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St. Peter & St. Paul, Kent, copyright 2013 Susan D. Young
St. Peter & St. Paul, Bromley Parish Church

Bromley St. Peter & St. Paul Parish, Christenings 1714 - 1772

Transcribed by Henry Mantell, in memory of the late Bob Rubie, A.G.R.A., AGP, with the assistance of his friends and fellow members, and with the generous assistance of Bromley Archives and Local Studies.
Bromley, St. Peter & St. Paul parish registers births and baptisms 1714-1772, archive reference call number P/47/1/3, also found on microfilm FHL BRITISH Film 1042453.
[blank]Charles9-Jul1721son of a travelling woman
[blank]Dorothy14-Nov1717the daughter of a lodger at Mister RANT's house, [date entry smudged but visible under ultra violet examination]
[blank]George28-Sep1727the son of a travelling woman
[blank]Ishmael8-Dec1754son [blank], [incomplete entry but believed to be WILLIS locally] from London
[blank]Joan24-Jun1729the daughter of a travelling woman
[blank]John17-Dec1721bastard son of person unknown
[blank]John5-Feb1752parents unknown
[blank]John27-Mar1732/3son of a traveller from the Workhouse
[blank]Mary28-Aug1715daughter, a traveller
[blank]Mary6-Sep1769daughter of [blank], [believed to be a child of a traveller in the Workhouse]
[blank]Thomas19-Dec1735the son of a traveller from the Work House
[blank]Thomas11-Sep1750son of a negro belonging to Mister William from Saint Christopher's in ye West Indies
[blank]Thomas 28-Aug1715son, a traveller
ADAMSEdward9-Jan1761son of Susanna
ADAMSElizabeth23-Sep1726daughter of Arnold, Farmer
ADAMSElizabeth23-Jul1736daughter of James, Husbandman
ADAMSJames4-Sep1730son of James, Farmer
ADAMSJohn7-Sep1755son of Sarah
ADAMSJohn 3-Mar1771Frankling, son of William and Jane
ADAMSJoseph Gibbons21-Jul1730son of Collins, Surgeon and Apothecary
ADAMSMary5-May1734daughter of James, Husbandman
ADAMSMary2-May1735daughter of Arnold, of Emsted
ADAMSMary19-Jan1727/8daughter of Arnold, of Emsted
ADAMSMiddleton21-Mar1727/8son of Collins, Apothecary
ADAMSPeter13-Oct1732son of Collins, Apothecary and Surgeon
ADAMSSarah18-Jul1735daughter of Collins, Apothecary and Surgeon
ADAMSSarah24-Jun1739daughter of James, a Farmer
ADAMSSusannah6-Oct1738daughter of Arnold, Farmer
AGARLucy Diana16-Apr1766daughter of Henry and Mary
ALEXANDERAnn20-Sep1767daughter of Nicholas and Mary
ALEXANDERElizabeth30-Mar1764daughter of Nicholas and Mary
ALEXANDERJames18-May1766son of Nicholas and Mary
ALEXANDERJohn5-Mar1762son of Nicholas and Mary
ALEXANDERJoseph11-Feb1769son of Nicholas and Mary
ALEXANDERMary3-Aug1759daughter of Nicholas and Mary
ALEXANDERWilliam28-Mar1758son of Nicholas and Mary
ALLENBenjamin18-Jul1725son of Charles, Drawer
ALLENFrances25-May1724daughter of Charles
ALLENFrederick19-Dec1718son of Charles
ALLENMary10-Sep1727daughter of Charles, upon the Common
ALLENWilliam25-May1724son of Charles
ANDERSONElizabeth6-Jul1755daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, a soldier in Captain FISDALE's Company of Buffs
ANDREWSElizabeth9-Dec1748daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
ANDREWSEsther5-Mar1756daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
ANDREWSJohn19-Jan1752son of Joseph and Elizabeth
ANDREWSJoseph14-Jan1761son of Joseph and Elizabeth
ANDREWSMary24-Apr1754daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
ANDREWSThomas24-Jun1759son of Joseph and Elizabeth
ANNIXJohn15-Jun1719son of Thomas, at the windmill
ANTONYSarah23-Jun1723daughter of Richard
AP[P]SRichard19-Jan1716/7son of Thomas
APPLEGATEAnn27-Nov1743daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
APPLEGATEJane10-Nov1745daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
APPLEGATHSarah15-Mar1740/1daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
APPSAnn5-Apr1741daughter of Richard and Mary
APPSJohn26-Oct1739son of Thomas and Elenor
APPSMary27-Sep1745daughter of Richard and Mary
APPSMary8-Apr1750daughter of Richard and Mary
APPSRichard4-Dec1743son of Richard and Mary
APPSRichard27-Sep1745son of Richard and Mary
APPSRichard7-Mar1739/40son of Richard and Mary
APPSSusannah19-Jul1741daughter of Thomas and Elinor
APPSThomas3-Nov1738son of Richard
APPSThomas13-Aug1749son of Thomas and Eleanor
APPSWilliam4-Jan1746/7son of Richard and Mary
APSAnn27-Mar1726daughter of Thomas, Labourer
APSElizabeth18-May1729daughter of Thomas, Labourer
APSJohn24-Oct1718son of Thomas, of Bromley
APSJohn8-Jul1723son of Thomas
APSMary12-Feb1720/1daughter of Thomas
APSThomas24-Aug1715son of Thomas
APSWilliam12-Nov1731son of Thomas, Labourer
ARISWilliam12-Feb1730/1son of James, of Southborough
ARMSTRONGInnocent7-Dec1715son of a lodger
ASHBYElizabeth15-Jan1755daughter of William and Elizabeth
ASHBYJohn10-Apr1757son of William and Elizabeth
ASHBYWilliam10-Jan1753son of William and Elizabeth
ASHERLeonard9-Sep1720son of John, Blacksmith
ASHEYAnn1-Jun1738daughter of Charles, Husbandman
ASHLEYJane28-Jan1749/50daughter of Charles and Mary
ASHLEYMary Ann25-Mar1753daughter of Charles and Mary
ASHLEYThomas18-Aug1734son of Charles, Husbandman
ASHLEYThomas17-May1751son of Charles and Mary
ASHLEYWilliam7-Jan1746/7son of Charles and Mary
ASHLYAmy4-Sep1748daughter of Charles and Mary
ASHLYSarah16-Dec1739daughter of Charles and Hannah
ASHURMary8-May1723daughter of John, Smith
ASHWORTHAnn30-Oct1725daughter of John, Smith, entry omitted and added on left hand blank sheet of register]
ASHWORTHAnn20-Jun1746daughter of Samuel and Mary
ASHWORTHEaley11-Jan1722/3daughter of Anne, a Bastard
ASHWORTHElizabeth28-Dec1747daughter of Leonard and Mary
ASHWORTHLeonard21-Sep1752son of Leonard and Mary
ASHWORTHSarah6-Feb1749/50daughter of Leonard and Mary
ATKINSJohn16-May1770son of John and Sarah
AULTJoseph28-May1756son of Joseph and Mary
AUSTINJames8-Jan1745/6son of James and Mary, a common soldier
BAILEYJohn17-Jun1755son of John and Elizabeth
BAILEYRichard13-Oct1717son of Edward
BAILEYSusanna7-Feb1749/50daughter of Mary
BAKERAnne1-Jul1719daughter of John Junior
BAKERBridget7-Jan1753daughter of William and Elizabeth
BAKERElizabeth22-May1716daughter of John Junior
BAKERElizabeth27-Jan1717/18the daughter of Henry Lewis
BAKERJoseph1-Oct1750son of William and Elizabeth
BAKERRichard8-Sep1717son of Richard
BAKERSarah1-Jul1719daughter of John Junior
BALLElizabeth12-Feb1720/1daughter of Anthony, Gentleman
BALLJames25-Nov1722son of Anthony, of the Common
BALLJohn12-Mar1758son of William and Mary
BALLRichard9-Feb1723/4son of Anthony
BALLWilliam29-Jul1716son of Mister Anthony Junior
BALLWilliam19-May1765son of William and Sarah
BALLARDAnn16-Jan1746/7daughter of John and Sarah
BALLARDJohn11-Oct1745son of John and Sarah
BALLARDJohn11-Nov1748son of John and Joseph
BALLARDThomas12-Sep1743son of John and Sarah
BANKSAnn10-Jan1734/5daughter of John
BANKSElizabeth21-Mar1728/9daughter of John junior
BANKSJohn8-Oct1737son of Joseph, Woodcutter
BANKSMary18-Jun1736daughter of John, Husbandman
BANKSSarah16-Jan1725/6daughter of John
BARKERAlice15-Dec1758daughter of William and Elizabeth
BARKERCatherine12-Nov1760daughter of William and Elizabeth
BARKERHawden5-Apr1752son of Elizabeth, a bastard child
BARKERLucy11-Aug1765daughter of William and Elizabeth
BARKERMary26-Sep1756daughter of William and Elizabeth
BARKERRebecca10-Mar1763daughter of William and Elizabeth
BARLOWAnn12-Mar1748/9daughter of Fowler and Ann
BARLOWRichard11-Oct1747son of Fowler and Ann
BARNARDAnn25-Jun1758daughter of David and Ann
BARNARDDavid9-Mar1762son of David and Ann
BARNARDDavid8-Jan1763son of David and Ann
BARNARDElizabeth18-Jan1761daughter of David and Ann
BARNARDElizabeth8-Mar1750/1daughter of John and Mary, [first a is misformed]
BARNARDJames16-Dec1759son of David and Ann
BARNARDMercy8-Jan1763daughter of David and Ann
BARNESBurgess Diaper29-Jan1730/1the son of a travelling woman, [potential that the surname is other than this;however I have followed the style of the entire volume which has surname last]
BARNESElizabeth8-Dec1752daughter of John and Mary
BARNESJohn16-Jun1756son of John and Mary
BARNESSarah25-Dec1754daughter of John and Mary
BARNESSarah13-Jan1758daughter of John and Mary
BARNETFanny3-Mar1760daughter of John and Mary
BARNETGeorge12-Nov1762son of John and Mary
BARNETHannah12-Nov1762daughter of John and Mary
BARNETJohn8-Jun1755son of John and Mary
BARNETSarah23-Apr1753daughter of John and Mary
BARNETThomas10-Feb1765son of John and Mary
BARNETTAnn11-Nov1757daughter of John and Mary
BASONRichard16-Mar1759son of Richard and Elizabeth
BASSETAnn7-Jun1761daughter of William and Mary
BASSETAnn26-Aug1763daughter of William and Mary
BASSETElizabeth14-May1758daughter of William and Mary
BASSETHenry24-Apr1760son of Edward and Hannah
BASSETMary10-Oct1756daughter of William and Mary
BASSETSalley1-Jan1768daughter of William and Mary
BASSETStephen5-Jan1770son of William and Mary
BASSOMJohn1-Jun1759son of John and Mary
BATCHElizabeth1-Jan1742/3daughter of Harry and Frances
BATCHHenry1-Dec1745son of Harry and Frances
BATCHJohn14-Feb1747/8son of Harry and Frances
BATCHThomas4-Sep1761son of Susanna
BATCHThomas10-Aug1770son of Thomas and Ann
BATHAnn12-Nov1732daughter of Mary, a Bastard child
BATHAnn21-Mar1715/16daughter of Joseph
BATHThomas3-Sep1732a bastard child of Mary, at Plasto[w]]
BATHWilliam14-Jun1728a bastard child of Mary
BAYLEYElizabeth17-Dec1729daughter of Edward, Labourer
BAYLEYSarah13-Oct1725daughter of Edward
BAYLYJohn18-Apr1720son of Edward
BAZIORMary19-Nov1717daughter of Peter, Barber
BAZIREElizabeth29-Apr1720daughter of Peter, Barber, [more common surname spelling is BAZIER]
BAZIRESaint George7-Feb1723/4son of Peter, Barber
BE[A]DLEMary26-Aug1722daughter of John, [letter correction]
BEADLEHugh22-Jul1770son of Nathanael and Elizabeth
BEADLEWilliam25-Mar1724son of John,
BEARMary22-Sep1717daughter of Joseph, [first letter malformed]
BECKETTJohn13-Apr1762son of John and Elizabeth
BEGINDENMary3-Mar1758daughter of Solomon and Jane
BEGINDENSarah12-Dec1753daughter of Solomon and Jun
BELFIELDHenry2-Dec1768son of Henry and Mary
BELFIELDMary10-Jun1715daughter of Thomas
BELFIELDMary10-Apr1757daughter of Henry and Mary
BELFIELDThomas5-Aug1764son of Henry and Mary
BELFIELDThomas8-Mar1750/1son of Francis and Jude
BELFORDAlexander4-Nov1722son of Alexander, a stranger
BELLMargaret9-Jan1741/2daughter of Mary, a Bastard child
BELLFIELDAnn23-May1755daughter of Henry and Ann
BELLFIELDElizabeth20-May1759daughter of Henry and Mary
BELLFIELDSusanna21-Feb1762daughter of Henry and Mary
BELSONAlice21-Apr1728daughter of William, Carpenter
BELSONAnn30-May1731daughter of William, Carpenter
BELSONHenry27-Aug1740son of William and Martha
BELSONJohn18-Mar1732/3son of William, Carpenter
BELSONMartha15-Oct1738daughter of William, Carpenter
BELSONRichard27-Dec1726son of William, Carpenter
BELSONWilliam16-Nov1729son of William, Carpenter
BELSUMMartha16-Mar1734/5daughter of William, Carpenter, [see BELSON elsewhere in this register]
BENNETEdward William27-Jul1744son of John and Jane
BENNETElizabeth21-Jun1742daughter of John and Jane
BENNETJohn23-May1746son of John and Jane
BENNETMary3-May1747daughter of John and Jane
BENNETSusanna2-Sep1750daughter of John and Jane
BENNETWilliam18-Dec1771son of Mary, Traveller
BENNETTJohn3-Aug1735son of John, Gardiner
BENNETTMary11-Apr1740daughter of John and Jane
BENNETTRebecca18-Feb1753daughter of John and Jane
BENNETTRebecca24-Feb1748/9daughter of John and Jane
BENNETTWilliam16-Jan1736/7son of John, Gardiner
BENTLEYMary6-Jan1746/7daughter of Thomas and Mary
BENTLEYThomas2-Feb1749/50son of Thomas and Elizabeth
BETHRIDGESarah15-Apr1715daughter of a traveller
BEVENHester2-Jul1738daughter of Walter
BEVENSJohn23-Aug1767son of George and Ann
BEVENSRose Ann1-May1771daughter of George and Ann, [date entry faint and smudged]
BEVINElizabeth13-Dec1747daughter of Michael and Elizabeth
BEVINSAnn16-Apr1762daughter of George and Ann
BEVINSGeorge21-Apr1765son of George and Ann
BEVINSMary13-Feb1757daughter of Mary
BEVINSRose5-Jun1763daughter of George and Ann
BEVINSSarah18-Jun1769daughter of George and Ann
BEZONWilliam25-May1716son of John
BEZUMJohn10-Dec1738son of Sarah, a Bastard child
BIGENDENElizabeth7-Mar1756daughter of Solomon and Jane
BIGENDENJohn21-Sep1760son of Solomon and Jane
BILLINGHAMElizabeth10-Aug1735daughter of Thomas, Husbandman
BILLINGSGUMMary1-Aug1731daughter of Thomas, Labourer
BILLINGSHAM.Ann 18-Nov1737daughter of Thomas, Husbandman
BILLINGSUMThomas12-Oct1729son of Thomas, Labourer
BIRCHWilliam24-Feb1739/40son of Robert and Christian
BIRCHWOODElizabeth15-Feb1733/4daughter of henry, Hoop Shaver
BIRCHWOODMary16-Apr1732daughter of Henry
BIRCHWOODMary1-Aug1735daughter of Henry, Hoopshaver
BIRCHWOODRobert11-Apr1740son of Henery and Judith
BIRCHWOODThomas25-Sep1724son of Henry
BIRCHWOODThomas20-Apr1729son of Henry, of the Common
BIRDAnn15-Sep1741daughter of Thomas and Mary
BIRDElizabeth15-Oct1715daughter of John, bricklayer
BIRDJames2-Jul1738son of Richard, Husbandman
BIRDPatience27-Apr1746daughter of James and Ann
BIRDThomas 1-Dec1742Howard, son of Thomas and Mary
BIRDBRIDGEHenry3-Mar1748/9son of William and Elizabeth
BIRDBRIDGEMary28-May1742daughter of Henery and Mercy
BIRDBRIDGESarah15-Jul1754daughter of William and Susanna, [marginal entry offers BURBRIDGE alternate spelling]
BIRDBRIDGESusanna12-Aug1770daughter of William and Susannah
BIRDBRIDGEWilliam2-Nov1766son of William and Susanna
BIRDBRIDGE or BURBRIDGEJames15-Oct1756son of William and Susanna, [marginal entry suggests alternate spelling]
BIRDBRIDGE or BURBRIDGEJohn17-Jan1760son of William and Susanna
BIRDBRIDGE or BURBRIDGEJohn30-Mar1761son of William and Susanna, [marginal entry suggests alternative surname BURBRIDGE
BIRDBRIDGE or BURBRIDGEMacey26-Apr1751daughter of William and Susanna, [marginal entry suggests latter spelling]
BIRDBRIDGE or BURBRIDGEMary27-Dec1757daughter of William and Susanna, [marginal entry suggests alternate spelling]
BIRDBRIDGE or BURBRIDGEWilliam3-Jun1753son of William and Susanna, [marginal suggestion of alternate surname spelling]
BIVINSWalter7-Mar1739/40son of Walter and Sarah
BLACKSamuel11-Dec1745son of John and Mary
BLACKMANJohn13-Aug1727son of Thomas, Butcher
BLACKMANMary4-Jun1730daughter of William
BLACKRIEElizabeth19-Apr1745daughter of Alexander and Ann
BLACKSHAWThomas26-Aug1722son of Thomas, Bricklayer
BLANDFrances31-May1724daughter of Francis
BLECKRYWilliam27-May1741son of Alexander and Ann
BLOMERAnthony26-Nov1731son of Doctor
BLOMEREsther17-Jun1720daughter of Ralph
BLOMERHariot24-Aug1726daughter of Doctor Ralph
BLOMERMargaret3-Aug1722daughter of Ralph, Doctor
BLUCKMary31-Mar1749daughter of John and Mary
BONCEYAnn Parish4-Nov1770bastard daughter of Mary
BONCEYBarbara30-Jun1756daughter of Thomas and Lettice
BONCEYBenjamin22-Oct1758son of Thomas and Lettice
BONCEYMary7-Oct1750daughter of Thomas and Lettice
BONCEYRebecca31-Mar1754daughter of Thomas and Lettice
BONCEYThomas21-Jul1745son of Thomas and Lettice
BONCEYWilliam1-Oct1752son of Thomas and Lettice
BONCYElizabeth26-Oct1742daughter of Thomas and Lettice, [mother's name corrected]
BOOTHJohn12-Feb1750/1son of John and Jane
BORERMargaret23-May1718daughter of Hamlet
BORERMary26-Nov1721daughter of Hamlet, weaver
BOTTOMLEYBenjamin17-May1754son of Joseph and Frances
BOTTOMLEYCharles27-Nov1762son of Charles and Frances
BOTTOMLYWilliam Frederic14-Jul1752son of Joseph and Frances
BOVELLMichael19-Jun1747Michael and Susanna
BOWRAAnn17-Apr1748daughter of John and Sarah
BOWRAEdward24-Apr1747son of John and Sarah
BOWRAElizabeth18-Apr1746daughter of John and Sarah
BOWRAJane17-Nov1752daughter of John and Sarah
BOWRAMary4-Aug1751daughter of John and Sarah
BOWRASarah28-Jul1749daughter of John and Sarah
BOXALLAnn18-Nov1743daughter of Edward and Ann
BOYLESThomas5-Feb1730/1son of Thomas, a Stranger
BRADSTREETElizabeth16-Dec1759daughter of Lionel and Elizabeth
BRADSTREETHenry26-Jul1761son of Lionel and Elizabeth
BRAINAnn27-Jul1735daughter of Richard, Labourer
BRAINEdward13-Oct1732son of Richard, Husbandman
BRAINElizabeth4-Apr1742daughter of Richard and Sarah
BRAINJohn4-Mar1733/4son of Richard, Husbandman
BRAINSarah10-Jul1737daughter of Richard, Husbandman
BRAINEJames23-Mar1739/40son of Richard and Sarah
BRAINERichard28-Feb1730/1son of Richard, Husbandman
BRANAnn28-Apr1771bastard daughter of Jane
