHAPMANLucy6-Dec184941 years, Southborough, Bromley 
1503CHAPMANMargaret23-Dec189366 years, of 40 Bromley Common78
1781CHAPMANMaria4-Aug190368 years, of 58 Simpson's Road, Bromley Kent43
764CHAPMANRichard14-Apr188172 years, Bromley Union 
690CHAPMANStephen21-Jul18786 weeks, Bromley Common 
743CHATTERTONAnn10-Jul188038 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common, by Coroners order 
297CHEELAnn1-Jul186658 years, Sheepwash, Bromley Common 
413CHEELArthur William4-Sep18703 weeks, Bromley Common 
180CHEELEmma9-Jun185910 years, Bromley Common 
317CHEELHenry24-Mar186770 years, Bromley Common 
1951CHEELMartha Wilson2-Dec191368 years, Keston Mark Road, died at 99 Hanley Road a nursing home in London197
183CHEELMary Ann2-Oct185924 years, Bromley Common 
1437CHEESEMANAda Clara Selina28-Jan18937 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common588
1302CHEESEMANEliza Elizabeth2-Mar189186 years, Addison Terrace Addison Road, Bromley Common588
1927CHEESEMANEliza Jane16-Mar191272 years, of 67 Jackson Road, Bromley Common3
117CHEESEMANEmily16-Dec185521 years, Locksbottom, Farnborough 
569CHEESEMANHenry Benjamin1-Aug18759 months, Bromley Common 
1664CHEESEMANMinnie Elizabeth23-Jun18987 years, of 8 Napier Road, Bromley588
39CHEESEMANPhoebe28-Oct1848infant, Bromley Common 
1510CHEESEMANWinifred Annie16-Jan18944 months, of 57 Addison Road, Bromley Common240
340CHEESMANGeorge8-Mar186867 years, Bromley Common 
138CHEESMANMary Ann18-Jun185721 years, Bromley Common 
83CHEESMANSarah Ann31-Jul1853infant, Bromley Common 
1481CHESSELLAlbert Edward Philpot26-Aug18937 months, of 35 New Homesdale Road, Bromley Common582
1402CHESSELLHenry James Philpot24-Aug18922 years 8 months, of 35 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common582
1856CHIPPINDALLEliza20-Feb190781 years, Holy Trinity Vicarage173
120CHISMONJames Maurice13-Apr1856infant, Bromley Common 
1788CHUBBClara Horatia5-Dec190362 years, of 44 Grand Parade Eastbourne1
1806CHUBBHammond4-Oct190475 years, Home Lea Bickley 
69CHURCHMargaret4-Aug185165 years, Bromley Common 
1792CLAPSONAmy19-Dec190352 years, of 2 Billet Cottages Bickley325
846CLAPSONAnnie25-Apr188333 years, Bromley 
825CLAPSONJesse Samuel19-Oct188214 months, Hayes Lane Bromley Common 
1908CLAPSONSamuel16-Mar191163 years, of 2 Billet Cottages Southborough died at 103 Addison Road, Bromley Common 
1616CLAREEleanor Lily9-Jan18974 years, of 51 Addison Road, Bromley Common531
1623CLAREJemima Annie11-Mar189717 years, of 51 Addison Road, Bromley Common531
1258CLARESarah Mary26-Sep18906 months, of 14 Nelson Road, Bromley Common531
529CLARKAmy Alice Matilda5-Apr18746 months, Bromley Common 
455CLARKEliza25-May18725 days, Bromley Common 
734CLARKElizabeth24-Apr188014 days, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common 
1184CLARKEllen Elizabeth11-May18898 years, Devonshire Square Bromley 
384CLARKEmily Ellen18-Oct18695 months, Bromley Common 
1541CLARKGeorge18-Aug189430 hours, Slough Farm Bromley Common781
1746CLARKGeorge29-May190277 years, of 144 Southlands Road, Bromley275
427CLARKHarriet13-May18718 weeks, Bromley Common 
1422CLARKHarriet29-Dec189264 years, Skilleter's Cottages Southlands Road, Bromley Common275
1458CLARKUriah Stanley8-Jun18939 months, 44 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common549
1068CLARK. Rebecca12-May188768 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common630
566CLARKEArchibald Thomas19-May18756 months, Bromley Common 
1775CLATWORTHYJulia23-Apr190346 years, of 95 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common327
343CLAYElizabeth15-Apr186874 years, St Mary's Paddington 
1232CLAYDENAlbert24-Mar189016 months, of 3 Addison Terrace Addison Road, Bromley Common311
938CLAYDENHenry George3-Jan18851 year, Johnson's Road, Bromley Common 
1371CLAYDENSarah Emma13-Feb189210 years, of 27 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common311
689CLAYDONEdith Sarah17-Jul18781 year 10 months, Bromley Common 
972CLEMENTSHenry15-Jul188528, Waldo Road, Bromley Common90
785CLIFFORDHarry2-Nov18812 months, Waldo Road, Bromley Common 
517CLIVELEYJasper Westbrook1-Feb187432 years, Bromley Common 
521CLIVELEYWilliam Philip22-Feb18745 weeks, Bromley Common 
1946CLIVELYElizabeth Jane3-Jul191338 years, of 3 Plough Cottages Bromley Common97
486CLIVELYSusan13-Apr18739 months, Bromley Common 
1509CLYMERFrederick11-Jan18945 months, of 10 Southlands Road, Bromley Common753
880CLYMERWilliam George2-Feb18846 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common753
872COASTCharles8-Dec188351 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common749
1052COLEAlbert Edward7-Mar188714 months, Bromley Union638
1177COLECatharine25-Mar188981 years, Albert Terrace Bromley Common543
613COLECharles12-Nov18768 years, Bromley Common 
1747COLEFrederick9-Jun190260 years, Bromley Union Farnborough, Kent543
34COLEThomas24-Mar184815 years, Bromley Common 
1127COLEWilliam22-Mar188881 years, Oakley Lodge Bromley Common543
1340COLLETTGeorge10-Sep189178 years, of 5 Havelock Road, Bromley Common462
2013COLLETTWilliam Thomas3-Feb19178, of 22 Cottage Avenue769
1904COLLIERArchibald Frederick24-Nov19109 months, of 11 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common227
1823COLLINSEdward George11-Aug1905[no age?], 35 Cowper Road, Bromley Common609
1386COLLINSEmily Maud12-May189213, of 93 Addison Road609
1076COLLINSGeorge16-Jun188751 years, Bromley Union626
1326COLLYERGeorge Charles27-Jun18913 months, of 6 Nelson Road, Bromley Common522
1445COLVINAlfred William14-Mar18934 months, Lansbury's Cottages Brickfield Bromley Common47
309COMBESMary20-Dec186672 years, Bromley Common 
1379CONWAYSelina17-Mar189246, The Infirmary Locksbottom late of Chatterton Road397
150COOKAnn28-Dec185724 years, Bromley Common 
112COOKSophia12-Aug185566 years, Bromley Common 
941COOKEAlice Maud15-Jan18852-1/2 years, 78 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common730
2005COOLINGElsie May22-Apr191613, of Raglan Road Council Schools73
1862COOLINGKate20-May190757 years, Croft House165
1996COOLINGWilliam16-Nov191538 years, Badminton165
896COOPERLouisa Emily6-Apr188411 months, Walpole Road, Bromley Common755
970CORDOCKJames William3-Jul18852 months, Gravel Road, Bromley Common704
238CORKEMary Ann6-Jan186316 months, Bromley Common 
778CORNELLSarah13-Sep188138 years, Bromley Common 
1423COSSUMMary Ann31-Dec189252 years, of 23 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common307
1873COTTONAlfred14-Aug190871 years, of 11 Oakley Road230
995COVELLMary28-Dec188574 years, of 47 Havelock Road, Bromley Common 
1403COWLARDThomas24-Aug18923 days, of 39 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common578
921COXAlfred9-Aug188441, Page Heath Villas Bromley Common764
796COXCatharine21-Jan188242 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1834COXCharles9-Dec1905[no age?], Bromley Union Workhouse749
1270COXCharles John28-Nov189079 years, Fairlawn Bromley Common213
1613COXEmily Olive15-Dec189626, Nightingale Lane Widmore, Bromley764
2052COXGertrude Amy6-Nov191826 years, of 177 Widmore Road, Bromley1144
757COXMary28-Jan188125 years, Bromley Common 
1319COXSidney25-May189164 years, Fairlawn Bromley Common213
1251CRAFTERAnnie Elizabeth16-Aug18904 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common702
1978CRAMPThomas18-Jan191584, The Infirmary772
330CRAUSECharles Steele16-Oct186783 years, Bromley Common 
1620CRAUSEFitzcharles Steele6-Feb189738 years, of 17 Great Elms Road, Bromley Common 
223CRAUSEMary Anna9-Jan186274 years, Bromley Common 
310CRAUSEMary Lambe22-Dec186666 years, Bromley Common 
347CRAUSEMary Louisa16-Jul186813 years, Bromley Common 
683CRAUSEVictor Albert15-Jun187815 years, Napier Road Shooting Common 
930CRESSWELLAlbert8-Nov188418 months, 78 Walpole Road, Bromley Common767
1093CROCKFORDAdelaide Frances3-Sep18873 months, of 3 Wellington Road, Bromley Common634
617CROCKFORDAlfred Albert25-Nov18763 years, Bromley Common 
1240CROCKFORDEdith Alice21-Jun18908 months, of 2 Addison Road, Bromley Common634
1353CROCKFORDEllen Louisa12-Dec189118 years, Addison Road, Bromley Common634
798CROCKFORDEmily Edith24-Jan18827 weeks, Bromley Common 
1062CROCKFORDGeorge Edgar4-Apr18873 years 9 months, of 3 Wellington Cottages Wellington Road Homesdale Road, Bromley Common634
602CROCKFORDJessie Laura9-Sep18763 weeks, Bromley Common 
1633CROOKSEmma Jane Peters18-Jun189754 years, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common299
1760CROOKSJames17-Dec190261 years, of 74 Bromley Common299
541CROOKSJane Alice22-Aug18745 months, Bromley Common 
145CROSSWilliam20-Oct185763, Bromley Common 
38CROUCHJohn13-Oct184840 years, Down 
241CROUSSEHarriet20-Feb186372 years, Bromley Common 
1213CROWAmy Eliza19-Dec188919 years, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common378
1855CROWFanny11-Feb190760 years, of 59 Chatterton Road378
1598CROWJohn27-Apr189651 years, of 27 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common378
790CROWHURSTHerbert William4-Dec18811 year 6 months, Building Field Bromley Common 
1193CROWHURSTWilliam George20-Jul18891 year 8 months, of Chatterton Road, Bromley Common 
1274CULLENLouisa3-Dec189065 years, Bromley Union359
991CURWENMarianne28-Nov188548 years, Bickley, Bromley Common708
928CUSSWELLLouisa27-Sep18844 years, of 78 Walpole Road, Bromley Common, 767
200DACKOMBECaroline9-Aug186039 years, Bromley Common 
829DALEArthur Edward18-Nov18827 months, Bromley Common 
1203DALEHenry Frederick28-Sep188934 years, Page Heath Villas Homesdale Road, Bromley Common24
1017DALEWilliam29-May18866 months, Page Heath Villas24
1057DALE Annie Hannah Elizabeth12-Mar18874 years, Page Heath Villas Bromley Common24
1931DALLENElizabeth6-Aug191235 years, of 17 Upper Gravel Road, Bromley Common195
1953DANIELLSFrederick David24-Dec191367 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common, died at the Infirmary66
1921DANIELSHerbert Reginald25-Nov19111 year, of 10 Cottage Avenue Bromley Common 
2003DANIELSPriscilla29-Mar191667, of 15 Oakley Road, Bromley 
365DARKHenry20-Feb186938 years, Bromley Common 
211DARLASSONAbraham20-Jan186176 years, Bromley Common 
1385DAVEYJoseph9-May189272, Chatterton Road182
1615DAVEYSarah Ann4-Jan189759 years, Selbourne Villa 63 Rushey Green Lewisham82
2017DAVIESEllen28-Mar191773, of 40 Filmer Road Fulham7
1187DAVIESGeorge4-Jun188936 years, Bromley Union314
1936DAVISAlfred Eernest4-Jan191347 years, of 1 Garden Cottages Cross Road, Bromley Common37
350DAVISErnest William2-Aug18688 weeks, Bromley Common 
1631DAVISJohn5-Jun189722 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common268
1387DAVISJohn Day19-May189266, Beechwood145
512DAVISJoseph16-Dec187348 years, Bromley Common 
1809DAVISMargaret4-Nov190474 years, Southborough Bickley7
1642DAVISMatilda7-Dec189770 years, Delaware 27 The Common Bromley145
353DAVISSydney John12-Aug18689 weeks, Bromley Common 
1418DAWESEmily May3-Dec18925 months, of 50 Havelock Road, Bromley Common 
1702DAYHenry William24-Feb19009 months, of 3 Queen's Cottages Bromley Common10
1014DAYMary Ann24-Apr188640 years, Brickfield Waldo Road, Bromley Common658
1324DAYWilliam Henry18-Jun18916 weeks, of 37 Waldo Road, Bromley Common554
55DENNISAnn23-Jan185093 years, Bromley Common 
789DENNISMary2-Dec188185 years, Botany Bay Bromley Common 
1917DENNISPercy31-Aug191132 years, of 57 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common, died at Bromley Cottage Hospital194
424DENNISSusannah2-Apr187163 years, Bromley Common 
213DENSLOWJane7-Apr186136 years, Bromley Common 
91DENSLOWMaria26-Mar18541 year, Bromley Common 
206DENSLOWSarah23-Sep18603 years, Bromley Common 
419DERBYSHIREMary17-Dec187074 years, Bromley Common 
322DERBYSHIREWilliam11-Jul186778 years, Bromley Common 
98DEWBERRY or DUBERYSarah21-Jan185547 years, Bromley Common, [marginal note of surname spelling variation] 
1118ADICKENSONRoy Guy23-Feb18887 days, of 5 Pope Road, Bromley Common, buried without religious service220
177DIRSJohn Carston3-Apr185945 years, from Bromley Common 
1600DOBELL. Amelia21-May189647 years, Two DovesOakley Road, Bromley Common269
1175DODDAda11-Mar188915 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common92
24DODDEliza26-Aug184621 years, Southborough, Bromley 
191DODDEliza Ann26-Feb18602 years 4 months, Bromley Common 
1744DODDFrances Harriett2-Apr190269 years, The Bird in Hand 5 Gravel Road, Bromley Common125
23DODDGeorge12-Jul184613 years, Southborough, Bromley 
219DODDIsaac14-Jul18616 months, Bromley Common 
1374DODDIsaac18-Feb189269 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common92
956DODDWilliam27-Apr188529 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common92
451DOEJames9-Apr187264 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
