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St. Peter & St. Paul, Kent, copyright 2013 Susan D. Young
St. Peter & St. Paul, Bromley Parish Church

Bromley St. Peter & St. Paul Parish, Christenings 1862 - 1867

Transcribed by Henry Mantell, in memory of the late Bob Rubie, A.G.R.A., AGP, with the assistance of his friends and fellow members, and with the generous assistance of Bromley Archives.
Bromley, St. Peter & St. Paul parish registers births and baptisms 1862-1867, archive reference call number P/47/1/8, also found on microfilm FHL BRITISH Film 104254.
220ADAMSAlfred24-Nov1863Henry Cadwallader and Esther Pell, Bromley College, Clerk baptised at Bromley College certificated by Reverend S.J.Adams Rector of Great Horwood Buckinghamshire
670ADAMSCharlotte2-Sep1866Henry and Ellen, Bromley, Bricklayer
556ADAMSEdward Coker3-Jan1866Henry Cadwallader and Esther Pell, Bromley College, Clerk in Orders
669ADAMSGeorge2-Sep1866Henry and Ellen, Bromley, Bricklayer [marginal entry birth date 16 July 1864]
14ADAMSIsabel Rosina13-Jul1862William and Isabel, Bromley, Bricklayer
380ADYEHerbert16-Jan1865Edward and Harriett Martha, Beckenham, Railway Clerk [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
622ALCOCKJohn Mark22-May1866John Price and Katharine, Bickley Bromley, Clerk in Holy Orders
496ALDERGilbert11-Aug1865Gilbert and Ann, Epsom, Merchant
607ALLENAlice8-Apr1866Edward and Jane, Bromley, Baker
483ALLENAnnie Elizabeth9-Jul1865George and Ann Eliza, Bromley Common, Engraver
195ALLENChristopher Edward27-Sep1863Edward and Jane, Bromley, Baker
196ALLENEllen27-Sep1863Edward and Jane, Bromley, Baker
546ALLENFrederick John17-Dec1865Robert John and Anne, Bromley Common, House Decorator
81ALLENMary Ann14-Dec1862Henry and Jane, Bromley, Labourer
215ALLENRobert William15-Nov1863Robert John and Ann, Bromley, House-Decorator
707ALLENRosa Jane9-Dec1866Henry and Jane, Plaistow, Labourer
389ALLENSarah Elizabeth5-Feb1865Henry and Jane, Bromley, Labourer
212ALLERS-HANLEYBeatrice Lilian29-Oct1863Jameson and Minnie Louisa, Bromley, Merchant
308ALSTONFrances Elizabeth5-Jul1864James Brown and Elizabeth Stanwin, Bickley Bromley, Merchant
80AMNERAlice Ann14-Dec1862William John and Eliza, Bromley, Baker
79AMNERWilliam John14-Dec1862William John and Eliza, Bromley, Baker
525ANDREWSHelen Louisa15-Oct1865Joseph Edward and Mary Anne, Bromley, Upholsterer
192ARISMary20-Sep1863Alexander Anderson and Jane, Bromley, Mercantile Clerk
754ARNAUDCaroline7-Apr1867John Cooper and Sophia, Bromley, Builder
29ASHLEYAlice Hester24-Aug1862James and Mira Matilda, Bromley, Tallow Chandler
459ASHLEYEleanor Mercy28-May1865James and Mira Matilda, Bromley, Shopman
229ASHLEYMatilda13-Dec1863James and Mira Matilda, Bromley, Tallow Chandler
539ASLINAlice26-Nov1865Edward and Susan, Bickley, Gamekeeper
315AYLINGWilliam Harradine31-Jul1864William Thurkettle and Mary Ann, 10 Macclesfield Street City Road London, News Agent
323AYLWARDAbraham George21-Aug1864Abraham and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
125AYLWARDJoseph William3-May1863Abraham and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
736BAILEYJoseph Edward3-Mar1867Charles and Jane, Plaistow, Coach-trimmer
338BAILEYMartha Ada25-Sep1864, Bromley, Coach Trimmer [no parents recorded]
467BAINESHannah Amelia4-Jun1865Alfred and Mary, Widmore, Labourer
219BAINESLouisa22-Nov1863Alfred and Mary, Widmore, Labourer
366BAKERAnnie Elizabeth27-Nov1864John and Ellen, Plaistow, Labourer
198BAKEREllen Elizabeth27-Sep1863John and Ellen, Plaistow, Labourer
748BAKERSarah Elizabeth24-Mar1867George and Elizabeth Mary, Bromley, Labourer
787BALCOMBELouisa26-May1867George and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
388BALLSArthur Charles5-Feb1865Alfred and Eliza, Bromley, Labourer
737BALLSEllen3-Mar1867Alfred and Eliza, Plasterer, Labourer
100BALLSFrederick8-Mar1863Alfred and Eliza, Bromley, Labourer
547BARHAMEmma Agnes17-Dec1865Henry and Mary Anne, Bromley, Labourer
160BARHAMJames Thomas Charles28-Jun1863Henry and Mary Ann, Bromley, Labourer
306BARLOWAlice Eliza26-Jun1864John William and Mary Ann, Bromley, Carpenter
9BARLOWFrederick George6-Jul1862John William and Mary Ann, Bromley, Carpenter
137BARRETTMary Ann24-May1863John and Catharine, Plaistow, Labourer
104BARRETTMary Anne16-Mar1863John and Catherine, Plaistow, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
559BATEAgnes Alice Ada7-Jan1866Thomas and Mary Anne, Bromley, Railway Servant
224BAXTERAlice Emily1-Dec1863William Walmisley and Caroline Elizabeth, Bromley, Chemist
486BAXTERAnna Mary9-Jul1865Charles and Anna, Bromley, Servant
604BAXTERCaroline Agnes7-Apr1866William Walmisley and Caroline Elizabeth, Bromley, Chemist
675BAXTEREmily16-Sep1866Samuel and Mary Ann, Bromley, Auctioneer
22BAXTERFlorence Elizabeth8-Aug1862William Walmisley and Caroline Elizabeth, Bromley, Chemist
83BAYESEdith Mary21-Dec1862John and Isabella, Plaistow, Labourer
568BAYESLizzie28-Jan1866John and Isabella, Plaistow, Labourer
166BAYLEYAmy Stewart10-Jul1863Edward Henry and Amelia Maria, Bromley, Gentleman
262BEARDHannah28-Feb1864William and Mary, Bromley, Labourer
436BECKETTFrederick Thomas21-Apr1865Frederick Robert and Martha Magdalen, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
599BELFIELDFrank31-Mar1866Frank Mills and Louisa, Bromley, Commercial Agent
656BENNETJanet22-Jul1866John and Sarah, Widmore, Coachman
257BIRDSarah21-Feb1864James and Eliza, Bromley, Baker
687BLACKMANAnnie28-Oct1866Edward and Fanny, Bromley, Butler
476BLACKMANBertha18-Jun1865Edward John and Frances, Bromley, Butler
636BLACKMANSarah Jane Clarissa17-Jun1866William and Olive, Bromley, Labourer
86BLACKNEYElizabeth28-Dec1862Henry and Susannah, Bromley, Blacksmith
376BLACKNEYMartha Jane8-Jan1865Henry and Susannah, Bromley, Blacksmith
732BLACKNEYMary24-Feb1867George Field and Anne, Chislehurst, Blacksmith
154BLACKWELLSarah Anne21-Jun1863Pharoah and Honor, Bromley, Labourer
587BLUETTBeatrice Emma14-Mar1866Frederick Raleigh and Isabel Harriet Tyers, Bromley, Army Agent
94BLUETTFlorence Marianne9-Feb1863Frederick Raleigh and Isabel Harriet Tyers, Bromley, Gentleman
344BLUETTLionel Rupert10-Oct1864Frederick Raleigh and Isabel Harriet Tyers, Bromley, Army Agent
497BLUNDELLEdith Maria13-Aug1865Thomas and Emma Jane, Bromley, Fishmonger
115BLUNDELLFrank12-Apr1863Thomas and Emma Jane, Bromley, Fishmonger
234BOAKSGeorge John27-Dec1863William and Emma, Bromley, Gardener
431BOAKSHerbert Alfred Edward16-Apr1865William and Emma, Bromley, Gardener
358BOGGISFrederick William6-Nov1864William and Mary Annie, Bromley, Coachman
357BOGGISWilliam Edward6-Nov1864William and Mary Annie, Bromley, Coachman
243BOORMANAda Ann17-Jan1864John and Ann, Bromley, Chaise Driver
654BOORMANAlice15-Jul1866John and Ann, Bromley, Fly-driver
679BOORMANGeorge30-Sep1866James and Elizabeth, Bromley, Stableman
438BOORMANPercy23-Apr1865John and Anne, Bromley, Chaise-driver
685BOSOMWORTHGeorgiana Clara Rose21-Oct1866John and Georgiana, Bromley, Gardener
628BOYDCharles Edward27-May1866William and Elizabeth, Bickley, Coachman
613BRAIZERHannah6-May1866Henry and Amelia, Bromley, Labourer
430BRANDTAdela13-Apr1865Robert and Adela, Southborough, Merchant
617BRANTONEmma Elizabeth Jane13-May1866Bromley, Coachman [no parents recorded]
303BRAZIERJohn19-Jun1864Henry and Amelia, Bromley, Labourer
760BRETTAnnie May14-Apr1867Thomas Henry and Ellen, Bromley, Painter
520BREWERReginald Kelleway7-Oct1865Peter Samuel Cornelius and Matilda, Bromley, Merchant
148BRIDGELANDJohn William7-Jun1863William and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
688BROWNElizabeth4-Nov1866George and Susan, Bromley, Fly-proprietor