BRANJohn9-Mar1770bastard son of Susan
BRANSarah14-Sep1768daughter of Susan
BREWERAnn4-Oct1732daughter of Richard, Gardiner
BREWERElizabeth26-Jun1734daughter of Francis, Gardiner
BREWERElizabeth25-Jul1742daughter of Richard and Mary
BREWERFrancis1-Jan1731/2son of Francis, Gardiner
BREWERJane29-Jul1739daughter of Richard, Gardiner
BREWERMartha29-Jun1735daughter of Richard, Gardiner
BREWERMary7-Aug1737daughter of Francis, Gardiner
BREWERMary15-Mar1729/30daughter of Richard, Gardiner
BREWERRichard1-Oct1737son of Richard, Gardiner
BREWERRobert28-Oct1739son of Frances and Ann
BREWERSimon26-Jul1730son of Francis, Gardiner
BRIDGMANEsther2-Oct1735daughter of William, a Lodger
BRIDGMANWilliam18-Aug1737son of William
BRINKLOWMartha15-Oct1756daughter of Roger and Martha
BRISSELLJames17-Sep1719son of Charles, the Bishops Gardener
BROMLEYElizabeth13-Sep1727a Foundling
BROMLEYSarah3-Apr1717a Fundling
BROOKERKitty27-Sep1771daughter of John and Ann
BROOKESElizabeth16-Jan1742/3daughter of Joseph and Mary
BROOKSHannah29-Oct1766daughter of George and Mary
BROWNAnn24-Nov1753daughter of Thomas and Mary
BROWNCatharine7-Mar1756daughter of John and Margaret, a soldier of Lord Londoun's Regiment
BROWNEsther29-Dec1731daughter of Thomas, Labourer
BROWNHenry24-Nov1754son of John and Martha
BROWNHenry18-Jan1737/8son of Thomas, Husbandman
BROWNJames28-Sep1766son of Thomas and Mary
BROWNJane25-May1739daughter of Thomas, Husbandman
BROWNJane27-Jun1756daughter of Thomas and Mary
BROWNJohn15-Apr1759son of John and Margaret
BROWNJohn21-Mar1762son of John and Elizabeth
BROWNJohn3-Apr1768son of John and Elizabeth
BROWNKatherine19-Feb1733/4daughter of Thomas, Collier
BROWNLuke9-Jun1741son of Thomas and Mary
BROWNMargaret5-Sep1762daughter of John and Margaret
BROWNMary26-Mar1728daughter of Thomas, labourer
BROWNMary23-Feb1755daughter of Thomas and Mary
BROWNMary7-May1760daughter of Elisha and Ann
BROWNThomas21-Sep1721son of Thomas Junior
BROWNThomas21-Nov1766son of John and Elizabeth
BROWNThomas25-Feb1729/30son of Thomas, Collier
BROWNWilliam28-Jan1753son of John and Martha
BROWNHILLMary25-Oct1761daughter of James and Mary
BROWNINGAnn23-Jun1770daughter of Ann and Joseph
BROWNINGCatherine12-Jan1757daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
BROWNINGJoseph14-Feb1762an adult son of Thomas and Mary
BROWNINGMary26-Oct1751daughter of Thomas and Mary, this person was 14 years of age at time of baptism
BROWNINGNaomi29-Mar1765daughter of Joseph and Ann
BROWNINGSarah Fowler29-Mar1752daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
BROWNINGThomas13-Jul1755son of [blank], from London
BRUNSDENJohn15-Apr1737son of John, Carpenter
BRUNSELLJane9-Sep1757daughter of Samuel and Jane
BRYANTElizabeth4-May1771daughter of John and Deborah
BRYANTJames14-Mar1754son of James and Mary
BRYANT alias SCRAFTONJohn15-Aug1755son of James and Mary
BUNNSarah27-May1753daughter of John and Sarah
BUR[R]Elizabeth21-Nov1714daughter of John
BUR[R]Thomas25-Aug1715son of Thomas
BURBRIDGEBenjamin15-Nov1723son of Benjamin, Sawyer
BURBRIDGEElizabeth8-Jan1726/daughter of Benjamin
BURBRIDGEHenry26-Jun1723son of Henry
BURBRIDGEHenry25-Mar1727son of John, Coachman
BURBRIDGEJohn19-Nov1725son of Benjamin
BURBRIDGEJohn19-Mar1726/7son of Henry, Labourer
BURBRIDGEMary2-Jan1731/2daughter of Henry, labourer
BURBRIDGEThomas6-Apr1729son of Benjamin, Sawyer
BURBRIDGEThomas23-Jun1734son of Benjamin, Sawyer
BURBRIDGEThomas5-Jan1730/1son of Benjamin, Sawyer
BURBRIDGEWilliam30-Oct1724son of Benjamin, Sawyer
BURBRIDGEWilliam5-Nov1727son of William, Sawyer
BURBRIDGEWilliam20-Feb1724/5son of Henry
BURBRIGE [sic]Elizabeth11-May1736daughter of Henry, Labourer, [see BURBRIDGE elsewhere in register]
BURCHALLThomas18-Feb1759son of George and Mary
BURGESMary22-Jul1764daughter of Robert and Mary
BURGESRobert25-Oct1767son of Robert and Sarah
BURGESRobert30-Apr1769son of Robert and Sarah
BURGESSJohn26-Mar1768son of John and Mary
BURLEYChristian23-Mar1761daughter of Thomas and Mary
BURLEYJames9-Sep1750son of Richard and Ann
BURLEYJohn23-Aug1752son of Richard and Ann
BURLEYJohn12-Feb1747/8son of Thomas and Mary
BURLEYMary14-Apr1751daughter of Thomas and Mary
BURLEYRichard8-Jan1748/9son of Richard and Ann
BURLEYThomas29-Aug1746son of Thomas and Mary
BURNETAnn3-Dec1752daughter of Samuel and Ann
BURNETAnne4-Jul1719ye daughter of Samuel
BURNETCatharine24-Jan1745/6daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
BURNETSamuel26-Oct1744Samuel and Elizabeth
BURNETSamuel18-Sep1750son of Samuel and Ann
BURNETSamuel24-Jan1717/18son of Samuel
BURNETSarah11-Apr1726daughter of Samuel, Shoemaker
BURNETWilliam8-Feb1722/3son of Samuel
BURRAnn31-Dec1753daughter of William and Elizabeth
BURRDiana26-Jan1747/8daughter of William and Elizabeth
BURRElizabeth16-Apr1760daughter of Elizabeth and William
BURRJohn14-Dec1755son of William and Elizabeth
BURRMary2-Oct1741daughter of Thomas and Mary
BURRMary25-Dec1747daughter of Thomas and Mary
BURRMary1-Mar1752daughter of William and Elizabeth
BURRSarah30-Oct1743daughter of Thomas and Mary
BURRSarah2-Jul1758daughter of William and Elizabeth
BURRThomas22-Sep1745son of Thomas and Mary
BUTLERPhilip8-Dec1755son of John Palmer and Mary
BYERSRachel22-Sep1749daughter of of William and Rachel, a soldier belonging to ye Regiment of Scotch Fusiliers
CAKEElizabeth 18-Oct1767daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth
CAKEJohn26-Mar1769son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth
CAKEMary Basset28-Apr1765daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth
CALLISSHenry4-Jun1749son of Henry and Margaret
CAR[R]Daniel18-Feb1714/15son of Thomas
CARRThomas6-Nov1741son of Thomas and Elizabeth
CARRIERMary29-Dec1764daughter of James and Alice
CARTERCharlotte20-Jun1770daughter of Ann and Thomas
CARTERJames10-Dec1749son of Matthew and Ann
CHAPMANAmy12-Jul1758daughter of Edward and Ann
CHAPMANAnn23-May1769bastard daughter of Ann
CHAPMANBecket3-Feb1765son of George and Elizabeth
CHAPMANCharles31-Aug1755son of George and Elizabeth
CHAPMANElizabeth15-Apr1723daughter of Robert
CHAPMANJames16-Aug1747son of John and Sarah
CHAPMANJohn23-May1769bastard son of Ann
CHAPMANJohn 13-Nov1757Marsh, son of George and Elizabeth
CHAPMANMary11-Jan1767daughter of George and Elizabeth
CHAPMANMary8-Apr1770daughter of William and Mary
CHAPMANRichard25-Apr1748son of George and Elizabeth
CHAPMANRichard21-Oct1770son of Ann
CHAPMANSamuel25-Mar1750son of George and Elizabeth
CHAPMANSarah21-May1725daughter of Robert, Labourer
CHAPMANSusanna9-Sep1720daughter of Robert
CHAPMANSusanna12-Sep1736daughter of John, Wheelwright
CHAPMANThomas22-Dec1739son of John and Sarah
CHAPMANThomas22-Jul1744son of John and Sarah
CHAPMANThomas21-Aug1763son of Ann
CHAPMANValentine15-Jan1769son of John and Ann
CHAPMANWilliam31-Dec1752son of George and Elizabeth
CHAPMANWilliam17-Apr1757son of William and Elizabeth, of Bromley Common
CHAPMANWilliam22-Mar1767bastard son of Ann
CHILDAnn14-Dec1762daughter of William and Judith
CHILDJoseph23-Aug1728son of Nicholas, Bricklayer
CHILDMary26-Jun1737daughter of Thomas, Woodman
CHILDRichard3-Oct1735son of Nicholas, Bricklayer
CHILDSusannah1-Jun1740daughter of Thomas and Mary
CHILDSAnn1-Nov1730daughter of Thomas, Labourer
CHILDSElizabeth25-Jun1731daughter of Nicholas, Bricklayer
CHILDSElizabeth25-Feb1727/8daughter of Thomas, Labourer
CHILDSFrances22-Aug1725daughter of Thomas, Labourer, [amended and corrected entry;marginal note]
CHILDSMary3-Feb1722/3daughter of Thomas
CHILDSNicholas21-Apr1734son of Thomas, Woodman
CHILDSRichard19-Dec1731son of Thomas, Woodman
CHILDSThomas19-Feb1720/1son of Thomas
CHISHULRobert1-Apr1727posthumous son of Isaac
CHISSELLElizabeth10-Aug1759daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
CHISSELLRobert10-Feb1758son of Robert and Elizabeth
CHRISTIEGeorge1-Nov1768son of George and Mary
CLARKWilliam2-Jan1746/7son of Thomas and Elizabeth
CLARKEAnn24-Sep1742daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
CLARKEElizabeth11-Apr1755daughter of George and Mary, Dragoon of Captain WARD's Troop to Lord ANCRAM's Regiment
CLARKEHenry15-Feb1735/6son of Henry, Barber
CLARKEJohn24-Dec1737son of Stephen, Husbandman
CLARKERichard24-Oct1735son of Thomas, Baker
CLARKESarah24-Nov1735daughter of Stephen, husbanman
CLARKEStephen28-Feb1730/1son of Stephen
CLARKEThomas13-Feb1740/1son of Thomas and Elizabeth
CLIDSDALLJames30-Oct1736son of JohnTapster
CLOUTMary Matthews1-Dec1752daughter of Elizabeth
COALSELLSarah4-Dec1757daughter of Richard and Susannah
COCKAnn10-Jun1764daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
COCKElizabeth4-Jun1762daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
COCKFrances5-May1766daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
COCKJohn21-Sep1759son of Thomas and Elizabeth
COCKJohn28-Mar1718/19son of Thomas, of Wigmore
COCKJoseph Gorer21-Nov1766son of Sarah
COCKMary13-Feb1756daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
COCKSarah12-Jul1717daughter of Thomas
COCKSarah4-Aug1751daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
COCKThomas29-Nov1734son of William, Bricklayer
COCKThomas9-Aug1754son of Thomas and Elizabeth
COCKThomas20-May1768son of Thomas and Elizabeth
COCKWilliam31-Jul1730son of William, Bricklayer
COCKWilliam20-Jan1758son of Thomas and Elizabeth, Wigmore
COCKWilliam23-Mar1732/3son of William, Bricklayer
COCKSElizabeth23-Oct1752daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
COFFINEsther8-May1717daughter of Arnold
COLCHINGeorge3-Apr1747son of John and Mary
COLCHINMary22-Jan1741/2daughter of Robert and Mary
COLCHINMary23-Jan1745/6daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
COLCHINSamuel21-Jun1747son of Samuel and Elizabeth
COLCHINThomas2-Sep1748son of John and Mary
COLEMANJohn18-Oct1747son of John and Martha
COLEMANJohn5-Mar1724/5son of William, Carpenter
COLEMANMartha27-Dec1752daughter of John and Martha
COLEMANMary1-May1726daughter of William, Carpenter
COLEMANPeter28-Dec1744son of John and Martha
COLEMANRebecca8-Oct1758daughter of John and Martha
COLEMANWilliam19-Apr1728son of William
COLLIERJohn26-Oct1748son of Thomas and Sarah
COLLIERMary13-May1757daughter of Sarah
COLLINSElizabeth12-Nov1740daughter of John and Isabella
COLLINSMary1-Mar1767daughter of Henry and Sarah
COLLINSThomas5-Jan1734/5son of David, Attorney
COLSONGeorge7-Jul1732son of George, Clerke
COLWELLElizabeth5-Jul1747daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
COLWELLJohn22-Apr1750son of Thomas and Elizabeth
COLWELLMary25-Nov1744daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
COMFORTAnn15-Dec1717daughter of Michael of Southborough
COMFORTMary27-Apr1715daughter of Miles
COMFORTSarah28-Jan1740/1daughter of Thomas and Jane
COMFORTThomas1-Apr1737son of Thomas, of Pathooke Lane
CONFORTEdward25-Apr1746son of Thomas and Jane
CONFORTJames17-Jun1743son of Thomas and Jane
CONFORTJohn5-Nov1738son of Thomas, of Wigmore
CONFORTMary15-May1751daughter of Mary
CONFORTWilliam15-Jan1733/4son of Thomas, Husbandman
CONSTABLEInnocent31-May1717son of James
CONSTABLEJames28-Jun1721son of James
CONSTABLEMary9-Mar1739/40daughter of Innocent and Elizabeth
CONSTABLESarah28-Jun1721daughter of James
CONSTABLEThomas4-Sep1747son of Innocent and Elizabeth
COOKEsther23-Dec1757daughter of William and Martha
COOKJane15-Sep1745daughter of Richard and Ann
COOPERAnne28-Aug1730daughter of Thomas, Labourer
COOPERElizabeth27-Jan1737/8daughter of John, Glazier
COOPERJohn23-Nov1740son of Elizabeth,
COOPERLucy4-Aug1715daughter of Mister
COOPERMary26-Nov1731daughter of John, Glazier
COPLERJane 14-Jul1750Bosher, daughter of Francis and Jane
CORNALLJohn14-Feb1719/20son of Henry
CORNWALElizabeth27-Oct1732daughter of Robert, Apothecary
CORNWAL[L]Bridget23-Jun1738daughter of Robert, Apothcary
CORNWAL[L]Charles29-Dec1733son of Robert, Apothecary
CORNWALLRobert28-May1736son of Robert, Apothecary
COSTINAnn2-Oct1719daughter of Arnold, a Taylor
COSTINAnne2-Oct1719daughter of Arnold, Taylor, [entry is faint]
COSTINAnne22-Mar1722/3daughter of Thomas, Collar-maker
COSTINArnold29-Jul1715son of Arnold, Taylor
COSTINEdmund30-Nov1722son of Arnold, Taylour
COSTINEdward8-Mar1752son of Arnold and Elizabeth
COSTINElizabeth15-Jul1754daughter of Arnold and Elizabeth
COSTINElizabeth24-Jul1768daughter of William and Sarah
COSTINEsther19-Apr1727daughter of Arnold, Taylour
COSTINFrancis19-Oct1740son of Arnold and Mary
COSTINGeorge16-Dec1753son of John and Elizabeth
COSTINJames6-Aug1721son of Arnold, Taylour
COSTINJames28-Aug1738son of John, a Husbandman
COSTINJames22-Nov1747son of Arnold and Elizabeth
COSTINJames30-Sep1770son of William and Sarah
COSTINJane12-Nov1732daughter of John, Husbandman
COSTINJohn12-Nov1749son of Arnold and Elizabeth
COSTINJohn23-Feb1766son of William and Sarah
COSTINJohn10-Feb1724/5son of Arnold, Taylour
COSTINRichard20-Oct1751son of John and Elizabeth
COSTINSarah18-Oct1716daughter of Thomas
COSTINSarah24-Oct1762daughter of William and Sarah
COSTINStephen27-Dec1760son of John and Elizabeth
COSTINThomas18-Mar1717/18son of Thomas
COSTINWilliam1-Apr1764son of William and Sarah
COSTINWilliam17-Mar1733/4son of John, Husbandman
COUNDAnn29-Jan1737/8daughter of William, Alehousekeeper
COUNDMartha10-Sep1742daughter of William and Rebeccah
COUNDMartha10-Oct1742daughter of William and Rebeccah
COUNDMary23-Nov1739daughter of William and Rebeccah his wife
COWLEYDavid24-Jul1764son of David and Mary
COWLEYJohn22-May1763son of David and Mary
COWLEYMary5-Oct1766daughter of David and Mary
COWLEYWilliam27-Oct1765son of David and Mary
COWPERAnne11-Nov1726daughter of John, Glazier
COWPERMary17-Jul1723daughter of John, Glazier
COWPERSusanna28-Nov1729daughter of John, Glazier
CRACKERElizabeth5-May1754daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
CRACKERMary7-Nov1750Samuel and Elizabeth
CRAFTONMary28-Mar1770daughter of Richard and Mary
CRAKERJohn13-Feb1757son of Samuel and Elizabeth
CRAKERRichard13-Feb1757son of Samuel and Elizabeth
CRAKERSamuel10-Jan1753son of Samuel and Elizabeth
CRAKERSarah23-Oct1763daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
CRAKERWilliam30-May1768son of Mary
CRANEAnn6-Feb1740/1daughter of the Reverend Mister John and Ann his wife
CRANEElizabeth27-Jan1737/8daughter of John, Clerk
CRANEFanny19-Jan1770bastard daughter of Susanna
CRANEFrances18-Mar1753daughter of John and Frances
CRANEJohn20-Jul1739son of Reverend John
CRANEMary11-Aug1771daughter of Thomas and Mary
CRANEMary5-Jan1742/3daughter of the Reverend Mister John and Ann his wife
CRANEThomas28-Feb1770Thomas and Mary
CREAKWilliam17-Sep1762son of William and Mary, [see CREAKE elsewhere in register]
CRIPSEsther27-Jul1755daughter of Thomas and Christian, a soldier in Captain FISDALE's Company of Buffs
CRIPSHettey3-Sep1769daughter of Henry and Deborah
CROPPStephen19-Sep1753son of Stephen and Sarah
CROSSAnne23-Mar1719/20daughter of Tobias
CROSSNicholas17-Aug1718son of Tobias, of Southborough
CROSSWilliam23-Dec1715son of Tobias
CROUCHERMartha28-Sep1767daughter of Richard and Martha
CROUCHERWilliam27-Jan1771son of Richard and Martha
CUMMINS or COMMINSMary3-Apr1730daughter of Thomas
CURTISAnna Maria12-Sep1715daughter of Thomas, Wigmore
CURTISMary25-Jan1720/1daughter of Thomas
DACRESWilliam19-Feb1727/8son of William, Labourer
DALBYElizabeth25-Oct1715daughter of John of Wigmore
DALTONEdward25 [March]1720son of Edward
DALTONJohn31-Mar1718son of John
DALTONJohn31-Jan1734/5bastard child of Elizabeth, servant to John WELLER
DALTONJoseph12-Jan1738/9son of Joseph
DANIELElizabeth30-May1736daughter of Thomas, of Wigmore
DANIELMary24-Jan1730/1daughter of Thomas, Husbandman
DANLEYFrancis25-May1735daughter of John, of Plaistow
DANSELAndrew15-Oct1738a Black
DAVISAbraham29-May1761son of Edward and Mary
DAVISDaniel14-Sep1722son of Henry, of Wigmore
DAVISDanuiel18-Sep1743son of Daniel and Ann
DAVISElizabeth14-Jul1732daughter of Daniel
DAVISElizabeth24-Sep1749daughter of Thomas and Sarah, correction made by Thomas Bagshaw Curate 28 May 1777 from original error
DAVISJames16-Mar1753son of Thomas and Sarah
DAVISJohn31-Jul1717son of James, a glazier
DAVISJohn20-Sep1723son of John
DAVISJohn25-Jan1718/19son of Henry, a Baker
DAVISJoseph15-Jul1715son of Henry
DAVISKatherine2-Sep1724daughter of Samuel, Glazier
DAVISMary15-Nov1721daughter of John, of Wigmore
