Transcribed by Susan D. Young. All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.  Please note:  all dates 1 January through to and including 24 March in all years up to and including 1751 are recorded in the Old Style and so, must be read by way of example as 2 January 1676/77.

ADDISON Sarah 4-Jun 1723 d. John/Mary
ADRIANS John 12-Sep 1683 s. Nicolas/Martha
ADRIANS Nicholas 8-Jul 1722 s. Nicholas/Elizabeth
ADRIANS Nicolas 13-Sep 1685 s. Nicolas/Martha
ADRIANS Valentine 19-Oct 1687 s. Nicolas/Martha
AFERY Elisabeth 18-Oct 1691 d. Edward/Sarah
AFERY Mary 15-Jun 1690 d. Edward/Sarah
AFERY Robert 29-Jul 1688 s. Edward/Sarah
ALDERSTON John 7-May 1693 s. John/Mary
ALDERSTON Stephen 9-Apr 1699 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
ALDERSTONE Elisabeth 21-May 1689 d. John/Mary
ALDERSTONE Elisabeth 4-Oct 1691 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
ALDERSTONE Mary 13-Jul 1690 d. John/Mary
ALDERSTONE Stephen 21-Feb 1725 s. John/Elisabeth
ALLEN Elizabeth 14-Sep 1686 d. Michael/Mary
ALLEN Margaret 20-Oct 1689 d. Michaell/Mary
AMBROSE Anne …Jun 1711 d. Daniel/Anne,
AMBROSE Anne 8-Mar 1712 d. Daniel/Anne
AMBROSE Daniel 16-Jan 1703 s. Daniel/Elizabeth
AMBROSE Elizabeth 18-Jan 1701 d. Daniel/Elizabeth
AMBROSE Jenkin 23-Sep 1716 s. Daniel/Anne
AMBROSE John 25-Dec 1699 s. Daniel/Elizabeth
AMBROSE Martha 6-Oct 1706 d. Daniel/Elizabeth
AMES Mary 13-Apr 1724 d. Henry/Anne
ANDREWS Bennet 6-Mar 1697 d. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
ANDREWS John 1-Jan 1688 s. Richard/Mary
ANDREWS John 1-Nov 1706 s. Edward/Mary
ANDREWS Mary 3-Nov 1695 d. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
ANDREWS Richard 21-Sep 1690 s. Richard/Mary
ANDREWS Sarah 22-May 1687 d. Richard/Mary
ANDREWS Sarah 31-Jul 1692 d. Richard/Mary
ANDROUS Ann 23-Mar 1682 d. Richard/Mary
ARMESTRONG Elizabeth 16-Apr 1682 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
ARMESTRONG Joseph 30-Jul 1721 s. William/Laodicea
ARMESTRONG Mary 13-Jan 1679 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
ARMESTRONG Thomas 15-May 1684 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
ARMESTRONG Thomas 4-Oct 1719 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
ARMESTRONG William 14-Sep 1690 s. Thomas/Elisabeth
ARMESTRONG William 19-May 1723 s. William/Laodicea
ARMSTRONG Elizabeth 2-Sep 1694 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
ARMSTRONG Fabritio 2-Jul 1693 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
ARMSTRONG Francis 22-Jan 1687 s. Thomas/Elisabeth
ARMSTRONG Thomas 19-Feb 1680 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
ARMSTRONG William 5-Jan 1717 s. William/Ladiocea
ASHLEY Mary 30-Nov 1707 d. Richard/Mary
ASHLEY Richard 13-Apr 1709 s. Richard/Mary
ASHLEY William 3-May 1711 s. Richard/Mary
ATKINS Charles 5-Jul 1724 s. Charles/Elizabeth
ATKINS Felix 10-Jul 1720 s. Charles/Elizabeth
AUSTIN David & Frances 24-Oct 1686 s. and d. David/Mary
AUSTIN Elizabeth 7-Dec 1682 d. David/Mary
AUSTIN George 23-May 1680 s. Michaell/Ann
AUSTIN Henry 2-Feb 1718 s. Ambrose/Elizabeth
AUSTIN John 17-Feb 1683 s. Michaell/Ann
AUSTIN Mary 7-Nov 1679 d. David/Mary
AUSTIN Sarah 19-Jun 1685 d. Michael/Ann
AVERY Catherine 10-Mar 1694 d. Edward/Sarah
AVERY Edward 29-Dec 1700 s. Edward [mothers name not recorded]
AVERY Robert 30-Oct 1697 s. Edward/Sarah
AVERY Sarah 22-Aug 1703 d. Edward/Sarah
AYLES Mary 6-Sep 1724 d. John/Mary
AYLES Thomas 7-Oct 1722 s. John/Mary
AYTHORNE Anne 17-Jan 1702 d. John/Anne
AYTHORNE Anne 7-Oct 1705 d. Ann
AYTHORNE Joseph 13-Feb 1698 s. John/Anne
AYTHORNE Sarah 23-Jun 1701 d. John/Ann
AYTHORNE Susanah 24-Nov 1695 d. John/Ann
AYTHORNE Susanah 21-Nov 1697 d. John/Ann
BACHELL Anne 6-Nov 1715 d. Jasper/Mary
BACHELL Benjamine 17-Jan 1719 s. Jasper/Mary
BACHELL Elizabeth 25-Dec 1712 d. Samuel/Elizabeth
BACHELL Elizabeth 2-Jul 1719 d. Samuel [mother's name not recorded]
BACHELL Mary 18-Apr 1714 d. Samuel [mother's name not recorded]
BACHELL Mary 25-Oct 1724 d. Jasper/Mary
BACHELL Robert 5-Jun 1720 s. Samuel/Elizabeth
BACHELL Samuel 22-Jul 1716 s. Samuel/Elizabeth
BACHELL Samuel 13-May 1722 s. Jasper/Mary
BACHELL Sarah 3…Mar 1723 d. Samuel/Elizabeth
BACHELL William 18-Feb 1710 s. Samuel/Elizabeth
BACHELL William 29-Sep 1717 s. Jasper/Mary
BACHELL alias NORWOOD Jasper 5-Jul 1713 s. Mary NORWOOD by Jasper BACHELL
BACHELL alias WISDOM Samuel 5-Jul 1713 s. Elizabeth WISDOM by Samuel BACHELL
BAILDON Elizabeth 6-Apr 1722 d. Nicholas/Elizabeth
BAILDON Thomas 22-Feb 1720 s. Nicholas/Elizabeth
BAKER Ann 10-Jun 1683 d. Thomas/Ann
BAKER Elizabeth 8-Jul 1686 d. Thomas/Ann
BAKER Elizabeth 7-Aug 1696 d. Stephen/Elizabeth
BAKER Elizabeth 10-May 1719 d. Sarah, wife of Joseph
BAKER Elizabeth 10-Aug 1725 d. Stephen/Margaret
BAKER George 18-May 1684 s. John/Lovinah
BAKER John 7-Apr 1692 s. Thomas/Martha
BAKER John 14-Jan 1693 s. Stephen/Elizabeth
BAKER Joseph 11-Mar 1710 s. Thomas/Mary
BAKER Keziah 30-Jan 1696 d. Thomas/Martha
BAKER Mary 18-Apr 1693 d. Thomas/Martha
BAKER Richard 3-Jan 1713 s. Joseph/Sarah
BAKER Sarah 27-Dec 1692 d. Stephen/Elisabeth
BAKER Sarah 8-Oct 1704 d. Stephen/Elizabeth
BAKER Stephen 31-May 1698 s. Stephen/Elizabeth
BAKER Stephen & John 24-Oct 1686 ss. John/Lovinah
BAKER Thomas 11-May 1679 s. Thomas/Ann
BAKER Thomas 1-Dec 1695 s. Thomas/Martha
BARBER Elizabeth 6-Jun 1686 d. Vincent/Elizabeth
BARBER James 3-Aug 1684 s. Vincent/Elisabeth
BARBER Margarett 2-Feb 1690 d. Vincent/Elisabeth
BARBER Rachell 5-May 1695 d. Vincent/Elizabeth
BARBER Richard 16-Apr 1682 s. Vincent/Elizabeth
BARBER Thomas 2-Dec 1688 s. Vincent/Elisabeth
BARBER Vincent 5-Mar 1692 s. Vincent/Elisabeth
BARDS John 7-Oct 1716 s. John/Mary
BARDS Mary 12-Jan 1717 d. John/Mary
BARDS alias HEWS John 1-Nov 1716 bastard s. of John BARDS by [name not recorded], wife of Thomas HEWS
BARRIS John 17-Aug 1707 s. John/Mary
BARROWS Elizabeth 12-Jul 1713 d. John/Mary
BARROWS Mary 8-Apr 1716 d. John/Mary
