Transcribed by Susan D. Young. All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.  Please note:  all dates 1 January through to and including 24 March in all years up to and including 1751 are recorded in the Old Style and so, must be read by way of example as 2 January 1676/77.

........   16-Jan 1689 man drowned out of the ship called the Stark [no names recorded]
........   13-Jan 1689 six females and eight males, drowned out of the ship [the Stark] wrecked on this coast 12th January [1689] [no names recorded]
........   20-Nov 1690 soldier brought ashore sick [no names recorded]
........   1-Dec 1690 soldier brought ashore sick [no names recorded]
........   24-Nov 1690 soldier brought ashore sick [no names recorded]
........   29-Nov 1690 soldier brought ashore sick [no names recorded]
........   8-Nov 1690 soldier brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship [no names recorded]
........   9-Nov 1690 soldier brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship [no names recorded]
........   14-Nov 1690 soldier brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship [no names recorded]
........   22-Nov 1690 soldiers (2) brought ashore out of their majesties ships sick [no names recorded]
........   3-Nov 1690 soldiers (2) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ships [no names recorded]
........   7-Nov 1690 soldiers (2) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ships [no names recorded]
........   18-Nov 1690 soldiers (2) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ships [no names recorded]
........   25-Nov 1690 soldiers (2) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ships [no names recorded]
........   6-Nov 1690 soldiers (3) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ships [no names recorded]
........   4-Nov 1690 soldiers (4) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ships [no names recorded]
........   10-Nov 1690 soldiers (4) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ships [no names recorded]
........   16-Nov 1690 soldiers (5) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship [no names recorded]
........   11-Nov 1690 soldiers (5) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ships [no names recorded]
........   5-Nov 1690 soldiers (7) brought ashore sick out of their majesties ships [no names recorded]
........   30-Oct 1691 M........ …oon…son, [possible continuation of entry for son of Mark Seller, names illegible]
........   18-Nov 1703 Lieut of the marine soldiers [no names recorded]
........   18-Nov 1703 marine soldier [no names recorded]
........   4-Feb 1704 seaman, stranger [no names recorded]
........   28-Aug 1708 seaman belonging to Wapping brought ashore dead [no names recorded]
........   18-Aug 1714 stranger, a man supposed to be a soldier, taken up almost dead [no names recorded]
........   1-Nov 1714 stranger, Dutchman brought ashore dead [no names recorded]
........   16-Dec 1716 stranger brought ashore dead, a churgion [sic: surgeon] [no names recorded]
........   6-Oct 1719 stranger from London, died at Margate [no names recorded]
........   29-Nov 1731 man unknown [with John Johnson/William Wilder], drowned in a storm November 26th off the North Foreland [no names recorded]
........   4-Nov 1740 third person unknown, with Edward Hutchinson and Benjamin Cockard [no names recorded]
........   24-Jun 1747 unknown lad, lost at the same time and out of the same boat [as Joseph Gregory] [no names recorded]
........   29-Oct 1751 men (5), names unknown, all drowned [no names recorded]
........   29-Nov 1753 unknown woman, drowned [no names recorded]
ACKERS Anne 19-Sep 1721 widow
ACKERS Francis 10-Aug 1712  
ADAMS Elisabeth 4-Dec 1745 wife of Andrew of Minster, 55y
ADDISON Sarah 11-Jun 1723 young child of John/Mary
ADNETT Thomas 6-Sep 1751 s. Thomas/Sarah
ADRIANS John 2-May 1716  
ADRIANS Martha 29-Mar 1730 widow Aged 71y
ADRIANS Nicholas 14-Jul 1728  
ADRIANS Nicholas 11-Jul 1745 23y
AFERY Mary 30-Aug 1690 d. Edward/Sarah
AFERY Robert 11-May 1689 s. Edward/Sarah
AFRY Sarah 14-Oct 1731 widow Aged 72y
AILES John 8-Nov 1741 junior 23y
AILES Sarah 7-Oct 1738 d. John/Mary
AITHORNE Anne 30-Jan 1728 widow 67 y
AITHORNE Susanna 16-Mar 1728 spinster
ALDERSTON John 21-Jan 1731 67y [or 66y]
ALDERSTON Mary 18-May 1740 widow 74 y
ALDERSTONE Elisabeth 30-May 1689 d. John/Mary
ALDERSTONE Elisabeth 30-Jun 1738 wife of John
ALDERSTONE Elisabeth 9-Apr 1743 d. John/Mary
ALDERSTONE John 26-Nov 1752  
ALDERSTONE Mary 22-Mar 1720 wife of John
ALDERSTONE Mary 9-Apr 1743 wife of John by a fright she being near her time
ALDERSTONE Stephen 27-Sep 1719 s. John [mother's name not recorded]
ALIVER Mary 23-Nov 1727 widow
ALIVER Sarah 8-Mar 1728 spinster,
ALIVER Thomas 2-Nov 1727  
ALLEN John 3-Dec 1686 poor man,
ALLEN John 16-Sep 1690 Mr,
ALLEN Margarett 15-Jan 1681 widow of Michaell, gent,
ALLEN Peter 26-Mar 1712  
ALLEN William 9-Feb 1739 s. William/Sybilla, 10y
ALLEN William 6-Apr 1750  
ALLIN Elizabeth 10-Mar 1708 widow
AMBERTON Richard 24-Oct 1689 glover,
AMBROSE ........ 3-Jan 1708 c. Daniel [given name not recorded]
AMBROSE ........ 25-Feb 1752 widow [given name not recorded]
AMBROSE Anne 25-Dec 1712 d. Daniel/Anne
AMBROSE Daniel 4-Mar 1744 68y
AMBROSE Elizabeth 28-Oct 1702 d. Daniel/Elizabeth,
AMBROSE Elizabeth 23-Mar 1708 wife of Daniel
AMIS William 21-Oct 1684 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
ANDERSON ........ 4-Oct 1710 widow ancient woman, [given name not recorded]
ANDERSON John 15-Dec 1729 70y and upwards
ANDERSON Mary 10-Nov 1719 wife of John
ANDERSON Mary 18-Sep 1720 maiden
ANDREWS ........ 4-Jan 1697 widow, [surname ANDEREWS entered, possibly changed from ANDERSON] [given name not recorded]
ANDREWS Ann 25-Apr 1685 d. Richard/........[mother's name not recorded]
ANDREWS John 14-Mar 1688 s. Richard/Mary
ANDREWS Sarah 31-Aug 1687 d. Richard/Mary
APLEGATE ........ 28-Nov 1700 widow of John [given name not recorded]
APLEGATE Thomas 30-Mar 1698  
ARMESTRONG ........ 22-Jun 1697 infant of Thomas/Mary [given name not recorded]
ARMESTRONG John 6-Aug 1721 young child of William
ARMESTRONG Mary 13-Jul 1713 maiden
ARMESTRONG William 1-Sep 1719 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
ARMSTRONG Fabritio 20-Sep 1693 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
ARMSTRONG William 11-Feb 1747 58y
ASHENDEN ........ 7-Nov 1685 widow [given name not recorded]
ASQUE Mary 5-Apr 1708  
ATKINS Charles 17-Feb 1744  
ATKINS Elisabeth 8-Feb 1736 wife of Charles, aged 48 y
ATWOOD Anne 31-Oct 1752 d. William/Anne
AUSTEN Ambrose 2-Jul 1729  
AUSTEN Jane 30-Jun 1728 d. Ambrose/Elisabeth
AUSTEN Mary 25-Jan 1727 widow Aged 80 y
AUSTIN Ann 17-Mar 1699 maiden
AUSTIN David 14-Dec 1686 s. David/Mary
AUSTIN Frances 8-Nov 1686 d. David/Mary
AUSTIN John 16-Jul 1684 s. Michaell/Ann
AUSTIN Michaell 9-Sep 1685 poor man
AUSTIN Richard 23-Jan 1681 s. David/Mary
AVERY ........ 26-Oct 1703 widow ancient woman, [given name not recorded]
AVERY Edward 16-Sep 1711  
AVERY Edward 23-Jun 1751 and another man, drowned together
AYLES Phebe 30-Apr 1728 d. John/Mary
AYTHORNE Ann 20-Dec 1697 wife of John
AYTHORNE Anne 29-Mar 1710 d. John/Anne
AYTHORNE Elizabeth 31-Oct 1716 d. John/Anne
AYTHORNE John 28-Aug 1705 pauper
AYTHORNE Joseph 2-Aug 1705 s. John/Ann, pauper
AYTHORNE Susana 23-Jun 1697 d. John/Ann
AYTHORNE Susanah 5-Jun 1698 d. John/Anne
BACHEL Elisabeth 23-Mar 1738 wife of Jasper, 37y
BACHEL Mary 30-Aug 1726 wife of Jasper
BACHEL William 5-May 1752 s. Mary bastard,
BACHELL Elisabeth 19-Oct 1746 d. Samuel/Mary
BACHELL Elizabeth 3-Jul 1713 d. Samuel [mother's name not recorded]
BACHELL Elizabeth 12-Jul 1719 young child of Samll
BACHELL Robert 26-Jul 1720 s. Samuel/Elizabeth
BACHELL Sarah 19-May 1723 d. Samuel/Elizabeth
BACHELL William 7-Jul 1713 s. Samuel [mother's name not recorded]
BACHELL William 7-Jun 1722 s. Jasper [mother's name not recorded]
BAILY Thomas 25-Jun 1726 mariner of Brightlingsea in Essex
BAKER ........ 19-Nov 1710 young child of Thomas [given name not recorded]
BAKER Ann 10-Jul 1688 wife of Thomas
BAKER Damaris 22-Sep 1690 maiden
BAKER Elizabeth 17-Aug 1687 d. Thomas/Ann
BAKER Elizabeth 24-Jul 1707 wife of Stephen
BAKER Elizabeth 3-7Jan 1719 young child of Sarah the wife of Joseph
BAKER Elizabeth 15-Nov 1723 widow
BAKER Jane 2-Mar 1690 wife of John
BAKER John 27-Nov 1686 s. John/Lovina
BAKER John 11-May 1692 cooper
BAKER John 7-Jun 1713 bachelor, drowned
BAKER John 11-Feb 1732 s. Thomas/Mary
BAKER John 1-Apr 1751  
BAKER Lovinah 20-May 1687 wife of John
BAKER Martha 21-Aug 1698 wife of Thomas
BAKER Mary 10-Dec 1691 d. Thomas/Ann
BAKER Mary 4-Sep 1693 widow
BAKER Mary 8-Feb 1732 d. Thomas/Mary, spinster
BAKER Sarah 28-Feb 1692 d. Stephen/Elisabeth
BAKER Sarah 19-Apr 1706 d. Stephen/Elizabeth
BAKER Sarah 25-Nov 1745 wife of Joseph, aged 62 y
BAKER Stephen 27-Nov 1686 s. John/Lovina
BAKER Stephen 31-Dec 1743 junior, 45y
BAKER Stephen 21-May 1751 84y
BAKER Thomas 14-Oct 1681 s. Thomas/Ann
BAKER Thomas 24-Apr 1726 senior, 83y
BAKER Thomas 11-Apr 1747 67y
BALL ........ 28-Jul 1699 Mrs. widow from St ........ London [given name not recorded]
BARBER ........ 15-Nov 1694 widow [given name not recorded]
BARBER Elisabeth 21-Sep 1724 wife of Vincent
BARBER Elizabeth 8-Sep 1751 d. Jon/Mary
BARBER James 12-Jun 1685 s. Vincent/Elizabeth
BARBER John 30-Aug 1749  
BARBER John 19-May 1753 s. John/Philippi
BARBER Richard 23-Dec 1735 s. Thomas/Margaret
BARBER Thomas 29-Mar 1744 56y
BARBER Vincent 8-Dec 1728 78y
BARBER William 12-May 1735 s. John/Mary
BARCHELL Elizabeth 21-Apr 1751  
BARCHELL Hannah 22-Mar 1746 d. Jasper
BARCHELL Samuel 12-Feb 1746 67y
BARDES ........ 26-Feb 1702 widow [given name not recorded]
BARDS ........ 3-Apr 1715 wife of John [given name not recorded]
BARDS John 28-Oct 1716 young child of John
BARDS John 17-Aug 1719 bastard c. John
BARDS John 10-May 1732 s. John/Mary
BARNARD John 25-Nov 1688 poor man
BARNETT ........ 12-Apr 1691 widow [given name not recorded]
BARROWS ........ 17-Sep 1710 c. John/Mary [given name not recorded]
BARROWS Edward 3-Nov 1719  
BARROWS Elizabeth 9-Feb 1720 d. Edward/Mary
BARROWS Mary 11-Apr 1716 young child of John/Mary
BARTLET Sarah 30-Jan 1747 d. William/Mary
BARTLEY John 17-Dec 1702 servant
BARTON William 20-May 1684 late servant to John CASTLE
BASDEN Anne 9-May 1731 widow 77 y
BASDEN Daniel 16-Jul 1695 s. Daniel/Ann
BASDEN Daniel 4-Apr 1731 76y
BASDON John 5-Jul 1693  
BAX Thomas 4-Jun 1689 mariner
BAYLEY Job 11-Oct 1692 stranger
BAYLIEFE ........ 6-Dec 1702 poor wid, pauper [given name not recorded]
BEANE John 20-Mar 1685 poor man
BEARDS John 20-Jun 1687 poor man
BEARDS Sarah 8-Jul 1688 d. John/Sarah
BEARDS William 13-Aug 1682 s. John/Sarah
BEDINGFIELD Clement 6-Jan 1715  
BEDINGFIELD Elizabeth 11-May 1711 d. George
BEDINGFIELD George 25-Aug 1718  
BEDINGFIELD Jeremiah 7-May 1719 s. George/Ann
BEDINGFIELD Margarett 29-Jul 1698 wife of Clement
BEDINGFIELD Thomas 28-Dec 1727 stranger
BEE ........ 23-Oct 1683 infant unbaptised of Thomas/Elizabeth [given name not recorded]
BEER ........ 17-Jun 1707 wife of John [given name not recorded]
BEEZEL John 4-Aug 1743 s. John/Rachel of Fenchurch Street, London
BELL John 15-May 1726 mariner
BELL Mary 2-Oct 1702 wife of William, senior
BELL Mary 1-Sep 1728 widow Aged 61 y
BELL Thomas 8-Mar 1690 s. John/Mary
BELLY Katherine 7-Dec 1688 wife of Michael
BENNET Ann 24-May 1749 wife of John
BENNET John 7-Sep 1729 child
BENNET John 27-May 1731 65y
BENNET Mary 9-Dec 1747 d. Thomas/Elizabetha
BENNET Sarah 4-Dec 1706 wife of John
BENNET Sarah 9-Dec 1732 d. John/Anne
BENNET Sarah 17-May 1734 d. John/Anne
BENNET Sarah 20-Apr 1736 d. John/Ann
BENNET Sarah 28-Sep 1737 d. John/Ann
BENNET Sarah 17-Apr 1748 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
BENNET Thomas 8-Sep 1747 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
BENNET Thomas 8-Jun 1749 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
BENNETT Alexander 27-Aug 1700 s. John [mother's name not recorded]
BENNETT Elisabeth 19-Nov 1691 wife of Robert
BENNETT Jane 3-Oct 1702 maiden,
BENNETT John 21-Oct 1694 s. John/Sarah
BENNETT Mercy 2-Jul 1751 widow
BENNETT Robert 1-Oct 1692  
BENT Andin 5-Dec 1687 s. Alderman ........ BENT of Leicester, [mother's name not recorded], brought from the ship called the Prince George of London, Capt Nicholas COZELY commander, bound for Lygorne[?]