439BROWNJohn23-Apr1865George and Susan, Bromley, Fly-Proprietor
614BRYANTEliza6-May1866William Henry and Ellen, Bromley, Labourer
211BRYANTEllen Elizabeth25-Oct1863William Henry and Ellen, Bromley, Labourer
534BUNNLockington Reginald7-Nov1865Lockington Dale and Mary Margaret, Bromley, Merchant [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
502BURBRIDGEEsther Maria27-Aug1865Walter John and Esther, Bromley, Blacksmith
170BURBRIDGEGeorge2-Aug1863Walter John and Esther, Bromley, Blacksmith
620BURBRIDGEGeorge Walter20-May1866John and Mary Ann, Kingston on Thames, Bootmaker
158BURBRIDGEJames Henry28-Jun1863William and Ann, Bromley, Milkman
739BURBRIDGEMary Anne10-Mar1867Walter John and Esther, Bromley, Blacksmith
522BURBRIDGEThomas William Henry8-Oct1865Thomas and Harriet, Bromley, Coachman
509BURGESSJoseph Hyde3-Sep1865Charles and Sarah, Bromley, Coachman
57BURNETTEdward Richard29-Oct1862William and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
745BURROWSJane Elizabeth17-Mar1867Edward Morris and Esther, Plaistow, Labourer
96BUSHHarriet22-Feb1863Samuel and Louisa, Bromley, Book Hawker
500BUSHHenry Charles20-Aug1865Samuel and Louisa, Bromley, Bookseller
13BUTCHEREleanor Ann13-Jul1862Henry and Mary Ann, Plaistow, Bricklayer
799BUTCHERIsabella Bessy16-Jun1867Henry and Marianne, Plaistow, Bricklayer
533BUTCHERKatherine Jane Canfield5-Nov1865James and Elizabeth, Bromley, Station- Master
365BUTCHERMinnie27-Nov1864Henry and Mary Ann, Plaistow, Bricklayer
567BYROMJohn Charles28-Jan1866John and Eliza Jane, Plaistow, Labourer
488BYSOUTHMary Ann23-Jul1865Henry and Mary Ann, Bromley, Florist
712CARRECKJames Wallace30-Dec1866James and Mary Ann, Bromley, Coach-man
711CARRECKWilliam Joseph30-Dec1866James and Mary Ann, Bromley, Coachman
653CARTERCharles15-Jul1866Charles and Emily, Widmore, Labourer
652CARTERElizabeth Eliza 15-Jul1866[blank] and Mary Ann, Widmore, [blank]
504CATLETTEllen Charlotte Ann27-Aug1865James and Mary Ann, Bromley, Bricklayer
12CHANCEFrederic Henry13-Jul1862Benjamin and Ann, Bromley, Gardener
345CHAPLINFrances Emma13-Oct1864Harry and Mary, Bromley, Ship-broker
729CHAPLINSydney Herbert17-Feb1867Harry and Mary, Bromley, Ship-broker
570CHAPMANArthur28-Jan1866George and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
109CHAPMANEdwin William29-Mar1863Edwin and Eliza, Bromley, Carpenter
346CHAPMANEllen16-Oct1864George and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
182CHAPMANGeorge William16-Aug1863George and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
742CHAPMANLizzie10-Mar1867George and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
544CHARSLEYEmily Hicks10-Dec1865Thomas and Emily, Beckenham, Greengrocer
356CHECKLEYMartha30-Oct1864Henry and Maria, Bromley, Shoemaker
639CHECKLEYMary Ann24-Jun1866Henry and Maria, Bromley, Cordwainer
3CHILDColes22-Jun1862Coles and Elizabeth, The Palace Bromley, Gentleman
455CHITTYAlbert William Charles21-May1865William Albert and Annie, Bromley, Railway Signal man
267CHITTYEleanor Augusta13-Mar1864Stephen and Frances Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
681CHITTYIsabella Harriett14-Oct1866Stephen and Frances, Bromley, Labourer
765CHITTYWilliam Albert28-Apr1867William Albert and Annie, Bromley, Railway Signal-Man
662CHURCHEdith Elise29-Jul1866Frederick James and Elise, Bromley Common, Bricklayer
304CHURCHFrederick William19-Jun1864William George and Esther, Bromley Common, Builder
782CLAREHarriett19-May1867John Thomas and Harriett, Bromley, Carpenter
110CLARKFrederick Albert5-Apr1863Richard and Mary Ann, Bromley, Labourer
414CLARKJames26-Mar1865James and Amelia, Bromley, Gardener
82CLARKEAlfred Thomas18-Dec1862Alfred Thomas and Mary Ann, Bromley, Stoker
114CLARKEMargaret12-Apr1863John Irwin and Mary Dewrie, Bromley Common, Merchant
484CLARKEMary Ann9-Jul1865Alfred Thomas and Mary Ann, Bromley, Stoker
301CLARKEMary Dearie5-Jun1864John Irwin and Mary Dearie, Bromley Common, Merchant
575CLIPPERTONCharles Bellchild10-Feb1866Robert Charles and Alice, Kertch Southern Russia, Her Majesty's Consul
372COCKBURNRobert Stephen James25-Dec1864Robert and Elizabeth, Bromley, Drill Serjeant
702COLECharles Caleb2-Dec1866Caleb and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
362COLEElizabeth Caroline20-Nov1864Caleb and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
214COLERobert14-Nov1863Caleb and Elizabeth Vigar, Bromley, Carpenter
133COLEGATEMarianne17-May1863Thomas and Harriet, Bromley Common, Labourer
640COLLIERCharlotte Mary24-Jun1866Joseph and Mary, Bromley, Railway Porter
716COLLINSAgnes Emma13-Jan1867George and Emma, Plaistow, Grocer
738COLLINSFanny8-Mar1867Robert and Rebecca, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
571COLLINSSusanne31-Jan1866Richard and Rebecca, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
92COOKEAugustus Robert7-Feb1863George Colleton and Elizabeth, Bromley, Optician
479COOPERJohn18-Jun1865John and Ellen, Bromley, Bricklayer
719COOPERJohn13-Jan1867William and Betsey, Elmstead, Hawker
767CORNELLRobert28-Apr1867Charles Greenaway and Sarah Harriett, Bromley, Bricklayer
489COUSINSAlbert Edward23-Jul1865George and Susan, Bromley, Bricklayer
223COUSINSCharles Henry29-Nov1863George and Susan, Bromley, Bricklayer
222COUSINSGeorge William29-Nov1863George and Susan, Bromley, Bricklayer
208COVELLAda Alice14-Oct1863James George and Emma Marianne, Bromley, Butcher
207COVELLCharles Rush14-Oct1863Edwin and Anne Drusilla, Lewisham, Butcher
394COVELLEdgar Rush12-Feb1865James George and Emma Marianne, Bromley, Butcher
683COVELLStanley Claude21-Oct1866James George and Emma Marianne, Bromley, Butcher
773COYLEFrederick Eernest5-May1867Frederick and Louisa, Islington Middlesex, Gentleman
485CRAKERCharles Richard9-Jul1865William and Mary, Widmore, Gardener
66CRAKERSamuel Edward16-Nov1862William and Mary, Widmore, Gardener
668CRIPPSRichard Henry26-Aug1866George and Mary, Bromley, Labourer
406CROFTSJoseph John5-Mar1865Thomas and Eliza Matilda, Bromley, Carpenter
405CROFTSSarah Elizabeth5-Mar1865Thomas and Elizabeth Matilda, Bromley, Carpenter
700CRONKClaude Robert25-Nov1866Charles and Celesta, Widmore, Labourer
334CROWHURSTJames11-Sep1864Robert and Caroline Ann, Bromley, Coachman
572CROWHURSTMinnie4-Feb1866Robert and Caroline Anne, Bromley, Coachman
16CROWLEYMary Clarissa27-Jul1862Lewellin Applin and Mary Elizabeth, Bromley, Stockbroker
730CRUSECharles17-Feb1867Thomas and Eliza Jane, Bromley, Coachman
87CURTISGeorge Arthur3-Jan1863Matthew and Hannah, Bromley, Serjeant in the Bromley Volunteer Rifle Corps [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
307DALEWilliam Francis3-Jul1864George and Mary Ann, Bromley, Labourer
270DARBYEliza Sarah Anne23-Mar1864William Henry and Sarah Anne, Bromley, Stone-Mason [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
790DARBYMary Anne Emma9-Jun1867William Henry and Sarah Anne, Plumstead, Mason
297DARBYSarah Eliza Ann15-May1864William Henry and Sarah Ann, Bromley, Stone mason
449DAVIESSusan Maria14-May1865John and Susannah, Bromley, Saddler
524DAVISEdith10-Oct1865Thomas and Lydia, Bromley, Gentleman
201DAVISMary7-Oct1863Thomas and Lydia, Bromley, Gentleman
424DAWErnest George Tertius29-Mar1865George Henry and Emmeline Elizabeth, Elmstead, Gun Manufacturer
537DAWSSydney19-Nov1865William and Anne, Bromley, Sergeant of the Police
747DAYElizabeth Frances24-Mar1867William and Jane, Bromley, Gas Fitter
493DAYJames30-Jul1865John and Catherine Elizabeth, Bromley, Watchmaker [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
333DENMANCharles Arthur4-Sep1864Samuel and Mary, Bromley, Painter
798DENMANFanny Jane16-Jun1867Samuel and Mary, Bromley, Painter