DAVISMary27-Jul1722daughter of John
DAVISMary25-Sep1757daughter of Thomas and Sarah
DAVISMary23-Mar1717/18daughter of Henry of Wigmore
DAVISSamuel10-Mar1726/7son of John, a Taylour
DAVISSarah9-Jul1725daughter of John, Taylour
DAVISSarah10-Apr1754daughter of Thomas and Sarah
DAVISThomas2-Dec1714son of Henry
DAVISWilliam23-Oct1720son of James, Glazier
DAVYHenry14-Dec1716son of Henry
DAWLEYAnn14-Mar1730/1daughter of John, Husbandman of Plaistow
DAWLEYElizabeth2-Feb1725/6daughter of John, of Plaistow
DAWLEYJohn3-Dec1716son of John
DAWLEYMary3-Nov1715daughter of John
DAWLEYMary20-Sep1723daughter of John, Labourer
DAWLEYThomas23-Jun1728son of John, Labourer of Plaistow
DAWLEYWilliam21-Oct1719son of John
DAWLYJames13-May1744son of Robert and Judith
DAWLYJane27-Nov1743John and Mary
DAYGeorge19-Jun1737son of George, Shopkeeper
DAYGeorge5-Oct1744son of George and Sarah
DAYGeorge12-Mar1766son of Westbrook and Hannah
DAYJohn29-Dec1734son of George, Shopkeeper
DAYMary29-Apr1731daughter of George, Shopkeeper
DAYSarah7-Jul1769daughter of Edward and Maria
DAYWestbrook8-Oct1738son of George
DEADMANJames20-Oct1759son of Richard and Mary
DEADMANThomas3-Jun1753son of Richard and Mary
DEMEZADeipman5-Jun1771twin son of Isaac and Ann
DEMEZADinak5-Jun1771twin daughter of Isaac and Ann
DEMEZAGeorge8-Aug1766son of Isaac and Ann
DENNEJohn10-Aug1726son of the Reverend Mister
DENTONLoisa Mary7-Sep1743daughter of Samuel and Margaret
DESARTJohn8-May1748John and Elizabeth
DEWARMary2-Oct1771daughter of James and Ann
DOGOODMichael20-Nov1751son of Michael and Elizabeth
DOLLERYMary6-Nov1766daughter of William and Ann
DOLLORYVirgil28-Oct1769son of William and Ann
DOLPHINMary20-Oct1745daughter of Thomas and Hannah
DOLPHINWilliam30-Sep1748Thomas and Hannah
DONBAVANDCatharine2-Jan1760daughter of John and Elizabeth
DONBAVANDElizabeth31-Jul1757daughter of John and Elizabeth
DONBAVANDGeorge9-May1756son of John and Elizabeth
DONBAVANDJohn17-Jul1761son of John and Elizabeth
DONNESusanna30-Jul1727daughter of Reverend Mister, Chaplain to the Bishop
DOODNEYGeorge18-Jan1720/1son of George
DOODNEYMary30-Nov1748daughter of Elizabeth
DORTONSarah15-Aug1746daughter of Samuel and Margaret
DRANERAnn9-Mar1737/8daughter of William Hardick
DRANSFIELDBenjamin13-Oct1758son of Benjamin and Elizabeth
DRANSFIELDElizabeth7-Jan1763daughter of Elizabeth
DRANSFIELDRobert4-Nov1761son of Bejamin and Elizabeth
DRAPERThomas31-Oct1742son of Thomas and Ann
DRAPERWilliam3-Jan1745/6son of Thomas and Ann
DREWRYBasden13-Oct1739son of Basden
DRURYAnne14-Feb1728/9the daughter of Basden
DRURYBasden30-Dec1727son of Henry, Farmer
DRURYBasden13-Aug1742son of Basden and Jane
DRURYJane13-May1757daughter of Anne
DRURYJane26-Feb1729/30daughter of Basden
DRURYJohn19-Nov1731son of Basdon, tytheman to Mister EMMETT
DRURYJohn18-Jul1735son of Basden, tytheman to Mister EMMETT
DRURYMahana14-Sep1729daughter of Henry, Farmer
DUDNEYAbsalom25-Apr1731son of George, Foot Soldier
DUDNEYAmelia11-Feb1732/3daughter of John, Labourer
DUDNEYCaroline15-Oct1727daughter of John, Woodman
DUDNEYElijah27-Mar1734son of John, Husbandman
DUDNEYElizabeth31-May1719daughter of George
DUDNEYElizabeth15-Aug1725daughter of Benjamin
DUDNEYEllen22-Mar1729/30daughter of Sarah, a bastard child
DUDNEYFrancis12-Mar1739/40son of Elizabeth, a Bastard child
DUDNEYGoodacre2-Mar1728/9son of Benjamin, Husbandman
DUDNEYJacobus27-Feb1725/6son of John, Woodman
DUDNEYJesse11-Apr1731son of John, Woodman
DUDNEYJohanna23-Feb1716/7daughter of John
DUDNEYJohn10-Mar1722/3son of George, Gentleman
DUDNEYJohn 12-May1717the son of William
DUDNEYJoseph Benjamin17-Oct1724son of John, Woodman
DUDNEYJosiah25-Feb1721/2son of John, Woodcutter
DUDNEYKatherine28-Apr1728daughter of George
DUDNEYKerinhappuch12-Oct1729daughter of John, Woodman
DUDNEYMary5-Oct1718daughter of John
DUDNEYMary20-Mar1719/20the daughter of William
DUDNEYMary6-Feb1731/2daughter of Benjamin, Husbandman
DUDNEYMichel12-Oct1738daughter of John
DUDNEYRachel17-Oct1724daughter of John, Woodman
DUDNEYRichard20-Mar1725/6son of George, a soldier
DUDNEYThomas23-Sep1715son of William
DUDNEYWilliam7-Jul1722son of William, Woodman
DUNEsther8-Apr1737daughter of John, Parish Clerk, [see DUNN elsewhere in register]
DUNRichard15-Oct1719son of William, a Cooper
DUNCANHabukuk27-Jul1717son of Francis, A Stranger
DUNFORDJohn29-Dec1771son of William and Martha
DUNNAnn19-Sep1738daughter of John, Parish Clerk
DUNNCharles21-Oct1741son of Charles and Esther
DUNNCharles28-Sep1744son of John and Esther
DUNNGodfrey25-Nov1744son of Elizabeth, a Traveller
DUNNHannah5-Mar1769daughter of John and Elizabeth Maria
DUNNJohn4-Oct1735son of John, dry Cowper [sic]
DUNNJohn5-May1765son of John and Elizabeth Maria
DUNNSamuel4-Nov1748son of John and Esther
DUNNSarah24-Oct1742daughter of John and Esther
DUNNSimon6-Feb1739/40son of John and Esther
DUNNWilliam26-Nov1733son of John, a dry Cooper
DUTCHJane12-Dec1740daughter of Thomas and Jane
DUTCHRichard22-Jul1743son of Thomas and Mary
DYKEDaniel8-Apr1761son of William and Elizabeth
EDNEYAnn29-Jun1766daughter of Henry and Jane
EDNEYHenry5-Aug1761son of Henry and Jane
EDNEYJohn28-Oct1759son of Henry and Jane
EDNEYMary31-Dec1769daughter of Henry and Jane
EDNEYWilliam Baker23-May1764son of Henry and Jane
EDWARDSSarah23-Jun1771daughter of James and Elizabeth
ELANDAnn4-Nov1724daughter of Rowland
ELANDPhilip25-Mar1725/6son of Rowland, Ale-house keeper
ELCUMJane14-Sep1768daughter of Jonas and Ann
ELLINSMary17-Jul1750daughter of Richard and Mary
ELLIOTElizabeth27-Sep1734daughter of Thomas, Brickmaker
ELLIOTThomas22-May1767son of Thomas and Susan
ELLIOTWilliam14-Feb1733/4son of William, Corporal in Captain OTWAY's Troop
ELLIOTTWilliam4-Aug1765son of Thomas and Susan
ENDJane1-May1716daughter of John
ENDRichard1-Jul1753son of Jane
ENDRobert3-Apr1752son of Jane
ENDSusanna27 [March]1720daughter of John, Carpenter
ESTONAnn22-Jul1770bastard daughter of Ann
EVANSJohn 5-Dec1739son of John, from the Workhouse
EVERESTElizabeth22-Aug1746daughter of William and Mildred
EVERESTJohn24-Aug1750son of William and Mildred
EVERESTJohn22-Feb1741/2son of William and Mildred, [entry added on right hand page isolated from other entries to 19 March]
FACYThomas3-May1755son of Elizabeth
FARMERMary14-Jul1723daughter of Thomas, of Deptford
FELLOW[S]John24-Jun1719son of Thomas, [surname elsewhere is variation of FELLOWS]
FELLOWSEdward12-Nov1732son of Edward, Victualler
FELLOWSElizabeth12-Feb1734/5daughter of Edward, Victualler
FELLOWSHannah7-Aug1743daughter of Edward and Mary
FELLOWSJane2-Jul1721daughter of Samuel
FELLOWSJohn21-Jul1719son of Samuel
FELLOWSJohn18-Mar1738/9son of Edward, Husbandman
FELLOWSMary5-Jul1741daughter of Edward and Mary
FELLOWSMary18-Feb1718/19daughter of John
FELLOWSThomas26-Dec1736son of Edward, Husbandman
FENNISSarah24-Dec1755daughter of William and Sarah
FENTONRichard21-Aug1745son of Richard and Sarah
FIELDERRebecca8-Jan1768daughter of William and Sarah, Travellers
FIGGETJames18-Jan1735/6son of Lewis, a servant
FIGGETJohn8-Dec1732son of Lewis, servant to the Bishop
FIGGETTJervis11-Jun1734son of Jervis and Elizabeth his wife
FITCHETTElizabeth7-Sep1764daughter of Richard and Jane
FITSWATER [sic]John20-Dec1730son of Joseph, Gardener
FLETCHERSarah24-Jan1750/1daughter of George and Susannah
FLEWINElizabeth7-Oct1759daughter of John and Sarah,
FLOODJoshua14-Feb1727/8son of John, a Traveller
FLOYDEElizabeth26-Mar1735daughter of William, Labourer
FOARDWilliam5-Feb1714/15son of Thomas
FOGGSarah11-Apr1755daughter of James and Selina, Dragoon of Captain WARD's Troop to Lord ANCRAM's Regiment
FORDFrances21-Mar1717/18daughter of Thomas
FORDJohn19-Jul1726son of William, of Masons Hill
FORDJohn10-Aug1730son of William, Wheeler
FORDJohn 18-Jun1766Weller, son of John and Ann
FORDMary12-Apr1732daughter of William, Wheeler
FORDMary22-Nov1734daughter of William, Wheeler of Mason's Hill
FORDMary7-Jun1764daughter of John and Ann
FORDThomas22-May1736son of William, Wheeler of Mason's Hill
FORDWilliam3-Nov1727son of William, Masons Hill
FORDWilliam23-Sep1767son of John and Ann
FORTFrancis6-Dec1727son of Francis, Plaistow
FOWLERMary29-Jul1750daughter of Barbara and Ann
FRANCISEdward16-Sep1759son of Edward and Mary
FRAYSIREJames30-Mar1739son of James, a traveller, [see FRASIER as alternative surname spelling]
FREELANDSarah5-Mar1769daughter of James and Mary
FRENCHAnn28-Oct1761daughter of Ann
FRENCHAnn14-Sep1763daughter of Daniel and Thomasin
FRENCHDaniel8-Dec1736son of Daniel
FRENCHDaniel2-Apr1769son of Daniel and Thomasin
FRENCHElizabeth4-Jan1732/3daughter of Sarah, a traveller
FRENCHJohn2-Sep1761son of Daniel and Thomasin
FRENCHJohn4-Jan1732/3son of Sarah, a traveller,
FRENCHPhoebe27-Feb1766daughter of Daniel and Thomasin
FRENCHThomas22-Feb1716/7son of Daniel
FRENWITHElizabeth3-Mar1752daughter of John and Sarah
FROGETAnn21-Feb1719/20daughter of John, of Southborough
FROGGETAnn20-Oct1715daughter of Edward
FROGGETAnn25-Oct1766daughter of Elias and Elizabeth
FROGGETEdward3-Nov1717son of Edward of Southborough
FROGGETEdward3-Apr1741son of Edward and Elizabeth
FROGGETEdward11-May1755son of Elias and Elizabeth, [amended father's name]
FROGGETEdward26-Mar1764son of Edward and Sarah
FROGGETElias24-Jan1723/4son of Edward, of Southborough
FROGGETElizabeth19-Jul1747daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
FROGGETGrace11-Jan1759daughter of Elias and Elizabeth
FROGGETKatherine12-Nov1725daughter of Edward
FROGGETMargaret24-Oct1729daughter of Edward
FROGGETMary13-Aug1731daughter of Edward, of Southborough
FROGGETMary6-Apr1760daughter of Elias and Elizabeth
FROGGETSusan1-Apr1753daughter of Elias and Elizabeth, [marginal correction of father's name from Alexander]
FROGGETThomas5-Jul1728son of Edward, of Southborough
FROGGETThomas15-Apr1750son of Elias and Elizabeth, Corrected entry as the name bought to the clerk until 11 Jan 1759 had been Alexander
FROGGETThomas19-Apr1763son of Edward and Sarah
FROGGETThomas24-Mar1744/5son of Edward and Elizabeth
FROGGETWilliam3-Mar1754son of Elizabeth
FROGGETTJohn23-Jan1742/3son of Edward and Mary
FROGGETTMary21-Dec1747daughter of Mary
FROGGETTWilliam26-Dec1739son of Edward and Elizabeth
FUDGEAnn10-Dec1727daughter of Thomas, Excise Man
FUDGEJohn14-Sep1726son of Thomas, Excise man
FULLEREdmund21-Oct1720son of George, Bricklayer
FULLERElizabeth19-Dec1728daughter of George, Labourer
FULLERJohn5-Jul1719son of George junior
FULLERJohn12-Aug1726son of George
FULLERMary19-Feb1723/4daughter of George Junior
FURLONGERAnn10-Feb1743/4daughter of John and Ann
FURLONGERJohn10-Oct1746son of John and Ann
FURLONGERJohn14-Jul1769son of John junior and Jane
FURLONGERMary18-Feb1750/1daughter of John and Ann
GAGEElizabeth14-Feb1747/8daughter of Job and Mary
GAGEWilliam26-Sep1746son of Job and Mary
GALLEYIsabella31-Jan1752daughter of Luke and Ann
GARDINERElizabeth3-May1721daughter of Benjamin, Taylour
GARDINERJemima24-Apr1726daughter of Benjamin, Taylour
GARDINERJohn6-Mar1767son of Stephen and Martha
GARDINERJohn1-Jan1722/3son of Benjamin, Taylour
GARDINERStephen2-Mar1728/9son of Benjamin, Taylour
GARDINERSusanna20-Aug1718daughter of Benjamin, a lodger
GASSONDaniel29-Nov1724son of Richard
GASSONFrances12-Jan1723/4daughter of John
GASSONHenry8-Jul1726son of Richard, Gardiner
GASSONJane5-Nov1729daughter of Richard, Gardiner
GASSONJoseph11-Mar1721/2son of John, Shoemaker
GASSONMary11-Mar1721/2daughter of John, Shoemaker
GASSONSarah2-Aug1724daughter of Daniel
GASTONKatherine13-Aug1727daughter of Richard, Gardiner
GAWSONJane18-Nov1744daughter of William and Mary
GIBBONSElizabeth15-Sep1765daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
GIBBSAnn15-Aug1755daughter of Francis and Elizabeth
GIBBSElizabeth11-May1757daughter of Francis and Elizabeth
GIBBSElizabeth9-Aug1767daughter of Francis and Elizabeth
GIBBSJames3-Nov1759son of Francis and Elizabeth
GIBBSMary6-May1764daughter of Frances and Elizabeth
GIBBSThomas19-Mar1763son of Francis and Elizabeth
GILESAlexander21-May1766son of Margaret
GILESAnn28-Feb1768daughter of Margaret
GILESEdmund27-Jul1764son of John and Elizabeth
GILESElizabeth13-Jan1714/15a bastard child
GILESJames7-Jun1761son of Margaret
GILESJames20-Jan1765bastard son of Margaret
GILESJane 24-Feb1771Norwood, bastard daughter of Margaret
GILESJohn25-Jun1762son of John and Elizabeth
GILESMary27-Nov1763bastard daughter of Margaret
GILLRobert24-Apr1743son of Abraham and Sophia
GLOSTERAnn5-Jul1721daughter of John
GLOSTERJohn23-Mar1714/15son of John
GLOSTERJonas1-Jan1717/18son of John
GLOSTERThomas22-Jul1720son of John
GODSONAnn4-Nov1733daughter of William the Younger, Husbandman
GODSONIsaac8-Nov1730son of William
GOLDWilliam3-Feb1734/5son of William, Gardiner
GOLDINGThomas14-Oct1743John and Christian
GOODALLGeorge4-Feb1753son of Ferdinand and Mary
GOODALLRichard15-Feb1752son of Ferdinand and Mary
GOODCHILDRose13-Jul1735daughter of James, Husbandman
GOODHUGHWilliam3-Feb1754son of William and Mary
GOODWINMary25-Aug1724daughter of Stephe
GOODWINSamuel27-Oct1752son of William and Elizabeth
GOVERElizabeth4-Feb1770daughter of Joseph and Sarah
GOVERJoanna27-Mar1771daughter of Joseph and Sarah
GOVERJohn17-Jan1768son of Joseph and Sarah
GRAINGERAnn13-Dec1763daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth,
GRAINGERElizabeth24-Aug1760daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth
GRAINGERJames31-Jan1756son of James and Mary
GRAINGERJohn 11-Oct1747Ballard, son of Catharine
GRAINGERMary31-Jan1756daughter of James and Mary
GRANGERJohn20-Mar1728/9son of John, Collar-maker
GRANGERKatherine8-Nov1728posthumous daughter of Cristopher
GRANGERPeter20-Mar1728/9son of John, Collar-maker
GRANGERSamuel12-Dec1731son of John, Collar-maker
GRATWICKAaron19-Jul1719son of John, of the Common
GRATWICKAnn21-Jul1717daughter of John of the Common
GRATWICKElizabeth25-Aug1723daughter of John
GRATWICKMoses11-Jun1721son of John
GRAYLINGJoseph7-Apr1765son of Thomas and Mary
GRAYLINGMartha1-Aug1767daughter of Thomas and Mary
GRAYLINGMary6-Jun1766daughter of Thomas and Mary
GRAYLINGPriscilla26-Feb1764daughter of Thomas and Mary
GREATHEADTryphos Fitzherbert5-Jul1771daughter of John and Mary
GREENAnn2-May1755daughter of James and Ann, travellers
GREENAnn18-Feb1742/3daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth
GREENElizabeth21-Jul1745daughter of Josua and Elizabeth
GREENElizabeth24-Nov1765daughter of Richard and Mary
GREENJohn21-Nov1740son of Joshua and Elizabeth
GREENJoshua15-Sep1769son of John and Ann
GREENMary21-Oct1737daughter of Joshua, a Smith
GREENMary4-Jan1768daughter of Richard and Mary
GREENMary13-Sep1771daughter of John and Ann
GREENRichard1-Apr1770son of Richard and Mary
GREENSarah14-Feb1747/8daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth
GREEN Joshua3-Sep1739son of Joshua, a Smith
GREENOGHGeorge16-Apr1732son of Adrian, Excise Officer
GREENOUGHAnn12-Aug1733daughter of Adrian, Excise man
GREENOUGHGrace21-Feb1734/5daughter of Adrian, Exciseman
GREENOUGH Kathrine24-Jun1737daughter of Adrian, Exciseman
GREGORYAnne2-Nov1729daughter of James, Shoemaker
GREGORYElizabeth11-Jul1742daughter of James and Ann
GREGORYMary20-Jun1731daughter of James, Shoemaker
GREGORYSarah12-Dec1736daughter of James, Cordwainer
GROOMBRIDGEAnne28-Feb1723/4daughter of John, of Emsted
GROOMBRIDGEElizabeth5-Feb1719/20daughter of John
GROOMBRIDGEJohn16-Mar1721/2son of John, of Emsted
GULDESamuel19-Jun1737son of William, Gardiner
GUN[N]Mary Campion22-Jan1758daughter of William and Love, quarter master of ye 6 Enniskilling [sic] Regiment of Dragoons
GUTHRYMary17-Mar1738/9an Infant, [entry out of sequence on left hand page]
GUYJane17-Jul1741daughter of Job and Ann
GYLESAnn3-Sep1725daughter of Edmund, Butcher
GYLESChapman4-Apr1721son of Edward, Butcher
GYLESCharles16-Mar1721/2son of Edward, Butcher
GYLESEdmund5-Dec1717son of Edmund, Butcher,
GYLESEdmund20-Oct1727son of Edmund, Butcher
GYLESElizabeth22-Apr1719daughter of Edmund
GYLESFrancis27-Aug1717son of John
GYLESJohn4-Aug1721son of John, of Masons Hill
GYLESMary7-Sep1715daughter of Edmond
GYLESMary27-Dec1728daughter of John, of Southborough
GYLESMary28-Feb1718/19daughter of Joh[n], Blacksmith
GYLESSarah16-May1729daughter of Edmund, Butcher
GYLESSusanna21-Jun1723daughter of Edward, Butcher
GYLESTheophilus4-Mar1723/4son of John, Blacksmith