BARROWS Mary 27-Jul 1718 d. John/Mary
BARROWS William 18-Feb 1710 s. John/Mary
BARSDEN Ann 18-Aug 1685 d. Daniell/Ann
BASDEN Daniel 8-Jul 1694 s. Daniel/Ann
BASDEN Margarett 4-Sep 1687 d. Daniell/Ann
BASHFIELD Peter 2-Jan 1680 s. Peter/Ann
BASHLY Thomas 23-Nov 1679 s. Peter/Ann
BAX George 1-May 1685 s. John/Michell, late of Romansgate [Ramsgate] in the parish of St Lawrence, Dec eased said George being 18y when he was baptised, ‘being computed to the 15th Jul y last past as by information of his relations’
BEANE Ann 14-Oct 1680 d. John/Elisabeth
BEARDS Alice 5-Mar 1682 d. John/Sarah
BEARDS Catharine 10-Dec 1721 d. John/Mary
BEDINGFIELD Clement 12-Mar 1709 s. George/Anne
BEDINGFIELD Elizabeth 10-Aug 1707 d. George/Ann
BEDINGFIELD George 29-Nov 1712 s. George/Anne
BEDINGFIELD Jeremiah 26-Apr 1719 posthumous s. George/Anne
BEDINGFIELD Richard 4-Mar 1715 s. George/Anne
BEE Thomas 22-Oct 1684 s. Thomas/Elisabeth
BEERE Elizabeth 28-Nov 1680 d. John/Sarah
BELL Ann 17-Mar 1694 d. John/Mary
BELL Annah 13-Jul 1692 d. John/Mary
BELL Francess 20-Jun 1697 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
BELL Mary 6-Mar 1688 d. John/Mary
BELL Thomas 5-Dec 1680 s. William/Amy
BELL Thomas 3-Mar 1690 s. John/Mary
BELL William 3-Mar 1699 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
BELLY Michael 8-Feb 1690 s. Michael/Mary
BELSEY Thomas 29-Jan 1698 s. Thomas/Mary
BELSEY Thomas 6-Jan 1704 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
BENGER Amy 22-Sep 1723 d. John/Mary
BENGER Elizabeth 9-Mar 1721 d. John/Mary
BENGER Martha 28-May 1717 d. John/Mary
BENGER Mary 20-Feb 1718 d. John/Mary
BENGER Sibilla 18-Sep 1720 d. John/Mary
BENNETT Alexander 28-Jan 1699 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
BENNETT Elizabeth 5-Sep 1680 d. Robert/Elizabeth
BENNETT George 18-Feb 1682 s. Robert/Elizabeth
BENNETT John 15-Oct 1694 s. John/Sarah
BENNETT John 1-Jan 1695 s. John/Sarah
BENNETT Mary 27-Apr 1680 d. Jonas/Eve
BENNETT Mary 5-Jun 1708 d. John/Marcy, 'and brought to church was publiquely received into the congregation Jun e the 27th'
BENNETT Stephen 18-Sep 1709 s. John/Marcy
BENNETT Thomas 10-Oct 1714 s. John/Mercy
BENNINGFIELD Alice 20-Nov 1681 d. Clement/Margarett
BENNINGFIELD Clement 28-Sep 1684 s. Clement/Margarett
BIGENDEN Martha 31-May 1724 d. Jeremiah/Martha
BILLTON Thomas 6-Apr 1683 s. Edward/Thomasine
BILTON Edward 19-Dec 1684 s. Edward/Alice
BILTON Elisabeth 20-May 1691 d. Edward/Alice
BILTON Elizabeth 3-Mar 1681 d. Edward/Thomasine
BILTON Thomas 23-Sep 1688 s. Edward/Mary
BING Edward 21-Jun 1711 s. Edward/Jane
BING Elizabeth 11-Feb 1699 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
BING Jane 1-Dec 1719 d. Edward/Jane
BING John 29-Jun 1718 s. Edward/Jane
BING Mary 11-Dec 1697 d. Thomas/Mary
BING Mary 1-May 1709 d. Edward/Jane
BING Sarah 9-Nov 1707 d. Edward/Jane
BING Thomas 26-Jul 1695 s. Thomas/Mary
BIRCH Oliver 21-Sep 1679 s. Edward/Sarah
BIRCHETT Edward 30-Oct 1680 s. Edward/Katherine
BIRCHETT Sarah 24-Sep 1682 d. Edward/Katherine
BIRD Mary 7-Feb 1696 d. Richard/Elizabeth
BISHOP Anne 19-Dec 1725 d. John/Anne
BISHOP John 24-Mar 1685 s. Thomas/Elisabeth
BISHOP Mary 17-Feb 1683 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
BISHOP Mary 1-Nov 1719 d. John/Anne
BISHOP Sarah 22-Jul 1716 d. John/Anne
BISHOP Sarah 28-Jul 1717 d. John/Anne
BISHOP Thomas 9-Sep 1681 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
BISHOP Thomas 18-Jan 1717 s. Thomas/Anne
BISHOP Thomas 7-Feb 1719 s. John/Ann
BLACKABE Sarah 19-Mar 1692 d. Thomas/Sarah
BLACKABEE Henry 2-Apr 1685 s. Thomas/Sarah
BLACKABEE John 12-May 1683 s. Thomas/Sarah
BLACKABEE Robert 13-Jul 1687 s. Thomas/Sarah
BLACKABEE Thomas 22-Feb 1680 s. Thomas/Sarah
BLACKABEE Thomas 15-Sep 1689 s. Thomas/Sarah
BLACKBOURN Ann 16-Jun 1701 d. Richard/Elizabeth
BLACKBOURN Elizabeth 10-Jul 1715 d. Josiah/Elizabeth
BLACKBOURN Richard 29-Dec 1708 s. Richard/Elizabeth
BLACKBOURN Thomas 12-Nov 1699 s. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
BLACKBOURNE Elizabeth 10-May 1713 d. Richard/Elizabeth
BLACKBOURNE John 2-Jul 1710 s. Richard/Elizabeth
BLACKBOURNE Mary 3-Nov 1717 d. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
BLACKBOURNE Richard 28-Jul 1706 s. Richard/Elizabeth
BLACKBOURNE Richard 16-Jul 1721 s. Richard/Mary
BLACKBOURNE Sarah 10-Sep 1704 d. Richard/Elizabeth
BLACKBOURNE Sarah 9-Aug 1719 d. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
BLACKBOURNE William 1-Aug 1713 s. Josiah/Elizabeth
BLACKBURN Margarett 17-Apr 1715 d. Richard/Elizabeth
BLEAK Robert 1-Jan 1688 s. Francis/Hanah
BOARMAN Elisabeth 30-Oct 1692 d. Thomas/Alice
BOARMAN Zachary 25-Dec 1690 s. Thomas/Sarah
BOOKER Katherine 28-Jan 1685 d. William/Alice
BOOKER Thomas 20-Apr 1680 s. William/Alice
BOORMAN Anne 15-Jun 1724 d. Richard/Katharine
BOORMAN Edward 15-Jan 1698 s. Thomas/Alice
BOORMAN Richard 27-Sep 1696 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
BOORMAN Richard 15-Nov 1719 s. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
BOORMAN Thomas 23-Jun 1701 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
BOORMAN Thomas 23-Jul 1721 s. Richard/Catherine
BOYS Anthony 23-Dec 1679 s. Nicolas/Elizabeth
BOYSE Charity 23-Apr 1718 bastard d. Jane
BOYSE Thomas 7-Jun 1682 s. Nicolas/Elizabeth
BRADFORD Edward 13-Mar 1691 s. William/Elisabeth
BRADFORD Elizabeth 13-Aug 1693 d. William/Elizabeth
BRADFORD Margarett 24-Feb 1694 d. William/Elizabeth
BRADFORD Richard 27-May 1699 s. William/Elisabeth
BRADFORD Sibbill 7-Dec 1701 d. William/Elizabeth
BRADFORD William 28-Mar 1697 s. William/Elizabeth
BRASIER Elisabeth 26-Jul 1724 d. Thomas/Mary
BRASIER John 28-Feb 1696 s. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
BRASIER Robert 12-May 1695 s. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
BRASIER Robert 3-May 1722 s. John/Anna
BRASIER Thomas 17-Mar 1716 s. Thomas/Mary
BREWER John 5-Dec 1680 s. Thomas/Ann
BREWER Thomas 6-Apr 1683 s. Thomas/Ann
