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St. Peter & St. Paul, Kent, copyright 2013 Susan D. Young
St. Peter & St. Paul, Bromley Parish Church

Bromley St. Peter & St. Paul Parish, Christenings 1772 - 1812

Transcribed by Henry Mantell, in memory of the late Bob Rubie, A.G.R.A., AGP, with the assistance of his friends and fellow members, and with the generous assistance of Bromley Archives and Local Studies.
Bromley, St. Peter & St. Paul parish registers births and baptisms 1772-1812, archive reference call number P/47/1/3, also found on microfilm FHL BRITISH Film 1042453.
***ENCatharine4-Nov1778bastard daughter of Elizabeth [surname obscured]
***ERAllice Leeson10-Jan1796daughter of William and Allice
***STHAMFrances19-Sep1804daughter of John and Frances
**GHBOURElizabeth Ann27-Dec1812daughter of William and Sarah
**TONSarah19-Jun1796daughter of William and Sarah
*ARRANTElizabeth18-Feb1787daughter of Frances, a bastard;Pauper
*ATTSMary29-Nov1786daughter of William and Mary
*ETTERINTONCatharine16-Feb1777daughter of Richard and Frances
*OUGHElizabeth12-Dec1794daughter of James and Rebecca
*UNNMaria15-Oct1784daughter of Samuel and Sarah
ADAMSHarriot30-Sep1785daughter of Thomas and Mary
ADAMSMary16-Aug1789daughter of William and Mary
ADAMSRichard20-Mar1774son of William and Jane
ADAMSSophia Reed6-Dec1786daughter of William and Jane
AGENTAnn25-Nov1806daughter of George and Ann
AGENTDaniel17-Jun1810son of Daniel and Sarah
AGENTEliza17-Apr1808daughter of George and Ann
AGENTGeorge19-Aug1810son of George and Ann
AGENTSarah24-Aug1811daughter of William and Elizabeth
AGENTWilliam29-Nov1812son of George and Ann
AGNEWElizabeth24-Jun1791daughter of James and Mary
AGNEWJames29-Jan1790son of James and Mary
ALEXANDERAnn12-Apr1795daughter of William and Mary
ALEXANDERCaroline18-Nov1800daughter of Joseph and Caroline
ALEXANDERCharles12-Apr1796son of John and Elizabeth
ALEXANDERGeorge25-Jun1773son of Nicholas and Elizabeth
ALEXANDERHarriet Ursula2* May1775daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth
ALEXANDERHarriot26-Nov1800daughter of William and Mary
ALEXANDERJames3-Mar1780son of Nicholas and Elizabeth
ALEXANDERJames2-Jun1799son of William and Mary
ALEXANDERJames Warham2-Jun1802son of Joseph and Caroline
ALEXANDERMartha12-Sep1802daughter of William and Mary
ALEXANDERMary5-Jan1794daughter of William and Mary
ALEXANDERNicholas19-Feb1797son of William and Mary
ALEXANDERSophia8-Nov1776daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth
ALEXANDERThomas7-Mar1783son of Nicholas and Elizabeth
ALEXANDERWilliam8-Sep1805son of William and Mary
ALLENAnn1-Sep1811daughter of John and Sarah
ALLENElizabeth7-May1809daughter of John and Sarah
ALLENGeorge Asher4-Oct1795son of Joseph and Mary
ALLENHelen26-Jul1805daughter of Joseph Jeremiah and Mary
ALLENJohn10-Oct1802son of John and Mary
ALLENRobert6-Apr1806son of John and Sarah
ALLENSarah19-Jul1801daughter of Valentine and Sarah
ALLENWilliam1-Jan1782son of John and Mary
ANDERSONElizabeth26-Sep1794daughter of William and Martha
..........Ann21-Sep1788daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
APPSFrances Ruth10-Aug1791daughter of Thomas and Lydia
APPSRichard11-Jul1790son of Thomas and Lydia
APPSThomas15-Sep1788son of Thomas and Lydia
ARGENTJeremiah29-Jul1774son of Hugh and Elizabeth
ARMESSarah25-Dec1773daughter of of Thomas and Elizabeth
ARMESStephen21-Jan1776son of Thomas and Elizabeth
ARMSTRONGAnn20-Oct1799daughter of William and Mary
ARMSTRONGMary1-Feb1797daughter of William and Mary
ARNOLDMary13-Jul1777daughter of William and Mary
ARNOLDWilliam18-Dec1774son of William and Mary
ASHDOWNSarah23-Nov1812daughter of William and Sarah
ASHDOWNWilliam9-Dec1810son of William and Sarah
ASHFIELDJohn1-Apr1786son of William and Elizabeth
ASHLEYEleanor15-May1790daughter of Thomas and Mary
ASHLEYJames17-Jun1791son Thomas and Mary
ASHLEYNathanael3-Mar1793son of Thomas and Mary, Pauper
ASHMANAnn12-Oct1806daughter of John and Elizabeth
ASHMANElizabeth24-Nov1811daughter of John and Elizabeth
ASHMANGeorge23-Oct1808son of John and Elizabeth
ASHMANThomas5-Oct1800son of John and Elizabeth
ASHWELLElizabeth15-Jan1809daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
ASHWELLGeorge18-Dec1799son of James and Ann
ASHWELLHarriot14-Jun1812daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
ASHWELLJames16-Jan1798son of James and Ann
ASHWELLSamuel4-Apr1802son of James and Ann
ASHWELLWilliam30-Sep1810son of Thomas and Elizabeth
ASPINElizabeth31-Aug1800daughter of William and Elizabeth
ASTONJames2-Nov1781son of James and Mary
ATHERFOLDThomas11-Jul1794son of Thomas and Ann
ATKINSLucy9-Jan1791daughter of Thomas and Mary
ATKINSLydia13-Oct1776daughter of John and Sarah
ATKINSRebecca10-Dec1773daughter of John and Sarah
ATKINSRichard21-Oct1792son of Thomas and Mary
ATKINSRobert17-Jul1789son of Robert and Elizabeth
ATKINSSarah8-Jun1794daughter of Thomas and Mary, Pauper
ATKINSONCharles18-Jan1790son of William and Ann
ATKINSONElizabeth23-Feb1787daughter of William and Ann
ATKINSONRichard22-Jun1792son of William and Ann
ATKINSONWilliam4-Jul1783son of William and Ann
AULDSamuel2-Mar1777son of Samuel and Elizabeth
AUSTENWilliam18-Dec1796son of George and Rebeca [sic]
AUSTINGeorge17-Aug1793son of George and Rebecca
AUSTINJohn20-Apr1806son of George and Rebecca
AUSTINRebecca17-Mar1799daughter of George and Rebecca
AUSTINWillson Hunt22-Jul1798son of John and Elizabeth
AWLDHester26-Mar1775daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
AYLINGAnn16-Mar1800daughter of John and Mary
AYLINGElizabeth10-May1809daughter of John and Mary
AYLINGHenry25-Jan1807son of John and Mary
AYLINGJohn28-Feb1790son of John and Mary Basset
AYLINGJohn2-Nov1794son of John and Mary
AYLINGMary ann1-Aug1804daughter of William and Ann
AYLINGRobert10-Oct1802son of John and Mary
AYLINGRobert21-Dec1808son of William and Ann, born 1 July 1808
AYLINGSarah24-Apr1796daughter of John and Mary
AYLINGStephen19-Aug1804son of John and Mary
AYLINGThomas10-Jul1791son of John and Mary Basset
AYLINGThomas21-Dec1808son of William and Ann, born 9 February 1806
AYRESJane11-Dec1785daughter of Joseph and Mary
B**TONJoseph1-Jan1804son of John and Mary
B**WICKWilliam27-Feb1803son of Pearce and Sarah
BADENGeorge2-Feb1800son of William and Elizabeth
BAGNALLJames19-Dec1773son of William and Sarah
BAILEYElizabeth31-Jul1791daughter of Henry and Susanna
BAKERAnn14-Aug1785daughter of Thomas and Ann, Baker
BAKERElizabeth4-Jan1789daughter of Thomas and Ann
BAKERElizabeth1-Mar1807daughter of JJohn and Susanna
BAKERJohn9-Apr1784son of Thomas and Ann
BAKERJoseph1-Feb1791son of Thomas and Ann, Pauper
BAKERMary27-May1796daughter of Thomas and Ann
BAKERRichard27-Nov1796son of Sarah, B[astard]
BAKERRichard3-Sep1809son of John and Susanna
BAKERSarah28-Jan1787daughter of Thomas and Ann
BAKERSarah3-May1812daughter of John and Susanna
BAKERThomas23-Jun1793son of Thomas and Ann
BAKERWilliam22-Aug1773son of William and Elizabeth
BAKERWilliam21-Oct1781son of Thomas and Ann
BAKERWilliam24-Nov1782son of Thomas and Ann
BAKERWilliam21-Apr1793son of John and Elizabeth, Private of 4th Regiment of Light Dragoons
BALCOMBAmelia20-Dec1812daughter of John and Ann
BALLCharlotte13-Feb1793daughter of William and Charlotte
BALLCharlotte22-Mar1812daughter of William and Frances
BALLJacob25-Oct1787son of William and Charlotte
BALLJacob17-May1789son of William and Charlotte
BALLMaria27-May1798daughter of William and Charlotte
BALLMartha24-Apr1791daughter of William and Charlotte
BALLRebecca14-Aug1803daughter of William and Charlotte
BALLRichard5-Aug1810son of William and Francis
BALLThomas8-Mar1795son of William and Charlotte
BALLWilliam3-Mar1786son of William and Charlotte
BANKSAnn6-Jan1795daughter of John and Elizabeth, born 4 December 1794
BANKSElizabeth24-Dec1796daughter of John and Elizabeth, born 5 December
BANKSHester14-Apr1798daughter of John and Elizabeth, born 24 March 1798
BAR*******Francis8-Oct1806son of Thomas and Rebecca
BARDENCaroline27-Jan1811daughter of William and Sarah
BARDENSarah Ann17-Apr1808daughter of William and Sarah
BARHAMJames25-Nov1804son of Robert and Elizabeth
BARKERWilliam Mitchell28-Jan1787bastard son of Lucia
BARLOWRichard12-Oct1800son of Joseph and Ann
BARNESAbraham11-Mar1810son of John and Ann
BARNESAnn21-Nov1802daughter of John and Ann
BARNESElizabeth26-Jan1812daughter of John and Ann
BARNESJohn20-Oct1805son of John and Ann
BARNESRichard6-Jan1808son of John and Ann
BARRETTHenry21-Aug1808son of Richard and Jane
BARRETTSarah25-Apr1812daughter of Richard and Jane
BARROWJohn11-Jan1794son of John, Pauper
BARTHOLOMEWJohn25-Jul1794son of Thomas and Rebecca, Pauper
BARTHOLOMEWMary28-Dec1803daughter of Thomas and Rebecca
BARTHOLOMEWRebecca18-Sep1801daughter of Thomas and Rebecca
BARTHOLOMEWThomas8-Feb1797son of Thomas and Rebecca
BARTHOLOMEWWilliam19-Apr1799son of Thomas and Rebecca
BARTONAnn2-Mar1794daughter of John and Mary
BARTONGeorge2-Mar1800son of John and Mary
BARTONJames25-Mar1796son of John and Mary
BARTONJohn4-May1806son of Willliam and Martha
BARTONMaria14-Feb1790daughter of John and Maria
BARTONSophia14-Jul1799daughter of Thomas and Christiana
BARTONThomas11-Dec1785son of Thomas and Christiana
BARTONThomas21-Jan1787son of John and Mary
BARTONWilliam3-Apr1791son of Thomas and Christiana
BARTONWilliam8-Apr1804son of William and Martha
BASSATTWilliam17-Mar1784son of Thomas and Mary
BASSETMary7-May1788daughter of Thomas and Mary
BASSETTAnn15-Aug1790daughter of Thomas and Mary
BASSETTElizabeth27-Jan1786daughter of Thomas and Mary
BAST*NMary25-Nov1787daughter of Thomas and Christiana
BATCHAnn29-Nov1778daughter of Thomas and Ann
BATCHFrances9-Mar1788daughter of Thomas and Ann
BATCHHarriot14-Sep1783daughter of Thomas and Ann
BATCHHenry2-Nov1774son of Thomas and Ann
BATCHHenry30-Mar1777son of Thomas and Ann
BATCHHenry5-Jun1791son of Thomas and Ann, Pauper
BATCHSarah30-Oct1785daughter of Thomas and Ann, Pauper
BATCHWilliam27-May1781son of Thomas and Ann
BATEMANGeorge24-Apr1782son of Hannah, a Traveller's child eleven years of age
BATEMANGeorge23-Feb1812son of William and Mary
BATEMANJohn24-Sep1806son of William and Mary, Exciseman
BATEMANMary23-Feb1810daughter of William and Mary
BATEMANRichard14-Aug1808son of William and Mary
BATESWilliam8-Aug1802son of William and Frances
BATESWilliam6-Mar1808son of John Beadle and Catherine
BATHAnn2-Jul1809daughter of Henry and Ann
BATHGeorge12-Mar1786son of James and Mary
BATHHenry9-Nov1783son of James and Mary
BATHJames3-Nov1776son of James and Mary
BATHJames13-Jul1806son of James and Mary
BATHJane23-May1812daughter of Henry and Ann
BATHJohn1-Nov1778son of James and Mary
BATHMary Ann15-Aug1802daughter of James and Mary
BATHSarah4-Apr1804daughter of James and Mary
BATHSusanna15-Jan1775daughter of James and Mary
BATHThomas23-Jun1782son of James and Mary
BATHThomas1-Jan1792son of James and Mary
BATHThomas10-Feb1811son of James and Mary
BATHWilliam5-Nov1780son of James and Mary
BATHWilliam29-May1808son of James and Mary
BATHWilliam14-May1810son of Henry and Ann
BATTERSBEESarah8-Jan1792daughter of William and Sally
BATTERSBEESarah26-Jul1793daughter of William and Sally
BATTERSBEEThomas30-Sep1795son of William and Sarah
BATTERSBEEWilliam12-May1790son of William and Sally
BAXElizabeth Jukes8-Mar1778daughter of John and Elizabeth, Mister BAX Merchant of London
BAXTERJohn29-Sep1811son of William and Susanna
BAXTERMargaret12-Jul1806daughter of William and Susannah
BAXTERPrudence7-Feb1808daughter of William and Susanna
BAXTERWilliam24-Dec1809son of William and Susanna
BAYNESMargaret5-Jan1800daughter of Ann, B[astard]
BEADLEAnn9-Nov1777daughter of Nathanael and Elizabeth
BEADLEElizabeth20-Feb1774daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth
BEADLEElizabeth10-May1797daughter of William and Elizabeth
BEADLEGeorge14-Oct1798son of William and Elizabeth
BEADLEHarriot1-Aug1782daughter of Nathanael and Elizabeth
BEADLEJames1-Mar1789son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth
BEADLEJames6-Mar1796son of William and Elizabeth
BEADLEMary30-Jan1780daughter of Nathanael and Elizabeth
BEADLENathanael1-Dec1776son of Nathaneal and Elizabeth
BEALEElizabeth24-Feb1811daughter of Joseph and Ann
BEALEHenry18-Aug1799son of Henry and Eleanor
BEALEJoseph William2-Feb1794son of Henry and Eleanor
BECKJohn Withers11-Dec1774bastard son of Elizabeth
BECKLEYElizabeth21-Jan1810daughter of William and Sarah
BEECHERAnn17-Apr1803daughter of Alexander and Frances
BEEZLEYBenjamin12-Oct1800son of Thomas and Elizabeth
BELFIELDAnn26-Jan1800daughter of Henry and Sarah
BELFIELDCaroline16-Apr1809daughter of Henry and Maria
BELFIELDCaroline3-Apr1810daughter of Henry and Maria
BELFIELDEdward19-Oct1806son of Francis and Mary
BELFIELDElizabeth4-Jun1797daughter of Henry and Sarah
BELFIELDFanny12-Feb1792daughter of Ann, a Bastard Pauper
BELFIELDFrances22-Apr1804son of Francis and Mary
BELFIELDFrancis27-Mar1774son of Henry and Mary
BELFIELDJane15-Jul1798daughter of Francis and Mary
BELFIELDJohn9-May1805son of Henry and Maria
BELFIELDJudith5-Aug1787daughter of Mary, a Bastard Pauper
BELFIELDJudith2-May1802daughter of Francis and Mary
BELFIELDJudith6-Dec1812daughter of Henry and Maria
BELFIELDMaria12-Sep1802daughter of Henry and Sarah
BELFIELDMary31-May1795daughter of Henry and Sarah
BELFIELDRebecca19-May1811daughter of Henry and Maria
BELFIELDSusan10-Apr1808daughter of Henry and Maria
BELFIELDThomas25-Dec1799son of Francis and Mary
BELFIELDThomas24-Aug1806son of Henry and Maria
BELLSarah25-Nov1775daughter of George and Sarah
BELLWilliam Anthony1-Aug1801son of Charles and Margaret, born 2 July 1801
BELSONWilliam22-Apr1787son of Mary, Bastard
BENEYWilliam18-Feb1810son of William and Mary
BENFIELDJoshua2-Apr1797son of William and Elizabeth
BENSTEADThomas10-Jun1783son of Thomas and Sarah, 13 years old
BENTLEYAmelia12-Mar1797daughter of William and Ann
BENTLEYElizabeth24-Dec1780daughter of Robert and Easter Eve
BENTLEYElizabeth25-Feb1785daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
BENTLEYGeorge18-Aug1795son of Matthew and Susanna
BENTLEYHenry15-Dec1789son of Matthew and Susannah
BENTLEYIsaac29 Feb1784son of Robert and Easter ****
BENTLEYJames31-Aug1791son of William and Ann
BENTLEYJane31-Aug1793daughter of William and Ann
BENTLEYJohn29-Sep1799son of William and Ann
BENTLEYMary12-Dec1777daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
BENTLEYMary7-Apr1780last daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
BENTLEYMary7-May1786daughter of Robert and Easter***
BENTLEYMary Ann29-Nov1801daughter of William and Ann
BENTLEYMary Carman18-Nov1796daughter of Matthew and Susannah
BENTLEYMatthew Carpenter28-Feb1798son of Mathew and Susanna
BENTLEYRichard Carman2-Jul1794son of Matthew and Susan
BENTLEYRobert11-Sep1782son of Robert and Esther
BENTLEYRobert13-Feb1793son of matthew and Susanna
BENTLEYThomas East17-Sep1775son of Robert and Elizabeth
BENTLEYWilliam Robert27-Dec1794son of William and Ann
BESTJames Wilkes10-May1777son of Charles and Harriot
BESTSarah7-Jun1778daughter of Edward and Sarah
BETTSAnn10-Jan1781daughter of David and Susanna
BETTSDavid17-Jul1778son of David and Susanna
BETTSElizabeth Butler20-May1777daughter of David and Susanna
BETTSJohn3-Jan1776son of David and Susanna
BETTSWilliam17-Dec1779son of David and Susanna
BEVANSAbraham23-Dec1774son of George and Ann
BEVANSIsaac8-Jun1778son of George and Ann
BEVANSPrudence18-Jul1773daughter of George and Ann
BEVANSThomas13-Jan1782son of Thomas and Mary
BEXHILLAnn23-May1783daughter of Jarvis and Ann
BEXHILLCharlotte1-Jan1786daughter of Jarvis and Ann
BEXHILLJosiah16-May1784son of Jarvis and Ann
BILLINGSLEYAnn12-Oct1803daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
BIRCHERElizabeth21-Feb1811daughter of James and Mary
BIRDEdward James3-Nov1799son of Edward and Sarah
BIRDElizabeth6-Jun1789daughter of William Wilberforce and Penelope, of Southend [Lewisham]
BIRDBRIDGEAnn14-Feb1783daughter of Henry and Sarah
BIRDBRIDGEJohn18-Feb1785son of Henry and Sarah
BIRDBRIDGEMary16-Dec1778daughter of Henry and Sarah
BIRDBRIDGEMercy30-Oct1772daughter of Henry and Sarah
BIRDBRIDGEWilliam10-Feb1775son of Henry and Sarah
BIRDBRIDGEWilliam Henry26-Jan1781son of Henry and Sarah
BLACKMANJames23-Jul1782son of James and Catharine
BLAKEEleanor13-May1787daughter of James and Alice
BLAKEJames8-Jul1792son of Henry and Lucy
BLAKEJohn19-Oct1791son of Alexander and Hannah
BLAKEMary25-Sep1812daughter of Barnabas and Mary
BLAKERSarah16-Jan1796daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth
BLAMPINWilliam14-Apr1790son of Catharine, a Bastard
BLEWITMargaret6-Dec1772daughter of Christopher and Margaret
BLUNDENAnn13-Feb1780daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth.