129DOEJane1-Feb185713 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
522DOLOHANCharles27-Feb18746 weeks, Bromley Common 
1476DOMONEMary16-Aug189363 years, of 24 Great Elms Road, Bromley Common212
1628DOMONEWilliam James26-Apr189765 years, of 24 Great Elms Road, Bromley Common212
1442DORMERJoseph25-Feb18935 months, Botany Bay Bromley Common49
697DORRINGTONFrederick James12-Oct187814 months, Building Field Bromley Common 
805DOWNEREmma25-Feb188251 years, Skim Corner Bromley Common 
1380DOWNEREugenia Elizabeth30-Mar189252 years, of 76 Bromley Common396
1965DOWNHAMJohn William30-Jun191460, of 6 Billet Cottages69
638DRAKEWilliam John23-May18778 years, Bromley Common 
1539DRAYAlice Maud Mary18-Aug18949 weeks, of 22 Bloomfield Road Saint Lukes Parish519
1579DRAYDorothy2-Dec18957 weeks, of 22 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common519
1463DRAYHorace Henry1-Jul18939 months, of 22 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common519
1648DREWJames29-Jan189890 years, of 5 Cross Road, Bromley Common627
1511DREWMatilda1-Feb189484 years, Cross Road, Bromley Common627
802DROWNSarah16-Feb188261, Holmesdale Road,  
924DRUMMONDFrancis20-Sep18846 months, of 14 Heathbank Villas Homesdale Road, Bromley Common766
583DRUMMONDHarriett26-Feb187686 years, Bromley Common 
95DUBERY or DEWBERRYSusan19-Oct1854Gravel Road, Bromley Common, [marginal note of surname spelling variation] 
1116DUDDYEllen16-Jan188832 years, of 19 Page Heath Villas Bromley Common186
675DUNKLEYMary4-Apr187852 years, Bromley Common 
1028DUNMALL 17-Nov18867 days, Brewery Road, Bromley Common [name not recorded]29
1125DUNMALLAnn14-Mar188885 years, 6 Heath Bank Villas Bromley Common412
1118DUNMALLArthur26-Jan18886 days, Bromley Common29
56DUNMALLEdward3-Feb185018 years, Bromley Common 
290DUNMALLElizabeth25-Feb186669 years, Bromley Common 
892DUNMALLElizabeth Ann19-Mar188414 months, Brewery Road, Bromley Common29
560DUNMALLGeorge11-Apr187574 years, Bromley Common 
1913DUNMALLLeonard Reginald29-Jun191114 years, The Lodge The Rookery Bromley Common 
1782DUNMALLMary Ann21-Aug190363 years, Asylum Maidstone326
1794DUNMALLRobert11-Jan190459 years, of 33 Oakley Road326
1254DURLINGHarriett26-Aug189072 years, Lock's Bottom Farnborough 
537DURLINGJames27-Jun187427 years, Bromley Common 
1872DURLINGMary Ann6-Aug190888 years, of 72 Bromley Common257
1563DURLINGWilliam9-Mar189579 years, Farnborough  
286DURRANTLucy5-Nov186584 years, Southborough 
488DURRANTRobert15-Apr187381 years, Union House, Locksbottom 
598DUTTONErnest Frank20-Aug18767 months, Shooting Common 
647DYSONAmy30-Aug187741 years, Bromley Common 
838EASTMaria28-Feb188338 years, Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common 
1465EASTReginald Arthur3-Jul18939 months, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common575
1524EASTSarah Ann7-May189435 years, of 128 High Street Bromley515
1276EASTHOPEGeorge Thomas9-Dec189078 years, of 4 Page Heath Villas Bromley Common374
1271EASTHOPERose28-Nov189023 months, of 4 Page Heath Villas Bromley Common374
6EATONAnn8-Sep184546 years, Bromley Common 
194EATONCharles1-Apr186070 years, Bromley Common 
2006EATONCharles26-Apr191618, of The Infirmary99
9EATONThomas1-Jun184518 years, Bromley Common 
1015EDDYEllen18-May188622 years, of 27 Havelock Road, Bromley Common657
1310EDDYWilliam James6-Apr18911 year 9 months, of 42 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common587
1679EDMANDSAnn4-May189989 years, Union House, Farnborough 
973EDMANDSCharles John15-Jul188534, Johnson's Road, Bromley Common27
898EDMANDSMary Ann12-Apr188450 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common757
1126EDMANDSMary Emma19-Mar188834 years, of 17 Johnson's Road, Bromley Common 
284EDMANDS or EDMONDSGeorge Thomas10-Sep18655 months, Bromley Common, [marginal surname correction to EDMANDS] 
77EDMONDSEmily Eliza3-Oct18521 year 7 months, Bromley Common 
1313EDMONDSGeorge11-Apr189145 years, of 3 Skym Corner Bromley Common19
375EDMONDSJohn13-Jun186976 years, Bromley Common 
187EDMONDS or EDMUNDSWilliam4-Jan186060, Bromley 
458EDMUNDSAlbert John6-Aug187211 days, Bromley Common 
1934EDMUNDSEdward28-Nov191270 years, Bromley Union Infirmary Farnborough19
457EDMUNDSElizabeth28-Jul187218 years, Bromley Common 
339EDWARDSEliza Harriet1-Mar186842 years, Bromley Common 
1441EDWARDSElizabeth25-Feb189362 years, of 2 Sundridge Farm Plaistow Bromley 
502EDWARDSGeorge17-Sep187348 years, Union House, Farnborough 
1830EDWARDSGeorge11-Oct190553 years, of 47 Cowper Road, Bromley Common641
377EDWARDSMary Ann29-Jul18698 years 6 months, Bromley Common 
1384EDWARDSRobert7-May189270, Pope Road641
1724ELLIOTTAlbert Wilmot10-Apr19015 years, Walpole Road, Bromley Common529
1312ELLIOTTAlfred11-Apr18916 months, of 14 Addison Road, Bromley Common555
1262ELLIOTTAlice Dot18-Oct189011 days, Walpole Road, Bromley Common529
687ELLIOTTArthur John12-Jul1878[age missing], Building Field Bromley Common 
2053ELLIOTTFrancis15-Nov191869 years, of 3 Princes Plain Bromley Common865
132ELLIOTTGeorge26-Apr185726 years, Farnborough, Kent 
1622ELLIOTTHenry4-Mar189773 years, CheritonOldfield Road Bickley, Bromley529
218ELLIOTTJames Frederick14-Jul18614 months, Bromley Common 
283ELLIOTTMary Ann23-Jul186519 years, Bromley Common 
26ELLIOTTPhillis23-Oct18469 years, Bromley Common 
169ELLIOTTRichard24-Oct185868 years, Bromley Common 
204ELLIOTTRichard Charles16-Sep18604 months, Bromley Common 
1634ELSLEYLouisa Elizabeth28-Jun189731 years, Walsham Cottage Bromley Common72
356ELYElizabeth20-Sep18685 months, Bromley Common 
1981ELYElizabeth12-Feb191576, of 19 Brewery Road288
1989ELYJames Henry29-Apr191583, of 1 Brewery Road288
450ELYWilliam29-Mar187245 years, Keston 
1506EMANRebecca29-Dec189381 years, of 6 Home Vale Knockholt 
2EMANRosina14-Apr18446 years, Bromley Common 
448EMAUEdith24-Mar187218 years, Widmore, Bromley 
135EMERYAaron Floude25-May185766 years, Bromley Common 
4EMERYIsaac John12-May1844infant, Bromley Common 
287EMERYJohn4-Jan186654 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
641ERNANWilliam17-Jun187770 years, West Ham Essex 
1079EVERESTAda Florence2-Jul18871 year 7 4 months, Waldo Road, Bromley Common 
977EVERESTBertie John18-Aug188510 months, Waldo Road, Bromley Common671
278EVERETTJane12-Feb186527 years, Bromley Common 
912EVERETTSamuel22-May18841 week, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common28
1469EVESHenry Horatio24-Jul18939 months, of 138 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1522EYRESJemima21-Apr189421, Carpenters Arms Homesdale Road, Bromley Common81
1252FAGGJohn21-Aug189057 years, of 75 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common723
2015FAIRCHILDHenry Edward3-Mar191770, of 37 Oakley Road357
1961FAIRESAlfred9-Apr191484, Sheepwash Cottage Keston68
2039FAIRESSarah Ann8-Jan191871 years, of Sheepwash Cottage Keston68
1639FAIRMANAlbert Edward Victor23-Oct18973 months, Cowper Cottage Cowper Road, Bromley Common499
1672FAIRMANJane15-Nov189841, Cowper Cottage, Cowper Road, Bromley Common499
1280FAIRMANLilian13-Dec189012 months, of 21Great Elms Road, Bromley Common599
1720FANNTHORPEMuriel12-Jan190123 years, Elmfield Bromley Common130
1283FARLEYGertrude30-Dec18902 years 9 months, of 49 Havelock Road, Bromley Common497
1196FARMERClara Julia10-Aug188910 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common53
622FARMERFrederick William17-Dec18765 years, Bromley Common 
1726FARMERSarah27-Apr190191 years, of 57 London Road, Bromley 
154FARMERWilliam25-Apr185846 years, Bromley Common 
1787FARMERWilliam John21-Nov190361 years, of 2 Bourne Road, Bromley Common53
1716FARMTHORPECharlotte Ellen1-Nov190063 years, Glenfield Bromley Common130
623FARRMary Elizabeth22-Dec187658 years, Bickley, Bromley 
844FARRWilliam20-Apr188376 years, of 78 Portsdown Road London,  
964FARRISMinnie Sarah21-May188518 years, Addison Road, Bromley Common712
1050FAULKNERViolet5-Mar188746 years, of 17 Johnson Road414
1812FAULKNERWilliam14-Jan190560 years, Crown Lane175
716FAULKNERWilliam Murrel19-Nov18791 month, Holmesdale Road 
2027FAUNTHORPELucy Janet21-Aug191768 years, of Elmfield Bromley Common131
1425FAWCETTEliza Ruth3-Jan189332 years, School House Bromley Common48
2025FEATHERSTONEEsther11-Aug191744, of 56 Balfour Road, Bromley103
1943FERRISAgnes Caroline9-Apr191347 years, Chatterton Arms Chatterton Road, Bromley25
1443FERRISEdward Joseph4-Mar18938 months, of 13 Blackheath Road Greenwich25
1575FERRISMaud2-Oct189510 months, Chatterton Arms Chatterton Road, Bromley Common25
1689FERRISPercy Robert1-Sep18996 months, Chatterton ArmsWalpole Road, Bromley Common25
1092FILBYJessie Mary Annie1-Sep188716 months, of 27 Waldo Road, Bromley Common645
160FISHERWilliam9-Aug1858infant, Bromley Common 
1502FISKEAnnie20-Dec189367 years, of 34 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common453
1487FLEETEleanor9-Oct189369, of 29 Chatterton Road485
1833FLOWERDAYRose Elizabeth6-Dec19056 months, of 5 Billet Cottages Southborough261
1857FORDHAMMary6-Mar190764 years, of 97 Jackson's Road70
2043FOREMANThomas Charles19-Feb19182 years, of Bromley Common1024
227FOWNESErnest Kopetsky7-Apr18624 years 10 months, Bromley Common 
1417FOXWilliam Burr28-Nov189225 years, Lodge Gate Oakley, Bromley Common17
727FRANKLINStanley Woodgate1-Feb18801 year 6 months, Building Field  
1073FRASEREmma Elizabeth9-Jun188736, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common628
382FRATERMargaret2-Oct186974 years, Southborough, Bromley Common  
1731FRYAlice Maud1-Sep19011 month, of 2 Billet Cottages Bromley Common386
43FRYElizabeth21-Jan184988 years, Bromley Common 
352FRYJames10-Aug186839 years, Bromley Common 
768GALEEdwin21-Apr18811 year 3 months, Bromley Common 
749GALLONAlice Mary30-Oct18807 years, Bromley Common 
1210GALLONIrene11-Dec18897 weeks, Waldo Road, Bromley Common 
1074GARDENEREmma11-Jun188743 years, Cross Road, Bromley Common627
767GARETTIsabella21-Apr1881year 9 Months, Bromley Common 
1292GARNHAMElizabeth21-Jan189185 years, of 6 Addison Road, Bromley Common558
531GARRETTWilliam12-Apr18743 years, Bromley Common 
146GARTHHenry29-Nov185767 years, Bromley Common 
261GARTHSamuel7-Feb186429 years, St Andrew East Middlesex 
1075GEARINGAlice Lydia13-Jun188714 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common619
1032GEARINGAnnie Grace18-Dec18865 years, Addison Road, Bromley Common189
370GEARINGJames Henry21-Apr18693 years, Bromley Common 
1606GEARINGMary Ann30-Jul189670 years, of 55 Addison Road, Bromley Common189
97GEARINGRichard16-Jan185538 years, Bromley Common 
594GEARINGSusan Harriet22-Jun18761 year 8 months, Plough Lane, Bromley Common 
1668GEARINGWilliam9-Sep189872, of 1 Hamilton Grove Norwood189
1398GENTSarah3-Aug189274 years, Bromley Union612
1533GILBERTGeorge23-Jun189438 years, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common455
1069GILLChristiana14-May188778 years, Bromley Common 
1496GILLGeorge4-Dec189377 years, Green Street Green Chelsfield 
298GILLJames10-Aug186658 years, Bromley Common 
600GILLKathleen Jane29-Aug187611 months, Bromley Common 
1960GILLMary1-Apr191468, Lower Green Farm Chelsfield 
1604GILLMayston William Lewin8-Jul189625 years, Bromley Common 
174GILLWilliam10-Jan185981 years, Bromley Common 
2044GILLWilliam27-Feb191875 years, of 68 Bromley Common 
1393GIMSONEdith Annie9-Jul189222 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common412
1087GIMSONEliza10-Aug188748 years, of 19 Waldo Road, Bromley Common621
1754GIMSONEsther16-Oct190256 years, of 18 Waldo Road, Bromley Common, 
1464GOADAlfred1-Jul189328 years, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common668
985GOADBerty15-Oct18858 months, Jessamine Villas, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common668
823GOADStephen4-Oct188245, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
89GOBBETTMary28-Feb185482 years, Bromley Common 
1367GODFREYAlfred John8-Feb18925 months, Bridge Cottages Crown Lane Bromley Common403
982GODFREYEllen Blanche18-Sep18857 months, The Rookery Bromley Common669
1453GODFREYHerbert James4-May18934, of 136 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common403
1999GOLDINGElizabeth5-Feb191663, of 62 Park Road, Bromley635
1060GOLDINGFrederick John24-Mar18874 years, of 84 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common635
1576GOLDINGHerbert Sidney19-Oct189514 months, of 41 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common635
804GOLDINGJames20-Feb18827 months, Walpole Road 
1590GOLDINGThomas2-Mar189648 years, of 41 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common635
1154GOLDINGWalter Garfield13-Oct18885 months, of 31 Havelock Road, Bromley Common591
90GOLDSMITHSarah7-Mar185469 years, Keston, [corrected entry?]  