BEST Dorothy 20-Feb 1689 Mrs, maiden,
BEX George 6-Jul 1744 77y
BICKERDIKE Margaret 11-Jun 1740 d. Edward/Susanna
BICKERDIKE Mary 28-Oct 1742 d. Edward/Susanna
BILLTON Thomasine 6-Apr 1683 wife of Edward
BILTON Alice 17-May 1685 wife of Edward
BILTON Edward 22-Feb 1691  
BILTON Elizabeth 19-Mar 1681 d. Edward/Thomasine,
BILTON Mary 10-Jul 1689 wife of Edward
BILTON Thomas 14-Apr 1683 s. Edward/Thomasine,
BING Daniel 10-Dec 1701 yeoman/householder,
BING Daniel 25-Jan 1711  
BING Edward 17-Jun 1747 77y
BING Jane 26-Aug 1728 d. Edward/Jane
BING Jane 22-Feb 1734 infant d. Edward/Ann of Hale in the parish of St Nicholas
BING Jane 11-Jul 1739 d. Edward/Ann of St Nicholas
BING John 3-Jul 1718 young child of Edward/Jane
BING Mary 27-Aug 1693 wife of Daniel
BING Mary 9-Jul 1712 d. Edward/Jane
BING Mary 13-Jan 1738 widow of Thomas, aged 81 y
BING Richard 25-Feb 1741 s. Edward/Ann
BING Sibilla 13-Oct 1748 d. Edward/Ann
BING Sibyl 19-May 1741 d. Edward/Anne
BING Thomas 9-Aug 1695 s. Thomas/Mary
BING Thomas 6-Aug 1731 yeoman, 67y of dropsy
BIRCH Edward 11-Sep 1689 tailor,
BIRCH Rebecka 5-Mar 1733 wife of William aged 76 y
BIRCH Sarah 17-Jun 1689 wife of Edward
BIRCH William 9-Jun 1744 bellman, 77y
BIRCHETT Edward 22-Sep 1681 s. Edward/Katherine,
BIRD Elisabeth 4-Aug 1724 wife of Richard
BIRD Richard 27-Apr 1729 64y
BISHOP Elisabeth 21-Dec 1731 widow Aged 92 y
BISHOP Grace 30-Dec 1686 widow of Stephen, aged 88 y
BISHOP John 16-Oct 1745 61y
BISHOP Mary 20-29Dec 1719 young child of Thomas
BISHOP Mary 21-Dec 1732 d. Thomas/Anne, spinster
BISHOP Thomas 26-Jan 1717 s. Thomas/Anne
BISHOP Thomas 31-Jan 1739 20y
BIZARD David 3-Dec 1717 seaman brought ashore dead,
BLACKABE Henry 12-Aug 1706  
BLACKABEE Henry 29-Nov 1685 s. Henry/Mary
BLACKABEE Mary 27-Dec 1721 widow
BLACKABEE Sarah 3-Aug 1694 d. Thomas/Sarah
BLACKABEE Thomas 4-Oct 1688 s. Thomas/Sarah
BLACKABEE Thomas 1-Oct 1689 s. Thomas/Sarah
BLACKBOURN Anne 30-Apr 1706 d. Richard/Elizabeth
BLACKBOURN Elizabeth 13-Sep 1713 d. Richard/Elizabeth,
BLACKBOURN Elizabeth 29-May 1715 wife of Richard
BLACKBOURN Isaac 9-Dec 1729 s. Thomas/Anne
BLACKBOURN Richard 30-Oct 1706 s. Richard/Elizabeth
BLACKBOURN Richard 20-Feb 1708 s. Richard/Elizabeth,
BLACKBOURN Richard 25-Feb 1730 55y
BLACKBOURN Sarah 22-Nov 1710 d. Richard/Elizabeth,
BLACKBOURNE Ann 26-Jun 1738 widow, aged 49 y
BLACKBOURNE Thomas 11-Nov 1728  
BLASLAND John 17-Nov 1752 s. William/Anne
BLASLAND William 2-Mar 1753  
BLASTLAND John 4-Mar 1738 s. William/Mary
BLAXLAND Frances 19-Sep 1687 widow of Mr Stephen
BLEAK Robert 13-Jan 1688 s. Francis/Hanah
BOONE John 17-Nov 1686 mate to Capt Charles FAIRWEATHER Commander of ship called the Coronation of London, brought ashore dead,
BOORMAN Edward 19-Nov 1734 s. Edward/Martha
BOORMAN Elizabeth 20-May 1709 wife of Zachary
BOORMAN Richard 17-Sep 1751  
BOORMAN Thomas 3-Feb 1703  
BOORMAN Zacharias 16-May 1710 ancient man,
BOOTLE Thomas 11-May 1744 infant s. Capt Robert/........, of St Andrew Holbourne, London, [mother's name not recorded]
BOROUGHS George 14-Apr 1700 from St ........ London,
BOTHAM William 9-Oct 1719 of Derbyshire,
BOVEAH Abraham 23-Dec 1685 poor man,
BOYAS Matthew 7-Jun 1693 s. Matthew of London,
BOYKEN Henry 4-Jul 1713 [BOYKIN in margin], late of St Peter, bachelor
BRABSOLL Edward 22-Jul 1690 brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship the Suffolk,
BRADFORD Elizabeth 31-Jul 1702 widow, pauper
BRADFORD Elizabeth 6-Jun 1725 wife of Edward
BRADFORD Elizabeth 8-Apr 1730 wife of William, aged 56 y
BRADFORD William 11-Apr 1702 s. William/Elizabeth,
BRADFORD William 10-Oct 1745 pilot, 80y
BRADLEY William 28-Oct 1716 seaman, stranger,
BRASIER Anna 12-Jun 1748 wife of John, aged 54 y
BRASIER Hanah 5-Aug 1710 d. John/Hanah
BRASIER Henry 16-Aug 1710 s. John/Hanah
BRASIER Isaac 20-May 1750 s. Thomas/Mary
BRASIER Isaac 8-Apr 1750 s. Thomas/Mary, [deleted entry -in baptisms register 6 May],
BRASIER Jane 18-Dec 1719 widow
BRASIER John 4-Apr 1731 s. Robert/Mary
BRASIER John 26-Jul 1740 s. Robert/Mary
BRASIER John 25-Mar 1751 s. Thomas/Mary
BRASIER John 12-Oct 1753  
BRASIER Mary 15-Jun 1750 d. Thomas/Mary
BRASIER Robert 27-Jul 1695 s. Robert/........, [mother's name not recorded]
BRASIER Robert 1-Sep 1736 22y, killed by a cart which fell on him laden with waure[ware?],
BRASIER Stephen 1-Feb 1752 s. Thomas/Mary
BRASIER Stephen 13-May 1753 s. Thomas/Mary
BRASIER Thomas 9-Oct 1726  
BRETT Mildred 16-Aug 1747 wife of William, aged 24 y
BREWER Ann 15-Apr 1683 wife of Thomas
BREWER Thomas 18-Dec 1695 servant to Thomas CASTLE,
BRIDGES Ann 8-Apr 1694 servant maid to Mald [or Madd, an abbreviation] NORWOOD,
BRIGGS William 2-Mar 1682 s. Robert/........, [mother's name not recorded]
BRIT aka BRIGHT Sarah 14-Oct 1731 wife of Richard, aged 20 years, consu[mption?]