BLUNDENAnn2-Jun1793daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
BLUNDENElizabeth13-Jun1787daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
BLUNDENSarah15-Feb1778daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Blunden
BONNICKAnn16-Sep1781daughter of John and Ann
BONWICKHenry22-Apr1804son of Peirce and Sarah
BONWICKJoseph25-Aug1805son of Pierce and Sarah
BONWICKPearce16-Nov1801son of Pearce and Sarah
BOSCASTER?Louisa14-Oct1782daughter of Philip Nathaniel [irregular entry]
BOTTENJane9-Mar1788daughter of William and Ann
BOTTENSarah28-May1792daughter of William and Ann Henzer, Pauper
BOUCHIERThomas5-Sep1802son of Nathaniel and Jane
BOULTONElizabeth17-Mar1811daughter of Richard and Catherine
BOULTONSarah10-Jul1808daughter of Richard and Catherine
BOWARDMary Abbet9-Jun1776bastard daughter of Mary
BOWENHenry Head27-Oct1794son of Thomas and Martha
BOWENThomas12-Dec1798son of Thomas and Martha
BOWENWilliam14-Aug1796son of Thomas and Martha
BOWRAJohn3-Oct1777son of John and Elizabeth
BRADFORDEliza20-Jul1807daughter of Edward Chapman and Eliza, Captain of the East India Company
BRADLEYCharlotte Martha25-Sep1789daughter of Benjamin and Mary
BRANJames21-Feb1796son of Sarah, B[astard]
BRANJane22-Jun1774bastard of Jane
BRAYAnn16-Nov1794daughter of John and Mary
BRAYEdward1-Jul1787son of John and Mary
BRAYElizabeth5-Apr1789daughter of John and Mary
BRAYGeorge16-Mar1800son of John and Mary
BRAYJames13-Mar1796son of John and Mary
BRAYJohn17-Feb1793son of John and Mary
BRAYMary13-Mar1791daughter of John and Mary
BRAYSamuel10-Mar1805son of John and Ann
BRAYSarah9-Jun1802daughter of John and Mary
BRAYSusan8-Apr1807daughter of John and Mary
BRAYWilliam18-Feb1798son of John and Mary
BRICKWELLWilliam11-Aug1799son of Susanna, B[astard]
BRIDGARTJohn28-Dec1794son of John and Sarah
BRIDGESJames25-Jul1779son of William and Temperance
BRIDGESJoseph8-Nov1782son of William and Temperance
BRIDGESWilliam15-Jun1777son of William and Temperance
BRISTEREdmund31-Mar1805son of Thomas and Mary
BROADAnn6-Oct1782daughter of Edward and Ann
BROADEdward31-Dec1779son of Edward and Ann
BROADElizabeth7-Dec1784daughter of Edward and Ann
BROADEsther5-Jun1796daughter of Edward and Ann
BROADJames19-Jan1786son of Edward and Ann
BROADMartha17-Aug1798Edward and Ann
BROADMary27-Jan1788daughter of Edward and Ann
BROADSamuel30-Sep1792son of Edward and Ann
BROADWilliam4-May1790son of Edward and Ann
BROADHURSTJames1-Jan1781son of James and Jane
BROADHURSTJohn11-Feb1787son of James and Jane
BROADHURSTMary25-Oct1782daughter of James and Jane
BROADHURSTSimmon11-Sep1785son of James and Jane
BROADHURSTStephen James14-Mar1784son of John and Jane
BROOKERElizabeth14-May1773daughter of John and Ann
BROOKSAnn7-Nov1798daughter of Robert and Ann
BROOKSAnn21-Oct1799twin son of Robert and Ann,
BROOKSWilliam21-Oct1799twin son of Robert and Ann
BROUGH**NGeoffrey12-Oct1784son of William and Mary
BROUGHTONElizabeth10-Sep1780daughter of William and Mary
BROUGHTONMary13-Jan1782daughter of William and Mary
BROUGHTONSamuel20-Dec1778son of William and Mary
BROUGHTONWilliam Joseph10-Jan1777son of William and Mary
BROWNAnn8-Dec1782daughter of Edward and Ann
BROWNAnn Elizabeth4-Aug1793daughter of John and Rachel
BROWNCharles22-Sep1776son of Edward and Ann
BROWNCharles24-Mar1811son of Charles and Sarah
BROWNEdward28-Jan1798son of James and Fanny
BROWNElizabeth17-Nov1778daughter of Thomas and Francis
BROWNElizabeth30-May1784daughter of Edward and Ann
BROWNFanny9-Jul1780daughter of Edward and Ann
BROWNJames26-May1793son of James and Ann
BROWNJane5-Oct1808daughter of William and Anna Maria
BROWNJohn28-Dec1794son of John and Rachel
BROWNJohn13-Jul1800son of John and Rachel
BROWNJoseph16-Oct1791son of James and Ann
BROWNJoseph16-Dec1804son of Thomas and Leonora
BROWNMaria15-Feb1795daughter of James and Fanny
BROWNMartha23-Nov1798daughter of John and Rachel
BROWNMartha18-Mar1804daughter of John and Rachel
BROWNMary24-Sep1786daughter of Edward and Ann, Pauper
BROWNSamuel9-Sep1810son of Samuel and Jane
BROWNSarah18-Oct1778daughter of Edward and Ann
BROWNSarah16-Mar1800daughter of James and Fanny
BROWNSarah19-Apr1806daughter of John and Rachel
BROWNThomas23-Sep1787son of Ann, B[astard]
BROWNEJoseph13-Nov1796son of John and Rachel
BROWNINGAmy3-Nov1799daughter of Benjamin and Sarah
BROWNINGAnn27-Dec1791daughter of Naomi
BROWNINGBenjamin26-Dec1784son of Benjamin and Sarah
BROWNINGCaroline18-Sep1808daughter of Thomas and Judith
BROWNINGCharles31-Jan1802son of Benjamin and Sarah
BROWNINGGeorge4-Feb1798son of Benjamin and Sarah
BROWNINGHarriot21-Jan1810daughter of William and Jane
BROWNINGHenry25-Dec1791son of Benjamin ans Sarah
BROWNINGHenry4-Sep1803son of Thomas and Judith
BROWNINGHenry19-Jan1806son of George and Mary
BROWNINGJames2-Feb1778son of Joseph and Ann
BROWNINGJames28-Sep1788son of Benjamin and Sarah, Pauper
BROWNINGJane8-Dec1805daughter of William and Jane
BROWNINGJohn26-May1787son of Benjamin and Sarah
BROWNINGJoseph21-Feb1790son of Benjamin and Sarah
BROWNINGLucy24-May1807daughter of William and Jane
BROWNINGSarah19-Jan1783daughter of Benjamin and Sarah
BROWNINGSarah1-Jan1804daughter of William and Jane
BROWNINGThomas7-Oct1773son of Joseph and Ann
BROWNINGThomas28-Dec1793son of Benjamin and Sarah
BROWNINGWilliam30-Jul1780son of Benjamain and Sarah
BUCHANANFrances30-May1786daughter of the Reverend Gilbert and Frances
BUCHANANGeorge30-May1792son of Gilbert and Frances
BULHANANGilbert5-Apr1785son of the Reverend Gilbert and Frances his wife
BULLENAnn1-Jun1794daughter of James and Frances, Pauper
BULLENElizabeth10-Aug1800daughter of James and Frances
BULLENHannah11-Sep1791daughter of James and Francis
BULLENJames16-Jul1809son of Richard and Frances
BULLENJohn12-Apr1789son of James and Frances
BULLENMary19-May1811daughter of Richard and Susanna
BULLENSarah28-Mar1798daughter of James and Frances
BULLINFrances1-Mar1807daughter of Richard and Ann Susanna
BUNCEMary22-Jun1794daughter of Thomas and Judith
BURBRIDGECharlotte23-Feb1792daughter of Susan
BURBRIDGEWilliam22-Dec1799son of Susanna, B[astard]
BURFORDMary12-May1805daughter of Richard and Mary
BURGESElizabeth19-Nov1775daughter of Robert and Sarah
BURGESSAnn30-Jun1787daughter of Thomas and Ann
BURGESSAnn9-Nov1800daughter of John and Amy
BURGESSElizabeth1-Feb1807daughter of John and Amy
BURGESSEmma28-May1809daughter of John and Amy
BURGESSJames28-Apr1805son of John and Amy
BURGESSJohn21-Feb1802son of John and Amy
BURGESSMary23-Oct1803daughter of John and Amy
BURGESSRichard17-Jun1792son of Thomas and Ann
BURGESSThomas20-Aug1788son of Thomas and Ann
BURGESSWilliam9-Dec1810son of John and Ann
BURLEYAnn31-Jan1790daughter of Henry and Susanna, Pauper
BURLEYThomas2-Jun1782son of Thomas and Elizabeth
BURNHAMSusanna26-Sep1804daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
BURRCaharine [sic]2-Feb1784daughter of Robert and Lydia
BURRAGEWilliam18-Jun1797son of William and Ann
BURROWJoseph8-Apr1787son of John and Sarah
BURROWMary Ann27-Sep1789daughter of John and Sarah
BURROWRobert1-Aug1798son of John and Sarah
BURROWSEdmund Morris25-Dec1795son of John and Sarah
BURROWSJames16-Nov1791son of John and Sarah, Pauper
BURROWSSarah23-Aug1801daughter of John and Sarah
BURTWilliam28-Mar1784son of William and Sarah
BURTONAnn5-Jul1789daughter of William and Mary
BURTONAnn10-Jun1792daughter of William and Ann
BURTONElizabeth11-Mar1776daughter of James and Alice
BURTONElizabeth30-Apr1780daughter of William and Mary
BURTONJames2-Sep1792son of William and Mary, Pauper
BURTONLydia23-Jan1779daughter of James and Alice
BURTONMartha10-Mar1782daughter of John and Maria
BURTONSarah7-May1786daughter of William and Mary
BURTONThomas6-Jul1783son of William and Mary
BURTONWilliam29-Jun1794son of William and Ann, Pauper
BUSHNELLLucy9-Aug1784daughter of John Collins and Sarah
BUSSAnn30-Jan1774daughter of William and Mary
BUSSAnn30-Jan1774daughter of William and Mary
BUSSClarissa5-Nov1779daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
BUSSJohn6-Apr1777son of William and Mary
BUSSRobetr15-Feb1782son of Robert and Elizabeth
BUSSWilliam21-Mar1775son of William and Mary
BUSSWilliam Church1-May1778son of Robert and Elizabeth
BUTCHERMary Ann7-Apr1811daughter of George and Elizabeth
BUTLERJohn29-May1808son of John and Elizabeth
BYRNHarriot17-Feb1777daughter of James and Harriet
CACKETWilliam11-Dec1796son of Elizabeth, B[astard]
CAKEAmelia1-Apr1804daughter of Ann, B[astard]
CAKEAnn31-Jul1774daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth
CAKEJohn4-Feb1798son of Ann
CAKEMaria Eaton10-Apr1801daughter of Ann, B[astard]
CALLOWElizabeth23-Jun1799daughter of John and Elizabeth
CALLOWJohn Thomas13-Sep1801son of John and Elizabeth
CALLOWMary Ann8-Oct1797daughter of William and Ann
CAMPANYGeorge6-Jun1779son of George and Mary
CAMPSONHarriot11-Jun1780daughter of John and Sarah
CAPESJane14-Jun1809twin daughter of William and Mary
CAPESMary Ann2-Aug1802daughter of William and Mary
CAPESSarah14-Jun1809twin daughter of William and Mary
CARLETONGuy19-Nov1811son of the Honourable George and Henrietta, born 25 October and baptized at Bromley House
CARPENTERAbsalom9-Sep1810son of William and Sarah
CARPENTERAnn11-Mar1781daughter of John and Elizabeth
CARPENTERCaroline14-May1809daughter of William and Sarah
CARPENTERCharity19-Oct1806daughter of Jabez and Charity
CARPENTERElizabeth31-Oct1811daughter of William and Sarah
CARPENTERJabez25-Sep1778son of John and Elizabeth
CARPENTERJane18-Jan1807daughter of John and Jane
CARPENTERJohn30-Jun1776son of John and Elizabeth
CARPENTERJohn8-Nov1778son of Joseph and Ann
CARPENTERMaria25-Sep1774daughter of John and Elizabeth
CARPENTERMaria23-May1811daughter of Jabez and Charity
CARPENTERMary30-Apr1809daughter of John and Jane
CARPENTERWilliam14-Dec1783son of John and Elizabeth
CARRELLJames1-Feb1801son of Thomas and Nanny
CARRICKElizabeth7-Mar1790daughter of William and Eleanor
CARRICKRichard Thomas2-Dec1787son of William and Eleanor
CARRICKWilliam21-Mar1790son of William and Elizabeth [marginal entry offers alternative surname spelling as CRICK]
CARTERAnn21-Mar1779daughter of John and Elizabeth
CARTERCharles23-Oct1808son of Charles and Elizabeth Mary
CARTERCleophas20-Apr1777son of John and Elizabeth
CARTERCornelius16-Feb1806son of John and Sarah
CARTERElizabeth19-Dec1802daughter of John and Elizabeth
CARTERJohn1-Jun1783son of John and Elizabeth
CARTERMary Ann8-Apr1810daughter of Charles and Mary
CARTERRichard30-Nov1804son of William and Mary, Received;baptised 14 April 1802 at Saint Saviours Southwark
CARTERSarah23-Jul1775daughter of John and Elizabeth
CARTERSilas30-Sep1787son of John and Elizabeth
CARTWRIGHTFrancis Acres7-Aug1808son of John and Margaret
CASTLEJames26-Feb1804son of Elizabeth, B[astard]
CATLINEdward6-Jan1793son of William and Catherine
CHALKLEYBetty17-Apr1794daughter of William and Betty
CHALKLEYWilliam28-Oct1791son of William and Betty
CHALMERSJames Henry1-Dec1802son of Edmund Alleyne and Ann
CHAMBERSScialto9-Jul1779son of Edward and Charlotte
CHANCEAlexander30-Aug1810son of John and Ann,
CHANCEGeorge14-Oct1803son of John and Ann
CHANCEHenry13-Mar1791son of John and Ann
CHANCEJames23-Jul1800son of John and Ann, from Southend [Lewisham]
CHANCEJohn25-Jan1789son of John and Ann
CHANCEMaria13-May1798daughter of John and Ann
CHANCERobert25-Sep1805son of John and Ann
CHANCEWilliam13-Mar1796son of John and Ann
CHAPMANAnn30-Oct1773daughter of Samuel and Mary
CHAPMANAnn3-Jan1779daughter of James and Elizabeth
CHAPMANAnn14-Jan1810daughter of John and Maria
CHAPMANEdward23-Jul1780son of John and Ann
CHAPMANEdward31-Mar1795son of Elizabeth, B[astard]
CHAPMANElizabeth23-Oct1774daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
CHAPMANElizabeth5-Nov1799daughter of John and Maria
CHAPMANElizabeth21-Dec1802daughter of William and Ann
CHAPMANGeorge26-Apr1778son of Samuel and Mary
CHAPMANGeorge7-Jul1779son of John and Jane
CHAPMANGeorge16-Apr1786son of John and Ann
CHAPMANGeorge24-Jan1790son of Becket and Amy,
CHAPMANGeorge16-Aug1796son of John and Maria
CHAPMANJames18-Oct1807son of John and Maria
CHAPMANJames Garfelt9-Feb1806son of William and Ann
CHAPMANJohn10-Jun1774son of John and Ann
CHAPMANJohn16-May1802son of John son of John and Maria
CHAPMANJohn Brewer14-May1797son of William and Ann
CHAPMANMaria27-May1798daughter of John Junior and Maria
CHAPMANMary29-Oct1775daughter of Samuel and Mary
CHAPMANMary16-Mar1777daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
CHAPMANMary5-Nov1799daughter of John and Maria
CHAPMANMary8-Nov1812daughter of John and Maria
CHAPMANMary Ann23-Jun1799daughter of William and Ann
CHAPMANRichard9-Feb1783son of Richard and Elizabeth
CHAPMANRichard20-Aug1809son of William and Ann
CHAPMANRichard25-Mar1810son of Richard and Mary
CHAPMANSophia24-Feb1805daughter of John and Maria
CHAPMANSusanna8-Apr1781daughter of Samuel and Mary
CHAPMANWilliam2-Jan1789son of Becket and Amy
CHAPMANWilliam17-Jan1795son of William and Ann
CHARDAnn26-Apr1780daughter of Anthony and Mary
CHARDGeorge17-May1778son of Anthony and Mary
CHARDJohn30-Dec1773son of Anthony and Mary, privately baptised by Reverend mister Farquhar Rector of Hayes
CHARDWilliam10-Dec1776son of Anthony and Mary
CHEESEMANMary Ann30-Jul1786daughter of Isaac and Ann
CHISWILLAnn30-May1779daughter of John and Martha
CHUBBElizabeth25-Mar1798daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
CHUNNGeorge27-Aug1773son of John and Frances
CHURCHERAmelia14-Jan1810daughter of John and Clara
CHURCHERHenry2-Aug1807son of John and Clara
CHURCHERJohn6-Mar1785son of James and Sarah
CHURCHERJohn15-Sep1805son of John and Clara
CHURCHERMary17-Nov1811daughter of John and Clara
CHURCHERWilliam13-Jan1788son of James and Sarah
CLARKAnn1-May1805daughter of William and Ann
CLARKElizabeth1-May1807daughter of William and Ann
CLARKSarah3-Dec1786daughter of John and Ann
CLARKSarah27-Jan1811daughter of William and Ann
CLARKWilliam26-Jul1801son of William and Ann
CLARKEAnn Cole7-Aug1795daughter of Sarah, B[astard]
CLARKEElizabeth4-Mar1787daughter of Thomas and Sarah
CLARKEFrances8-Jan1809daughter of William and Ann
CLARKEMary27-Feb1793daughter of Sarah, Widow
CLARKESophia31-Oct1788daughter of Thomas and Sarah
CLARKEThomas Matthew25-Aug1790son of Thomas and Sarah
CLARKEWilliam9-Oct1796son of Honora, Widow
CLEMENTSPhilip5-Jan1794son of Ann, a Bastard, Pauper
CLEMENTSSarah1-May1791daughter of of Sarah, Pauper
CLIFTONElizabeth19-Nov1798daughter of Henry and Susanna
CLIFTONJohn25-Jan1797son of Henry and Susannah
CLIFTONJohn James22-Oct1790son of Henry and Susanna
CLIFTONPeter12-Feb1792son of Henry and Susanna
CO*ELThomas6-Jun1795son of Thomas and Letitia
COCKJames22-Mar1795son of John and Lydia
COEEdward2-Aug1812son of William and Christian
COLEWilliam8-Mar1807son of William and Amy
COLEBOURNLucy21-Sep1788daughter of William and Ann
COLEBURNAnn3-Jul1791daughter of William and Ann
COLEBURNMargaret25-Apr1793daughter of William and Ann
COLEBURNWilliam26-Sep1802son of William and Ann
COLEGATEAnn11-Nov1792daughter of Robert and Sarah
COLEGATEJane24-Mar1805daughter of Robert and Sarah
COLEGATEMaria12-Jul1807daughter of Robert and Sarah
COLEGATEMary12-Mar1797daughter of Robert and Sarah
COLEGATERobert15-Feb1795son of Robert and Sarah
COLEGATESarah16-Jan1791daughter of Robert and Sarah
COLEGATEThomas17-Nov1799son of Robert and Sarah
COLGATEFrances26-Sep1802daughter of Robert and Sarah
COLLINSCharles15-Mar1812son of John and Sarah
COLLINSJohn3-Jun1809son of John and Sarah
COLLINSSarah13-Jan1811daughter of John and Sarah
COLLISCharlotte2-Apr1803daughter of Charles and Mary
COMPSONEdward Bate17-Jun1781son of John and Sarah
COMPSONJohn25-May1783son of John and Sarah
COMPSONJoseph24-Nov1784son of John and Sarah
COMPSONMary Eliza26-Nov1795daughter of Edward and Mary
COOKGeorge23-Feb1803son of Edward and Elizabeth
COOKMary18-Aug1809daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Martha
COOKSarah16-Nov1804daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
COOKWilliam15-Sep1811son of William and Susanna
COOPERAnn20-May1781daughter of Job and Ann
COOPERCharlotte Eliza26-Apr1807daughter of George and Elizabeth
COOPEREleanor25-May1783daughter of Job and Ann
COOPEREmily26-Jul1811daughter of George and Elizabeth
COOPERGeorge5-Dec1799son of George and Elizabeth
COOPERHenry22-Dec1799son of Henry and Ann
COOPERJane5-Aug1804daughter of George and Elizabeth
COOPERJohn4-Jul1802son of George and Elizabeth
COOPERJohn22-Jul1804son of Henry and Ann
COOPERJohn30-Sep1812son of Henry and Ann
COOPERRichard6-Apr1785son of Job and Ann
COOPERThomas Wallace24-Jun1798son Elizabeth, B[astard]
COOPERWilliam18-Mar1796son of Henry and Ann
COOPERWilliam George3-Feb1811son of William and Mary
COPRDERYSusanna30-Dec1792daughter of Mathias and Susanna
CORBETElizabeth Ann11-Dec1791daughter of Richard and Henrietta
CORBETMary25-Dec1793daughter of Richard and Henrietta
CORBETRichard26-Aug1804son of Richard and Henrietta
CORBET[T]Richard19-Oct1806son of Richard and Henrietta, child name corrected to Richard
CORBETTEsther Walter3-Apr1796daughter of Richard and Henrietta
CORBETTLouisa16-Nov1801daughter of Richard and Henrietta
CORBETTSarah3-Mar1799daughter of Richard and Henrietta
CORDEROYEliza31-May1812daughter of Matthew and Susanna
CORDEROYHannah6-Jul1800daughter of Mathias and Susanna
CORDEROYSarah2-Nov1794daughter of Matthias and Susanna
CORDERYGeorge17-Dec1802son of Matthias and Susanna
CORDERYWilliam1-Apr1798son of Matthias and Susann
CORKCharles27-Jan1799son of John and Lydia
CORKEdward30-Jul1793twin son of John and Lydia
CORKGeorge5-Feb1797son of John and Lydia
CORKMary Ann30-Jul1793twin daughter of John and Lydia
CORKESarah24-Jun1801daughter of Lydia, B[astard]
CORKERBernard24-Jan1790son of Elias and Mary
CORKERElias2-Jan1792son of Elias and Mary
CORKERElizabeth6-Jun1783daughter of Elias and Mary
CORKERFrances16-Sep1781daughter of Elias and Mary
CORKERHarriot7-Apr1786daughter of Elias and Mary
CORKERMary18-Oct1778daughter of Elias and Mary
CORKERSarah16-Jan1780daughter of Elias and Mary
CORKERThomas30-Dec1787son of Eliss and Mary
COSTINAnn8-Jun1788daughter of Stephen and Ann
COSTINEdmund9-May1779son of Richard and Sarah
COSTINEdward26-Jun1803son of Edward and Mary
COSTINElizabeth18-Dec1783daughter of Richard and Sarah
COSTINElizabeth Mary13-Feb1791daughter of Stephen and Ann
COSTINJohn14-Dec1777son of Richard and Sarah
COSTINJohn10-Jun1784son of Stephen and Ann
COSTINJohn5-Mar1786son of Richard and Sarah
COSTINJohn4-May1788son of Edward and Elizabeth
COSTINLouisa22-Sep1793daughter of Stephen and Ann
COSTINMaria22-Apr1792daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
COSTINMary ann15-Jan1786daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
COSTINSarah26-Dec1790daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
COSTINStephen Arnold7-May1786son of Stepehen and Ann
COSTINThomas25-Nov1804son of Edward and Mary Wheatly
COSTINWilliam15-Aug1780son of Richard and Sarah
COSTINWilliam7-Feb1802son of Edward and Mary W
COULBOURNGeorge Sparrow25-Mar1787son of William and Ann
COULLJane31-Jul1785daughter of James and Elizabeth, see elsewhere in register
COVELRichard31-Oct1802son of Richard and Mary
COVELSarah20-Apr1800daughter of Richard and Mary
COVELLLucy25-Aug1793daughter of Richard and Mary
COVENTRYJonathan9-Jun1805son of Sarah, B[astard]
COVEYElizabeth9-Dec1798daughter of James and Elizabeth
COWDEROYAmelia22-Mar1798daughter of John and Mary
COWDEROYAnn28-Sep1787daughter of John and Mary
COWDEROYJames5-Jul1789son of John and Mary
COWDEROYJane9-Aug1793daughter of John and Mary
COWDEROYMary12-Apr1795daughter of John and Mary