68GOLDSMITHThomas1-Aug185177 years, Bromley Common 
1740GOODACREAnn8-Feb190257 years, of 220 Homesdale Road, Bromley 
421GOODACRELucy8-Jan187182 years, Bromley Common 
1355GOODACREMary Ann17-Dec189145 years, Carpenters Arms Homesdale Road, Bromley Common81
747GOODACREMary Anne11-Sep188012 weeks, Bromley Common 
1472GOODACRESydney Guy29-Jul18935 weeks, of 118 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common 
998GOODCHILDFlorence6-Feb18866 years, of 37 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common156
1321GOODCHILDMark30-May189111 months, Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common486
1880GOODENOUGHHarry5-Mar190935 years, Bromley Union Workhouse330
1784GOODSELLHannah6-Nov190376 years, of 28 Pope Road, Bromley Common211
1512GOODSELLHenry6-Feb189472 years, South Cottage Pope Road, Bromley Common211
2009GOODWINViolet Elizabeth24-Jun191614, of 32 Southborough738
446GORDONAnn8-Mar187276 years, Croydon 
547GORDONElizabeth11-Nov187446 years, Croydon 
498GORDONJohn Alexander1-Jul187346 years, Penge, Battersea [sic] 
74GORDONJohn William28-May185252 years, Keston 
665GORINGGeorge William Samuel23-Feb18784 months, Bromley Common 
1304GOSLINGAnnie3-Mar189112 days, of 30 Johnson's Road, Bromley Common524
818GOSLINGMary Ann6-Sep18823 months, Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common 
1777GOWERJames2-May19038 months, of 105 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common 
1707GRACEPhillis13-Jun190048 years, Rose Cottage Bromley Common359
781GRAVETTHarriet6-Oct188111 months, Bromley Common 
402GRAVITTGeorge26-Apr18709 years, Brick Kiln Lane, Shooting Common, by Coroner's Order 
239GRAYJames7-Jan186353 years, Bromley Common 
1468GRAYSarah15-Jul189385 years, of 55 Addison Road, Bromley Common 
1004GREENEmma13-Mar188658 years, Barnet Wood Cottages Bromley Common 
1382GREENEmma31-Mar189267 years, Hastings 
210GREENJames20-Jan186165 years, Bromley Common 
1257GREENJohn James24-Sep189065 years, Bromley Union Locksbottom 
824GREENJulia11-Oct188255, Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
32GREENMary9-Jan184867 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
572GREENMary8-Nov187584 years, Bromley Common from Union 
1189GREENAWAYMary Ann24-Jun188941 years, Barming Heath Asylum85
1525GREENAWAYNorman8-May189410, of 37 Johnson Road, Bromley Common85
1594GREENFIELDCecil Lewis4-Apr18966 months, of 58 Walpole Road, Bromley Common151
934GREENFIELDEmma29-Nov18846 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common 
834GREENFIELDFanny30-Dec188213 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common 
1013GREENFIELDGeorge17-Apr18869 months, Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
1144GREENFIELDMaria23-Jun188845 years, of 58 Walpole Road, Bromley Common151
1485GREENSMITHCecil28-Sep189331 days, of 21 Walpole Road, Bromley Common484
1461GREENSTREETWeston William24-Jun189336 years, Albert Terrace Bromley Common548
7GREENWOODAbel25-Sep184548 years, Keston 
711GREGORYCatherine14-Sep187968 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
285GREGORYCharles14-Oct186537 years, Union House, Farnborough 
610GREGORYJenkin29-Oct187672 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
189GREGORYJob19-Feb186065 years, Hayes Ford, Bromley 
205GREGORYThomas23-Sep186023 years, Bromley Common 
1593GRENAWAYEmma28-Mar189626 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common85
1852GRENSTEADHenry7-Jan190765 years, Jackson's Road295
1091GRENYERAnnie Kate23-Aug18878 months, of 22 Walpole Road, Bromley Common645
758GRESHAMJulian Frederick2-Feb18812 years, Bromley Common 
1345GRIMSONWilliam28-Sep189166 years, of 47 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common458
1810GRINSTEDEllen22-Dec190468 years, Jackson Road295
1439GRISTWilliam7-Feb189339 years, Nelson Road, Bromley Common242
67GROVERRichard20-Jul185119 years, Bromley Common 
333GROVESEllen4-Dec186714 months, Southborough, Bromley Common 
445GURRAaron3-Mar18723 weeks, Bromley Common 
551GURRArthur Thomas13-Dec18744 years, Bromley Common 
1585GURRCharles30-Jan18968 hours, Skym Corner Bromley Common 
1922GURRElizabeth12-Feb191267 years, of 110 Jackson Road, Bromley Common 
242GURREmma1-Mar186335 years, Bromley Common 
1761GURREmma Louisa6-Jan190319 months, of 90 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common9
765GURRFlorence19-Apr188118 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common 
1816GURRGeorge7-Mar190562 years, of 20 Jackson's Road293
966GURRGeorge Richard27-May188562 years, Princes Plain Bromley Common91
359GURRHannah Maria16-Dec18681 day, Bromley Common 
93GURRHenry19-Jul18542-1/2 years, Bromley Common 
554GURRHerman Joseph27-Dec187427 years, Bromley Common 
471GURRJohn12-Jan187311 months, [blank], [Heavily amended entry has Bromley Common deleted] 
548GURRJohn12-Nov187460 years, Bromley Common 
1956GURRJohn14-Jan191465 years, The Greyhound Keston 
1698GURRLeslie Charles20-Jan19006 months, of 5 Elliott Road 
643GURRMary1-Jul187786 years, Bromley Common 
815GURRMercy15-Jul188264 years, Skim Corner Bromley Common 
22GURRRichard24-May184654 years, Bromley Common 
635GURRRichard13-May187717 months, Bromley Common 
1241GURRSarah24-Jun189070 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common214
1165GURRStephen7-Jan188926 years, King's Road Penge Road South Norwood252
192GURRSusan Emma4-Mar18602 years 7 months, Bromley Common 
1640GURRThomas1-Nov189781 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common214
220GURRThomas Henry29-Sep18614 months, Bromley Common 
1798GURRWilliam19-May190485 years, Bromley Union Workhouse323
1323HADDONMary Ann13-Jun189175 years, of 31 New Homesdale Road, Bromley Common413
25HADFIELDMary22-Sep1846Bromley Common 
703HADLEYMary4-Feb187972 years, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1901HAGGETTGeorge13-Aug191078 years, of 27 Adam Street London W[est]669
1298HAGGETTMaria21-Feb18918 months, Hollydale Addison Road, Bromley Common557
1783HAGGETTMary29-Oct190381 years, of 3 Addison Road, Bromley Common669
2032HALLWORTHWilliam24-Nov191735 years, of 65 Jacksons Road964
744HAMILTONArchibald17-Aug188062 years, South Barrow Bickley 
1967HAMILTONArthur19-Aug191427, of 74 Jacksons Road71
82HAMILTONHelena24-Jul18534 years, Bromley Common 
1885HAMILTONHenrietta Newton24-Jun190980 years, of 27 Bolton Garden London S[outh] W[est]  
85HAMILTONMary Jane31-Aug185312 years, Bromley Common 
453HAMMONDEdward James21-Apr187211 months, Southborough, Bromley Common 
2054HAMMONDEdward William5-Dec191859 years, of 15 Upper Gravel Road, Bromley Common904
1229HANCOCK 5-Mar18901 hour, Addison Road, Bromley Common [name not recorded]315
1199HANCOCKJohn Thomas29-Aug18892 years 4 months, Botany Bay Cottages Bromley Common89
1018HANCOCKSarah Jane29-May18867 months, Botany Bay Cottages89
1260HARBEREdwin7-Oct189063 years, of 69 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common530
533HARDSMary11-May187481 years, Bromley Common 
1456HARDSTONEAnnie24-May18937 years, of 15 Havelock Road, Bromley Common717
409HARDYMary Ann12-Jun187053 years, Bromley Common 
1099HARDYRichard1-Oct188725 years, Fern Cottage Homesdale Road, Bromley Common642
890HARLANDAlfred15-Mar18846 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common287
891HARLANDAnna Easterly15-Mar18843 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common287
895HARLANDEliza Ann1-Apr18847 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common287
967HARLANDPhoebe Ann13-Jun18852 months, Havelock Road, Bromley Common711
1265HARMANAlice Mary27-Oct189027 years, of 31 Johnson Road, Bromley Common560
1170HARMANAnn7-Feb188954 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common250
1602HARMANJames18-Jun189673 years, of 27 Oakley Road, Bromley Common250
625HARRISBertram Charles17-Jan18771 year 10 months, Bromley Common 
1663HARRISCecil Ralph9-Jun189810 months, of 20 Oakley Road, Bromley Common44
1815HARRISCharles Francis8-Feb190559 years, of 57 Oakley Road 
1839HARRISEdward28-Apr190664, Oakley Farm 
903HARRISElizabeth1-May188446 years, Oakley Farm Bromley Common 
1368HARRISElizabeth13-Feb189256 years, of 4 Fairlawn Villas Bromley Common316
1919HARRISElizabeth12-Oct191167 years, of 25 Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
599HARRISHarriet Ellen27-Aug18764 years, Oakley 
2026HARRISHenry Robert James18-Aug191765 years, of 41 Oakley Road44
1730HARRISJohn16-Jul190142 years, Bromley Union387
1567HARRISSarah27-Apr189579 years, of 20 Oakley Road, Bromley Common44
1185HARRISThomas7-May188956, Bromley Common316
1117HARRISWalter Charles17-Jan188832 years, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common221
1141HARTMary6-Jun188855 years, Southborough, Bromley Common597
1419HARVEYWalter7-Dec18923 years 8 months, Brewery Tap Bromley Common16
1480HARWOODSydney William24-Aug18939 months, of 1 Wellington Cottages Wellington Road, Bromley Common482
718HASSUMHorace Henry28-Dec18796 years, Bromley Common 
1341HASTINGSAlfred10-Sep189148 years, of 27 Addison Road 
922HASTINGSCatherina19-Aug188456, Skilleter's Cottages Bickley60
1988HASTINGSWilliam26-Mar191591, The Infirmary60
511HATCHSarah Rebecca14-Dec187329 years, Bromley Common 
1318HAYLESEarnest9-May18916 days, of 51 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common535
1238HAYLESFrank Sydney13-May18904 years 6 months, of 51 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common535
1741HAYLETTEliza13-Feb190285 years, The Crown Bromley Common 
1666HAYLETTRobert Barber23-Aug189886 years, Crown Inn Bromley Common237
1150HAYNEEliza27-Aug188868, Skym Corner Bromley Common478
1580HAYNEHenry George24-Dec189575 years, Exmouth Devonshire478
1780HAYWARDJames29-Jul190376 years, of 3 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common203
59HAYWOODWilliam10-Jul18509 years, Bromley Common 
540HEADCharles13-Jul187459 years, Bromley Union 
582HEADElizabeth Florence23-Jan18766 weeks, Bromley Common 
257HEADJulia31-Oct186372 years, Farnborough Bromley 
464HEADLouisa10-Oct187248 years, Bromley Common 
1660HEADSarah30-Apr189870, Andover Southlands Road, Bromley Common23
71HEADWilliam18-Oct185148 years, Down Kent 
1038HEADWilliam8-Jan188769 years, of 42 Waldo Road, Bromley Common23
1244HEATHWilliam10-Jul18902 weeks, Bromley Union565
423HEATHER 12-Mar187134 years, Bromley Common [name not recorded] 
1743HEIMSGeorge Henry Lilburn27-Feb19029 months, Gardeners Cottage Buller's Wood Bromley 
887HERBERTFrank Arthur10-Mar18843 years, Union House, Locksbottom159
843HERREBOYThomas Carl William20-Apr1883[age missing], Bromley Common 
1315HESLOPElizabeth18-Apr189135, of 15 Havelock Road, Bromley Common270
1758HESLOPJohn William11-Nov190250 years, of 35 Napier Road278
216HIBONJane11-Jun186170 years, Bromley Common 
1659HICKMOTTEthel Hilda28-Apr18985 months, of 33 Havelock Road, Bromley Common14
1495HICKMOTTHarry2-Dec18939 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common487
1708HICKMOTTJames Henry30-Jun190061 years, of 28 Havelock Road, Bromley Common487
1475HICKMOTTRobert John Thomas14-Aug18937 months, of 33 Havelock Road, Bromley Common14
1275HICKMOTT or LATTERJames4-Dec189068 years, of 8 Nelson Square Bromley, known commonly as James Latter502
1646HIGGSAnn15-Jan189857 years, of 40 Walpole Road, Bromley Common303
1587HIGGSThomas Herbert7-Feb18965 months, of 37 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common337
214HIGHAMCharles Richard20-May186151 years, Farnborough, Bromley 
1979HIGHTAnne22-Jan191575, of 26 Bromley Common13
1489HIGHTCharles20-Oct189354 years, of 14 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common13
1316HILDEREliza Ann25-Apr189182 years, Bickley Railway Station, certified by Herbert George DUNN Undertaker523
16HILLChristiana3-Jan184665 years, Bromley Common 
1528HILLFred19-May189433, Oakley Road, Bromley Common46
1320HILLFrederick30-May189166 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
750HILLGeorge31-Oct188016 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
2016HILLMaria22-Mar191784, of The Infirmary46
27HILLIERCharlotte Elizabeth3-Jan1847infant, Bromley Common 
592HILLIEREmma15-Jun187626 years, Bromley Common 
1352HILLIERGeorge3-Dec189170 years, of 50 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common501
542HILLIERIan Elizabeth30-Aug187421 months, Mason's Hill 
1277HILLIERJane Amelia11-Dec189050, of Chatterton Road, Bromley Common501
812HILLIERJohn7-Jun188233 years, Skilliters Cottages Bromley Common 
527HILLIERMary Ann29-Mar187421 years, Bromley Common 
1381HILLSArthur Robins30-Mar18929 months, The Stables Elmfield Bromley Common556
258HILLSElizabeth Ann8-Jan18643 years, Bromley Common 
1080HILLSHarriet12-Jul188723 years, The Scrubbs Cottages Bromley Common624
252HILLSJames10-Sep1863infant, Bromley Common 
524HILLSJames18-Mar18741 year 11 months, Bromley Common 
1723HILLSJames9-Apr190166 years, The Scrubbs Bromley Common624
224HILLSJane26-Jan186268 years, Sheepwash, Bromley Common 
33HILLSLydia16-Jan184822 years, Sheepwash, Bromley Common 
1301HILLSRichard Rodney2-Mar18913 years 5 months, The Stables Elmfield Bromley Common356
606HILLSThomas21-Sep187611 years, Bromley Common 
1517HILLSThomas Herbert31-Mar189473, Walpole Road, Bromley Common303
853HILLSThomas Robert27-Jun188343 years, Bromley Common, 160
271HILLSWilliam15-Sep186470 years, Bromley Common 
1410HOADLEYAlice Clara Eugene20-Oct18929 months, of New Homesdale Road, Bromley Common309
532HOBBSAnna16-Apr187433 years, Building Field Bromley Common 
947HODDERAlfred21-Feb188513 months, Pope Road, Bromley Common724
1179HODDERDavid20-Apr188938 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common724
1706HODDERHerbert Henry5-Apr190021 years, of 46 Pope Road, Bromley Common724
979HODGESEunice24-Aug188586 years, Johnson's Road, Bromley Common757
900HODGESRichard19-Apr188475 years, Bromley Common757
1452HOLDSWORTHHarriet29-Apr189350, Bromley Common337
2022HOLLANDAnnie16-Jun191726, of The Infirmary1404
1589HOLLANDJohn2-Mar18969 months, Bromley Union330
1848HOLLEYElizabeth27-Nov190649, London County Asylum The Heath Dartford8
1115HOLLMANArthur William7-Jan188817 months, Pope Road, Bromley Common747
925HOLLMANIra20-Sep18842 years 6 months, of 76 Bromley Common 
723HOLLMANJohn25-Jan188057 years, Bromley Common 
1364HOLMANEliza2-Feb189240 years, Bromley Common 
1569HOLMANEliza13-Jul189571 years, of 73 Bromley Common 
869HOLMANWilliam Arthur13-Oct188311 months, Bromley Common747
326HOLMESBenjamin25-Sep186715 months, Bromley Common 
993HOODEmma10-Dec188557 years, Johnson's Road, Bromley Common154
1854HOODJohn Sharpe25-Jan190783 years, of 30 Johnson Road154
412HOOKCharles4-Aug187070 years, Union House, Farnborough 
975HOOKRichard25-Jul188566 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common702
2045HOPGOODMary Ann28-Mar191861 years, of Bromley Infirmary Farnborough43
1444HOPGOODNellie11-Mar18935 weeks, of 14 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common306
1986HOPGOODThomas18-Mar191573, The Infirmary705
143HOPKINSGeorge30-Sep185747, Bromley Common 
1231HOUSEJohn13-Mar189075, of 77 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common279
1344HOWARDElizabeth24-Sep189154 years, of 6 Nelson Road, Bromley Common459
1376HOWARDElizabeth25-Feb189280 years, of 4 Nelson Road, Bromley Common459
858HUDDJohn George9-Jul188330 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common768
833HUDDSusan Ann23-Dec18827 months, Havelock Road, Bromley Common 
410HUMPHREYAlice Jane19-Jun187024 years, Palace Road, Bromley Common 
1656HUMPHREYAmy26-Feb189879 years, of 35 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common756
418HUMPHREYAmy Jane20-Nov18705 months, Bromley Common 
958HUMPHREYCharles Lester2-May18852 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common 
389HUMPHREYEdith14-Nov18696 weeks, Bromley Common 
567HUMPHREYEdward Henry25-May18753 years, Bromley Common 
861HUMPHREYEliza4-Aug188329 years, Beckenham Kent 
806HUMPHREYHarry20-Mar188214 months, Pope Road, Bromley Common 
147HUMPHREYJames6-Dec185747 years, Bromley Common 
562HUMPHREYWilliam Walter11-May18758 months, Bromley Common 
202HUNTHannah17-Aug186053 years, Bromley Common 
705HUNTJames19-Feb187952, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1291HUNTRichard20-Jan189170 years, Walpole Road, Bromley Common246
1766HUNTSusannah7-Mar190374 years, of 57 Walpole Road, Bromley Common246
415HUNTERWilliam Edward2-Oct187016 years, Hoxton  
1186HURST 21-May18894 days, Botany Bay Cottages Bromley Common [name not recorded]315
1248HUTTONJohn Whittington19-Jul18905 hours, of 3 Addison Road, Bromley Common564
254ILSLEYEdward27-Sep186334 years, Bromley Common 
543INGARFILLAbraham3-Oct187474 years, Bromley Union 
795INGRAMWilliam16-Jan188212 weeks, Bromley Common 
1212ISARDCharles13-Dec188967 years, of 19 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1683ISARDEsther28-Jun189964 years, of 41 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1109ISARDHelen Ruth2-Dec188714 days, Cowper Road, Bromley Common607
70ISARDThomas Peter13-Oct185171 years, Bromley Common 
1053JACKSONAda8-Mar18875 years, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common637
538JACKSONAlice Frances28-Jun18744 months, Bromley Common 
876JACKSONAmy Constance12-Jan18845 months, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1216JACKSONAnnie2-Jan189022, Gravel Road, Bromley Common20
480JACKSONArthur15-Mar18735 weeks, Bromley Common 
1629JACKSONArthur12-May189720 years, of 24 Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
601JACKSONClara Bertha Blanch7-Sep187611 months, Bromley Common 
700JACKSONEliza26-Dec187865 years, Bromley Common 
1992JACKSONEthel Fanny18-Aug191543, of Fairholme Cross Road, Bromley575
1980JACKSONFanny10-Feb191568, Fairthorne Cross Road 
123JACKSONGeorge17-Aug185632 years, Bromley Common 
624JACKSONGeorge15-Jan18777 years, Union House, Farnborough 
1582JACKSONGeorge9-Jan189686 years, Knole View Bromley Common 
1892JACKSONGeorge Henry27-Nov190963 years, of 14 Gravel Road, Bromley Common20
379JACKSONHarriet Ellen30-Aug18696 months, Bromley Common 
608JACKSONJane Elizabeth20-Oct18763 years, Bromley Common 
702JACKSONMabel Kate9-Jan18793 months, Bromley Common 
1325JACKSONMargaret Agnes19-Jun189149 years, Bromley Common713
1110JACKSONPercy Ernest7-Dec18873 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
756JACKSONPhilip George22-Jan18814 years, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1709JACKSONRobert4-Jul190075 years, Bromley Union656
1500JACKSONSarah14-Dec189363 years, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common495
1867JACKSONSarah2-Mar190881 years, of 4 Glebe Road, Bromley 
360JACKSONWilliam31-Dec186827 years, Bromley Common 
1054JACKSONWilliam8-Mar188722 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common637
163JACOBSThomas12-Sep18585 months, Bromley Common 
518JAMESEliza22-Feb187449 years, Building Field Bromley Common 
1768JAMESEmma25-Mar190371 years, of 9 Roylan Road, Bromley Common 
1071JAMESHarriet26-May188739 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common629
653JAMESJeremiah12-Oct187789 years, Henley Villas Penge Beckenham 
1264JAMESWilliam John23-Oct189060 years, Chatterton Road 
1064JANKINSONArthur14-Apr18871 year 9 months, Havelock Road, Bromley Common 
612JANKINSONHarry31-Oct187617 months, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
99JAQUESMary3-Feb185579 years, Bromley Common 
1156JARVISEllen23-Oct188865 years, The Rookery Bromley Common474
1329JEALAmos21-Jul189143 years, Bromley Union62
961JEALElizabeth16-May188561 years, Widmore Road, Bromley Kent62
1881JEFFERSONDorothy Harriett Mary23-Mar19093 years, of 48 Lidden Road, Bromley403