BRICKERING Elizabeth 30-Jan 1718 d. Richard, a stranger/traveller
BRIGGS Elizabeth 26-Dec 1680 d. Robert/Margarett
BROBSON George 2-Oct 1692 s. Edward/Mary
BROBSON Mary 8-Apr 1688 d. Edward/Mary
BROBSON Thomas 30-Nov 1690 s. Edward/Mary
BROOK …… 24-Aug 1704 d. John/Anne
BROOK Benjamin 25-Dec 1697 s. John/Sarah
BROOK Elizabeth 30-Jan 1701 d. John/Ann
BROOK Elizabeth 6-Apr 1705 d. Robert/Mary
BROOK Elizabeth 28-May 1713 d. James/Mary
BROOK Elizabeth 6-Sep 1716 d. Robert/Ruth
BROOK Gregory 7-Jul 1700 s. Robert/Mary
BROOK Hester 11-Sep 1698 d. Thomas/Mary
BROOK John 29-Jan 1695 s. Robert/Mary
BROOK John 15-Apr 1714 s. Robert/Ruth
BROOK John 6-Jan 1721 s. John/Barbara
BROOK Mary 23-Dec 1694 d. Thomas/Mary
BROOK Mary 8-Apr 1701 d. John/Sarah
BROOK Mary 28-Aug 1708 d. James/Mary
BROOK Mary 5-Mar 1717 d. Robert/Ruth
BROOK Mary 6-Oct 1719 d. Robert/Ruth
BROOK Mary 15-Sep 1723 d. John/Barbara
BROOK Philpott 26-Jul 1702 s. Robert/Mary
BROOK Robert 23-Apr 1698 s. Robert/Mary
BROOK Robert 15-Sep 1709 s. James/Mary
BROOK Ruth 10-Apr 1722 d. Robert/Ruth
BROOK Thomas 9-Apr 1693 s. Thomas/Mary
BROOK Thomas 9-Jan 1703 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
BROOK William 15-Mar 1698 s. John/Ann
BROOKE Ann 17-Apr 1679 d. John/Mary
BROOKE Ann 9-Oct 1684 d. John/Mary
BROOKE Ann 23-Feb 1692 d. [sic] Robert/Mary, [Note: Child's name originally recorded as John with the following notation: 'being a mistake by the midwife she Dec lareing it to be a son, but it proved to be a d Aug hter soe they call it Ann']
BROOKE Anne 9-Jul 1724 d. Robert/Sarah
BROOKE Edward 16-Sep 1689 s. John/Mary
BROOKE Elisabeth 23-May 1687 d. John/Mary
BROOKE Elisabeth 27-Jul 1724 d. John/Barbara
BROOKE Francis 15-Aug 1725 s. John/Barbara
BROOKE Gregory 12-Jan 1684 s. Robert/Mary
BROOKE John 22-May 1687 s. Edward/Ann
BROOKE Katherine 7-Apr 1686 d. William/Sarah
BROOKE Mary 16-Dec 1680 d. John/Mary
BROOKE Robert 24-Mar 1684 s. John/Mary
BROOKE Sarah 31-Dec 1681 d. William/Sarah
BROOKE Sarah 13-Feb 1725 d. Robert/Sarah, [Note: child's name may be 'Ann' as that name was written above 'Sarah']
BROOKE William 1-Jan 1682 s. John/Mary
BROOKE William 11-Jul 1686 s. Robert/Mary
BROOMAN Elisabeth 2-Feb 1691 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Elizabeth 6-Aug 1699 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN John 9-Apr 1693 s. John/Mary
BROOMAN John 18-Sep 1717 s. John/Mary
BROOMAN Margaret 28-Mar 1697 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Mary 30-Jun 1689 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Mary 26-Mar 1703 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
BROOMAN Mary 11-Mar 1718 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Mercy 1…Jan 1705 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Sophia 7-Jul 1707 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Susana 25-Dec 1690 d. John/Mary
BROOMAN Susanah 18-Nov 1694 d. John/Mary
BROWNE Ann 13-Dec 1696 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
BROWNE Elizabeth 27-Sep 1702 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
BROWNE John 22-Sep 1706 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
BROWNE Margarett 6-Nov 1698 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
BROWNE Mark 14-May 1710 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
BROWNE Mark 2-Feb 1718 s. Mark/Mary
BROWNE Mark 20-Nov 1720 s. Mark/Mary
BROWNE Mary 7-Sep 1712 d. Mark/Frances
BROWNE William 21-Jun 1724 s. William/Jane
BUBB Elisabeth 11-May 1690 d. William/Elisabeth
BUBB Jane 24-Jun 1705 d. William/Sarah
BUBB John 6-Nov 1715 s. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
BUBB Michael 2-Feb 1717 s. Robert/Elizabeth
BUBB Reuben 18-Apr 1725 s. Robert/Elizabeth
BUBB Robert 5-Oct 1684 s. William/Elizabeth
BUBB Sarah 16-May 1708 d. William/Sarah
BUBB William 7-Jan 1682 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
BUBB William 15-Jun 1714 s. Robert/Elizabeth
BUNTING Elizabeth 6-Oct 1721 d. Thomas/Anne
BUNTING Robert 2-Jun 1723 s. Thomas/Anne
BURCHELL John 23-Dec 1722 s. John/Anne
BURDEN Nicolas 2-Sep 1679 s. William/Elizabeth
BURGIS Edward 25-Aug 1695 s. Edward/Ann
BURNELL John 12-Jul 1717 s. Edward/Sarah
BURTON Elizabeth 29-Oct 1721 d. George/Anne
BURTON George 15-Nov 1719 s. George [mothers name not recorded]
BURTON Margarett 23-Dec 1716 d. George/Margarett
BURTON Mary 2-Feb 1724 d. George/Anne
BUSHELL Ann 26-Aug 1694 d. John/Ann, 'boarne the ninth of May and baptised in the same month, which being omitted in the register of the yeare 1656 is here inserted upon the testimoney of the said John'
BUSHELL James 30-Oct 1697 s. William/Mildred
BUSHELL John 24-Aug 1693 s. William/Mildred
BUSHELL Mary 10-Jun 1688 d. William/Mildred
BUSHELL Thomas 16-Aug 1696 s. William/Mildred
BUSHELL William 16-Apr 1690 s. William/Mildred
BUSHELL William 4-Apr 1725 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
BUSHOP Anne 2…Jan 1722 d. Thomas/Anne
BUSHOP Elizabeth 13-Aug 1711 d. John/Anne
BUSHOP Hannah 7-Oct 1722 d. John/Anne
BUSHOP Mary 31-Jan 1713 d. John/Anne
BUSHOP Sarah 26-Feb 1720 d. Thomas/Anne
CANABY Edward 19-Oct 1712 s. Robert/Christian
CANABY Elizabeth 19-Mar 1713 d. Robert/Christian
CANABY John 17-Feb 1722 s. Robert/Christian
CANABY Judith 15-Mar 1718 d. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
CANABY Robert 26-Aug 1716 s. Robert/Christian
CANABY Thomas 22-Feb 1684 s. Thomas/Mary
CANABY Thomas 22-May 1721 s. Robert/Christian
CANNABEE Robert 12-Apr 1686 s. Thomas/Mary
CANNABY Elizabeth 1-Jan 1687 d. Thomas/Mary
CANNABY John 30-Jun 1689 s. Thomas/Mary
CANNABY Richard 16-May 1725 s. Robert/Charity
CANTIS Ann 1-May 1690 d. Matthew/Rebecka
CANTIS Mary 30-Sep 1688 d. Matthew/Rebecka
CANTIS Valintine 5-Aug 1695 s. Matthew/Rebackah
CANTISH Martha 19-Mar 1700 d. Matthew [mother's name not recorded]
CANTISH Michaell 12-Oct 1699 s. Mathias [mother's name not recorded]