139DENNISEmily Jane24-May1863Benjamin and Jane, Bromley, Carpenter
574DENNISJoseph John4-Feb1866Benjamin and Jane, Bromley, Carpenter
138DENNISLouisa24-May1863Benjamin and Jane, Bromley, Carpenter
350DEVASLaura18-Oct1864Charles Frederick and Leanna, Bromley Lodge, Gentleman
650DEWBERRYMary Ann 8-Jul1866[blank] and Jane, Bromley, [blank]
178DIVERSAmy9-Aug1863John Charles and Eliza, Bromley, White-Smith
177DIVERSHenry9-Aug1863John Charles and Eliza, Bromley, White-Smith
740DOEArthur William10-Mar1867Charles and Susanna, Bromley, Bootmaker
638DOECharles18-Jun1866James and Eliza, Widmore, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
348DOEJohn William16-Oct1864John and Mary Ann, Kingston on Thames, Bootmaker
347DOESusannah Harriet16-Oct1864Charles and Susannah, Bromley, Bootmaker
517DOWLINGAnnie1-Oct1865Alfred and Emma, Bromley, Labourer
482DOWLINGJohn2-Jul1865John and Ann, Bromley, Labourer
328DRAPERAgnes Augusta28-Aug1864James and Agnes, Bromley, Wheelwright
20DRAPEREleanor Jane3-Aug1862James and Agnes, Bromley, Wheelwright
374DRAPEREliza Jane1-Jan1865Nathaniel and Eliza, Bromley Common, Wheelwright
731DRAPERKate Davis24-Feb1867James and Agnes, Bromley Common, Wheelwright
34DREWETTSarah Emily7-Sep1862George and Sarah Ann, Plaistow, Coachman
76DUNNEmily Jane7-Dec1862Edward and Jane, Bromley, Upholsterer
225DUNNFrank6-Dec1863John and Margaret Agnes, Bromley, Upholsterer
526DUNNFrederick29-Oct1865John and Margaret Agnes, Bromley, Upholsterer
446DUNNLucy30-Apr1865Edward and Jane, Bromley, Upholsterer
395DUNSTALLDaisy19-Feb1865John and Sarah Louisa, Bromley, Baker
553DYTEWalter George31-Dec1865George and Dinah, Bromley, Domestic Servant
199EATONFrank4-Oct1863Christopher and Sarah, Bromley, Butcher
327EATONPercy25-Aug1864Christopher and Sarah, Bromley, Butcher
119EDMONDS or EDMUNDSRobert George19-Apr1863Robert and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer [entry can be read as O or U]
432EDMUNDSWilliam16-Apr1865Robert and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
275EDWARDSGeorge John3-Apr1864George and Eliza Harriet, Bromley, Gardener
417ELLARDAlfred Edward26-Mar1865Thomas and Mary Jane, Widmore, Carpenter
609ELLARDElizabeth Ellen29-Apr1866Thomas and Mary Jane, Widmore Bickley Bromley, Carpenter
419ELLARDJames26-Mar1865Thomas and Mary Jane, Widmore, Carpenter
420ELLARDSarah Jane26-Mar1865Thomas and Mary Jane, Widmore, Carpenter
418ELLARDThomas26-Mar1865Thomas and Mary Jane, Widmore, Carpenter
422ELLARDWalter John26-Mar1865Thomas and Mary Jane, Widmore, Carpenter
421ELLARDWilliam26-Mar1865Thomas and Mary Jane, Widmore, Carpenter
667ELLIOTT 5-Aug1866John and Jane Eliza, Bromley, Shoemaker [child's name missing]
246ELLIOTTAlfred24-Jan1864John and Jane, Bromley, Shoemaker
38ELLIOTTCharles John14-Sep1862Charles and Martha, Bromley, Brick Layer
157ELLIOTTMatthew21-Jun1863[blank] and Ellen, Bromley, [blank] [base son of Ellen]
443ELLISEdith Mary Eleanor30-Apr1865John Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth, Bromley, Publican
252ELLISFanny7-Feb1864Charles and Jane, Bromley, Butcher
768ELLISRobert5-May1867Charles Palmer and Jane, Bromley, Butcher [surname smudged]
508ELLISWilliam3-Sep1865John and Lydia, Bromley, Labourer
200ELWIGLaura4-Oct1863Henry and Laura, Bromley Carpenter
573EMERYHerbert Henry4-Feb1866Thomas and Susan, Bromley, Bricklayer
268ENGLISHCharles Frederick William20-Mar1864Charles and Emily, Bromley, Baker
176ENGLISHFrederick John9-Aug1863William Davison and Susannah, Bromley, Painter
503ENGLISHMinnie Emily27-Aug1865Charles and Emily, Bromley, Baker
183FENNINGGeorge Silva21-Aug1863James and Rosa Clara, Shooter's Hill, Eltham, Merchant
232FERMEEEmily20-Dec1863Joseph and Sarah Ann, Bromley, Coachman
578FERNEEJames16-Feb1866Joseph and Sarah Anne, Bromley, Coachman [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
757FIRMINFrank Charles13-Apr1867Charles Edward and Blanche, Bromley, Manufacturer
145FORDGeorge Henry31-May1863Henry and Eliza, Bromley, Labourer
592FORDSusannah Eliza25-Mar1866Henry and Eliza, Bromley, Labourer
756FRANCISAlbert Edward7-Apr1867Luke and Charlotte, Bromley Common, Waterman
470FRANCISAnnie4-Jun1865Luke and Charlotte, Bromley, Waterman
10FRANCISPatience10-Jul1862George and Matilda, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
581FREEMANCharles George Philip18-Feb1866Henry and Annie, Bromley, Labourer
375GABBATTThomas James1-Jan1865Thomas James and Alice, Bromley, Farm Labourer
612GAMMONGeorge29-Apr1866William and Lucy, Widmore Bickley Bromley, Gardener
56GARRARDGeorge Herbert26-Oct1862John and Eliza, Bromley, Hatter
55GARRARDHenry Robert26-Oct1862John and Eliza, Bromley, Hatter born December 1861
706GEDGEEdward Sydney8-Dec1866 Edward Francis and Sarah Ashmead, Bromley, Gentleman
236GIGGErnest3-Jan1864Thomas and Elizabeth Ann, Bromley, Carrier
231GILESJohn James 18-Dec1863[blank] and Eliza, Bromley, [blank]
423GILLBANKSCecil Outram29-Mar1865Jonathan and Sarah Anne, Southborough, Merchant
521GINGLEFrank Worthy8-Oct1865Francis and Kate, Bromley, Labourer
260GLENNJames Thompson28-Feb1864John Eason and Mary, Elmstead, Gardener
283GLOVERSamuel Dickenson17-Apr1864Joseph and Sophia Matilda, Bromley, Engineer
241GODFREYMinnie Maria16-Jan1864James and Martha, Bromley, Labourer
699GOLDINGHorace Becham Edward25-Nov1866Alfred and Mary Elizabeth, Bromley, Station-master
791GOLDSEmily Catherine9-Jun1867James and Emma, Plaistow, Carpenter
44GOLDSSophia Amelia5-Oct1862James and Emma, Bromley, Carpenter
256GOODINGGeorge Edward21-Feb1864Harry and Elizabeth Jane, Bromley, Bricklayer
673GOOGEWilliam Alexander9-Sep1866William and Elizabeth, Bromley, Gardener
291GORDONHarriet1-May1864Charles William and Harriet, Bromley, Watchmaker
585GOREAlice Mary4-Mar1866Frederick and Elizabeth, Widmore, Publican
441GOREFrederick William23-Apr1865Frederick and Elizabeth, Widmore, Publican
78GOULDCharles14-Dec1862Henry and Elizabeth, Bromley, Victualler
124GRAYWilliam Frederick3-May1863Benjamin Gerrish and Ann Eliza, Kensington, Merchant
387GREENAda Ellen5-Feb1865James and Mary Ann, Bromley, Baker
35GREENEdwin Walter7-Sep1862Henry and Elizabeth, Bromley, Soldier
686GREENHarriett21-Oct1866William and Susan, Bromley, Labourer
227GREENAWAYCharles Arthur6-Dec1863Charles and Sarah, Bromley, Bricklayer
519GREENAWAY-CORNALLJohn1-Oct1865Charles and Sarah, Bricklayer
336GREENBROOKJohn11-Sep1864William and Maria, Bromley, Tailor
74GREENBROOKMary Ann7-Dec1862William and Maria, Bromley, Tailor
402GREENHILLCharlotte Agnes2-Mar1865Walter Ernest and Lydia Flowerdew, Bromley, Gentleman
658GREENHILLEllen Rose25-Jul1866Walter Ernest and Lydia Flowerdew, Bromley, Merchant
453GRENFELLNina Francesca18-May1865Pascoe Du Pré and Sophia, Southborough, Merchant
660GRIFFITHSAnnie29-Jul1866John and Rachel, Bromley, Shoemaker [marginal entry date of birth 4 November 1851
661GRIFFITHSFanny29-Jul1866John and Rachel, Bromley, Shoemaker [marginal entry date of birth 1 March 1855
659GRIFFITHSJane29-Jul1866John and Rachel, Bromley, Shoemaker [marginal entry date of birth 16 May
221GRISTWOODJames Arthur29-Nov1863henry and Lucy, Bromley, Carrier
314GROSVENORGeorge Nicholas31-Jul1864John and Eliza, Bromley, Tailor born 1854
73GROVESCatherine7-Dec1862George and Catherine, Bromley, Carpenter
330GROVESFrederick28-Aug1864George and Catherine, Bromley, Carpenter
641GRUECOCKElizabeth Amelia1-Jul1866David and Eliza, Bromley, Labourer, child aged 7
555GRUECOCKEllen1-Jan1866David and Eliza, Bromley, Blacksmith
642GRUECOCKHarriet1-Jul1866David and Eliza, Bromley, Labourer, child aged 5
643GRUECOCKHenry1-Jul1866David and Eliza, Bromley, Labourer, child aged 3
382HADDENIsabella Ellen22-Jan1865John and Ellen, Bromley, Licensed Victualler