BROAD Nathaniell 21-Apr 1682 s. Roger [mother's name not recorded], of Newhaven in the West Country
BROOK ........ 16-Feb 1703 c. Thomas/Mary [given name not recorded]
BROOK Anne 11-Aug 1713 d. John deceased,
BROOK Benjamin 28-Dec 1702 young lad,
BROOK Elizabeth 18-Sep 1687 [BROOKE in margin] d. Edward/Ann
BROOK Elizabeth 6-Sep 1705 widow
BROOK John 3-Feb 1701 mariner,
BROOK John 12-Jun 1720 Mr, mariner,
BROOK Mary 21-Mar 1701 d. John/Sarah
BROOK Mary 22-Jul 1702 wife of James, mariner, Querr,
BROOK Mary 3-Sep 1708 d. James/Mary
BROOK Mary 27-Jan 1710 wife of Capt James
BROOK Mary 23-Jan 1714 wife of Robert
BROOK Mary 13-Mar 1717 young child of Robert/Ruth,
BROOK Mary 4-Nov 1719 d. Robert/Ruth,
BROOK Mary 4-Oct 1723 d. John
BROOK Robert 28-Aug 1707  
BROOK Ruth 17-Apr 1722 wife of Robert
BROOK Sarah 27-Nov 1713 widow
BROOK Thomas 10-Aug 1693 s. Thomas/Mary
BROOK Thomas 28-Nov 1718 carpenter,
BROOK William 20-Mar 1701 drowned 13th January last past [1701] taken up on the seashore this day [with Thomas Smith/Valentine Morris]
BROOKE ........ 21-Aug 1684 infant unbaptised of William/Sarah [given name not recorded]
BROOKE Ann 4-Nov 1684 d. John/Mary
BROOKE Ann 1-Mar 1733 widow 60y
BROOKE Elisabeth 31-Jul 1724 d. Thomas/Barbara,
BROOKE Elisabeth 14-Mar 1731 d. Robert/Ruth, 15y
BROOKE Elisabeth 8-Mar 1743 d. Robert/Ann
BROOKE Francis 17-Mar 1687 mariner,
BROOKE Gregory 13-Aug 1685 s. Robert/Mary
BROOKE John 27-Feb 1731 39y
BROOKE John 23-Apr 1733 s. Robert/Ruth, died in the city of Coimbra in the kingdom of Portugal on 8th November 1732, 18y
BROOKE John 22-Sep 1752 s. William/Susanna, drowned,
BROOKE John & Sarah 27-Mar 1752 s. and d. Robert/Anne
BROOKE Mary 29-Jul 1726 widow of John, aged 81y
BROOKE Mary 13-Nov 1729 d. Robert/Sarah
BROOKE Mary 7-Feb 1731 widow, aged 66y
BROOKE Mary 26-Nov 1732 d. Robert/Sarah
BROOKE Robert 6-Feb 1731 infant s. John/Barbara,
BROOKE Robert 22-Mar 1740 s. Robert/Elisabeth
BROOKE Robert & Barbara 4-Oct 1728 s. and d. John/Barbara,
BROOKE Sarah 26-Feb 1725 d. Robert/Sarah
BROOKE Sarah 8-Jun 1731 wife of Robert, aged 36y
BROOKE Sarah 20-Jun 1735 d. Robert/Sarah
BROOKE Sarah & Elizabeth 4-Nov 1746 ds. Robert/Mary
BROOKE William 4-Sep 1686 s. Robert/Mary
BROOKER Elizabeth 4-Sep 1686 widow poor woman,
BROOKS Nathanael 4-Jul 1746 s. Thomas/Mary of St Paul [sic], Stepney near London,
BROOMAN ........ 2-Aug 1711 young child of John/Mary [given name not recorded]
BROOMAN Elisabeth 17-Apr 1692 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Elisabeth 9-Mar 1741 d. John/Mary, died 21 Feb 1739 aged 42, buried in a vault in St Lawrence churchyard, and removed from there 8 Mar 1741 to be laid by her sister/family in this new vault [preceding entry for Susanna Homes refers to a new vault], circa 9Mar
BROOMAN John 24-Nov 1743 76y
BROOMAN Mary 10-Mar 1701 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Sophia 19-Apr 1712 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Susana 14-Mar 1690 d. John/Mary
BROWN Edward 31-Jan 1747 s. John/Martha
BROWN Frances 15-Feb 1750 wife of Mark,
BROWN Sarah 20-Dec 1752 d. John/Sarah
BROWNE ........ 27-Dec 1702 c. Thomas [given name not recorded]
BROWNE Andrew 3-Nov 1688 widower,
BROWNE Daniel 27-Dec 1744 infant s. Thomas/Martha
BROWNE Edmund 9-Dec 1690 poor man,
BROWNE Elisabeth 30-Nov 1726 wife of John
BROWNE Elisabeth 8-Mar 1737 d. Thomas/Martha
BROWNE John 6-Dec 1730 s. William/Jane
BROWNE Margarett 23-Mar 1698 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded] [year incorrectly altered to 1699 -see Thomas Clunn]
BROWNE Mark 14-Oct 1714 s. Thomas
BROWNE Mark 9-Sep 1719 s. Mark [mother's name not recorded]
BROWNE Thomas 4-Jun 1710  
BRUCE Daniel 5-Sep 1707 of her majesty's ship Leopard,
BUBB Robert 13-Oct 1737 55y
BUBB Samuel 24-Sep 1710 s. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
BUBB William 20-May 1694 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
BUBB William 22-Apr 1719 senior
BUBB Zachariah 3-Jul 1718 s. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
BUBBARS ........ 12-Nov 1700 widow [given name not recorded]
BUCHER Thomas 24-Oct 1704 c. waygoing woman,
BULLOCK Richard 28-Mar 1705 servant to Mr ........TURNNER,
BURCHET Elizabeth 21-Aug 1748 48y
BURGIS Susanah 12-Jul 1695 widow
BURNEL Elizabeth 11-Dec 1750 wife of Thomas,
BURNEL Thomas 18-Mar 1730 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
BURNELL Edward 14-Mar 1726 junior
BURNELL Edward 10-Jan 1747 s. William/Mary
BURNELL Edward 25-Jul 1753  
BURNELL Jane 9-Oct 1743 d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BURNELL Martha 9-Oct 1746 d. William/Mary
BURNELL Mary 16-Oct 1746 d. William/Mary
BURNELL Mary 10-Jan 1747 d. Thomas/Elizabetha,
BURNELL Sarah 2-Oct 1747 wife of Edward, aged 75y
BURTON George 10-Jun 1728  
BURTON Margaret 22-Oct 1719 d. George
BURTON Margaret 15-Mar 1719 wife of George
BURTON Mary 14-Nov 1725 d. George/Anne
BUSH John 15-Oct 1696 seaman brought ashore dead,
BUSHEL Anne 24-Feb 1730  
BUSHEL Deborah 30-Aug 1735 bastard c. Sarah
BUSHEL Lovinia 17-Sep 1751 d. Stephen/Lovinia,
BUSHEL Mildred 10-Sep 1728 d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BUSHEL Priscilla 11-Sep 1735 d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BUSHEL Robert 15-Aug 1736 s. John/Ann
BUSHEL Susanna 5-Jun 1742 d. William/Martha
BUSHEL Thomas 15-Sep 1734 s. Thomas/Elisabeth
BUSHEL William 5-Feb 1726 old man suffocated by charcoal [first started to write 'smoke' ?] in a boat's cabin,
BUSHELL John 26-May 1705 ancient man,
BUSHELL Mary 18-May 1687 c. French parents late landed at Margate,
BUSHELL Mildred 19-Jan 1703 wife of William
BUSHOP Thomas 21-Sep 1718 senior
BUTFLOWER James 20-Feb 1753  
BUTLER Margaret 3-Jul 1735 d. Richard/Margaret
BUTLER Richard 7-Mar 1734 s. Daniel/Mary
BUTLER Richard 27-May 1748 s. Richard/Margaret
BUXEL Mary 17-Jan 1746 d. Peter/Mary
BUXLEY Jane 27-Nov 1687 wife of Isaac
CALDECOTT John 22-Sep 1738 s. Mr William/Mary his wife, in the same grave with them, 32y
CALDECOTTE Mary 20-Sep 1735 Mrs. widow of Of William gent, from St Antholin in London, 70y
CALDECOTTE William 2-Jul 1725 gent, supervisor of the wool officers,
CAMPBELL Silvester 7-Nov 1727 wife of John
CANABY Ann 19-Dec 1739 wife of John, above 60y
CANABY Judith 11-Jul 1720 d. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
CANABY Mary 3-Sep 1719 widow
CANNABY Richard 6-Dec 1731 s. Robert/Charity, killed by the goring of a cow going to slaughter and teased by this and other boys ~ the cow ran a horn behind his ear, fractured his skull and concussed his brain so that he died raving mad, aged 9y
CANTIS Rebackah 3-Mar 1718 widow
CANTISH Anne 29-Aug 1707 d. Matt/Rebackah,
CANTISH Mathias 14-Sep 1707  
CANTISH Mathias 16-Nov 1721 bachelor
CANTISH Michaell 5-Oct 1707 s. Matthias/Rebackah,
CANTISH Rachell 1-Jul 1703 d. Matthias,
CARD John 17-Oct 1737 of Weymouth in Dorset, 49y, died on board his ship in the Road,
CARDY Mary 14-Dec 1690 widow
CARTER Esther 7-Dec 1732 from Jamaica, 27y
CARTER William 29-Dec 1692 glasier, poor man,
CASTEL Clement 1-Nov 1745 32y, of a consumption,
CASTEL Elisabeth 21-Mar 1730 widow, 63y
CASTEL John 16-Feb 1752 80y
CASTEL Martha 25-Aug 1745 wife of John, 74y
CASTEL Mary 30-Jul 1732 wife of Richard, died in childbed, 35y
CASTEL Mary 14-Dec 1732 wife of William, 54y
CASTEL Robert 19-Jun 1728 of Alkham in Kent,
CASTEL Sarah 24-Jun 1736 d. William/Margaret
CASTEL Susanna 22-Nov 1747 wife of John, 69y
CASTEL Thomas 5-Apr 1738 56y
CASTEL Thomas 8-Dec 1739 35y
CASTLE ........ 6-Apr 1682 infant unbaptised of Richard/Elizabeth [given name not recorded]
CASTLE ........ 22-Nov 1683 infant unbaptised of Richard/Mary [given name not recorded]
CASTLE ........ 1-Sep 1706 wife of John, the elder, [given name not recorded]
CASTLE ........ 27-Feb 1708 c. Thomas/Alice [given name not recorded]
CASTLE Alice 18-Dec 1745 64y
CASTLE Ann 6-Apr 1683 d. Richard/Ann
CASTLE Ann 8-Jan 1683 wife of Richard
CASTLE Anne 30-Dec 1712 d. John/Martha
CASTLE Elizabeth 5-Sep 1686 d. Richard/Elizabeth
CASTLE Elizabeth 13-Aug 1686 wife of Richard
CASTLE Elizabeth 24-Oct 1694 widow
CASTLE Elizabeth 2-Oct 1721 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
CASTLE Elizabeth 28-Dec 1746 d. George/Elizabeth
CASTLE George 27-Sep 1719 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
CASTLE George 1-Dec 1745 of a flux, 25y
CASTLE Margaret 16-Mar 1741 wife of William, 32y
CASTLE Mary 16-Oct 1681 d. William/Susan
CASTLE Mary 30-Oct 1692 d. Richard/Elisabeth
CASTLE Mary 18-Feb 1708 wife of Thomas
CASTLE Mary 23-Oct 1748  
CASTLE Rebecca 26-Jan 1753 wife of Richard,
CASTLE Richard 30-Jul 1682 s. Richard/Ann
CASTLE Richard 3-May 1690 s. Richard/Elisabeth
CASTLE Richard 19-Sep 1753  
CASTLE Sarah 18-Sep 1719 young child of Thomas
CASTLE Susanna 20-Dec 1721 widow
CASTLE Thomas 27-Oct 1696  
CASTLE Thomas   1724 the elder, 80y
CASTLE William 3-Apr 1713 senior
CASTLE William 25-Apr 1750 75y
CEELEY Anne 14-Feb 1716 widow
CEELEY Elizabeth 7-Dec 1715 wife of John
CEELEY John 20-Oct 1717 young child of John/Sarah
CEMET John 4-Mar 1710 young child of John/Sarah
CEMMETT Sarah 20-Feb 1715 wife of John
CEMMIT John 22-May 1716 s. John [mother's name not recorded]
CEMMITT Elizabeth 6-Mar 1720 d. John
CEMMITT John 18-Dec 1720 s. John [mother's name not recorded]
CHAMBERS Alexander 7-Dec 1703 s. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
CHAMBERS Anne 11-Jan 1714 wife of Edward,
CHAMBERS Anne 21-Apr 1721 d. Edward/Elizabeth,