CANTISH Rachaell 13-Aug 1704 d. Mathias [mother's name not recorded]
CANTISH Rachell 10-Jun 1702 d. Matthias/Rebacah
CANTISH Rebackah 22-Aug 1697 d. Matthias/Rebeckah
CANTISH Sarah 30-Nov 1705 d. Mathias/Rebackah
CARMAN John 12-Jan 1689 s. George/Mary of Strood in Kent
CARR John 7-Oct 1694 s. James, soldier/Margarett
CARR Margaret 5-Sep 1700 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
CASTEL Thomas 21-Dec 1701 s. John/Elizabeth
CASTLE Ann 26-Aug 1683 d. Richard/Elizabeth
CASTLE Anne 17-Nov 1706 d. Thomas/Alice
CASTLE Anne 20-Nov 1709 d. William/Mary
CASTLE Clement 8-Dec 1712 s. Thomas/Alice
CASTLE Daniel 31-Jan 1713 s. John/Martha
CASTLE Edward 26-Aug 1717 s. John/Martha
CASTLE Elisabeth 25-Nov 1688 d. Richard/Elisabeth
CASTLE Elizabeth 13-Aug 1686 d. Richard/Elizabeth
CASTLE Elizabeth 1-Dec 1695 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
CASTLE Elizabeth 1-Mar 1701 d. Thomas/Alice
CASTLE Elizabeth 11-Jan 1707 d. William/Mary
CASTLE Elizabeth 30-Dec 1722 d. Thomas/Alice
CASTLE George 3-Apr 1715 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
CASTLE George 30-Jan 1719 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
CASTLE John 26-Aug 1687 s. Richard/Elisabeth
CASTLE John 5-Nov 1706 s. John/Martha
CASTLE John 18-Dec 1715 s. William/Mary
CASTLE Margarett 12-Nov 1710 d. Thomas/Alice
CASTLE Martha 16-Aug 1702 d. John/Martha
CASTLE Mary 15-Feb 1679 d. William/Susan
CASTLE Mary 24-Sep 1693 d. Richard/Mary
CASTLE Mary 17-Mar 1699 d. John/Martha
CASTLE Mary 26-Dec 1703 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
CASTLE Mary 30-Jul 1704 d. William [mother's name not recorded]
CASTLE Mary 17-Dec 1710 d. John/Susanah
CASTLE Richard 21-May 1682 s. Richard/Ann
CASTLE Richard 16-Mar 1689 s. Richard/Elisabeth
CASTLE Richard 8-Mar 1690 s. Richard/Elisabeth,
CASTLE Richard & Thomas 21-Nov 1708 ss. Thomas/Alice
CASTLE Sarah 25-Dec 1717 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
CASTLE Sibylla 17-Feb 1711 d. John/Martha
CASTLE Susanah & Rachell 1… Jul 1709 ds. John/Martha
CASTLE Thomas 22-Jun 1679 s. Richard/Ann
CASTLE Thomas 14-Jun 1719 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
CASTLE Thomas & Elizabeth 30-Jul 1704 s. and d. John/Martha
CASTLE William 1… Dec 1711 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
CAUSWORTH Arundell 18-Aug 1723 s. Arundell/Martha
CAUSWORTH Martha 3-Oct 1714 d. Arundell/Martha
CAUSWORTH Valentine 18-Jun 1721 s. Arundel/Martha
CEELEY John 8-Oct 1717 s. John/Sarah
CEMMET John 17-Dec 1710 s. John/Sarah
CEMMETT Anne 6-Jun 1714 d. John/Sarah
CEMMETT John 12-Feb 1715 s. John/Sarah
CEMMETT Mary 10-Oct 1717 d. John by …… [mother's name not recorded]
CEMMETT Sarah 22-Nov 1709 d. John/Sarah
CEMMETT William 4-Jun 1712 s. John/Sarah
CEMMITT John & Elizabeth 4-Dec 1720 s. and d. John/Anne
CHAMBERS Alexander 13-Feb 1686 s. Edward/Mary
CHAMBERS Alexander 18-Oct 1703 s. Edward [mothers name not recorded]
CHAMBERS Ann 30-Dec 1680 d. Edward/Mary
CHAMBERS Anne 25-Jan 1717 d. Edward/Elizabeth
CHAMBERS Catharine 18-Feb 1719 d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
CHAMBERS Edward 25-Dec 1700 s. Edward [mothers name not recorded]
CHAMBERS Elizabeth 1-Nov 1716 d. Edward/Elizabeth
CHAMBERS George & John 26-Sep 1702 ss. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
CHAMBERS John 11-Jan 1684 s. Edward/Mary
CHAMBERS Mary 5-Nov 1682 d. Edward/Mary
CHAMBERS Mary 28-Sep 1698 d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
CHAMBERS Rachell 9-Jan 1679 d. George/Lydia
CHAMBERS Sarah 5-Nov 1705 d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
CHAMBERS Sarah 15-Feb 1711 d. Edward/Anne
CHEESMAN Ann 29-Dec 1681 d. Richard/Mary
CHUBB Elizabeth 23-Aug 1702 d. Malachy/Mary
CHUBB Margarett 26-Apr 1707 d. Malachy/Mary
CHUBB Mary 11-Feb 1699 d. Malachy/Mary
CHURCH Elizabeth 26-Feb 1717 d. George [mother's name not recorded]
CHURCH John 15-Oct 1721 s. George/Mary
CHURCH Mary 20-Dec 1719 d. George/Mary
CHURCH Sarah 22-Mar 1722 d. George/Anne
CLARK John 20-Dec 1696 s. Robert/Mary
CLARKE Israell 13-Sep 1679 s. Israell [mothers name not recorded]
CLAY Stephen 15-Nov 1713 s. Robert/Sarah
CLEEVELAND Solomon 22-Apr 1679 s. Joseph [mother's name not recorded]
CLIFFORD Elizabeth 1-Apr 1711 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
CLIFFORD Jerimiah 17-Nov 1706 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
CLIFFORD Mary 2…Mar 1712 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
CLIFFORD Mary 7-Nov 1714 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
CLUNN Peter 7-Aug 1687 s. William/Sarah
CLUNN Petter & Charles 18-Aug 1693 ss. William/Sarah
CLUNN Sarah 28-Dec 1689 d. William/Sarah
COAMAN Elisabeth 14-Oct 1688 d. William/Thomasine
COAMAN Thomas 26-Jun 1692 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
COAMAN William 3-Aug 1690 s. William/Thomasine
COB James 26-Dec 1725 s. William/Martha
COBB William 16-Feb 1723 s. William/Martha
COBB Yeomans 26-Nov 1721 s. William/Martha
COCK Ann 9-Dec 1679 d. John/Sarah
COCK Ann 1-Jan 1693 d. John/Elizabeth
COCK Anne 9-Jul 1705 d. John/Elizabeth
COCK Anne 9-Jan 1708 d. Stephen/Elizabeth
COCK Edward 24-Oct 1703 s. John/Elizabeth
COCK Elisabeth 21-Mar 1682 d. John/Sarah
COCK Elizabeth 24-Feb 1698 d. John/Elizabeth
COCK Elizabeth 1-Dec 1706 d. Stephen/Elizabeth
COCK James 17-Mar 1694 s. John/Elizabeth
COCK Johanah 14-Aug 1709 d. John/Elizabeth
COCK John 13-Apr 1701 s. John/Elizabeth
COCK Mary 7-Apr 1689 d. John/Sarah
COCK Mary 14-Sep 1707 d. John/Elizabeth
COCK Sarah 5-Feb 1684 d. John/Sarah
COCK Stephen 19-Sep 1714 s. Stephen/Elizabeth
COCK Thomas 19-Nov 1710 s. John/Elizabeth
COCKE Henry 14-Mar 1696 s. John/Elizabeth
COLEMAN Ann 3-Mar 1694 d. William [mother's name not recorded]
COLLAR Mary 17-Aug 1701 d. Nicholas/Ann
COLLENS Anne 1… Dec 1711 d. John/Mary
COLLENS Anne 5-Jul 1713 d. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
COLLENS Hanah 5-Mar 1709 d. Stephen/Hanah