946JEFFERYElmina9-Feb188578 years, of 21 Bromley Common726
383JENKINRichard13-Oct186650 years, Bromley Common 
1215JENKINSHenry William28-Dec188952 years, of 19 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common382
1049JENKINSMaria28-Feb188755 years, Bromley Common382
590JENKINSMary Ann21-May18766 years, Bromley Common 
959JENNERMary2-May18858 months, of 35 Pope Road, Bromley Common714
586JENNESRobert9-Apr187667 years, Bromley Common 
291JESSUPRichard28-Feb186667 years, Bromley Common 
324JEWELLEliza Ann11-Aug186738 years, St George's Bermondsey 
587JEWELLLydia24-Apr187665 years, Bromley, [entry amended to delete High Street as abode] 
1935JOHNSONDavid30-Dec191275 years, of 12 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common238
1842JOHNSONEdwin21-Jul190668, Bromley Union Workhouse 
867JOHNSONFrederick17-Sep188326 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common746
901JOHNSONGeorge19-Apr188474 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1572JOHNSONGeorge2-Sep189564 years, of 86 Dorset Road South Lambeth 
663JOHNSONGoswell18-Jan187876 years, Bromley Common 
1652JOHNSONJames William19-Feb18989 months, of 15 Brewery Road, Bromley Common 
952JOHNSONJane24-Mar188563 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common719
735JOHNSONJasper2-May188023 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
1819JOHNSONJesse20-Apr190571 years, Brewery Road292
1614JOHNSONMary17-Dec189690, of 4 Denmark Villas Widmore Road, Bromley 
2036JOHNSONMary Ann20-Dec191756 years, of 14 Brewery Road, Bromley131
1000JOHNSONSarah6-Mar188680 years, Bromley Union 
1807JOHNSONSarah8-Oct190465 years, Bromley Union Workhouse321
1853JOHNSONSarah18-Jan190771 years, of 11 Brewery Road746
591JOHNSONThomas4-Jun187638 years, Bromley Common, Union House 
1982JOHNSONThomas27-Feb191581, of 11 Brewery Road746
1963JOHNSONWilliam20-May191471, of 74 Jacksons Road 
1420JOINERHarry Emmanuel10-Dec18922 weeks, Hayesford Farm Bromley Common50
2035JOLLEYFrank George14-Dec191753 years, of Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common1023
556JONESFrances Harriett Beadle14-Mar187567 years, Bromley Common 
1578KAYEIsabel20-Nov18956 years, Hollydale Lodge Gate Bromley Common 
1327KEMPClara6-Jul189175 years, Anerley Road Anerley Surrey 
168KEMPGeorge Samuel21-Oct18581 year 4 months, Bromley Common 
140KEMPHenry Michael3-Aug185715 years, Bromley Common 
493KEMPMichael Bishop18-May187353 years, New Bromley 
1501KENTONFlorence16-Dec18933 months, Waldo Road, Bromley Common452
1220KENWARDBertie28-Jan189025 days, of 18 Addison Road, Bromley Common475
1034KERSEY 22-Dec188619 days, Bromley Common [name not recorded]646
235KERSWELLMaria12-Oct186240 years, Bromley Common 
124KERSWELLRoas14-Sep18563 months, Bromley Common 
158KEYWOODWilliam25-Jul185868 years, Bromley Common 
1749KIDDERDorothy Olive22-Jul190214 years, Jackson's Road, Bromley Common354
1171KIMBER 8-Feb18893 days, Bromley Union [name not recorded]509
1027KIMBERJohn Ending15-Sep18864 months, Plough Cottages Bromley Common647
741KINGCharles Herbert12-Jun188010 weeks, Skim Corner Bromley Common 
577KINGIsabella29-Dec187558 years, Shooting Common 
759KINGJessy8-Feb188181 years, Bromley Common 
1435KINGMary Ann21-Jan189387 years, Bromley Common15
1307KINGSophia18-Mar189153 years, of 14 Havelock Road, Bromley Common468
883KNIGHTBessie12-Feb18841 year, Addison Road, Bromley Common128
2029KNIGHTFrances17-Sep191781 years, of 34 Southborough Bickley172
897KNIGHTHenry Ernest12-Apr188411 months, Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
1948KNIGHTWilliam18-Nov191382 years, of 34 Southborough Bickley, Bromley172
1871KNOWLESEmily24-Jun190835 years, of 2 Lower Gravel Road231
106KOPETKYSarah13-May185570 years, Bromley Common 
1924KURNClarence22-Feb191243, of 73 Southlands Road, Bromley Common45
1748KURNDorothy Kitty2-Jul19026 years, of 73 Southlands Road, Bromley45
1531KURNWilliam John28-May18942 years 5 months, Oakley Road, Bromley Common45
969LADDJulia23-Jun188521 years, Wellington Road, Bromley Common709
1799LAMBAnn28-May190466 years, of 7 Lower Gravel Road 
681LAMBJohn9-Jun187860 years, Bromley Common 
751LAMBERTFrances Caroline22-Nov188037 years, Bromley Common 
719LANEArthur Walter17-Jan18802 years 9 months, Gravel Road 
724LANEFrederick John28-Jan18801 year 9 months, Bromley Common 
1691LANEGeorge William19-Sep1899[no age?], 15 Walpole Road, Bromley Common390
482LANEJames30-Mar187315 months, Bromley Common 
494LANEJasper25-May187340 years, Bromley Common 
1899LANEJohn25-Apr191051 years, of 8 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common390
2051LANEMatilda2-Nov191882, of 7 Cross Road, Bromley Common5262
2047LANEMatilda Jane27-Apr191852 years, of 7 Cross Road, Bromley Common 
1131LANEPercy Victor14-Apr18889 months, of 22 Addison Road, Bromley Common 
1813LANERosetta28-Jan190569 years, of 2 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common 
1658LANEStanley Vernon16-Apr18983 years, of 4 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common 
1632LANEWilliam12-Jun189767 years, Albert Terrace Bromley Common390
319LANGHOLTBarbra11-May186784 years, Bromley Common 
1339LANSBURYCaroline Spencer9-Sep189162 years, of 1 Havelock Road, Bromley Common463
699LANSBURYJames18-Dec1878[age missing], Building Field Bromley Common 
417LANSBURYMary Ann10-Nov187066 years, Bromley Common 
1537LANSBURYMontague William7-Aug189418, of 61 Homesdale Road Saint Lukes Parish463
1532LANSBURYWilliam21-Jun189469 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common463
2008LAPSLEYHenry McKeen22-Jun191638, of Hampstead139
1394LAUDERDavid12-Jul189270 years, Bromley Union391
288LAUTOURPeter Augustus20-Jan186678 years, Bromley Common 
1874LAWRENCEAda15-Oct190838 years, of 14 Cottage Avenue Brewery Road, Bromley Common , died at Bromley Cottage Hospital388
1650LAWRENCEAlwin William10-Feb18986 months, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common388
472LAWRENCEArthur29-Jan187311 weeks, Building Field, Bromley Common 
1700LAWRENCEJohnnie1-Feb190011 months, of 4 Queens Cottages Jackson Road, Bromley Common388
1974LAWRENCEMinnie12-Dec191438, of 80 Bromley Common140
496LAWRENCESarah14-Jun187328 years, Bromley Common 
1605LAWRENCEViolet14-Jul18965 months, of 62 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common 
1455LAYCOCKEmily20-May18933 months, of 9 Nelson Road, Bromley Common188
1534LAYCOCKJames Henry William5-Jul18948 weeks, of 38 Addison Road, Bromley Common188
1331LAYCOCKWilliam Henry James29-Jul18917 weeks, of 9 Nelson Road, Bromley Common188
1037LAYCOCK Amy24-Dec18863 months, of 9 Nelson Road, Bromley Common188
1519LEACHMaud4-Apr18942 years 4 months, of 2 Southlands Road, Bromley Common271
873LEADONWilliam Herbert13-Dec18834 years, Bromley Common96
1239LEEEva23-May18901 year 10 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common752
47LEEHenry13-Mar184927 years, Bromley Common 
1082LEEJohn3-Aug188788 years 6 Fairlawn Villas Bromley Common644
19LEEJoseph31-Jan184627 years, Bromley Common 
579LEEJoseph30-Dec187584 years, Bromley Common Union House 
1104LEELeonard11-Nov188714 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common752
879LEELilian30-Jan188416 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common752
1847LEESamuel17-Nov190685, of 12 Lower Gravel Road263
11LEESophia17-Jun184565 years, Bromley Common 
1536LEGGETErnest William30-Jul189447 Addison Road, 5 months460
1342LEGGETTStephen John17-Sep18914 months, [no residence?] burial plot 460 
1596LEONARDFrederick Arthur7-Apr189611 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common330
196LESLIEAlbert Joseph21-Apr18602 years, St Lukes, Middlesex 
296LESLIEHenrietta30-Jun186635 years, City Road St Luke's Middlesex 
276LESLIEThomas17-Dec186410 months, St Luke's Middlesex 
1915LETTINGTONAnn22-Jul191145 years, Jacksons Road, Bromley Common, died at Bromley Union Infirmary 
65LETTINGTONElizabeth11-May185140, Southborough 
203LETTINGTONGeorge19-Aug186050 years, Bromley Common 
881LETTINGTONHonora Sarah4-Feb188440 years, of 13 Nelson Road, Bromley Common95
50LETTINGTONJohn George7-Oct184913 years, Southborough, Bromley 
510LETTSElizabeth14-Dec187378 years, Bromley 
157LETTSThomas25-Jul185867 years, Bromley Common 
1991LEWISAnn27-May191580, of Rose Cottage Keston Cross Road2
2019LIDLOWAlbert Alfred Earnest3-May191727, of HMS Prince Rupert1143
346LISNEYEdward23-May18682 days, Bromley Common 
1460LISNEYJames20-Jun189370 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common241
1704LISNEYPhiladelphia26-Mar190066 years, of 17 Gravel Road, Bromley Common241
1234LITTLEJonathan12-Apr189054, Oakley Road, Bromley Common343
791LLOYDBertha Elizabeth10-Dec18811 year 10 months, Bromley Common 
1106LOCKWOODLucy16-Nov18874 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common605
855LOCKYERMaud Mary3-Jul18832 months, Bromley Common192
101LONGLEYMatilda18-Feb185542 years, Bromley Common 
1497LOVELLRobert Henry6-Dec189312 months, of 14 Addison Road, Bromley Common449
483LUMSDENArchibald Leslie2-Apr18734 months, Bromley Common 
1190MACARTHYJohn29-Jun188936 years, of 3 Page Heath Villas Bromley Common413
1178MACDONALDDecimus8-Apr188955 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common381
1029MACDONALDHugh27-Nov188649 years, of 18 Havelock Road56
1826MACHINMary Ellen16-Sep190584 years, of 5 Cherry Orchard Road290
381MACKDavid24-Sep186965 years, Greenwich West 
155MACKMargaret27-Apr185860 years, Greenwich (West) 
228MACKThomas5-Jun186259 years, Greenwich West 
862MADDISONMary15-Aug188389 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
281MADDISONRichard21-May186591 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
426MAGORJames6-May187171 years, Bromley Common 
842MAKELOWGrace17-Apr188344 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
505MAKINGJohn19-Oct187346, Bromley Common, Inquest 
596MALLETWalter21-Jul187646 years, Building Field, Shooting Common 
1718MALLETTAlbert8-Dec190044 years, Bromley Union 
784MALLETTPleasance Ellen28-Oct188117 years, Bromley Common 
578MALLOWSEmma29-Dec187521 years, Bickley Union House 
609MALMEAda26-Oct18765 years, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
748MALMEGeorgina30-Sep188041 years, Bromley Common 
667MANKTELOWAlfred24-Feb187810 months, Bromley Common 
361MANKTELOWGeorge3-Jan186918 months, Bromley Common 
444MANKTELOWJohn14-Jan18726 months, Bromley Common 
1557MANKTELOWLeonard7-Jan189515 months, Bromley Union 
1846MARMIONEmily Harriett17-Nov190656, of 94 Malpas Road Brockley41
1791MARMIONThomas Henry Brown17-Dec190363 years, The Plough Inn Bromley Common41
229MARSHALLJemima Sophia13-Jul186219 years, Bromley Common 
52MARSHALLJohn9-Dec184980 years, Bromley Common 
28MARSHALLMartha10-Jan184762 years, Bromley Common 
331MARSHALLSarah26-Oct186758 years, Bromley Common 
104MARTINAlbert Edward11-Mar18557 years, Bromley Common 
355MARTINEthel Allnutt28-Aug18685 years, Bickley, Bromley 
1939MARTINHarold William18-Feb191318 months, of 3 Oakley Road, Bromley352
1697MARTINJohn Kemble18-Jan190076, Heath Bank Page Heath Bickley91
100MARTINJohn Richard11-Feb18559 years, Bromley Common 
441MASKELLJames26-Dec187165 years, Palace Road, Bromley Common 
1900MASONAlfred Joshua19-Jul191077 years, of 54 Burdett Buildings Lambeth 
1005MASONArthur24-Mar18865 months, Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common656
597MASONEdith13-Aug18762nd months, St Georges Road, Southwark, Surrey 
666MASONEleanor23-Feb18781 year, Southwark 
1577MASONElizabeth14-Nov189557, of 104 St George's Road London S E 
398MASONEmily22-Jan18709 months, Brick Kiln Lane, Bromley Common 
399MASONEmily4-Feb18709 months, Skim Corner, Bromley Common 
787MASONJessie26-Nov18811 year, London Road Southwark,  
509MASONMatilda Hephzibah4-Dec187316 months, Saint George Road, Southwark, Surrey 
794MASONMinnie11-Jan18825 years, Bickley 
338MASONThomas26-Jan1868[age missing] years, Bromley Common 
1227MASONWalter25-Feb189011 months, of 16 Nelson Road, Bromley Common656
927MASSEYEllen Elizabeth27-Sep188411 months, of 49 Pope Road, Bromley Common760
915MASSEYFrederick Noble23-Jun18841 year 11 months, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common760
526MASSEYSarah Catherine23-Mar187439 years, Bromley Common 
523MASSEYSarah Fowler9-Mar187484 years, Building Field Bromley Common  
1247MATTHEWSHenry Percival16-Jul189011 months, of 7 Havelock Road523
1682MayElizabeth5-Jun189944, Addison Road, Bromley Common551
1408MayFrancis Claud1-Oct18926 months, of 69 Addison Road, Bromley Common551
809MayMary24-Apr188267 years, Bromley Common 
1958MAYMANIvy Beatrice Annie21-Mar191410 years, of 16 Cottage Avenue384
1518MAYNARDEllen Alice31-Mar189412, of 75 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common364
1914MAYNARDFrederick5-Jul191184 years, Brough Green Wrotham 
988MAYNARDRebekah29-Oct188557 years, Bromley Common673
1797MCALISTERAlexander16-May190478 years, of 81 Bromley Common 
1860McALLISTERMary27-Mar190768 years, the Plough Inn Bromley Common324
1114MCDOWELLGeorge22-Dec18875 months, of 36 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common615
1085MCDOWELLMaria8-Aug188744 years, of 8 Nelson Road, Bromley Common615
960MCGREGORAgnes6-May188582 years, Bromley Common713
1411MEGGSGeorge Frederick22-Oct18921 year 8 months, of 4 Wellington Road, Bromley Common372
463MERCERStephen29-Sep187247 years, Bromley Common 
1133MERRETTCharles James21-Apr18881 year 4 months, of 4 Rose Villas Homesdale Road, Bromley Common721
933MERRETTFrederick Thomas22-Nov18844 months, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common721
1887MERRITTMary31-Jul190984, The Bungalow Jackson's Road, Bromley Common6
500MIDDLETONMary Ann25-Aug187341 years, Bromley Common 
336MilesEdward James5-Jan186815 months, Southborough, Bromley Common 
332MILESJames21-Nov186752 years, Kennington Surrey 
1043MILESLouisa Emily12-Feb18877 weeks, of 6 Page Heath Villas Bromley Common351
1056MILESLydia10-Mar188748 years, Wellington Road, Bromley Common 
1107MILESMary Ann21-Nov188779 years, Princes Street Saint George's Road Southwark 
704MILESWilliam Henry9-Feb187952 years, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1570MILLERCharles27-Jul189559 on certificate but son says 61, Barming Heath Asylum 
179MILLERJohn28-May185915 months, Bromley Common 
1945MILLSKathleen Olive10-May191317 years, of 15 Oakley Road, died at the London Hospital477
1160MILLSNettlefold William11-Nov188811 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common477
875MINORAnnie Maria2-Jan188431 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common751
1078MITCHELLAnn Edward2-Jul188768 years, Deptford671
1259MITCHELLBeatrice Alice4-Oct18905 months, of 1 Havelock Road, Bromley Common562
275MITCHELLCatherine23-Oct186478 years, Bromley Common 
535MITCHELLCatherine3-Jun18744 months, Bromley Common 
1738MITCHELLCatherine17-Dec190180 years, of 93 Bell Street Henley-on-Thames 
1891MITCHELLDorothy Lilian11-Nov190913 years, Rose Cottage Barnet Wood (Fever Hospital)2
1796MITCHELLElizabeth3-Mar190480 years, of 80 Bell Street Henley on Thames324
1845MITCHELLElizabeth10-Nov190668, of 15 Hawksworth Road 
243MITCHELLElizabeth Ann22-Mar18631 year 9 months, Bromley Common 
46MITCHELLEllen11-Mar184922 years, Bromley Common 
1045MITCHELLGeorge18-Feb188718 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common415
1086MITCHELLGeorge9-Aug188773 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common 
1105MITCHELLGeorge Langridge15-Nov18876 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common415
367MITCHELLHannah28-Feb186944 years, Bromley Common 
534MITCHELLJames1-Jun187479 years, Cranfield Road New Cross Deptford 
1564MITCHELLJames13-Mar189571 years, of 93 Bell Street Henley on Thames 
37MITCHELLJames Edward23-Jul18485 years, Bromley Common 
144MITCHELLMargaret18-Oct185768 years, Bromley Common 
94MITCHELLMary10-Aug185462 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
436MITCHELLMary Ann24-Sep187154 years, Bromley Common, By Coroner's order 
501MITCHELLRichard7-Sep187318 months, Bromley Common 
552MITCHELLRichard13-Dec187449 years, Bromley Common 
954MITCHELLSusannah Hawes4-Apr188556 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common717
127MITCHELLThomas25-Jan185776 years, Bromley Common 
246MITCHELLThomas17-May186367 years, Bromley Common 
1226MITCHELLThomas24-Feb189021 months, Bromley Union Farnborough223
2023MOATEGeorge William18-Jul191752, of School House Bromley Common1360
1859MOGGCatherine14-Mar190770 years, of 13 Chatterton Road22
1042MOGGGeorge Nicholas5-Feb188758 years, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common22
1508MONCKTONEliza30-Dec189365 years, of 58 New Homesdale Road, Bromley Common283
1909MONCKTONGeorge5-Apr191180 years, of 380 London Road Thornton Heath335
1516MONCKTONSarah8-Mar189460, of 2 Union Road, Bromley Common335
1180MONCKTONStephen27-Apr188960 years, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common283
1176MONGERNeita13-Mar188911 months, Great Elms Road, Bromley Common284
761MOOREHenry Thomas16-Mar188116 months, Addison Road 
827MORLEYCharles Frederick8-Nov18821 year 11 months, Havelock Road, Bromley Common 
1100MORLEYEdith Ellen3-Oct18873 years 7 months, Wells Cottages Bromley Common,  
605MORLEYLemon John Charles17-Sep18762 months, Bromley Common 
797MORLEYThomas Samuel21-Jan18824 years, Waldo road 
939MORRISEdith3-Jan18858 months, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common732
44MOSSAquila1-Feb184950 years, Bromley Common 
1145MOSSSarah30-Jun188886 years, of 4 Swan Place Old Kent Road 
945MOTEAnnie Rachel3-Feb188515 months, Addison Road, Bromley Common727
79MOTTEliza10-Apr185329 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
528MOTTJames31-Mar187455 years, Bromley Union 
66MOTTMary Ann11-May185110 months, Bromley Common 
826MOTUMMunroe George26-Oct18828 months, Bromley Common 
1942MOULLINEric George Lent4-Apr19134 years, Bromley Laundry Brewery Road died at Saint Bartholomew's Hospital167
763MUDIEHumphrey Woolzyck12-Apr188119 days, Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common 
1089MULLEYEliza13-Aug188713 months, of 73 Havelock Road, Bromley Common399
774MUMFORDHenry James6-Aug18816 months, Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
461MUMFORDMary Hannah18-Sep187237 years, Bromley Common 
1882MUSSELLGeorge24-Mar190959 years, of 170 Homesdale Road, Bromley 
739MUSSELLGeorge Henry9-Jun18804 years, Holmesdale Road 
863MYNETTAdeline18-Aug188311 years, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common744
1454NAPIERMary6-May189385, of 5 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common141
525NASHKate Elizabeth22-Mar18744 years, Bromley Common 
1334NAYLOR[given name missing]5-Aug189145 minutes, [no residence?] [child not baptized?] no service783
58NEIGHBOUREdmond10-Feb185082 years, Keston 
659NEIGHBOURJohn15-Dec187775, Union House, Farnborough 
266NEIGHBOURMary1-May186461 years, Bromley Common 
374NEIGHBOURSusan2-Jun186962 years, Bromley Common 
721NEIGHBOURWilliam18-Jan188073 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1814NETTLETONCatherine Jane190569 years, of Hastings, under the Burial Laws Amendment Act 
668NETTLETONLouisa28-Feb187876 years, Bromley Common 
828NETTLETONRuth Hassell15-Nov18829 years, Bromley Common 
1617NETTLETONThomas James Ivery13-Jan189760 years, of 75 Bromley Common133
1952NEWMANGeorge22-Dec191336 years, The Crown Bromley Common161
1841NEWTONNancy Farrant27-Jun19065 years, of 29 Oakley Road259
307NICHOLLSAda2-Dec18662-1/2 years, Bromley Common 
312NICHOLLSEmily Louisa13-Jan186715 months, Bromley Common 
149NICHOLLSThomas25-Dec185752 years, Bromley Common, [entry amended from 24 to 25 - Date?] 