COWDEROYRichard25-Jun1783son of John and Mary
COWDEROYSarah20-Mar1785daughter of John and Mary
COWDERYElizabeth19-Aug1781daughter of John and Mary
COWELLSusanna17-Jan1796daughter of Richard and Mary
COXAnn29 Feb1792daughter of Joseph and Ann
COXHenry4-Jul1790son of Joseph and Ann
COXWilliam26-Apr1776son of Joseph and Mary
CRAFTONRichard2-Feb1777son of Richard and Mary
CRANEThomas8-Aug1773son of Thomas and Mary
CRAWLEYAnn13-Jul1788daughter of William and Sarah
CRAWLEYCharles9-Apr1786son of William and Sarah
CRESPIGNYAuga Ann1-Jul1799daughter of Thomas Champion and Augusta Charlotte, Esquire;born 7 June
CRIPSElizabeth2-Jul1775daughter of Henry and Deborah
CRIPSKitty30-Oct1773daughter of Henry and Deborah
CRONKSusanna4-Aug1799daughter of John and Mary
CROSSJuliet20-Dec1773daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
CROUCHGeorge19-Jul1812son of John and Susanna
CROUCHJohn3-Apr1808son of John and susanna
CROUCHThomas3-Jun1810son of John and Susanna
CROUCHERAnn23-Feb1783daughter of Richard and Martha
CROUCHERAnn11-Jan1801daughter of Thomas and Francis
CROUCHERFrances14-Apr1799daughter of Thomas and Frances
CROUCHERMartha3-Apr1774daughter of Richard and Martha
CROUCHERMary29-Dec1807daughter of Thomas and Frances
CROUCHERRichard10-Jun1810son of Thomas and Frances
CROUCHERThomas16-Feb1777son of Richard and Martha
CROUCHERThomas23-Jan1803son of Thomas and Frances
CROUCHERWilliam15-Dec1805son of Thomas and Frances
CROWHURSTJacob Hind9-Mar1792son of John and Ann
CROWHURSTMartha8-Dec1790daughter of John and Ann
CROWHURSTMary Ann21-Sep1788daughter of John and Ann
CRUNDELLHester30-Jun1784bastard daughter of Mary
CRUNDELLJames25-Sep1787son of Mary, a Bastard
CRUNDLEMary15-Aug1790daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
CRUTTENDENMary31-Dec1797daughter of Mary, B[astard]
CUNNINGHAMCatherine14-Jun1801daughter of William and Mary
CUNNINGHAMJames28-Aug1799son of William and Mary
CUNNINGHAMSarah10-Apr1803daughter of William and Mary, father deceased
CURTISAnn14-Dec1800daughter of John and Elizabeth
CURTISCatherine16-Jul1797daughter of John and Elizabeth
CURTISCharles22-Dec1805son of John and Elizabeth
CURTISCharles7-Jul1807son of John and Elizabeth
CURTISElizabeth23-May1802daughter of John and Elizabeth
CURTISHarry8-Jul1810son of John and Elizabeth
CURTISJohn14-Oct1798son of John and Elizabeth
CURTISMary30-Sep1795daughter of John and Elizabeth
CURTISWilliam9-Oct1803son of John and Elizabeth
CUTBUSHCharles24-Dec1791son of Edward and Ann
CUTBUSHCharlotte10-Oct1790daughter of Charles and Elizabeth
CUTBUSHEdward15-Dec1788son of Edward and Ann
CUTBUSHEdward William21-Nov1806son of Edward and Elizabeth
CUTBUSHHarriet31-Jan1808daughter of Charles and Elizabeth
CUTBUSHJames8-Aug1785son of Edward and Ann
CUTBUSHJames18-Aug1793son of Charles and Elizabeth
CUTBUSHKeren Happuch24-Apr1790daughter of Edward and Ann
CUTBUSHMary Alice2-Dec1804daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
CUTBUSHThomas19-Mar1809son of Edward and Elizabeth
CUTBUSHWilliam28-Jun1801son of Charles and Elizabeth
D***ARDSarah26-Jun1785daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
D*WLEYJames Bartholomew13-Sep1801son of Thomas and Mary, of the India House
DALEAnn23-Oct1775daughter of David and Sarah
DALEAnn4-Mar1787daughter of David and Elizabeth
DALEElizabeth14-Nov1779daughter of David and Elizabeth
DALEGeorge22-Mar1789son of David
DALEHannah13-Oct1793daughter of David and Elizabeth, Pauper
DALEJames6-Mar1785son of David and Elizabeth
DALEJohn16-Mar1783son of David and Elizabeth
DALEMary1-Apr1781daughter of David and Elizabeth
DALEMary8-Apr1785daughter of Daniel and Jane
DALERobert11-Sep1791son of David and Elizabeth, Pauper
DALERobert Wheeler11-May1774bastard of Mary
DALESarah19-Oct1777daughter of David and Elizabeth
DALEWilliam5-Jan1774son of David and Sarah
DALEWilliam5-Feb1774son of David and Sarah
DALTONCaroline Ann6-Oct1809daughter of William and Rebecca
DALTONRobert21-Jun1808son of William and Rebecca
DAVISAnn16-Feb1785daughter of William and Mary
DAVISAnn25-Feb1785daughter of William and Mary
DAVISAnn Maria28-Jun1789daughter of Edward and Mary
DAVISCaroline Mary4-Jan1797daughter of James and Elizabeth
DAVISCharles25-Nov1786son of William and Mary
DAVISElizabeth18-Jan1784daughter of Edward and Mary
DAVISElizabeth12-Apr1789daughter of Mary, a Bastard
DAVISElizabeth24-Feb1793daughter of James and Elizabeth
DAVISElizabeth23-Nov1803daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth
DAVISFrederick27-Aug1809son of Thomas and Lucy
DAVISHannah28-Dec1789daughter of William and Mary
DAVISHenry23-May1798son of Edward and Mary
DAVISHenry22-Jan1806son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth
DAVISHenry William3-Sep1786son of Richard and Elizabeth
DAVISJames4-Mar1788son of William and Mary
DAVISJames11-Oct1807son of Thomas and Lucy
DAVISJane12-Mar1809daughter of James and Grace
DAVISMary14-Feb1783daughter of William and Mary
DAVISMary ann30-Jan1803daughter of James and Grace
DAVISMary Ann2-Dec1812daughter of James and Mary
DAVISNathaniel21-Mar1802son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth
DAVISRobert28-May1785son of William and Mary
DAVISSophia23-Aug1794daughter of William and Mary
DAVISThomas16-Sep1787son of Edward and Ann
DAVISThomas31-Oct1792son of Edward and Mary
DAVISThomas31-Mar1805son of James and Grace
DAVISWilliam19-Mar1781son of William and Mary
DAVISWilliam20-Apr1791son of Richard and Elizabeth
DAVISWilliam18-Mar1795son of James and Elizabeth
DAWLEYWilliam Edward25-Mar1809son of Thomas and Sarah Hawes, born 27 February
DAYCaroline3-Aug1808daughter of James and Mary Ann
DAYElizabeth4-May1774daughter of William and Elizabeth
DAYGeorge26-Feb1777son of William and Elizabeth
DAYGeorge6-Jun1804son of James and Mary Ann
DAYHarriet5-Jan1776daughter of William and Elizabeth
DAYJames3-Feb1779son of William and Elizabeth
DAYJames31-Dec1797son of John and Susanna
DAYJames William15-Aug1801son of James and Mary
DAYJohn Glassteer18-Sep1796son of John and Sarah
DAYJoseph11-Jun1784son of William and Elizabeth
DAYMary Ann29-Mar1795daughter of John and Sarah
DAYMary Ann Sweeting8-Jan1811daughter of James and Mary Ann
DAYSarah24-Feb1773daughter of William and Elizabeth
DAYSophia14-Mar1781daughter of William and Elizabeth
DAYSusanna9-Aug1795daughter of John and Susanna
DAYThomas John28-Mar1790son of John and Sarah
DAYThomas Sweeting28-May1806son of James and Mary Ann
DAYWilliam John12-Sep1791son of John and Sarah
DAYWilliam Neeson19-Jun1793son of John and Sarah
DEADMANSarah5-Nov1780daughter of Thomas and Mary
DEANJames11-May1806son of William and Sarah
DEANRobert15-Jul1804son of William and Sarah
DEANSusan13-Apr1798daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
DEANWilliam25-Apr1802son of William and Sarah
DEANEAnn16-May1800daughter of William and Sarah
DENNISJohn17-Feb1808son of William and Ann
DENNISRichard19-Apr1812son of William and Ann
DENNISWilliam14-Jan1810son of William and Ann
DEVIANEJane14-Oct1782daughter of Philip Nathaniel of Widmore, born 17 September 1782 [irregular entry]
DEVISME?Harriot4-May1785daughter of Philip Nathaniel and Jane, born 8 April
DEWARAnn Elen8-Dec1773daughter of James and Ann
DEWAREdmund11-Nov1772son of James and Ann, Gent[leman] Bromley Town
DEWARSarah8-Feb1775daughter of James and Ann, Gent[leman] of Bromley Town
DICKSONMary12-Apr1800daughter of Peter and Elizabeth
DIXEENEYEdward7-May1797son of Edward and Hannah
DIXONDavid8-Jul1798son of Peter and Elizabeth
DOLLERYAnn14-Nov1783daughter of William and Ann
DOVECharlotte5-Jun1791daughter of Jasper and Mary, Pauper
DOVEElizabeth13-Mar1789daughter of Jasper and Mary
DOVEHannah24-Feb1793daughter of Jasper and Mary
DOVEJames4-Mar1781son of Jasper and Mary
DOVEJane Brown9-Jun1786daughter of Jasper and Mary
DOVEJasper19-Mar1780son of Jasper and Mary
DOVEJasper4-May1794son of Jasper and Mary, Pauper
DOVEJasper Samuel5-Mar1797son of Jasper and Mary
DOVEJohn21-Jul1782son of Jasper and Mary
DOVEMary Ann13-Sep1778daughter of Jasper and Mary
DOVERichard29-Apr1785son of Jasper and Mary
DOVESarah3-Aug1787daughter of Jasper and Mary
DOVESusanna30-May1790daughter of Jasper and Mary
DOVEWilliam28-Dec1783son of Jasper and Mary
DOWLEYJun5-Aug1807daughter of Thomas and Sarah, born 12 July
DOWLEYMargaret6-Apr1811daughter of Thomas and Sarah, born 9 March
DOWNARDAnn10-Jun1787daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
DOWNARDEdward23-Oct1796son of Thomas and Elizabeth
DOWNARDElizabeth28-Jul1793daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, Pauper
DOWNARDGeorge8-May1803son of Thomas and Elizabeth
DOWNARDJames9-Dec1798son of Thomas and Elizabeth
DOWNARDJohn11-Dec1791son of Thomas and Elizabeth
DOWNARDSophia Matilda8-May1808daughter of William and Kitty
DOWNARDSophis12-Mar1790daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
DOWNARDWilliam20-Jul1806son of William and Catherine
DOWNWARDAnn20-Mar1782daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
DOWNWARDMary9-Apr1780daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
DOWNWARDThomas6-Sep1783son of Thomas and Elizabeth
DOWNWARDWilliam8-Mar1778son of Thomas and Elizabeth
DRAPERElizabeth17-Aug1787daughter of William and Mary
DRAPERElizabeth23-Jun1803daughter of William and Elizabeth
DRAPERMary20-Aug1778daughter of William and Mary
DRAPERSarah9-May1790daughter of William and Mary
DRAPERThomas11-Aug1811son of William and Elizabeth
DRAPERWilliam27-Sep1780son of william and Mary
DRAPERWilliam31-Jul1808William and Elizabeth
DREWJohn24-May1778son of James and Thomasin
DUMONTEdmund29-Aug1798son of Edward and Ann
DUMONTFanny20-Apr1796daughter of Edward and Ann
DUNCKLEYElizabeth27-Aug1806daughter of William and Hannah
DUNCKLEYGeorge26-Aug1792son of William and Hannah
DUNCKLEYJane9-Feb1796daughter of William and Hannah
DUNCKLEYJane9-Jun1803daughter of William and Hannah
DUNCKLEYJane12-Dec1812daughter of George and Esther
DUNCKLEYMary ann17-Apr1791daughter of William and Hannah
DUNCKLEYWilliam16-Mar1805son of William and Hannah
DUNCOMBEleanor14-Jul1793daughter of Robert and Ann
DUNFORDAlice17-Mar1793daughter of Hannah, Pauper
DUNFORDHannah19-Dec1773daughter of William and Martha
DUNFORDJames15-Nov1789son of William and Martha
DUNFORDMartha7-Oct1781daughter of William and Martha
DUNFORDMary Ann20-Jan1793daughter of William and Martha, Pauper
DUNFORDSarah6-Jan1788daughter of William and Martha
DUNFORDThomas2-Oct1785son of William and Martha, Pauper
DUNFORDWilliam1-Feb1784son of William and Martha
DUNNCharles15-Feb1801son of John and mary
DUNNEdward9-Oct1774son of John and Elizabetha Maria
DUNNEdward4-Aug1803son of John and Elizabeth
DUNNJohn26-Jun1796son of John and Mary
DUNNJohn19-May1799son of John Senior and Elizabeth,
DUNNSarah8-Mar1812daughter of Edward and Sarah
DUNNSophia Mace21-Aug1796daughter of John and Elizabeth
DUNNThomas3-May1799son of John and Mary
DUNSCOMBEdward29-Nov1799son of Robert and Mary
DUNSCOMBMary6-Jan1805daughter of Robert and Mary
DUNSCOMBRobert4-Dec1791son of Robert and Ann
DUNSCOMBThomas7-Jul1802son of Robert and Mary
DURANDMargaret Elizabeth20-Jan1796received into the Church at 25
DURANTHarriot24-Aug1781daughter of John and Kitty
DURFORDGeorge1-Oct1775son of William and Martha
DURFORDStephen21-Jun1778son of William and Martha
DWYRAAnn30-Mar1796daughter of Peter and Mary
DYNEJohn2-Feb1794son of William and Lucy, born 19 December
EALESRobert27-Jan1782bastard son of Rebecca
EARLEYWilliam27-May1798son of William and Elizabeth
EARLYAnn23-Jun1805daughter of William and Elizabeth
EARLYEdward30-Mar1800son of William and Elizabeth
EARLYElizabeth8-Aug1802daughter of William and Elizabeth
EARLYGeorge30-May1811son of William and Elizabeth
EARLYJames13-May1804son of William and Elizabeth
EARLYJohn5-Mar1809son of William and Elizabeth
EARLYSarah17-May1807daughter of William and Elizabeth
EASTLANDWilliam29-Jul1778son of John and Ann, Travellers
EATONAnn4-Jul1802daughter of William and Sarah
EATONCharles25-Jul1812son of Christopher and Margaret
EATONCharlotte29-Aug1809daughter of Christopher and Margaret
EATONChristopher10-Jan1805son of Christopher and Margaret, born 7 October 1804
EATONEdwin15-Sep1811son of Christopher and Margaret
EATONMary Ann5-Dec1777daughter of John and Elizabeth Hester
EATONPhilip1-Jul1807son of Christopher and Margaret
EATONRichard9-Dec1798son of William and Sarah
EATONSarah12-Dec1779daughter of John and Elizabeth Hester
EATONSarah15-Apr1781daughter of John and Elizabeth Hester
EDMONDSCharles8-Jan1797son of Charles and Sarah
EDMONDSElizabeth25-Nov1792daughter of Charles and Sarah
EDMONDSJabesh10-Jun1798son of Charles and Sarah
EDMONDSJane8-Dec1793daughter of Charles and Sarah
EDMONDSJohn22-Mar1795son of Charles and Sarah
EDMUNDSJohn29-Oct1779son of William and Elizabeth
EDNEYElizabeth9-Nov1788daughter of William Baker and Elizabeth
EDNEYGeorge23-Nov1798son of William B and Elizabeth
EDNEYHenry17-Oct1790son of William and Elizabeth
EDNEYJames7-Oct1792son of William and Elizabeth
EDNEYJohn28-May1797son of William B and Elizabeth
EDNEYjohn7-Sep1800son of William and Elizabeth
EDNEYMary ann28-Apr1786daughter of William Baker and Elizabeth
EDNEYStephen29-Dec1795son of William B and Ann
EDNEYThomas20-Apr1794son of William and Elizabeth
EDNEYWilliam22-Apr1787son of William Baker and Elizabeth
EDWARDSamuel27-Feb1780son of James and Elizabeth
EDWARDSAnn10-Nov1797daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth
EDWARDSEdward Edwards27-Apr1777son of Edward and Mary
EDWARDSEleanor26-May1799daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth
EDWARDSElizabeth3-Nov1782daughter of James and Elizabeth
EDWARDSFrances23-Jun1799daughter of John and Elizabeth
EDWARDSJames30-Jul1775son of James and Elizabeth
EDWARDSJohn30-Jul1786son of James and Elizabeth
EDWARDSJoseph31-Jul1791son of Edward and Ann
EDWARDSMary14-Apr1793daughter of James and Elizabeth, Pauper
EDWARDSRichard9-Mar1788son of James and Elizabeth
EDWARDSSarah6-Apr1794daughter of Edward and Ann
EDWARDSSophia28-May1780daughter of Edward and Mary
EDWARDSThomas21-Dec1777son of James and Elizabeth
ELIOTThomas31-Oct1774son of John and Elizabeth
ELLESJohn19-Oct1788son of Henry and Isott, Pauper
ELLESPhoebe26-Jan1785daughter of Henry and I*ott
ELLIOTEdward5-Apr1789son of John and Rose
ELLIOTElizabeth3-May1795daughter of John and Rose
ELLIOTGeorge23-Nov1792son of George and Elizabeth
ELLIOTJames27-May1792son of John and Rose
ELLIOTJohn5-Jan1800son of John and Rose
ELLIOTRichard16-May1790son of John and Rose
ELLIOTRobert12-Aug1804son of John and Rose
ELLIOTWilliam22-May1791son of John and Rose
ELLIOTTElizabeth7-Mar1790daughter of George and Elizabeth
ELLIOTTJohn27-Jun1773son of John and Elizabeth
ELLIOTTJohn23-Nov1794son of George and Elizabeth
ELLIOTTMary9-Apr1806daughter of James and Elizabeth
ELLIOTTRebecca2-Aug1807daughter of John and Rose
ELLISFrancis6-Mar1791son of Henry and Is***, Pauper
ELLISHenry27-May1810son of William and Amy
ELLISSamuel15-Nov1812son of William and Amelia
ELLISSusanna25-Sep1795daughter of Henry and Isott
ELLISWilliam19-Nov1795son of John and Mary
ELLISWilliam12-Jul1807son of William and Amelia
ELLSONAnn22-Aug1794daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
ELLSONCharlotte18-Jan1789daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
ELLSONFanny3-Dec1786daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
ELLSONMaria5-Nov1796daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
ELLSONSarah5-May1799daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
ELOTTThomas20-Jan1793son of George and Jane, Pauper
ELSERWilliam4-May1777son of James and Jane
ELSONAnn19-Apr1793daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
ELSONElizabeth8-May1791daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
ELSSONJames29 Feb1784son of Robert and Elizabeth
EMMERYSarah22-Mar1801daughter of George and Sarah
ENNOUSElizabeth11-Oct1779daughter of George and Ann
EVANSCharlotte1-Mar1793daughter of John and Ann, Pauper
EVANSElizabeth27-May1787daughter of Charlotte
EVANSElizabeth24-May1799daughter of John and Mary, of the Merioneth Militia
EVANSMatilda10-Oct1802daughter of Benjamin and Sarah
EVERIDGEBenjamin26-Aug1808son of Benjamin and Susannah
EVERIDGEWalter12-Sep1811son of benjamin and Susanna
FARMIGERCatharine25-Dec1778daughter of John and Mary
FARMIGERNicholas21-Feb1783son of John and Mary
FARMIGERThomas16-Feb1781son of John and Mary
FARRARMary24-Feb1799daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth
FARRERDaniel17-Nov1805son of William and Alice
FARRERFanny1-Oct1797daughter of William and Alice
FARRERRobert25-Jan1801son of William and Alice
FARRIERJohn10-Apr1803son of William and Alice
FAWCETMary18-Jul1778daughter of Samuel and Susanna
FAYChristopher28-Oct1790son of Hannah, Pauper
FELLOWSAnn9-Feb1777daughter of John and Mary
FELLOWSHannah8-Apr1781daughter of John and Mary
FELLOWSJohn5-Sep1784son of John and Mary
FELLOWSSamuel23-Apr1775son of John and Mary
FELLOWSthomas14-Mar1779son of John and Mary
FENNEREleanor11-Jul1790daughter of John and Sarah
FERMINGERAnthony27-Nov1799son of John and Mary
FERMINGERJohn1-Mar1812son of Thomas and Ann
FERMINGERJoseph5-Aug1791son of John and Mary
FERMINGERMary Ann30-May1811daughter of Mary, B[astard]
FERMINGERSarah17-May1793daughter of John and Mary, Pauper
FIELDERMary11-Oct1789daughter of William and Mary, Pauper
FIRMINGERRichard17-Dec1797son of John and Mary
FIRMINGERSarah5-Jul1775daughter of William and Elizabeth
FIRMINGERWilliam25-Jul1779son of William and Elizabeth
FISHERAnn King1-Nov1805daughter of Christopher and Mary
FISHERChristopher king17-Apr1795son of Christopher and Mary
FISHERDorothy King25-Apr1804daughter of Christopher and Mary
FISHEREdward King8-Mar1793son of Christopher and Mary, of Hayes ford
FISHEREleanor King11-Jan1799daughter of Thomas and Mary, born 14 December 1798
FISHERHenry King21-Jan1801son of Christopher and Mary
FISHERMary King10-Feb1802daughter of Christopher and Mary
FISHERThomas King17-May1797son of Christopher and Mary
FISHERWilliam4-Feb1810son of Christopher and Mary Fisher, born 6 January
FISHINGDONWilliam28-Jul1812son of William and Ann
FITCHETTHarriot8-Sep1786daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
FITCHETTRichard23-Jul1784son of Richard and Elizabeth
FITZGERALDCharles Robert8-Jul1803son of Robert Lewis and Jane, Esquire Captain in the Royal Navy of Elmstead
FLOYDAnn9-Nov1805daughter of Samuel and Ann
FLOYDSamuel20-Sep1801son of Samuel and Ann
FLUCKCharles10-Apr1808son of John and Betty
FLUCKCharles10-Jun1810son of John and Elizabeth
FOLKESJohn3-May1812son of William and Elizabeth
FORDJane22-Aug1787daughter of Samuel and Eleanor
FORDSamuel13-Mar1785son of Samuel and Eleanor
FORDThomas20-Apr1787son of Thomas and Martha
FORDWilliam28-Jun1789son of Samuel and Eleanor
FORSTERHenry20-Nov1789son of John and Elizabeth, from Southend [Lewisham]born 21 October
FORTYElizabeth10-Oct1773daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
FORTYMartha30-Apr1775daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
FORTYMartha2-Mar1777daughter of William and Elizabeth
FOSSETTElizabeth5-May1775daughter of Edward and Susan
FOSTERBenjamin Bennet4-Jun1809son of Isaac and Caroline
FOSTERIsaac28-Jun1807son of Isaac and Caroline
FOSTERMaria19-Feb1809daughter of Thomas and Jane
FOSTERWilliam8-Dec1811son of Isaac and Caroline
FREELANDAnn15-Dec1776daughter of Edward and Mary
FREELANDElizabeth5-Sep1773daughter of James and Mary
FREELANDElizabeth16-Jun1780daughter of Edward and Mary
FREELANDJohn6-Jun1779son of James and Mary
FREELANDMary18-Dec1778daughter of Edward and Mary.