GYLESThomas9-Feb1752son of Israel and Margaret
GYLESWilliam13-May1760son of Israel and Margaret
HACKThomas7-Feb1723/4son od Nicholas
HALESAnn20-Jul1716daughter of John
HALESElizabeth29-Sep1719daughter of John, of Plaistow
HALESRichard30-Mar1718son of John
HALESWilliam23-Feb1721/2son of John, of Plaistow
HALLAnn8-Aug1742daughter of John and Margaret
HALLAnn19-Dec1756daughter of Henry and Ann
HALLHenry27-May1759son of Henry and Ann
HALLJohn6-Aug1732son of John
HALLMary3-Oct1736daughter of John, Husbandman
HALLMary10-Jan1762daughter of Henry and Ann
HALLRichard18-Sep1755son of Elizabeth
HALLStephen20-Jan1744/5son of Stephen and Elizabeth
HALLThomas29-Mar1734son of John, Husbandman
HALLWilliam18-Dec1747son of Stephen and Elizabeth
HALSOPSarah5-May1738daughter of Thomas, Gardiner
HAMMONDBerkley14-Nov1750son of John and Elizabeth Mary
HAMMONDElizabeth 1-Mar1754Mary, daughter of John and Elizabeth
HAMMONDJohn6-Mar1752son of Elizabeth and Mary
HAMMONDWilliam4-Jul1755son of John and Elizabeth
HAMPMary22-Nov1730daughter of Thomas, from Bromley Common
HANCOCKSarah13-Apr1740daughter of William and Ann
HANSONMercy28-Jan1725/6daughter of Thomas, a Traveller
HARLANDGeorge30-Jan1747/8son of George and Elizabeth
HARMANGeorge11-May1760son of Robert and Ann
HARMANJohn28-Apr1734son of JohnCoachman to Mister GUY
HARRISONElizabeth10-Sep1725daughter of Thomas, Inn Holder
HARRISONJohn25-Jun1731son of Thomas, Vintner
HARRISONThomas25-Sep1728son of Thoomas, gun-holer
HARTFIELDMary28-Jun1761daughter of William and Mary
HARTUMJohn19-Jul1771son of William and Elizabeth
HASELBYElizabeth24-Sep1758daughter of Henry and Mary
HASELBYFrances6-Jul1755Samuel and Ann
HASELBYSamuel8-Sep1760son of Samuel and Ann
HASLOPJames30-Jun1732son of Thomas, Gardiner
HATFIELDJames Hatfield3-Mar1771bastard son of Mary
HAYDONSarah9-Nov1739daughter of James and Elizabeth
HAYELLMary4-Aug1727daughter of John, Farmer
HENTYJane9-May1759daughter of John and Fanny
HEWESJohn21-Apr1731son of John, Gardiner, [see HUGHES elsewhere]
HEYDENElizabeth10-Feb1737/8daughter of James, Peruke maker
HEYDONMary11-Mar1715/16daughter of John
HIGGINSMichael26-Oct1739son of James a traveller
HIGGINSONWilliam8-Jul1752son of William and Elizabeth
HILLAlice4-May1739daughter of John Thomas, Husbandman
HILLAmelia5-Aug1761daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLAnn10-Apr1751daughter of Richard and Jane
HILLAnn22-Mar1758daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLBenjamin28-Oct1739son of Benjamin and Martha
HILLElizabeth26-Jun1748daughter of William and Ann
HILLElizabeth8-Aug1758daughter of Henry and Mary
HILLElizabeth27-Jun1766daughter of William and Elizabeth
HILLFrances27-Jan1762daughter of Richard and Jane
HILLHiram25-Jul1763son of William and Elizabeth
HILLJames23-Mar1745/6son of William and Ann
HILLJane7-Nov1756daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLJane20-Mar1757daughter of Richard and Jane
HILLMartha5-May1765daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLMary13-Sep1724daughter of Aaron
HILLMary26-Jun1745daughter of John Thomas and Elizabeth his wife
HILLMary17-Jul1748daughter of Richard and Jane
HILLMary9-Mar1755daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLMary10-Jul1768daughter of William and Elizabeth
HILLMatilda30-Dec1759daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLRebecca14-Jun1767daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLRichard30-Jan1763son of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLSarah25-May1744daughter of Richard and Jane
HILLSarah12-Nov1752daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLSuan10-Dec1752daughter of Richard and Jane
HILLThomas26-May1734 son of Thomas, Labourer
HILLThomas6-Jan1754son of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLWilliam25-Mar1744son of William and Ann
HILLWilliam15-Aug1764son of William and Elizabeth
HILLWilliam12-Nov1769son of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLDERJohn2-Jul1758son of John and Mary
HILLSAnn7-Apr1725daughter of George, Husbandman of Southborough
HILLSAnn12-Feb1726/7daughter of George, Labourer
HILLSBenjamin1-Aug1742son of Benjamin and Martha
HILLSBetty Beria25-Aug1736daughter of Thomas, of Southborough
HILLSElizabeth4-Jul1735daughter of William, Shoemaker
HILLSJane26-May1724daughter of Richard
HILLSJohn10-May1747son of William and Ann
HILLSJoseph27-Oct1715son of George
HILLSMary22-Nov1719daughter of Richard, of Bromley Common
HILLSMary26-Sep1722daughter of George
HILLSMary13-Mar1732/3daughter of George, Husbandman
HILLSPatience20-Mar1719/20daughter of Richard, of Southborough
HILLSRichard30-Mar1718son of George
HILLSRichard5-Jan1717/18son of Richard
HILLSSarah7-Jan1721/2daughter of Richard, of the Common
HILLSSimon15-Feb1739/40son of William and Ann
HILLSThomas11-Oct1730son of Richard, Labourer
HILLSWilliam29-Nov1745son of Richard and Jane
HILLSWilliam4-Dec1749son of William and Ann
HILLSWilliam12-Feb1726/7son of Richard, Labourer
HILSLEYLewis26-Feb1715/16son of Captain
HILTONJohn24-May1767son of John and Mary
HILTONThomas14-May1769son of John and Mary, labourer
HINDAnn12-Nov1769daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HINDJohn27-May1768Jacob and Sarah
HINDPatty15-Sep1771daughter of Jacob and Sarah
HINDSarah1-Dec1769bastard daughter of Elizabeth
HODGESAnn8-Feb1740/1daughter of William and Mary
HODGESFrancis13-Jan1744/5son of William and Mary
HODGESJohn8-May1743son of William and Mary
HOLDSWORTHAnn29-Jun1755daughter of Charles and Hester
HOLDSWORTHAnn27-Jan1758daughter of Henry and Sarah
HOLDSWORTHMary4-Oct1751daughter of Henry and Sarah
HOLDSWORTHSarah22-Mar1754daughter of Henry and Sarah
HOLLANDMary20-Dec1767daughter of William and Sarah
HOLLANDWilliam22-Dec1765son of William and Sarah
HOLLOWAYThomas14-Feb1731/2son of John, Gardener
HOLMESJohn 8-Jun1766Cosen, son of Elizabeth
HOLTElizabeth1-Nov1719daughter of Edmund, of Southborough
HONEYWOODEleanor9-Nov1766daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
HONEYWOODMary19-Apr1761daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
HONEYWOODRichard15-Oct1762son of Richard and Elizabeth
HONEYWOODSusan4-Nov1764daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
HOOKJoseph11-Sep1743son of [blank] Elizabeth
HOOKMary16-Feb1731/2daughter of Jeremiah, husbandman
HOOKEJohn11-Mar1725/6son of John
HOOKERElizabeth27-Apr1763daughter of John and Sarah
HOOKERJohn27-Oct1754son of John and Sarah
HOOKERThomas13-Mar1757son of John and Sarah
HOOKERWilliam4-May1760son of John and Sarah
HOSKINJames24-Apr1745son of Jeremiah and Sarah
HOSKINSarah18-May1739daughter of Thomas, Bricklayer
HOSKINSAnn20-Nov1724daughter of Thomas, Bricklayer
HOSKINSAnn12-Jun1747daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah
HOSKINSAnn5-Aug1764daughter of Richard and Ann
HOSKINSEdmund5-Feb1728/9son of Thomas, Bricklayer
HOSKINSElizabeth28-Jun1767daughter of Richard and Ann
HOSKINSElizabeth24-Mar1733/4daughter of Thomas, Bricklayer
HOSKINSHannah11-Sep1741daughter of Thomas and Ann
HOSKINSJames13-May1770son of Richard and Ann
HOSKINSJames16-Sep1770son of James and Elizabeth
HOSKINSJohn12-Aug1726son of William
HOSKINSJohn15-Oct1731son of Thomas, Bricklayer
HOSKINSJohn2-May1755son of Edward and Mary
HOSKINSJohn11-Mar1736/7son of Jeremiah, Farmer
HOSKINSMary13-Dec1721daughter of Thomas, Bricklayer
HOSKINSMary23-Mar1766daughter of Richard and Ann
HOSKINSMary26-Mar1732/3daughter of Thomas junior
HOSKINSSamuel18-Oct1752son of Thomas and Susannah
HOSKINSSarah18-Dec1768daughter of James and Elizabeth
HOSKINSSarah2-Mar1738/9daughter of Jeremiah, Farmer
HOSKINSSarah Ann7-Jan1753daughter of Edward and Mary
HOSKINSSusannah13-Nov1741daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah
HOSKINSThomas27-Nov1726son of Thomas, Bricklayer
HOSKINSThomas6-Sep1728son of William, of Southborough.
HOSKINSThomas23-Aug1734son of Thomas junior
HOSKINSThomas21-Dec1736son of Thomas, Bricklayer
HOSKINSWilliam9-Oct1724son of William, Labourer
HOUGHAMHenery9-Sep1741son of Solomon and Lydia
HOUGHAMHenrey15-Dec1742son of Solomon and Lydia
HOUGHAMSarah21-Mar1743/4daughter of Solomon and Lydia
HOUSEJames6-Mar1770son of Alexander and Ann
HOWARDJoseph24-Dec1749son of Francis and Mary
HOWARDMary24-Dec1749daughter of Francis and Mary
HOWARDWilliam28-Nov1746son of Francis and Mary
HUBBARDAnn13-Jun1740daughter of William and Elizabeth, Travellers
HUDSONJohn11-Nov1770son of Richard and Mary
HUDSONRichard29-Apr1764son of Richard and Mary
HUDSONThomas13-Jul1766son of Richard and Mary
HUDSONWilliam10-Jul1768son of Richard and Mary
HUGGETJohn21-Mar1727/8son of John, Glover
HUGGETTAnn5-Feb1726/7daughter of John, Glover
HUGGETTMary7-Mar1728/9daughter of John, Glover
HUGHESAnn16-Feb1734/5daughter of John, Gardiner
HUGHESBenjamin25-Feb1732/3son of John, Gardiner
HUGHESElizabeth30-Sep1739daughter of John and Ann
HUGHESJane17-Jul1757daughter of Robert and Jane
HUGHESJohn8-Jun1764son of Robert and Jane
HUGHESMary21-Nov1736daughter of John, Gardiner
HUGHESRichard26-Oct1760son of Robert and Jane
HUGHESRobert22-Oct1758son of Robert and Jane
HUGHESWilliam11-Apr1762son of Robert and Jane
HUMFREYSElizabeth16-Jun1723daughter of William
HUMFREYSElizabeth22-Feb1729/30daughter of Henry, Labourer, [see HUMPHRYS elsewhere]
HUMFREYSRobert16-Nov1729son of William, Labourer
HUMFREYSThomas22-May1726son of William, Labourer
HUMFREYSThomas18-Feb1732/3son of Henry, of Plastow
HUMFRYSJohn2-Dec1716son of John
HUMFRYSMary12-May1728daughter of John, labourer
HUMPHEYSWilliam25-Jun1721son of William
HUMPHREYElizabeth28-Jul1745daughter of Elizabeth
HUMPHREYWilliam16-May1756son of Thomas and Elizabeth, [see HUMPHRIES elsewhere in register]
HUMPHREYSAnn8-Jul1723daughter of John
HUMPHREYSAnne8-Jun1722daughter of William
HUMPHREYSCharles Board7-Oct1753son of Frances
HUMPHREYSEdward6-Nov1757son of Thomas and Elizabeth
HUMPHREYSElizabeth2-Jul1721daughter of John
HUMPHREYSHannah23-Sep1764daughter of Richard and Hannah
HUMPHREYSJames22-Mar1767son of Richard and Susannah
HUMPHREYSJohn4-Oct1768son of Richard and Hannah
HUMPHREYSMary8-Jun1722daughter of William
HUMPHREYSMary23-May1725daughter of John, Labourer
HUMPHREYSMary19-Dec1725daughter of Henry, Labourer
HUMPHREYSRichard27-Apr1740son of Henry and Margaret
HUMPHREYSRichard9-Sep1765son of Richard and Hannah
HUMPHREYSRichard25-Feb1770son of Richard and Hannah
HUMPHREYSThomas3-Apr1720son of John
HUMPHREYSThomas29-Sep1771son of Richard and Mary
HUMPHREYSThomas7-Mar1724/5son of William, Labourer
HUMPHREYSWilliam13-Apr1735son of Henry, of Plaistow
HUMPHREYSWilliam18-May1766son of Richard and Hannah
HUMPHREYSWilliam6-Feb1742/3son of Elizabeth, Base born
HUMPHRYEdmund11-Dec1737son of Henry, Husbandman
HUMPHRYFrances29-Apr1733daughter of William, Labourer
HUMPHRYMary28-Feb1730/1daughter of Henry, Labourer
HUMPHRYSAnn28-Sep1746daughter of Henry and Margaret
HUMPHRYSAnn6-Apr1760daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
HUMPHRYSDinah4-Apr1731daughter of William, Labourer
HUMPHRYSJohn25-Jun1727son of Henry, Labourer
HUMPHRYSJoseph14-Aug1743son of Henery and Margaret
HYDEAnne11-Jan1726/7daughter of Richard, Husbandman
HYDEMary21-May1725daughter of Richard, Labourer
INGHRAMJohn2-May1715son of William
INGRAMMary15-Sep1717daughter of William a Sawyer
INGRAMWilliam24-Jul1720son of William
INNOCENTJane3-Mar1748/9daughter of John and Elizabeth
ISACKAnn27-Feb1717/18dughter of Joseph
ISTEDMary30-Dec1716daughter of Samuel, cooper
ISTEDWilliam12-Jun1718son of Samuel, Cooper
IVYBURNEElizabeth18-Jan1726/7daughter of John, Millar[sic]
IZZARDThomas9-Jan1725/6son of William, Labourer
IZZARDWilliam7-Sep1722son of William
JACKSONEdward19-Apr1716son of a travelling woman
JAMESONElizabeth9-Dec1765daughter of Jasper and Mary
JAMESONWilliam3-Apr1770son of Jasper and Mary
JAMESONWilliam17-Nov1771son of Jasper and Mary
JEFFRachel13-Mar1719/20daughter of William, Siversmith
JEFFERYSElizabeth5-Nov1769daughter of Henry and Elizabeth
JENNAWAYElizabeth24-Apr1748daughter of William and Elizabeth
JENNAWAYElizabeth12-Feb1726/7daughter of William, Labourer
JENNAWAYIsaac23-Feb1749/50son of William and Elizabeth
JENNAWAYWilliam26-May1724son of William
JESSOPAnn20-Apr1770daughter of George and Martha
JESSOPElizabeth5-Apr1769daughter of George and Martha
JESSUPMary11-Aug1751daughter of Stephen and Mary
JOANESDiaper19-Jun1724daughter of John, Barber
JOANESMary26-Mar1722daughter of John, Barber
JOANESMichal10-Apr1720daughter of John, of Bromley;Barber
JOANSJames12-Mar1720/1son of James
JOANSThomas30-Sep1715son of John, seaman
JOHNSONAnn10-Sep1718daughter of Anthony
JOHNSONJames24-May1716son of Anthony
JOHNSONMary28-Feb1719/20daughter of Anthony
JOHNSONSamuel26-May1724son of Anthony, Shopkeeper
JOHNSONSarah24-Jun1722daughter of Anthony
JOHNSONWilliam4-Dec1762son of Jonas and Martha
JONESAnn28-Mar1742daughter of Ann, a traveller
JONESHenry8-May1754son of Henry and Hannah
JONESMary11-Aug1742daughter of Thomas and Mary
JONESNathaniel1-Apr1726son of John, Barber
JUDGEKatherine13-Dec1724daughter of Thomas
JUKESElizabeth4-Nov1757daughter of William and Elizabeth
JUKESWilliam26-May1760son of William and Elizabeth
KELLEYChristopher2-Sep1770son of John and Margaret
KELLYAnn28-Feb1768daughter of John and Margaret, marginal entry "John KELLY and Margaret GILES were married as it has since appeared privately at Saint Margaret's Westminster 12 October 1767"
KENTFIELDMartha11-Dec1768daughter of John and Dorcas
KENTFIELDMartha27-Oct1771daughter ofJohn and Dorcas
KENTFIELDMary22-Mar1767daughter of John and Dorcas
KENTFIELDRebecca19-Jan1766daughter of John and Dorcas
KENTFIELDSarah14-Nov1769daughter of John and Dorcas
KENTFIELDSarah18-Nov1770daughter of John and Dorcas
KERBYRichard26-Sep1733son of John, Clocksmith
KERNELSarah18-May1738daughter of John, a Gardiner
KINGAlice4-Feb1759daughter of John and Mary
KINGAnn22-Apr1737daughter of Edward, Barrister at Law
KINGAnn26-Sep1756daughter of John and Mary
KINGAnne22-Aug1729daughter of Edward, Esquire
KINGArnold14-Jul1732son of Edward
KINGBarbara7-Apr1747daughter of John and Mary
KINGEdward29-Dec1733son of Edward, Esquire
KINGEdward15-Feb1734/5son of Edward, Barrister-at-Law
KINGJohn17-Oct1736son of John, of Hayes Ford
KINGJohn6-Jan1762son of Edmund and Susannah
KINGJohn3-Sep1766son of Arnold and Mary
KINGMary20-Jun1731daughter of Edward King, Esquire of Milk Street
KINGMary17-Dec1738daughter of John, of Hayes Ford
KINGMary9-Feb1764daughter of Arnold and Mary
KINGMary22-Oct1769daughter of James and Mary
KINGSarah10-Aug1768daughter of Arnold and Mary
KINGSarah22-Oct1769daughter of Edmund and Susannah
KINGSusannah13-Jan1739/40daughter of John and Mary
KINGSWOODJacob18-Apr1755son of Samuel and Mary
KIRBYAnn23-Dec1753daughter of John and Ann
KIRBYCecilia13-Oct1749daughter of John and Ann
KIRBYJohn11-Jan1750/1son of John and Ann
KIRBYMary6-Jul1743a Black
KIRBYThomas11-Nov1757son of John and Ann
KNIGHTMary Ann30-Dec1757daughter of George and Mary
KNIGHTPeter29-Nov1758son of George and Mary
KNIGHTRebecca15-Nov1759daughter of George and Mary
KNOWLESHumphrey4-Nov1761son of Joseph and Mary
KNOWLESMary30-Oct1759daughter of Joseph and Mary
KNOWLESSusanna30-Oct1763daughter of Joseph and Mary
KNOWLESWilliam9-Dec1767son of Joseph and Mary
LA[W]RENCEAnn4-Oct1715daughter of Thomas
LAMBERTJohn17-Feb1758son of William and Sarah
LANCASTERAnn2-Dec1747daughter of Edward and Frances
LANESusanna White8-Apr1770daughter of William and Henrietta
LASCO[E]Thomas2-Nov1715son of Thomas
LASCOEAnn22-May1719daughter of Thomas, Covarmaker
LASHFOOTSarah17-Mar1756daughter of John and Elizabeth
LATTER[blank]6-Jan1726/7son of a travelling woman
LATTERAnn26-Oct1766daughter of Edward and Ann
LATTERCharles3-Jan1770son of Edward and Ann
LATTEREdward30-Jan1763Edward and Ann
LATTEREdward25-Nov1764son of Edward and Ann
LATTERSimon9-Apr1768son of Edward and Ann
LAUGHRANEJohn26-May1725son of John, [surname entry corrected]
LAURENCEElizabeth20-Jun1720daughter of William
LAWFULMary30-Nov1744daughter of Ralph and Mary
LAWFULMary7-Aug1754daughter of Ralph and Mary
LAWFULSusanna24-Mar1771daughter of Ralph and Elizabeth
LAWFULLBenjamin7-Mar1741/2son of Ralph and Mary
LAWFULLIsaac3-Jul1763son of Ralph and Mary
LAWFULLLucy2-Oct1757daughter of Ralph and Mary
LAWFULLRebecca5-Mar1745/6daughter of Ralph and Mary.