COLLENS Mary 17-Oct 1714 d. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
COLLINGS John 24-Oct 1708 s. John/Mary
COLLINS Elizabeth 13-Mar 1716 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
COLLINS John 28-Sep 1707 s. Stephen/Hanah
COLLINS Sarah 30-Mar 1701 d. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
COLLINS Stephen 22-Feb 1702 s. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
COLLINS William 9-Feb 1704 s. Stephen/Hannah
COLTROUP Edward 9-Feb 1712 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
COLTROUP Lucy 14-Mar 1713 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
COLTROUP Mary 15-Jun 1718 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
COLTROUP Mary 17-Jun 1722 d. Thomas/Mary
COLTROUP Rogers [sic] 23-Oct 1715 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
COLTROUP Thomas & Richard 20-Mar 1719 ss. Thomas
CONSTABLE Elisabeth 29-Sep 1689 d. Matthew/Sarah
CONSTABLE Elizabeth 2…Sep 1718 d. James/Mary
CONSTABLE James 6-Jul 1690 s. Matthew/Mary
CONSTABLE Jane 1-Apr 1683 d. Mathew/Mary
CONSTABLE John 2-Sep 1722 s. James/Mary
CONSTABLE Mary 22-Aug 1680 d. Mathew/Mary
CONSTABLE Mary 22-Aug 1725 d. Thomas/Sarah
CONSTABLE Mathew 28-Jun 1685 s. Mathew [mother's name not recorded]
CONSTABLE Mathew 24-Jan 1685 s. Mathew/Mary
CONSTABLE Sarah 27-Feb 1686 d. Matthew/Sarah
CONSTABLE Thomas 21-Apr 1689 s. Matthew/Mary
CONSTABLE Thomas 30-Jul 1693 s. Matthew/Mary
CONSTABLE Thomas 13-Dec 1696 s. Matthew [mother's name not recorded]
CONSTANT Ann 16-Feb 1692 d. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT Edward 5-Aug 1679 s. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT Edward 4-May 1713 s. Edward/Mary
CONSTANT Elisabeth 25-Nov 1691 d. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT Elizabeth 7-Feb 1694 d. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT John 9-Apr 1683 s. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT Mary 26-May 1687 d. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT Mary 3-Sep 1712 d. Nicholas/Sibbela
CONSTANT Nicholas 6-Nov 1710 s. Nicholas/Sibbella
CONSTANT Nicholas 20-Sep 1713 s. Nicholas/Sibbill
CONSTANT Nicolas 20-Jan 1680 s. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT Rachell 10-Aug 1707 d. Nicholas/Sibbela
CONSTANT Ralph 19-Jul 1689 s. Ralph/Mary
CONSTANT Ralph 12-Dec 1708 s. Nicholas/Sibbella
CONSTANT Roger 23-Dec 1709 s. Nicholas/Sibbella
CONSTANT William 2-Apr 1685 s. Ralph/Mary
COOK John 15-May 1698 s. William/Mary
COOK Mary 10-Sep 1699 d. William/Mary
COOK Sarah 2-Mar 1706 d. William/Mary
COOK Thomas 21-Jan 1704 s. William/Mary
COOK William 11-May 1701 s. William/Mary
COPPER Anne 23-Apr 1718 d. Joseph/Martha, travellers
COPPIN Thomas 17-Jan 1691 s. William/Mary
COPPIN William 30-Jul 1679 s. Thomas/Ann
COPPIN William 21-Jan 1681 s. William/Katherine
CORBET Mary 21-Mar 1706 d. Edward/Mary
COSWORTH Elizabeth 25-Nov 1716 d. Arundell/Martha
COULTROUP Elizabeth 1-Dec 1723 d. Thomas/Mary
COWELL Beaton 22-May 1717 s. John/Alice
COWELL Benjamine 22-Sep 1709 s. John/Alice
COWELL Edward 14-Jul 1707 s. John/Alice
COWELL Jane 24-Mar 1683 d. John/Sarah
COWELL Jane 4-Jul 1711 d. John/Alice
COWELL John 1-Dec 1701 s. John/Alice
COWELL Joseph 30-Mar 1722 s. John/Alice
COWELL Martha 2-Feb 1715 d. John/Alice
COWELL Mary 1…Nov 1705 d. John/Mary
COWELL Sarah 8-Mar 1680 d. John/Sarah
COWELL Sarah 4-Jan 1703 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
COWELL Troward 27-Jan 1714 s. John/Alice
COWELL William 21-May 1713 s. John/Alice
COWS John 4-Feb 1704 s. Henry/Anne
CRAMP John 1-Sep 1723 s. Thomas/Mary
CRAMP Thomas 21-Feb 1721 s. Thomas/Mary
CROFFTS Elizabeth 16-Nov 1700 d. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
CROFFTS Robert 6-Mar 1697 s. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
CROUCHER Edward 25-Dec 1688 s. John/Sarah
CROUCHER James 7-Mar 1679 s. John/Sarah
CROUCHER John 29-Nov 1683 s. John/Sarah
CROUCHER Nicolas 15-Aug 1686 s. John/Sarah
CROUCHER Sarah 16-Aug 1681 d. John/Sarah
CRUMPE Dorothy 9-Nov 1683 d. John/Dorothy
CRUMPE John & Peter 21-Oct 1688 ss. John/Dorothy
CULLEN Charles 10-Nov 1718 s. Charles/Margaret
CULLEN Margarett 23-Sep 1716 d. Charles [mother's name not recorded]
CULLMER Elisabeth 18-Aug 1689 d. John/Elisabeth
CULLMER Mary 27-May 1688 d. Henry/Susan
CULLMER Sarah 3-Jan 1692 d. John/Elisabeth
CULLMER Susan 30-Jan 1689 d. Henry/Susan
CULMER Ann 16-Mar 1700 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
CULMER Anne 1-Sep 1711 d. Jeremy/Anne
CULMER Francis 20-Sep 1713 s. Stephen/Johanna
CULMER Henry 3-Apr 1698 s. Jerimy [mothers name not recorded]
CULMER Jeremiah 8-Sep 1706 s. John/Elizabeth
CULMER Jeremy 2-Mar 1703 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
CULMER Jerimiah 28-Jan 1693 s. Jerimiah/Mary
CULMER Jerimiah 13-Jul 1707 s. Stephen/Johanah
CULMER John 12-Aug 1700 s. Jerimiah [mothers name not recorded]
CULMER John 9-Feb 1700 s. Stephen/Johanna
CULMER Joseph 6-Jan 1695 s. Jerimiah/Anne
CULMER Lamming 18-Oct 1703 s. Stephen/Joannah
CULMER Mary 5-Jul 1691 d. John/Elisabeth
CULMER Mary 9-Jan 1714 d. Stephen/Johanna
CULMER Mary 14-Feb 1724 d. Stephen/Joanna
CULMER Moses 31-Aug 1712 s. Jeremy/Anne
CULMER Rachell 1-Dec 1717 d. Sep hen [sic]/Joana
CULMER Roger Oct 1711 s. Stephen/Johana,
CULMER Stephen 11-Mar 1701 s. Jerimy [mothers name not recorded]
CULMER Stephen 17-Dec 1704 s. Stephen/Johanna
CULMER Stephen 13-Dec 1718 s. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
CULMER Susanah 10-Nov 1695 d. John/Elizabeth
CULMER Susanah 17-Oct 1697 d. John/Elizabeth
CUNSTABLE Elizabeth 22-Oct 1693 d. Matthew/Mary
CURLING alias BRAMBLEY William 21-Sep 1701 s. Mary CURLING by Seth BRAMBLEY
DADDS Edward 30-Dec 1683 s. Edward/Mary
DADDS Jane 6-Jun 1682 d. Isaac/Jane
DALE Anne 19-May 1717 d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
DALE Edward 13-Dec 1724 s. Edward/Mary
DALE Mary 2-Feb 1718 d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