233HAISMANAnn Elizabeth27-Dec1863Moses and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
331HALLJane Anne31-Aug1864James William and Margaret Fagg, Bromley, Shoemaker [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
239HAPTEDAlfred10-Jan1864John and Louisa, Bromley, Labourer
1HARRISElizabeth Mary22-Jun1862John Henry and Elizabeth, Bromley, Gardener
316HARRISMary Ann31-Jul1864John Henry and Elizabeth, Bromley, Gardener
552HARRISRobert Thornhill25-Dec1865William James and Catherine Anne, Bickley Bromley, Merchant
530HARTAnnie Marie Johnson29-Oct1865[blank] and Elizabeth Sarah\Plaistow\[blank]
461HARTRose28-May1865[blank] and Hannah, Portsmouth, Clothier
516HARVEYEdward24-Sep1865John and Fanny, Bromley, Coachman
85HARVEYJohn Edward28-Dec1862John and Fanny, Bromley, Groom
89HAWKESCaroline Bertha11-Jan1863Henry and Emma, Railway Porter
506HAWKESHenrietta Mary3-Sep1865Henry and Emma, Bromley, Railway Signal-man
161HEADAlice5-Jul1863William and Sarah, Bromley, Gardener
538HEADAlice Jane26-Nov1865Henry and Emma, Widmore, Gardener
619HEADEdith20-May1866William and Sarah, Bromley, Gardener
271HEADEmma Louisa27-Mar1864Henry and Emma, Widmore, Gardener
265HEADFrederick William6-Mar1864Frederick and jane, Bromley, Labourer
565HEADGeorge21-Jan1866Frederick and Jane, Bromley, Bricklayer
777HEADWilliam Edward12-May1867Frederick and Jane, Bromley, Bricklayer
46HEALEYArthur James12-Oct1862George and Lucy Sophia, Bromley, Plasterer
272HEALEYEva Kate27-Mar1864George and Lucy, Bromley, Plasterer
515HEALEYMinnie Sarah24-Sep1865George and Lucy, Bromley, Plasterer
499HEFFERGeorge Amon20-Aug1865Robert and Helen, Widmore, Butcher
159HEFFERRobert Henry28-Jun1863Robert and Helen, Widmore, Bitcher
710HELLICARAgnes Henrietta25-Dec1866Arthur Gresley and Mary Anne Isabella, Bromley, Clerk in Holy Orders
23HELLICAREvelyn Arthur8-Aug1862Arthur Gresley and Mary Anna Isabella, Bromley, Clerk in Orders
218HELLICARMabel Katrine19-Nov1863Arthur Gresley and Mary Anne Isabella, Bromley, Clerk in Holy Orders
409HELLICARSydenham Malthus9-Mar1865Arthur Gresley and Mary Anne Isabella, Bromley, Clerk in Holy Orders
164HILLFrances Allen5-Jul1863John and Jane, Bromley, Bricklayer
557HILLSCharlotte Anne Stanning7-Jan1866Thomas Robert and Martha Elizabeth, Bromley, Brickmaker
6HILLSElizabeth Hannah29-Jun1862George and Louisa, Bromley, Carpenter
319HILLSSidney Albert7-Aug1864George and Louisa, Bromley, Carpenter
778HILLSThomas Robert12-May1867Thomas and Martha Elizabeth, Bromley, Brickmaker
5HILLYERWilliam Herbert24-Jun1862William Thomas and Rhoda, Bickley Bromley, Gentleman
501HINCHLIFFEMartha Annie20-Aug1865Wal*er and Martha Scott, Bromley, Stonemason
30HINCHLIFFEWilliam David27-Aug1862Walter and Martha Scott, Bromley, Stone-mason
363HOAREAmelia19-Nov1864Frederick and Emma, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
753HOARERichard31-Mar1867Joseph and Ellen, Bromley, Gardener
322HOCKHAMGertrude21-Aug1864James and Sarah, Bromley, Servant
194HODGKINAlfred Albert20-Sep1863Gehazi and Frances Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
481HODGKINFanny Harriet2-Jul1865Gehazi and Frances Sarah, Widmore, Labourer
672HODGKINWilliam Walter2-Sep1866Gehazi and Frances Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
118HODGSKINEllen19-Apr1863Charles and Mary Ann, Bromley, Labourer
505HODGSKINMary Jane27-Aug1865Charles and Mary Ann, Bromley, Sawyer
287HOLESHenry Ward Grant24-Apr1864[blank] and Elizabeth, Bromley, [blank]
134HOLGATEWalter24-May1863George and Elizabeth, Widmore, Gardener
411HOLLOWAYAlbert John10-Mar1865William BOSLEY and Eleanor, Bromley, Coachmaker
408HOLLOWAYAnnie Elizabeth8-Mar1865, Bromley, Coachmaker [marginal entry denotes private baptism] [no parents recorded]
8HOLLOWAYEmily6-Jul1862William and Eleanor, Bromley, Coach Painter born 8 June 1854
7HOLLOWAYKate Cecilia6-Jul1862William and Eleanor, Bromley, Coach Painter
37HOLMESWilliam John14-Sep1862Edward and Sarah, Plaistow, Labourer
680HOLTBasil Woodd7-Oct1866James William and Caroline Barry, Bromley, Surgeon
274HONEYBOURNEMary Elizabeth27-Mar1864George and Elizabeth, Plaistow, Gardener
727HOPEMary Elizabeth10-Feb1867George and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
378HOPTONWalter James8-Jan1865James Frederick and Euphemia, Bromley, Engineer
368HOSKINSElizabeth Jane4-Dec1864John and Ann, Bromley, Gardener
230HOSKINSFrederick William16-Dec1863 [blank] and Mary Anne, Bromley, [blank] [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
205HOSKINSHenry11-Oct1863Richard and Rosa, Bromley, Gardener
17HOTTCharles Edward27-Jul1862Edward and Hannah Julia, Bromley, Surgeon
26HOWAnn Filmer13-Aug1862John and Ann, Bromley, Watchmaker
761HOWIsabel Miskin20-Apr1867John and Ann, Bromley, Watchmaker
290HOWJohn Miskin28-Apr1864John and Anne, Bromley, Watchmaker
781HOWARDRose Agnes17-May1867Henry and Eliza, Bromley, Detective in the Police Force [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
785HOWESAimee Annie Milner26-May1867William Henry and Aimee Anne, Bromley, Captain Her Majesty's Militia
545HOWESWilliam Henry Edward17-Dec1865William Henry and Aimče Anne, Officer in the Militia
800HUFFYMay Amelia16-Jun1867William and Harriet, Bickley, Gardener
749HUGGETTAnnie25-Mar1867Ned and Susan, Bromley, Dealer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
412HUGGETTNed12-Mar1865Thomas and Frances, Bromley, Sawyer
202HUGGETTSophia11-Oct1863Thomas and Frances, Bromley, Sawyer
69HUMERSTONElizabeth30-Nov1862James and Sarah, Widmore, Gardener
635HUMERSTONEAlexander17-Jun1866James and Sarah, Widmore, Gardener
281HUMMERSTONFrances17-Apr1864James and Sarah, Widmore, Gardener
647HUNTAlfred Abraham8-Jul1866Thomas and Caroline, Bromley, Painter
529HUNTCharles Reginald29-Oct1865William George and Emily, Bromley, Gardener
248HUNTSarah Jane31-Jan1864Thomas and Caroline, Bromley, Painter
564HUNTSusan Agnes21-Jan1866Richard and Annie Maria, Bromley, Coachmaker
630HUTSONFrank Herbert3-Jun1866Adam and Elizabeth, Brick Kiln Lane, Labourer
758HUXLEYFrederick William14-Apr1867George and Caroline, Beckenham
458HUXLEYGeorge Edward Dunn28-May1865George and Caroline, Bromley, Gardener
298ILOTTConstance Emma28-May1864James William and Caroline Barry, Bromley, Surgeon
259ILOTTEllen Catharine21-Feb1864Edward and Julia, Bromley, Surgeon
141ISAACMartha Jane24-May1863John and Mary, Bromley, Gardener
381ISARDAnna Maria16-Jan1865Thomas Peter and Maria, Bromley, Butcher [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
25ISARDEdward10-Aug1862Thomas Peter and Maria, Bromley, Butcher
631ISARDHerbert Edwin3-Jun1866William and Elizabeth Ann, Bromley, Grocer
353ISARDJames Stephen23-Oct1864William and Elizabeth Ann, Bromley, Grocer
95ISARDLizzie Annie Maria15-Feb1863William and Elizabeth Ann, Bromley, Grocer
775ISARDSarah Ann12-May1867Thomas and Maria, Bromley, Labourer
373ISTEDElizabeth Rachel25-Dec1864Joseph and Mary Jane, Bromley, Blacksmith
454JAMESLilian Mary21-May1865William and Louisa Theresa, Bromley Common, Mercantile Clerk
169JAMESReginald William2-Aug1863William and Louisa Theresa, Bromley Common, Gentleman
734JAMESStanley Dauphine Bunce24-Feb1867William and Louise Theresa, Bromley Common, Banker's Clerk
595JEARYJoseph Edwin25-Mar1866Joseph and Mary Anne, Widmore, Railway Signalman
543JENNERAlfred Eernest10-Dec1865Moses and Emma, Bromley, Coach Painter
113JENNERCharles David5-Apr1863David and Mary Ann, Mason's Hill, Smith
691JENNERJohn Barton4-Nov1866David and Mary Anne, Bromley, Blacksmith
690JENNERRichard James4-Nov1866David and Mary Anne, Bromley, Blacksmith
475JENNINGSJohn William Ernest11-Jun1865John and Mary Elizabeth, Bromley, Butler