LAWFULLSelena6-Apr1760daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
LAWFULLSusanna2-Feb1756daughter of Ralph and Mary
LAWRENCEMary5-Nov1716daughter of Thomas
LAWSONBarbara15-Mar1735/6daughter of William, Barber
LEEAnn17-Jul1767daughter of Bartholomew and Sarah
LEEBartholomew13-Nov1768son of Bartholomew and Sarah
LEEElizabeth20-Mar1765daughter of Bartholomew and Sarah
LEESarah17-Jul1767daughter of Bartholomew and Sarah
LEEThomas28-Apr1765bastard son of Susanna
LEIGHMary27-Nov1720daughter of John
LENNARD[blank]18-Nov1763son of Thomas and Mary Brown, [marginal note reads Lennard ye name given here is the surname of a family]
LEONARDElizabeth4-Aug1765daughter of John and Rebecca
LEONARDSarah20-Jun1771daughter of John and Rebecca
LESLIEAnn28-Jul1765daughter of Alexander and Mary
LESLIEMary2-Mar1768daughter of Alexander and Mary
LEWISAnn11-Jul1762daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth
LEWISAnn21-Aug1768daughter of Robert and Susanna
LEWISDaniel27-Aug1723son of Henry
LEWISDaniel16-Aug1767son of Daniel and Elizabeth
LEWISElizabeth10-Sep1721daughter of Henry
LEWISElizabeth4-Jan1761daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth
LEWISFrances22-Sep1754daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth
LEWISGeorge10-Apr1765son of Daniel and Elizabeth
LEWISHenry3-Apr1726son of Henry, Labourer
LEWISJames17-Oct1756son of Daniel and Elizabeth
LEWISMary26-Nov1749daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth
LEWISSarah11-Dec1724daughter of Henry
LEWISSusanna29-Mar1767daughter of Robert and Susanna
LEWISWilliam25-May1724son of Mary, a Bastard
LEWISWilliam31-Dec1758son of Daniel and Elizabeth
LILOITMargaret3-Sep1766daughter of Richard and Margaret
LIMBERJane17-Jun1720daughter of William
LIMBURGHRandolph9-Apr1725son of William
LINNSarah9-Nov1744daughter of John and Rebecca
LOCKJames19-Feb1748/9son of John and Sarah
LONGWilliam24-Feb1769son of John and Sarah
LONGBOTHAMGrace9-Apr1758daughter of William and Mary, Farrier in ye Enniskilling [sic] Regiment of Dragoons
LORDElizabeth28-May1762daughter of John and Mary
LOVELCharlotte7-Aug1767daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
LOVEWELLElizabeth25-Sep1747daughter of John and Elizabeth, a gypsy, [surname intended is LOVEL]
LOVEWELLPamella21-Feb1741/2daughter of William and Mary, Travellers
LUCASAnn9-Jun1721daughter of John, of Masons Hill
LUCASCharles Sep1725son of John, Wheeler
LUCASElizabeth22-Aug1718the daughter of John
LUCASElizabeth10-Aug1746daughter of Jonathan and Mary
LUCASElizabeth16-Aug1752John and Sarah
LUCASElizabeth18-Feb1770daughter of John and Mary
LUCASElizabeth18-Feb1770daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth
LUCASElizabeth12-Jan1727/8daughter of John, of Masons Hill
LUCASFrancis24-Jun1716daughter of John, [wheelwright] of Masons Hill
LUCASJames9-May1757son of John and Sarah
LUCASJane 22-Apr1766Steel, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth
LUCASJohn7-Nov1740son of Jonathan and Mary
LUCASJohn18-Oct1747son of John and Sarah
LUCASJohn13-Nov1768son of John and Mary
LUCASJonathan8-Jun1743son of Jonathan and Mary
LUCASJonathan8-Jul1743son of Jonathan and Mary
LUCASJonathan17-Jan1768son of Jonathan and Elizabeth
LUCASMargaret15-Dec1749daughter of Jonathan and Mary
LUCASMary15-Dec1749daughter of Jonathan and Mary
LUCASMary1-Jul1767daughter of John and Mary
LUCASMaurice William7-Jun1723son of John
LUCASRichard15-Dec1719son of John, of Masons Hill
LUCASRichard9-May1757son of John and Sarah
LUCASSarah30-May1755daughter of John and Sarah
LUCASSarah22-Sep1771daughter of John and Mary
LUCASThomas24-Jun1750son of John and Sarah
LUCASThomas25-Mar1753son of Jonathan and Mary
LUCASThomasin2-Sep1757daughter of Jonathan and Mary
LUCASWilliam3-Jun1744son of John and Sarah
LYNNAnn14-Nov1740daughter of John and Rebeccah
LYNNElizabeth13-Aug1738daughter of John, Barber
MACEJane15-Sep1749daughter of John and Martha
MACERobert31-Mar1753son of John and Martha
MACEThomas1-Jan1745/6son of John and Martha
MACKARILLJames31-Aug1766son of James and Elizabeth
MACKARILLJames28-Feb1768son of James and Elizabeth
MACKARILLMary31-Aug1766daughter of James and Elizabeth
MacKAYAlice14-Feb1747/8daughter of John and Jane, a soldier
MAIDMANTJames30-Jun1756son of James and Elizabeth
MAKELINJane24-Nov1727daughter of John, Distiller
MALLABURNJohn14-Jan1749/50son of John and Isabael, a soldier belonging to ye Regiment of Scotch Fusiliers
MALSTERAnn24-Feb1718/19the wife of Samuel, of Woolwich
MANDLEYElizabeth16-Dec1753daughter of James and Elizabeth
MANDLEYJames10-Jun1755son of James and Elizabeth
MANDLEYJohn1-Feb1746/7son of James and Elizabeth
MANDLEYSamuel17-Apr1748son of James and Elizabeth
MANTLEAnn4-Jun1727daughter of John, of Bromley
MANTLEAnn9-May1762daughter of John and Ann
MANTLEAnne21-Dec1718daughter of William, a Taylour
MANTLEBasdem6-Jan1750/1son of Jane
MANTLEFrancis12-May1728son of John
MANTLEGeorge20-Aug1732son of John, Labourer
MANTLEGilbert8-Nov1735son of Thomas, Barber
MANTLEJane20-May1730daughter of John, Husbandman of Milk Street
MANTLEJane16-Oct1757daughter of John and Ann
MANTLEJohn5-Jun1723son of Thomas
MANTLEJohn13-Oct1734son of John
MANTLEJohn12-Aug1759son of John and Ann
MANTLEMartin9-Jan1736/7son of John, Husbandman
MANTLEMary2-Sep1720daughter of William
MANTLESarah14-Dec1736daughter of Thomas, Cordwainer
MANTONSamuel5-Apr1747son of Samuel and Mary
MARCHAMAnn4-Sep1741daughter of James and Ann
MARDENAnn10-Jun1763daughter of Richard and Ann
MARDENElizabeth15-Oct1721daughter of Richard
MARDENElizabeth9-Jun1760daughter of Richard and Ann
MARDENEsther23-Jan1729/30daughter of Richard, Sawyer
MARDENIsabel19-Jun1771daughter of John and Ann
MARDENJohn28-Oct1733son of Richard, Sawyer
MARDENJohn18-May1763son of John and Ann
MARDENMary8-Jan1723/4daughter of Richard, Sawyer
MARDENRichard22-Aug1725son of Richard, Sawyer, [amended and corrected entry;marginal note]
MARDENRichard7-May1727son of Richard
MARDENThomas21-May1769son of John and Ann, sawyer
MARDENWilliam25-Apr1766son of John and Ann
MARDEN Susannah 25-Jul1737daughter of Richard, Sawyer
MARESThomas21-Sep1718son of Thomas, of Southborough
MARGETTSMary4-Apr1736daughter of Charles, Husbandman
MARGETTSThomas14-Oct1737son of Charles, Husbandman
MARSHALLJames29-Nov1747son of William and Mary
MARSHALLJames29-Nov1747son of William and Mary, soldier in the Cholmondely Regiment
MARTINAnn11-Nov1720daughter of Robert
MARTINElizabeth25-Feb1749/50daughter of John and Elizabeth
MARTINEsther13-Apr1718daughter of Samuel
MARTINFrances1-Mar1752daughter of John and Elizabeth
MARTINJohn17-Nov1717son of Robert
MARTINJohn15-Oct1725son of Robert
MARTINJohn22-May1748son of John and Elizabeth
MARTINMartha16-May1762daughter of John and Elizabeth
MARTINMary17-May1723daughter of Robert
MARTINMary10-Jun1753daughter of John and Elizabeth
MARTINMary2-Sep1760daughter of John and Elizabeth
MARTINRobert16-Mar1715/16son of Robert
MARTINSarah20-Oct1758daughter of John and Elizabeth
MARTINThomas9-Jun1749son of Thomas and Ruth
MASCOMary22-Dec1728the daughter of Mary, a Bastard child
MASCOMary16-May1736daughter of John the younger
MASCOPenelope23-Jun1725daughter of John
MASCOWilliam26-Aug1733son of John junior, Husbandman
MASCOEAnn2-Oct1743daughter of John and Ann
MASCOEAnn25-Apr1764daughter of William and Mary
MASCOEElizabeth4-May1746daughter of John and Ann
MASCOEElizabeth8-Feb1761daughter of William and Mary
MASCOEFrances12-Feb1726/7daughter of John, Ale-House keeper
MASCOEJohn3-May1741son of John and Ann
MASCOEJohn6-Dec1767son of William and Mary
MASCOEJoseph1-Dec1751son of John and Ann
MASCOEJoseph23-Dec1770son of William and Mary
MASCOELucas19-Mar1730/1son of John, from Bromley Common
MASCOEMartha30-Mar1755daughter of John and Ann
MASCOEMary30-Sep1759daughter of William and Mary
MASCOESarah19-Mar1748/9daughter of John and Ann
MASONAnn6-Mar1725/6daughter of Thomas, Gardiner
MASONAnne7-Apr1728daughter of John, Gardiner of Plastow
MASONChristopher16-Apr1734son of Thomas, Gardiner
MASONEllinor15-Aug1731daughter of Thomas, Gardiner
MASONJohn26-Jun1719son of Charles, a Traveller
MASONRichard29-Jul1753son of Richard and Ann
MATTHEWSMary30-Jul1769daughter of William and Hussey
MATTHEWSWilliam20-Sep1770son of William and Hussey
MATTHISJames12-Oct1755son of James and Elizabeth, a Soldier in Captain FISDALE's Company of Buffs
MayAnn25-Aug1717daughter of John
MayAnn11-Jan1761daughter of John and Jane
MayElizabeth21-Mar1764daughter of John and Jane
MayHenry6-Feb1763son of John and Jane
MayJane18-Apr1759daughter of John and Jane
MayJohn26-May1722son of John, Baker
MayJohn16-Jun1754son of John and Jane
MayJohn28-Feb1719/20son of John, a baker
MayRichard22-Sep1756son of John and Jane
MayThomas5-Mar1766son of John and Jane
MayWilliam16-Apr1758son of John and Jane
MEADRichard13-Jul1720a bastard
MEAKESEdward9-Oct1716son of Edward
MEAKSMary30-Nov1718daughter of Edward, Gardener
MEEKEWilliam Ingram16-Sep1754son of Francis and Theodore
MEERSMary14-Feb1723/4daughter of Thomas, Gardiner [sic]
MEPSTENSamuel8-Jun1753son of Edward and Alice
MEPSTONEMartha14-Sep1755daughter of Edward and Alice
MEREDITHAlice19-Dec1716daughter of Abraham
MERRYDITHThomas17-Jul1741son of Abraham and Ann
MERYDETHSarah12-Oct1744daughter of Abraham and Ann
MERYDITHElijah4-May1753son of William and Elizabeth
MIDDLETONMartha20-Sep1767daughter of John and Hannah, Travellers
MILESHenry30-Apr1769son of Henry and Ann
MILESMary12-Apr1752daughter of of Thomas and Ann
MILESMary Hormsby16-Apr1738daughter of John, Glazier
MILESThomas25-Oct1749son of Thomas and Mary
MILLARAnne30-Sep1722daughter of John
MILLENJohn27-Jan1769son of Samuel and Mary
MILLERMartha3-May1738daughter of John, Shoemaker
MILLERMary12-Jun1767daughter of Samuel and Mary
MILLERRichard12-Sep1736son of John, Cord-maker
MILLINGAnn13-Nov1764daughter of Samuel and Mary
MILLINGJames21-Jun1749son of William and Margery
MILLSRobert Hornsby11-Aug1739son of John and Mary
MILLSWilliam20-Aug1760son of William and Elizabeth
MITCHELJane19-Oct1755daughter of John and Jane, a corporal in Captain FISDALE's Company of Buffs
MITCHELMary31-Dec1737daughter of Matthias, Gardiner
MONFORDMary3-Oct1725daughter of Thomas
MOORMinchin24-Dec1742daughter of Ann, Bastard
MOORWilliam16-Jun1723son of George
MOORWilliam24-Dec1742son of Ann, Bastard
MOREIsaac9-Oct1737son of Isaac, Woodman
MOREHAMDavid31 Apr1751son of James and Ann
MOREHAMEleanor18-Sep1748daughter of James and Ann
MOREHAMFrances17-Oct1756daughter of James and Ann, [see MORUM elsewhere in register]
MOREHAMJames18-Apr1744son of James and Ann
MOREHAMJames12-May1771son of James and Sarah
MOREHAMSamuel26-Mar1769son of James and Sarah, [see MORUM elsewhere in register]
MOREHAMWilliam11-Nov1753son of James and Ann, [see MORUM elsewhere in register]
MOREHAMWinifrid20-Sep1745daughter of James and Ann
MORIESAnn23-Nov1716bastard child, [attempt at MORRICE elsewhere]
MORRIESThomas20-Feb1718/19son of John
MORRISPhoebe22-Oct1769son of Samuel and Elizabeth
MORRISPhoebe Smith7-Feb1768daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
MORRISSMary22-Jun1766daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
MORTIMERAnn29-Nov1747daughter of George and Margaret, soldier in the Cholmondely Regiment
MORUM Marum12-Nov1738daughter of James, [amended date entry from 10 to 12]
MOSESRachel5-Nov1738daughter of John, a Husbandman
MUCKRIDGEElizabeth27-Dec1742daughter of John and Elizabeth, [probably recorded for MUGRIDGE as what was heard as surname]
MUGGERIDGESarah12-Feb1737/8daughter of John, Cordwainer
MUGGRIDGEJane17-Oct1745daughter of John and Elizabeth
MUGGRIDGEMartha7-Mar1739/40daughter of John and Elizabeth
MUGGRIDGESamuel25-Mar1727son of John, Shoemaker
MUGRIDGEElizabeth31-Jul1748daughter of John and Elizabeth
MUMFORDAnn26-Apr1730daughter of Thomas
MUMFORDEdward26-Dec1731son of Thomas, Shoemaker
MUMFORDThomas14-Nov1733son of Thomas, Shoemaker
MUMFORDTurner15-Oct1736son of Thomas, Cordwainer
MUMFORDWaldron6-Nov1726son of Thomas, Shoemaker
MUSGRAVEWilliam6-Oct1725son of William
NIBBSElizabeth19-Apr1741daughter of John and Katherine
NIBBSJohn27-Nov1747son of John and Catharine
NIBBSJohn23-Feb1749/50son of John and Margaret
NIBBSMary1-Nov1752daughter of Ann
NIBSAnn17-May1730daughter of Audrey, of Emsted;a Bastard
NIBSJohn20-Apr1716son of John of Elmsted
NIBSMary2-Apr1721daughter of John, of Emsted
NORMANGeorge18-Jul1756son of James and Henrietta Normand, Gent[leman] of Bromley Common
NORMANRichard15-Jan1759son of James and Henrietta, Gent[leman] of Bromley Common
NORMANSophia3-Jun1752daughter of Willet and Elizabeth
NORTHElizabeth23-Nov1733daughter of John, a Sheppherd [sic]
NORTHJames14-Dec1740son of John and Mary
NORTHJohn22-Nov1730son of John, a Shepherd
NORTHMary27-Aug1727daughter of John, Labourer
NORTHMoses13-Mar1736/7son of John, Shepherd
NORTHSarah23-Apr1738daughter of John, a Shepherd
NYECharles24-Jun1719son of Thomas
NYEJames11-Jan1735/6son of Thomas, Collier
NYEJane 5-Apr1717the daughter of Thomas
NYEMercy21-Nov1722daughter of Thomas, Baker
NYETabitha11-Jul1725posthumous daughter of Thomas, Baker
OBEEEdward8-Mar1767son of William and Sarah
OBEEJames9-Sep1770son of William and Sarah
OBEEMary24-Nov1765daughter of William and Sarah
OBEESamuel14-Feb1762son of William and Sarah
OBEESarah22-Feb1764daughter of William and Sarah
OBEEWilliam1-Jan1769son of William and Sarah
OBEE spelled OBEYMary2-Mar1728/9daughter of Edward, Labourer
OBEYWilliam20-Sep1719son of Joseph, Gardener, [see OBEE elsewhwere]
OBYSarah31-Jan1723/4daughter of Joseph, Gardiner [sic]
OBYSusanna21-Jan1725/6daughter of Joseph
OLIVEJames2-Dec1759son of Thomas and Sarah
OLIVEKitty Ann16-Aug1761daughter of Thomas and Sarah
OLIVEThomas6-Jan1758son of Thomas and Sarah
ONWINJohn21-Aug1748Edmund and Rose
ONWINMartha2-May1750daughter of Edward and Love
OUTRI[D]GE [OUTRAGE]Mary16-Sep1731daughter of Thomas, Husbandman
OUTRIDGEElizabeth26-Jan1734/5daughter of thomas, Husbandman
OUTRIDGEThomas10-Nov1742son of Ann, base born
OUTTRIMElizabeth2-Jan1761daughter of Elizabeth
OVERTONAnn11-Nov1763daughter of Richard and Ann
OVERTONElizabeth29-Dec1767daughter of Richard and Ann
OVERTONJohn27-Oct1771son of Richard and Ann
OVERTONRichard12-Sep1762son of Richard and Ann
OVERTONRichard1-Feb1735/6son of John, Cowper [sic]
OVINGTONElizabeth 19-May1717the daughter of Thomas
OVINGTONJames13-Dec1730son of John, Cowper [sic]
OVINGTONJane10-Nov1732daughter of John, a dry Cooper
OXENBRIDGEFrancis19-Sep1755son of Jane
OXENBRIDGEJames23-Feb1749/50son of Jane
OXENBRIDGEJane29-Jan1716/7daughter of Samuel
PACKWOODAnn14-Jul1751daughter of George and Mary
PACKWOODElizabeth29-Jul1739daughter of George, Husbandman
PACKWOODEsther19-Jul1747daughter of George and Mary
PACKWOODGeorge20-Apr1742son of George and Mary