DALE William 10-Jul 1720 s. Edward/Mary
DANN Roger 19-Apr 1681 s. Henry/Margarett
DAUSON Elizabeth 8-Dec 1723 d. Nicholas/Mary
DAUSON John 3-May 1719 s. Nicholas [mother's name not recorded]
DAUSON Mary 26-Oct 1712 d. John/Elizabeth
DAUSON Nicholas 16-Sep 1722 s. John/Elizabeth
DAUSON Phillip 6-Mar 1720 s. Thomas/Sarah
DAUSON Sarah 2-Feb 1719 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
DAUSON Thomas 12-Feb 1693 s. Nicholas [mother's name not recorded]
DAUSON Thomas 13-Jan 1722 s. Thomas/Sarah
DAVIS Elizabeth 29-Sep 1695 d. William/Jane
DAVIS Mary 20-Nov 1687 d. William/Jane
DAVIS William 2-Mar 1689 s. W……/Jane [father's name illegible]
DAWSON Ann 11-Mar 1682 d. Nicolas/Ann
DAWSON John 16-Dec 1688 s. Nicolas/Ann
DAWSON John 28-Feb 1724 s. Thomas/Sarah
DAWSON Mary 31-Jan 1685 d. Nicolas/Ann
DAWSON Nicolas 3-May 1691 s. Nicolas/Ann
DAWSON Richard 20-Feb 1680 s. Nicolas [mother's name not recorded]
DAWSON Sarah 24-Oct 1725 d. Nicholas/Mary
DENN Elizabeth 17-Feb 1700 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
DEVON Charles 20-Jul 1701 s. Richard/Ann
DICKENSON Daniel 23-Aug 1724 s. Daniel/Anne
DICKINSON Amy 4-Jun 1718 d. Daniel [mother's name not recorded]
DICKINSON Elizabeth 23-Mar 1719 d. Daniel/Anne
DICKINSON John 11-Apr 1722 s. Daniel/Anne
DICKINSON Margarett 8-Apr 1715 d. Daniel/Anne
DICKSON Daniel 20-Jul 1718 s. Richard/Mary
DICKSON Susanah 3-Sep 1704 d. Francis/Mary
DIGGES Ann 14-Apr 1700 d. Dudley/Sarah
DIGGES Dudley 14-Sep 1690 s. Dudley/Sarah
DIGGES Fabritio 18-Oct 1694 s. Dudley/Sarah
DIGGES Jane 11-Jan 1690 d. Dudley/Ann
DIGGES Mary 15-Aug 1692 d. Dudley/Sarah
DIGGES Sarah 25-Jul 1687 d. Dudley/Mary
DIGGES William 5-Nov 1713 s. Dudley [mothers name not recorded]
DIGGS Charles 21-Mar 1692 s. Dudley/Ann
DIGGS Dudley 27-Oct 1680 s. Dudley/Mary
DIGGS Dudley 6-Oct 1718 s. Francis [mothers name not recorded]
DIGGS Elizabeth 8-Jun 1722 d. Francis/Anne
DIGGS Francis 15-Nov 1719 s. Francis [mothers name not recorded]
DIGGS Martha 2-Feb 1724 d. Francis/Elizabeth
DIGGS Mary 19-Oct 1703 d. Dudley/Sarah
DIGGS Mary 1-Nov 1723 d. Francis/Anne
DIGGS Sarah 2-Aug 1710 d. Dudley/Sarah
DIGGS Sarah 14-Feb 1720 d. Francis/Anne
DIGGS William & Martha 12-Jul 1695 s. and d. Dudley, gent/Ann
DIXON Ann 25-Jun 1702 d. Francis [mother's name not recorded]
DIXON Barbara 12-Oct 1696 d. Francis [mother's name not recorded]
DIXON Elizabeth 23-Mar 1697 d. Francis [mother's name not recorded]
DIXON Elizabeth 4-Mar 1715 d. Richard/Mary
DIXON George 2-Aug 1699 s. Francis [mothers name not recorded]
DIXON George 9-Sep 1700 s. Francis [mothers name not recorded]
DIXON Hester 9-Sep 1722 d. Richard/Mary
DIXON James 20-Apr 1712 s. Richard/Mary
DIXON John Oct 1711 s. Francis/Mary
DIXON John & Anne 28-Jun 1708 s. and d. Francis/Mary
DIXON Martha 27-Dec 1720 d. Richard/Mary
DIXON Mary 25-Dec 1709 d. Richard/Mary
DIXON Rachel 7-Mar 1724 d. Richard/Mary
DIXON Richard 24-Jan 1685 s. James/Mary
DIXON Richard 25-Dec 1713 s. Richard/Mary
DIXON Sarah 17-Apr 1706 d. Francis/Mary
DONCASTER Beniamin 20-May 1680 s. Beniamin/Judith
DONCASTER Joseph 8-Nov 1685 s. Benjamine/Judith
DONCASTER Roger 6-Jun 1682 s. Benjamin/Judith
DONCASTER William 16-Sep 1684 s. Benjamine/Judith
DONKESTER …… Oct 1694 three children of Thomas/Elizabeth
DONKESTER Ann 9-Mar 1697 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
DONKESTER Benjamine 28-Jul 1717 s. Benjamine [mothers name not recorded]
DONKESTER Elizabeth 26-Jul 1696 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
DONKESTER Martha 1-Aug 1714 d. Benjamine/Rachell
DONKESTER Mary Nov 1709 d. Benjamine/Rachell
DONKESTER Rachaell 13-Oct 1706 d. Benjamine/Rachell
DONKESTER Sarah Nov 1711 d. Benjamine [mother's name not recorded]
DONKESTER Thomas 6-Jun 1704 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
DONKESTER Valentine 16-Jul 1721 s. Benjamine/Rachell
DOUTY George 24-Oct 1725 s. Jeremiah/Mary
DUKE Stephen 6-Jul 1684 s. Robert/Luce
DUNKIN Andrew 11-Dec 1720 s. Thomas/Mary
DUNKIN Elizabeth 16-Feb 1717 d. Thomas/Mary
DUNKIN Mary 17-Sep 1710 d. Thomas/Mary
DUNKIN Peter 31-Oct 1714 s. Thomas/Mary
DUNKIN Sarah 11-Oct 1724 d. Thomas/Mary
DUNKIN Thomas 12-Sep 1683 s. William/Mary
DUNKIN Thomas 5-Oct 1712 s. Thomas/Mary
DURANT John 2… Dec 1711 s. Edward [mothers name not recorded]
DURRANT Edward 3-Oct 1714 posthumous s. Edward/Mary
DURRANT Henry 15-May 1713 s. Edward [mothers name not recorded]
DURRANT Isaac 14-Oct 1688 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
DURRANT Mary 20-Aug 1710 d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
EDGENDER Ann 24-Apr 1683 d. John/Sarah
EDGENDER Elizabeth 28-Apr 1695 d. John/Sarah
EDGENDER George 7-Jul 1689 s. John/Sarah
EDGENDER John 8-Feb 1684 s. John/Sarah
EDGENDER Roger 27-Nov 1692 s. John/Sarah
EDGENDER Sarah 11-Jul 1681 d. John/Sarah
EDGENDER Susan 13-Feb 1686 d. John/Sarah
EDGERTON John 9-Dec 1698 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
EDGERTON William 29-Mar 1691 s. John/Sarah
EGLESTONE George 13-Nov 1698 s. George/Susan
ELGAR Dennis 2… Dec 1724 d. William/Mary
ELLNOR Edward 21-Sep 1684 s. Emanuell/Alice
ELLNOR Elizabeth 8-Jun 1679 d. William/Elizabeth
ELLNOR George 15-May 1681 s. Emanuell/Alice
ELLNOR John 8-Mar 1681 s. William/Elizabeth
ELLNOR John 27-May 1683 s. William/Elizabeth
ELLNOR John 19-Mar 1685 s. Emanuell/Alice
ELLNOR William 28-Jan 1682 s. Emanuell/Alice
ELLNOR William 16-Dec 1683 s. William/Elizabeth
ELNOR Jerimiah 16-Jan 1703 s. Paul/Mary
ELVERY Edward 11-Dec 1692 s. Ralph/Mildred
ELVERY Edward 5-Nov 1719 s. Edward/Elizabeth
ELVERY Elizabeth 9-Jul 1721 d. Edward/Elizabeth
ELVERY Mary 28-Oct 1688 d. Ralph/Mildred
ELVERY Ralph 14-Aug 1687 s. Ralph/Mildred
ELVERY Sarah 12-Jul 1724 d. Edward/Katharine
EMPTAGE Ann 15-Nov 1691 d. Thomas/Godly
EMPTAGE Henry 24-Mar 1705 s. William/Jane
EMPTAGE Jane 20-Jun 1708 d. William/Jaine
EMPTAGE John 31-May 1691 s. William/Mary