CHAMBERS Edward 9-Feb 1688 cordwainer,
CHAMBERS Edward 27-Mar 1729  
CHAMBERS George 8-Dec 1695 chirurgion [sic: surgeon],
CHAMBERS John 1-Nov 1746  
CHAMBERS Mary 18-Jun 1700 widow
CHAMBERS Sarah 29-Jul 1710 d. Edward
CHAMBERS Susanah 25-Feb 1702 widow
CHAMBERS Thomas & John 2-Oct 1702 ss. Edward
CHAPMAN John 7-Sep 1709 late of St Peter
CHAPMAN Sarah 5-Aug 1731 48y
CHEWNEY ........ 21-Oct 1709 Mrs widow [given name not recorded]
CHEWNEY Catharine 6-Jul 1734 Mrs d. Nicholas CHEWNEY once vicar otp, 79y
CHEWNEY Elisabeth 28-Nov 1741 youngest d. Dr Nicholas CHEWNEY formerly vicar otp, about 88y
CHEWNEY Nicholas 18-Jul 1718 Mr., chiurgion [sic: surgeon],
CHEWNEY Nicolas 28-Aug 1685 Dr, vicar otp,
CHILDS Thomas 22-Jun 1697  
CHITTENDEN Hanah 10-Nov 1683 d. John/........, [mother's name not recorded]
CHRISTIAN Thomas 9-Aug 1724 died aboard ship from the West Indies, he was either from Herne or Whitstable,
CHUBB Malachi 22-Feb 1745 78y
CHUBB Mary 24-Oct 1752 widow
CHURCH Anne 24-Nov 1730 d. George/Mary
CHURCH George 2-Apr 1727 s. George/Mary
CHURCH George 14-Jun 1733 , 18y
CIELY John 11-Jan 1747 93y
CLARE John 21-Dec 1686 poor man,
CLARE Sarah 22-Nov 1699 widow
CLARK Mary 12-Jul 1740 70y
CLARKE Israel 21-Feb 1750  
CLARKE Martha 3-Oct 1753 child from Ramsgate,
CLARKE Richard 19-Apr 1753 child from Ramsgate,
CLEEVELAND ........ 14-Sep 1686 widow [given name not recorded]
CLEVELAND John 28-Jul 1736 s. John/Elizabeth
CLIFFARD John 1-Feb 1746 s. Jeremiah/Mary
CLIFFORD Elisabeth 19-Jan 1742 widow, 65y
CLIFFORD John 20-Jul 1737 s. Jeremy/Mary
CLIFFORD Mary 15-Oct 1713 c. Thomas
CLIFFORD Thomas 6-Jun 1737 70y
CLUN Sarah 20-Jan 1729 wife of William of St Peter
CLUNN Peter 14-Aug 1688 s. William/Sarah
CLUNN Thomas 28-Mar 1699 s. Thomas [year incorrectly written 1698 -see Margarett Browne] ,
COB James 15-Jun 1726 s. William/Martha
COB John 27-Jun 1737 s. William/Martha
COB John 6-Jun 1740 s. John/Sarah
COB John 1-Feb 1743 s. John/Sarah
COB Mary 16-Jun 1728 d. John/Sarah
COB Sarah 4-Nov 1741 d. John/Sarah
COB Thomas 7-Sep 1745 s. John/Sarah
COB William 6-Apr 1746 22y
COBB Martha 27-Dec 1744 wife of William, 47y, of a dropsy
COBB William 26-Dec 1747 52y
COBB William 3-Sep 1749 s. Francis/Elizabeth
COBB William 7-Oct 1750 s. Francis/Elizabeth,
COCK ........ 20-Oct 1681 infant unbaptised of John/Sarah [given name not recorded]
COCK Ann 10-Jan 1693 d. John/Elizabeth
COCK Ann 11-Aug 1741 61y
COCK Elisabeth 7-Apr 1734 50y
COCK Henry 21-Aug 1713 s. ElizabethWISDOM by Henry COCK,
COCK Henry 15-Jul 1734 aged … [age left blank]
COCK Jacob 25-Mar 1748 s. John/Sarah
COCK Jane 27-Jul 1731 wife of John, spinster, 35y
COCK John 6-Mar 1729 parish clerk, 69y
COCK John 19-Jul 1741 s. John/Jane
COCK John 28-Dec 1753 s. Thomas/Anne
COCK John & Sarah 8-Apr 1747 s. and d. John/Sarah, children,
COCK Sarah 24-Aug 1696 widow
COCK Sarah 23-Nov 1716 d. John, mariner late otp,
COCK Susanna 17-Sep 1735 widow
COCK Susanna 9-Nov 1736 d. John/Mary, 3y
COCK William 26-May 1693  
COCKARD Benjamin 4-Nov 1740 with Edward Hutchinson and a third unknown [see Hutchinson's entry],
COCKE Elizabeth 2-Mar 1724 widow of John
COCKE John 8-Jul 1724 collar maker,
COCKE John 9-Oct 1732 fisherman of Folkestone, 40y
COCKE Sarah 30-Jun 1697 wife of John, mariner,
COCKSON Elisabeth 18-Feb 1727 widow, about 73y
COCKSON Mary 4-Jun 1753 wife of Francis
COFFHAM Stephen 2-Oct 1684 fisherman,
COLE Elizabeth 3-Dec 1697 wife of William of London,
COLLENS ........ 10-Mar 1712 s. John/Mary [given name not recorded]
COLLENS ........ 29-Oct 1717 c. Stephen [given name not recorded]
COLLENS Anne 8-Sep 1713 d. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
COLLER Ann 24-Apr 1743 widow, about 80y
COLLET Elisabeth 8-Jun 1692 maiden,
COLLETT John 1-Apr 1698 bachelor
COLLETT Mary 10-Jul 1685 d. Francis sometime otp, mariner,
COLLINGS Stephen 7-Jan 1746 87y
COLLINS Elisabeth 13-Apr 1742 25y
COLLINS Hannah 30-Jan 1753 widow
COLTHORP or COLETROPE Mary 10-Aug 1737 widow, 47y, starved to death due to a fleshy excrescence in her throat, hindering swallowing,
COLTROUP Mary 13-Aug 1718 young child of Thomas
COLTROUP Thomas & Richard 28-Mar 1720 ss. Thomas
CONDEY Susanna 30-Mar 1715 widow, in linen,
CONNOL Powel 18-Nov 1740 from on board ship in the Road,
CONSTABLE Elisabeth 29-Sep 1735 13y
CONSTABLE Elisabeth 26-Nov 1745 d. Thomas/Sarah
CONSTABLE James 26-Mar 1742 s. Thomas/Sarah [year written in margin as 1741] ,
CONSTABLE Mary 19-Mar 1727 widow, 77y
CONSTABLE Mary 24-Nov 1745 wife of James, 50y
CONSTABLE Matthew 18-Dec 1701 P [pauper]
CONSTABLE Matthew 29-May 1715  
CONSTABLE Sarah 28-May 1695 wife of Matthew
CONSTABLE Sarah 19-Nov 1745 wife of Thomas, 44y
CONSTABLE Thomas 28-May 1689 s. Matthew/Mary
CONSTANT Edward 13-Nov 1716 s. Edward/Mary
CONSTANT Edward 19-Nov 1729  
CONSTANT Elisabeth 25-Nov 1691 widow
CONSTANT Elizabeth 14-Aug 1693 d. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT John 30-Jun 1685 s. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT Mary 7-Sep 1712 young child of Nicholas/Sibbela,
CONSTANT Mary 26-Nov 1729 junior widow, 63y
CONSTANT Mary 27-Nov 1729 senior, widow, 70y
CONSTANT Nicholas 12-Jul 1713 s. Nicholas/Sibbell,
CONSTANT Nicholas 1-Oct 1713 s. Nicholas/Sibbell,
CONSTANT Nicholas 15-Mar 1715 mariner,
CONSTANT Ralph 4-Nov 1689 s. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT Ralph 6-Jun 1713 s. Nicholas/Sibbell,
CONSTANT Roger 1-Jan 1709 young s. Nicholas/Sibbella,
CONSTANT Sibbell 10-Oct 1713 wife of Nicholas
CONSTANT Thomas 25-Oct 1745 36y, died suddenly in a barn,
CONSTANT Thomas 9-Mar 1745 91y
CONSTANT William 18-Jan 1699 s. Ralph [mother's name not recorded]
CONYERS Cymbert 18-Jun 1731 of Faversham, killed by fall from his horse on 16th June,
COOK John 30-Mar 1746 s. Thomas/Elisabeth
COOK John 13-Nov 1747 stranger,
COOK Mary 17-Sep 1707 d. William/Mary
COOK William 25-Apr 1725 bachelor
COOK William 26-Mar 1749 77y
COOKE Edward 19-Jan 1689 s. George of Berwick upon Tweed, drowned out of the ship called the Stark,
COOKE Elizabeth 12-Jul 1747 infant,
COOKE John 13-Jan 1689 s. George of Berwick upon Tweed, who was drowned out of the ship called the Stark whereof Capt John RANSOM was commander, bound for Virginia/wrecked upon this coast,
COOKE Katherine 14-Dec 1685 widow
COOKE Mary 19-Apr 1726 wife of William
COOKE Sarah 8-Nov 1727  
COPPEN Dameris 28-Apr 1693 wife of Richard
COPPEN Sarah 24-Aug 1718 maiden,
COPPER Elizabeth 8-Sep 1700 widow
COPPER Elizabeth 25-Jun 1714 d. Thomas bound for Brudges,
COPPIN ........ 28-Oct 1708 widow [given name not recorded]
COPPIN Ann 4-Jun 1685 wife of Thomas
COPPIN Ann 18-Apr 1687 widow, aged woman,
COPPIN James 24-Aug 1705 bachelor
COPPIN John 30-Sep 1714  
COPPIN Katherine 21-Jan 1681 wife of William
COPPIN Richard 19-Feb 1696 widower,
COPPIN Sarah 9-Jul 1685 d. Richard/Damaris
COPPIN Thomas 17-Jul 1685 s. Richard/Damaris
CORQUETT Samuel 16-Aug 1693  
CORY Francis 23-Mar 1692 parish clerk,
CORY Mary 7-Mar 1722 widow
COSWORTH Arundel 24-Mar 1732 s. Arundel/Martha
COULTROP Edward 21-Jan 1728 s. Thomas/Mary
COULTROP Elizabeth 26-Apr 1724 d. Thomas/Mary
COULTROP Mary 29-Nov 1727 wife of Thomas
COULTROP Thomas 19-Jun 1734 47y
COVEL John 22-Jan 1752 s. George/Mary
COVEL Martha 9-Jan 1743 d. George/Mary
COWEL Alice 28-Jan 1742 wife of John, 63y
COWEL Benjamin 5-Jul 1731 died of epileptic fits, 21y
COWEL Benjamin 2-May 1749 s. Beaton/Elizabeth
COWEL Grant 20-Aug 1752 of Edward/Mary
COWEL John 20-Oct 1731 s. John, Jr./Mary of Thorne in Minster, 6m,
COWEL John 15-Nov 1747 72y
COWEL Joseph 4-Mar 1748  
COWEL Mary 7-Apr 1749 d. Edward/Mary
COWEL William 8-Jan 1747 34y
COWELL John 31-May 1698 senior
COWELL Sarah 8-Feb 1683 d. John/Sarah
COWELL Sarah 25-Dec 1707 widow
COWES John 27-Apr 1705 s. Henry/Anne
COX Letecia 28-Aug 1688 wife of Stephen, tailor,
COX Stephen 17-Mar 1691 tailor,
COXEN Elizabeth 18-May 1710 d. Jacob
COXEN Jacob 27-Jun 1712 tailor,
CRAFT Robert 12-Nov 1746 s. John/Sarah
CRAMP Dameris 30-Jul 1719 wife of Thomas
CRAMP Thomas 16-Aug 1748 s. Thomas/Jane
CRAMPE John 21-Jul 1686 senior
CREED John 4-Nov 1701 bachelor
CROUCHER John 7-Oct 1681 s. John/Sarah
CROUCHER Sarah 14-Aug 1690 wife of John
CRUMP Dorothy 24-May 1706 wife of John now of St Lawrence,
CRUMPE Jane 15-Jan 1690 widow of John
CULLEN Charles 19-Aug 1749 s. Charles/Elizabeth
CULLEN Zechariah 24-Apr 1752 s. Charles/Elizabeth
CULLMER Edward 6-Oct 1687 s. Guilford/Ann
CULLMER Elizabeth 16-Apr 1683 wife of Henry
CULLMER Henry 29-Aug 1690 seaman,
CULLMER Jeremiah 28-Dec 1687 mariner,
CULLMER Mary 2-Sep 1690 widow
CULMER ........ 20-Feb 1708 c. John [given name not recorded]
CULMER Anne 7-Oct 1711 d. Jeremy/Anne
CULMER Elisabeth 18-May 1739 d. John/Susanna
CULMER Elizabeth 1-Oct 1753 widow
CULMER George 16-Feb 1715  
CULMER Gilford   1709 ancient man
CULMER Jeremy 29-Sep 1722 s. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
CULMER Jeremy 20-Jul 1735 28y
CULMER Joanna 7-Mar 1750 wife of Stephen
CULMER John 2-May 1728  
CULMER Laming 18-Oct 1739 s. Francis/Dorothy
CULMER Martha 28-Mar 1748 60y
CULMER Mary 12-Aug 1715 d. Stephen/Joanna,
CULMER Mary 13-Oct 1724 widow
CULMER Moses 2-Nov 1739 27y, drowned off the Nighland Rock with Richard Wilds, buried in same grave,
CULMER Rachel 7-Oct 1742 d. Francis/Dorothy
CULMER Roger 22-Oct 1746 s. Francis/Dorothy
CULMER Stephen 12-Aug 1702 s. Jerimiah, [mother's name not recorded]
CULMER Stephen 27-May 1719 s. Stephen/Joanna,
CULMER Stephen 17-May 1752  