PACKWOODJohn22-Jul1744son of George and Mary
PACKWOODWilliam28-May1749son of George and Mary
PAGEMary14-Sep1739daughter of John and Elizabeth his wife
PAINMary31-Dec1749daughter of Elizabeth
PAINThomas8-Jul1726son of Thomas, Gardiner
PAL[L]FREYCharles25-Nov1743son of Abraham and Mary, [corrected entry by Reverend Bagshaw Curate 14 July 1745]
PAM[M]Christian28-Aug1730daughter of Thomas, Gardiner
PAMMAnn28-Jul1727daughter of Thomas, Gardiner
PARDYJohn4-May1733son of John, Husbandman
PARDYWilliam4-May1733son of John, Husbandman
PARKERChristopher2-Aug1728son of Christofer, Servant to Mister STYLES
PARKERElizabeth21-May1732daughter of Christopher
PARKERMary17-Apr1730daughter of Christopher
PARKINElizabeth6-Nov1761daughter of William and Mary
PARKINSSarah15-Jan1764daughter of William and Mary
PARSONSGeorge21-Jul1766son of Samuel and Mary
PASCOMary25-Mar1739daughter of Richard junior
PAYNEAnn8-Jul1723daughter of John
PAYNEAnne3-Jan1724/5daughter of John, Woodman
PAYNEAnne5-Jan1728/9daughter of John, Carpenter
PAYNEElizabeth1-Jan1726/7daughter of John, Carpenter
PAYNEElizabeth24-Jan1728/9daughter of John, Woodman
PAYNEJohn27-Jun1721son of John
PAYNEJohn16-Apr1723son of John, Woodman
PAYNEJoseph24-Mar1726/7son of John, Woodman
PAYNEMariana10-Oct1731daughter of John PAYNE, Carpenter
PAYNEMary24-Mar1726/7daughter of John, Woodman
PAYNEWilliam27-Jun1721son of John
PEAKEAlice8-Jun1731daughter of Joseph, Vintner
PEARCEMary28-Jun1730daughter of Theophilus, of Bromley Common
PEARMANJohn28-Apr1725son of John, Labourer
PEARMANMary14-Jul1728daughter of John, Collier
PECKETMary9-Nov1719daughter of John, of Bromley Common
PECKWOODKatherine4-Nov1733daughter of George, Labourer
PECKWOODMary1-Jun1735daughter of George, of Wigmore
PECKWOODMary8-Mar1730/1a Bastard
PECKWOODRebecca6-Feb1731/2daughter of George, Widmore
PEIRCESarah28-Jan1727/8daughter of Theophilus, Labourer
PEKEAlice12-May1734daughter of Joseph, Vintner
PELLINGAnn24-Jun1770daughter of Benjamin and Mary
PELLINGAnn12-Aug1770daugher of William and Alice
PELLINGMartha26-May1765daughter of William and Alice
PELLINGMary11-Jun1769daughter of Benjamin and Mary, carpenter at Mister STAPLES
PELLINGWilliam8-Jan1764son of Thomas and Alice
PEMBERCharles9-Oct1720son of Luke
PEMBERJane15-Dec1723daughter of Luke
PEMBERLuke24-Jun1715son of Luke
PEMBERWilliam 28-Mar1718son of Luke
PENFOLDAnn12-Nov1752daughter of James and Ann
PENFOLDMary27-Jul1755daughter of James and Mary
PENFOLDSarah29-Jan1758daughter of James and Mary
PENTONGeorge5-Jan1745/6son of Peter and Mary, Sergeant now quartered here
PERCIVALMary18-Sep1748daughter of Mary
PERKINSJohn 7-May1769Wakeling, son of Edmund and Mary, bricklayer
PERKINSMary23-Aug1724daughter of William, a traveller
PERTSarah18-Aug1728daughter of Sarah, a Bastard child
PETERElizabeth7-May1746daughter of Jane
PETERJohn6-Dec1747son of Jane
PETERSMary29-Dec1716daughter of Robert, bricklayer
PETERSSarah5-Jun1719daughter of Robert, Bricklayer
PETERSWilliam12-Oct1740son of jane, a Bastard child
PETITAnn13-Apr1716daughter of Mister Robert of Elmsted
PETITElizabeth12-Jul1719daughter of Robert, of Emsted, [surname elsewhere is PETTY]
PHILIPSCharles7-Jan1718/19son of Richard
PHILIPSEvans17-Nov1741son of Charles and Ann
PHILIPSGeorge5-Apr1767son of John and Sarah
PHILIPSJames30-Sep1734son of John, Farmer of Plaistow
PHILIPSJane25-May1720daughter of Thomas
PHILIPSJohn3-May1738son of Charles, Husbandman
PHILIPSMary21-May1769daughter of John and Sarah, labourer
PHILIPSSarah15-May1720daughter of John
PHILIPSThomas30-Sep1734son of Richard, of Milk Street
PHILIPSThomas18-Jul1736son of Charles, Labourer
PHILIPSWilliam3-Nov1723son of Richard, of Logs Hill
PHILIPSWilliam6-Apr1729son of Richard, Labourer
PHILLIPSAnn6-Mar1714/15daughter of Thomas
PHILLIPSMary22-Apr1753daughter of John and Sarah
PIDGEONRichard19-Nov1732son of Thomas, Husbandman
PIDGEONRichard24-Feb1734/5son of Thomas
PIGGIONMary23-May1739daughter of Thomas, Husbandman
PIGGOTSarah30-Jan1717/18the daughter of William
PIGOTMartha27-Jul1722daughter of John
PINFOLDElizabeth5-Jun1763daughter of James and Ann
PIPPETMary Ann13-Dec1767daughter of Isaac and Mary
PIPPETThomas 22-Jun1766Susannah, son of Isaac and Mary
PITSAnn15-Oct1721daughter of Jacob
PITSDinah12-Apr1726daughter of Jacob, Seaman
PLESTOWHannah4-Jun1760daughter of Samuel and Sarah
PLESTOWRebecca20-Mar1757daughter of Samuel and Sarah
PLESTOWSamuel22-Oct1758son of Samuel and Sarah
POCKNALLThomas24-Apr1747son of Thomas and Mary
POINTERJohn26-May1728son of William, Labourer of Emfield
POINTERWilliam17-Aug1735son of William, of Emsted
POLEJohn11-Apr1756son of William and Catherine, a soldier in Lord Loader's Regiment
POLHILLRobert17-Oct1737son of David Collins, Attorney at Law
POOKJohn26-Apr1751son of John and Mary
POOKMary12-Jan1749/50daughter of John and Mary
POOKWilliam26-Feb1763son of William and Deborah
POOKWilliam10-Jun1764son of William and Deborah
POOKEMary31-Oct1733daughter of Simon, servant to Mister HIND
POOKEMary19-May1748daughter of John and Mary
POOKEWilliam30-Nov1735son of Simon, Farmer
POOKEWilliam10-Mar1756son of John and Mary
POOLERichard3-Jun1764son of Richard and Mary
POPEJohn30-Nov1750son of James and Margaret, a soldier quartered here of Lord ANCRAM's Regiment and Camping
POWELAnn8-Jan1736/7daughter of John, Husbandman
POWELElizabeth14-May1742daughter of John and Gertrude
POWELJohn15-Mar1744/5son of John and Gertrude
POWELLGeorge20-Mar1752son of John and Gertrude
POWELLJames27-Jul1755son of George and Mary
POWELLMaria19-Dec1746daughter of John and Gertrude
POWELLRobert23-Sep1753son of George and Mary
POWELLRose1-Jun1739daughter of John, Brickmaker
POWELLThomasin6-Oct1754daughter of John and Gerturude
POWELLWilliam2-Aug1749son of John and Gertrude
POWISWilliam17-Jul1737son of William, Cordwainer
POYNTERAnne18-Jan1729/30daughter of William, of Emsted
PRATTElizabeth 6-Apr1766Ann, daughter of Thomas and Catharine
PRESTONJames13-Oct1765son of Richard and Ann
PRICEAnn4-Oct1735daughter of John, Labourer
PRICEAnn31-Aug1764daughter of Edward and Mary
PRICEEdward3-Jul1763son of Edward and Sarah
PRICEEdward2-Jan1731/2son of John, Labourer
PRICEElizabeth22-Nov1730daughter of John, Labourer
PRICEHannah20-Oct1759daughter of Edward and Sarah
PRICEJames27-Mar1741son of Richard and Ann his wife
PRICEJames22-Jul1746son of Richard and Sarah
PRICEJane25-May1755daughter of Edward and Mary
PRICEJoanna31-May1747daughter of John and Hannah
PRICEJohn29-Nov1738son of John, Labourer
PRICEJohn7-Sep1740son of John and Hannah
PRICEJohn14-Nov1742son of John and Hannah
PRICEJohn1-Dec1747son of Thomas and Elizabeth, soldier in Flemmings Regiment
PRICEJohn11-Nov1758son of Edward and Sarah
PRICERichard1-Sep1745son of John and Hannah
PRICERowland24-Mar1733/4son of Richard, Labourer
PRICESarah20-Jul1743daughter of Richard and Sarah
PRICESarah7-May1749daughter of Elizabeth
PRICESarah12-Dec1760daughter of Edward and Sarah
PRICEThomas20-Oct1736son of Richard, Labourer
PRICEThomas27-Feb1766son of Edward and Sarah
PROUDLOVERobert27-Aug1771bastard son of Mary
PUCKNALLAnn25-Jun1749daughter of Thomas and Mary
PUCKNALLEdward10-Oct1763twin son of Thomas and Mary
PUCKNALLElizabeth1-Jul1754daughter of Thomas and Mary
PUCKNALLMary26-Jan1752daughter of Thomas and Mary
PUCKNALLSarah8-Jul1759daughter of Thomas and Mary
PUCKNALLSusannah10-Oct1763twin daughter of Thomas and Mary
PUCKNALLWilliam10-Apr1757son of Thomas and Mary
PUCKNELLThomas8-Jan1726/7son of Thomas
PURCHASEAnn31-Dec1731daughter of Thomas
PURCHASEThomas26-Apr1734son of Thomas, Bricklayer
PURCHASEMAN20-May1737a bastard child from the Workhouse
PURDYMary31-Jul1726daughter of John, Labourer
PURDYSarah9-Feb1731/2daughter of John, Husbandman
PURDY [PURDIE]Elizabeth19-Mar1730daughter of John
PURVERWilliam18-Jul1762son of William and Mary
PYNEThomas6-Sep1731son of John, Labourer
RANGERThomas 28-Jun1761Bignal, son of Hannah
RASPERJoseph11-Nov1733son of Joseph, Watchmaker in London
REANEY16-Dec1750daughter of Robert and Catherine, a soldier in Lord ANCRAM's Regiment
REEDAnn4-Jun1770daughter of Thomas and Mary
REEDFrances15-May1763daughter of Henry and Margaret
REEDHenry29-Dec1759son of Henry and Margaret
REEDHenry3-Jan1762son of Henry and Margaret
REEDHenry30-May1766son of Henry and Margaret
REEVESAnn3-Feb1765daughter of John and Rebecca
REEVESEdward21-Mar1724/5son of Nathaniel
REEVESElizabeth18-Dec1718daughter of Nathaniel
REEVESElizabeth3-Feb1760daughter of John and Rebecca
REEVESJohn29-Apr1724son of Thomas
REEVESJohn8-Sep1751son of John and Rebecca
REEVESJohn 22-Apr1763Jarvis, son of John and Rebecca
REEVESMary8-Jun1720daughter of Nathaniel
REEVESMary28-Aug1748daughter of John and Rebecca
REEVESMary4-Aug1754daughter of John and Rebecca
REEVESRebecca16-Oct1749daughter of John and Rebecca
REEVESRobert23-Jul1720a bastard of Robert
REEVESRobert25-Dec1756son of John and Rebecca
REEVESThomas9-Jan1722/3son of Thomas, Labourer
REVELLElizabeth1-Dec1745daughter of Henry and Frances
REYNOLDSAnn22-Nov1748daughter of John and Sarah
REYNOLDSElizabeth22-Nov1748daughter of John and Sarah
REYNOLDSSarah3-Jul1745daughter of John and Sarah
REYNOLDSWilliam4-Jan1746/7son of John and Sarah
RICHARDSElizabeth25-May1755daughter of Thomas and Mary
RICHARDSJane17-Nov1723the daughter of Thomas
RICHARDSJane9-Feb1752daughter of Thomas and Mary
RICHARDSMary20-Nov1720daughter of John
RICHARDSMary14-Feb1747/8daughter of Thomas and Mary
RICHARDSWilliam9-Sep1733son of Thomas, at the Workhouse
RICHARDSONMary25-Feb1761daughter of John and Mary
RICHARDSONWilliam18-Nov1747son of William and Mary Kirby
RICHEYJohn6-Apr1748son of Alexander and Jane
RICHEYSarah13-Mar1754daughter of Alexander and Jane, marginal entry "see April 1748"
RIDLEYGeorge28-Mar1756son of Thomas and Elizabeth, a soldier of Lord Londoun's Regiment
RINGERJohn23-Feb1759Jeremiah and Elizabeth
RINGERSusannah4-Feb1757daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth
RISTONAnn15-Jun1759daughter of Mary
ROBERTSHarriet14-May1755daughter of John and Mary
ROBERTSMary24-Apr1757daughter of John and Mary
ROBERTSThomas21-Sep1753son of John and Mary
ROBINSONJohn20-Nov1724son of John, Shopkeeper
ROBINSONRobert4-Sep1723son of John
ROGERSAnn2-Jun1760daughter of Edward and Sarah
ROGERSEdward23-May1754son of Edward and Sarah
ROGERSElizabeth15-Dec1771daughter of Edward and Ann
ROGERSJames5-Apr1767son of Edward and Ann
ROGERSMary11-Jun1758daughter of Edward and Sarah
ROGERSSarah10-Aug1755daughter of Edward and Sarah
ROGERSSarah23-Mar1757daughter of Edward and Sarah
ROOKECatharine12-Jan1753daughter of Barnet and Jane, a sergeant of Captain PROBY's Company of Welsh Fusiliers
ROSEElizabeth 29-Jul1770Carolin, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Caroline
ROUNDAnn13-Nov1763daughter of Thomas and Susannah
ROUNDJonathan27-Apr1765son of Jonathan and Mary
ROUNDSusanna29-Mar1767daughter of Thomas and Susannah
ROUNDThomas8-Jan1769son of Thomas and Susanna
ROWElizabeth10-Jun1768daughter of John and Mary
ROWJohn21-May1749son of Edward and Ann
ROWSusanna2-Mar1745/6daughter of Edward and Ann
ROWEAnn16-Oct1737daughter of Edmund, Husbandman
ROWEEdward14-Jun1741son of Edward and Ann
ROWERichard13-Nov1743son of Edward and Ann
RUSSAnn3-May1745daughter of William and Mary
RUSSELWilliam12-Jun1724son of Solomon
SALEElizabeth5-Apr1761daughter of Geoffrey and Elizabeth
SALEElizabeth5-Apr1761daughter of William and Ann
SALEHenry30-Jan1757son of Geoffrey and Elizabeth
SALEJane16-Nov1759daughter of William and Anne
SALEMary22-Apr1759daughter of Geoffry and Elizabeth
SALERichard24-Mar1765son of Geoffrey and Elizabeth
SALESarah27-Mar1763daughter of Geoffrey and Elizabeth
SALEWilliam26-Jan1755son of Geoffrey and Elizabeth
SALEWilliam16-May1765son of William and Ann
SALMONAlexander6-Jul1733son of Alexander, Farmer
SALMONJeremiah28-Mar1729son of Alexander, Farmer
SALMONJoseph25-May1739son of Alexander, a Farmer
SALMON Emmery10-Jun1737daughter of Alexander, Farmer
SAUNDERSRichard6-Aug1771son of Richard Robert and Sarah
SAUNDERSSarah6-Aug1771daughter of Richard Robert and Sarah
SAWYERJohn19-Aug1739son of John and Mary his wife, Blacksmith
SAWYERMary21-Apr1745daughter of John and Mary
SAWYERWilliam22-Apr1737son of John, a Blacksmith
SAYAnn30-Jul1731daughter of Edmund, Bricklayer
SAYColson13-Apr1730son of Edward junior
SAYEdmund1-Dec1732son of Edmund, Bricklayer
SAYEdmund5-May1766son of Martha
SAYEdmund26-Mar1767son of Edmund and Elizabeth
SAYEdmund7-Feb1742/3son of Edmund and Susannah
SAYElizabeth22-Mar1733/4daughter of Edmund, Bricklayer
SAYMartha24-Sep1739daughter of Edmund and Susanna
SAYMary19-Oct1740daughter of Edmund and Susannah
SAYMary15-Jan1741/2daughter of Edmond and Susannah
SAYSarah25-Aug1738daughter of Edmund, Bricklayer
SAYSarah12-Jan1736/7daughter of Edmund, Bricklayer
SAYThomas21-Feb1734/5son of Edmund, Bricklayer
SCOTBenjamin28-Jan1735/6son of Cornelius, a Sawyer at Woolwich
SCOTHannah13-Feb1722/3daughter of Thomas
SCOTMary4-Oct1730daughter of John, Glover
SCOTSarah15-Nov1732daughter of John, Glover
SCRIVENElizabeth17-Sep1725daughter of Thomas
SCRIVENJane28-Jul1727daughter of Thomas, Gardiner
SCRIVENERElizabeth30-Jul1745daughter of Elizabeth
SCRIVENERJane7-Feb1749/50daughter of Jane
SCRIVENERSusanna22-May1719daughter of Thomas
SCRIVENSMary23-Aug1723daughter of Thomas
SCRIVENSThomas29-Oct1716son of Thomas, Southborough
SELANDSarah20-Feb1722/3daughter of William, Chairman
SENESEALElizabeth29-Jun1755daughter of Charles and Elizabeth, a soldier in Captain FISDALE's Company of Buffs
SENGERElizabeth27-Jan1771daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth
SEWELAlice23-Feb1755daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
SEWELFrancis25-Mar1727son of John, Shoemaker
SEWELJohn29-Jan1764son of Thomas and Elizabeth
SEWELThomas25-Sep1724son of John, Shoemaker
SEWELLBetty14-Dec1756daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
SEWELLCharlotte18-Jul1762daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
SEWELLElizabeth1-Dec1765daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
SEWELLFrancis30-Nov1760son of Thomas and Elizabeth
SEWELLHenry21-Jan1753son of Thomas and Elizabeth
SEWELLJohn12-Mar1758son of Thomas and Elizabeth
SEWELLJohn4-Feb1718/19son of John, Shoemaker, [spelled SEAWELL]
SEWELLThomas7-Oct1750son of Thomas and Elizabeth
SEYMOURMary11-Jan1729/30daughter of William, Labourer
SEYMOURSusanna2-Oct1754daughter of William and Esther
SEYMOURWilliam7-Sep1716son of John
SEYMOURWilliam14-May1753son of William and Esther
SHADEAnn10-Jan1741/2daughter of Richard and Sarah
SHAFTONAnn1-Jun1755daughter of Henry and Elizabeth
SHAFTONElizabeth9-Oct1757daughter of Henry and Elizabeth
SHAREJohn1-Feb1718/19son of Joshua
SHARP or SHARDDeodatus20-Jun1720son of Joseph, [last letter has been amended both a d and p are visible]