EMPTAGE John 22-Oct 1693 s. Thomas/Godley
EMPTAGE John 16-Mar 1700 s. William/Jane
EMPTAGE Margarett 25-Dec 1689 d. Thomas/Godly
EMPTAGE Richard 18-Feb 1699 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
EMPTAGE Robert 23-Feb 1717 s. William/Jane
EMPTAGE Sarah 30-Oct 1687 d. William/Mary
EMPTAGE Thomas 15-Jan 1687 s. Thomas/Godly
EMPTAGE Valentine & Stephen 14-Feb 1715 ss. William/Jane
EMPTAGE William 2-Jan 1680 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
EMPTAGE William 6-May 1683 s. William/Elizabeth
EPSLEY alias HARRT Mary 13-Jun 1686 d. Katherine EPSLEY/Paul HARRT the supposed father
EVANS Elizabeth 14-Sep 1679 d. Simon/Mary
EVERETT Elizabeth 3-Aug 1718 d. Henry [mother's name not recorded]
EVERETT Henry 14-Jan 1721 s. Henry/Elizabeth
EVERETT Mary 8-May 1720 d. Henry [mother's name not recorded]
EVERETT Rachel 22-Dec 1723 d. Henry/Mary
EVERS Thomas 23-Aug 1724 s. Stephen/Katharine
EWELL Edward & Mary 1-Oct 1704 s. and d. Edward/Mary
EWELL Hester 16-Jan 1708 d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
EWELL Sarah 11-May 1707 d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
FAGG Anne 30-Jun 1706 d. James/Mary
FAGG Anne 23-Dec 1716 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
FAGG Edward 28-Mar 1708 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
FAGG Elizabeth 31-Jan 1702 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
FAGG Elizabeth 9-Mar 1711 d. Stephen/Mary
FAGG Elizabeth 20-Oct 1713 d. Edward, aged about 22y
FAGG James 2…Jan 1707 s. James/Mary
FAGG John 17-Jun 1699 s. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
FAGG John 17-Sep 1699 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
FAGG Margarett 27-Aug 1710 d. James/Mary
FAGG Mary 26-Sep 1697 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
FAGG Mary 30-Jul 1704 d. James [mother's name not recorded]
FAGG Roger 9-Aug 1713 s. James/Mary
FAGG Sarah 19-Jul 1719 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
FAGG Sarah 17-Jan 1720 d. Edward/Lucy, aged about 19y
FAGG Thomas 25-Apr 1714 s. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
FAGG William 9-Sep 1705 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
FAGG William 20-Jul 1712 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
FAIREMAN Francis 17-Apr 1696 posthumous s. Mary
FAIRMAN Anne Oct 1711 d. Thomas/Anne
FAIRMAN Anne 17-Nov 1712 d. Thomas/Anne
FAIRMAN Daniell 23-Jan 1680 s. Daniell/Frances
FAIRMAN John 8-Apr 1683 s. Daniell/Frances
FAIRMAN Mary 22-Jul 1694 d. Daniel/Mary
FAIRMAN Nicolas 13-Mar 1691 s. Daniell/Mary
FAIRMAN William 28-Feb 1685 s. Daniell/Frances
FANTING Mary 10-Oct 1681 d. William/Mary
FASHAM Edward 30-Dec 1694 s. Thomas/Tomsin
FASHAM James 27-Nov 1692 s. Robert/Mary
FASHAM James 7-Mar 1724 s. James/Mary
FASHAM John 2-Feb 1689 s. Robert/Mary
FASHAM John 19-Dec 1703 s. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
FASHAM Mary 9-Nov 1690 d. Thomas/Thomasine
FASHAM Mary 19-Feb 1698 d. Robert/Mary
FASHAM Mary 26-Nov 1721 d. James/Mary
FASHAM Robert 1-Mar 1695 s. Robert/Mary
FASHAM Robert 2…Mar 1722 s. James/Mary
FASHAM Susanah 28-Jun 1702 d. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
FINCH Humphry 19-Jul 1691 s. Humphrey/Martha
FLAGDEN Henry 4-Oct 1724 bastard s. John
FLAGDEN Susana 6-Apr 1679 d. Henry/Susana
FLEET Mildred 13-Aug 1693 d. Thomas/Margaret
FLEET Thomas 18-Jul 1697 s. Thomas/Margarett
FLEETE James 9-Dec 1688 s. Thomas/Margaret
FLEETE John 24-Apr 1681 s. Bartholomew/Susana
FLEETE John 21-Jul 1695 s. Thomas/Margarett
FLEETE Mary 22-Jun 1690 d. Thomas/Margarett
FLEETE Michaell 21-Mar 1679 s. Michaell/Susana
FLEETE Susan 9-Sep 1688 d. Michaell/Susan
FLEETE Susana 15-Oct 1682 d. Michaell/Susana
FLEETE Thomas 17-May 1691 s. Michael [mother's name not recorded]
FLEETE Thomas & Elizabeth 27-Jun 1686 s. and d. Michael/Susana
FLEETE Thomasine 18-May 1684 d. Michaell/Susana
FLINT Elizabeth 19-Sep 1697 d. Thomas/Sarah
FOAD John 15-May 1679 s. John/Joyse
FOAD Stephen 25-Sep 1683 s. John/Rejoyce
FOARD Ann 16-Apr 1686 d. George/Martha
FOARD George 30-Aug 1682 s. George/Martha
FOARD George 26-Oct 1712 s. John/Elizabeth
FOARD Hannah 5-Sep 1714 d. John/Elizabeth
FOARD Johana 24-Sep 1693 d. George/Martha
FOARD John 19-Aug 1688 s. George/Martha
FOARD John 27-Mar 1724 s. John/Elizabeth,
FOARD Mary 22-Jan 1679 d. George/Martha
FOARD Mary 7-Dec 1718 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
FOARD Prudence 10-Aug 1690 d. George/Martha
FOARD Prudence 5-Feb 1720 d. John/Elizabeth
FOARD Roger 4-Nov 1716 s. John/Elizabeth
FOARD Thomas 9-May 1684 s. George/Martha
FOARD alias HEMING John 26-Feb 1681 s. Martha FOARD/John HEMING the supposed father
FOARMAN George 2-Jul 1682 s. Richard/Susana
FORD Mary 7-Jun 1724 d. George/Mary
FOREMAN Anne 22-Dec 1710 d. John/Anne
FOREMAN Anne 2-Mar 1717 d. William/Susan
FOREMAN Anne 27-Aug 1721 d. George/Anne
FOREMAN Edward 11-Aug 1717 s. John/Anne
FOREMAN Elizabeth 29-Dec 1699 d. William/Elizabeth
FOREMAN George 26-Apr 1702 s. William/Elizabeth
FOREMAN George 30-Jan 1708 s. Richard/Mary
FOREMAN Hannah 26-Jan 1700 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
FOREMAN John 21-Jan 1704 s. Richard/Mary
FOREMAN John 5-Dec 1703 posthumous s. John/Mary
FOREMAN Mary 12-Jan 1706 d. William/Elizabeth
FOREMAN Mary 9-Feb 1710 d. Richard/Mary
FOREMAN Richard 8-Aug 1703 s. Richard/Mary
FOREMAN Susanah 12-Sep 1697 d. William/Elizabeth
FOREMAN Thomas 7-Dec 1679 s. Richard/Susana
FOREMAN Thomas 23-Aug 1702 s. John/Mary
FOREMAN William 17-Oct 1703 s. William/Elizabeth
FORSTER John 19-Aug 1716 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
FORSTER Thomas 19-Aug 1711 s. John/Margarett
FORSTER William 25-Sep 1720 s. John/Anne
FOSTER Henry 6-Feb 1725 s. John/Anne
FOSTER Stephen 14-Apr 1723 s. John/Anne, child born 4 Apr, baptised Easter day
FOWLER James 7-Mar 1679 s. Michaell/Sarah
FOX Abraham 25-Oct 1691 s. Matthew/Martha
FOX Anne 3-May 1696 d. Matthew [mother's name not recorded]