CULMER Susanah 4-Jun 1696 d. Henry/Susan
CULMER Susanah 4-Jun 1696 d. John/Elizabeth
CULMER Susanna 21-Dec 1737 widow, 74y
CULMER Valentine 4-Jul 1704  
CURLING ........ 25-Feb 1701 c. Mary [given name not recorded]
CURLING Ann 13-Dec 1695 maiden,
CURLING Margaret 26-Jan 1691 wife of Nicolas
CURLING Mary 21-Oct 1689 widow of Michael late of St Lawrence in Thanet,
CURRIER Thomas 2-Aug 1690 brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship the Defiance,
DADDS Mary 11-Mar 1724 widow
DADS Edward 25-Sep 1721  
DALE Anne 25-Apr 1718 young child of Edward
DALE Edward 15-May 1726  
DALE Mary 2-Aug 1719 d. Edward
DANE John 14-Mar 1689 brought ashore sick out of the Portsmouth frigate,
DANN Margaret 12-Jan 1690 wife of Henry
DANN Roger 28-Dec 1690 s. Henry/Margaret
DANSON Elisabeth 13-Sep 1744 d. Isaac/Mary
DANTON Isaac 9-May 1747 55y
DANTON Mary 15-Aug 1736 d. Isaac/Mary
DAUNTON Elisabeth 30-May 1745 d. Isaac/Jane
DAUSON ........ 5-Dec 1719 wife of Nicholas [given name not recorded]
DAUSON Elizabeth 17-Oct 1721 wife of Nicholas
DAUSON Phillip 22-May 1721 s. Thomas/Sarah
DAVIS ........ 20-Jul 1690 of William [no relationship, sex or given name recorded]
DAVIS Jane 2-Mar 1689 wife of William
DAVIS Jane 9-Apr 1716 widow
DAVIS John 2-Aug 1712 discharged soldier, Welshman,
DAVIS William 18-Jun 1704 poor man,
DAWSON Anne 30-Apr 1734 d. Nicholas/Mary
DAWSON John 14-Apr 1725 s. Thomas/Sarah
DAWSON John 8-Oct 1727 s. Thomas/Sarah
DAWSON John 27-Mar 1737 16y
DAWSON Nicholas 31-Jan 1729 80y
DAWSON Richard 5-Jul 1731 s. John/Elizabeth
DAWSON Sarah 6-May 1739 wife of Thomas, 49y
DAWSON Thomas 21-Feb 1730 s. Thomas/Sarah
DAY William Masterman 19-Aug 1753 s. John/Sarah
DEBOCK Martha 22-Oct 1747 d. Isaac/Mary
DEBUCK Denis 9-Oct 1719 cordwainer,
DEPUTY William 21-Jul 1690 brought sick out of their majesties ship the Suffolk,
DIGGES Anne 19-Feb 1702 wife of Mr Francis
DIGGES Dudley 15-Dec 1716 the elder
DIGGES Dudley 11-Jun 1726 s. Francis/Elisabeth
DIGGES Edward 16-Apr 1726  
DIGGES Leonard 19-Mar 1730 s. Francis/Elisabeth
DIGGES Martha 2-Sep 1695 d. Mr Dudley/Ann
DIGGES Mary 9-Jul 1689 wife of Mr Dudley
DIGGES Sarah 20-Sep 1687 d. Dudley/Mary
DIGGES William 16-May 1696 s. Mr Dudley/Ann
DIGGS Anne 11-Dec 1720 widow of Mr Dudley
DIGGS Dudley 2-Nov 1715  
DIGGS Dudley 22-May 1719 s. Francis [mother's name not recorded]
DIGGS Francis 26-Apr 1713 senior, Mr,
DIGGS Mary 10-Mar 1752  
DIGGS Sarah 7-May 1736 widow, 70y
DIGGS Susanna 25-Dec 1737 widow, 63y
DIGGS William 30-Jul 1714 s. Dudley [mother's name not recorded]
DILL Sarah 4-Mar 1749 73y
DIXON ........ 18-Jul 1708 c. Francis/Mary [given name not recorded]
DIXON George 1-Nov 1699 s. Francis [mother's name not recorded]
DIXON George 24-Feb 1701 s. Francis [mother's name not recorded]
DIXON James 20-Feb 1685  
DIXON James 31-Aug 1690 maultster [sic: maltster],
DIXON Mary 13-Aug 1695 the elder, widow
DIXON Mary 18-Jul 1723 wife of Francis
DIXON Mary 9-Nov 1726 widow, 73y
DIXON Mary 8-Apr 1733 wife of Richard , 46y
DIXON Rachel 8-Feb 1736 12y
DIXON Richard 11-Nov 1733  
DIXON Susanna 6-Sep 1737 wife of James, in childbed having born two children, 29y
DIXON Susanna 26-Dec 1748 d. James/Ann
DOBSON John 9-Sep 1747 of Stayers in Kinderwell, Yorkshire, 19y
DOBSON Jonathan 30-Jul 1690 brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship the Suffolk,
DODSHON Mary 30-Oct 1681 d. Joshua/Mary
DODSON ........ 20-Apr 1706 wife of Israel [given name not recorded]
DODSON Israel 4-Sep 1721 ancient man,
DOES ........ 1…Aug 1722 widow [given name not recorded]
DONCASTER Elisabeth 14-Apr 1744 widow, 84y
DONCASTER Hannah 6-Feb 1738 65y
DONCASTER Rachel 7-Feb 1753 widow
DONCASTER William 20-Sep 1684 s. Benjamin/Sarah
DONKESTER ........ 26-Oct 1694 three children of Thomas/Elizabeth, 'boarne all at a birth', [given name not recorded]
DONKESTER Ann 10-Sep 1699 d. Thomas/Elizabeth,
DONKESTER John 17-Jan 1746 s. Benjamin/Martha
DONKESTER Judith 6-Sep 1724 Mrs, ancient wid,
DONKESTER Thomas 5-Sep 1723  
DOUBTY Sarah 16-Dec 1746 d. Mary
DOUST Gabriell 30-Jul 1690 brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship the Elizabeth
DOUTIE Mary 25-Dec 1730 d. Jeremy/Mary
DOUTY George 29-Sep 1741 s. George/Sarah
DOUTY Mary 27-Jul 1727 d. Jeremiah/Mary
DU MARAIS Phillipe 3-Sep 1683 of the Island of Gersey [Jersey], master of the ship called the Guift of God, who died at the house of Roger LAMING, known as the sign of the Dukes Head in Margate,
DUKE Lucy 5-Jul 1710 widow
DUKE Robert 8-Jan 1707 seaman,
DUKE Stephen 7-Aug 1684 s. Robert/Luce,
DUN David 14-Mar 1741 s. Richard/Elisabeth, 3y
DUNINGS William 18-Jan 1690 of Nonington in Kent,
DUNKIN Mary 23-Sep 1683 wife of William
DUNN Ann 8-Sep 1746 d. Richard/Elisabeth
DUNN David 12-Sep 1746 s. Richard/Elisabeth
DUNN James 21-Nov 1749  
DUNN Mary 3-Oct 1746 d. Richard/Elisabeth, spinster
DURANT Henry 2-Dec 1735 22y
DURANT Mary 24-Aug 1729 widow
DURRANT Edward 26-Jun 1714  
DURRANT John 18-Sep 1700 yeoman,
DURRANT John 11-Jan 1722 s. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
DURRANT Mary 8-Mar 1705 widow, P [pauper]
DURRANT Mary 8-Aug 1711 d. Edward
EDEN Anne 21-Oct 1727 wife of Ralfe,
EDGE Percivall 14-Aug 1684 s. Percivall/Margarett
EDGENDER George 14-Jan 1689 s. John/Sarah
EDGERTON George 16-Apr 1702 s. John [mother's name not recorded], P [pauper]
EDGERTON John 30-Oct 1709 mariner,
EDGERTON Roger & Elizabeth 7-Apr 1702 children of Joh, P [pauper]
EDGERTON William 3-Apr 1702 s. John [mother's name not recorded], P [pauper]
EDLE John 11-Sep 1709 ancient man,
EGERTON alias EDGENDER Sarah 17-Jan 1724 widow
ELGAR Dennis 9-Apr 1725 d. William/Mary
ELGAR Francis 18-Jan 1726 s. William/Mary
ELGAR Mary 15-Nov 1733 wife of William
ELLINOR Thomas 18-Apr 1737 bachelor, 26y
ELLNOR Edward 5-Nov 1684 s. Emanuell/Alice
ELLNOR Emanuell 6-Apr 1687 bricklayer
ELLNOR John 19-Mar 1684 s. William/Elizabeth
ELLNOR John 3-May 1690 s. Emanuell/Alice
ELLNOR William 28-Mar 1685 s. William/Elizabeth
ELLNOR William 1-Jul 1688 s. Emanuel/Alice
ELLSETTER Sibella 9-Jun 1687 widow
ELNOR Paul 6-Mar 1708  
ELVERY Edward 19-Sep 1692 s. Ralph/Frances,
ELVERY Elizabeth 5-Jan 1695 d. Ralph [mother's name not recorded]
ELVERY Elizabeth 13-Jul 1721 wife of Edward
ELVERY Frances 31-Jul 1685 wife of Ralph
ELVERY Jane 31-Mar 1691 d. Ralph/Frances,
ELVERY Katharine 22-Jul 1724 wife of Edward
ELVERY Mary 1-Jan 1750 wife of Edward,
ELVERY Mildred 19-Mar 1720 widow
ELVERY Ralph 21-Mar 1699  
ELVERY Sarah 5-Feb 1746 wife of Edward, 26y
ELVERY Susanna 20-Aug 1727 d. Ralph/Susanna
EMMS John 21-Jul 1689 s. Edward/Elizabeth
EMPTAGE Christain 31-Jul 1691 wife of Thomas
EMPTAGE Elizabeth 4-Apr 1713 d. William [mother's name not recorded]
EMPTAGE Henry 21-Jun 1722 s. William/Jane
EMPTAGE Jane 18-Mar 1731 died in childbed of a bastard child and 'had not Christian burial',
EMPTAGE Jane 23-Mar 1737 widow, 60y
EMPTAGE Mary 27-Feb 1698 wife of William
EMPTAGE Richard 4-Feb 1720 bachelor
EMPTAGE Robert 13-Apr 1720 s. William/Jane
EMPTAGE Stephen 23-Mar 1715 young child of William/Jane
EMPTAGE Thomas 16-Apr 1694 senior
EMPTAGE Valentine 2-Apr 1716 s. William/Jane
EMPTAGE William 16-Jul 1682 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
EMPTAGE William 21-Oct 1725 ancient poor man,
EPPS Mary 19-Feb 1687 Mrs, ancient maiden,
EPSLEY Mary 6-Oct 1686 d. Katherine EPSLEY by Paul HART the supposed father,
EVANS Thomas 4-Aug 1728 strange youth from Essex,
EVERET Elisabeth 16-Nov 1736 widow, 48y
EVERET Henry 2-May 1725 shepherd,
EVERETT Elizabeth 9-Aug 1718 young child of Henry
EVERS Mary 17-Aug 1688 d. William/Susanna of Romansgate [Ramsgate],
EWEL Mary 24-Oct 1739 widow, 66y
EWELL Edward 2-Dec 1711  
EWELL Sarah 16-Mar 1707 d. Edward/Mary
EWMANS or YEWMANS William 7-May 1727 s. James/Elisabeth
FAG Ann 6-Nov 1739 22y
FAG Edward 9-Oct 1735 72y
FAG Mary 7-Apr 1736 wife of James, 64y
FAG Mary 9-May 1737 34y
FAG Sarah 26-Jul 1725 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
FAG Sarah 19-Jan 1744 wife of Thomas, 43y
FAG Stephen 3-Oct 1735 s. Stephen/Mary
FAG Susanna 14-Jan 1738 d. William/Susanna
FAG Susanna 6-Oct 1738 wife of William, 20y
FAG Thomas 21-Mar 1727  
FAGG ........ 12-Sep 1683 infant unbaptised of Edward/Martha [given name not recorded]
FAGG ........ 11-Mar 1684 infant unbaptised of Edward/Martha [given name not recorded]
FAGG ........ 28-Dec 1711 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded] [child's given name not recorded]
FAGG Anne 3-Jan 1711 d. James
FAGG Edward 26-Jun 1685  
FAGG Elizabeth 22-Oct 1746 d. Stephen/Mary
FAGG Elizabeth 4-Aug 1751 wife of Thomas,
FAGG James 7-Jul 1749  
FAGG John 9-Apr 1704 bachelor
FAGG John 20-Nov 1746 s. Stephen/Mary
FAGG Lucy 26-Mar 1749  
FAGG Margaret 18-Feb 1712 d. James
FAGG Martha 1-Jul 1705 widow
FAGG William 28-Apr 1714 s. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
FAGUST John 5-Mar 1732 stranger, sailor, 62y
FAIRMAN Daniel 10-Apr 1696  
FAIRMAN Frances 5-Jun 1688 wife of Daniell,
FAIRMAN Mary 4-Jul 1730 18y
FANTING Jeremy 9-May 1689 ancient man,
FANTING Joane 22-Aug 1690 wife of Henry
FANTING Mary 10-Oct 1681 w. William,
FANTING William 16-May 1684 mariner,
FAREMAN Mary 26-Jul 1698 widow
FARMER Mary 27-Jun 1704 Mrs, widow
FARMER Thomas 9-Jun 1700 Mr,
FARNSWORTH William 16-Jun 1722 s. Thomas of Stepney, London
FARSHAM John 31-Aug 1745 mariner, of the smallpox, 42y
FARSHAM Martha 25-Oct 1746 d. Robert/Mary
FARSHAM Mary 12-Jan 1732 d. Robert/Mary, sp.