SHEAPHARDElizabeth3-Oct1725daughter of Richard
SHEPARDAnn10-Dec1727daughter of Richard, of Bromley Common
SHERRINGJohn20-Apr1744son of John and Sarah
SHERWOODSarah11-Sep1717daughter of Daniel of Wigmore
SHEWBRIDGEThomas28-Aug1745son of Mary
SHIPPONThomas4-Sep1720son of Richard, of the Common
SHORTERAnn4-Nov1770daughter of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERCharles8-Apr1739son of William, a Farmer
SHORTERElizabeth24-Jul1767daughter of George and Elizabeth
SHORTERGeorge5-Dec1736son of William, of Bromley Common, Husbandman
SHORTERGeorge26-Mar1762son of George and Elizabeth
SHORTERGeorge16-Mar1737/8son of George, Husbandman
SHORTERJohn5-Dec1762son of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERMary10-Sep1731daughter of William, Husbandman
SHORTERMary31-Jul1764daughter of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERMary20-Nov1768daughter of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERRose12-Apr1767daughter of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERSarah25-Jan1767daughter of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERSusan17-May1765daughter of George and Elizabeth
SHORTERSusanna4-Jun1730daughter of William
SHORTERSusannah20-Sep1741daughter of William and Susan
SHORTERThomas25-Nov1743son of William and Susannah
SHORTERThomas11-Feb1770son of George and Elizabeth
SHORTERWilliam21-Nov1733son of Williiam, of Bromley Common
SHORTERWilliam5-Aug1759son of George and Elizabeth
SHOTHenry14-Aug1723son of James, Farmer
SHOTHenry14-Sep1726son of James, Farmer
SHOTJames14-Sep1726son of James, Farmer
SHOTJames6-Mar1724/5son of James, Farmer
SHOTMartin28-Jun1717son of James
SHOT[T]James27-Jul1716son of James
SHOTTONJane24-Apr1715daughter of John
SHOTTONJohn1-Jan1716/7son of William, baker
SHOWELThomas17-Oct1736son of John, Sawyer
SIMMONSAnn26-Dec1752daughter of John and Ann
SIMMONSJames5-Feb1758son of John and Ann
SIMMONSJohn15-Feb1746/7son of John and Ann
SIMMONSMary11-Mar1749/50daughter of John and Ann
SIMMONSSarah29-Jun1755daughter of John and Ann
SIMMONSWilliam27-Apr1750son of William and Elizabeth
SIMONDSEllenor9-Apr1716of Bromley
SIMONSJohn30-Nov1718son of John, of Bromley Town
SKINNERAmbrose15-Jan1768son of Thomas and Mary
SKINNERMary23-Dec1765daughter of Thomas and Martha
SKINNERSophia5-Apr1771daughter of Thomas and Mary
SLADEElizabeth4-Jul1740daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
SLADEJames26-May1742son of Edward and Elizabeth
SMITHAnn7-Sep1733daughter of Stephen, Tallow Chandler
SMITHAnn4-Dec1757Thomas and Ann
SMITHCharles30-Aug1770son of Thomas and Ann
SMITHElizabeth14-Nov1716daughter of Joseph, Wigmore
SMITHElizabeth13-Nov1741daughter of Elizabeth and Stephen
SMITHElizabeth5-Apr1766daughter of Thomas and Ann
SMITHEsther27-Mar1763daughter of Thomas and Ann
SMITHGeorge10-Aug1718son of a Stranger of Emsted
SMITHGeorge10-Aug1718son of a stranger at Emsted
SMITHGeorge12-Aug1770son of Thomas and Ann
SMITHJane 3-Jan1723/4daughter of Thomas, Alehousekeeper,
SMITHJohn18-Oct1767Bastard son of Elizabeth
SMITHJoseph2-Apr1721son of Joseph, of Wigmore
SMITHJoseph30-Mar1744son of Joseph and Mary, Traveller
SMITHMartha24-Oct1718daughter of Joseph
SMITHPatience Weeks1-Jul1768daughter of Mary
SMITHRichard6-May1761son of Thomas and Ann
SMITHSarah6-Oct1738daughter of Stephe, Innkeeper
SMITHSusanna21-Sep1735daughter of Stephen, Tallow Chandler
SMITHThomas26-Dec1759son of Thomas and Ann
SMITHWilliam14-Nov1750son of William and Martha, Martha SMITH a traveller
SNAPESMary Ann19-Jun1768daughter of Thomas and Lydia
SOANSAmy30-Dec1753daughter of Thomas and Mary
SOANSAnn3-Jul1757daughter of Thomas and Mary
SOANSBenjamin16-Nov1747son of Thomas and Mary
SOANSElizabeth16-May1749daughter of Thomas and Mary
SOANSMary8-Dec1751daughter of Thomas and Mary
SOANSRose19-May1755daughter of Thomas and Mary
SOANSSarah19-Apr1745daughter of Thomas and Mary
SOANSThomas5-Nov1761son of William and Martha
SOANSThomas 4-Apr1746Spurling, son of Thomas and Mary
SOANSWilliam16-Nov1747son of Thomas and Mary
SOANSWilliam21-Mar1760son of William and Martha
SOLESBYJohn11-May1718son of John, shoemaker
SOLESBYSarah3-Jan1721/2daughter of John
SOLMONElizabeth30-May1731daughter of Alexander, Farmer
SOLOMANJames14-Apr1742son of Alexander and Elizabeth, [entry added on right hand page isolated from other April entries]
SOLOMONAnn25-Mar1748daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth
SOLOMONElijah27-Oct1756son of Alexander and Elizabeth
SOLOMONElizabeth11-Jan1761daughter of Jeremiah and Ann
SOLOMONFrances24-Jun1750daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth
SOLOMONFrancis27-Apr1744Alexander and Elizabeth
SOLOMONJeremiah25-Apr1762son of Jeremiah and Ann
SOLOMONRachel12-Sep1735daughter of Alexander, Farmer
SOLOMONSarah11-Apr1746daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth
SOLOMONSarah13-Mar1752daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth
SOUTHAnn19-Nov1755daughter of Joseph and Ann
SPARKESAnn9-Apr1765daughter of Mary CATOR, Widow, in ye College Chapel the church being shut up for building a new gallery
SPARKESGeorge6-Jul1771son of Joseph and Mary
SPARKESJohn17-Apr1768son of Joseph and Mary, Gent[leman] of Bromley Town
SPARKESJoseph9-Apr1765son of Mary CATOR, Widow in ye College chapel the church being shut up for building a new gallery
SPARKESMary9-Apr1765daughter of Mary CATOR, Widow in ye College Chapel the church being shut up for building a new gallery.
SPARKSHarriet26-Nov1769daughter of Joseph and Mary
SPELLEREdward19-Oct1750son of John and Mary
SPELLERJohn9-Dec1737son of John, Husbandman
SPELLERMary21-Feb1741/2daughter of John and Mary
SPIRESAnn8-Oct1738daughter of William
SPIRESAnscome7-Nov1736son of William, Haybinder
SPIRESElizabeth4-Jun1730daughter of William
SPIRESKatherine22-Dec1734daughter of William, Husbandman
SPIRESMartha8-Feb1740/1daughter of William and Katharine
SPIRESSarah4-Mar1732/3daughter of William, Husbandman
SPRECHESGeorge9-Sep1716son of William
SPURLINGWilliam Spurling18-Mar1770son of Thomas SPURLING and Elizabeth SOAN
SQUIRESWilliam17-Feb1744/5son of William and Catherine
STANBURYElizabeth11-Dec1719daughter of John
STANBURYJames5-Sep1725son of John, Labourer
STANBURYJohn12-Mar1717/18son of John
STANBURYMartha30-Dec1730daughter of John, Labourer
STANBURYSusanna13-Apr1768daughter of George and Susannah
STANLEYAnn23-Sep1767daughter of John and Amy
STANLEYAnn9-Feb1771daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
STAPLESAnn4-Oct1728daughter of Joseph, Carpenter
STAPLESDiana14-Sep1729daughter of Henry junior
STAPLESElizabeth9-Aug1723daughter of Henry Junior
STAPLESHenry14-Apr1732son of Henry the younger, Carpenter
STAPLESHenry Shuckburgh5-Mar1724/5son of Henry Junior
STAPLESJohn8-Dec1727son of Henry junior, Carpenter
STAPLESJohn24-Apr1730son of Joseph, Carpenter
STAPLESJoseph9-Nov1733son of Henry the younger, Carpenter
STAPLESMary8-Apr1717daughter of William
STAPLESRichard17-Oct1735son of Henry the younger, Carpenter
STAPLESSarah1-Jul1720daughter of William, of the Common
STAPLESThomas26-Apr1737son of Henry the younger, Carpenter
STAPLESWilliam23-Jun1718son of William, of the Common
STARKEYRichard28-Aug1738son of Richard, a Taylour
STARNESJohn11-May1770son of John and Ann
STEELEJoseph15-Jan1737/8son of John, Blacksmith
STEPHENSRichard14-Sep1718son of Richard, Woodman
STEPHENSThomas2-Jun1723son of Thomas, Labourer
STEPHENSONJohn1-Jul1750son of John and Ann
STEVENSJohn24-Dec1727son of Richard, labourer
STEVENSThomas27-Nov1748son of William and Mary
STEVENSWilliam1-May1747son of William and Mary
STEVENSWilliam9-Jun1771son of Edward and Ann
STICHElizabeth 5-Oct1741Lawson, daughter of William and Elizabeth
STICHJoseph Lawson16-Jun1749son of William and Elizabeth
STICHMartha18-Jan1755daughter of William and Martha
STICHMary Lawson10-Feb1747/8daughter of William and Elizabeth
STICHWilliam Lawson7-Sep1744son of William and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHFanny Phillips22-Apr1770daughter of Godfrey and Fanny
STILESRichard11-Jan1756son of Robert and Alice, a soldier of Lord Londoun's Regiment
STITCHJennet Lawson2-Nov1739daughter of William and Elizabeth
STITCHLawson6-Dec1750son of William and Elizabeth
STITCHSusanna18-Jun1756daughter of William and Martha
STITCHWilliam23-Jun1758son of William and Martha
STOATJohn18-Jan1739/40son of James and Ann
STOKESAnn4-Aug1746daughter of Thomas and Mary
STOKESElizabeth12-Feb1743/4daughter of Thomas and Mary
STOKESHenry15-Mar1753son of Henry and Mary, a soldier in Lord ANCRAM's Regiment
STOKESJohn26-Jul1741son of Thomas and Mary
STOKESSarah28-Feb1747/8daughter of Thomas and Mary
STOKESWilliam16-Dec1750son of Thomas and Mary, a soldier in Lord ANCRAM's Regiment
STONEAnn10-Dec1766daughter of John and Elizabeth
STONEJames Man2-Sep1763son of John and Elizabeth
STONEMary20-Feb1765daughter of John and Elizabeth
STONESarah8-Jul1768daughter of John and Elizabeth
STOUTJames23-Aug1738son of James, Husbandman of Plaistow
STRIC[K]LANDCharity20-Jul1749daughter of John and Elizabeth
STUBBERFIELDAnn14-Jan1742/3daughter of Richard and Ann
STUBBERFIELDJane12-Oct1744daughter of Richard and Ann
STUBBERFIELDWilliam3-Nov1741son of Richard and Ann, [date figure unclear precedes entry for 6 November]
STYCHAnn Lawson12-Nov1737daughter of William, Baker
STYCHElizabeth 23-Jul1736Sawson, daughter of William, Baker
STYCHEJohn 31-Jan1734/5Lawson, son of William, Baker, [see STYCH elsewhere]
STYLESAnn22-Feb1767daughter of Thomas and Mary
STYLESBarbara24-Feb1726/7daughter of Richard, Collier
STYLESElizabeth7-Sep1716daughter of Thomas
STYLESJane17-Apr1768daughter of Thomas and Mary
STYLESJoseph6-Nov1771son of Thomas and Mary
STYLESMary24-Apr1719daughter of Thomas
STYLESMary6-Nov1771daughter of Thomas and Mary
STYLESRebecca26-Dec1723daughter of Thomas, Collier
STYLESRichard3-Mar1765son of Thomas and Mary
STYLESThomas12-Jun1769son of Thomas and Mary
STYLESTimothy19-May1762son of Thomas and Mary
STYLESWilliam6-Nov1763son of Thomas and Mary
SURBYCharles15-Sep1727son of John, Brickmaker
SUTTONAnn4-Dec1748daughter of John and Sarah
SUTTONElizabeth14-Oct1744daughter of John and Sarah
SUTTONJohn12-Oct1746son of John and Sarah
SUTTONMary20-Sep1741daughter of John and Sarah
SUTTONSamuel1-Jan1737/8son of John the younger
SUTTONSarah30-Nov1739daughter of John and Sarah
SUTTONThomas16-Jan1716/7son of John, Wigmore
SWEETJohn18-Jan1744/5son of John, a Traveller
SWIFTSusanna3-Jan1731/2daughter of Thomas
SWINDELLJohn14-Jul1771son of John and Sarah
SYMONDSFrancis6-Mar1725/6son of John, Gardiner
SYMONDSMary25-Feb1720/1daughter of John, Carpenter
SYMONDSThomas27-May1722son of John
TANDEYElizabeth16-Jun1728daughter of Richard, Farmer
TANDYAnn21-Sep1735daughter of Jonathan, Farmer
TANDYAnn11-Feb1725/6daughter of William, Husbandman
TANDYCharles16-Sep1737son of William, Farmer
TANDYElizabeth1-Jul1720daughter of William
TANDYJohn15-Mar1736son of William, Farmer, [the entry follows one of same date;no date entered]
TANDYMary15-Sep1717daughter of William of Masons Hill
TANDYMary22-Apr1733daughter of Richard, Alehousekeeper
TANDYMary18-Feb1736/7daughter of Jonathan, Farmer
TANDYRichard21-Sep1735son of Richard, Ale House Keeper
TANDYRichard5-Jul1751son of Elizabeth
TANDYSarah9-May1722daughter of William
TANDYThomas13-Nov1716son of William
TANDYWilliam25-Mar1724son of William
TANNERJohn27-Jul1718son of Richard
TAYLORElizabeth12-Nov1762daughter of Grove and Sarah
TAYLORWilliam6-Aug1749son of Edward and Ann
TAYLORWilliam8-Aug1763William, son of Mary
TENLIN or TEULINElizabeth18-May1735daughter of Anthony, Hatter
TENLONMelchior Seymor24-Mar1733/4son of Anthony, Hatter
TENNANTHenry Kent1-Nov1764son of John and Elizabeth
TERRYAnn30-Apr1749daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
TERRYElizabeth27-Apr1746daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
TERRYHenry30-Nov1757son of Thomas and Elizabeth
TERRYHester18-May1759daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
TERRYJane11-Nov1751daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
TERRYJohn24-Jan1762son of Thomas and Elizabeth
TERRYMartha20-Apr1755daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
TERRYMary1-Jan1743/4daughter of Thomes and Elizabeth
TERRYSarah30-Sep1753daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
TEWDiana25-Mar1753daughter of John and Mary
THOMASMary25-Sep1768daughter of Joseph and Rose
THOMPSONAnn6-Feb1764daughter of Joseph and Rose
THORNBURYElizabeth17-Oct1764daughter of Henry and Mary,
THORNBURYGeorge3-Aug1746son of John and Elizabeth
THORNBURYHenry27-Apr1762son of Thomas and Elizabeth
THORNBURYHenry23-Feb1766son of henry and Mary
THORNBURYJames17-Sep1749son of John and Elizabeth
THORNBURYJames16-Sep1768son of George and Elizabeth
THORNBURYJane2-Sep1751daughter of John and Elizabeth
THORNBURYJohn30-May1737son of John, Husbandman of Wigmore,
THORNBURYJohn24-Apr1741son of John and Elizabeth
THORNBURYJohn16-Oct1743son of John and Elizabeth
THORNBURYMary19-Aug1767daughter of Henry and Mary
THORNBURYSarah1-Apr1770daughter of George and Elizabeth
THORNBURYThomas18-Oct1738son of John, Husbandman
THURLINGMary8-Aug1742daughter of John and Mary
THURLINGWilliam8-Mar1729/30son of John, Husbandman
THURLYNJohn23-Jul1727son of John, Labourer
TIBBETTJane13-May1750daughter of William and Mary
TIBBETTJohn21-Feb1747/8son of William and Mary
TIBBETTMary23-Jun1754daughter of William and Mary
TIBBETTMichal1-Mar1752daughter of William and Mary
TIBBETTNathanael17-Jul1746son of William and Mary
TIBBSElizabeth13-Mar1745/6daughter of Frances Allen, a soldier now at Canterbury
TIBBSJohn14-Mar1745/6son of Thomas and Sarah
TILLYElizabeth 16-May1736Tolson, daughter of Lancelot Tilson
TIMBRELLMary8-Jan1754daughter of Robert and Mary
TIMBRELLWilliam8-Jan1754son of Robert and Mary
TIPPITWilliam31-Mar1745son of William and Mary
TODMANRichard3-Dec1769son of Richard and Mary
TOMKINElizabeth18-Jan1767daughter of Thomas and Mary, marginal entry reads Elizabeth is put down here by mistake for Beth ye name given and intended by ye sponsors
TOMPSONPhilip8-Nov1728the son of a travelling woman
TOOTHHannah15-Feb1758daughter of John and Sarah
TOWERSJames21-Mar1762son of Daniel and Mary
TRONThomas10-Jun1715son of Richard, stranger
TRUSSJames2-Jul1721son of Richard
TRUSSRichard2-Sep1722son of Richard, Bricklayer
TUEAnn11-Feb1718/19daughter of John, Labourer
TUFFINGRobert24-Feb1750/1son of Robert and Mary
TUKEYAnn10-Jun1756daughter of Joseph and Mary
TURNERAgnes15-Dec1754daughter of John and Deborah
TURNERAnn20-Sep1729daughter of Thomas, of Tyfield in Oxfordshire
TURNERAnn19-Nov1758daughter of Robert and Martha
TURNERAnn18-Jan1744/5daughter of Moses and Mary
TURNERCharles29-Oct1727son of William, Wigmore