459NOBLEMaria14-Aug187268 years, Bromley Common 
449NORMANArabella Matilda28-Mar187258 years, Bromley Common 
1618NORMANArchibald Francis Walker26-Jan18977 months, The Rookery Bromley Common149
504NORMANCharles8-Oct1873infant, Oakley, Bromley Common 
1173NORMANCharles Loyd25-Feb188955 years, Bromley Common148
1667NORMANConnie1-Sep18981 month, of 26 Skym Corner Bromley Common588
820NORMANGeorge Warde8-Sep188288 years, Bromley Common 
1728NORMANGerard5-Jun190165 years, Oakley, Bromley Common181
335NORMANHenry1-Jan186866 years, Bromley Common 
503NORMANJulia Hay8-Oct187334 years, Oakley, Bromley Common 
848NORMANRichard Akers9-May18833 years 9 months, Elmfield Bromely Common 737
568NORMANRobert19-Jun187570 years, Huedecote, Gloucestershire 
1070NORMANSibella 19-May188778 years, Harrington Gardens South Kensington, 2
1003NYEErnest Thomas13-Mar188614 months, Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common656
49NYEHarriet2-May184955 years, Southborough, Bromley 
1886OBEEAnn10-Jul190989, of The Union Workhouse, Farnborough208
835OBEEEdward6-Jan188379, Bromley Common Union House 
1975OBEEHenry George16-Dec191443, of 59 Oakley Road 
40OBEERobert30-Nov18484 years, Bromley Common 
1669OBEEWilliam20-Sep189882, of 21 Oakley Road, Bromley Common208
1670OBEEWilliam26-Oct189852, of 21Oakley Road208
1714OLIFFElizabeth28-Sep190079 years, Bromley Union357
2038OLIVERArthur1-Jan191834 years, of 13 Gravel Road, Bromley Common102
1987OLIVERThomas Henry26-Mar191568, The Infirmary 
176PACKMANAlbert25-Feb18593 years, Bromley Common 
1137PACKMANAnn16-May188875 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
1450PACKMANJoseph5-Apr189381, of 49 Johnson's Road, Bromley Common, 
919PAGECharles22-Jul18844 months, of 35 Waldo Road, Bromley Common762
1426PAGEEdith6-Jan189317 months, Hook Farm Cottages Bromley Common339
1349PAGEFrederick John26-Nov189159, of 28 Waldo Square Bromley Common583
1561PAGEGeorge26-Feb18956 months, of 11 Havelock Road, Bromley Common339
1478PAGEGordon Henry19-Aug189318 months, Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common517
1471PAGEMabel25-Jul189311 months, of 11 Havelock Road, Bromley Common339
53PALINAnn20-Jan185072 years, Bromley Common 
1684PALMERAlfred George15-Jul189913 days, of 63 Addison Road, Bromley Common57
259PALMEREmma17-Jan18642 years, Bromley Common 
1016PALMEREmma20-May188644 years, of 3 Tumber Cottages Addison Road, Bromley Common57
1457PALMERGeorge William24-May189328, of 91 Addison Road, Bromley Common57
648PANNELLCharles Ernest Edwards2-Sep18771 year 3 months, Bromley Common 
277PARKERHenry1-Jan186560 years, Bromley Common 
782PARKERJames8-Oct188167 years, Bromley Common 
406PARKERJohn Fenby15-May187060 years, Bromley Common 
438PARKERMargaret26-Oct187163 years, Bromley Common 
714PARSONSJohn7-Nov187973 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
589PARSONSRebecca20-May187685 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
996PARSONSWilliam5-Jan188685 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common26
351PARSONSWilliam John6-Aug186810 months, Bromley Common 
1200PARSONSWilliam Thomas3-Sep18898 months, of 41Waldo Road, Bromley Common507
1954PASCALPriscilla27-Dec191376 years, of 1 Waldo Road, Bromley 
746PASCALLHenry21-Aug188070 years, Bromley Common 
1024PASCALLMary Anne4-Aug188675 years, of 43 Napier Road, Bromley 
1429PATTENWinifred Amelia Mary10-Jan18932 months, of 48 Havelock Road, Bromley Common, Certified by James GILES Undertaker Palace Road, Bromley370
1680PAVELINWilliam George20-May18996 years, Elmfield Stables Bromley Common235
497PAWLEYCharlotte17-Jun187364 years, Bromley Common 
1194PAWLEYWilliam24-Jul188986 years, of 52 Wickham Road Brockley 
1861PAYNJames Jabez29-Apr190783 years, of 16 Page Heath Lane 
1984PAYNSarah4-Mar191586, Oakdell Bickley 
1552PAYNEAlfred William1-Nov189415 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common12
1971PAYNECharles1-Oct191474, of 57 Oakley Road, Bromley Common12
469PAYNESarah18-Dec187256 years, Bromley Common 
2042PAYNEWilliam Henry11-Feb191835 years, of 67 Mosedale Street12
363PEACOCKMary Sarah17-Jan186920 Years, Bromley Common 
1223PEACOCKSarah20-Feb189079, of 14 Devonshire Road Mottingham 
685PEACOCKWilliam27-Jun187878 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1957PEARCEDorothy Mary27-Jan191416 years, of 50 Walpole Road199
1440PEARCEWilliam George18-Feb18934 months, of 32 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common274
136PEARSEGeorgina Agnes7-Jun18571 year 9 months, Doctors Common, London 
443PEERLESJohn14-Jan1872[age missing] years, Bromley Common 
630PEERLESSEllen14-Mar187733 years, Bromley Common 
574PEERLESSFanny17-Nov187568 years, Hayes, Kent 
1705PEERLESSJames29-Mar190066 years, Bromley Union Infirmary 
369PEERLESSJohn11-Apr186938 years, Bromley Common 
314PEGLARJoseph Montague26-Jan18672 months, Bromley 
2048PEGLARJoseph William5-Jun191882 years, of 90 Stephen's Road Tunbridge Wells 
300PEGLARMary26-Sep186665 years, Bromley, [marginal entry F] 
1926PEGLERSarah Jane11-Mar191277 years, of 43 Rosendale Road Dulwich  
1520PEILL[given name missing]6-Apr18943 years 7 months, of 1 Addison Road, Bromley Common239
992PEILLEdwin9-Dec188567 years, Bromley Common 
1218PEILLEliza18-Jan189043 years, Sundridge Park Farm Bromley30
1693PEILLEmily Amelia13-Oct189950 years, of 2 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common215
126PEILLEmily Sophia25-Dec185610 years 8 months, Bromley Common 
1225PEILLEmma Eliza22-Feb18905 years, of 2 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common215
994PEILLMary16-Dec188569 years, Bromley Common155
877PEILLRobert Edwin George23-Jan18846 months, Addison Road, Bromley Common30
273PEILLSarah2-Oct186444 years, Bromley Common 
679PENFOLDAlfred23-May187841 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
916PENFOLDAlfred Charles3-Jul188417 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
113PENFOLDClara Louisa16-Aug18551-1/2 years, Sheepwash, Bromley Common 
1657PENFOLDEliza3-Mar189868 years, of 3a Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1701PENFOLDFrederick William5-Feb190029 years, of 85 Bromley Common266
1690PENFOLDSydney James2-Sep18993 months, The Two DovesOakley Road, Bromley Common266
306PENNWilliam1-Dec186649 years, Bromley Union 
429PENNWilliam27-May187175 years, Bromley Common 
1973PENNICOTTFrancis Edward4-Dec191462, Cottage Hospital Beckenham234
1734PENNICOTTMercy30-Oct190161 years, The Crooked BilletSouthborough, Bromley Common234
639PEPPERFrederick Tanilby24-May187746 years, Bromley Common 
1447PETTAFORAnn23-Mar189380 years, Beechwood Bromley Common144
1479PETTY 21-Aug18931 day, of 7 Havelock Road, Bromley Common [name not recorded]481
81PHELPSWilliam22-May185390 years, Bromley Common 
92PHILPOTMary18-Jun185442 years, Bromley Common 
1036PHILPOTTKate Sarah24-Dec188628 years, Bromley Common608
963PIERCEAdelaide19-May188549 years, of 22 Thesiger Road New Beckenham 
817PIERCEWilliam31-Aug188268, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1136PIGGOTEdmund James12-May188856 years, Bencewell Farm Bromley Common479
462PIGGOTTEliza Stringer24-Sep187250 years, Bromley Common, by Coroner's order 
585PIKECaroline Ada2-Apr18764 years, Bromley 
821PINCHINEva12-Sep18825 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common 
822PINCHINLily12-Sep18829 months, Waldo Road, Bromley Common 
1383PIPERElizabeth28-Apr189275 years, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common395
1649PIPERGeorge2-Feb189855 years, Scrub Farm Bromley Common395
1279PLEDGERActon12-Dec18904-1/2 hours, of 6 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common783
1290PLEDGERGordon16-Jan189114 months, of 6 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common500
1278PLEDGERLeonard12-Dec18902 years 9 months, of 6 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common500
1603PLEDGERMay1-Jul18962 years 11 months, of 30 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common500
1504PLUMMEREdward27-Dec189369 years, of 4 Clarence Road Bickley336
325PODGERAlice Maria16-Sep186715 weeks, Bromley Common 
701PODGEREdward George29-Dec187983 years, Bromley Union, age entered in pencil 
327PODGEREdwin John29-Sep186717 weeks, Bromley Common 
1753PODGEREsther29-Sep190279 years, Bromley Union Farnborough, Kent412
1162PODGERLeonard Bennett1-Dec188811 months, Page Heath Villas Bromley Common589
549PODGERLouisa5-Dec187472 years, Bromley Common 
107POOLMary1-Jun185569 years, Union Workhouse, Farnborough 
889POOLEEdith12-Mar18849 months, Nelson Road, Bromley Common255
14POOLEJoseph26-Oct184557 years, Bromley Common 
1729POOLESarah Maria20-Jun190184 years, Crown Villa Crown Lane Bromley 
573POOREJames12-Nov187581 years, Building Field, Bromley Common 
1785POTTERElizabeth12-Nov190336 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common202
2049POTTERWilliam15-Aug191854 years, of Bromley Infirmary Farnborough202
2001POTTERWilliam Manuel11-Feb191657, of Glynder Gravel Road176
2011POULTONCaroline Jane11-Dec191658, of Bromley Union Infirmary40
1968POULTONGeorge Thomas24-Aug191435, The Beeches Raghill Tatsfield40
1828POULTONHenry21-Sep190526 years, Plough Cottages Bromley Common289
908POWELLErnest Edward15-May18841 year 11 months, Wellington Road, Bromley Common759
1026POWELLWilliam Charles11-Sep18865 months, of 9 Wellington Road, Bromley Common759
762POYNTERArthur Ernest3-Apr18812 years, Building Field Bromley Common 
720POYNTERSarah Anne17-Jan188016 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common 
1601PRATTCharles21-May189647 years, of 39 Addison Road, Bromley Common631
1055PRATTEdward Albert9-Mar18871 year 8 months, of 9 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common631
341PRATTJoseph Alexander10-Mar186815 years, Bromley Common 
1401PRESSJohn Dennis Lyons16-Aug189255 years, of 1 Tylney Road, certified by George GRAHAM Undertaker 577
888PREVETTConstance10-Mar18846 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common191
1293PRICEAmy Elizabeth22-Jan18914 months, of 3 Addison Road, Bromley Common,  
1592PRICEPercy John21-Mar18961 year 11 months, of 37 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common495
1523PRIDDLEAmelia25-Apr18941 day, Oakley, Bromley Common302
484PRINGSarah Ada10-Apr187320 months, Bromley Common 
295PRITCHARDClare Elizabeth31-May18661 year 10 months, Bromley Common 
550PRITCHARDHarry7-Dec18746 years, Belgrave, Middlesex [sic] 
706PURDYSamuel6-Mar187953 years, Oakley Road 
839PYATTFrancis3-Mar188357 years, Bromley Common 
1172QUICKAnna13-Feb188945 years, of 26 Walpole Road, Bromley Common285
151RABETTRalph Nelson16-Jan185858 years, Bromley Common 
125RADLEYBetsy21-Nov18566 weeks, St Johns, Bermondsey 
116RADLEYJane Elizabeth21-Nov18553 months, St John's, Bermondsey 
1774RAISONGeorge William21-Apr19031 month, Bromley Union Workhouse, Farnborough330
637RANDALLAnn Hancock19-May187763, Bickley, Bromley Common 
1102RANSONAnnie Maria27-Oct188723 years, Addison Road, Bromley Common603
1202RAPLEYMary Ann7-Sep188968 years, Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common183
1703RAWSONArthur Pelham28-Feb190050 years, of 3 Camden Grove Peckham 
153RAWSONCastel Wiliam5-Mar18586 years 11 months, Bromley Common 
408RAWSONHarriet Jennetta Elisabeth28-May18707 years 6 months, Bromley Common 
260RAWSONJohn Sherard21-Jan18649 weeks, Bromley Common 
1514RAYMary1-Mar189464 years, College Road, Bromley 
401RAYSophia14-Mar187069 years, Farwig Bromley 
506RAYThomas27-Oct187372, Farwig Bromley 
173RAYBONRichard Rich5-Jan185980 years, Bromley Common 
1994READEllen Harriet23-Oct191551 years, Scrubbs Farm Bromley Common163
788READPriscilla2-Dec188187 year, Botany Bay Bromley Common 
732REAKESAlbert Henry Joseph20-Mar18806 months, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common, by Coroners order 
78REDDINGTONWilliam Hatfield20-Mar18534 months, Bromley Common 
631REEDJames23-Mar187755 years, Bromley Common 
1363REEVEWilliam30-Jan189260 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common 
955REEVEWilliam Alfred20-Apr18851 year 7 months, Bickley, Bromley Common716
949REEVESAnne7-Mar188555 years, Albert Terrace Skym Corner Bromley Common 
1955REEVESDaisy6-Jan191424 years, The Sawyers Arms Bromley Common198
1883REEVESEmma27-Mar190939 years, of 54 Jackson's Road, Bromley Common39
1588REEVESErnest William2-Mar189611 months, Bromley Union330
1776REEVESEthel Edith28-Apr19038 months, of 69 Bromley Common250
1635REEVESFlorence Sarah8-Jul18977 years, Bromley Union330
546REEVESGeorge29-Oct187420 years, Bromley Common 
1562REEVESGeorge7-Mar18955 months, Sawyers Arms Bromley Common250
388REEVESHarry7-Nov18694 years, Bromley Common, Inquest 
1802REEVESJohn David13-Jun1904infant, Jacksons Road, Bromley Common,  
1416REEVESLouise Jessie16-Nov189216 years, Infectious Diseases Hospital Bromley Common243
36REEVESMary30-May184816 years, Bromley Common 
87REEVESSarah9-Oct185344 years, Bromley Common 
248REIDJohn6-Jun186379, Bromley Common 
440REIDMary Ann11-Dec187184 years, Bromley Common 
884RELFGeorge Henry23-Feb18849 months, Havelock Road, Bromley Common127
1207RELFHenry4-Dec18898 days, of 68 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common127
1695RENWICKEdward2-Jan190071 years, of 19 Skym Corner Bromley Common206
1699RENWICKJane24-Jan190077 years, of 19 Skym Corner Bromley Common206
618REYNOLDSLouisa3-Dec187612 months, Bromley Common 
1868RICHARDSEdmund13-Mar190876 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common33
435RICHARDSEdmund George15-Sep1871[age missing], Bromley Common 
473RICHARDSEmma Susan7-Feb18733 months, Bromley Common 
405RICHARDSFrank Charles8-May18703 weeks, Bromley Common 
2030RICHARDSHugh Stanley2-Oct191716 years, of Magpie Hall Lane1241
864RICHARDSWillaim George30-Aug188332 years, of 36 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common, 31
672RICHARDSONArthur Henry15-Mar187830 years, Page Heath Bromley Common 
1607RICHARDSONElizabeth11-Sep189675 years, Ravensfell Bromley 
1167RICHARDSONJohn22-Jan188972, Ravensfell Bromley 
265RICHARDSONJohn Percy8-Apr18648 years, Bromley 
1876RICHARDSONMurray Spencer15-Jan190963 years, Page Heath Bickley 
1643RICKETTS[given name missing]9-Dec189772 years, of 89 Beadnell Road Forrest Hill 245