FARSHAM Mary 20-May 1746 widow, 45y
FARSHAM Robert 8-Feb 1732 s. Robert/Mary
FARSHAM Robert 5-Oct 1736 s. James/Mary, 13y
FARSHAM Robert 27-Jun 1736 78y
FARSHAM Robert 12-Oct 1739 of a dropsy, 42y
FARSHAM Thomasin 19-Jan 1730 widow, 70y
FASHAM ........ 12-Mar 1698 wife of John [given name not recorded]
FASHAM Joana 21-Jul 1682 widow of James
FASHAM John 25-Feb 1689 s. Robert/Mary
FASHAM John 14-Jul 1702 senior, P [pauper]
FASHAM John 11-Sep 1728 s. James/Mary
FASHAM Mary 22-Aug 1691 d. Robert/Mary
FASHAM Mary 13-Sep 1703 ancient maiden,
FASHAM Mary 26-Sep 1731 wife of Robert, 70y
FASHAM Susanah 14-Aug 1702 d. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
FASHAM Thomas 30-Jun 1721  
FENELL Edward 22-Oct 1705 bachelor, servant,
FENTON John 5-May 1725 stranger,
FENWICK William 24-Mar 1696 Mr, excise officer,
FINCH Humphery 22-Mar 1691  
FINCH Humphrey 26-Jul 1691 s. Humphrey/Martha
FLAGDEN Elizabeth 19-Apr 1696 widow
FLAGDEN Henry 4-Jun 1728 s. John/Jane
FLAGDEN John 14-Mar 1727  
FLAGDEN John 7-Apr 1728 s. John/Jane
FLATCHER ........ 25-Sep 1708 wife of Robert [given name not recorded]
FLATCHER Robert 10-Mar 1714  
FLAWELL William 24-May 1698 of St Dunstan in East London,
FLEET Margarett 17-Mar 1698 wife of Thomas
FLEET Mary 19-Feb 1727 servant maid, died suddenly
FLEET Michael 13-Apr 1693  
FLEET Mildred 22-May 1744 54y
FLEETE ........ 11-Jul 1686 [child] of Michael/Susana, [given name not recorded]
FLEETE John 15-Apr 1682 s. Bartholomew/Susana,
FLEETE Susana 19-Oct 1682 d. Michael/Susana,
FLEETE Thomas 16-Feb 1698 s. Thomas/Margarett
FLEMING Stephen 2-Nov 1753 s. Thomas/Margaret
FOARD Elizabeth 9-Oct 1746 d. Roger/Sarah
FOARD George 3-7Jan 1719 senior
FOARD George 28-Jun 1748 aged … [age left blank]
FOARD John 4-Dec 1692 glasier [glazier],
FOARD Martha 3-Jul 1704 wife of George
FOARD Mary 24-Mar 1725 wife of George
FOARD Rejoyce 5-Feb 1715 widow
FOARD Thomas 5-Mar 1684 ancient man,
FOARD Thomas 14-Jan 1686 s. George/Martha
FOARD William 5-Apr 1685 s. John/Martha
FOARMAN Richard 27-Apr 1689 mariner,
FORD Gabriel 14-May 1738 61y
FORD John 12-Dec 1732 s. John/Elisabeth, 8y
FORD John 10-Aug 1736 52y
FORD Margaret 17-Jan 1743 widow, 69y
FORD Mary 15-Jan 1724 c. George/Mary
FORD Mary 7-Oct 1744 d. George/Mary
FOREMAN ........ 2-Jan 1702 c. John/Mary [given name not recorded]
FOREMAN ........ 28-Jun 1702 c. William [given name not recorded]
FOREMAN ........ 22-Jul 1705 c. John/Mary [given name not recorded]
FOREMAN Anne 12-Jul 1722 wife of John
FOREMAN Elizabeth 5-Nov 1714 wife of William
FOREMAN Elizabeth 10-Jul 1718 d. William [mother's name not recorded]
FOREMAN George 10-Jun 1744 61y
FOREMAN John 15-Jan 1737 33y
FOREMAN John 28-Jan 1743 67y
FOREMAN Mary 22-Jun 1716 widow
FOREMAN Mary 11-Dec 1724 d. William [mother's name not recorded]
FOREMAN Richard 18-Nov 1712 mariner,
FOREMAN Sarah 22-Feb 1745 widow, 63y
FOREMAN Susanah 28-Aug 1705 widow
FOREMAN Susanna 9-Feb 1744 widow, 57y
FOREMAN Tressor 12-Dec 1725 wife of John
FOREMAN William 5-May 1731 pilot, 60y
FORSTER Margaret 13-Apr 1712 wife of John
FORT John 19-May 1714 bachelor
FOSTER Elisabeth 19-Aug 1690 widow of Thomas
FOSTER Thomas 9-Aug 1690 shoemaker,
FOX ........ 9-Mar 1700 c. Matthew [given name not recorded]
FOX ........ 24-Sep 1701 c. Matthew [given name not recorded]
FOX ........ 6-Sep 1709 s. Matthew [mother's name not recorded] [child's given name not recorded]
FOX Anne 12-May 1731 34y
FOX Edward 4-Oct 1738 of Chatham, 23y
FOX Elizabeth 26-Dec 1697 d. Matthew/Martha
FOX John 13-May 1733 s. Isaac/Susanna
FOX Martha 8-Dec 1686 wife of William
FOX Martha 3-Aug 1732 widow, 80y
FOX Mary 6-Mar 1699 wife of Robert
FOX Mary 7-Sep 1712 d. Edward/Mary
FOX Matthew 7-Jun 1709 poor man,
FOX Rachel 24-Feb 1745 40y
FOX Robert 25-Jun 1696 s. Matthew/Martha
FOX Robert 6-Feb 1701 s. Robert/Sarah
FOX Robert 10-Jul 1739 72y
FOX Ruth 16-Sep 1712 d. Edward/Mary
FOX Sarah 16-Mar 1736 wife of Robert , about 74y
FOX William 26-Jun 1699  
FRANKLIN Mary 8-Dec 1746 d. John/Sarah
FRANKS Charles 19-Dec 1749 infant,
FRANKS Mary 30-Jul 1749  
FREEMAN Joan 15-Apr 1692 wife of John
FREEMAN John 10-Oct 1703 senior, butcher,
FREEMAN John 1-May 1718 butcher
FREEMAN Roger 30-May 1714  
FREEMAN Sarah 4-Aug 1709 c. John/Susanah,
FREEMAN Stephen 9-Dec 1682 s. John/Joana,
FREEMAN Thomas 3-Jan 1707 bachelor
FRIEND ........ 15-Dec 1719 wife of Thomas [given name not recorded]
FRIEND Elizabeth 16-Jun 1723 widow
FRIEND Elizabeth 19-Jan 1724 spinster,
FRIEND Elizabeth 11-Feb 1747 54y
FRIEND James 7-Jul 1730 s. James/Elisabeth
FRIEND James 19-Apr 1741 mariner, of a rheumatism, 48y
FRIEND Thomas 13-Jun 1721 ancient man,
FRIEND William 25-Sep 1720 senior
GALLOWAY Elizabeth 10-Apr 1706 wife of Benjamin of Rotherhithe, London,
GANN Daniel 19-Mar 1732 s. Robert/Mary
GANN Elisabeth 7-Jun 1732 wife of Robert, died in childbed,
GANN Henry 7-Jun 1732 infant s. Robert/Elisabeth
GANSBEY ........ 3-Feb 1708 widow, ancient woman, [given name not recorded]
GARDINER Susan 12-Sep 1698 widow
GASCOIGNE Henry 4-Jul 1733 s. Henry/Mary
GASCOIGNE James 5-Jun 1733 s. Henry/Mary
GASQUEEN Richard 27-Jun 1688 poor man,
GASQUEENE Elizabeth 22-May 1687 wife of Richard
GATLEY William 21-Sep 1691 of Ashford,
GEERING Ann 26-Aug 1688 d. Henry/Ann
GEERING Henry 20-Sep 1688 Mr, beer and ale brewer,
GEERSON Arthur 7-May 1706  
GEORGE Henry 17-Jul 1706  
GEORGE John 23-Jul 1690 brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship the Suffolk,
GIBBENS ........ 17-Oct 1711 young s. John/Jane [given name not recorded]
GIBBENS ........ 10-Aug 1712 maiden, [given name not recorded]
GIBBENS Edward 12-Nov 1720 senior
GIBBINS ........ 2-Jan 1703 c. Edward [given name not recorded]
GIBBINS ........ 25-Mar 1709 wife of Edward [given name not recorded]
GIBBON Elizabeth 22-Nov 1751 d. Saml/Elizabeth,
GIBBON Henry 20-Jul 1746 s. Samuel/Elisabeth
GIBBON Jane 20-Sep 1752 wife of Thomas,
GIBBON John 3-Nov 1746  
GIBBONS Edward 12-May 1751  
GIBBONS Edward 28-Dec 1753 s. Edward/Mary
GIBBONS Elisabeth 2-Sep 1741 d. Samuel/Elisabeth
GIBBONS John 13-Sep 1750 s. Samuel/Elizabeth
GIBBONS Thomas 3-Sep 1742 26y
GIBBONS Thomas 13-Mar 1745 s. Edward/Mary
GILBERT Ann 26-Dec 1738 widow, 74y
GILBERT Johanna 30-Mar 1705 d. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
GILBERT John 15-May 1692 s. Robert/Ann
GILBERT John 4-May 1712 s. Richard/Margaret
GILBERT John 15-Nov 1719 s. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
GILBERT John 13-Oct 1722 s. John/Elizabeth
GILBERT John 26-Jun 1727 s. Richard/Margaret
GILBERT John 13-Sep 1733 senior, 70y, of the stone,
GILBERT Margaret 13-May 1736 wife of Richard, 50y
GILBERT Rebecka 9-Aug 1684 wife of Benjamin, Citizen of London,
GILBERT Robert 22-Jan 1715 young child of Richard
GILBURD Elizabeth 25-Dec 1750 wife of John
GILES Elisabeth 9-Mar 1730 widow, 56y
GIMBER Mary 27-Jul 1735 d. Saml/Mary of St Peter Sandwich,
GLOVER Elizabeth 18-Aug 1705 Mrs, maiden, Q,
GLOVER James 22-Sep 1732 riding officer at Bradstow [Broadstairs?],
GLOVER John 7-Jan 1685 Capt,
GLOVER John 24-Nov 1714  
GLOVER John 29-Sep 1741 s. James, of the flux, 22y
GLOVER Margaret 29-Dec 1730 widow, 87y
GLOVER Susanah 3-Oct 1713 widow of Capt John
GOARE Mary 22-Nov 1696 d. Robert/Jane
GOATHAM Mary 9-Nov 1734 d. John/Ann
GOATLEY ........ 5-Feb 1692 wife of William [given name not recorded]
GOLD John 14-Oct 1732 tide surveyor, 45y
GOLDFINCH ........ 4-Aug 1684 wife of John, mariner [given name not recorded]
GOLDFINCH ........ 11-May 1703 widow, ancient woman, [given name not recorded]
GOLDFINCH ........ 15-Dec 1703 wife of John [given name not recorded]
GOLDFINCH Anne 13-May 1731 30y, spinster