434JOFREYCharles16-Apr1865John and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
772JOHNSONElizabeth Hannah5-May1867Richard and Maria Jane, Bromley, Labourer
794JOHNSONEvelyn16-Jun1867William Ezekiel and Mary Easter, Bickley, Secretary to Railway Company
228JOHNSONThomas William11-Dec1863John and Clara, Bromley, Gardener [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
266JOLLYFrank13-Mar1864Charles and Emma, Chislehurst, Carman
606JOLLYJohn8-Apr1866Charles and Emma, Chislehurst, Carman
238JONESAlice10-Jan1864Edward William and Julia Ann, Bromley, Boot-Maker
413JORDANEliza Ann26-Mar1865Samuel and Harriet, Bromley, Carpenter
88JORDANHarriet4-Jan1863Samuel and Harriet, Bromley, Carpenter
674JORDANSarah9-Sep1866Samuel and Harriett, Bromley, Carpenter
204KEATSEllen11-Oct1863William and Mary, Bromley, Gardener
106KELSEYKate27-Mar1863William Turner and Maria Susannah, Bromley, Corn Miller
213KELSEYOwen1-Nov1863Ezekiel and Eliza, Plaistow, Ale Brewer
142KEMPJohn Edward24-May1863James and Maria, Bromley, Builder
41KENWARDHarriet28-Sep1862Amos and Eliza, Elmstead, Labourer
370KENWARDJames11-Dec1864Amos and Eliza, Elmstead, Labourer
457KILLICKElizabeth21-May1865Henry and Jane, Bromley, Innkeeper
456KILLICKFanny21-May1865Henry and Jane, Bromley, Inn-Keeper
52KINGAnne Eliza19-Oct1862William Thomas and Sarah Ann, Bromley, Brick-layer
51KINGElizabeth19-Oct1862William Thomas and Sarah Ann, Bromley, Brick-layer
383KINGFrancis James29-Jan1865James and Sophia, Bromley, Shopman
53KINGJessie19-Oct1862William Thomas and Sarah Ann, Bromley, Brick-layer
181KINGJohn William Bannister16-Aug1863George and Sarah, Bromley, Baker
384KINGPhoebe Sophia29-Jan1865James and Sophia, Bromley, Shopman
342KIRBYSarah Ann9-Oct1864William and Mary Ann, Bromley, Railway Officer
741KIRKCALDYWilliam10-Mar1867William and Agnes Mary, West Wickham, Nursery-man
593KNIGHTAda24-Mar1866Richard and Jane, Bickley, Labourer
594KNIGHTEdith24-Mar1866Richard and Jane, Bickley, Labourer
401KNIGHTEmily Jane26-Feb1865William and Frances, Southborough, Publican
146KNIGHTThomas7-Jun1863Henry and Ann, Bromley, Blacksmith
147KNIGHTThomas7-Jun1863Henry and Ann, Bromley, Blacksmith
586KNIGHTWalter11-Mar1866William Allen and Hannah, Plaistow, Labourer
677LADDAnne23-Sep1866William and Julia, Bromley, Waiter
610LADDEmma29-Apr1866William and Julia, Widmore Bickley Bromley, Labourer
611LADDJuliet29-Apr1866William and Julia, Widmore Bickley Bromley, Labourer
45LAINGElizabeth Murray12-Oct1862John and Helen, Bromley, Gardener
762LAMLEYEthel May21-Apr1867George and Matilda, Bromley, Gentleman
352LANECatharine Elizabeth23-Oct1864Henry and Caroline, Bromley, Carpenter
582LANGTONCourtenay24-Feb1866John and Elizabeth Anne, Bickley, Merchant
722LATHAMFanny Mabel23-Jan1867Ernest and Janet, Bromley, Gentleman
11LATTERAda10-Jul1862Henry Joseph and Maria Nancy, Bromley, Gentleman
723LATTERBeatrice1-Feb1867Robinson and Jane, Bromley, Solicitor
437LATTERHugh Robinson22-Apr1865Robinson and Jane, Bromley, Solicitor
452LAWLouisa Margaret14-May1865George and Margaret, Bromley, Railway Clerk
752LEACHCatherine Helen31-Mar1867Charles and Catherine, Bromley, Carpenter
491LEACHGeorge Verdon30-Jul1865Henry and mary Ann, Bromley, Grocer
318LEACHHenry Robert7-Aug1864Henry and Mary Ann, Bromley, Grocer
655LEEAda 15-Jul1866[blank] and Harriet, Bromley, [blank]
744LEEAnn17-Mar1867Joseph and Emma, Plaistow, Gardener
103LEECharles Henry 15-Mar1863[blank] and Harriet, Bromley, [blank]
715LELLIOTTMartha Amelia13-Jan1867Charles Morris and Martha, Bromley, Carpenter
292LEPARDClaude1-May1864William and Lydia, Bromley, Carpenter
621LEPARDKate20-May1866William and Lydia, Bromley, Carpenter
665LETTSRosa Catherine2-Aug1866Thomas Alton and Catherine Elizabeth, Bromley, Stationer
623LEWISRoselea Amelia Annie27-May1866Edwin and Annie, Bromley, Cabinet Maker
77LITCHFIELDFrederick Thomas7-Dec1862John and Sarah, Bromley, Upholsterer
320LITCHFIELDWilliam7-Aug1864John and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
247LOCKEArthur Herbert24-Jan1864Arthur and Emily, Bromley, Bricklayer
751LOCKEEdward Alfred31-Mar1867Arthur and Emily, Bromley, Bricklayer
495LOCKEEmily Laura6-Aug1865Arthur and Emily, Bromley, Bricklayer
535LOCKEHamilton Edgar12-Nov1865Simeon and Mary, Bromley, Builder
335LOCKESimeon Egbert11-Sep1864Simeon and Mary, Bromley, Bricklayer
371LOFTAnnie Elizabeth22-Dec1864Henry and Anne, Widmore, Labourer
774LONGHURSTAlbert Edward12-May1867George and Elizabeth, Bromley, Brickmaker
237LOWRENCEAlfred3-Jan1864John William and Phoebe Ann, Bromley, General Dealer
542LOWRENCECharles10-Dec1865John and Phoebe, Bromley, General Dealer
766LOWRENCEHarry28-Apr1867John and Phoebe, Bromley, General Dealer
68LUCASCharles 16-Nov1862[blank] and Eliza, Bromley, [blank]
396LUXFORDElizabeth Sarah26-Feb1865George and Elizabeth Sarah, Widmore, Brick maker
71MACEAnnie30-Nov1862John and Ann, Widmore, Labourer
339MACEHarriet25-Sep1864John and Ann, Widmore, Labourer
577MACEMaria13-Feb1866John and Anne, Widmore, Labourer
341MAPLESDENLydia Agnes2-Oct1864Stepehen and Lydia, Bromley, Blacksmith
325MARCHANTFrederick William25-Aug1864Henry and Emma, Bromley, Bricklayer
771MARCHANTGeorge James5-May1867Henry and Emma, Bromley, Bricklayer
676MARSHALLAnnie16-Sep1866Charles and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
264MARSHALLHarry William George6-Mar1864Henry and Phoebe Ann, Bromley, Labourer
132MARSHALLJemima Maria17-May1863William Thomas and Caroline, Plaistow, Labourer
725MARSHALLJohn Thomas10-Feb1867John and Harriett, Bromley, Labourer
474MARSHALLJohn William Bannister11-Jun1865[blank] and Susan, Bromley, [blank]
682MARSHALLLouisa Caroline14-Oct1866William and Caroline, Plaistow, Labourer
616MARSHALLPhoebe Elizabeth15-May1866Henry and Phoebe Ann, Bromley, Carpenter
32MARTINCharles7-Sep1862James and Frances, Bromley, Labour[er] born June 1857
254MASONAda Blanche Colett17-Feb1864Edward and Emily Ellen, Bromley, Gentleman
152MAYDONMildred Jane14-Jun1863George and Martha Jane, Bromley, Linen Draper
466MEREDITHSydney Wythes2-Jun1865George and Emily Gumersall, Laurie Park, Sydenham, Civil Engineer
355MERRICKRose30-Oct1864Henry and Ann, Bromley, Mason
184MERSHJane23-Aug1863William and Mary, Bromley, Carman
511MERSHThomas17-Sep1865William and Mary, Bromley, Carman
282MIDDLEMISSJane Thompson17-Apr1864William and Mary Anne, Bromley, Baker
692MILESEdward James11-Nov1866Richard and Elizabeth Sarah, Widmore, Labourer
311MILLERElizabeth Yeomans10-Jul1864George and Elizabeth, Bromley College, Shoemaker, certificated to the parish by Chaplain of the College
111MILLSEdgar Thomas5-Apr1863John and Emma, Bickley, Labourer
463MILLSGeorge28-May1865Stephen and Sarah Susannah, Widmore, Brickmaker
464MILLSHenry Joseph28-May1865Stephen and Sarah Susannah, Widmore, Brickmaker
462MILLSJames Isaac28-May1865Stephen and Sarah Susannah, Widmore, Brickmaker
416MILLSThomas26-Mar1865John and Emma, Southborough, Brickmaker
763MILSTEADEmily Ellen21-Apr1867Walter and Frances, Bromley, Carman
351MILSTEADHerbert Henry18-Oct1864William and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
404MILSTEADJames Henry5-Mar1865Walter and Frances, Bromley, Labourer
694MINUTOTheodore Butterfield18-Nov1866Joseph and Emily Emma, Plaistow, Merchant
644MITCHELLAnnie Louisa1-Jul1866William and Louise, Bromley, Clothier
99MITCHELLHerbert8-Mar1863William George and Ann, Bromley, Domestic Servant
433MITCHELLMary Ann16-Apr1865Thomas and Mary Ann, Plaistow, Sawyer
36MITCHELLThomas William7-Sep1862Thomas and Mary Ann, Bromley, Sawyer
280MOGGGeorge Frederick17-Apr1864George Nicholas and Catherine, Bromley, Carpenter born 1859