1377RICKETTSAlice5-Mar18926 months, of 41 Pope Road, Bromley Common245
1438RICKETTSJoseph William George3-Feb189320 years, of 2 Fairlawn Terrace Sydenham Road Sydenham245
1742RIPPINGALEAgnes13-Feb190229 years, Southborough, Bromley Common231
968ROBERTSElizabeth Annie18-Jun18855 months, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common710
730ROBERTSLouisa22-Feb188014 months, Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
1997ROBERTSHAWGeorge Ellis2-Dec191546 years, of 18 Brewery Road, Bromley Common100
395ROBERTSONJames1-Jan187061 years, Bromley Common 
1390ROBINSON 16-Jun189216 hours, Bromley Common [name not recorded]511
1446ROBINSONDuncan Henry22-Mar189334 years, The Limes Oakley Road, Bromley Common142
80ROBINSONEllen22-May185358 years, Bromley Common 
1132ROBINSONLouisa19-Apr188853 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common511
10ROBINSONRobert Charles12-Jun184532 years, Bromley Common 
1932ROBINSONSarah Ann19-Oct191263 years, of 85 Bromley Common196
1647ROBINSONSusannah27-Jan189881 years, Napierton Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common141
1246ROBINSONWilliam14-Jul189058 years, Bushey Coppice Skym Corner Bromley Common511
1825ROBINSONWilliam Henry6-Sep190577 years, of 5 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common141
392ROFFEYEllen8-Dec1869infant, Southborough 
1930ROFFEYEmily10-Jun191251 years, of 15 Brewery Road, Bromley Common567
1147ROFFEYGeorge21-Jul188857 years, The Crooked Billet Southborough 
64ROFFEYJames8-May185127, Southborough 
226ROFFEYRobert30-Mar186265 years, Bromley Common 
1237ROFFEYThomas William7-May189015 months, Bencewell Cottage Oakley Road567
819ROGERSAnnie6-Sep188250, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common 
1462ROLFEMartha28-Jun189365 years, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common547
1337ROOTSElizabeth15-Aug189178 years, Keston 
660ROOTSGeorge17-Dec187749 years, Bencewell Bromley Common 
918ROOTSMary19-Jul1884[age missing], Nelson Road, Bromley Common 158
1763ROOTSSamuel24-Jan190388 years, of Bromley Union Workhouse, Farnborough158
1058ROOTSWilliam Samuel19-Mar188722 months, Havelock Road, Bromley Common636
387ROSEGeorge alias William BOURNE5-Nov186931 years, Bromley Common, Coroner's Inquest 
1542RUFFLEEdith May21-Aug189411 months, Bromley Common333
717RUMENSFlorence Elizabeth6-Dec187911 months, Southborough 
1047RUMPGeorge Robert23-Feb18875 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common318
1923RUSSELLCaroline15-Feb191269 years, The Myrtles Jackson Road, Bromley Common 
807RUSSELLCaroline Annie23-Mar188210 weeks, Bromley Common 
1865RUSSELLFrederick18-Jan190868, of 13 Gravel Road258
1970RUSSELLMaria2-Sep191479, of Bromley Common162
626RYANAnne2-Feb187749 years, Bromley Common 
904RYANEliza3-May188432 years, Johnson's Road, Bromley Common 
902RYANElizabeth24-Apr188421 months, Johnson's Road, Bromley Common 
650SALMONWilliam11-Sep187763 years, of 3 Suffolk Terrace High Road Lee 
1789SANDLESEthel Lucy12-Dec1903infant, of 29 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common634
1688SANDLESViolet Elizabeth29-Aug18994 months, of 61 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common634
859SANDYGeorge21-Jul188360 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common32
133SANTERArthur26-Apr1857infant, Bromley Common 
1201SANTEREllen4-Sep18896 months, of 18 Havelock Road, Bromley Common594
1151SANTERLily Emily15-Sep188814 months, Waldo Road, Bromley Common594
1235SANTERThomas1-May189049, of 18 Havelock Road, Bromley Common407
54SANTLEYEmma Rose22-Jan18502 years, Bromley Common 
1413SARGENTSarah5-Nov189276, of 35 Havelock Road, Bromley Common308
1228SAULArthur Douglas1-Mar18904 months, The Lodge Oldfield Bickley606
1108SAULEdith Dorothy24-Nov18872 months, Albert Terrace Skym Corner Bromley Common606
1158SAULJohn Charles27-Oct18885 days, of 18 Havelock Road, Bromley Common606
1351SAULJohn Charles28-Nov189126 years, of Oldfield Lodge Oldfield Road Bickley606
1001SAUNDERSArthur Charles11-Mar188620 months, Oakley Cottage Bromley Common 
354SAUNDERSCharles14-Aug1868infant, Bromley Common 
1949SAUNDERSCharles18-Nov191375 years, Barnet Wood Cottage Bromley Common34
1553SAUNDERSDaniel17-Nov189477, of 12 North Hill Avenue Highgate79
385SAUNDERSGrace20-Oct1869infant, Bromley Common 
1920SAUNDERSMaria23-Nov191176 years, Barnet Wood Cottage Barnet Wood Bromley Common34
691SAUNDERSMary3-Aug187883 years, Bromley Common 
1322SAUNDERSMontague George3-Jun18917 months, Lodge Gate The Rookery Bromley Common 
1493SAUNDERSSarah18-Nov189376 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common79
1378SAWYERBessie14-Mar189214 months, of 35 Waldo Road, Bromley Common398
1765SAYERWalter Joseph13-Feb190337 years, of 1 The Pavement Trilby Road Forest Hill 
165SAYERSAda Friend17-Sep18589 months, Bromley Common 
1120SAYERSMary8-Feb188871 years, Cowper Road, Bromley Common 
491SAYERSThomas10-May187353 years, Bromley Common 
380SCARRMary Anne23-Sep186967 years, Bromley Common 
845SCARRRichard25-Apr188382 years, Bromley 
907SCOTTJesse10-May188449 years, Chatterton Road, Bromley Common758
2012SCOTTWalter Leslie3-Feb191715, of Bromley Cottage Hospital101
857SCRACEEliza7-Jul18831 years 6 months, Pope Road, Bromley Common 743
997SCRIVENSEdwin John Edwards6-Jan18866 months, of 5 Addison Road, Bromley Common157
909SCUDDEREmily20-May188417 months, Bromley Common94
914SCUDDERFrederick William11-Jun18842 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common94
780SCUDDERSampson24-Sep18815 months, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1285SELFArthur6-Jan18916 weeks, of 14 Nelson Road, Bromley Common496
1673SELFWilliam Richard16-Jan18993 years, of 9 Nelson Road, Bromley Common496
860SESSIONSMary30-Jul188387 years, Farnborough, Kent 
251SESSIONSRobert23-Aug186372 years, Bromley Common 
923SHARLANDJoseph8-Sep188427 hours15 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common765
1051SHARLANDWilliam Edmund7-Mar188713 months, of 13 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common765
342SHARPSamuel12-Mar186845 years, Bromley Common 
1925SHARPECatharine Louisa9-Mar191219 Kingsfield Road Watford, Widow of the Reverend Clement R SHARPE formerly vicar of this parish166
1829SHARPEClement Rene29-Sep190551 years, Holy Trinity Vicarage Bromley Common, Vicar from September 1903 to September 1905166
1023SHEPHERDHenry Walter3-Aug188613 months, of 50 Havelock Road, Bromley Common652
633SHEPPARDMartha20-Apr187742 years, Bromley Common, by Coroner's order 
1142SHERGOLDElizabeth Esther14-Jun18881 year 5 months, of 18 Wellington Road, Bromley Common596
1263SHEWBRIDGEAnn21-Oct189066 years, of 4 Rose Villas Homesdale Road, Bromley Common496
255SHORTERAlice Mary21-Oct18638 years, Bromley Common 
247SHORTERAnn25-May186379 years, Bromley Common 
244SHORTERCharlotte Sarah15-Apr186343 years, Bromley Common 
557SHORTERElizabeth27-Mar187575 years, Bromley Common 
109SHORTERElizabeth Emma Bennett16-Jul18555 years, Bromley Common 
786SHORTERFrancis William Edwards12-Nov18816 years, Hackney (West) 
619SHORTERSarah9-Dec187679 years, Bromley Common 
197SHORTERSarah Elizabeth12-May1860infant, Bromley Common 
1161SHORTERSusan15-Nov188870 years, Scrubbs Farm Bromley Common218
581SHORTERThomas3-Jan187670 years, Bromley Common 
108SHORTERThomas Isard12-Jul18553 years, Bromley Common 
358SHORTERWilliam12-Dec186884 years, Bromley Common 
1715SHORTERWilliam30-Oct190084 years, Bromley Union218
128SHOTTEREllen27-Jan18577 weeks, Bromley Common 
396SHOTTERHenry2-Jan187093 years, Skim Corner Bromley Common 
470SHOTTERMargaret22-Dec187250 years, Bromley Common 
1651SHRUBBEliza12-Feb189863 years, Bromley Union298
836SILVERAmelia18-Jan188381, Great Elms Road, Bromley Common 
847SILVERJohn Morton2-May18832 years, Great Elms Road 
1820SIMPSONEliza Alice27-Apr190547 years, of 23 Crown Lane Bromley76
1692SIMPSONJohn10-Oct189962 years, of 20 Brewery Road, Bromley Common76
1790SINDENMildred Minnie Eliza15-Dec19032 months, Bromley Cottage Hospital492
1685SINDENSusie9-Aug18993 months, of 40 Havelock Road, Bromley Common492
1346SISLEYEdward10-Oct189142 years, of 80 New Homesdale Road, Bromley Common542
1906SKEATSElizabeth Isabella3-Dec191061, of Scrubbs Farm Lower Gravel Road4
1412SKIGGSMay2-Nov18924 months, of 16 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common340
1103SKINNERClement George29-Oct188711 weeks, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common604
1878SKINNERHerbert Douglas8-Feb19093 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common, died at Bromley and Beckenham Joint Hospital65
1538SKINNERHilda Doris Anthony13-Aug189422 Great Elms Road, Bromley Common604
1354SLADECharlotte12-Dec189172 years, Nelson Road, Bromley Common81
1360SLADEJohn Thomas11-Jan189276 years, of 32 Havelock Road, Bromley Common373
936SLATERMary Anne24-Dec188474, Southlands Grove Bickley, Bromley Common733
673SLOPERAlfred20-Mar18782 years, Newington 
231SLOPERAlfred Robert12-Sep186214 years, St Mary's, Newington 
499SLOPERAmy23-Aug187352 years, Saint Mary, Newington 
161SLOPERClara Ellen15-Aug18582 years, Newington, St. Mary 
20SMALLThomas8-Mar184673 years, Southborough, Bromley 
1306SMITHAlice14-Mar18911 year, of 14 Wellington Road, Bromley Common527
1530SMITHAlice26-May189447 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
274SMITHAnn15-Oct186480 years, Bromley Common 
661SMITHAnn30-Dec187785 years, Sheepwash [Cottages] Bromley Common 
1771SMITHBenjamin20-Apr1903[no age?], 45 Havelock Road, Bromley Common566
1333SMITHBertha Harriet4-Aug189113 months, of 33 Johnson's Road, Bromley Common466
182SMITHCatharine Annie Elizabeth22-Aug18591 month, Bromley Common 
1555SMITHCharles Richard22-Dec18942 years 11months, Crooked Billet Cottages Southborough363
1332SMITHClara Elizabeth31-Jul18915 weeks, of 8 Nelson Road, Bromley Common490
931SMITHEdith11-Nov188413 days, of 6 Havelock Road, Bromley Common735
279SMITHEdward31-Mar186571 years, Bromley Common, [Blue ink entry Gamekeeper] 
476SMITHEffie Irene26-Feb18733-1/2 years, Bromley Common 
651SMITHElizabeth Annie13-Sep18777 years, Bromley Common 
1750SMITHElizabeth Annie5-Aug190267 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
1713SMITHElizabeth Jane7-Sep190027, Crown Lane Bromley Common 
932SMITHEmily or Emmie17-Nov188414 days, of 6 Havelock Road, Bromley Common735
320SMITHEsther31-May186761 years, Bromley Common 
1767SMITHEvelyn Eleanor Jessie16-Mar190317 months, of 22 Cherry Orchard Road, Bromley Common236
632SMITHFrances25-Mar187774 years, Keston 
1287SMITHFrances Amelia Eliza8-Jan18912 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common527
1448SMITHGeorge1-Apr189365 years, of 66 Havelock Road, Bromley Common338
607SMITHHenry12-Oct18768 years, Bromley Common 
674SMITHHenry31-Mar187848 years, Sheepwash [Cottages] Bromley Common 
1710SMITHJack18-Jul190015 months, Bromley Union330
871SMITHJames Blundell18-Oct18833 years, Skim Corner Bromley Common748
649SMITHJames Gain5-Sep187756 years, Bromley Common 
1357SMITHJames Robert31-Dec18914 years, Belvedere Kent527
75SMITHJohn13-Jun185223 years, Islington West 
1795SMITHLilian Muriel16-Jan1904infant, Plough Cottages236
474SMITHMary10-Feb187375 years, Bromley Common 
1356SMITHMatilda23-Dec189158 years, of 70 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common, Certified by Herbert George DUNN Undertaker399
1224SMITHMatilda Maria21-Feb189041, Burnt Ash Lane Lee 
1243SMITHMay Rosina5-Jul189052 years, Havelock Road, Bromley Common566
1492SMITHOlive11-Nov18934 months, of 105 Addison Road, Bromley Common486
865SMITHRosa Mary5-Sep188313 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common745
299SMITHThomas25-Aug186678 years, Bromley Common, [ marginal note added in blue ink Vault] 
645SMITHThomas21-Jul187767 years, Union House, Farnborough, by Coroner's Order 
729SMITHThomas15-Feb188079 years, Bromley Common 
575SMITHThomas Laslett19-Nov187533 years, Gravel Lane Bromley Common, Inquest 
199SMITHWilliam10-Jun186080 years, Bromley Common, [original entry amended in blue ink to include Gravel Road as abode] 
432SMITHWilliam2-Jul187174 years, Sheepwash, Bromley Common 
1870SMITHWilliam5-May190871 years, Betchworth Oakley Road,  
2014SMITHWilliam7-Feb191787, of Edgbaston Bickley1186
837SMITH Matilda Frances16-Feb18837 months, of 57 Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
1890SNASHALLFrank21-Sep19098 days, of 13 Cottage Avenue Bromley Common 
96SNELLINGCaroline4-Jan185516 years, Beckenham 
1112SOLLEYHarry17-Dec18875 months, Cooper's Farm Cottage Bromley Common573
1041SONGHURSTGeorge25-Jan188753 years, of 35 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common187
851SPARKSMary Ann18-May188356, Devonshire Square Bromley 
776SPARKSMay Edith21 or 22 August188112 weeks, 7 Walpole Road, Bromley Common, [amended entry of date leaves ambigous entry] 
1288SPARKSWilliam13-Jan189174 years, of 40 Napier Road, Bromley Common 
710SPATCHURSTAlfred29-Aug187920 months, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
657SPATCHURSTWilliam11-Nov187778 years, Holmesdale Road 
1233SPICERAlice5-Apr189032 years, of 1 Arnolds Villa Homesdale Road, Bromley Common343
545SPINKSarah Martin29-Oct1874[age missing], Oakdell, Bromley Common 
289SPONGGeorge21-Jan186642 years, Bromley Common 
348SPREADINBURGLouisa19-Jul186838 years, Bromley Common 
957SPRINGALLFrederic Walter30-Apr18857 months, Bromley Common715
280SPRINGETTWalter John12-Apr1865infant, Bromley Common 
1391SQUIRRELWilliam18-Jun189237 days, Bromley and Beckenham Joint Hospital777
1719STACEYJames Henry5-Jan190138 years, of 6 Avenue Villas Page Heath Bickley, Bromley483
344STACEYRichard Hatton15-Apr18683 weeks, Bromley Common 
1482STACEYSarah Elizabeth1-Sep189365 years, of 144 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common483
1396STAINESHenry James23-Jul18922 years, Southlands Road, Bromley Common611
866STALLWOODMabel Annie6-Sep18833 months, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common64
311STANDINGJames28-Dec186640 years, Bromley Union 
1230STANMOREHarold8-Mar189011 months, High Road, Bromley Common247
209STAPLESGeorge13-Jan186114 months, of Knockholt, died on Bromley Common 
1415STAPLESMary8-Nov189277 years, Bromley Union244
561STAPLETONJoseph29-Apr187572 years, Bromley Common 