FREELANDSusanna21-Sep1777daughter of James and Maria
FREEMANCharles2-Mar1812son of David and Elizabeth
FREEMANGeorge21-May1810son of David and Elizabeth
FREEMANMary22-Nov1807daughter of David and Elizabeth
FRENCHCharles27-Sep1807son of John and Jane
FRENCHElizabeth Moore7-Feb1804daughter of John and Sophia
FRENCHFanny23-Mar1804twin daughter of John and Jane
FRENCHFrances18-Oct1812daughter of John and Jane
FRENCHJames28-Apr1805son of John and Jane
FRENCHJane29-Aug1800daughter of John and Jane
FRENCHJohn16-Jun1793son of John and Jane
FRENCHJohn4-Aug1805son of John and Sophia
FRENCHMargaret29-Apr1791daughter of John and Jane
FRENCHMary1-Aug1798daughter of John and Jane
FRENCHRobert18-Aug1802son of John and Jane
FRENCHSamuel25-Mar1810son of John and Jane
FRENCHSarah23-Mar1804twin daughter of john and jane
FRENCHWilliam28-Feb1796son of John and Jane
FRESHWATERJoseph24-Feb1804son of Joseph and Elizabeth
FROGGETJohn Waters2-Nov1785son of John and Catharine
FROGGETRhoda8-May1791daughter of John and Catherine
FROGGETRhoda10-Jun1792daughter of John and Catherine
FROGGETWilliam18-Jul1777son of Elias and Elizabeth
FRYAnn10-Jun1792daughter of Francis and Mary
FRYJohn30-Nov1794son of Francis and Mary
FULLERElizabeth10-May1801daughter of William and Hannah
FULLERHannah28-Apr1805daughter of William and Hannah
FULLERHenry24-Dec1809son of William and Susanna
FULLERJane26-Jan1812daughter of William and Hannah
FULLERJohn27-Mar1803son of William and Hannah
FULLERMary17-Feb1799daughter of William and Hannah
FULLERRobert11-Oct1807son of William and Hannah
FURMINGERFrancis5-Dec1781son of William and Elizabeth
FURMINGERFrancis1-May1789son of John and Mary
FURMINGERJoseph22-Jul1810son of Thomas and Ann
FURMINGERMary24-Mar1786daughter of John and Mary
FURMNIGERAnn2-Sep1795daughter of John and Mary
GARDENRichard22-Nov1789son of Richard and Elizabeth
GARDENSarah24-Feb1782daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
GARDENThomas10-Jan1787son of Richard and Elizabeth
GARDENERAnn9-Jul1776daughter of William and Martha
GARDENERRebecca17-Jun1781daughter of William and Rebecca
GARDENERWilliam26-Aug1792son of Nicholas and Margaret
GARDERSusanna5-Sep1784daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
GARDONElizabeth11-Mar1792daughter of Richard and Elizabeth, Pauper
GARNJane9-Feb1798daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
GARNJohn5-Dec1794son of Richard and Elizabeth
GARNMary8-Mar1807daughter of William and Ann
GARNWilliam16-Feb1812son of William and Ann
GARNEEmma19-Mar1809daughter of William and Ann
GARNSWilliam Nickings4-Sep1808son of Elizabeth, B[astard]
GARRETJames13-Apr1800son of John and Hannah
GARRETJohn18-Aug1793son of John and Hannah
GARRETNaomi27-Mar1791daughter of John and Hannah
GARRETRebecca4-Feb1798daughter of John and Hannah
GARRETRuth24-Feb1805daughter of John and Hannah
GARRETSamuel1-Nov1795son of John and Hannah
GARRETTCicelia16-Jan1803daughter of John and Hannah
GATESJohn6-Dec1807son of Sarah, B[astard]
GATLANDJames14-Nov1797son of John and Ann
GATLANDWilliam18-Feb1810son of William and Ann
GENTGeorge9-Jul1797son of Daniel and Sarah
GENTMary4-Oct1807daughter of Daniel and Sarah
GENTWilliam23-Mar1800son of Daniel and Sarah
GIBBONSJohn31-Mar1781son of William and Elizabeth
GIBBSAnn15-Aug1791daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
GIBBSBenjamin4-Jun1781son of Richard and Elizabeth
GIBBSElizabeth15-Apr1780daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
GIBBSSarah30-Dec1792daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
GIBBSWilliam3-Jan1790son of Richard and Elizabeth
GIBBSWilliam Jennings31-Jul1803son of Martha, B[astard]
GIBSONFrancis John31-May1805son of William and Sophia
GIBSONJohn31-Jul1808son of John and Elizabeth
GILDERAnn Mary15-Jan1811daughter of Jonathan and Sarah
GILESAnn30-Jul1780daughter of William and Mary
GILESCharles Thomas22-Jun1806son of Thomas and Sarah
GILESElizabeth8-Feb1783daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
GILESElizabeth17-Oct1784daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
GILESElizabeth5-Jun1796daughter of John and Phoebe
GILESGeorge20-Apr1796son of William and Mary
GILESHenry2-Apr1809son of Thomas and Sarah
GILESJames16-Jan1788son of Thomas and Elizabeth
GILESJames12-Aug1798son of William and Mary
GILESJohn26-Jul1789son of William and Mary
GILESJohn5-Aug1790son of John and Phoebe
GILESLouisa1-Jan1809daughter of Lucy
GILESLucy22-Jan1792daughter of William and Mary, Pauper
GILESLucy30-Sep1803daughter of Thomas and Sarah
GILESMary21-May1780daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
GILESPhoebe19-Oct1788daughter of John and Phoebe
GILESSarah9-Nov1800daughter of Thomas and Sarah
GILESSusanna7-Mar1786daughter of William and Mary
GILESThomas22-Mar1778son of Thomas and Elizabeth
GILESThomas Francis6-Apr1777son of John and Elizabeth
GILESWilliam7-Dec1783son of William and Mary
GILLJames29-Mar1812son of James and Sarah
GILLSarah E*12-Aug1810daughter of James and Sarah
GOODCHILDWilliam6-Feb1774son of John and Elizabeth
GOODWINWilliam12-Apr1782bastard son of Ann
GORESarah2-Jan1786daughter of Henry and Margaret, Serjeant of the 10th Regiment of Light Dragoons
GOSDENJohn17-May1808son of James and Elizabeth
GOVERMary1-Feb1775daughter of Joseph and Sarah
GRANGECaroline Ann Charlotte28-Jan1797daughter of Rochfort and Caroline Ann
GRANGERockfort Burrow28-Sep1795son of Rockfort and Caroline Ann, born 2 September
GRAYCharlotte21-Feb1787daughter of Richard and Mary, Pauper
GRAYElizabeth19-Nov1784daughter of Richard and Mary
GRAYGeorge9-Nov1783son of Richard and Mary
GRAYJames27-Aug1777son of Richard and Mary
GRAYJane17-Dec1794daughter of Richard and Mary
GRAYPeter19-Jun1778son of William and Sarah
GRAYPhoebe12-Apr1793daughter of Richard and Mary, Pauper
GREATHEADAnn3-Sep1779daughter of John and Mary
GREATHEADJohn7-Mar1773son of John and Mary
GREATHEADSally1-Nov1775daughter of John and Mary
GREATHEADWilliam5-May1778son of John and Mary
GREENAmelia28-Dec1774daughter of Richard and Mary
GREENAnn30-Apr1773daughter of John and Mary
GREENAnn11-Dec1803daughter of Joshua and Mary
GREENCaroline12-Aug1810daughter of Joshua and Mary
GREENElizabeth26-Sep1805daughter of Joshua and Mary
GREENJames15-Jun1777son of Henry and Mary
GREENJames16-Oct1808son of Joshua and Mary
GREENJohn15-Jan1792son of Joshua and Mary
GREENMary30-Jul1792daughter of Hannah
GREENMary20-Sep1801daughter of Joshua and Mary
GREENMary Ann17-Nov1811daughter of Joseph and Mary
GREENSamuel10-Nov1793son of Joshua and Mary
GREENSarah23-Jan1780daughter of Daniel and Sarah
GREENSusanna13-Aug1807daughter of Joshua and Mary
GREENWilliam1-May1796son of Joshua and Mary
GREENBROOKJames5-Aug1803son of Philip and Susanna
GREENBROOKJohn20-Dec1805son of Philip and Susanna
GREENBROOKMary Ann12-Oct1808daughter of Philip and Susannah
GREENBROOKSusanna10-Feb1811daughter of Philip and Susanna
GREENBROOKThomas22-Feb1801son of Philip and Susanna
GREGGWilliam30-May1811son of William and Jane
GREGORYCatharine24-Jan1790daughter of Samuel and Gregory
GREGORYElizabeth20-May1787daughter of Samuel and Mary
GREGORYElizabeth5-Apr1795daughter of Samuel and Mary
GREGORYElizabeth23-Aug1812daughter of John and Sarah
GREGORYHenry26-Apr1801twin son of Samuel and Gregory
GREGORYJohn4-Mar1792son of Samuel and Mary, Pauper
GREGORYSamuel6-Jul1783son of Samuel and Mary
GREGORYSarah26-Apr1801twin daughter of Samuel and Gregory
GREGORYWilliam6-Mar1785son of Samuel and Mary
GREYEdward28-Jun1789son of Richard and Mary
GREYElizabeth Ann1-May1791daughter of Richard and Mary
GRIFFINRobert7-Apr1805son of Sarah, B[astard]
GRIFFITHJames16-Jan1789son of John and Mary
GRISBROOKElizabeth27-Jan1799daughter of John and Elizabeth
GRISBROOKJames26-Feb1797son of John and Elizabeth
GRISBROOKJane20-Jul1792daughter of John and Elizabeth
GRISBROOKMary Ann11-Oct1795John and Elizabeth
GRISBROOKWilliam9-Dec1801son of John and Elizabeth
GROVESCharles7-Feb1796son of John ans Sarah
GROVESJohn12-Jun1797son of John and Sarah
GROVESWilliam4-Aug1799son of John and Sarah
GRUBRichard31-Jul1778son of John and Susanna
GRUNDYJohn27-Jan1799son of John and Ann
GUISBROOKGeorge15-Jun1794son of John and Elizabeth, Pauper
GUNNEleanor18-Apr1779daughter of William and Eleanor
GUNNElizabeth9-Dec1781daughter of William and Eleanor
GUNNJohn25-Apr1790son of William and Eleanor, Pauper
H**BREYSarah22-Jan1786daughter of John and Rachel
H*LLAnn30-Nov1788daughter of William and Lydia
H*LLEdward20-Nov1796son of William and Lydia
HA*KEYLouisa24-Jan1779daughter of Thomas, Esquire
HADSJane16-Oct1785daughter of James and Jane, Pauper
HADSAULWilliam19-Dec1790son of William and Mary
HAIRDeborah20-May1791daughter of Hugh and Ann
HAIRHugh Ivy21-Oct1798son of Hugh and Ann
HAIRJames Joshua31-Jan1802son of Hugh and Ann
HAIRJane2-Oct1797daughter of Hugh and Ann
HAIRJohn Newton10-Apr1793son of Hugh and Ann
HAIRMary ann18-Sep1795daughter of Hugh and Ann
HAIRSarah15-Aug1800daughter of Hugh and Ann
HALLGeorge5-Aug1798son of Stephen and Elizabeth
HALLJohn31-Dec1810son of William and Charity
HALLJohn20-Mar1811son of William and Charity
HALLMary1-Nov1807daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth
HALLSarah9-Nov1788daughter of Richard and Sarah
HALLWilliam5-Sep1784son of Stephen and Mary
HALLWilliam1-Aug1809son of William and Charity
HALLWilliam12-Aug1810son of Stephen and Elizabeth
HALSELLMary2-Mar1787daughter of William and mary
HALSLEYSarah21-Jun1812daughter of Sarah, B[astard]
HANKEYSally4-Jul1784daughter of George and Sarah
HANKEYSarah8-Apr1776daughter of Thomas, Esquire
HARBOURCharles28-Sep1794son of John and Elizabeth
HARBOURMary20-Jul1800daughter of John and Elizabeth
HARBOURSarah1-Apr1798daughter of John and Elizabeth
HARDESMary Ann1-Sep1811daughter of Richard and Sarah
HARESarah Ann14-Feb1787daughter of John and Mary
HARLINGJoseph1-Aug1792son of Robert and Elizabeth, born 8 July
HARLINGMary7-Sep1794daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
HARRIOTAnn2-Aug1786daughter of John and Ann
HARRIOTCary2-Aug1789daughter of John and Ann
HARRISCharles9-Oct1808son of Charles and Elizabeth
HARRISElizabeth6-Apr1788daughter of William and Matilda
HARRISJames22-Dec1793son of William and Matilda, Pauper
HARRISJames26-Mar1804son of Charles and Elizabeth
HARRISJohn Hnery14-Oct1810son of Charles and Elizabeth
HARRISMary11-May1783daughter of William and Matilda
HARRISMary3-Feb1805daughter of Mary, B[astard]
HARRISSarah6-Jan1782daughter of of William and Matilda
HARRISSarah13-Mar1808daughter of Richard and Sarah
HARRISSophia26-May1799daughter of Caleb Lambert and Sophia Harris
HARRIsWilliam13-Feb1785son of William and Matilda
HARRISWilliam18-Feb1810son of Richard and Sarah
HARRISONBenjamin26-Sep1808son of Benjamin and Mary, born 24 September
HARRISSGeorge8-May1791son of William and Matilda, Pauper
HARRISSJohn29-Oct1786son of William and Matilda
HARVEYHannah23-Mar1784daughter of Thomas and Sarah
HARVEYJohn19-Mar1786son of Thomas and Sarah
HARVEYSarah5-Nov1809daughter of Henry and Alice
HARVEYWilliam12-Mar1786son of Thomas and Sarah
HARVEYWilliam14-Jul1811son of Henry and Alice
HASLETSusanna7-May1784daughter of Richard and Blanch, Travellers
HAWKEJames28-Jul1809son of Rowland and Margaret
HAWLEYJames4-Apr1798son of James and Catherine
HAYAnn29-Oct1785daughter of William and Helen, Esquire of Bromley Common
HAYWARDJane19-Aug1798daughter of Thomas and Jane
HAYWARDMartha13-Oct1799daughter of Thomas and Jane
HAYWOODSarah18-Jul1798daughter of Thomas and Mary
HAZARDJohn Albert8-Aug1812son of James and Mary
HEADFrederick9-Dec1811son of William and Susanna
HEALEEdward24-Mar1784son of Richard and Hannah
HEELMary12-Jul1782daughter of Richard and Hannah
HEMSLEYCharles28-Oct1810son of Joseph and Sarah
HENBREYAnn9-Nov1783daughter of John and Rachel
HENLEYMary ann2-Jan1791daughter of John and Mary
HERBERTMary5-Dec1796daughter of Henry and Catherine
HERVEYFrancis Poplett2-Aug1807son of Henry and Alice
HERVEYJames23-Mar1788son of Thomas and Sarah
HESTERElizabeth12-Mar1779daughter of John and Ann
HETHERHenry9-Apr1797son of Richard and Mary
HEYDONRichard13-Jul1788son of John and Susanna, Travellers, Paupers
HIBBERTHenry Booth12-May1783son of Booth and Mary
HIBBERTJoseph1-Nov1784son of Booth and Mary
HIBBERTMaria Hellen1-Nov1784daughter of Booth and Mary
HIBBERTSusanna Amelia16-Jan1791daughter of Booth and Mary
HILLAnn21-Apr1782daughter of Simon and Sarah
HILLElizabeth4-Jan1778daughter of Simon and Sarah
HILLJames2-Apr1780son of Simon and Sarah
HILLJames Woodham21-Jul1782bastard son of Jane
HILLJane8-Jul1808daughter of William and Jane
HILLJane20-Aug1811daughter of William and Jade
HILLJohn2-May1773son of Thomas and Elizabeth
HILLJohn28-Nov1779twin son of ***e
HILLRichard28-Nov1779twin son of ***e
HILLSamuel James28-May1786son of Simon and Sarah
HILLSarah22-Aug1784daughter of Simon and Sarah
HILLSimon22-Sep1773son of Simon and Sarah
HILLWilliam8-Oct1775son of Simon and Sarah
HILL *LASONFrances31-Jul1790daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Eleanora, born 6 July 1790
HILLSMary3-Sep1788daughter of Simon and Sarah
HILLSMary Ann1-Nov1805daughter of William and Jane
HILLSThomas24-Feb1796son of Thomas and Maria
HILLSWilliam Henry6-Nov1803son of William and Jane
HINDMartha10-Dec1776daughter of Jacob and Sarah
HINDMary28-Dec1777daughter of Jacob and Mary
HINDMary Ann13-May1789daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth
HINDSarah7-Dec1772daughter of Jacob and Sarah
HINDSophia11-Jul1779daughter of Jacob and Sarah
HINDEJulia Ann3-Oct1790daughter of John and Amy
HOD***Elizabeth7-Jul1787daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
HODGESEdward Evans12-Apr1807son of Allington Myle's and Matilda Ann, born 15 March
HODGINSElizabeth9-Apr1797daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
HODGINSJudith4-Aug1799daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
HODGINSMary18-Mar1786daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
HODGINSMary9-Nov1806daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
HODGINSMary13-Mar1808daughter of William and Ann
HODGINSRobert1-Jul1792son of Robert and Elizabeth
HODGINSWilliam25-May1806twin son of William and Ann
HODGINSWilliam25-May1806twin son of William and Ann
HODGINSWilliam29-Apr1810son of William and Ann
HODGKINSWilliam20-Sep1807son of Philadelphia, B[astard]
HOGSFLESHThomas28-Jul1811son of William and Sarah
HOLDAWAYJane11-Dec1796daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
HOLDIERThomas24-Mar1805son of Thomas and Elizabeth
HOLDWAYSarah8-Dec1793daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
HOLDWAYWilliam22-Dec1792son of Richard and Elizabeth, Pauper
HOLGATEHenry13-Sep1812son of William and Elizabeth
HOLGATEWilliam Henry15-Sep1811son of William and Elizabeth
HOLLANDGeorge29-Mar1778son of William and Ann
HOLLANDJane9-Dec1792daughter of Thomas and Maria
HOLLANDJohn8-Oct1775son of William and Sarah
HOLLANDLucy4-Dec1796daughter of Thomas and Amelia
HOLLANDThomas26-Apr1789son of Thomas and Mary
HOLLANDSSarah31-Mar1799daughter of Thomas and Hannah
HOLLANDSThomas8-Mar1801son of Thomas and Hannah
HOLLIDAYJames17-Feb1811son of Richard and Mary
HOLLISAnn19-May1793daughter of William and Sarah, Pauper
HOLLISEdward1-Apr1791son of William and Sarah
HOLLISElizabeth26-Nov1795daughter of William and Sarah
HOLLISGeorge27-Jul1788son of William and Sarah
HOLLISHannah2-Feb1777daughter of William and Hannah
HOLLISJames10-Jan1790son of William and Sarah
HOLLISJohn27-Jun1779son of William and Hannah
HOLLISJohn21-Jun1809son of Richard and Lucy
HOLLISJohn27-Aug1809son of Richard and Lucy
HOLLISRichard25-Aug1776son of John and Ruth
HOLLISRichard25-May1807son of Richard and Lucy
HOLLISRobert19-Feb1775son of William and Hannah
HOLLISSarah16-Jun1805daughter of Richard and Lucy
HOLLOWAYMary18-May1788daughter of Ann, Pauper
HOLMESThomas6-Apr1782son of John and Sarah
HOMARElizabeth3-Nov1784bastard of Mary
HOOKAnn26-Apr1802daughter of Charles
HOOKCharles1-Jul1804son of Charles and Lucy
HOOKElizabeth17-Nov1799daughter of Charles and Lucy
HOOKJames26-Jul1807son of Charles and Lucy
HOOKLucy9-Jun1811daughter of Charles and Lucy
HOOKMary Ann19-Mar1797daughter of Charles and Lucy
HOOKWilliam3-Aug1794son of Charles and Lucy
HOOKERElizabeth25-Aug1782daughter of Thomas and Jane
HOOKERJohn20-Mar1785son of Thomas and Jane
HOOKERMartha16-Jul1780daughter of Thomas and Jane
HOOKERMary29-Mar1779daughter of Thomas and Jane
HOOKERMary19-Apr1797daughter of William and Mary
HOOKERThomas28-Oct1790son of Thomas and Jane, Pauper
HOOKERWilliam Budd30-Jul1800son of Martha, B[astard]
HOPERobert4-Sep1808son of Edward and Elizabeth
HOPKINSAnn31-Jan1779daughter of William and Ann
HOPKINSJohn24-Dec1786son of William and Ann
HOPKINSWilliam3-Jun1781son of William and Ann
HORNWilliam14-Oct1810son of John and Harriot
HOSKINSAnn2-Jul1780daughter of James and Elizabeth
HOSKINSElizabeth21-Apr1776daughter of James and Elizabeth
HOSKINSJames26-Dec1784son of James and Elizabeth
HOSKINSJames3-May1789son of Sarah, a Bastard Pauper
HOSKINSJeremiah22-Feb1778son of James and Elizabeth
HOSKINSJohn9-Nov1774son of Richard and Ann
HOSKINSSarah13-Dec1790daughter of Richard and Ann
HOSKINSSusan24-Nov1782daughter of James and Elizabeth
HOSKINSThomas30-Jan1774son of James and Elizabeth
HOSKINSThomas30-Jan1774son of James and Elizabeth
HOSKINSWilliam11-Mar1787son of James and Elizabeth
HOWJames Nicholas25-Dec1799son of James and Martha
HOWJosiah5-Feb1804son of James and Martha
HOWMartha2-Jul1809daughter of James and Martha
HOWMildred French Moyes24-Feb1805daughter of James and Martha
HOWPaul17-Aug1807son of James and Martha
HOWRebecca8-Sep1811daughter of James and Martha
HOWSilas Samuel11-Jul1802son of James and Martha
HOWThomas30-Mar1806son of James and Martha
HOWWilliam Haughton5-Apr1801son of James and Martha
HOWARDJohn8-May1803son of James and Mary
HOWARDWilliam24-May1801son of Thomas and Mary
HUDDElizabeth15-Feb1807daughter of William and Mary
HUDDHenry12-Mar1809son of William and Mary
HUDDJames20-Jan1805son of William and Mary
HUDDJohn11-Jan1801son of William and Mary
HUDDRachel17-Mar1799daughter of William and Mary
HUDDSarah24-Mar1811daughter of William and Mary
HUDDWilliam23-Jan1803son of William and Mary
HUDSONElizabeth28-Mar1773daughter of Richard and Mary
HUGGETAmy6-Nov1774bastard daughter of Mary
HUGHESElizabeth15-Oct1797daughter of Richard and Mercy
HUGHESHarriot Soan31-Jan1781bastard daughter of Elizabeth
HUGHESJohn16-Oct1785son of Evan and Ann
HUGHESWilliam Dunzley18-Aug1799son of Richard and Mercy
HULLEleanor31-Dec1794daughter of William and Lydia
HULLLydia24-Sep1786daughter of William and Lydia, Pauper
HULLMary20-Feb1785daughter of William and Lydia
HULLWilliam5-Aug1792son of William and Lydia, Pauper
HUMPHREYJohn12-Oct1806son of Isaac and Ann
HUMPHREYSarah26-Jul1812daughter of John and Sarah
HUMPHREYThomas27-Oct1778son of Thomas and Ann
HUMPHREYWilliam22-Jul1798son of Charles and Ann
HUMPHREYSAnn30-Jul1773daughter of Thomas and Sarah
HUMPHREYSAnn17-Nov1773daughter of William and Margaret
HUMPHREYSCaroline21-Jun1810daughter of Ann, B[astard]
HUMPHREYSGeorge17-Apr1774son of Richard and Hannah
HUMPHRYEliza6-Jan1807daughter of John and Sarah
HUMPHRYEliza13-Jan1811daughter of John and Sarah
HUMPHRYJames13-Feb1809son of John and Sarah
HUMPHRYJohn29-Oct1805son of John and Sarah
HUMPHRYSCharlotte22-Jun1777daughter of Thomas and Sarah
HUMPHRYSSarah1-Apr1775daughter of Thomas and Sarah
HUSKSarah22-Aug1794daughter of Benjamin and Sarah
HUTSONEdward20-Aug1775son of Richard and Mary
HUTSONEdward20-Feb1799son of William and Ann, of Mottingham
HUTSONEdward16-Feb1800son of Edward and Mary
HUTSONGeorge23-Oct1777son of Richard and Mary
HUTSONMary Jane6-Feb1810daughter of Richard and Sarah, from Sydenham
HUTSONRichard5-Mar1780son of Richard and Mary
HUTSONRichard William27-Mar1799son of John and Mary, of Penge Common
HUTSONSarah6-Aug1797daughter of William and Ann
HUTSONWilliam30-Aug1798son of William and Sarah
HUTSON29-Dec1799daughter of Wiliiam and Sarah
HUTTSONAnn12-Oct1794daughter of William and Sarah
HUTTSONHarriot6-Oct1796daughter of William and Sarah
HUTTSONThomas Mace17-Feb1796son of William and Ann
INNOUSElizabeth Sweeting27-Feb1781daughter of George and Ann
INNOUSGeorge1-Nov1807son of George and Mary Ann
INNOUSJane3-Aug1785daughter of George and Ann
INNOUSJohn25-Dec1776son of George and Ann
INNOUSJohn28-Sep1801son of George and Mary Ann
INNOUSThomas18-Jan1806son of George and Mary
INNOUSThomas Pippet24-Jun1810son of George and Mary Ann