279MOGGWilliam Henry17-Apr1864George Nicholas and Catherine, Bromley, Carpenter
253MONCKTONEllen Frances14-Feb1864George and Rose Hannah, Bromley, Labourer
528MONKJohn William29-Oct1865John and Maria, Brixton, Police Constable
326MORRISWilliam Walter John 25-Aug1864[blank] and Anne, Bromley, [blank] [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
795MORRISONAnne Mary16-Jun1867Thomas and Martha Mary, Bromley, Coachman
523MORRISONThomas8-Oct1865Thomas and Martha, Bromley, Coachman
284MORSEWilliam George19-Apr1864William and Charlotte, Widmore, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
302MORTONJane5-Jun1864John and Ann, Bromley, Miner
258MOULAnnie Rebecca21-Feb1864William Brown and Mary Jane, Widmore, Labourer
576MOULEbenezer12-Feb1866William Brown and mary Jane, Widmore, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
50MOULSarah Ann15-Oct1862William and Mary Ann, Widmore, Labourer
390MOUTRIEEleanor Amy Maisie5-Feb1865William Lawrence and Sarah Rebecca, Widmore, Carting Agent
391MOUTRIEJessie Mary5-Feb1865William Lawrence and Sarah Rebecca, Widmore, Carting Agent
47MUCKLOWAlfred James12-Oct1862Alfred and Phoebe, Bromley, Bricklayer
589MUFFETTAlice18-Mar1866Frederick and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
63MUFFETTLouisa Fanny9-Nov1862William and Emma, Bromley, Carpenter
445MUFFETTWalter Frederick30-Apr1865Frederick and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
185MUNTWilliam Robert Thomas23-Aug1863Thomas and Louisa, Bromley, Coachman
149MYHILLMary Ann7-Jun1863John and Jane, Bromley, Builder
548NAPIERGeorge Charles17-Dec1865James and Mary Anne, Bromley, Railway Porter
288NAPIERJames Albert24-Apr1864James and Mary Anne, Bromley, Porter
797NASHCatherine16-Jun1867James Thomas and Emma, Bromley, Confectioner [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
278NASHFrederick10-Apr1864James Thomas and Emma, Bromley, Pastry-Cook
550NASHGeorge Eernest Montague24-Dec1865Edward Thomas and Elizabeth, Bromley, Confectioner
263NASHHerbert George6-Mar1864Edward and Elizabeth, Bromley, Confectioner
558NASHLouisa7-Jan1866Richard and Eliza, Bromley, Carpenter
796NASHMaria16-Jun1867James Thomas and Emma, Bromley, Confectioner
40NASHSibella Webb28-Sep1862James Thomas and Emma, Bromley, Pastry Cook
62NASHSidney Edward9-Nov1862Edward and Elizabeth, Bromley, Confectioner
324NAYLORJoseph Henry21-Aug1864Thomas and Esther, Bromley, Brick maker
514NICHOLLSEmma24-Sep1865Samuel and Harriet, Bromley, Baker
242NICHOLLSJane Anne17-Jan1864Samuel and Harriet, Bromley, Baker
735NIESIGHErnest George28-Feb1867George and Henrietta, Bromley, Seed-Crusher
277NIESIGHMinnie6-Apr1864George and Henrietta, Bromley, Merchant
123NIXONMary3-May1863John and Rosina Mary, Bromley, Ship Broker
645no entryno entry 1866no entry
226NORGATEAgnes Emily6-Dec1863George and Maria, Plaistow, Labourer
648NORGATELeonard John8-Jul1866George and Marcia, Bromley, Labourer
634NORTHSusan Harriet10-Jun1866William and Eliza, Shortlands Bromley, Labourer
186NOYESMary Ann23-Aug1863Henry and Rebecca, Bromley, Labourer
399NUNNArthur Walter26-Feb1865Walter and Mary Anne, Bickley, Bricklayer
400NUNNFrederick26-Feb1865Walter and Mary Anne, Bickley, Bricklayer
627NYEGeorge Robert27-May1866Robert and Betsey, 18 Upper Seymour Street London, Servant
512OCLEEEdgar Alfred John17-Sep1865Edgar Alfred and Caroline, Bromley, Watch Maker
206PARROTTHarriet9-Oct1863William Jackson and Marianne, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
671PARSONSThomas James2-Sep1866James Thomas and Ann, Bromley, Brick-maker
561PATRICKSONCecelia Madeline14-Jan1866John and Eliza
167PAYNEEmily12-Jul1863Charles and Emma, Bromley, Labourer
444PEARCEHarry Samuel30-Apr1865William and Sarah Ann, Bromley, Gardener
651PENNALucy Ellen15-Jul1866Edward and Ann, Plaistow, Professor of Music [marginal note an adult born in 1845
21PETTSJohn William3-Aug1862William Frederick and Charlotte, Bromley, Coachman
718PIDGLEYHenry13-Jan1867Henry and Mary, Bromley, Hawker
726PLATTAnn10-Feb1867George and Ann, Bromley, Engine-Driver
549PLATTTom24-Dec1865George and Anne, Elmstead, Engine Driver
392POCOCKEdith Annie5-Feb1865James Reuben and Eliza, Widmore, Gardener
27POCOCKElizabeth24-Aug1862James Reuben and Eliza, Plaistow, Laborer
786POCOCKGeorge26-May1867Joseph and Jane, Bromley, Labourer
698POCOCKGeorge William25-Nov1866James Reuben and Eliza, Bromley Common, Gardener
379POCOCKHarry15-Jan1865Joseph and Jane, Bromley, Labourer
122POCOCKSarah26-Apr1863Joseph and Jane, Plaistow, Labourer
469PODGERAnnie4-Jun1865William and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
121PODGERGeorge26-Apr1863William and Elizabeth, Mason's Hill, Labourer
784PODGERHarriett Maria19-May1867Abel and Ellen, Plaistow, Bricklayer
666PODGERJames John5-Aug1866James and Ann Mary, Bromley, Bricklayer
625PODGERLouis Alfred27-May1866Henry and Matilda, Bromley Common, Labourer
393PODGERWalter Albert5-Feb1865Henry and Anne Matilda, Widmore, Labourer
203POPEMary Jane11-Oct1863William and Rose, Bromley, Tailor
153POTTAlfred Percivall16-Jun1863Alfred and Emily Harriet, East Hendred Berkshire, Clerk in Holy Orders
255POTTERWilliam Dixon Halse18-Feb1864George William and Elizabeth Emma, Bromley, Gentleman
91PRATTMaria25-Jan1863James and Elizabeth, Bromley, Builder
4PRIESTLEYJoseph Child22-Jun1862William Overend and Eliza, Saint Georges Hanover Square, Physician
64PRYCEHoward Lloyd16-Nov1862Frances Horatio and Lucy Jane, Bromley, Gentleman
442PRYCEOwen Everard30-Apr1865Francis and Lucy, Bromley, Gentleman
780PYERJames Morris Henry12-May1867Morris William Richard and Eliza Sophia, Bromley, Bricklayer
305RALPHHugh26-Jun1864John and Margaret, Bromley, Carpenter
28RANSONAlice24-Aug1862Robert and Eliza, Bromley, Carpenter
126RANSONCaroline3-May1863George and Ann, Bromley, Bricklayer
536RANSONGeorge William19-Nov1865George and Anne, Bromley, Bricklayer
332RANSONGeorgina4-Sep1864Robert and Eliza, Bromley, Carpenter
580RATCLIFFAnna Maria18-Feb1866James Watts and Mary, Beckenham, Labourer
97RAYMARGeorge Ortt1-Mar1863James Arnold and Mary Grahie, Bromley, Master Mariner
584REEDAlbert Edward1-Mar1866George and Matilda, Bickley, Railway Inspector
398REEDGeorge James26-Feb1865George and Matilda, Bickley, Ticket Collector at Railway Station
507RICHARDSWilliam Henry3-Sep1865Mark and Ruth, Bromley, Carpenter
245RIDLEYAnnie Maria24-Jan1864Henry and Susan, Bromley, Labourer
759RIDLEYGeorge James14-Apr1867Henry and Susan, Bromley, Labourer
689RIPLEYElvey4-Nov1866William and Phillis, Bromley, Hawker
447RISBRIDGERElizabeth Anne30-Apr1865John and Eliza, Southborough, Labourer
415RISBRIDGERFrances Maria26-Mar1865John and Eliza, Southborough, Timekeeper [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
428RITCHIECharles Foster7-Apr1865Robert and Elizabeth, Southborough, Architect
312ROBBINSJoseph Charles24-Jul1864Joseph and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
728ROBERTSPembroke15-Feb1867Thomas Clarence and Jane Elizabeth, Bromley, Civil Service
755ROBINSONJohn Harvey7-Apr1867Thomas and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
596ROFFEYAmy Elizabeth25-Mar1866Robert and Elizabeth, Bickley, Gardener
579ROOTLouisa Jane18-Feb1866William and Mary Anne, Bromley, Railway Signalman
343ROYHarry Colin9-Oct1864Reuben and Sarah Ann, Bromley, Painter
70RUEGG 30-Nov1862Henry and Hannah, Bromley, Butcher [child's name not recorded]
197RUMPAnnie27-Sep1863Samuel and Caroline, Bromley, Plasterer
793RUSSELLElizabeth Leah9-Jun1867Thomas and Martha, Plaistow, Bricklayer
425RUSSELLHarry2-Apr1865Thomas and Martha, Plaistow, Labourer
162RUSSELLThomas William5-Jul1863Thomas and Martha, Plaistow, Laborer