677STAPLETONMary22-Apr187868 years, Skilliters Cottages Bromley Common 
57STEADMANThomas9-Feb185061 years, Bromley Common 
230STEDMANDavid5-Sep186227 years, Upper Grange Road, Bermondsey 
1559STEDMANFriend7-Feb189575 years, of 110 Grove Street Deptford17
1484STEDMANRobert Adams25-Sep18933 months, of 1 Eltham Green 
328STEEDENThomas Davies29-Sep186715 months, Bromley Common 
60STEELEMary13-Jul185080 years, Bromley Common 
722STEERSAlfred21-Jan18809 months, Skim Corner Bromley Common 
670STEERSWalter5-Mar18788 days, Bromley Common 
878STEPHENSONEdward Simon28-Jan188492 years, Southlands Grove Bromley Common, Exhumed 8 April 1889 under authority of a faculty dated 6 April 1889 
1169STEVENSFrederick John2-Feb18897 months, of 31 Havelock Road, Bromley Common510
1983STEWARTEsther3-Mar191590, Jacklands Green Street Green 
693STEWARTJames Ignatius7-Sep187850 years, Skim Corner Bromley Common 
1474STIFFRoyston14-Aug18935 months, of 11 Page Heath Villas Bromley Common80
3STILLWELLStephen12-May184470 years, Bromley Common 
61STILWELLAnn4-Sep185073 years, Bromley Common 
1565STOCKWINFrances Sarah23-Mar189571 years, of 14 Trinity Road Greenwich 
987STOCKWINMary29-Oct188585 years, of 424 Old Kent Road Camberwell 
63STOCKWINRichard22-Feb185163, Southborough 
454STOCKWINRichard21-May187251 years, Greenwich 
217STOCKWINSarah12-Jun186177 years, Greenwich 
114STOCKWINWilliam2-Oct185546 years, London 
21STOCKWINWilliam Lover4-Apr184648 years, Southborough, Bromley 
1505STOKESEdgar27-Dec189315 months, Lambeth Palace Road Lambeth 
489STONEAlice Louise20-Apr187321 months, Bromley Common 
1428STURMANRichard James7-Jan189310 weeks, Havelock Road, Bromley Common371
1678SUDDSMatilda21-Apr189976 years, of 12 Gravel Road, Bromley Common207
1964SUDDSThomas26-May191484 years, Bromley Union Infirmary Farnborough207
913SULLIVANEdwin22-May188448 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common61
1619SULLIVANIsabella30-Jan189752 years, of 11 Oakley Road, Bromley Common61
1395SWATTONMary13-Jul189256 years, Jacksons Road, Bromley Common613
1837SWATTONThomas14-Apr190669, 10 Jackson's Road613
728SWINFORDArthur4-Feb188011 months, Building Field Bromley Common 
1090SWINFORDElsie May17-Aug188711 months, 2 Wellington Road, Bromley Common 
1950SWINFORDJoseph2-Dec191370 years, of 21 Wellington Road, Bromley18
1359SWINFORDMartha9-Jan189246 years, of 2 Wellington Road, Bromley Common18
642SYMONSHenry Remington1-Jul187722 years, Building Field Shooting Common 
539TASSELLMargaret30-Jun187444 years, Bromley Common 
1911TASSELLMay13-May1011two days, an unbaptized infant, 49 Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1148TASSELLRadford18-Aug188818 months, of 12 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common219
492TAYLORHenry12-May187321 years, Hook Farm Bromley Common 
201TAYLORKeturah Emily14-Aug18601 year, 7 months, Bromley Common 
1139TAYLORLilian24-May18883 months, of 4 Addison Road, Bromley Common541
178TAYLORMary Ann27-May185959 years, Bromley Common 
134TAYLORRobert29-Apr185761 years, Bromley Common 
262TAYLORRobert20-Feb186435 years, Bromley Common 
1831TAYLORThomas19-Oct190568 years, of 5 Cherry Orchard Road, buried under the Burial Laws Amendment Act290
1299TAYLORWalter24-Feb18913 weeks, of 4 Wellington Road, Bromley Common525
376TAYLORWilliam15-Jul186983 years, Bromley Common 
905TEALAmbrose8-May188461 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common62
636TERRYHerbert Frederick18-May18778 days, Bromley Common 
680TESTEREmma2-Jun18783 days, Bromley Common 
1556TESTERMary Ann24-Dec189463 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common209
1550THIRLWALLEdith Cecilia19-Oct189411 years, of 10 Darnley Road Notting Hill625
1490THIRLWALLEvelyn Annie Eleanor Dora27-Oct189317 years, of 10 Darnley Road Notting Hill625
1097THIRLWALLGrace Maud12-Sep18872 years, of 27 Ridgway Road Brixton625
1077THIRLWELLJohn Wade27-Jun188742 years, of 43 Havelock Road, Bromley Common625
315THOMPSONEmily18-Mar1867infant, Bromley Common 
316THOMPSONEmma18-Mar1867infant, Bromley Common 
293THOMPSONWalter Alexander3-May18665 months, Bickley, Bromley Common 
1350THORNJames28-Nov189150, of 15 Havelock Road, Bromley Common405
84THORNMary Ann10-Aug185357 years, Keston 
1591THORNERBridget5-Mar189660 years, of 54 Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
1737THORNERGeorge7-Dec190177 years, of 54 Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
984THORPMinnie Annie26-Sep18854 months, Botany Bay Bromley Common,  
2004THORPEAudrey Pamela13-Apr1916infant, of 13 Westmoreland Road 
1256THORPECharles Adam15-Sep18906 months, Addison Road, Bromley Common411
1130THORPEPhillis7-Apr188814 months, Addison Road, Bromley Common411
1759THURLING[given name missing]16-Dec190262 years, of 14 Havelock Road, Bromley Common, 
431THURLINGAnn18-Jun187166 years, Bromley Common 
553THURLINGEliza Ann20-Dec187423 years, Bromley Common 
803THURLINGEliza Ann18-Feb18826 years, Masons Hill Bromley 
105THURLINGGeorge7-May185515 years, Bromley Common 
167THURLINGRobert3-Oct185857 years, Bromley Common 
999THURLINGRobert Gillett10-Feb188636 years, Engineer Road Woolwich 
754THURLINGRobert Gillit26-Dec18802 years, Skilliters Cottages Bromley Common 
1397THURLINGWilliam Robert Gillet28-Jul18923 months, Hawksworth Road, Bromley Kent 
882TICKNERElizabeth Emma4-Feb18845-1/2 years, of 26 Addison Road, Bromley Common63
885TICKNERSarah Ellen1-Mar18842 years 1 month, of 26 Addison Road, Bromley Common63
250TIDEYMary19-Aug186377 years, Bickley, Bromley Common 
731TILLMANWalter William29 Feb18806 years, Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
357TIMMSGeorge Day4-Oct18689 months, Bromley Common 
1272TIMMSJulia Georgina Day29-Nov189020 years, of 54a Westbourne Street London 
1138TOLHURSTSusannah23-May18881 year 2 weeks, Walpole Road, Bromley Common,  
694TOMLINJoseph Charles13-Sep18788 months, Building Field Bromley Common 
1129TOMLINSONAlfred28-Mar188827 days, of 26 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common542
1033TOWNSENDCharlotte21-Dec188674 years, Bromley Common618
555TRENDGeorge21-Feb187536 years, Bromley Common 
1804TRICECharles William23-Jul1904infant, Bencewell Cottage385
1751TRICEFanny6-Aug190212 hours, of 32 Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1059TRIGGLeonard Frederick22-Mar18871 year 9 months, of 3 Page Heath Villas Bromley Common413
1849TROWWilliam Thomas7-Dec19066 years, of 47 Warner Street New Kent Road41
2020TROWERJoshua18-May191791, of The Infirmary210
1527TROWERSarah18-May189467 years, of Chatterton Road210
544TUBBCaroline18-Oct18749 months, Bromley Common 
1197TUBBElijah12-Aug18897 months, of 3 Vale Cottages Mason's Hill 
507TUBBJames9-Nov187314 weeks, Bromley Common 
841TUCKCharles Stanley5-Apr188311 months, Bromley Common 
172TUCKERAnn2-Dec185836 years, Union House, Farnborough 
1573TUFFLEYArthur James5-Sep18955 months, of 49 Wharton Road, Bromley598
1343TUFFLEYEllen Emily17-Sep18917 years, of 6 Tilney Road Saint Luke's Bromley Common598
1095TUFFLEYSidney10-Sep188714 months, of 14 Wellington Road, Bromley Common598
978TURNERAnn Eliza22-Aug188546 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common 
2041TURNERCharles11-Jan1918[no age], Bromley Union Infirmary Farnborough771
364TURNERCharlotte12-Feb186966 years, Tylney Road, Bromley 
478TURNEREliza2-Mar187315 months, Bromley Common 
595TURNERFanny16-Jul187614 months, Bromley Common 
906TURNERGeorge10-May188416 months, Pope Road, Bromley Common 
477TURNERHarry2-Mar18732 years 10 months, Bromley Common 
1021TURNERJames14-Jul188664 years, of 49 Pope Road654
1449TURNERJames5-Apr189327, of 19 Pope Road, Bromley Common654
516TURNERJohn Litchfield24-Jan187410 months, Bromley Common 
422TURNERSarah16-Feb187125 years, Widmore 
910TURNERWilliam20-May18844 years 11 months, Pope Road, Bromley Common 
1821TURNERWilliam8-May190565 years, Union Workhouse, Farnborough 
1347TURTONJames14-Oct189170 years, Bromley Union754
801TURTONJohn Thomas10-Feb188229, The Hollies Bickley 
894TURTONMahala29-Mar188458 years, Page Heath Villas Bromley Common754
31TYEElizabeth11-Jul184760 years, Bromley Common 
119TYEGeorge Edward20-Jan18563 years, Islington 
253TYESarah Ann23-Sep18636 years, Bromley Common 
181TYLERAmy17-Aug18594 months, Bromley Common 
270TYLERAnn16-Aug186442 years, Bromley Common 
245TYLERHenry10-May1863infant, Bromley Common 
976TYRRELLEdwin Harry13-Aug188517 months, Waldo Road, Bromley Common672
292TYRRELLMary Ann18-Mar186643 years, Bickley, Bromley Common 
709UNDRELLGeorge William8-Jun187919 months, Bromley Common 
1204URCHEmma11-Oct188945 years, of 105 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common, [corrected surname entry]380
1897VALLEOlive Elizabeth5-Feb19107 months, of 60 Jackson's Road, Bromley Common38
1581VERRALLCissie4-Jan18964 weeks, of 28 Havelock Road, Bromley Common402
1369VERRALLEliza Frances13-Feb18929 months, of 28 Havelock Road, Bromley Common402
1769VERRALLThomas James18-Apr19038 months, of 23 Havelock Road, Bromley Common402
1637VERRALLViolet Dorothy25-Sep18979 months, of 25 Havelock Road, Bromley Common402
345VIASHHarry30-Apr186810 months, Bromley Common 
434VIASHKate5-Aug18718 months, Pope Road, Bromley Common 
771VIGIERAlfred14-Jun18814 months, Bromley Common 
1308WALKERAlice24-Mar18911 year 7-9 months, of 28 New Homesdale Road, Bromley Common [age ambiguous]467
1499WALLERGeorge Samuel12-Dec189314 months, of 18 Pope Road, Bromley Common451
308WALLISJames7-Dec186656 years, Bromley Common 
1250WALTERAnnie12-Aug189025 years, Bromley Common532
811WARDAlice Maud Mary3-Jun18822 years 3 months, Bromley Common, By Coroner's Order 
1612WARDCharles Thomas12-Dec18966 years, of 58 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common 
2046WARDJessie11-Apr191843 years, of Phillips Memorial Hospital903
1113WARDMay Victoria21-Dec18877 months, Brewery Road, Bromley Common 
305WARDWilliam20-Nov18665 weeks, Bromley Common 
1081WARNERMartha13-Jul188752 years, of 37 Havelock Road, Bromley Common620
1832WARRENLaura18-Nov190579, of 8 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common8
428WATERSFrances21-May187184 years, Bickley, Bromley 
404WATKINSHenry8-May18705 years, Bromley Common 
1317WATSONAda Annie6-May189114 months, of 36 Walpole Road, Bromley Common491
460WATSONAlice Matilda15-Sep187215 Years, Bromley Common 
1305WATSONAmy14-Mar189173 years, Waldo Road, Bromley Common750
950WATSONMary11-Mar188536 years, Nelson Road, Bromley Common319
1300WATSONOlive Betsey27-Feb189115 months, Oakley Road, Bromley Common493
874WATSONRichard15-Dec188370 years, Addison Road, Bromley Common750
893WATSONRichard Henry22-Mar188410 months, Nelson's Road, Bromley Common319
1261WATSONSarah Ann16-Oct189031 years, of 2 Addison Road, Bromley Common561
1348WEATHERLEYEdward James20-Oct189131, of 41 Addison Road, Bromley Common310
1905WEBSTERCaroline25-Nov191075 years, Jackson's Road, died at Bromley Union Infirmary350
1711WEBSTERFrith20-Jul190073 years, Albert Terrace Bromley Common358
1399WEDGWOODJessy Kathleen Brackenbury10-Aug18929 weeks, of 19 Bromley Common277
1641WELLARDWilliam29-Nov189772 years, of 19 Havelock Road, Bromley Common734
86WELLSAugustus2-Sep1853infant, Southborough, Bromley 
760WELLSEdwin14-Feb188121 months, Bromley Common 
256WELLSFrances Anna31-Oct186327 years, Bromley Common 
152WELLSHenry Austen21-Jan18583 years, Bromley Common 
1122WELLSJames2-Mar188877 years, Bromley Union572
171WELLSJohn Joseph11-Nov185854 years, Southborough, Bromley 
1545WELLSJulia24-Aug189482 years, Southborough Bickley 
137WELLSMontague William9-Jun18575-1/2 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
1608WELLSRichard13-Oct189663 years, of 5 Wilton Street London98
240WELLSThomas10-Feb186388 years 9 months, Bromley Common 
139WERRYMary23-Jun185773 years, St George, Hanover Square, London 
1515WESTAnn3-Mar189459, of 74 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common304
1436WESTEmma Ealding or Eading28-Jan189344 years, of 18 Johnson's Road, Bromley Common366
1786WESTJonathan21-Nov190373 years, of 10 Lewes Road, Bromley304
1459WESTBROOKAlice Emily13-Jun18939 months, Albert Terrace Bromley Common465
1773WESTBROOKCharles21-Apr190358 years, Bromley Union Workhouse, Farnborough42
1725WESTBROOKHenrietta15-Apr190139, Jackson's Road, Bromley Common42
2050WESTBROOKIsabella10-Oct191882, of 21 Oakley Road, Bromley Common135
1977WESTBROOKJames18-Jan191573, The Infirmary772
103WESTBROOKWilliam25-Feb185563 years, Bromley Common 
1736WESTBROOKWilliam2-Dec190169 years, Cross Road, Bromley Common135
1012WESTBROOKWilliam Joseph16-Apr188610 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common58
2034WESTCOTTAlice12-Dec191762 years, of 38 Addison Road, Bromley369
1638WESTCOTTJohn Wills20-Oct189743, of 31 Addison Road, Bromley Common369
1431WESTCOTTRalph Norris16-Jan189313 months, of 31 Addison Road, Bromley Common369
1486WESTONJoseph Douglas4-Oct189328 years, Southfield House Bickley305
920WHEELERErnest28-Jul18842 years 6 months, Addison Road, Bromley Common763
447WHIFFENHannah23-Mar187274 years, Bromley Common 
1990WHIFFENWinifred Alice12-May191524, of 10 Cottage Avenue Bromley Common706
393WHIFFIN 12-Dec186927, Bromley Common [name not recorded] 
115WHIFFINAmbrose11-Nov185528 years, Bromley Common 
193WHIFFINEdward11-Mar186068 years, Bromley Common 
1019WHITEAlice14-Jun188658 years, The Dairy Grant Road Addiscombe 
45WHITEAnn25-Feb184942 years, Bromley Common 
1521WHITECharlotte16-Apr189436, of 52 Havelock Road, Bromley Common334
1610WHITEDaisy28-Nov18964 days, of 7 Brewery Road, Bromley Common404
1366WHITEEdith6-Feb189220 days, Brewery Road, Bromley Common404
2040WHITEEmily Maria9-Jan191857 years, of 8 Lower Gravel Road771
1583WHITEJames Robert16-Jan189633 years, of 118 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common334
1822WHITEJohn30-May190564 years, Upper Gravel Road291
1084WHITESophia8-Aug188770 years, Bromley Union622
1094WHITEThomas7-Sep18875 weeks, Walpole Road, Bromley Common651
1611WHITEViolet28-Nov18966 days, of 7 Brewery Road, Bromley Common 
593WHITEHEAD 20-Jun18765-1/2 months, Oakley Road [name not recorded] 
386WHITEHEADAda Isabella31-Oct186916 months, Bromley Common 
42WHITEHEADAlfred17-Jan18498 years, Bromley Common 