TURNERElizabeth26-Sep1731daughter of John, Sawyer
TURNERElizabeth19-Nov1732daughter of Luke junior
TURNERElizabeth4-Oct1735daughter of Mercy, a bastard child
TURNERElizabeth13-Mar1726/7daughter of Luke Junior, Woodman of Wigmore
TURNEREsther17-Apr1726daughter of William, of Wigmore
TURNERHenry19-Jul1761son of Robert and Martha
TURNERJohn27-Jul1734son of William, Husbandman
TURNERLuke10-Jun1728son of Luke junior, Labourer
TURNERLuke10-Nov1749son of Luke and Sarah
TURNERMargaret16-Aug1751daughter of Luke and Sarah
TURNERMartha30-Jan1763daughter of Robert and Martha
TURNERMary17-Oct1736daughter of William, Woodman
TURNERMary22-Jul1743daughter of Moses and Mary
TURNERMary23-Feb1760daughter of Robert and Martha
TURNERMary13-Mar1726/7daughter of Luke Junior, Woodman of Wigmore
TURNERRichard6-Jan1762son of Michael and Mary
TURNERRobert4-Nov1753son of John and Deborah
TURNERRobert7-Aug1757son of Robert and Martha
TURNERSarah4-Sep1724daughter of William
TURNERThomas13-Aug1732son of William
TURNERWilliam19-Nov1732son of Luke junior
TWINDELLDaniel19-Mar1769son of John and Sarah
TWOJohn29-May1721son of John
TWOMargret26-Nov1714a bastard child
TWOSarah9-May1724daughter of John
TYEAnn18-Dec1771daughter of Anthony and Ann
TYEAnthony30-Aug1770son of Anthony and Ann
TYEElizabeth10-Jun1767daughter of Anthony and Ann
TYEJane20-Aug1769daughter of Anthony and Ann
TYESusan26-Jan1766daughter of Anthony and Ann
TYLLAAnn24-Apr1748daughter of Richard and Ann
TYLLAMary28-Jun1752daughter Richard and Ann
TYLLARichard20-Jul1746son of Richard and Ann
TYLLAThomas11-Feb1749/50son of Richard and Ann
TYLLE or TYLLASusanna16-Dec1744daughter of Richard and Ann
UNWIN Ralph 7-Mar1736/7son of Richard, of Wigmore
UPFIELDJohn26-Nov1740son of John and Ann
UPFIELDThomas1-Apr1737son of John, Husbandman
UPHAMJohn5-Jun1767son of Sarah, A Traveller
UPINGTONThomas25-Dec1729son of John, Cooper
UPSFIELDMary14-Feb1741/2daughter of John and Ann
VADEAnn9-Aug1715daughter of Mister
VADEBridget7-Sep1720daughter of Mister, Surgeon
VADEElizabeth10-Mar1716/7daughter of Mister William, surgeon
VADEJohn9-Oct1722son of William, Surgeon and Apothecary
VADEKatherine26-May1719daughter of William, Surgeon
VADEWilliam4-May1718son of William, Surgeon
VADEWilliam12-Jan1723/4son of William, Surgeon
VADEWilliam11-Mar1724/5son of William, Apothecary and Surgeon
VALENTINERichard17-Jun1753son of George and Mary
VARNDELAnn13-Oct1715daughter of William
VARNDELElizabeth15-Aug1718the daughter of William
VARNDELMary30-May1726daughter of William, Labourer
VARNDELSarah23-Oct1720daughter of William
VARNELJohn24-Mar1722/3son of William, Labourer
VERGOGeorge3-Feb1771son of John and Elizabeth
VERGOHannah25-Dec1769daughter of John and Elizabeth
VOLLINSJohn10-Aug1735son of Luke
VOLLINSRobert27-May1740son of Luke and Susannah
VOLLINSSarah7-Oct1733daughter of Luke, Husbandman
WADESusanna4-Feb1753daughter of William and Susanna
WADESusanna22-Sep1771daughter of William and Ann
WAGERSamuel28-Dec1746son of Samuel and Jane
WAKELINAnn19-Apr1735daughter of George, of Bromley Common
WAKELINMary8-Nov1745daughter of John and Ann
WAKELINSusanna18-Mar1725/6daughter of John
WAKELINGAnne20-Apr1729daughter of John
WALKERElizabeth3-Aug1763daughter of William and Ann
WALKERElizabeth18-Feb1732/3daughter of William, Drawer
WANTJohn18-May1758son of Frances and Ann
WARBEYWilliam9-Sep1750son of James and Elizabeth
WARDAnn9-Mar1732/3daughter of Nicholas, Husbanman
WARDDaniel11-Jul1740son of Nicolas and Ann
WARDElizabeth18-Nov1737daughter of Nicholas, of Bromley Common
WARDJane21-Feb1748/9daughter of Nicholas and Ann
WARDJohn4-Sep1730son of Nicholas, labourer
WARDJoseph14-Oct1737son of Benjamin, of Bromley Common
WARDMary27-Aug1727daughter of Nicholas, Labourer
WARDMichael22-Oct1731son of Benjamin, Labourer
WARDRobert6-Nov1748son of Robert and Jane
WARDSarah28-Oct1743daughter of Nicolas and Ann
WARDThomas16-May1735son of Berry[sic], Husbandman,
WASSONAnne26-Apr1719daughter of William, Wheelwright
WATERSElizabeth9-Jun1771daughter of Robert and Catharine
WATERSRichard29-Apr1770son of Robert and Catharine
WATERSRobert26-Jun1768son of Robert and Catharine
WATERSSarah18-Oct1765daughter of Robert and Catherine
WATERSSusanna7-Dec1766daughter of Robert and Catharine
WATERSThomas6-Jan1763bastard son of Mary,
WATSONMargret13-Apr1715daughter of Rowland
WATSONRowland6-Nov1716son of Rowland
WEBBSarah23-Nov1766daughter of William and Elizabeth
WEBBERElizabeth9-Apr1749daughter of George and Elizabeth
WEBSTERElizabeth9-Jul1725daughter of John
WEBSTERRobert13-May1724son of John, Gentleman
WEBSTERSarah6-Jan1721/2daughter of John, Gentleman
WEBSTERThomas27-Feb1722/3son of John, Gentleman
WEEKESThomas3-Jan1745/6son of Thomas and Susanna
WELLERMary Clisdall28-Jul1771bastard of Ann
WELLSGeorge5-Mar1720/1a bastard
WESTWilliam11-Feb1727/8son of William, Husbandman
WESTBROOKAnn17-Mar1750/1daughyter of Joseph and Jane
WESTBROOKDavid Nov1767son of James and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKElizabeth25-Nov1724daughter of John, Farmer
WESTBROOKElizabeth10-Mar1750/1daughter of John and Mary
WESTBROOKGeorge27-Feb1756son of Joseph and Jane
WESTBROOKJames28-Sep1766son of James and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJames10-Mar1720/1son of John, of Hook
WESTBROOKJohn16-Oct1761son of Joseph and Jane
WESTBROOKJohn1-Aug1764son of John and Mercy
WESTBROOKJohn20-Oct1771son of James and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJoseph23-Nov1722son of John, Farmer
WESTBROOKJoseph29-Sep1752son of Joseph and Jane
WESTBROOKMary4-May1718daughter of John
WESTBROOKMary26-Oct1739daughter of William and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKMary16-Mar1759daughter of Joseph and Jane
WESTBROOKMary27-Jan1744/5daughter of John and Mary
WESTBROOKRichard2-Feb1736/7son of William, Farmer
WESTBROOKSarah14-May1754daughter of Joseph and Jane
WESTBROOKThomas23-Aug1749son of Joseph and Jane
WESTBROOKWilliam25-Dec1714son of John
WESTBROOKWilliam26-Jul1747son of John and Mary
WESTBROOKWilliam24-May1767son of John and Mercy
WESTBROOKEAnn24-Aug1716daughter of John
WESTBROOKEJohn21-Nov1742son of John and Mary
WESTBROOKEThomas21-Dec1719son of John, of the Common
WETHERLEYMary9-Mar1753daughter of Richard and Catharine, a soldier of Captain PROBY's Company of Welsh Fusiliers
WHEELERElizabeth21-Mar1766daughter of Edward and Mary
WHEELERJohn29-Jan1768son of Edward and Mary
WHEELERMargaret19-Aug1764daughter of Edward and Mary
WHEELERMary20-Aug1762daughter of Edward and Mary
WHEELERWilliam10-Apr1761son of Edward and Mary
WHIFFINElizabeth6-Apr1740daughter of Thomas and Rose
WHIFFINJohn4-Jun1734son of Thomas, of Mason's Hill;Labourer
WHIFFINMary1-Apr1730daughter of Thomas, Labourer
WHIFFINMary8-Apr1743daughter of Thomas and Rose
WHIFFINRose9-Jul1732daughter of Thomas, Labourer
WHIFFINSarah22-Feb1735/6daughter of Thomas, Collier
WHIFFINThomas19-Feb1737/8son of Thomas, Labourer
WHITEAnn28-Apr1771daughter of Thomas and Mary
WHITEFrances14-Mar1765daughter of George and Mary
WHITEJames4-Apr1742son of William and Mary
WHITEJames17-Feb1771son of George and Mary
WHITEJames13-Mar1740/1son of William and Mary
WHITEMary13-Oct1745daughter of William and Mary
WHITEMary6-Aug1749daughter of William and Mary
WHITEMary27-Apr1751daughter of William and Mary
WHITERichard24-Sep1769son of George and Mary
WHITERobert17-Apr1747son of William and Mary
WHITESarah13-Dec1757daughter of John and Sarah
WHITESarah14-Jun1767daughter of George and Mary
WHITESusanna3-Apr1748daughter of William and Mary
WHITEThomas6-Mar1766son of George and Mary
WHITEWiliam2-Sep1743son of William and Mary
WHITEWilliam4-Sep1743son of William and Mary
WHITEWilliam28-Sep1744son of William and Mary
WHITINGAnn19-Dec1762daughter of John and Alice
WHITINGJames16-Apr1769son of John and Alice
WHITINGJohn3-May1767son of John and Alice
WHITINGMary29-Mar1765daughter of John and Alice
WHITINGThomas16-Jun1771son of John and Alice
WICKESMary17-Apr1741daughter of Thomas and Susannah
WIFFINJohn8-Aug1760son of Martha, of Hayes Parish
WIFFINRebecca10-Dec1749daughter of Thomas and Rose
WIGGENAnn9-Mar1745/6daughter of John and Sarah
WIGGINSRebecca12-Aug1744daughter of John and Sarah
WILLETTJames7-Oct1763son of Lashford and Jane
WILLIAMSElizabeth12-Dec1756daughter of John and Elizabeth
WILLIAMSJohn13-Jan1754son of John and Elizabeth
WILLIAMSMary8-Dec1738daughter of a Traveller
WILLIAMSMary15-Mar1716/7daughter of John
WILLSONJohn12-Dec1742James and Ann
WILSONAnn21-Dec1735daughter of James, Coachman
WILSONEdward12-Dec1756son of William and Elizabeth, Gent[leman] of Sundridge
WILSONHalifax12-Jan1738/9son of Edward
WILSONJames22-Mar1733/4son of James, Victualler
WILSONJohn24-Sep1755son of William and Elizabeth, of Sundridge;Gent[leman]
WILSONMary25-Feb1732/3daughter of James, victualler
WILSONSarah3-Jan1737/8daughter of James, Coachman
WILSONSusannah29-Jun1740daughter of James and Ann
WILSONWilliam16-Oct1752son of William and Elizabeth, of Sundridge Gent[leman]
WINCHESTERElizabeth8-Jul1759daughter of William and Ann
WINCHESTERThomas31-Jul1737son of Thomas
WINCHESTERThomas 1-Jul1739Allin, son of Thomas, a Tyle maker from Wigmore
WINCHESTERWilliam17-May1761son of William and Ann
WINFIELDAbiah9-Aug1761daughter of Thomas and Ann
WINFIELDAnn17-Nov1754daughter of Thomas and Ann
WINFIELDMary21-Oct1764daughter of Thomas and Ann
WINFIELDRebecca20-May1770daughter of Thomas and Ann
WINFIELDSamuel29-Mar1752son of Thomas and Ann
WINFIELDSarah5-Aug1750daughter of Thomas and Ann
WINFIELDThomas1-May1757son of Thomas and Ann
WINGFIELDDaniel18-Mar1767son of Thomas and Mary
WINNINGSarah14-Aug1728daughter of John, of Rotherhith [sic]
WITTENThomas10-Dec1769son of James and Mary
WOLFElizabeth3-Mar1769daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
WOLFHenry17-Mar1765son of William and Elizabeth
WOLFEAnn5-Dec1731daughter of Henry, Husbandman
WOLFEAnn21-Feb1719/20daughter of William
WOLFEDaniel11-Dec1716son of William, of Bromley Common
WOLFEJoseph26-Feb1737/8son of Henry, Husbandman
WOLFEMary8-Apr1735daughter of Henry, Husbandman
WOLFERobert13-May1733son of Henry, Husbandman
WOLFEWilliam7-Jan1740/1son of Henry and Ann
WOLFE Ann21-Oct1739daughter of Henry and Ann his wife
WOODElizabeth22-Jul1737daughter of Robert, Husbandman
WOODElizabeth6-Nov1771daughter of John and Elizabeth
WOODEllen30-Sep1722daughter of Robert, of Bromley
WOODGeorge4-Jun1769son of John and Elizabeth, footman at Doctor Hawksworths
WOODJohn19-Oct1720son of Robert
WOODJohn23-Nov1737son of Edward, of Emsted
WOODJosias25-Feb1753son of Mary
WOODMary2-Sep1724daughter of Robert, Labiurer
WOODMary3-Jun1770daughter of John and Elizabeth
WOODMary18-Mar1746/7daughter of Ewenton and Rachel
WOODRobert23-Nov1718son of Robert, of Masons Hill
WOODRobert18-Nov1744son of Robert Wood and Ann Pitte, [amended entry correction on left hand page of register]
WOODENGeorge20-May1748son of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODENGeorge9-Mar1738/9son of Richard, Cordwine[r]
WOODENWilliam16-Oct1741son of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODERElizabeth1-Dec1771daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODHAMBarbara8-Sep1745daughter of William and Barbara
WOODHAMFanny2-Jun1771daughter of Martin and Mary
WOODHAMJames24-Jan1762son of Martin and Mary
WOODHAMJane5-Mar1748/9daughter of Thomas and Mary
WOODHAMJohn23-Dec1754son of William and Barbara
WOODHAMJohn11-May1760son of Martin and Mary
WOODHAMMary1-Apr1750daughter of Thomas and Mary
WOODHAMSamuel5-Feb1748/9son of William and Barbara
WOODHAMWilliam12-Jan1752son of Thomas and Mary
WOODHAMSElizabeth10-Sep1737daughter of Martin the younger
WOODHAMSElizabeth26-Dec1740James and Mary
WOODHAMSElizabeth13-Oct1751daughter of James and Mercy
WOODHAMSJames14-Nov1714son of James
WOODHAMSJames28-Sep1716son of Martin
WOODHAMSJames21-Dec1746son of William and Barbara
WOODHAMSMartin31-Jan1735/6son of Martin the younger,
WOODHAMSMarty7-Apr1740daughter of Martin and Mary,
WOODHAMSMary5-Jun1767daughter of Martin and Mary
WOODHAMSMary19-Mar1741/2daughter of William and Barbara
WOODHAMSPeter8-May1741son of Martin and Mary
WOODHAMSThomas15-Jul1716son of James
WOODHAMSThomas 28-May1743Cooper, son of William and Barbara
WOODHAMSWilliam31-May1765son of Martin and Mary
WOODINJames9-Apr1768son of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODINRichard5-Sep1756son of James and Catherine
WOODINSarah5-May1769daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODINThomas24-Jun1759son of James and Catharine
WOODINGGeorge27-Aug1745son of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODLEYWilliam20-Feb1760son of Thomas and Jane, a soldier of Captain John White's company of the 34 Regiment of Foot commanded by ye Earl of Effingham
WOODMANEleanor17-Jul1771daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WOODSWilliam7-Dec1755son of Thomas and Ann
WOOLDRIDGESusanna14-Sep1735daughter of George, Shoemaker,
WOOLFAnn28-Oct1770daughter of William and Elizabeth
WOOLFSarah15-Feb1767daughter of William and Elizabeth
WOOLFSusanna11-Oct1745daughter of Henry and Ann
WOOLFWilliam25-Jun1769son of William and Elizabeth
WOOLFEElizabeth20-Jan1742/3daughter of Henry and Ann
WORSELLAnn23-Sep1764daughter of John and Elizabeth
WORSELLElizabeth21-Aug1763daughter of John and Elizabeth
WORSELLJohn 23-Mar1766Morris, son of John and Elizabeth
WORSELLThomas20-Sep1767son of John and Elizabeth
WORSELLThomas10-Mar1771son of John and Elizabeth
WORSELLWilliam26-Mar1769son of John and Elizabeth
WRIGHTAnn10-Nov1771daughter of Thomas and Mary
WRIGHTElizabeth11-Feb1727/8daughter of John, Carpenter
WRIGHTElizabeth25-Feb1731/2daughter of Thomas, Labourer
WRIGHTFrances29-Apr1764daughter of Thomas and Mary
WRIGHTIsaac19-Jan1725/6son of John, Carpenter
WRIGHTJane10-Dec1752daughter of Isaac and Margaret
WRIGHTJohn11-May1729son of John, Carpenter of Plaistow
WRIGHTJohn14-Feb1762son of Thomas and Mary
WRIGHTLatter1-Aug1735son of Thomas, Husbandman
WRIGHTLatter6-Feb1740/1son of Thomas and Elizabeth
WRIGHTMary12-May1738daughter of Thomas, Tapster at the Star
WRIGHTSarah18-Jan1743/4daughter of William and Sarah
WRIGHTSusanna29-Jan1769bastard daughter of Elizabeth
WRIGHTThomas26-Aug1743son of Thomas and Elizabeth
WRIGHTThomas5-Sep1759son of Thomas and Mary
WRIGHTWilliam17-Oct1729son of Thomas, Labourer
WYATTGeorge17-Nov1771son of William and Hannah
WYEKeziah6-Feb1714/15daughter of Thomas
WYEThomas4-Apr1721son of Thomas, Baker
YATESJudith Sophia6-Nov1737
YATESRichard Augustus24-Jan1734/5natural son of Richard, Gentleman [corrected in marginal entry dated March 1844 attested by Collins ADAMS]
YATESWilliam9-Mar1734/5son of Gabriel, Miller
YOUNGAnn Coat11-Feb1753daughter of Ann
YOUNGThomas30-Apr1769son of Thomas and Mary