492SAKEREmily30-Jul1865Abraham and mary Ann, Bromley, Bricklayer
294SAKERHarriet8-May1864Abraham and mary Ann, Bromley, Bricklayer
65SAKERMaria Mercy16-Nov1862Abraham and Mary Ann, Bromley, Bricklayer
369SALESWilliam11-Dec1864William and Eliza, Bromley, Labourer
235SALMONGeorge Russell28-Dec1863Henry Curwen and Ellen, Saint Margaret Westminster, Civil Engineer baptised at Bromley College certificated to the Parish
602SALSJohn1-Apr1866William and Eliza, Bromley, Cab-driver
776SANTERAnnie Eliza12-May1867Thomas and Jane, Bromley, Labourer
116SATTERTHWAITEHarold14-Apr1863Clement and Ellen Sarah, Plaistow, Gentleman
465SAUNDERSFanny28-May1865John and Sarah, Widmore, Labourer
151SAUNDERSGeorge Charles7-Jun1863John and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
150SAUNDERSHenry William7-Jun1863John and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
171SCOTTJames Alexander2-Aug1863James John and Mary Ann, Bromley, Carpenter
480SEARLEMary25-Jun1865William and Ann, Widmore, Labourer
531SEWARDMaude Frances3-Nov1865James and Hannah, Bickley-Bromley, Domestic Servant
397SHARPEllen Eliza26-Feb1865John and Ellen, Bromley, Carpenter
618SHARPJohn13-May1866John and Ellen, Bromley, Carpenter
2SHARPMary Ann22-Jun1862John and Ellen, Bromley, Carpenter
251SHARPRobert31-Jan1864John and Ellen, Bromley, Carpenter
58SHARPWalter William2-Nov1862John and Ellen, Bromley, Carpenter
75SHARPEAnnie7-Dec1862Thomas and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
188SHARPEAnnie Maria13-Sep1863Joseph Tansley and Mary Ann, Chislehurst, Carpenter
189SHARPEJoseph Tansley13-Sep1863Joseph Tansley and Mary Ann, Chislehurst, Carpenter
367SHILLCOCKJessie4-Dec1864Joseph Bradley and Bethania, Bromley, Chemist
108SHILLCOCKSydney29-Mar1863Joseph Bradley and Bethania, Bromley, Chemist
59SHOEBRIDGEMinnie Elizabeth2-Nov1862Edward and Ellen, Bromley, Gardener
562SHORTERThomas George14-Jan1866Charles and Fanny, Bromley College, Under Porter
541SIMMONSAnnie Eliza10-Dec1865William and Sarah, Bromley, Whitesmith
540SIMPKINSJohn10-Dec1865William and Anne, Bromley, Sawyer
361SIMPSONElizabeth Mercy20-Nov1864George and Eliza, Bromley, Blacksmith
174SIMSJames2-Aug1863Henry and Sophia, Bromley, Painter
140SIMSThomas24-May1863George and Sarah, Bromley, Gardener
67SINFIELDAnnie Catharine16-Nov1862William and Millicent, Bromley, Labourer
360SINFIELDJessie13-Nov1864William and Millicent, Bromley, Labourer
135SLOWThomas William24-May1863Thomas and Frances, Bromley, Bricklayer
299SMITHAlbert Maisey29-May1864Alfred and Anne, Bromley, Plumber
250SMITHAlice31-Jan1864Thomas and Susan, Bromley, Domestic Servant
426SMITHArthur John2-Apr1865John and Susan, Bromley, Labourer
39SMITHEliza28-Sep1862James and Lucy, Bromley, Gentleman
717SMITHEmma Lucy13-Jan1867Alfred and Ann, Bromley, Plumber
84SMITHFrances Elizabeth21-Dec1862Henry and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
240SMITHGeorge13-Jan1864James and Lucy, Bromley, Gardener
193SMITHHenry20-Sep1863John and Susan, Bromley, Labourer
590SMITHHenry20-Mar1866Henry and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
629SMITHWilliam27-May1866William and Eliza, Model Lodging House Tilney Road Bickley, Labourer
261SMITHWilliam Henry [blank] and Emma\Bromley\[blank]28-Feb1864
364SMITHERSAnnie Grace27-Nov1864Augustus Hampden and Julia Frances, Bromley, East India Agent
90SMITHERSEleanor Blanche18-Jan1863Augustus Hampden and Julia Frances, Bromley, East India Agent
518SNEEThomas Edward George1-Oct1865Thomas George and Rosina, Bromley, Coachman
410SOAMESAlfred9-Mar1865Eley and Caroline, Bromley, Gentleman
117SOAMESHarriot16-Apr1863Eley and Caroline, Mason's Hill Bromley, Gentleman
144SOANSEmma Jessie28-May1863James and Jane, Bromley, Tailor [marginal entry born 1852]
300SOUTHEYWilliam Henry Douglas29-May1864Henry Lowther and Louisa Charlotte, Bromley College, Under Porter certificated to the parish by the Chaplain of Bromley College
216SPARKSAlice15-Nov1863William and Mary Ann, Mason's Hill, Labourer
560SPARKSWalter John7-Jan1866James William and Mary Anne Esther, Bromley, Painter
608SPARROWHAWKKate Emily22-Apr1866Richard and Ellen Jane, Bromley, Draper
597SPERRINGAlice25-Mar1866Henry George and Mary, Bickley, Plumber
598SPERRINGLewin25-Mar1866Henry George and Mary, Bickley, Plumber
217SPOONERFrederick Charles15-Nov1863John and Margaret Caroline, Widmore, Carpenter
54SPOONERJessie Grace19-Oct1862George and Harriet, Bromley, Bootmaker
427SPRINGATE 4-Apr1865John and Eliza, Southborough, Hawker [marginal entry denotes private baptism] [child's name not recorded]
527SPRINGETTAgnes29-Oct1865James and Anne, Bromley, Labourer
340SPRINGETTFrances Alice 2-Oct1864[blank] and Mary Ann, Bromley, [blank]
591SPRINGETTGeorge25-Mar1866John and Eliza, Bickley, Labourer
33SPRINGETTWilliam Henry7-Sep1862John and Eliza, Southboro[ugh], Labourer
163SPRINGETTWilliam James5-Jul1863James and Ann, Bromley, Labourer
429STACEEsther Emma9-Apr1865William and Rosina, Bromley, Blacksmith
276STACEMary3-Apr1864William John and Rosanna, Bromley, Smith
626STACEYGeorge 27-May1866Henry and Sarah Elizabeth, James Terrace Bromley Common, Gardener
321STACEYGeorge William7-Aug1864James and Margaret, Bromley, Butler
633STACEYJames Edward10-Jun1866James and Margaret, Hayes, Butler
61STACEYJames Henry9-Nov1862George Henry and Sarah Elizabeth, Bromley, Gardener
337STACEYThomas George11-Sep1864George Henry and Sarah Elizabeth, Bromley, Gardener
460STALLARDElizabeth Eliza28-May1865George and Emma, Bromley, Labourer
143STALLARDGeorge Alderman24-May1863George and Emma, Bromley, Labourer
451STANDLEYMary Ann Alice14-May1865John and Minnie, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry refers to parents offering different first names the register contains correct entry]
173STONEEmily Alice2-Aug1863George and Harriet, Bromley, Carpenter
551STRINGERAnnie Maria24-Dec1865Richard and Sarah Anne, Bromley, Bricklayer
349STRINGERMary Ann16-Oct1864Richard and Sarah Ann, Bromley, Bricklayer
709STRINGERSarah Jane16-Dec1866Richard and Sarah Ann, Bromley, Bricklayer
733SUMMERFIELDJohn Edward24-Feb1867John and Eliza, Bromley, Police Constable
532SWANHarriet Louisa5-Nov1865James and Harriet, Bromley, Carpenter
779SWEETLOVEAmelia12-May1867Thomas and Ellen, Bromley, Publican
172SWEETLOVEEmily2-Aug1863Thomas and Ellen Elizabeth, Bromley, Cellar man
403SWEETLOVEJulia5-Mar1865Thomas and Ellen Elizabeth, Bromley, Cellarman
136TAPHOUSEGeorge24-May1863George and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
295TAPSELLFrederic8-May1864George and Frances, Widmore Bromley, Labourer
583TAPSELLJohn25-Feb1866George and Fanny, Widmore, Labourer
317TAPSELLMary Ann31-Jul1864John and Mary Ann, Bromley, Green Grocer
678TASKERAnnie Jane30-Sep1866Henry and Augusta Anne, Lambeth Surrey, Carman
309TASKERWilliam Frederick10-Jul1864Henry and Augusta, Stepney, Labourer
473TAYLORJohn Thomas11-Jun1865William Henry and Harriet, Bromley, Gardener
472TAYLORWilliam 11-Jun1865Henry and Harriet, Bromley, Gardener
720TEBBATTAlice Elizabeth13-Jan1867William and Sarah Ann, Elmstead, Labourer
48THOMPSONClara12-Oct1862William and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
49THOMPSONElizabeth12-Oct1862William and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
663THOMPSONJames Thomas29-Jul1866James and Elizabeth, Bickley, Railway Labourer
664THOMPSONJohn Frederick29-Jul1866James and Elizabeth, Bickley, Railway Labourer
386THOMPSONKate1-Feb1865William Henry and Rose Anne, Bickley, Merchant
563THOMPSONWalter Alexander16-Jan1866Henry and Sarah, Bickley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
487THOMPSONWilliam John17-Jul1865William and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