INNOUSWilliam6-Dec1782son of George and Ann
ISAACBenjamin Parker5-May1811son of Benjamin and Frances
ISAACJohn12-Sep1806son of Benjamin and Frances
ISAACLucy14-Apr1805daughter of Benjamin and Frances
ISARDAnn11-Feb1781daughter of John and Ann
ISARDCharlotte4-Sep1803daughter of John and Ann
ISARDElizabeth25-Dec1795daughter of John and Ann
ISARDGeorge6-Apr1794son of John and Ann
ISARDHenry4-Mar1792son of John and Ann
ISARDJames9-Jul1797son of John and Ann
ISARDJohn20-Oct1782son of John and Ann
ISARDJohn30-May1790son of John and Ann
ISARDMary2-Jul1786daughter of John and Ann
ISARDRichard15-Jul1798son of John and Ann
ISARDSarah25-May1788daughter of John and Ann
ISARDThomas31-Oct1779son of John and Ann
ISARDWilliam7-Nov1784son of John and Ann
ISLINGTONElizabeth5-Apr1812daughter of Margaret, B[astard]
ISLINGTONSarah24-Jul1808daughter of Margaret, B[astard]
JACKETAnn23-Apr1788daughter of John and Susanne, Pauper
JACKETCharles1-May1796son of John and Susanna
JACKETPeter30-Jun1793son of John and Susanna
JACKETTGeorge1-Aug1790son of John and Susanna, Pauper
JACKETTGeorge21-Nov1812son of Richard and Mary
JACKETTRichard30-Dec1785son of John and Susanna
JACKSONAmelia Ann29-Jul1810daughter of Nathaniel and Harriet Jackson
JACKSONSarah28-Dec1777daughter of Richard and Ann
JAMESCatherine10-Apr1796daughter of Samuel and Anna Maria
JAMESCharlotte Maria25-Mar1791daughter of Samuel and Anna Maria
JAMESElizabeth21-Sep1793daughter of Samuel and Maria
JAMESMary11-Feb1798daughter of Samuel and Ann Maria
JAMESRebecca23-Mar1800daughter of Samuel and Ann Maria
JAMESONAnn5-Nov1780daughter of Jasper and Mary
JAMESONAnn30-May1784daughter of Jaspar and Mary
JAMESONAnn29-Jan1806daughter of Thomas and Ann
JAMESONAnn25-Jan1809daughter of Thomas and Ann
JAMESONCharlotte26-Apr1778daughter of Jasper and Mary
JAMESONJohn3-Dec1786son of Jasper and Mary
JAMESONMary5-Aug1803daughter of Thomas and Ann
JAMESONMary Ann3-Jul1774daughter of Jasper and Mary
JAMESONStephen Edward5-May1782son of Jaspar and Mary
JAMESONThomas8-Oct1775son of Jasper and Mary
JAMESONThomas17-May1812son of Thomas and Ann
JANESEsther6-May1804daughter of William and Ann
JARVISWilliam Henry29-Mar1812son of William and Elizabeth
JEFFERYSElizabeth19-Mar1797daughter of Alexander and Ann
JENKINSMary9-Dec1793daughter of William and Sarah
JENKINSWilliam13-Aug1786son of William and Ann
JENNINGSElizabeth27-Feb1781daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth
JENNINGSMary18-Jul1783daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth
JENNINGSRichard26-Nov1786son of Stephen and Elizabeth
JENNINGSStephen1-Jun1785son of Stephen and Elizabeth
JESSOPCharles27-Sep1780son of George and Mary
JESSOPEdward7-Aug1782son of George and Mary
JESSOPHenry26-May1786son of George and Mary
JESSOPJohn19-Mar1779son of George and Mary
JESSOPThomas3-Jan1774son of George and Martha
JESSOPThomas3-Feb1774son of George and Martha
JESSOPThomas31-Dec1784son of George and Mary
JESSOPWilliam25-Sep1783son of George and Mary
JESSUPJohn30-Jan1776twin son of George and Martha
JESSUPMary30-Jan1776twin daughter of George and Martha
JOHNSONCharlotte30-Oct1811daughter of William and Elizabeth
JOHNSONCuthbert William5-Jan1799son of William and Elizabeth, born 20 October 1797
JOHNSONElizabeth23-Aug1791daughter of William and Elizabeth, Gentleman of Widmore House
JOHNSONEmma21-Dec1792daughter of Cuthbert and Jane, born 21 November;of Easby near Richmon Yorkshire
JOHNSONFrances6-May1797daughter of William and Elizabeth born 8 February 1797
JOHNSONJan6-May1797daughter of William and Elizabeth, born 8 February 1797
JOHNSONMary8-Jun1793daughter of William and Elizabeth, born 8 May
JOHNSONWilliam12-Aug1794son of William and Elizabeth, born 10 June
JOHNSTONEWilliam26-Apr1812son of John and Catherine
JONESAnn30-Sep1792daughter of Edward and Elizabeth, Pauper
JONESCharlotte19-Jan1783daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
JONESEdward13-Mar1785son of Edward and Elizabeth
JONESElizabeth24-Mar1778daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
JONESElizabeth12-May1811daughter of William and Mary
JONESEvan27-Feb1774son of Evan and Martha
JONESHenry22-Nov1789son of Edward and Elizabeth
JONESJames7-Aug1796son of Edward and Elizabeth
JONESJane31-Jul1807daughter of Daniel and Frances, born 17 July
JONESJohn11-Jan1795son of Edward and Elizabeth
JONESMary Ann17-Dec1797daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
JONESRichard19-Nov1780son of Edward and Elizabeth, from Lewisham
JONESSarah3-Jan1802daughter of William and Ann3 years old
JONES William26-Aug1787son of Edward and Elizabeth
JORDANGeorge6-Oct1811son of James and Mary
JORDANJames11-Sep1809son of James and Mary
JORDANMary ann19-Jan1806daughter of James and Mary
JORDANSarah8-Oct1786daughter of Thomas and Mary
JORDANWilliam27-Dec1807son of James and Mary
JUDDAnn1-Nov1801daughter of Daniel and Sarah
JUDDDaniel2-Jun1805son of Daniel and Sarah Jones
JUDDJoseph7-Feb1804son of John and Elizabeth
JUDDSarah1-May1808daughter of Daniel and Sarah
JUDGEJoseph6-Nov1793son of JoJoseph and Elizabeth
JUDGEStephen25-Feb1787son of Stephen and Elizabeth
JUDGEThomas9-Feb1798son of Joseph and Elizabeth
JUDGEWilliam7-Feb1796son of Joseph and Elizabeth
JUKESElizabeth6-Sep1812daughter of Jacob and Ann
K***YRebecca30-Oct1774daughter of Richard and Mary
KENTFIELDAnn12-Mar1780daughter of John and Dorcas
KENTFIELDDiana3-Jan1779daughter of John and Dorcas
KENTFIELDHenry23-Dec1781son of John and Dorcas
KENTFIELDSamuel5-Jun1774son of John and Dorcas
KEYWOODEdward Ealing28-Dec1800son of John and Isabella
KEYWOODElizabeth30-Oct1796daughter of John and Isabel
KEYWOODJohn26-Feb1799son of John and Isabel
KEYWOODMartha2-Jan1803daughter of John and Isabel
KEYWOODRichard13-Apr1794son of John and Isabel
KEYWOODSamuel Smith3-Jun1810daughter of Ann, B[astard]
KEYWOODWilliam16-May1790son of John and Isabel
KIBBLEAnn31-Jan1790daughter of Thomas and Grace
KIBBLEWHITEThomas Henry24-Apr1796son of Thomas Smart and Ann
KIBBLEWHITEWilliam21-Apr1805son of Thomas Smart and Ann, 1822 amended notation on left hand page
KIBLEWHITEThomas Edney29-May1785son of Thomas Smart and Ann
KIDDWilliam6-Aug1776son of Joseph and Elizabeth
KINGMary13-Jul1774daughter of Edmund and Susanna
KINGSarah22-Jul1793daughter of John and Susanna
KINGThomas4-Oct1795son of John and Susanna
KINGThomas18-Mar1796son of Mary, B[astard]
KINGWilliam26-Oct1777son of Edmund and Susanna
KNOWLESGeorge20-Mar1811son of James and Phoebe
KNOWLESMary Ann25-Jan1809daughter of James and Phoebe
KNOWLESMatilda3-Mar1805daughter of James and Phoebe
KNOWLESPhoebe1-Feb1807daughter of James and Phoebe
KUHFFSarah Elizabeth23-Jul1780daughter of Henry Peter and Sarah, Merchant
LADDElizabeth3-Feb1799daughter of John and Elizabethborn 13 January
LADDWilliam7-Aug1796son of John and Elizabeth
LAMBOuRNAnn14-Apr1799daughter of William and Ann
LAMBOURNJohn16-Apr1797son of William and Ann, of Southend Lewisham
LAMBOURNESarah5-Apr1795daughter of William and Ann
LAMBURNFrances22-Mar1801daughter of William and Ann
LAMBURNMaria18-Nov1792daughter of William and Ann, from Southend [Lewisham]
LAN*FORDEsther6-Nov1803daughter of Joseph and Ann
LANCASTERCharles22-Nov1772son of Mary and Joseph, Gent[leman] Bromley Town
LANCASTERGeorge30-Sep1775son of Joseph and Mary
LANCASTERStephen17-Jul1779son of Joseph and Mary, Gent[leman] Bromley Town
LANEMartha Dodd7-Mar1773daughter of William and Henrietta
LANEThomas18-Jul1798son of Richard and Sarah
LANEWilliam30-Jul1775son of William and Henrietta
LANGRIDGEAnn22-Feb1777daughter of Joseph and Mary
LANGRIDGEElizabeth26-Nov1775daughter of Joseph and Mary
LANGRIDGEGeorge2-Feb1785son of Joseph and Mary
LANGRIDGEJoseph21-Mar1782son of Joseph and Mary
LANGRIDGELucy24-Mar1805daughter of Ann, B[astard]
LANGRIDGEWilliam12-Dec1779son of Joseph and Mary
LANKSFORDElizabeth26-Feb1802daughter of Joseph and Ann
LANKSFORDHenry7-Aug1808son of Joseph and Ann
LANKSFORDIsaac24-Aug1806son of Joseph and Ann
LARKINSarah22-Dec1782daughter of Thomas and Mary
LARKINThomas29-May1778son of Thomas and Mary
LATTERAlbert6-Jul1800son of Thomas and Susanna
LATTERAnn15-Oct1809daughter of Edward and Ann, born 26 September
LATTERAnn Eliza16-Oct1791daughter of Thomas and Susannah
LATTERCharles28-Feb1796son of Thomas and Susanna
LATTERCharles27-Jul1800son of George and Frances
LATTERCharles Maximilian22-Mar1812son of Charles and Susanna
LATTERCharlotte9-Nov1806daughter of George and Frances
LATTERDavid30-Sep1804son of George and Frances
LATTEREdward17-Dec1794son of Thomas and Susanna
LATTEREdward22-May1808son of Edward and Ann, born 3 May
LATTEREliza6-Jan1799daughter of Thomas and Susanna
LATTERElizabeth13-Feb1791daughter of George and Frances
LATTEREmma16-Aug1812daughter of Edward and Ann, born 6 August
LATTERFrances20-Feb1803daughter of George and Frances
LATTERGeorge28-Jun1783son of George and Mary
LATTERGeorge17-Nov1793son of George and Frances
LATTERHenry18-Oct1801son of George and Frances
LATTERHenry20-Dec1810son of Edward and Ann, born 6 December
LATTERJames8-Apr1798son of George and Frances
LATTERJohn26-Feb1797son of George and Francis
LATTERMary14-Sep1806daughter of Edward and Ann, born 7 months
LATTERPhoebe5-Sep1797daughter of Thomas and Susanna
LATTERRebecca25-Dec1803daughter of Edward and Ann, born 20 December
LATTERRobert Booth2-Apr1805son of Edward and Ann, born 23 March
LATTERSarah31-Jan1790daughter of George and Frances
LATTERSophia13-Jun1802daughter of Thomas and Susanna
LATTERSusanna31-May1789daughter of Thomas and Susanna
LATTERThomas26-May1793son of of Thomas and Susanna
LAUNDERLydia18-Dec1785daughter of Joseph and Mary
LAVENDERAmelia23-Mar1777daughter of George and Ann Maria
LAVENDERCecilia16-Mar1788daughter of William and Elizabeth
LAVENDERElizabeth2-Feb1792twin daughter of William and Elizabeth
LAVENDERHarriot24-Aug1783daughter of William and Elizabeth
LAVENDERJames24-Jan1790son of William and Elizabeth
LAVENDERMartha2-Feb1792twin daughter of William and Elizabeth
LAVENDERMary18-Jul1779daughter of George and Ann Maria
LAVENDERWilliam28-Dec1785son of William and Elizabeth
LAWESCharles Thomas11-Feb1795son of Thomas and Elizabeth Ann
LAWFULSarah9-Feb1794daughter of Susanna, B[astard] Pauper
LAWFULLMary28-Apr1776bastard daughter of Elizabeth
LAWFULLThomas16-Jan1774son of Ralph and Elizabeth
LAWFULLThomas16-Jan1774son of Ralph and Elizabeth
LAWL*RCatherine14-Apr1800daughter of John and Ann
LAWSElizabeth30-Jan1789daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
LAWSWilliam16-Apr1797son of Thomas and Elizabeth
LAWSWilliam16-Apr1797son of Thomas and Elizabeth
LEACHMatilda Ann20-Jan1805daughter of Edwin Evans and Ann
LEADERHenrietta19-Jun1794daughter of William and Mary
LEADERSophia19-Jun1794daughter of William and Maria
LEAFElizabeth7-Mar1802daughter of William and Elizabeth, born 6 February
LEDGERCharlotte25-Apr1795daughter of John and Elizabeth
LEDGERElizabeth27-Aug1785daughter of John and Elizabeth
LEDGERMary4-May1792daughter of John and Elizabeth, Pauper
LEVETTCharlotte31-Jan1806daughter of Francis and Hannah
LEWISCharles8-Aug1790son of William and Mary
LEWISDaniel5-Mar1790son of John and Mary, Pauper [entry omitted originally]
LEWISHenry28-Oct1782son of John and Mary
LEWISJames18-Apr1790son of James and Mary, Pauper
LEWISMary Jefferies27-Jul1777daughter of John and Mary
LEWISRichard23-Feb1794son of James and Mary, Pauper
LEWISSarah4-Oct1786daughter of John and Mary
LEWISSusanna15-Aug1784daughter of John and Mary
LEWISWilliam3-Mar1776son of Daniel and Mary
LINCOLNGeorge30-Oct1803son of Henry and Jane
LININTONAnn26-Dec1773daughter of John and Mary
LIONElizabeth15-May1791daughter of James and Ann
LOCKINTONWilliam6-May1778son of Mary
LOCKWOODRichard19-Mar1775son of Richard and Priscilla
LOCKWOODSarah Ann13-Dec1772daughter of Richard and Priscilla
LOCKYERDeborah10-Aug1800daughter of John and Sarah
LONGHURSTCharles31-Jan1790son of Mary, Pauper
LONGHURSTRichard29-Nov1778son of James and Mary
LOVERJohn20-Jul1783son of Richard and Ann
LOWEJohn25-Sep1808son of Henry and Sarah
LOWESophia31-Dec1809daughter of Henry and Sarah
LOWEThomas22-Jan1807son of Henry and Sarah
LUCASAnn31-Jul1774daughter of John and Mary
LUCASAnn31-Dec1780daughter of Thomas and Sarah
LUCASElizabeth19-May1776daughter of John and Mary
LUCASElizabeth24-Aug1788daughter of Thomas and sarah
LUCASFrances21-Sep1777daughter of John and Mary
LUCASGeorge20-Apr1788son of John and Mary
LUCASHarriot4-Apr1779daughter of John and Mary
LUCASHarriot20-Jan1811daughter of Peter and Sarah
LUCASJane6-Oct1782daughter of Thomas and Sarah
LUCASJohn27-Jul1806son of Peter and Sarah
LUCASLydia3-Feb1793daughter of Thomas and Sarah, Pauper
LUCASMaria9-Oct1808daughter of Peter and Sarah
LUCASMary Ann12-Nov1797daughter of Sarah
LUCASPeter9-Sep1784son of Thomas and Sarah
LUCASSamuel Daniel19-Mar1780son of Jonathan and Elizabeth
LUCASSarah11-Apr1779daughter of Thomas and Sarah
LUCASSarah25-May1788daughter of Jane Steel, a Bastard
LUCASSarah3-Mar1805daughter of James and Ann
LUCASSophia23-Dec1781daughter of John and Mary
LUCASSophia3-Jul1796daughter of Thomas and Sarah
LUCASSusanna20-Mar1785daughter of John and Mary
LUCASSusanna7-May1786daughter of Thomas and Sarah
LUCASThomas20-Dec1772son of John and Mary
LUCASThomas15-Mar1778son of Thomas and Sarah
LUCASThomas26-Aug1790son of Thomas and Sarah
LUCASWilliam6-Oct1780son of John and Mary
LUCKElizabeth3-Sep1797daughter of James and Mary
LUCKJames8-Aug1802son of James and Mary
LUCKLouisa Ann26-Apr1795daughter of James and Mary
LUCKMary Ann21-Mar1792daughter of James and Mary
LUCKSophia10-Apr1799daughter of James and Mary, of Southend [Lewisham]
LUFFEAnn5-Jan1776daughter of John and Susanna
LUFFEElizabeth25-Jul1777daughter of John and Susanna
LUFFEJohn6-Oct1779son of John and Susanna
LUFFEMary26-Dec1773daughter of John and Susanna
LUFFESusanna8-Feb1783daughter of John and Susanna
LYONEliza15-Nov1812daughter of James and Mary
MACEGeorge7-Sep1807son of John and Jane
MACEGeorge William11-Mar1787son of William and Sarah
MACEJohn23-Jan1803son of John and Jane
MACGEEWilliam16-May1800son of George and Catherine
MACKENZIEHenry14-Aug1796son of John and Charlotte
MACKENZIESarah4-Aug1779daughter of William and Sarah
MACKENZIEWilliam4-Nov1781son of William and Sarah
MACKRILLElizabeth22-Oct1797daughter of James and Ann
MAKEPEACEElizabeth24-Nov1800daughter of Robert and Elizabeth, born 29 August 1800
MAKEPEACEMargaret20-Apr1799daughter of Robert and Elizabeth, born 5 February 1799
MAKEPEACERobert Henry17-Jan1803son of Robert and Elizabeth, born 27 October 1801
MAL***John1-Mar1807son of William and Eleanor
MALYANAmy27-Aug1809daughter of William and Eleanor
MANDYMary18-Aug1776daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
MANNINGWilliam29-May1800son of William and Elizabeth
MANSFIELDAnn7-Jun1778daughter of John and Martha
MANSFIELDJohn1-Sep1776son of John and Martha
MANSFIELDMartha1-May1774daughter of John and Martha
MANSFIELDSusanna2-Jul1780daughter of John and Martha
MANSFIELDThomas9-Mar1783son of John and Martha
MANTLEAnn10-Sep1781daughter of John and Ann
MANTLEFrancis25-Nov1792son of John and Elizabeth
MANTLEJohn8-Dec1782son of John and Ann
MarGeorge8-Dec1811son of James and Kiran Trappack
MARDENIsabel4-Nov1773daughter of John and Ann
MARDENThomas30-Nov1806son of William and Ann
MARINERHenry24-Nov1793son of Richard and Grace
MARINERJames23-May1787son of Richard and Grace
MARINERJohn3-Apr1791son of Richard and Grace
MARINERMary Ann5-Jul1789daughter of Richard and Grace
MARSDENThomas15-Jul1798son of Jonathan and Sarah
MARSHALSally22-May1800daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
MARSHALLJemima18-Sep1808daughter of William and Mary
MARSHALLMaria24-Mar1790daughter of John and Helen
MARSHALLThomas27-Dec1804son of William and Mary, born 15 October 1804
MARSHALLWilliam14-Feb1806son of William and Mary
MARTINJames25-Oct1812son of James and Elizabeth
MARTINSophia14-Jun1795daughter of Edmund and Elizabeth
MASCOFrances5-Dec1784daughter of William and Sarah
MASCOEFrances20-Aug1775daughter of William and Mary
MASCOEJames14-Feb1773son of William and Mary
MASCOEJohn2-Aug1778son of William and Mary
MATHEWMary3-Oct1798daughter of John and Elizabeth
MATHEWSJohn26-Jun1804son of William and Esther
MATTHEWSEliza1-Jul1810daughter of William and Esther
MATTHEWSHenry16-Mar1806son of William and Esther
MATTHEWSHenry6-Nov1808son of William and Esther
MATTHEWSJane27-Dec1812daughter of William and Esther
MATTHEWSWillia22-Nov1801son of William and Esther
MATTHEWSWilliam7-Nov1772son of William and Mary
MAWElizabeth4-Jul1773bastard daughter of Mary
MAWLSarah20-Jan1775bastard daughter of Mary
MAYAnn Sweeting13-Sep1791daughter of Edward and Ann
MAYNARDAnn2-Mar1777daughter of William and Elizabeth
MAYNARDJohn22-Aug1779son of William and Elizabeth
MAYNARDJohn4-Sep1812son of John and Naomi
MEADAnn8-Jul1784daughter of Robert and Joanna
MEADMary28-Jun1775daughter of Robert and Joanna
MEADSarah19-Oct1777daughter of Robert and Joanna
MEADWilliam30-Jul1780son of Robert and Joanna
MEADEJohn3-Feb1793son of William and Ann
MEARSJohn3-May1795son of Joseph and Elizabeth
MEARSMary12-May1797daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
MERAJames Francis25-May1802son of James Louis and Phobe
MERASophia31-Jan1804daughter of James Louis and Phebe
MERRILLAnna Maria15-May1785daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
MERRYWEATHERGeorge13-Dec1793son of George and Elizabeth
MILESAnn24-May1795daughter of Benjamin and Mary
MILESAnn28-Oct1798daughter of Benjamin and Mary
MILESElizabeth12-Dec1796daughter of Benjamin and Mary
MILESJohn20-Apr1777son of William and Ann
MILESSamuel16-Jan1774son of William and Ann
MILESSamuel16-Jan1774son of William and Ann
MILESSamuel6-Jan1793son of benjamin and Mary
MILESThomas19-Sep1779son of William and Ann
MILESThomas15-Nov1812son of Richard and Mary
MILLERWilliam1-Feb1795son of William and Margaret
MILLESSWilliam21-Oct1787son of Stephen and Elizabeth, Travellers
MILLINGTONElizabeth15-Sep1799daughter of Joseph and Martha
MILLINGTONJoseph6-Oct1793son of Joseph and Martha
MILLINGTONMary5-Jun1796daughter of Joseph and Ann
MILLINGTONSarah6-Nov1803daughter of Joseph and Martha
MILLSAmelia14-Feb1790daughter of Edward and Ann
MILLSAnn7-Aug1788daughter of Edward and Ann
MILLSEdward27-Jan1795son of Edward and Ann
MILLSEdward5-Jun1796son of Edward and Ann
MILLSElizabeth11-Nov1792daughter of Edward and Ann
MILLSJames21-Dec1788son of Thomas and Jane
MILLSJane5-Jun1787daughter of Thomas and Jane
MILLSJohn26-Dec1808son of Jane, B[astard]
MILLSSarah26-Jan1794daughter of Thomas and Jane, Pauper
MITCHELAnn25-Jan1792daughter of Charles and Margaret
MITFORDAnn9-Aug1776daughter of John and Sarah, Esquire of Bromley Common
MITFORDSarah Frances9-Dec1774daughter of John and Sarah, Mister MITFORD Gent[leman] of Bromley Common
MO*EThomas1-Oct1786son of James and Elizabeth
MOFFATBenjamin10-Jun1804son of William and Susanna
MOFFATJohn7-Apr1811son of William and Susanna
MOFFATWilliam5-Apr1801son of William and Elizabeth
MOFFATWilliam12-Apr1807son of William and Susanna
MOFFETSophia12-Sep1802daughter of William and Susanna
MONCKTONWilliam11-Aug1811son of Stephen and Sarah
MONCTONSarah Rebecca2-Jul1809daughter of Stephen and Sarah
MOODYAnn10-May1797daughter of John and Ann
MOOREElizabeth Waller25-Mar1792daughter of Richard and Mary
MOOREGeorge3-Jun1803son of Samuel and Ann
MOOREHenry11-Aug1805son of Henry and Ann
MOOREJohn18-Jan1809son of Henry and Ann
MOOREThomas16-Aug1792son of Thomas and Jane
MOOREWilliam18-Oct1807son of Henry and Ann
MOREHAMBenjamin5-Sep1773son of James and Sarah
MOREHAMDavid9-Mar1800son of Samuel and Ann
MOREHAMJemima18-Dec1781daughter of James and Sarah
MORRISONMartha27-Apr1794daughter of David and Martha
MORUMAnn12-Jan1806daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth, born 17 September 1804
MORUMBenjamin4-Nov1795son of Samuel and Ann
MORUMJames25-May1792son of Samuel and Ann
MORUMJemima16-Mar1810daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
MORUMJohn22-Apr1807son of Samuel and Ann
MORUMMary12-Jan1806daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
MORUMSamuel21-Feb1798son of Samuel and Ann
MORUMSarah Poole8-Mar1794daughter of James and Ann
MORUMWilliam2-Feb1803son of Samuel and Elizabeth
MUFFETMary28-Apr1799daughter of William and Susanna
MUFFETRebecca30-Sep1797daughter of William and Susanna
MUFFITTJames30-Sep1796son of William and Susannah
MUGGERIDGEJane29-Sep1774daughter of Daniel and Martha