1149WHITEHEADAlice Harriet21-Aug188832 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common251
1808WHITEHEADAmy10-Nov190463 years, Oakley Road 
264WHITEHEADAmy Amelia3-Apr1864infant, Bromley Common 
131WHITEHEADAnn19-Apr18573 months, Bromley Common 
76WHITEHEADAnn Clark8-Aug185229 years, Bromley Common 
698WHITEHEADAnnie Rebecca14-Dec187813 years, Bromley Common 
232WHITEHEADArabella28-Sep18624 years, Bromley Common  
686WHITEHEADArthur7-Jul18787 days, Bromley Common 
1209WHITEHEADArthur Charles7-Dec188927 years, Cherry Orchard Bromley Common86
1266WHITEHEADBertram Maurice15-Nov18907 years, Shorters Cottages Bromley Common735
1242WHITEHEADCharles5-Jul18901 day, Skym Corner Bromley Common637
1146WHITEHEADCharlotte Ellen30-Jun188821 months, of 2 Rose Villa, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common595
41WHITEHEADDaniel29-Dec184816 months, Bromley Common 
627WHITEHEADDaniel11-Feb187761 years, Bromley Common 
870WHITEHEADEdith13-Oct188312 years, Cherry Orchard Bromley Common 
603WHITEHEADEliza10-Sep187610 months, Bromley Common 
1969WHITEHEADElizabeth Emily29-Aug191483, Logan Road Green Street Green Chelsfield205
170WHITEHEADEmma31-Oct18586 months, Bromley Common 
832WHITEHEADEmma23-Dec18825 years, Prince's Plain Bromley Common 
1811WHITEHEADEmma Ada5-Jan19054 years, Skym Corner294
233WHITEHEADEmma Lucy7-Oct18622 years, Bromley Common, [pencil entry Lucy Emma] 
1096WHITEHEADFrances10-Sep188745 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
830WHITEHEADGeorge20-Nov188272, Skym Corner Bromley Common 
1779WHITEHEADGeorge7-Jul190344 years, of 96 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common74
425WHITEHEADGeorge Henry23-Apr18718 months, Bromley Common 
1571WHITEHEADHenrietta27-Jul189538 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common332
1294WHITEHEADHenry24-Jan18916 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common735
1717WHITEHEADHenry3-Nov190069 years, Chery Orchard Bromley Common205
1764WHITEHEADHenry31-Jan190353 years, of 34 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common75
1665WHITEHEADHerman13-Jul18989 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common332
430WHITEHEADIrwin William4-Jun187121 months, Bromley Common  
640WHITEHEADJames30-May187758 years, Union Workhouse, Farnborough 
951WHITEHEADJames21-Mar188553 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common722
1011WHITEHEADJames15-Apr18868 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common735
62WHITEHEADJohn22-Dec185072 years, Bromley Common 
190WHITEHEADJohn19-Feb186051 years, Bromley Common 
313WHITEHEADJulia24-Jan186732 years, Bromley 
1566WHITEHEADLeonard Piper1-Apr18959 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common362
1168WHITEHEADLydia Amelia30-Jan18895 months, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1267WHITEHEADLydia Ellen15-Nov18902 years, of 10 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common735
1188WHITEHEADMargaret15-Jun188920 years, Cherry Orchard Bromley Common86
1236WHITEHEADMaria3-May189080 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common 
121WHITEHEADMary4-May185688 years, Bromley Common 
166WHITEHEADMary3-Oct185878 years, Bromley Common 
302WHITEHEADMary21-Oct186649 years, Bromley Common 
1255WHITEHEADMaud Emily8-Sep18903 months, of 21 Pope Road, Bromley Common 
2021WHITEHEADPhilip25-May191766, of 28 Jacksons Road637
1928WHITEHEADReginald Thomas10-Apr19123 years, Cherry Orchard Bromley Common86
1884WHITEHEADRose Eleanore10-Apr19094 years, of 3 Cottage Avenue Bromley Common229
580WHITEHEADRoseanna2-Jan18768 months, Bromley Common 
186WHITEHEADThomas30-Dec18597 years, Bromley Common 
304WHITEHEADThomas11-Nov18668 months, Bromley Common 
616WHITEHEADThomas21-Nov1876[age missing], Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1009WHITEHEADThomas3-Apr188646 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common 
1061WHITEHEADWilliam28-Mar18872 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common748
1427WHITEHEADWilliam7-Jan18936 years, Shorter's Cottages735
1624WHITEHEADWilliam1-Apr189757 years, of 7 Skym Corner Bromley Common77
1902WHITEHEADWilliam20-Aug191070 years, Bromley Union Workhouse 
1879WHITEHEADWinifred Mary27-Feb19095 years, of 64 Jackson's Road, Bromley Common362
1191WHITINGCharles5-Jul188930, of 15 Havelock Road, Bromley Common349
1249WHITINGMary24-Jul189079 years, of 3 Addison Road, Bromley Common563
1488WHITINGThomas14-Oct189369, Crooked Billet Bromley Common563
1941WHITLOCKElizabeth Margaret19-Mar19137 months, of 3 Billet Cottages Southborough Bickley36
391WHITMANLouisa5-Dec186947 years, Bromley Common 
442WHITMANThomas3-Jan187249 years, Bromley Common 
695WHYBROWRuth Florence15-Sep1878[age missing], Holmesdale Road, Bromley Common 
974WICKENDENEllen23-Jul188550 years, Nelson Road, Bromley Common703
1473WICKENDENGeorge Albert14-Aug18935 weeks, Lansbury's Cottages Waldo Road, Bromley Common513
1526WICKENDENJesse9-May189456, Walpole Road454
1933WICKENDENWalter6-Nov191249, of 84 Victoria Road died at Bromley Union Infirmary Farnborough703
664WICKENSEmily Jane6-Feb18783 weeks, Southborough, Bromley Common 
88WICKHAMWilliam16-Jan185472 years, Bromley Common 
13WICKHAM Harriet Frances12-Oct184561 years, Bromley Common 
1336WILESEdward11-Aug1891[no age?], 3 Nelson Road, Bromley Common464
1361WILESThomas14-Jan18922 years 6 months, of 3 Nelson Road, Bromley Common464
1654WILKENDENWilliam24-Feb189864 years, Bromley Union763
1985WILKSMargaret Elizabeth11-Mar191563, Colac Bickley471
1157WILKSMary27-Oct188873, of 2 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common471
1655WILLARDEleanor Mabel26-Feb18988 months, of 112 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common734
1674WILLARDEthel Eliza9-Feb18992 years, of 112 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common734
1756WILLARDGeorge18-Oct19021 month, of 174 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common734
935WILLARDRuth17-Dec188458, Waldo Road, Bromley Common734
1755WILLARDTheresa18-Oct190229 days, of 174 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common734
1433WILLIAMSArthur19-Jan18937 years, Brewery Road, Bromley Common87
769WILLIAMSCharles28-May188164 years, Bromley Common 
779WILLIAMSEliza21-Sep188125 years, Bromley Common 
1625WILLIAMSGeorge7-Apr189746 years, Bromley Union87
1040WILLIAMSHannah22-Jan188760 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common87
772WILLIAMSJohn15-Jun188156 years, Bromley Common 
911WILLIAMSMary21-May188482 years, The Union House, Locksbottom Farnborough126
816WILLIAMSMary Ann27-Jul188223 years, Gravel Road, Bromley Common 
1866WILLIAMSSarah Adams13-Feb190835 years, of 61 Little Heath Charlton  
1002WILLISAlbert Thomas Casselden13-Mar18867 months, Bromley Common674
329WILSONElizabeth30-Sep186767 years, Bromley Common 
777WILSONElizabeth11-Sep188158 years, Masons Hill Bromley 
584WILSONJohn1-Apr187642, Southborough 
1938WILSONMinnie May28-Jan19132 years, Royal Agricultural Hall London193
378WILSONRobert30-Jul186973 years, Bromley Common 
508WILSONRobert26-Nov187382 years, Bromley Common 
1916WILSONViolet Maud24-Jul19115 months, In a caravan at the Rookery Park Bromley Common193
1159WIMBLECharles Frederic5-Nov188813 months, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common470
1844WIMBLECharles Richard25-Oct19068 years, Middlesex Hospital470
1712WIMBLEJames Thomas5-Sep190025, Cross Road, Bromley Common470
1362WIMBUSHEleanor23-Jan18926 months, of 32 Havelock Road, Bromley Common341
414WINCHESTERFrances29-Sep187087 years, Bromley Common 
72WINCHESTERMary Ann23-Mar185252, Bromley Common 
688WINCHESTERRichard15-Jul187856 years, Union House, Farnborough 
394WINCHESTERWilliam22-Dec186971 years, Bromley Common 
621WINFIELDMary17-Dec187688 years, Bromley Common 
707WINGFIELDCharles23-Apr187987 years, Bromley Union 
1273WOLFGrace Amelia29-Nov189014 weeks, of 51 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common528
530WOLFHenrietta12-Apr187462 years, Bromley Common 
1653WOLFMabel23-Feb18981 month, of 27 Addison Road, Bromley Common523
1111WOODAlbert Edward8-Dec18874 months, Walpole Road, Bromley Common574
620WOODAlbert James10-Dec187621 months, Bromley Common 
1875WOODAlice Ethel10-Dec190815 years, of 12 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common355
368WOODAmos4-Apr186927 years, Saint Mary, Newington, Surrey 
17WOODAnne4-Jan18463 weeks, Bromley Common 
1745WOODArchibald10-Apr19022 years, of Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common355
1912WOODArthur James20-May191156 years, of 27 Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
1406WOODArthur William24-Sep189217 months, of 33 Havelock Road, Bromley Common545
1039WOODButtercup11-Jan18879 months, of 27 Pope Road, Bromley Common55
225WOODCaroline Clara9-Mar18626 years, Bromley Common 
1962WOODCharles11-Apr191481, of 50 Jacksons Road 
1888WOODCharles Thomas5-Aug190921 years, of 111 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common  
1451WOODCharlotte10-Apr189359, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common143
1676WOODDaisy May2-Mar189913 months, of 3 Plough Cottages,Bromley Common15
1818WOODDoris1-Apr1905[no age?], 111 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common570
1772WOODEliza20-Apr190364 years, of 70 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common602
1597WOODEliza Emily8-Apr189612 months, of 13 Walpole Road, Bromley Common492
12WOODElizabeth27-Jul184583 years, Bromley Common 
1817WOODEllen Louisa18-Mar190538 years, of 111 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common570
770WOODFlorence1-Jun18812 years, Pope Road, Bromley Common 
814WOODGeorge29-Jun188239, Union House, Locksbottom 
1687WOODGeorge John26-Aug18999 months, of 2 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common570
1513WOODHerbert17-Feb189413 days, of 134 Homesdale Road, Bromley Common272
371WOODHerbert Edward30-Apr18691 year, Bromley Common 
671WOODHorace10-Mar187811 months, Bromley Common 
29WOODJohn10-Jan1847infant, Bromley Common 
437WOODJohn Thomas24-Sep18711 year 8 months, Bromley Common 
337WOODLaura Elizabeth26-Jan18685 weeks, Bromley Common 
420WOODLeonard25-Dec187028 years, Bromley Common 
1677WOODLeonard4-Apr189916 years, of 13 Walpole Road, Bromley Common492
2031WOODMabel16-Oct191751 years, of Bromley Union Infirmary Farnborough401
272WOODMaria20-Sep186473 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
570WOODMary5-Sep187562 years, Bromley Common 
1072WOODMary Anne1-Jun188778 years, Cross Road, Bromley Common 
1762WOODMinnie12-Jan190316 years, of 6 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common355
736WOODPhilip16-May188029 years, Bromley Common 
766WOODPhilip Henry20-Apr18813 years, Skim Corner Bromley Common 
1007WOODPhilip Sydney27-Mar188615 months, Skym Corner Bromley Common 
1843WOODReginald Arthur20-Sep19063 months, of 6 Lower Gravel Road355
294WOODRichard Ruskin27-May186614 years 9 months, Bromley Common 
810WOODRobert James24-May18823 years 7 9 months, Homesdale Road, Bromley Common 
1303WOODRosanna2-Mar189114 months, of 13 Walpole Road, Bromley Common492
644WOODSarah19-Jul187772 years, Bromley Common 
740WOODSarah11-Jun188045 years, Skim Corner Bromley Common 
110WOODSelina26-Jul18556 years, Bromley Common 
1770WOODStanley Frank18-Apr19039 months, of 111 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common570
1686WOODStephen Ralph17-Aug189910 months, of 13 Walpole Road, Bromley Common492
236WOODSusannah19-Oct186276 years, Bromley Common 
407WOODSusannah22-May187057 years, Bromley Common 
142WOODThomas20-Sep185763 years, Southborough, Bromley Common 
323WOODThomas18-Jul186776 years, Bromley Common 
1101WOODThomas19-Oct188749 years, Skym Corner Bromley Common602
1675WOODThomas Albert Philip2-Mar189936 years, Albert Terrace Bromley Common15
35WOODWilliam29-Apr1848infant, Bromley Common 
118WOODWilliam1-Jan185669 years, Bromley Common 
400WOODWilliam6-Mar187052 years, Shooter's Cottages, Bromley Common 
559WOODWilliam4-Apr187572 years, Bromley Common 
773WOODWilliam30-Jul188176 years, Bromley Common 
1850WOODWilliam Alfred13-Dec190640 years, of 44 Cambridge Gardens Hastings143
1586WOODWilliam Henry1-Feb189663 years, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common143
755WOODWilliam Thomas6-Jan18814 months, Walpole Road, Bromley Common 
856WOODHOUSEAmelia6-Jul188361 years, Bromley Common 
433WOODHOUSEGeorge5-Jul187159 years, Oakley Road, Bromley Common 
1757WOODWARDAlice Elizabeth22-Oct190240 years, Gordon Lodge Bickley138
1388WOODWARDEmily26-May189235, Page Heath Bickley138
1547WOOLFCharles4-Oct189481 years, Bromley Union 
268WOOLFFrederick2-Jul186444 years, Bromley Common 
466WOOLNOUGHElizabeth12-Nov187253 years, Bromley Common 
485WOOLNOUGHJames Algar10-Apr187351 years, Bromley Common 
1959WRENAmelia Cartwright28-Mar191466 years, of 8 Cottage Avenue67
1030WRIGHTElizabeth16-Dec188672, Addison Road, Bromley Common 
1903WRIGHTGeorge20-Aug191062 years, of 66 Jacksons Road, Bromley Common365
655WRIGHTJames17-Oct187769 years, Bromley Common 
1507WRIGHTJames30-Dec189312 days, of 15 Albert Terrace Bromley Common365
1048WRIGHTSarah24-Feb188743 years, of 51 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common350
715WRIGHTSusan8-Nov187935 years, Skim Corner Bromley Common 
416WYBROWWilliam27-Oct187093 years, Bromley Common  
536YATESKezia10-Jun187444 years, Bromley Common 
1937YEATESAgnes17-Jan191373, of 83 Bromley Common35
1282YEATESGeorge Ernest30-Dec18908 years 8 months, of 39 Bloomfield Road, Bromley Common469
1269YEATESHerbert27-Nov1890[age missing], Homesdale Road, Bromley Common503
2018YEATESWilliam3-Apr191783, of The Infirmary35
1284YELLANDElizabeth3-Jan189165 years, of 21 Pope Road, Bromley Common347
1143YELLANDRose23-Jun18881 year 8 months, of 30 Johnson's Road, Bromley Common252
1205YELLANDSarah12-Nov188935 years, Wellington Road, Bromley Common347
1166YELLANDSidney19-Jan18899 months, Johnson's Road, Bromley Common252
1222YELLANDWilliam Thomas8-Feb18907 months, Wellington Road, Bromley Common347
1404YOUEAlbert Edward26-Aug18924 years 8 Months, of 50 Chatterton Road, Bromley Common579
1681YOUNGJohn5-Jun189949 years, Bromley Union654
1198YOUNGSarah Ada26-Aug18896 months, of 21 Havelock Road, Bromley Common508