385THREADGOLDFrederick Alfred29-Jan1865Henry and Susan, Bromley, Police Officer
127THREADGOLDWalter Charles3-May1863Henry and Susan, Bromley, Policeman
792TILLMANGeorge Frederick9-Jun1867Isaac and Amy, Bromley, Labourer
569TILLMANLydia Barbara28-Jan1866Isaac and Amy, Bromley, Labourer
98TOFREYAnnie1-Mar1863John and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
131TROWERAlfred17-May1863James and Sarah, Widmore, Carpenter
128TROWEREllen4-May1863James and Sarah, Widmore, Carpenter born 1858 [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
120TROWERHarry26-Apr1863James and Sarah, Widmore, Carpenter an adult born 1849
130TROWERJames17-May1863James and Sarah, Widmore, Carpenter
129TROWERLouisa4-May1863James and Sarah, Widmore, Carpenter born 1861 [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
605TROWERMary Anne8-Apr1866William and Caroline, Widmore, Carpenter
187TROWERSarah Fanny26-Aug1863James and Sarah, Widmore, Carpenter an adult born 1842
494TUCKERHannah6-Aug1865George and Mary Ann, Bromley, Labourer
210TUCKERHenry25-Oct1863George and Mary Ann, Bromley, Labourer
477TURNERAnnie18-Jun1865John and Jane, Bromley, Labourer
601TURNERJames William1-Apr1866James and Maria, Bromley, Brickmaker
632TURNERJane3-Jun1866John and Jane, Brick Kiln, Labourer
60TURVEYHenry 9-Nov1862James and Mary Ann, Widmore, Blacksmith
72URIDGEAnnie7-Dec1862Isaac and Elizabeth, Bromley, Grocer
359URIDGEEdith13-Nov1864Isaac and Elizabeth, Bromley, Grocer
693URIDGEIsaac18-Nov1866Isaac and Elizabeth, Bromley, Grocer
156USHEREmily Catherine21-Jun1863Charles and Harriet, Bromley, Brickmaker born June 1860
155USHERJane21-Jun1863Charles and Harriett, Bromley, Brickmaker
354VALLINSAnnie Maria 23-Oct1864[blank] and Maria, Bromley, [blank]
296VASSCOLLINGSCharles15-May1864Henry and Caroline, Bromley, Labourer
649VASSCOLLINGSPhebe8-Jul1866Henry and Caroline, Bromley, Labourer
697VENTERSWilliam George Thomas25-Nov1866William and Harriet, Bromley, Wood-turner
273VERRALLHerbert27-Mar1864James and Sarah, Bromley, Stationer
313VERRELLLeonard William24-Jul1864John and Mary, Bromley, Labourer
743VINCENTEleanor17-Mar1867George and Eleanor, Bromley, Engineer
471VINCENTMary Ann11-Jun1865George and Eleanor, Bromley, Gas Engineer
498VOGANJane Norman19-Aug1865Randal George and Sophia Mary, Bromley Common, Corn Merchant
624VYSEMary Ann27-May1866Henry and Frances, Bromley, Carpenter
175WAGNERJabez9-Aug1863William Thomas and Eliza, Bromley, Plasterer
293WAGNERJames1-May1864William and Eliza, Bromley, Plaisterer
190WAIGHTEmily Louisa20-Sep1863George and Mary Ann, Bromley, Ship's Steward
448WAKELINMary Ann Sophia7-May1865Henry and Mary Ann, Bromley, Gardener
112WALKERElizabeth Mary Ann5-Apr1863John and Susan, Mason's Hill, Sawyer
18WALKERMary Ann Maria27-Jul1862Richard and Eliza, Bromley, Carpenter
440WALKERRichard George23-Apr1865Richard and Eliza, Bromley, Carpenter
513WALMISLEYHerbert William23-Sep1865Walter Milbaute and Emma, Bromley, Gentleman
107WALSHJoseph27-Mar1863James and Rebecca, Bromley, Tailor [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
93WALSHMary Charlotte8-Feb1863James and Sarah, Bromley, Tailor
490WALTERNelly Elizabeth23-Jul1865John and Jane, Islington Middlesex, Brewers Drayman
770WANSBURYThomas5-May1867John and Esther, Bromley, Carpenter
746WARECaroline Elizabeth24-Mar1867Thomas and Elizabeth, Bromley, Labourer
468WATERSArthur Charles4-Jun1865Peter and Rebecca, Bromley, Coal Dealer
179WATERSEmily Jane9-Aug1863Peter and Rebecca, Bromley, Coal Merchant
657WEATHERLEYEllen Matilda22-Jul1866Edwin and Eliza, Bromley, Gardener
704WELLSAlbert Henry2-Dec1866John Frederick and Caroline Alice, Bromley, Merchant's Clerk
703WELLSAlfred Charles2-Dec1866John Frederick and Caroline Alice, Bromley, Merchant's Clerk
783WELLSEdith Annie19-May1867John Frederick and Caroline Alice, Bromley, Mercantile Clerk
43WELLSFrederic Joseph5-Oct1862Joseph and Sarah, Bromley, Dealer in China
701WELLSFrederick John28-Nov1866John Frederick and Caroline Alice, Bromley, Merchants Clerk [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
684WELLSHerbert George21-Oct1866Joseph and Sarah, Bromley, China Dealer
289WELLSKate Eleanor27-Apr1864Thomas and Jane Susannah, Bromley, Grocer
646WELLSKate Eleanor8-Jul1866Thomas and Jane Susanna, Bromley, Grocer
705WELLSMinnie Sarah2-Dec1866John Frederick and Caroline Alice, Bromley, Merchant's Clerk
713WESTArthur30-Dec1866Jonathan and Ann, Bromley, Labourer
249WESTGeorge Charles31-Jan1864Jonathan and Ann, Bromley, Labourer
435WESTWilliam James16-Apr1865Jonathan and Ann, Bromley, Labourer
377WESTBROOKGeorge Ruhaw8-Jan1865James and Ann, Bromley, White-smith
764WHIBLEYWalter21-Apr1867 [blank] and Frances, Bromley, [blank]
695WHIFFINEmily Eliza25-Nov1866George and Rebecca, Bromley, Labourer
696WHIFFINGertrude25-Nov1866George and Rebecca, Bromley, Labourer
310WHITEFrederick10-Jul1864George and Elizabeth, Bromley, Carpenter
721WHITEHEADTimothy James16-Jan1867William and Julia Anne, Bromley, Labourer [marginal entry denotes private baptism]
168WHITEMOREClara12-Jul1863 [blank] and Louisa, Bromley, Servant
789WHITINGTONJames Henry9-Jun1867Maurice and Caroline Anne, Bromley, Gardener
788WHITINGTONSarah Elizabeth9-Jun1867Maurice and Caroline Anne, Bromley, Gardener
102WHITTINGTONWilliam Thomas15-Mar1863Morris and Caroline Ann, Bromley, Gardener
407WICKESHenry Floyer8-Mar1865Henry William and Anna Maria, Bromley, Civil Engineer
209WILDEArthur Richard21-Oct1863Samuel John and Georgina, Bromley, Barrister at Law
24WILDEReginald William9-Aug1862Samuel John and Georgina, Bromley, Barrister at Law
769WILLIAMSCharles Edward5-May1867Charles Edward and Emily, Bromley, Smith
615WILLIAMSEmily Madeline13-May1866Charles Edward and Emily, Bromley, Smith
714WILLIAMSWalter Edward Gillet1-Jan1867William Thomas and Anne Fanny, Bromley, Wholesale Jeweller
478WILLIAMSONJane18-Jun1865Walter and Ann, Bromley, Bricklayer
101WILLIAMSONSamuel8-Mar1863Walter and Ann, Bromley, Bricklayer
191WILLINGTONEmma Amelia20-Sep1863Henry George and Emma, Bromley, Plasterer
105WILLSONAlbert Herbert22-Mar1863William and Elizabeth, Widmore, Blacksmith
286WILLSONElizabeth24-Apr1864Samuel and Ellen, Bromley, Labourer
285WILLSONWilliam24-Apr1864Samuel and Ellen, Bromley, Labourer
165WILSONCharles Archer5-Jul1863Charles Archer and Margaret, Bromley, Labourer
603WILSONHenry1-Apr1866Samuel and Ellen, Bromley, Labourer
510WINGHAMAlfred Thomas10-Sep1865William and Esther, Bromley, Bricklayer
15WINTERJohn20-Jul1862William and Sarah, Bromley, Labourer
180WINTERMANArthur9-Aug1863William and Emma, Widmore, Labourer
637WINTERMANElizabeth Jane17-Jun1866William and Emma, Widmore, Labourer
750WISEHerbert Arthur31-Mar1867George and Mary Ann, Bromley, Coachman
554WISESarah Ada31-Dec1865George and Mary Anne, Bromley, Coachman
42WOODAmelia5-Oct1862William and Susan, Bromley, Gardener
329WOODArthur28-Aug1864William and Susan, Bromley, Gardener
708WOODHerbert16-Dec1866William and Susan, Bromley, Gardener
19WOODGATEGertrude30-Jul1862William and Mary, Bromley Common, Solicitor
588WOODSMary18-Mar1866Henry and Kitty, Bromley, Labourer
724WRAIGHTCharles Thomas3-Feb1867Charles and Jane, Bromley, Coachman
269WRENHenry20-Mar1864Henry Edward and Caroline, Bromley, Licensed Victualler
566WYLIEFrancis James24-Jan1866Richard Northcote and Charlotte, Bromley College, Merchant
450YOUNGEdith Esther14-May1865Edmund Charles and Sarah, Bromley, Coach Painter
244YOUNGEdwin Thomas17-Jan1864Edwin Charles and Sarah, Bromley, Coach Painter
600YOUNGHannah1-Apr1866George and Maria, Bromley, Stoker in Gas Works
31YOUNGSarah31-Aug1862Edwin Charles and Sarah, Bromley, Coach painter