MUGGERIDGEWilliam14-Apr1781bastard son of Elizabeth
MUGRIDGEJames8-Feb1795son of John and Elizabeth
MUMFORDWilliam28-Apr1811son of Waldron and Ann
MURPHYElizabeth13-May1798daughter of John and Elizabeth
NARROWAYMary Jane24-Jul1807daughter of Thomas and Sarah, born 22 June
NASHCharlotte17-Apr1790daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, Pauper
NEEDHAMRobert6-Oct1793son of Thomas and Sarah
NEEDHAMThomas16-Oct1791son of Thomas and Sarah
NEIGHBOURGeorge9-Jun1811son of Edmund and Ann
NEWELLEmma Andres30-Jul1794daughter of James and Emma
NEWELLWilliam Henry24-Mar1797son of James and Emma
NEWSOMJames8-Jul1808son of James and Mary
NIBBSJohn4-Aug1776son of John and Eleanor
NIBBSJohn1-Nov1776bastard son of Mary
NIBBSMary1-Jan1775daughter of John and Eleanor
NICHOLSSarah Cornelia10-Jun1795daughter of Benjamin and Patience
NICHOLSONWilliam29-Nov1812son of William and Sarah
NIGHTINGALESamuel20-Jul1794son of William and Sarah
NIGHTINGALEWilliam21-Feb1796son of William and Sarah
NOBLEMary Ann2-Aug1802daughter of William and Mary Ruth
NORFOLKThomas1-Dec1805son of Thomas and Elizabeth
NORMANCharlotte6-Aug1795daughter of George and Charlotte, Esquire;born30 June
NORMANElizabeth Fleming17-Feb1809daughter of George and Charlotte, born 10 January
NORMANEmma1-Aug1807daughter of George and Charlotte, born 3 July
NORMANGeorge Warde16-Nov1793son of George and Charlotte, born 20 September 1793
NORMANHenrietta19-Sep1799daughter of George, Esquire
NORMANHenry13-Jan1802son of George and Charlotte, born 13 December 1801
NORMANJames11-Dec1797son of George and Charlotte, born 24 October
NORMANMaria Eleanora13-Aug1803daughter of George and Charlotte, born 20 July
NORMANRichard28-Nov1800son of George and Charlotte, Esquire;born 20 October
NORMANRobert Cumming19-Sep1805son of George and Charlotte, born 30 April
NURTONWilliam28-Nov1779son of William and Jane, of ye 7th Regiment of Somerset Militia
OAKINDENEdward2-Feb1812son of John and Phoebe
OBEEAlice25-Dec1810daughter of William and Alice
OBEEAnn18-Dec1774daughter of William and Sarah
OBEECharles25-Oct1809son of James and Jane
OBEECharlotte29-Mar1812daughter of James and Jane
OBEEEdward7-Aug1803son of Edward and Sophia
OBEEEliza19-Aug1808daughter of Edward and Sophia
OBEEElizabeth26-Apr1782bastard daughter of Sarah
OBEEJames edward18-Nov1804son of James and Jane
OBEEJohn William13-May1798son of Edward and Sophia
OBEEJoseph Thomas14-Jun1807son of James and Jane
OBEEThomas21-Sep1777son of William and Sarah
OBEEWilliam14-Jun1801son of James and Jane
OBEEWilliam19-Nov1806son of Edward and Sophia
OGILVIEJames15-Jul1783son of James and Lydia
OKENDENSusann1-Apr1810daughter of John and Phoebe
ONSTEADAnn20-Aug1780bastard daughter of Amy
OSBORNMary10-Feb1793daughter of Henry and Mary
OSBORNRebecca28-Feb1802daughter of John and Rebecca
OSBORNStephen15-Jul1782son of John and Helen
OSBORNEAnn24-Aug1783daughter of Hannah, Widow of James
OSBORNEElizabeth15-May1795daughter of Henry and Mary
OSBORNEElizabeth Rebecca4-Mar1792daughter of John and Helen
OSBORNEJames27-Feb1791son of John and Helena
OSBORNEMary10-Aug1788daughter of John and Helen
OSBORNEStephen28-May1787son of John and Helena
OSBORNEThomas8-Oct1789son of John and Helena
OSWALDJohn25-Feb1810son of David and Mary Ann
OSWALDSarah14-Jul1805daughter of David and Mary
OVERTONWilliam20-May1774son of Richard and Ann
P******ALWilliam19-Jun1808son of John and Jane
PACKINGTONElizabeth17-Dec1779daughter of Elizabeth
PACKINGTONJohn16-Jun1782bastard son of Elizabeth
PAGEElizabeth27-Sep1778daughter of William and Frances
PAGEJohn29-May1796son of Thomas and Olivia
PAGEMary6-Aug1777daughter of William and Frances
PAINTERFrances8-Aug1776daughter of James and Mary
PAINTERHarriot23-Jul1778daughter of James and Mary
PAINTERJob11-Feb1780son of James and Mary
PALMERMargaret8-Apr1774daughter of Peter and Rebecca
PARKERCharlotte26-Apr1812daughter of Charles and Mary
PARRJohn11-Jul1801son of John and Jane, of 43 Regiment of Foot
PARRYThomas28-Dec1794son of Elizabeth, B[astard]
PAULWilliam30-May1802son of William and Mary
PAYNEAnn Bassett5-Feb1804daughter of Dianah Ann, B[astard] born at Bromley under a suspended order of Removal to WILMINGTON near Dartford
PEARCEElizabeth14-Sep1777daughter of John and Mary
PEARCEMary2-Jan1780daughter of John and Mary
PEARCEMary14-Nov1812daughter of Samuel and Mary
PEARCESarah11-Nov1802daughter of William and Mary
PEARCESarah12-Jan1812daughter of Charles and Sarah
PEARSONWilliam8-Apr1810son of William and Mary
PEEBLESElizabeth26-Mar1788daughter of Robert and Jane Franklin
PEEBLESJohn11-Dec1789son of Robert and Jane
PEEBLESRobert27-May1792son of Robert and Jane
PEEZEYMary3-Mar1799daughter of John and Sarah
PELLINGFanny18-Jun1775daughter of Benjamin and Mary
PENNAnn11-Jan1783daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
PENNAnn15-Sep1793daughter of Richard and Mary
PENNElizabeth14-Feb1790daughter of Richard and Mary
PENNRichard18-Dec1791son of Richard and Mary
PENNSarah17-Apr1785daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
PENNSarah8-Nov1795daughter of Richard and Mary
PENNWilliam30-Sep1797son of Richard and Mary
PENNWilliam9-Dec1798son of Richard and Mary
PERRYAnn27-Jan1793daughter of Daniel and Mary, Pauper
PERRYDaniel25-Jul1791son of Daniel and Mary
PERRYGeorge6-Aug1797son of Daniel and Mary
PERRYJohn24-May1795son of Daniel and Mary
PERRYSamuel25-Dec1801son of Daniel and Mary
PERRYThomas20-Nov1803son of Daniel and Mary
PERRYWilliam9-Jun1799son of Daniel and Mary
PETTINGALLMary10-Oct1805daughter of John and Jane
PETTYWilliam8-Nov1786bastard son of Ann
PHILLIPSElizabeth20-Jun1779daughter of William and Ann
PHILLIPSHenry5-Apr1778son of William and Ann
PHILLIPSMaria Ann28-Apr1776daughter of William and Ann
PHILPOTTSarah15-Aug1779daughter of Absalom and Ann
PICKFORDHarriot4-Aug1801daughter of James and Frances
PICKFORDJames26-Dec1802son of James and Frances
PIETERSAbraham Prettyman2-Jan1791son of John and Jane
PIETERSCharles12-Mar1788son of John and Jane
PIETERSEliza12-Jul1792daughter of John and jane
PIETERSElizabeth Amelia5-May1786daughter of John and Jane
PIETERSMary Ann14-Oct1789daughter of John and Jane
PIETERSWilliam Whiffen16-Jan1795son of John and Jane
PINFOLDJames Co****8-Feb1801son of Frances, B[astard]
PINNElizabeth18-Nov1781daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
PINNSolomon30-Jul1780son of Richard and Elizabeth
PIPERAnn9-Sep1785daughter of Samuel and Mary
PIPERElizabeth King23-Dec1789daughter of Samuel and Mary
PIPERGeorge28-Mar1784son of Samuel and Mary
PIPERMargaret19-Jan1794daughter of Samuel and Mary, Pauper;amended and corrected entry for mother's name dated 3 April 1829
PIPERMary18-Jul1792daughter of Samuel and Mary
PIPERSarah21-Nov1787daughter of Samuel and Mary
PIPPETJohn18-Dec1781son of John and Martha
PLAYLEJames25-Sep1803son of George and Martha
PLAYTEREdward26-Oct1799son of William and Frances
PLEDGEMartha24-Feb1799daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth
POCOCKBetty16-Nov1801daughter of Thomas and Betty
POCOCKChristian10-Oct1787daughter of Thomas and Betty
POCOCKJohn11-Jan1795son of Thomas and Betty
POCOCKMartha20-May1804daughter of Thomas and Betty
POCOCKMary5-May1793daughter of Thomas and Betty, Pauper
POCOCKSamuel6-Nov1796son of Thomas and Betty
POCOCKSarah21-Aug1785daughter of Thomas and Betty
POCOCKStephen7-Nov1783son of Thomas and Betty
POCOCKStephen24-Feb1799son of Thomas and Betty
POCOCKThomas6-Sep1789son of Thomas
PODGERAnn1-Feb1789daughter of William and Ann
PODGERCharles15-Sep1805son of William and Ann
PODGERCornelius3-Mar1799son of William and Ann
PODGEREdeward George23-Oct1796son of William and Ann
PODGERElizabeth12-Jun1803daughter of William and Ann
PODGERJohn23-May1783son of William
PODGERMary5-Feb1792daughter of William and Ann
PODGERWilliam30-Jan1785son of William and Ann
POINTERWilliam16-Oct1785son of John and Rebecca, Pauper
POL***Phoebe22-Oct1797daughter of Stephen and Sarah
POLITSFrances2-Apr1799daughter of Stephen and Sarah
POOKMary8-Dec1793daughter of William and Mary
POOKSarah28-Aug1791daughter of William and Mary
POOLEEdward12-Jul1812son of Edward and Sarah
PORTERAnn22-Jan1795daughter of Eleanor, B[astard]
PORTERRebecca Humphreys21-Feb1796daughter of Eleanor, B[astard]
PORTERWilliam2-Feb1812son of Hugh and Maria
POTIPHERAmelia24-Aug1794daughter of Thomas and Mary
POTIPHERPeter31-Mar1793son of Thomas and Mary
POTTERRichard8-Dec1793son of Richard and Elizabeth
POTTERSamuel5-Aug1795son of Edward and Sarah
POTTSJames16-Nov1783son of William and Mary
POTTSSarah5-Mar1780daughter of William and Mary
POUNDJohn18-Aug1799son of John and Martha, a private in the Hampshire Fencibles
POWELElizabeth6-Jan1799daughter of George and Mary
POWELGeorge Archer12-Mar1786son of George and Mary, Pauper
POWELJames16-Mar1794son of George and Mary
POWELLucy17-Jul1791daughter of George and Mary, Pauper
POWELMargaret6-Nov1796daughter of George and Mary
POWELRichard9-May1802son of George and Mary
POWELWilliam25-Dec1782son of George and Mary
POWERJohn James16-May1790son of John and Elizabeth
PRATERElizabeth6-May1807daughter of Thomas and Frances
PRATERJohn2-Jul1809son of Thomas and Frances
PRATERMary16-May1811daughter of Thomas and Frances
PREADINGJames1-Jan1786son of Joseph and Ann
PRESTONRebecca26-Aug1798daughter of Henry and Rebecca
PRESTONThomas19-Jun1796son of Henry and Rebecca
PRESTONWilliam23-Nov1800son of Henry and Rebecca
PRICEAnn23-Mar1777daughter of John and Ann
PRICEAnn26-Aug1792daughter of John and Elizabeth
PRICEAnn5-Jan1800daughter of James and Ann
PRICEEdmund16-Oct1791son of John and Mary, Pauper
PRICEElizabeth16-Mar1787daughter of William and Mary
PRICEElizabeth19-Aug1810daughter of James Allen and Ann
PRICEJames Allen21-Mar1805son of James Allen and Ann
PRICEJohn21-Dec1776son of John and Ann
PRICEMary18-Jan1784daughter of John and Ann
PRICESarah26-Mar1809daughter of Elizabeth, B[astard]
PRICEThomas3-Jan1808son of James Allen and Ann
PRICEThomas White6-Oct1810son of Mary, B[astard]
PRICEWilliam30-Dec1781son of John and Ann
PRICEWilliam14-Nov1802son of James and Ann
PRICEWilliam Andrew11-Jun1790son of Andrew and Margaret, Chaplain of Bishop Warners College
PRICHARDWilliam Aylesbury19-Aug1790son of Margaret, Pauper
PROBARTWilliam2-Aug1793son of Francis and Mary
PRONGEECharles31-Oct1783son of George and Susanna
PRONGERGeorge21-Jul1782son of George and Susanna
PRONGERSarah31-Dec1784daughter of Susanna
PUCKNALAnn8-Sep1776daughter of Thomas and Sarah
PUCKNALJames16-Apr1780son of Thomas and Sarah
PUCKNALThomas30-Mar1783son of Thomas and Sarah
PUCKNALLJohn4-Nov1787son of Thomas and Sarah
PURDYBarnabas2-Apr1779son of Henry and Avis
PURDYWilliam9-Feb1806son of Lucy, B[astard]
PURTONSarah20-Jul1788daughter of John and Maria
PURTONWilliam14-Sep1785son of John and Maria
QUINTAnn9-Oct1793daughter of John and Ann
QUINTSophia Rose3-Jul1791daughter of John and Ann
QUINTWilliam14-Oct1792son of John and Ann
R**DSSusanna19-Aug1795daughter of Daniel and Hannah
R*SSELLJohn6-Nov1812son of Samuel and Isabel
R*WESRobert Booth9-Mar1785son of Richard and Mary
RAIKESHarriet29-Oct1791daughter of Thomas and Charlotte, born 2 October;Bank director
RAMSEYAnn1-Oct1797daughter of Alexander and Ann
RANDALHenry20-Jul1785son of John and Sarah
RANDALJemima31-Mar1784daughter of John and Sarah
RANDLESAnn Mallom8-Feb1773daughter of John and Sarah
RANDLESFrances3-Nov1780daughter of John and Sarah
RANDLESHester9-Jul1777daughter of John and Sarah
RANDLESMary7-Jan1776daughter of John and Sarah
RANDLESRebecca6-Jul1781daughter of John and Sarah
RANDLESRobert24-Aug1774son of John and Sarah
RANDLESThomas19-Jun1778son of John and Sarah
RANKINMary21-Oct1804daughter of Samuel and Hannah
RANKINESamuel26-Jun1803son of Samuel and Ann
RAWESElizabeth Rebecca1-Feb1782daughter of Richard and Mary
RAWESJoseph12-Jun1794son of William and Ann, Reverend
RAWESMary12-Aug1783daughter of Richard and Mary
RAWESRichard28-Jul1787son of Richard and Mary, born 2 July
RAWESWilliam Thompson7-Jun1789son of Richard and Mary, born 30 April
RAYAnn27-Oct1811daughter of Thomas and Sarah, born 24 September
RAYJane Sarah14-Sep1810daughter of John and sarah
RAYRichard21-Sep1810son of Thomas and Sarah
RAYThomas12-Apr1809son of Thomas and Sarah, born 23 March
RAYWilliam Robert25-Oct1807son of Thomas and Sarahborn 30 September
RAYNERGeorge24-Oct1777son of William and Deborah
RAYNERJohn16-Mar1806son of Samuel and Alice
RAYNERSamuel16-Oct1803son of Samuel and Alice
RAYNERSarah31-Jul1808daughter of Samuel and Alice
RAYNERWilliam18-May1774son of William and Deborah
READINGAnn12-Aug1792daughter of Joseph and Ann, Pauper
READINGElizabeth5-Mar1784daughter of Joseph and Ann
READINGJohn28-Jul1799son of Joseph and Ann
READINGJoseph30-Nov1794son of Joseph and Ann
READINGMartha9-Dec1787daughter of Joseph and Ann
READINGMary Ann2-Jun1782daughter of Joseph and Ann
READINGStephen22-Dec1789son of Joseph and Ann
READINGWilliam3-Jul1803son of Joseph and Ann
READYCharles22-Aug1790son of Charles and Eleanor
READYEleanor10-Jan1792daughter of Charles and Eleanor, Excise man
READYSarah22-Sep1793daughter of Charles and Eleanor
REEVESCharles2-Jun1783son of Robert and Ann Henzen
REEVESElizabeth7-Jan1781daughter of Robert and Ann
REEVESWilliam19-Sep1779son of Robert and Ann
REEVESWilliam7-Jun1789son of Richard and Ann
RELPHAnn18-Aug1811daughter of John and Jane
REYNOLDSElizabeth Fanny13-Sep1805daughter of Samuel William and Jane Reynolds, Received;born 13 June in Westminster
REYNOLDSSarah23-Apr1797daughter of Philip and Charlotte
RHODEThomas28-Mar1802son of Daniel and Hannah
RHODESElizabeth4-Jun1810daughter of Daniel and Hannah
RHODESJane13-Dec1805daughter of Daniel and Hannah
RHODESWilliam18-Dec1803son of Daniel and Hannah
RICHElizabeth19-Dec1777daughter of Richard and Mary
RICKETTSWilliam28-Nov1779son of John and Sarah
RIDGELYHarriot22-Apr1807daughter of Joseph and Alice, Sievemaker
RINGERJohn29-Mar1774bastard of Susanne
RIPPElizabeth4-Feb1803daughter of John and Ann
ROADESRebecca11-May1797daughter of Daniel and Hannah
ROADSJohn24-Nov1799son of Daniel and Hannah
ROBERTSEdward Rawlins Robert29-Jun1812son of Edward and Elizabeth
ROBERTSWilliam8-Aug1773son of Thomas and Sarah
ROBINSONRobert13-Oct1805son of Robert and Sarah
ROBINSONWilliam16-May1789son of James and Frances
ROCKElizabeth4-Jun1786daughter of William and Elizabeth
ROFFEJames16-Sep1791son of Job and Sarah
ROGERSAnn16-Mar1787daughter of William and Mary
ROGERSElizabeth11-Nov1804daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
ROGERSMary31-Dec1780daughter of William and Mary
ROGERSRobert Burr31-Aug1777son of William and Mary
ROGERSSamuel13-Mar1785son of William and Mary
ROGERSSarah8-Aug1783daughter of William and Mary
ROGERSWilliam16-May1773son of William and Mary
ROHDESCharlotte17-Apr1808daughter of Daniel and Hannah
ROLFEYJames Emanuel26-May1811son of James and Charlotte
ROOKERWilliam27-Oct1805son of James and Mary
ROOTSWilliam16-Sep1812son of Alice, B[astard]
ROUNDEdward8-Nov1776son of Thomas and Ann
RUSSELAnn16-Jan1803daughter of Samuel and Isabael
RUSSELSamuel15-Jul1798son of Sameul and Isabel
RUSSELLIsabel26-Jun1808daughter of Samuel and Isabel
RUSSELLWilliam31-May1810son of Henry and Ann
SALEAnn10-Oct1779daughter of William and Ann
SALEElizabeth3-Apr1774daughter of Joseph and Margaret
SALEElizabeth7-Oct1781daughter of Joseph and Margaret
SALEGeoffrey17-Aug1788son of James and Jane, Pauper
SALEGeoffrey18-Sep1795son of Joseph and Elizabeth
SALEGeorge2-Sep1791son of John and Mary
SALEHannah28-Jul1793daughter of John and Mary
SALEHenry Geoffrey11-Feb1784son of Joseph and Margaret
SALEJacob19-May1775bastard son of Jane, from Southend in Lewisham parish
SALEJane17-Sep1778daughter of William and Ann
SALEJemima19-Apr1789daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
SALEJohn16-Sep1784son of John and Mary
SALEJohn30-Sep1787son of Joseph and Elizabeth
SALEJoseph5-Apr1778son of Joseph and Margaret
SALEJoseph10-Oct1789son of John and Mary
SALEJoseph Leonard20-Dec1772son of Joseph and Margaret,
SALEMary12-Mar1779daughter of Elizabeth
SALERichard29-Jun1793son of Joseph and Elizabeth, Pauper
SALERichard29-Sep1794son of John and Mary
SALERobert M**rington29-May1786son of John and Mary
SALEWiliam28-Oct1787son of John and Mary
SALESWilliam7-Jan1791son of John and Elizabeth
SALMONThomas5-Sep1802son of Thomas and Mary
SANDERSAnn23-Feb1777daughter of Richard Robert and Sarah
SANDERSSarah19-Sep1773daughter of Robert and Sarah
SANGERDaniel6-Nov1796son of William and Susanna
SANGEREdward25-Mar1798son of William and Susanna
SANGEREsther Maria9-Apr1799daughter of William and Susanna
SANGERFrances25-May1803daughter of Henry and Ann
SANGERGeorge27-Mar1808son of William and Susanna Sophia
SANGERJoseph henry24-Mar1805son of William and Susanna Sophia
SANGERSophia29-Apr1796daughter of Henry and Ann
SANGERSusanna Sophia4-Oct1801daughter of William and Susanna Sophia
SANGERWilliam16-Mar1795son of William and Sophia
SAWYERAnn23-May1781daughter of John and Mary
SAWYERElizabeth11-May1794daughter of John and Mary, Pauper
SAWYERGeorge Wallis9-Nov1791son of John and Mary
SAWYERHarriot29-Jul1804daughter of Fanny, B[astard]
SAWYERJames13-Jan1796son of John and Mary
SAWYERJane22-Aug1783daughter of John and Mary
SAWYERJohn25-Jun1786son of John and Mary
SAWYERMaria15-May1789daughter of John and Mary
SAWYERMary26-Dec1799daughter of John and Mary
SAWYERRebecca18-Jun1778daughter of John and Mary
SAWYERWilliam25-May1776son of John and Mary
SAYMary Leigh29-Aug1773daughter of Edmund and Elizabeth
SAYMichael4-Jun1775son of Edmund and Elizabeth Rebecca
SAYMichael Bovell2* Jan1777son of Edmund and Elizabeth Rebecca
SCHOFIELDGeorge2-Feb1794son of John and Elizabeth
SCHOFIELDJames Buckinger29-Jan1796son of John and Elizabeth
SCOFIELDEleanor6-Mar1798daughter of John and Elizabeth
SCOTTAnn24-Apr1795daughter of James and Mary
SCOTTCaroline9-May1804daughter of Samuel and Ann, born 30 December 1807 in the Parish of Saint Giles's in the Fields London; and received at same time as her brother's christening
SCOTTCharles Edward Hastings2-Nov1786son of John and Elizabeth, Esquire
SCOTTClaud Edward9-May1804son of Samuel and Ann, Esquire of Widmore;born 15 April 1804
SCOTTEdmund Waring Hastings12-Sep1782son of John and Elizabeth, Major in the service of the East India Company on the Bengal Establishment
SCOTTEmma4-Apr1784daughter of John and Elizabeth, Major in the service of the East india Company on the Bengal Establishment
SCOTTJohn21-Mar1799son of James and Mary, born 20 February
SCOTTMary1-May1797daughter of James and Mary
SCOTTSamuel26-Mar1807son of Samuel and Ann, born 20 February 1807
SEARSElizabeth1-Apr1808daughter of Thomas and Nanny
SEARSJane12-Jan1800daughter of Thomas and Nanny
SEARSJohn12-Mar1797son of Thomas and Nanny
SEARSSarah11-Jan1795daughter of Thomas and Nanny
SEERSAnn3-Mar1811daughter of Thomas and Ann
SEERSCharles2-Jan1803son of Thomas and Ann
SEERSJames14-Jul1805son of Thomas and Nanny
SEWARDCharlotte18-Sep1789twin daughter of Henry and Charlotte
SEWARDChristopher30-Sep1788son of Henry and Charlotte, born 18 March
SEWARDEmily18-Sep1789twin daughter of Henry and Charlotte
SEWARDRichard26-Aug1791son of Henry and Charlotte
SHADWELLAgnes25-Aug1810daughter of Lancelot and Isabel
SHARPElizabeth1-Dec1782daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
SHARPElizabeth Jane3-Sep1809daughter of John and Mary
SHARPJames7-Feb1790son of William and Margaret
SHARPJames11-Sep1809son of William and Eleanor
SHARPJohn31-Oct1779son of William and Margaret
SHARPJohn3-Apr1785son of Thomas and Elizabeth
SHARPJohn31-May1812son of William and Eleanor
SHARPMary14-Mar1784daughter of William and Margaret
SHARPSarah9-Nov1788daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
SHARPThomas4-Mar1787son of Thomas and Elizabeth
SHARPThomas13-Jan1788son of William and Margaret
SHARPThomas8-Dec1811son of **** and Mary [fathers name obscured]
SHARPWilliam5-May1782son of William and Margaret
SHARPWilliam31-Jan1808son of William and Eleanor
SHAWAnn16-May1800daughter of James and Mary, born 13 December 1899;of the 1st Regiment of Guards
SHAWMary15-Aug1783bastard daughter of Ann
SHAWMary Ann13-Jan1796daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth
SHEARMANHnery18-Jul1802son of William and Ann
SHELTONBridget17-Jul1776twin daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth
SHELTONJohn17-Jul1776twin son of Benjamin and Elizabeth
SHELTONSarah28-Sep1777daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth
SHEPARDMary20-Oct1776daughter of Walter and Mary
SHEPPARDJohn29-Nov1812son of Thomas and Frances
SHEPPARDThomas19-May1811son of Thomas and Frances
SHEWBRIDGESarah25-Jan1794daughter of Robert and Ann, Pauper
SHORBRIDGERichard16-Dec1803son of Richard and Frances
SHOREYAnn8-Mar1778daughter of Charles and Elizabeth
SHOREYCharles9-May1775son of Charles and Elizabeth
SHORTERAmy7-Nov1802daughter of Thomas and Sarah
SHORTERAnn18-Jun1780daughter of William and Mary
SHORTERAnn17-Jun1795daughter of Thomas and Sarah
SHORTERCharles21-Mar1773son of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERCharles25-Mar1793son of William and Mercy
SHORTERElizabeth7-Jan1776daughter of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERElizabeth6-Jul1800daughter of Thomas and Sarah
SHORTERFrancis25-May1794son of William and Mercy
SHORTERGeorge22-Feb1778son of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERHarriot27-Jul1788daughter of William and Mercy
SHORTERJames28-May1797son of George and Elizabeth
SHORTERJohn27-May1792son of George and Elizabeth
SHORTERMartha1-Apr1797daughter of William and mercy, Bromley Common
SHORTERMary13-Dec1789daughter of George and Elizabeth
SHORTERMary9-Jun1799daughter of William and Mercy
SHORTERMercy7-Dec1803daughter of William and Mercy
SHORTERSarah5-Dec1798daughter of Thomas and Sarah
SHORTERSusanna25-Jul1790daughter of William and Marcy
SHORTERThomas21-Jul1782son of William and Mary
SHORTERThomas1-Dec1805son of Thomas and Sarah
SHORTERThomas5-Nov1812son of Thomas and Elizabeth
SHORTERTimothy25-Feb1795son of George and Elizabeth
SHORTERWilliam8-Mar1774son of William and Mary
SHORTERWilliam12-Oct1783son of William and Elizabeth
SHORTERWilliam18-Sep1785son of William and Mercy, Pauper
SHURBRIDGEJames13-Apr1806son of Richard and Frances
SHURYMary16-Dec1774bastard daughter of Elizabeth
SIBLEYJames8-Apr1785son of Thomas and Sarah
SIMKINRichard16-Jan1774son of John and Margaret
SIMKINRichard16-Jan1774son of John and Margaret
SIMMANSJohn3-Jun1787son of John and Elizabeth
SIMMANSWilliam20-Mar1789son of John and Elizabeth, Pauper
SIMMONDSAnn29-Aug1789daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, Pauper
SIMMONDSElizabeth30-Apr1787daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
SIMMONDSElizabeth9-Jun1805daughter of Thomas and Fanny
SIMMONDSfanny24-Jan1796daughter of Thomas and Fanny
SIMMONDSFanny Ann22-Dec1801daughter of Thomas and Fanny
SIMMONDSMary Ann6-Nov1796daughter of Asher and Ann
SimmondsThmas30-Apr1787son of Joseph and Elizabeth
SIMMONDSThomas14-Oct1798son of Thomas and Fanny
SIMMONSJames20-Aug1780son of Joseph and Elizabeth
SIMMONSJames31-Mar1810son of James and Elizabeth
SIMMONSJohn14-Oct1784son of Joseph and Elizabeth
SIMMONSJoseph6-Aug1782son of Joseph and Elizabeth
SIMMONSSarah7-Sep1792daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, Pauper
SIMMONSThomas6-Nov1808son of James and Elizabeth
SINEYJames13-Oct1811son of James and Sarah
SKAIFEMark28-Sep1783son of Mark and Mary
SKINNERAnn12-Aug1778daughter of Thomas and Martha
SKINNERAnn Harriot10-Aug1774daughter of William and Ann
SKINNERElizabeth3-Dec1797daughter of John and Mary
SKINNERJohn1-Aug1779son of William and Ann
SKINNERSarah11-Oct1774daughter of Thomas and Martha
SKINNERSarah25-Sep1776daughter of Thomas and Martha
SKINNERSarah Elizabeth5-Jun1774daughter of James and Sarah
SKINNERSophia4-Dec1772daughter of Thomas and Martha
SKINNERThomas24-Feb1781son of William and Ann
SKINNERWilliam28-Jul1776son of William and Ann
SLACKThomas20-Feb1793son of James and Mary, Pauper
SLADEWilliam28-May1774son of William and Elizabeth
SLATERSophia Frances9-Sep1804daughter of William and Sophia
SLOUGHAnn13-Oct1805daughter of James and Rebecca
SLOUGHJames13-Jan1793son of James and Rebecca, Pauper
SLOUGHMichael26-Jul1812son of James and Rebecca
SLOUGHSusannah13-Jun1808daughter of James and Rebecca
SLOUGHThomas20-May1798son of James and Rebecca
SLOUGHWilliam13-Sep1802son of James and Rebecca
SMITHAmy17-Mar1811daughter of Thomas and Hannah
SMITHAnn11-Jan1801daughter of George and Hannah
SMITHAnn25-Oct1806daughter of Martha, B[astard]
SMITHAnn14-Sep1806daughter of William and Elizabeth
SMITHCharles30-Mar1788son of William and Elizabeth
SMITHCharles21-Aug1803son of George and Hannah
SMITHEleanor11-Apr1802daughter of Thomas and and Hannah
SMITHElizabeth12-Jun1774daughter of William and Elizabeth
SMITHElizabeth2-May1790daughter of William and Elizabeth
SMITHElizabeth18-Jan1807daughter of George and Hannah
SMITHElizabeth17-Mar1807daughter of William and Margaret
SMITHElizabeth28-Feb1811daughter of Robert Martin and Elizabeth, born 30 January
SMITHFrances Diana26-Oct1785daughter of Robert and Frances
SMITHGeorge18-Feb1787son of Mary, a Bastard
SMITHGeorge6-May1798son of George and Hannah
SMITHHannah24-Jun1804daughter of Thomas and Hannah
SMITHHarriot Sophia16-Mar1800daughter of Thomas and Hannah
SMITHHenry28-Oct1783son of Robert and Frances
SMITHHenry21-Apr1812son of Robert Martin and Elizabeth, born 24 March
SMITHJames16-Apr1797son of William and Mary
SMITHJames16-Apr1797son of William and Mary
SMITHJames Thomas28-Jul1808son of Robert Martin and Elizabeth, Carpenter;born 28 June 1808
SMITHJohn18-Feb1776son of Major and Mary
SMITHJohn3-Sep1779son of Robert and Francis
SMITHJohn15-Nov1789son of John and Susan
SMITHJohn28-Jun1789son of William and Sarah
SMITHJohn13-Jun1791son of John and Ann, Pauper
SMITHJohn8-Sep1805son of George and Hannah
SMITHJohn4-Jun1809son of William and Elizabeth
SMITHJoseph28-Oct1782son of William and Sarah
SMITHJoseph Staples4-Oct1790son of Robert and Frances
SMITHLetitia27-Sep1799daughter of William and Sarah
SMITHLucy4-Sep1808daughter of Sarah, B[astard]
SMITHMajor13-Mar1774son of Major and Mary
SMITHMartha10-Mar1780bastard daughter of Mary
SMITHMary14-Jun1778daughter of Major and Mary
SMITHMary1-May1791daughter of William and Sarah
SMITHMary15-Aug1802daughter of William and Sarah
SMITHMary Ann4-Jul1799daughter of Robert and frances, born 9 June
SMITHMaryann8-Jul1798daughter of Thomas and Hannah
SMITHMercy26-Mar1797daughter of William and Sarah
SMITHRichard29-Jan1792son of Robert and Frances
SMITHRobert4-Apr1790son of Robert and Ann
SMITHRobert10-Aug1806son of Thomas and Hannah
SMITHRobert3-Aug1809son of Robert Martin and Elizabeth, born 8 July
SMITHSamuel10-Feb1782son of Major and Mary
SMITHSarah4-Nov1804daughter of William and Sarah
SMITHSarah Ann22-Feb1790daughter of Christopher and Ann
SMITHSophia19-Jan1795daughter of Robert and Frances
SMITHSusanna30-Oct1791daughter of Christopher and Ann
SMITHThomas7-Apr1773son of Major and Mary
SMITHThomas Staples27-Jul1781son of Robert and Frances
SMITHThomas Staples27-Dec1787son of Robert and Frances
SMITHWilliam23-Mar1774bastard of Sarah
SMITHWilliam2-Jul1780son of William and Elizabeth
SMITHWilliam15-Jul1781son of William and Sarah
SMITHWilliam30-Jun1793son of William and Sarah, Pauper
SMITHWilliam11-Dec1799son of George and Hannah
SMITHWilliam3-Jun1804son of William and Elizabeth
SOANGeorge14-Sep1783son of Thomas Spurling and Elizabeth
SOANJames16-Jun1811son of John and Susanna
SOANJohn5-Aug1781son of Thomas Spurling and Elizabeth
SOANJohn Henry11-Jun1809son of John and Susanna
SOANSarah28-Jun1801daughter of William and Ann
SOANThomas5-Sep1773son of Thomas Spurling and Elizabeth
SOANSAnn Maria11-Jan1795daughter of William and Susannah
SOANSWilliam25-Sep1796son of William Sp and Susannah
SPARKESEmily8-Feb1812daughter of Robert and Mary Ann
SPARKESHenry7-Jul1783son of Joseph and Mary, Esquire of Bromley Town
SPARKESJoseph8-Aug1773son of Joseph and Mary, Gent[leman] of Bromley Town
SPARKESJuliana Caroline Soan21-Jan1786daughter of Joseph and Mary, born 12 November 1785
SPARKESWilliam14-Jan1775son of Joseph and Mary, Joseph Gent[leman] Bromley Town
SPELLERJohn24-Aug1777son of Edward and Ann
SPONDMary Ann27-Sep1812daughter of John and Mary
SPRATSophia6-Dec1795daughter of Peter and Elizabeth
SPRATTAmelia16-Jan1798daughter of Peter and Elizabeth
STACEYAnn12-Feb1786daughter of William and Elizabeth
STACEYCharles30-Nov1783son of William and Elizabeth
STACEYCharlotte1-Jun1773daughter of William and Elizabeth
STACEYFrederick5-Jun1788son of William and Elizabeth, Pauper
STACEYJames21-Jan1781son of William and Elizabeth
STACEYRichard15-Jul1795son of William and Elizabeth
STACEYSophia17-Aug1790daughter of William and Elizabeth
STACEYThomas Richard29-Sep1776son of William and Elizabeth
STACEYWilliam28-Dec1778son of William and Elizabeth
STANLEYWilliam13-Oct1773son of Richard and Elizabeth
STANMOREGeorge12-May1810son of George and Ann
STAPLESElizabeth22-Jun1777daughter of henry and Jane
STAPLESJane23-Jun1779daughter of Henry and Jane
STARKJohn21-Jun1795son of James and Mary
STARKRobert31-Dec1790son of James and Mary
STARKEYAnn29-Apr1774daughter of Richard and Ann
STARKEYEliza22-Apr1810daughter of Richard and Lucy
STARKEYJohn10-Dec1808son of Richard and Lucy
STARKEYJoseph7-Feb1773son of Richard and Ann
STARKEYJoseph9-Oct1803son of Richard and Lucy
STARKEYLucy28-Mar1797daughter of Richard and Lucy
STARKEYMary5-Jun1778daughter of Richard and Ann
STARKEYMary ann19-Apr1801daughter of Richard and Lucy
STARKEYRichard24-Nov1799son of Richard and Lucy
STARKEYSarah11-Oct1776daughter of Richard and Ann
STARKEYSarah8-Aug1802daughter of Richard and Lucy
STARKEYWilliam3-Aug1806son of Richard and Lucy
STEARNJoseph29-Sep1773son of John and Ann
STEARN*Ann Painter24-Mar1775daughter of John and Ann
STEELElizabeth22-Mar1807daughter of James and Elizabeth
STEELJames12-Aug1811son of James and Elizabeth
STEELSarah24-Nov1805daughter of James and Elizabeth
STEERSAlfred george10-Aug1806son of William and Ann
STEERSCaroline9-Jun1811daughter of William and Ann
STEERSMatilda7-Jun1804daughter of William and Ann
STEERSWilliam22-Dec1782son of Michael and Elizabeth
STEERSWilliam Frederick6-Nov1808son of William and Ann
STEVENSHenry1-Oct1773son of John and Mary
STEVENSJames11-Jun1775son of Edward and Ann
STEVENSSarah20-May1773daughter of Edward and Ann
STEWARTAndrew20-Jul1774son of Alexander and Mary
STIDOLPHAnn30-Aug1809daughter of William and Sarah
STIDOLPHCharles20-Nov1803son of Henry and Susanna
STIDOLPHDavid26-Feb1789twin son of Godfrey Junior and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHDavid17-Aug1793son of Godfrey and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHElizabeth9-Jun1799daughter of Henry and Susanna
STIDOLPHElizabeth15-Dec1799daughter of John and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHFanny8-Feb1789daughter of Hnery and Susanna
STIDOLPHFanny21-Feb1802daughter of William and Sarah
STIDOLPHFrederick9-Jun1811son of William and Sarah
STIDOLPHGodfrey25-Apr1784son of Godfrey and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHHenry14-Jan1782son of Godfrey and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHHenry12-Dec1792son of Henry and Susanna
STIDOLPHHenry20-Feb1807son of William and Sarah
STIDOLPHHonor25-Mar1798daughter of John and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHJohn26-Dec1789son of Godfrey and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHJohn3-Jul1791son of Godfrey and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHJohn20-Jun1794son of Henry and Susanna
STIDOLPHJohn11-Aug1796son of John and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHMary5-Feb1802daughter of Hnery and Susannah
STIDOLPHSarah21-Apr1799daughter of William and Sarah
STIDOLPHSarah5-Apr1805daughter of Henry and Susanna
STIDOLPHSusanna Maria13-Nov1791daughter of Henry and Susanna
STIDOLPHThomasis19-Oct1800daughter of William and Sarah
STIDOLPHWilliam10-May1786son of Godfrey and Elizabeth
STIDOLPHWilliam Godfrey23-Oct1803son of William and Sarah
STIDOLPHWilliam Henry25-Aug1797son of Henry and Susannah
STIFFEMolly15-Dec1774daughter of Richard and Mary
STONEAnn21-Dec1795daughter of Joseph and Mary
STONEGeorge25-Dec1793son of Joseph and Mary
STONEMary25-Jul1792daughter of Joseph and Mary
STONEHAMElizabeth22-Jun1783daughter of John and Mary
STONEHAMJohn10-Oct1773son of John and Mary
STONEHAMJudith13-Jan1779daughter of John and Mary
STONEHAMMary Ann12-Jan1777daughter of John and Mary
STONEHAMSarah28-Oct1785daughter of John and Mary
STONEHAMThomas12-Dec1790son of John and Mary
STONEHAMWilliam4-Mar1781son of John and Mary
STOREHAMAnthony9-Jul1775son of John and Mary
STORERElizabeth8-Jan1775daughter of William and Ann
STORERGeorge5-May1805son of William and Harriot
STORERHarriot2-Dec1798daughter of William and Harriot
STORERJemima1-Apr1803daughter of William and Hariot
STORERMaria8-Apr1801daughter of William and Harriot
STORERThomas14-Aug1796son of William and Harriot
STORER*Ann11-Aug1776daughter of John and Sarah
STORRERWilliam16-Nov1794son of William and Harriot
STOWELElizabeth22-May1774daughter of Thomas and Mary
STRACEYEdward Middleton7-Jun1780bastard son of Rebecca
STRADWICKElizabeth10-Oct1802daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
STRADWICKFrances26-Aug1810daughter of William and Sarah
STRADWICKJohn13-Nov1803son of William and Sarah
STRADWICKSarah15-Mar1795daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
STRADWICKSarah28-Aug1808daughter of William and Sarah
STRADWICKThomas29-Jan1797son of Thomas and Elizabeth
STRADWICKThomas9-Sep1801son of William and Sarah
STRADWICKWilliam George4-May1806son of William and Sarah
STRANGEElizabeth30-Apr1800daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Mary
STRANGEFrancis9-Jan1797son of Thomas and mary
STREATLEYMary Elizabeth8-Mar1807daughter of William and Margaret
STREETLYWilliam27-Oct1805son of William and Mary
STROUDAnn16-Apr1783daughter of William and Ann
STROUDElizabeth Martha12-Dec1787daughter of William and and Ann
STROUDSusanna14-Sep1785daughter of William and Ann
STRUDWICKWilliam8-Dec1799son of William and Sarah
STYLESAnn17-Oct1773daughter of Thomas and Mary
STYLESJames28-Apr1775son of Thomas and Mary
SUDDSElizabeth15-Nov1807daughter of William and ann
SUDDSJane8-Feb1801daughter of William and Ann
SUDDSRichard10-Mar1799son of William and Ann
SUDDSRuth11-Dec1796daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
SUDDSSarah26-Feb1792daughter of Richard and Elizabeth, Pauper
SUDSDavid29-Jul1781son of Richard and Elizabeth
SUDSGeorge17-Aug1788son of Richard and Elizabeth, Pauper; burial on same date recorded in baptismal register
SUDSRichard29-Nov1778son of Richard and Elizabeth
SUDSRobert11-Jul1784son of Richard and Elizabeth
SUDSWilliam25-May1777son of Richard and Elizabeth
SUTTONEdward12-Dec1790son of Edward and Lucy
SUTTONElizabeth18-Nov1778daughter of James and Mary
SUTTONMary15-Feb1799daughter of Robert and Mary
SWAINHenry Acton12-Feb1812son of Thomas and Ann, Exciseman
SWEETINGMary Ann15-Apr1801daughter of Thomas and Ann
SWEETINGThomas14-Aug1799son of Thomas and Ann
SWINDELLAnn16-Oct1777daughter of John and Sarah
SWINDELLCharles14-Apr1811son of Thomas and Ann
SWINDELLFrancis13-May1804son of Francis and Catharine
SWINDELLGeorge19-Dec1783twin son of John and Sarah
SWINDELLHarriet23-Nov1796daughter of John and Ann
SWINDELLJames17-Nov1781son of John and sarah
SWINDELLJasper19-Dec1783twin son of John and Sarah
SWINDELLJohn13-Jul1794son of Daniel and Mary
SWINDELLMary Ann2-Feb1786daughter of John and Sarah, Pauper
SWINDELLSarah29-Jul1775daughter of John and Sarah
SWINDELLThomas25-Dec1779son of John and Sarah
SWITZERBetty5-Feb1777daughter of Hopkins and Ann
SYMESFrances Elizabeth Tucker26-May1805daughter of Thomas Bell Vickers and Francis
TAILERSarah11-Nov1779daughter of Samuel and Sarah
TALMANAlexander Becher12-Mar1805son of James John and Mary, of the College
TALMANFrancis Henry12-May1801son of James John and Mary, Chaplain of the College;born 28 August 1800
TALMANJane24-Nov1802daughter of James John and Mary
TALMANMartha28-Feb1810daughter of James John and Mary,
TALMANSamuel18-May1807son of James John and Mary, born 18 April
TAMPLINMary29-Aug1773bastard daughter of Ann
TANNERElizabeth15-May1796daughter of Thomas and Mary
TANNERMary Ann19-Mar1794daughter of Thomas and Mary
TANNERSusanna Chilley8-Jan1775daughter of Joseph and Susanna
TAPEElizabeth8-Jun1781daughter of Richard and Mary
TAPEJames26-Oct1792son of James and Elizabeth
TAPEMary24-May1807daughter of James and Ann
TAPERichard21-Nov1794son of James and Elizabeth
TAPEThomas11-Jun1779son of Richard and Mary
TASKERFrederick5-Aug1804son of James and Ann
TASKERHarriot29-Nov1801daughter of James and Jane
TASKERJane18-Aug1811daughter of James and Jane
TASKERJohn Anthony18-Mar1804son of Joseph and Mary Ann
TASKERJoseph5-May1799son of Joseph and Mary Ann
TASKERJudith4-Nov1810daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann
TASKERMary19-Jul1807daughter of James and Jane
TASKERMary Ann6-Jul1806daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann
TASKERThomas24-Jul1808son of Joseph and Mary Ann
TASKERWilliam26-Apr1801son of Joseph and Mary Ann
TATTONSarah11-Jul1810daughter of William and Sarah
TAYLORAlice13-Sep1778daughter of Michael and Ann
TAYLORAlice25-Jan1803daughter of Michael and Elizabeth
TAYLORAnn26-Jan1806daughter of Michael and Elizabeth
TAYLORAnn15-May1808daughter of William and Elizabeth
TAYLOREliza29-Sep1811daughter of Michael and Elizabeth
TAYLORElizabeth25-Sep1774daughter of William and Ann
TAYLORElizabeth11-Mar1808daughter of Michael and Elizabeth
TAYLORFrances18-Mar1798daughter of James and Elizabeth
TAYLORGeorge29-Jun1787son of Michael and Ann
TAYLORGeorge9-Jun1805son of William and Elizabeth
TAYLORGeorge Richard24-Dec1809son of Michael and Elizabeth
TAYLORHenry George4-Jun1809son of George and Sarah
TAYLORJames7-Jul1811son of James and Mary
TAYLORJames21-Apr1811son of William and Elizabeth
TAYLORJane26-Nov1786daughter ofWilliam and Margaret
TAYLORJohn3-Sep1780son of Michael and Ann
TAYLORJohn8-Feb1785son of Jane
TAYLORJohn26-Jan1800son of William and Elizabeth
TAYLORMichael11-Aug1776son of Michael and Ann
TAYLORMichael26-Jul1801son of Michael and Elizabeth
TAYLORMichael2-Dec1810son of George and Sarah
TAYLORSarah6-Dec1801daughter of James and Elizabeth
TAYLORSarah8-Mar1812daughter of George and Sarah
TAYLORThomas6-Feb1784son of Michael and Ann
TAYLORThomas16-May1802son of William and Elizabeth
TAYLORThomas18-Feb1810son of William and Mary
TAYLORWilliam24-Aug1773son of William and Ann
TAYLORWilliam13-May1774a black, formerly a servant to Lewis BROTHERSON Esquire when an inhabitant of this Parish
TAYLORWilliam19-Dec1797son of William and Elizabeth
TAYNTONCaroline1-Sep1810daughter of Robert Thomas and Sarah
TAYNTONEliza6-Jul1808daughter of Robert Thomas and Sarah, born 9 June
TAYNTONHarriot2-May1800daughter of Robert Thomas and Sarah, born 5 April
TAYNTONRobert20-Jul1803son of Robert Thomas and Sarah, born 30 May 1803
TAYNTONWilliam25-Apr1805son of Robert Thomas and Sarah, born 28 March
TEAGUEElizabeth Vokins27-Nov1803daughter of Richard and Millicent
TEAGUERichard Thomas5-Oct1806son of Richard and Millicent
TEAGUEWilliam Robert10-May1809son of Richard and Millicent
TEASDALEJames5-Aug1798son of Thomas and Mary
TEASDALEJane22-Jan1795daughter of Thomas and Mary
TEMPLINAnn25-Feb1776bastard daughter of Ann
TESTERJane14-Apr1811daughter of Thomas and Jane
THOMASAnn20-Nov1808daughter of William and Mary
THOMASEdward5-Jul1812son of John and Jane
THOMASEliza1-Jul1810daughter of William and Mary
THOMASHenry29-Mar1807son of John and Jane
THOMASJames27-Nov1808son of John and Jane
THOMASJane9-Sep1810daughter ofJohn and Jane
THOMASJohn8-Jul1804son of John and Jane
THOMPSONEliza11-Nov1807daughter of Thomas and Eleanor
THORNBERRYAnn Elizabeth19-Aug1795daughter of Henry and Mary
THORNBERRYGeorge25-Mar1773son of george and Elizabeth
THORNBURYJohn10-Nov1793son of Henry and Mary
THU*TINThomas1-Aug1790son of William and Elizabeth
TIBBSAnn10-Mar1776daughter of John and Mary
TIBBUTGeorge21-Dec1785son of Henry and Maria
TIBELLSJohn1-Mar1784son of Daniel and Charity
TORRENCEJane19-Nov1793daughter of Gaven and Elizabeth, Quarter master of the 11th Light Dragoons,
TOWNSENDCatharine2-Oct1785daughter of Thomas and Catharine
TOWNSENDCharlotte15-Nov1782daughter of Thomas and Catharine
TOWNSENDEdward8-Jul1787son of Thomas and Catherine
TOWNSENDLydia14-May1781daughter of Thomas and Catherine
TOWNSENDMaria31-May1789daughter of Thomas and Catherine
TOWNSENDSophia20-Nov1782bastard daughter of Lydia
TOWNSENDThomas11-Jan1784son of Thomas and Catharine
TOWNSENDTimothy19-Aug1790son of Thomas and Catharine
TOWNSHENDFrances25-Apr1779daughter of Thomas and Catharine
TOWNSHENDGeorge9-Mar1778son of Thomas and Catharine.