GOLDFINCH Clement 10-Sep 1684 s. Stephen/Mary
GOLDFINCH Elias 18-Sep 1735 about 72y
GOLDFINCH Elisabeth 30-Mar 1725 widow
GOLDFINCH Elisabeth 23-Jan 1731 48y
GOLDFINCH Elizabeth 23-Sep 1750 widow, 75y
GOLDFINCH John 13-Jan 1710 yeoman,
GOLDFINCH John 29-May 1714 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
GOLDFINCH Martha 30-Sep 1690 d. John/Elisabeth
GOLDFINCH Mary 21-Sep 1714 d. Thomas/Anne
GOLDFINCH Mary 11-Aug 1725 widow
GOLDFINCH Sarah 27-Dec 1688 d. John deceased,
GOLDFINCH Sarah 30-May 1731 wife of Elias, 69y
GOLDFINCH Stephen 9-Mar 1684 bricklayer,
GOLDFINCH Stephen 19-Sep 1699 s. Mary, widow
GOLDFINCH Thomas 14-Dec 1714 drowned,
GOLDSMITH Edward 17-Sep 1721  
GOLDSMITH Edward 24-Apr 1748 s. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITH Elisabeth 24-Nov 1741 wife of John, in childbed, aged 24y
GOLDSMITH Elizabeth 6-Jan 1747 d. Mary
GOLDSMITH Franklin 27-Mar 1748 62y
GOLDSMITH Frankling 28-May 1740 s. John/Elisabeth
GOLDSMITH Franklyn 11-Jul 1720 s. Francklyn, [mother's name not recorded]
GOLDSMITH Jane 26-Sep 1724 wife of Franklin,
GOLDSMITH John 10-Jan 1686 mariner,
GOLDSMITH Mary 5-Mar 1731 d. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITH Richard 4-Jan 1738 bastard c. Mary
GOLDSMITH Sarah 9-Aug 1743 d. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITH Sarah 8-Feb 1750 widow
GOLDSMITH Thomas 5-Apr 1742 s. Mary
GOLDSMITH William 23-Nov 1740 s. Edward/Mary
GOODBOORN alias NEWING John 12-Jan 1700 s. Ann GOODBORN [sic] by Jon NEWING,
GOODBORNE Isaac 22-Jul 1688 s. William/Ann
GOODBORNE Martha 5-Aug 1688 d. William/Ann
GOODBOURNE Anne 15-Feb 1707 widow, ancient woman,
GOODBOURNE William 22-Mar 1722  
GOODBURNE Anne 7-Feb 1726 ancient widow
GOODSON Alexander 1-Apr 1685 s. Alexander/Hanah
GOODSON Alexander 12-Feb 1689 householder,
GOODSON Alexander 21-Dec 1690 s. Alexander/Hanah
GOODSON Ann 7-Jul 1702 maiden,
GOODSON Ann 24-Oct 1739 wife of Richard, 72y
GOODSON Hanah 11-Apr 1694 d. Richard/Hanah
GOODSON Margaret 5-Jun 1727 spinster,
GOODSON Sarah 3-Apr 1683 d. Allexander/Hanah
GOODSON William 4-Aug 1728  
GORDEN Edward 21-Jun 1753 s. Simon/Margaret
GORE Alice 21-Jan 1693 d. Robert/Alice
GORE Alice 18-Dec 1693 wife of Robert
GORE Jane 23-Jun 1723 wife of Robert
GORE John 2-May 1697 s. Robert/Jane
GORE Margaret 18-Apr 1747 infant,
GORE Robert 19-Mar 1733 70y
GORE Susanna 25-May 1740 d. John/Susanna
GORE Thomas 3-Sep 1740 s. Stephen/Elisabeth
GRAINGER ........ 1-Jan 1700 wife of George [given name not recorded]
GRAINGER ........ 10-Apr 1705 two children [names not recorded] of William [given name not recorded]
GRAINGER ........ 13-May 1709 c. William/Mary [given name not recorded]
GRAINGER ........ 19-Jan 1752 widow [given name not recorded]
GRAINGER Elisabeth 7-Jun 1739 d. William/Ann
GRAINGER Elisabeth 23-Nov 1744 wife of Giles, in childbed, aged 39y
GRAINGER George 2-Apr 1713 s. Gyles/Elizabeth
GRAINGER George 13-Oct 1751 s. Gyles/Sarah
GRAINGER John 7-Nov 1748 s. Giles/Sarah
GRAINGER William 9-Mar 1708 blacksmith,
GRANGER George 13-Sep 1731 82y
GRANGER Henry 7-Dec 1750  
GRANGER Jane 17-Dec 1686 d. George/Mary
GRANGER Sarah 18-Oct 1696 d. George/Marie,
GRANGER William 12-May 1734 s. William/Anne
GRANT ........ 27-Mar 1705 wife of George [given name not recorded]
GRANT ........ 26-Jul 1707 wife of John [given name not recorded]
GRANT Alice 19-Mar 1730 wife of John, 63y
GRANT Ann 9-May 1742 d. John/Mary
GRANT Anne 25-Aug 1705 widow
GRANT Anne 19-Aug 1706 wife of Matthew
GRANT Anne 28-Jan 1720 d. Matthew/Hannah
GRANT Edward 11-Nov 1729 61y
GRANT Elisabeth 1-Jul 1735 widow, 69y
GRANT Elizabeth 29-Aug 1714 widow
GRANT Frances 27-Apr 1688 d. Richard/Margarett
GRANT Frances 10-Sep 1704 d. Matthew
GRANT George 19-May 1699 senior
GRANT George 22-Aug 1712 ancient man,
GRANT Jerimiah 11-Jan 1707 seaman,
GRANT John 6-Mar 1687 fisherman, brought ashore drowned,
GRANT John 8-Feb 1743 pilot, 77y
GRANT John 10-Dec 1747 42y
GRANT Margarett 13-Oct 1713 widow
GRANT Martha 25-Aug 1731 d. Mathew/Hanna,
GRANT Mary 13-Apr 1701 d. Edward
GRANT Mary 6-Mar 1707 wife of Matthew
GRANT Mary 16-Dec 1724 wife of Edward
GRANT Mildred 17-Mar 1718 widow
GRANT Richard 19-Jul 1691 s. Richard/Margaret
GRANT Richard 11-Aug 1722 s. Matthew [mother's name not recorded]
GRANT Robert 19-Jan 1714  
GRANT Sarah 10-Feb 1685 d. Thomas/Sibella,
GRANT Sibil 7-Mar 1719 widow
GRANT Thomas 2-Jun 1714 mariner,
GRANT William 18-Jul 1723 s. James [mother's name not recorded]
GRAVES Thomas 18-Oct 1703 marine soldier,
GRAYNGER Elizabeth 4-Nov 1746 d. George/Elizabethh,
GREEDIER Mary 28-Aug 1692 wife of Stephen
GREEDIER Stephen 26-Aug 1697 s. Stephen/Elizabeth
GREEDIER Stephen 14-Jun 1699 the elder
GREENE John 26-Feb 1712  
GREGGS Sarah 30-May 1731 d. Henry/Jane, aged 1y
GREGORY Joseph 23-Jun 1747 of St Dunstan, Stepney, 43y, fisherman, drowned the 15th [Jun 1747] [an unknown lad from the same boat was buried the following day],
GREGORY Mary 5-Jan 1689 d. John/Rejoyce,
GRIGGE Jane 30-Aug 1750 d. Edward/Joanna,
GRIGGS ........ 6-Feb 1702 c. John [given name not recorded]
GRIGGS Jane 10-Nov 1747 d. Edward/Joanna,
GRIGGS Mary 24-Nov 1700 d. John
GRIGGS Mary 23-Aug 1746 d. John/Mary
GRIGGS Sarah 15-Jul 1721 d. John
GRIGGS Sarah 18-Oct 1730 d. John/Mary
GRIGS Henry 30-Mar 1729 s. Henry/Jane
GRIGS Henry 24-Mar 1740 s. Moses/Jane
GUNN Elizabeth 1-Jun 1707 ancient maiden,
GURNEY John 28-Apr 1696 yeoman,
GURNEY John 13-May 1729 s. John/Rebekah, killed by falling out of a cart,
GURNEY Mary 10-May 1716 young child of John
GURNEY Mary 3-Jan 1719 young child of John
GURNEY Rebeckah 17-Jan 1724 widow, 86y
GURNEY Rebekah 24-Nov 1726 d. John/Anne
GURNEY Rebekah 20-Jan 1730 d. John/Anne
GURNEY Sarah 30-Dec 1742 d. Thomas/Jane
GYLES Ann 12-Jan 1702 widow, ancient woman,
GYLES Henry 4-Oct 1721 mariner,
GYLES Henry 20-Apr 1735 s. John/Rachel
GYLES James 11-Aug 1690 brought ashore sick from their majesties ship the Defiance,
GYLES John 30-Nov 1690  
GYLES Richard 5-Nov 1682 s. Richard/Sarah
GYLES Richard 10-Apr 1695  
GYLES Susana 2-Mar 1688 d. John/Ann
HALES ........ 6-Sep 1690 stillborn c. Charles/Elisabeth [given name not recorded]
HALES Elisabeth 26-Apr 1688 d. Charles/Elisabeth
HALES Josiah 21-Sep 1696 s. Charles/Ann
HALL Anne 24-Apr 1713 widow
HALL Anne 22-Apr 1722 wife of George
HALL Anne 19-Jul 1733 d. George/Anne
HALL Anne 30-Nov 1733 widow of Richard, 56y
HALL Elizabeth 29-Mar 1684 d. Joseph/Katherine,
HALL George 21-Jan 1686 s. George/Ann
HALL Henry 31-Aug 1684 s. William/Ann
HALL John 6-Oct 1713 s. George/Anne
HALL Richard 23-Feb 1732 aged … [age left blank]
HALL William 28-May 1689 blacksmith,
HAMMOND William 8-May 1733 from on board ship,
HAMOND Edward Wylde 1-Dec 1751 s. John/Margaret
HANSLEY John 22-Jan 1740 of Stepney in Middlesex,
HARMAN Elisabeth 1-Jan 1726 d. Henry/Elisabeth
HARMAN Elizabeth 25-Jan 1749  
HARMAN Martha 3-Mar 1688 d. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN Martha 30-Sep 1694 wife of Thomas
HARMAN Martha 14-Jan 1725 widow
HARMAN Martha 5-Aug 1739 d. Henry/Elisabeth
HARMAN Mary 9-Feb 1723 maiden,
HARMAN Thomas 3-Mar 1688 s. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN Thomas 13-Mar 1712  
HARNET Mercy 7-Jun 1747 wife of Capt John
HARNETT Jane 12-Jul 1682 d. William/Jane
HARNETT William 6-Mar 1691  
HARNETT William 18-Jan 1697  
HARRIS ........ 14-Sep 1701 widow, P [pauper] [given name not recorded]
HARRIS ........ 7-Mar 1718 wife of John [given name not recorded]
HARRIS Elisabeth 29-Aug 1690 interred a maiden,
HARRIS John 1-Mar 1719 the elder
HARRIS Margarett 21-Mar 1686 d. Matthew
HARRIS Thomas 12-Sep 1688 mariner,