TRENDBenjamin4-Jan1811twin son of Joseph and Susanna
TRENDJoseph4-Jan1811twin son of Joseph and Susanna
TRISTRAMElizabeth17-May1807daughter of John and Frances
TRISTRUMJohn2-May1802son of John and Frances
TRUSTHAMWilliam29-Apr1810son of John and Frances
TUCKERJane26-Jan1798daughter of George and Jane
TURNERSarah14-Aug1806daughter of Edward and Ann
TYEAnn24-Aug1782daughter of Anthony and Ann
TYEEdward18-Dec1781son of Richard and Ann
TYEElizabeth20-Feb1796daughter of Anthony and Fanny
TYEEmma17-Mar1803daughter of Anthony and Frances
TYEFrances31-Jan1808daughter of Anthony and Frances
TYEJane19-Aug1810daughter of Anthony and Frances
TYEJohn18-Apr1779son of Richard and Ann
TYEMary8-Apr1787daughter of Richard and Ann
TYEMary25-Mar1787daughter of Richard and Ann
TYEMary25-Oct1798daughter of Anthony and Fanny
TYEMary21-Jan1800daughter of Anthony and Frances
TYEMary Ann28-Dec1780daughter of Anthony and Ann
TYERobert28-Feb1773son of Anthony and Ann
TYERobert4-Jul1784son of Richard and Ann
TYESarah16-May1790daughter of Richard and Ann
TYESarah29-Sep1805daughter of Anthony and Frances
TYEThomas1-May1774son of Richard and Ann
TYEThomas14-Dec1774son of Anthony and Ann
TYEWilliam15-Sep1776son of Richard and Ann
TYEWilliam29-Jan1779son of Anthony and Anne
UDELLHarriot29-Mar1801daughter of William and Elizabeth
UDELLThomas28-Jul1799son of William and Elizabeth
UPTONAnn16-Jun1793daughter of Stephen and Sarah
UPTONCharlotte22-Jul1798daughter of Jesse and Susanna
UPTONDavid20-May1804son of Stepehn and Sarah
UPTONElizabeth1-May1796daughter of Jesse and Susanna
UPTONElizabeth26-Feb1796daughter of Stephen and Sarah
UPTONHannah6-Apr1806daughter of Jesse and Susanna
UPTONJames10-Feb1788son of Stephen and Sarah
UPTONJane18-Sep1808daughter of Jesse and Susanna
UPTONJesse8-May1803son of Jesse and Susanna
UPTONJohn16-Oct1791son of Stephen and Sarah
UPTONMaria5-Oct1800daughter of Jesse and Susanna
UPTONMary Ann9-Dec1808daughter of James and Rebecca
UPTONSarah25-Dec1797daughter of Stephen and Sarah
UPTONStephen28-Feb1790son of Stephen and Sarah
UPTONSusanna22-Sep1811daughter of Jesse and Susanna
UPTONThomas22-Dec1799son of Stephen and Sarah
UPTONWilliam20-Dec1801son of Stephen and Sarah
USHERRebecca Maria26-Jan1775daughter of Henry and Margaret, Reverend Mister of Plaistow
VANESJames15-May1796son of Richard and Elizabeth
VARLEYElizabeth12-Nov1809twin daughter of Richard and Mary
VARLEYEsther12-Nov1809twin daughter of Richard and Mary, Exciseman
VAUGHANElizabeth21-Jan1782daughter of Samuel and Ann
VAUGHANPhoebe29-Nov1778daughter of John and Mary
VAUGHANSamuel27-Feb1780son of John and Mary
VAUGHANSarah4-Mar1781daughter of John and Mary
VERRELLSGeorge8-Nov1812son of John and Ann
VERRELLSMary30-Mar1788daughter of James and Mary
VERRELSJohn19-Jun1791son of James and Mary
VERRELSSarah22-Jun1794daughter of James and Mary, Paupers
VINCENTAnn Burgess3-Mar1790bastard daughter of Susanna
VINTENJohn10-Aug1777son of Isaac and Elizabeth
W*****William8-Mar1789son of John and Sarah
WAGHORNRobert3-Feb1786bastard twin of Mary, Pauper
WAGHORNSarah3-Feb1786bastard twin of Mary, Pauper
WAKELINElizabeth15-Apr1791daughter of Richard and Alice
WALCHAnn4-Jul1779daughter of Lawrance and Sarah, of the 50th Regiment of Foot
WALKERAnn11-Oct1783daughter of John and Sarah, from the Workhouse
WALKERSarah Ayling29-Jan1799daughter of Mary, B[astard]
WALLACEJane15-Aug1799daughter of Thomas and Lucy
WALLACEMary ann11-Jan1795daughter of William and Frances
WALLACEThomas31-May1801son of Thomas and Lucy
WALLACEWilliam27-Apr1791son of William and Frances
WALLERMary ann3-Dec1785daughter of George
WALLISAmelia26-May1805daughter of Edward and Martha
WALLISAnn30-Aug1789daughter of William and Frances
WALLISCelia5-Feb1809daughter of Henry and Mary
WALLISEdward28-Jun1807son of Edward and Martha
WALLISElizabeth18-Jul1779daughter of James and Elizabeth
WALLISElizabeth12-Oct1792daughter of William and Elizabeth
WALLISHenry17-Jun1804son of Henry and Mary
WALLISJoseph19-Jan1812son of Henry and Mary
WALLISMary8-Oct1786daughter of Samuel and Mary
WALLISMary Ann27-Mar1806daughter of Stephen and Mary
WALLISRebecca15-Dec1805daughter of Henry and Rebecca
WALLISSamuel2-May1790son of Samuel and Mary
WALLISSarah2* Dec1806daughter of Henry and Mary
WALLISStephen1-Oct1809son of Charles and Mary
WALLISWilliam29-Jul1792son of Samuel and Mary
WALTERJohn Harwood19-Jul1807son of John and Martha, Whitesmith Bromley
WALTERSusanna25-Dec1808daughter of John and Martha
WALTONHarriot28-Mar1800daughter of John Bentley and Amelia, born 7 February
WARDElizabeth24-Jan1802daughter of Ann, B[astard]
WAREJohn26-Sep1779son of John and Ann
WAREMary30-Jun1776daughter of John and Ann
WAREMichael2-Aug1778son of John and Ann
WAREWilliam Henry28-Feb1777son of George
WAREHAMLeith22-Mar1801son of Ann, B[astard]
WARRENAnn13-Jul1794daughter of John and Sarah
WARRENElizabeth11-Sep1785daughter of John and Sarah
WARRENJames27-Jan1802son of John
WARRENSarah16-May1787daughter of John and Sarah
WARRENThomas13-Jan1797son of John and Sarah
WATERSAnn18-Feb1776daughter of Robert and Catharine
WATERSCatharine Rixfoot12-Jun1785daughter of Robert and Catherine
WATERSCharlotte18-Oct1807daughter of John and Mary
WATERSHarriot15-Mar1812daughter of John and Mary
WATERSJames14-Dec1788son of Robert and Catherine
WATERSJohn29-Jan1775son of Robert and Catharine
WATERSJohn22-Sep1805son of John and Mary
WATERSLouisa29-May1803daughter of John and Mary
WATERSMaria26-Mar1780daughter of Robert and Catherine
WATERSMary3-Nov1772daughter of Robert and Catharine
WATERSMary Ann19-May1811daughter of Richard and Susanna
WATERSRichard26-Dec1773son of Robert and Catharine
WATERSRobert7-Sep1777son of Robert and Catharine
WATERSRobert20-Dec1778son of Robert and Catharine
WATERSRobert25-Feb1801son of John and Mary
WATERSThomas17-Aug1783son of Robert and Catharine
WATERSWilliam24-Feb1782son of Robert and Catharine
WATERSWilliam21-Jan1810son John and Mary
WATSONAlfred23-Nov1811son of henry and Ann
WATSONAnn18-May1777daughter of Jacob and Henrietta
WATSONHenry Jacob2-Jul1809son of Philip Jacob and Elizabeth
WATSONJohn William21-Feb1806son of John and Jane
WATSONMargaret26-Mar1780daughter of Jacob and Henrietta
WATSONMENTEY27-Mar1782daughter of Jacob and Henrietta
WATSONPhilip Jacob7-Feb1784son of Jacob and Henrietta
WATSONThomas John14-Jul1811son of Philip * and Elizabeth
WATSONThomas William13-May1787son of Jacob and Henrietta
WATSONWilliam28-May1797son of Richard and Susannah
WATSONWilliam and Edward25-Jan1807son of Philip Jacob and Elizabeth Watson
WATTSMary14-Jul1805daughter of Thomas and Ann
WAYTWilliam7-Nov1802son of William and Amy
WEBBSarah12-Jul1801daughter of Valentine and Sarah
WEBSTERHenry24-Sep1794son of Alexander and Elizabeth, a soldier
WELCHElizabeth17-Feb1778daughter of George and Elizabeth
WELCHGeorge24-Oct1784son of George and Elizabeth
WELCHJames12-Jan1783son of George and Elizabeth
WELCHSarah30-Jan1774daughter of George and Elizabeth
WELCHSarah30-Jan1774daughter of George and Elizabeth
WELCHSarah22-Apr1781daughter of George and Elizabeth
WELLARDThomas5-Feb1804son of Emmanuel and Melinda
WELLERAnn23-Jul1806daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth
WELLERElizabeth6-Feb1805daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth
WELLEREsther14-Jun1809daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth
WELLERJohn24-Oct1781son of James and Mary
WELLERSarah Emma21-Oct1812daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth, born 25 September
WELLERTimothy27-Oct1776son of John and Elizabeth
WELLSAnn23-Sep1791daughter of William and Mary
WELLSAnn13-Jun1810daughter of William and Elizabeth
WELLSDavid15-Jul1795son of John and Elizabeth
WELLSEdward25-Jan1807son of William and Elizabeth
WELLSEdward18-Sep1808son of William and Elizabeth
WELLSElizabeth26-Dec1794daughter of William and Mary
WELLSElizabeth20-Oct1797daughter of John and Jane
WELLSFrances27-Sep1810daughter of John and Esther, Esquire of Bickley House
WELLSFrancis Saint Vincent8-Nov1797son of Thomas and Sarah Bridget, Esquire
WELLSHarriet14-Jul1811daughter of William and Jane
WELLSJane3-Sep1779daughter of Edmund and Catharine
WELLSJoseph16-Jul1797son of William and Mary
WELLSJudith6-Jun1784daughter of Edmund and Katharine
WELLSKatharine28-Dec1781daughter of Edmund and Katharine
WELLSMary13-Nov1799daughter of William and Mary
WELLSSarah5-Dec1796daughter of Catharine, B[astard]
WELLSThomas11-Oct1812son of William and Elizabeth
WELLSWilliam11-Apr1788son of Thomas and Sarah Bridget, Esquire
WELLSWilliam4-Oct1792son of William and Mary
WESTJohn Combes30-Jan1776son of John and Mary
WESTPhilip Mundy11-Oct1777son of John and Mary
WESTRichard Hobbs13-Jul1774son of John and Mary
WESTSusanna26-May1773daughter of John and Mary
WESTWilliam Midwinter28-Apr1780son of John and Mary
WESTBROOKAnn14-Dec1781daughter of John and Mary
WESTBROOKAnn14-Jan1784daughter of John and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKAnn14-Feb1790daughter of John and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKDavid28-Jul1799son of John and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKElizabeth2-Jan1784daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKGeorge13-Jan1787son of Richard and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKGeorge15-Mar1793son of James and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJames28-Jun1778son of William and Jane
WESTBROOKJames9-May1788son of James and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJames1-Oct1797son of John and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJane8-May1778daughter of Sarah
WESTBROOKJane12-Dec1779daughter of John and Mary
WESTBROOKJane3-Feb1790daughter of William and Jane
WESTBROOKJohn20-Oct1776son of William and Jane
WESTBROOKJohn7-Oct1781son of Richard and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJohn11-Feb1781son of John and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJohn13-Feb1785son of John and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJohn13-Mar1785son of Richard and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJohn29-Aug1791son of James and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKJoseph9-Mar1783son of William and Jane
WESTBROOKMartha29-Nov1782daughter of John and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKMartha26-Oct1794daughter of John and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKMary Ann26-Dec1788daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKMary Elizabeth15-Oct1786daughter of William and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKPatty11-May1788daughter of John and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKRichard30-Apr1780son of Richard and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKRichard1-Aug1784son of William and Jane
WESTBROOKSamuel18-Nov1781son of William and Jane
WESTBROOKSarah5-Feb1809daughter of John and Mary
WESTBROOKSophia16-Apr1790daughter of James and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKWilliam23-Jun1776son of Richard and Elizabeth
WESTBROOKWilliam11-Jun1780son of William and Jane
WESTBROOKWilliam11-Feb1787son of John and Elizabeth
WESTONCharles17-Jul1798son of William and Rebecca
WESTONGeorge11-Oct1796son of William and Rebecca
WESTWOODElizabeth12-May1805daughter of William and Sarah
WHEELERAmy26-Jun1791daughter of Henry and Mary
WHEELERElizabeth27-Mar1791daughter of Elias and Elizabeth
WHEELERJohn3-Mar1782son of Elias and Elizabeth
WHEELERSarah24-Apr1808daughter of William and Eleanor
WHEELERThomas2-Mar1785son of Elias and Elizabeth
WHEELERThomas13-Oct1786son of Elias and Elizabeth, Pauper
WHEELERWilliam12-Oct1783son of Elias and Elizabeth
WHEELERWilliam2-Nov1806son of William and Eleanor
WHELPDALEAnn28-May1797daughter of Henry and Sarah
WHELPDALEAnn27-Mar1808daughter of Richard and Charlotte
WHELPDALECharlotte15-Jul1804daughter of Richard and Charlotte
WHELPDALEEliza17-Mar1799daughter of Richard and Charlotte
WHELPDALEJohn15-Mar1795son of Richard and Charlotte
WHELPDALEMary Ann31-Jan1802daughter of Richard and Charlotte
WHELPDALERichard4-Nov1810son of Richard and Charlotte
WHIFFINMary5-Mar1791daughter of John and Sarah, Pauper
WHIFFINRichard Dollery27-Mar1803son of Elizabeth, B[astard]
WHITEAnn21-Sep1788daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
WHITEAnn20-Apr1800daughter of John and Eleanor, 3 3
WHITEAnn22-Apr1804daughter of James and Elizabeth
WHITEEdward5-May1811son of William and Mary
WHITEElizabeth15-Aug1773daughter of George and Mary
WHITEElizabeth14-Jun1778daughter of Thomas and Mary
WHITEElizabeth23-Nov1800daughter of James and Elizabeth
WHITEEsther13-Sep1807daughter of William and Mary
WHITEFrances18-Jan1807daughter of George and Susannah
WHITEGeorge10-Oct1779son of George and Mary
WHITEHarriot11-Nov1779daughter of Thomas and Mary
WHITEJames25-Jul1773son of Thomas and Mary
WHITEJames3-Dec1797son of James and Elizabeth
WHITEJames3-Sep1809son of William and Mary
WHITEJames22-Apr1810son of George and Susanna
WHITEJames Turvey23-May1784son of Robert and Elizabeth
WHITEMary25-Feb1776daughter of John and Sarah
WHITEMary10-Apr1778daughter of George and Mary
WHITEMary10-Dec1780daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
WHITEMary24-Dec1805daughter of William and Mary
WHITERichard17-Mar1805son of George and Susanna
WHITERobert25-Jan1804son of William and Mary
WHITESarah8-Dec1793daughter of James and Elizabeth
WHITEThomas25-Jun1775son of Thomas and Mary
WHITEWilliam31-Dec1781son of George and Mary
WHITEWilliam5-Sep1802son of William and Mary
WHITEWilliam1-Nov1807son of James and Elizabeth
WHITINGAlice13-Nov1776daughter of John and Alice
WI*KINSWillia17-May1793son of Mary, a bastard
WIDDINGTONJohn7-Apr1790son of Thomas
WIFFENGeorge10-Oct1784son of John and Sarah
WIFFENJames26-May1782son of John and Sarah
WIFFENJohn27-Aug1780son of John and Sarah
WIFFENSarah30-Dec1773daughter of John and Sarah
WIFFENThomas31-Dec1776son of John and Sarah
WIFFINEdmund7-Jan1787son of John and Sarah
WIFFINRichard29-Dec1788son of John and Sarah, Pauper
WIGMOREMary10-May1784daughter of Daniel and Lucretia
WIL***Sarah16-May1787daughter of Thomas and Ann
WILDERJohn31-Aug1801son of John and Harriet, born 9 July
WILDYGOElizabeth11-Jan1789twin daughter of Thomas and Ann
WILDYGOJohn11-Jan1789twin son of Thomas and Ann
WILLDYGOThomas11-Aug1785son of Thomas and Ann, Pauper
WILLIAMSElizabeth17-Mar1773daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WILLIAMSGeorge30-Oct1803son of Thomas and Harriot
WILLIAMSJohn2-Jan1788son of James and Jane
WILLIAMSSpencer13-Feb1791son of Thomas and Frances
WILLIAMSONElizabeth14-Jun1795daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
WILLISMary Ann24-Nov1793daughter of John and Mary
WILLSONAbigail3-Jul1790daughter of William and Mary, born 2 June
WILLSONBridget11-Jul1791daughter of William and Mary, Esquire;born 12 June 1791
WILLSONCatharine5-Oct1785daughter of William and Mary, born 7 September
WILLSONElizabeth17-Apr1796daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WILLSONElizabeth Washer20-Jun1780daughter of William and Mary, of Sundridge
WILLSONJames4-Apr1789son of William and Mary, Esquire;born 10 March
WILLSONJohn27-Jan1779son of James and Sarah
WILLSONJohn11-Oct1786son of William and Mary, Esquire;born September
WILLSONJosiah15-May1784son of William and Mary, Esquire of sundridge in this parish
WILLSONLouisa11-Jan1788daughter of William and Mary, born 14 December 1787
WILLSONMary ann14-Aug1781daughter of William and Elizabeth
WILLSONRobert10-Dec1805son of Thomas and Elizabeth
WILLSONSarah Ann26-Jul1801daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WILLSONThomas24-Feb1799son of Thomas and Elizabeth
WILLSONWilliam Washer10-Jun1783son of William and Mary
WILSONGeorge30-Dec1785son of James and Sarah
WILSONHarriot6-Jul1777daughter of James and Sarah
WILSONHenrietta Priscilla10-Jan1781daughter of James and Sarah
WILSONJames Augus27-Sep1775son of James and Sarah
WILSONSarah9-Jan1784daughter of James and Sarah [born]16 December
WILSONThomas26-Feb1782son of James and Sarah
WILSONWilliam3-Aug1774son of James and Sarah
WILSONWilliam21-Jul1776son of James and Sarah
WILSONWilliam19-Mar1794son of Thomas and Mary
WILSONWilliam5-Aug1796son of Thomas and Mary
WINFIELDGeorge2-Jan1791son of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINFIELDJames25-Jun1787son of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINFIELDRichard25-Sep1785son of Samuel and Elizabeth, Pauper
WINFIELDSarah23-Nov1806daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WINFIELDWilliam13-Jun1780son of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDCharles10-Jun1792son of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDElizabeth26-Jun1796daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDElizabeth17-Dec1809daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDFrancis30-Mar1794son of Samuel and Elizabeth, Pauper
WINGFIELDHenry21-Jan1798son of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDJohn7-Jul1782son of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDMartha22-Mar1801daughter of Rebecca, B[astard]
WINGFIELDMary1-Feb1789daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDSamuel7-Mar1784son of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDSusanna8-May1812twin daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDThomas13-Sep1778son of Samuel and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDThomas8-May1812twin son of Thomas and Elizabeth
WINGFIELDWilliam7-Apr1805son of Thomas and Elizabeth
WINTERHenrietta4-Sep1807daughter of henry and Maria
WISECatharine22-Jul1787daughter of Lawrance and Ann
WISEElizabeth27-Nov1791daughter of Lawrance and Ann, Pauper
WISEJohn1-May1785son of Laurence and Ann
WISEJohn17-Oct1790son of Thomas and Susanna
WISEJoseph18-Nov1789son of Lawrence and Ann
WISERichard30-Nov1777son of Thomas and Susanna
WISESusanna6-Feb1785daughter of Thomas and Susannah
WISEWilliam19-May1776son of Thomas and Susanna
WITTINGGeorge6-Feb1803son of James and Ann
WITTONAnn7-Jan1778daughter of James and Mary
WITTONRobert4-Feb1779son of James and Mary
WITTONSarah8-May1774daughter of James and Mary
WITTONStephen28-Mar1773son of James and Mary
WOLFElizabeth17-Mar1793daughter of Henry and Mary
WOLFElizabeth11-Mar1798daughter of Charles and Martha
WOLFMary29-Apr1801daughter of Charles and Martha
WOLFEHannah24-Feb1811daughter of Charles and Martha
WOMACKAmelia Sophia2-Aug1812daughter of Joseph and Charlotte
WOMACKElizabeth3-Feb1793daughter of Joseph and Sarah
WOMACKGeorge23-Mar1811son of Joseph and Charlotte
WOMACKJames5-Jun1791Joseph and Sarah
WOMACKSarah1-Mar1795daughter of Joseph and Sarah
WOMACKWilliam11-Jun1797son of Joseph and Sarah
WOODAnn7-Jul1805daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WOODBenjamin27-Sep1785twin son of Thomas and Catharina, Pauper
WOODCatharina27-Sep1785twin daughter of Thomas and Catharina, Pauper
WOODCatharine24-Mar1790daughter of Thomas and Catharine
WOODCharles29-Jul1792son of James and Jane
WOODCharles7-Jul1793son of Thomas and Elizabeth
WOODEdward George12-Oct1808son of Edward and Sarah
WOODEliza11-Jun1810daughter of William and Susanna
WOODElizabeth27-Dec1807daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WOODGeorge29-Sep1778son of John and Mary
WOODGeorge7-Aug1795son of James and Jane
WOODGeorge John7-Oct1795son of Thomas and Elizabeth
WOODHarriot3-Jul1796daughter of Ann, B[astard]
WOODJames1-Sep1790son of James and Jane
WOODMary11-Oct1789bastard daughter of Mary
WOODMary26-Dec1802daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WOODRichard20-Jun1777son of John and Mary
WOODSampson24-Aug1788son of Thomas and Catharine, Pauper
WOODSarah10-Jun1798daughter of Thomas and Elisabeth
WOODSarah30-Dec1804daughter of Edward and Sarah
WOODSophia5-Apr1787daughter of Thomas and Catharine
WOODSusanna11-Aug1789daughter of James and Jane
WOODSusanna12-Aug1810daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
WOODThomas27-Oct1775son of John and Mary
WOODThomas21-Aug1791son of Thomas and Elizabeth
WOODWilliam10-Sep1797son of James and Jane
WOODWilliam James17-Dec1806son of Edward and Sarah
WOODENAnn5-Jan1774daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODENAnn25-Apr1787daughter of William and Ann
WOODENCatharine9-Feb1781daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODENCharlotte20-Sep1795daughter of Elizabeth, B[astard]
WOODENFrances5-Dec1784daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODENGeorge22-Mar1789son of William and Barbara, Pauper
WOODENMary19-Jul1778daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
WOODERWilliam1-May1776son of Richard and Elizabeth,
WOODHAMAnn24-Jul1774daughter of Martin and Mary
WOODHAMCharles Frederick15-Apr1810son of Thomas and Sarah
WOODHAMCharles Fredrick17-Jun1804son of Thomas and Sarah
WOODHAMJames22-Nov1791son of James and Mary
WOODHAMJulia Ann7-Jun1812daughter of Thomas and Sarah
WOODHAMMaria7-Dec1796daughter of James and Mary
WOODHAMMartin17-Dec1772son of Martin and Mary
WOODHAMMary Ann25-Jul1792daughter of William and Ann
WOODHAMMatilda1-Sep1805daughter of Thomas and Sarah
WOODHAMSophia20-Feb1795daughter of William and Ann
WOODHAMThomas16-Feb1777son of Martin and Mary
WOODHAMThomas11-Oct1807son of Thomas and Sarah
WOODHAMWilliam Thomas15-Nov1793son of William and Ann
WOODINElizabeth6-Sep1792bastard Pauper
WOODINSophia5-Dec1790daughter of William and Barabra
WOOLEYElizabeth22-Mar1812daughter of Margaret, B[astard]
WOOLFElizabeth1-Jun1773twin daughter of William and Ann
WOOLFJohn1-Jun1773twin son of William and Ann
WOOLFJohn5-Aug1774son of Joseph and Elizabeth
WOOLFMary11-Feb1776daughter of William and Ann
WOOLFRichard12-Mar1780son of Joseph and Elizabeth
WOOLFRobert21-Aug1774son of William and Ann
WOOLFSarah14-Dec1777daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
WOSONCRAFTSarah17-Jun1783daughter of Benjamin and Sarah
WRIGHTAnn25-May1787daughter of Mary
WRIGHTElizabeth21-Mar1773bastard daughter of Elizabeth
WRIGHTElizabeth9-Sep1791daughter of Henry and Elizabeth, of Mile End, Middlesex
WRIGHTJohn28-Oct1787son of John and Hannah
WRIGHTMary2-Feb1783daughter of Thomas and Jane
YATESElizabeth8-Mar1782daughter of Henry and Rebecca
YEATESAnn4-Jan1795daughter of Henry and Catherine
YEOMANWilliam8-Jun1806son of Elizabeth, B[astard]
YOUNGAaron22-Dec1797son of John and Mary
YOUNGAnn20-Jan1805daughter of James and Ann
YOUNGGeorge28-Sep1788son of John and Mary
YOUNGHarriot Louisa2-Sep1797daughter of Alexander William and Hariot Ann;born
YOUNGHenry8-Jan1786son of John and Mary
YOUNGJohn16-Mar1783son of John and Mary
YOUNGMary29-May1800daughter of John and Mary
YOUNGThomas24-Apr1791son of John and Mary
YOUNGWilliam11-Nov1794son of John and Mary