HARRIS Thomas 7-Oct 1695 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
HARRIS William 22-Oct 1693 mason,
HARRISON Benjamin 28-Jan 1721 stranger,
HART ........ 25-Feb 1685 infant unbaptised of Paul/Mary [given name not recorded]
HART Esther 11-Apr 1728 widow
HART Mary 9-Jun 1708 wife of Paul
HART Mary 22-Apr 1711 widow, ancient woman
HART William 5-Dec 1683 s. Paul/Mary
HATCHER Margaret 23-Dec 1744 widow, 70y
HATCHER Thomas 16-Sep 1728  
HAWKINS Benjamin 17-Sep 1724 s. William/Susannah,
HAWKINS Benjamin 3-Feb 1732 s. William/Susanna
HAWKINS Elisabeth 7-Mar 1730 d. William/Susanna
HAWKINS Susanna 23-Sep 1746 d. William/Susanna
HAWKINS William 2-Jun 1738 s. William/Susanna, 9y
HAWKINS William 6-Jul 1738 41y
HAYWARD Cornelius 19-Mar 1720 s. Cornelius/Anne
HAYWARD Deborah 5-Sep 1710 widow
HAYWARD Margery 10-Mar 1722 wife of Nicholas
HAYWARD Mary 4-Jan 1744 d. William/Mary
HAYWARD Nicholas 14-Sep 1705  
HAYWARD Nicholas 18-Feb 1720 s. Cornelius/Anne
HAYWARD Nicholas 6-Jan 1738 56y
HAYWARD William 2-Sep 1712 s. Cornelious/Anne
HEARNE George 18-Sep 1717 Mr, of Potterspury in Northamptonshire,
HEASELTON Samuel 4-Jun 1696 s. Samuel [mother's name not recorded]
HEDGCOCK ........ 26-Aug 1706 child of the wife of Thomas [given name not recorded]
HEDGCOCK Abraham 17-Jan 1724 householder,
HEDGCOCK Abraham 27-Sep 1735 42y
HEDGCOCK Daniel 15-Apr 1723  
HEDGCOCK Elianor 10-Feb 1705 wife of Thomas, P
HEDGCOCK Elisabeth 20-May 1735 d. James/Dennis
HEDGCOCK Elisabeth 29-Sep 1746 d. James/Denis, spinster
HEDGCOCK Frances 29-Mar 1726 d. John/Frances,
HEDGCOCK John 4-Sep 1728 s. John/Frances,
HEDGCOCK Mary 23-Jan 1730 widow, 72y
HEDGCOCK Mary 2-Sep 1730 wife of Abraham ,
HEDGE Margarett 14-Apr 1703 widow
HEDGE Percival 4-Sep 1699  
HEDGECOCK Dennis 26-Oct 1749  
HEMINGS ........ 7-Jan 1683 infant unbaptised of Ann SHAKESTEAD alias HART, by John HEMINGS the supposed father, [given name not recorded]
HENEKER Elisabeth 20-Dec 1730 d. James/Mary
HENEKER Elizabeth 17-Jun 1722 d. James
HENEKER James 29-Aug 1750 72y
HENEKER John 19-Feb 1746 28y
HENEKER Mary 4-Sep 1726 wife of James
HENEKER Mary & Sarah 11-Mar 1732 ds. Richard/Sarah
HENEKER Richard 14-Sep 1705  
HENEKER Sarah 14-Mar 1733 widow, 90y
HENNINGS William 24-Nov 1713 of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey
HERBERT William 29-Apr 1697 seaman,
HERRINGTON Robert 5-Aug 1684 s. Robert/Sarah
HERRINGTON Sarah 5-Jun 1683 d. Robert/Sarah
HERRINGTON Sarah 20-May 1689 wife of Robert
HERST Andrew 5-Aug 1744 79y
HERST Elisabeth 20-Nov 1729 wife of Andrew, 73y
HERST John 18-Feb 1736 63y
HERTON Jacob 19-Feb 1695 stranger,
HEWET Frances 19-May 1746 wife of William, 52y
HEWS Thomas 30-Jan 1720  
HEWSON ........ 23-Dec 1721 young child of James [given name not recorded]
HEWSON Alice 15-Oct 1730 d. James/Elizabeth
HEWSON Donkester 1-Jul 1734 s. James/Elizabeth
HEWSON Elisabeth 19-Dec 1727 d. James/Elizabeth
HIDE Elizabeth 29-Aug 1725 widow
HIDE Martha 21-Mar 1713 maiden,
HIGGINS Elisabeth 5-Nov 1730 widow, 77y
HIGGINS Stephen 30-Jan 1723  
HILL Mary 1-Jun 1745 widow, 71y
HILLIAR Robert 1-Dec 1752  
HITCHINS ........ 13-Nov 1682 infant unbaptised, cruelly murdered by its mother/after laid in the sea where it was found/taken up. The mother thereof is the wife of John KITSON, and the child was begotten of her body by her uncle Adam HITCHINS otp, as they confessed [given name not recorded]
HOBBS William 9-Jan 1738 about 70y
HODGMAN Jon 2-Jul 1683 servant to Jon CASTLE
HOGBEN Abel 17-Jul 1713 s. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
HOGBEN Alice 14-Sep 1732 widow, 54y
HOGBEN Anne 12-Jan 1714 widow
HOGBEN Clement 28-Nov 1750  
HOGBEN Joseph 2-Nov 1715 s. Clement
HOGBEN Martha 12-Oct 1709 d. Richard/Alice
HOGBEN Mary 27-Sep 1726 wife of Clement
HOGBEN Richard 3-Jul 1713  
HOGBEN Richard 18-Mar 1728 youth,
HOGBEN Valentine 26-Mar 1684 s. Valentine/Ann
HOGBEN Valentine 28-Jul 1689 s. Valentine/Ann
HOGBEN Valentine 7-Apr 1712  
HOGBIN ........ 21-Mar 1705 c. Clement/Mary [given name not recorded]
HOGBIN ........ 25-Aug 1705 wife of Richard, P [pauper] [given name not recorded]
HOGBIN Ann 5-Dec 1694 wife of Valentine
HOGBIN Ann 15-Feb 1701 d. Clement
HOGBIN Anne 8-Aug 1703 d. Clement/Mary
HOLBORNE Anne 29-Nov 1727 d. Solomon/Elizabeth
HOLBOURN Solomon 14-Aug 1752  
HOLBOURNE Mary 31-Jan 1720 d. Solomon [mother's name not recorded]
HOLBOURNE Sarah 24-Jul 1733 d. Solomon/Elisabeth, 15y
HOLLAM Elizabeth 12-Jun 1752 wife of Thomas,
HOLLMAN Amy 28-May 1686 widow
HOLLONS Elisabeth 6-Dec 1736 wife of Thomas, 42y, of the iliac passion
HOMES John 15-Nov 1726 s. Gideon/Susanna
HOMES Susanna 9-Mar 1741 widow, 47y, in a vault ordered by her to be made for herself and family [also see Elisabeth Brooman]
HOMMERDEN Richard 3-Aug 1743 61y
HOPPER Dudley 28-Apr 1691 purser of their majesties ship the Nonsuch,
HORNE Elizabeth 22-May 1751 wife of Stephen
HORTON John 28-Jan 1749 s. John/Mary
HORTON Mary 16-Mar 1716 widow
HORTON Robert 9-Sep 1744 s. John/Mary
HORTON Thomas 30-Apr 1688 poor man,
HOUGH Abraham 16-Sep 1728 about 75y
HOUGH Hanah 13-Aug 1712 wife of Mr Abraham
HOWARD Francis 25-Apr 1707 seaman of Bishopsgate, London,
HOWARD George 28-Jul 1682 s. George/Sarah
HOWARD Sarah 3-Dec 1696 widow
HOWSDEN Susanna 17-Apr 1733 d. Thomas/Anne
HUBBARD Elisabeth 15-May 1690 widow of Jon,
HUBBARD Ezekiel 30-Aug 1732 s. John/Mary
HUBBARD Mary 4-Nov 1730 d. John/Mary
HUBBARD Michael 13-Aug 1732 s. John/Mary
HUBERT alias HUBBARD Richard 10-Mar 1730 s. John/Mary
HUDSON John 5-Nov 1691 carpenter,
HUFFAM Elisabeth 6-May 1731 d. Stephen/Mary
HUFFAM Elizabeth 9-Oct 1715 wife of Thomas
HUFFAM John 25-Sep 1730 s. Stephen/Mary
HUFFAM Richard 4-Jun 1704 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
HUFFAM Stephen 8-Jul 1744 52y
HUFFAM Thomas 17-Jan 1741 senior, 83y
HUFFHAM Richard 2-Apr 1689 s. Thomas/Elisabeth
HUGENS John 26-Jul 1690 brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship the Suffolk
HUGHES Hanna 30-Jan 1730 d. Michael/........, [mother's name not recorded]
HUGHES Michael 25-Apr 1729 55y
HUGHS Hannah 2-Jan 1729 widow
HUMPHRYS Owen 23-Apr 1745 from on board the Wolf sloop,
HUNT Daniel 4-Jul 1694 s. Mary, widow
HUNT Daniel 16-May 1713 s. Nicholas/Sarah
HUNT Mary 22-Jan 1713 widow
HUNT Nicholas 28-Oct 1737 drowned, 59y
HUNT Nicolas 12-Oct 1690 sawyer,
HUNT Sarah 6-Feb 1753 widow
HUNT William 15-Apr 1697 bachelor
HUNT William 27-Feb 1725 s. Nicholas/Sarah
HURST ........ 21-Apr 1704 d. George [given name not recorded]
HURST Anne 13-Dec 1711 wife of John
HURST Anne 21-Jan 1725 wife of Edward, stranger
HURST Edward 13-Apr 1695  
HURST Edward 3-May 1749  
HURST Edward 24-Oct 1752 s. William/Mary
HURST Elizabeth 23-May 1719 widow
HURST John 21-Mar 1703 s. John [mother's name not recorded]
HUTCHINS Cuthbert 28-Mar 1738 of a dropsie [dropsy], aged … [age left blank]
HUTCHINS Habbackuk 1-Aug 1690 brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship the Defiance
HUTCHINSON Anne 27-Jul 1721 d. Cuthbert,
HUTCHINSON Edward 4-Nov 1740 surgeon, with Benjamin Cockard and a third unknown, all lost in a wreck caused by a violent storm on 1st November [1740] in the night, the ship 'burthen 300 tuns' with sugar, rum and 'Madera' wine from the West Indies, Capt PEDDIE commander
HUTCHINSON John 26-Jul 1690 brought ashore sick out of their majesties ship the Suffolk
IDLY Mary 22-Nov 1727 widow, 84y
INNES John 11-Sep 1688 s. Mr Gilbert, vicar otp,
INNES Susan 11-Sep 1688 d. Mr Gilbert, vicar otp,
INPITT Anthony 3-Sep 1689 chief mate of their majesties ship the Harwich,
INPITT Thomas 28-Sep 1682  
INWARD Martha 20-Jan 1729 widow, 84y
ITCHINGS Humphrey 2-May 1683 s. Humphrey/Mary