FOX Edward 29-Jul 1716 s. Edward/Mary
FOX Elizabeth 29-Jul 1679 d. John/Elizabeth
FOX Elizabeth 12-Feb 1693 d. Matthew/Martha
FOX Elizabeth 8-Feb 1707 d. Edward/Mary
FOX Isaac 18-Jul 1703 s. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
FOX John 25-Dec 1706 s. Edward/Mary
FOX John & Sarah 2-Mar 1700 s. and d. Matthew/Martha
FOX Mary 27-Sep 1685 d. John/Elizabeth
FOX Mary 13-Nov 1687 d. Matthew/Martha
FOX Mary 7-May 1710 d. Edward/Mary
FOX Mary 29-Mar 1713 d. Edward/Mary
FOX Mathew 24-May 1686 s. Mathew/Martha
FOX Peter 27-Feb 1708 s. Edward/Mary
FOX Rachaell 1-Apr 1705 d. Edward/Mary
FOX Richard 11-Apr 1703 s. Matthew/Martha
FOX Robert 23-Jun 1689 s. Matthew/Martha
FOX Robert 29-Oct 1698 s. Robert/Martha
FOX Robert & Sarah 27-Jan 1701 s. and d. Robert/Sarah
FOX Ruth 13-Aug 1711 d. Edward/Mary
FOX Stephen 28-Jun 1719 s. Edward/Mary, [Note: name of the child is in doubt as 'William' was written above 'Stephen']
FOX William 6-Feb 1682 s. John/Elizabeth
FREEMAN Johanna 15-Dec 1706 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
FREEMAN Roger 18-Mar 1679 s. John/Joana
FREEMAN Sarah 20-Feb 1708 d. John/Susana
FREEMAN Stephen 3-Dec 1682 s. John/Joana
FREEMAN Susanah 22-Nov 1712 d. John/Susanah
FREEMAN Thomas 24-May 1686 s. John/Joana
FRIEND Ann 17-Jun 1694 d. George/Ann
FRIEND Elizabeth 3-Jun 1688 d. William/Elizabeth
FRIEND Elizabeth 12-Nov 1721 d. James/Elizabeth
FRIEND Frances 14-Apr 1689 d. George/Mary
FRIEND George 31-Aug 1690 s. George/Mary
FRIEND James 29-Dec 1689 s. William/Elisabeth
FRIEND James 10-Jan 1724 s. James/Elizabeth
FRIEND Jane 27-Mar 1692 d. William/Elisabeth
FRIEND John 10-Mar 1683 s. William/Elizabeth
FRIEND Lovinah 22-Mar 1679 d. Thomas/Mary
FRIEND Peter 12-Jul 1723 s. James/Elizabeth
FRIEND William 18-Apr 1686 s. William/Elisabeth
FRIEND William 7-Feb 1719 s. James [mothers name not recorded]
FULLER John 20-Feb 1695 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
FULLER Mary 19-Dec 1697 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
Gann Elizabeth 23-Jul 1721 d. Robert/Elizabeth
Gann John 21-Oct 1722 s. Robert/Elizabeth
Gann Robert 23-May 1725 s. Robert/Elizabeth
GARDINER Bartholomew 11-Nov 1679 s. James/Susan
GARDINER Elizabeth 26-Nov 1682 d. James/Susana
GEERING Ann 7-Aug 1688 d. Henry/Ann
GIBBENS Edward 16-Aug 1713 s. Edward/Jane
GIBBENS Samuel 8-Nov 1719 s. John/Jane
GIBBINS Edward & Stephen 3-Oct 1703 ss. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
GIBBINS Elizabeth 5-Nov 1693 d. Edward/Elizabeth
GIBBINS Elizabeth 2-Nov 1701 d. John/Jane
GIBBINS Hanah 15-Apr 1711 d. John/Jane
GIBBINS Henry 3-Oct 1708 s. John/Jane
GIBBINS John 24-Mar 1705 s. Edward [mothers name not recorded]
GIBBINS Thomas 1-Apr 1716 s. John/Jane
GIBBONS Edward 27-Feb 1680 s. Edward/Elizabeth
GIBBONS Hanah 30-Mar 1684 d. Edward/Elizabeth
GIBBONS Thomas 22-Feb 1690 s. Edward/Elisabeth
GIFFORD Sarah 3-Aug 1701 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
GILBERT Alice 7-Sep 1701 d. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
GILBERT Anne 6-Jan 1695 d. Robert/Anne
GILBERT Edward 2-May 1714 s. Richard/Margaret
GILBERT Joana 24-Jul 1698 d. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
GILBERT John 12-May 1692 s. Robert/Ann
GILBERT John 4-Jun 1693 s. Robert/Ann
GILBERT John 27-Apr 1712 s. Richard/Margaret
GILBERT John 1-Nov 1719 s. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
GILBERT John 26-Feb 1724 s. Richard/Margaret
GILBERT John & Margarett 2-Sep 1722 s. and d. John/Elizabeth
GILBERT Margarett 22-Mar 1720 d. Richard/Margarett
GILBERT Mary 21-May 1690 d. Robert/Ann
GILBERT Richard 19-Aug 1688 s. Robert/Ann
GILBERT Richard 16-Jun 1717 s. Richard/Margaret
GILBERT Robert 6-Jan 1715 s. Richard/Margaret
GILBERT Robert 7-Jul 1723 s. Richard/Margaret
GILBERT Sarah 9-Feb 1706 d. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
GOATHAM Edward 6-Jan 1724 s. John/Anne of Ramsgate in St Laurence
GODIN Catherine 25-Jun 1704 d. Godfrey [mother's name not recorded]
GOLDFINCH Clement 20-Feb 1682 s. Stephen/Mary
GOLDFINCH Elizabeth 10-May 1681 d. John/Sibella
GOLDFINCH Elizabeth 3-Jun 1684 d. John/Elizabeth
GOLDFINCH Elizabeth 19-Aug 1705 d. Elias [mother's name not recorded]
GOLDFINCH John 21-Nov 1679 s. Stephen/Mary
GOLDFINCH John 18-Feb 1686 s. John/Elisabeth
GOLDFINCH John 23-May 1714 s. Thomas/Anne
GOLDFINCH Martha 10-Mar 1688 d. John/Elisabeth
GOLDFINCH Martha 4-Oct 1691 d. John/Elisabeth
GOLDFINCH Mary 24-Nov 1689 d. Stephen/Elisabeth
GOLDFINCH Mary 22-Feb 1712 d. Thomas/Anne
GOLDFINCH Richard 30-Mar 1701 s. Elias [mothers name not recorded]
GOLDFINCH Sarah 9-Jan 1682 d. John/Sibella
GOLDFINCH Stephen 30-Aug 1685 s. Stephen/Mary
GOLDFINCH Thomas 5-Jan 1680 s. Stephen/Mary
GOLDSMITH Edward 4-Apr 1708 s. Edward/Elizabeth
GOLDSMITH Franklin 4-Jul 1714 s. Franklin [mothers name not recorded]
GOLDSMITH Jane 9-Aug 1719 d. Francklyn [mother's name not recorded]
GOLDSMITH Jarman 21-Sep 1712 s. Franklin/Jane
GOLDSMITH John 19-Feb 1715 s. Franklin/Jane
GOLDSMITH Mary 18-Mar 1715 d. Edward/Elizabeth
GOLDSMITH Richard 18-Aug 1717 s. Franklyn [mothers name not recorded]
GOLDSMITH William 25-Mar 1711 s. Edward/Elizabeth
GOODBORNE George 4-May 1679 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
GOODBORNE Hannah 13-Mar 1691 d. William [mother's name not recorded]
GOODBORNE Isaac & Martha 17-Jul 1688 s. and d. William/Ann
GOODBORNE Mary 11-Jul 1680 d. William/Ann
GOODBORNE Sarah 11-Feb 1682 d. William/Ann
GOODBORNE William 24-May 1685 s. William/Ann
GOODBORNE alias NEWING John 6-Oct 1700 s. Ann GOODBORNE by John NEWING
GOODSON Alexander 21-Sep 1690 s. Alexander/Hanah
GOODSON Allexander 25-Jan 1684 s. Alexander/Hannah
GOODSON Ann 31-Jan 1685 d. Allexander/Hanah
GOODSON Hannah 12-Aug 1688 d. Alexander/Hanah
GOODSON Jeremiah 12-Apr 1713 s. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
GOODSON Samuell 14-Feb 1681 s. Allexander/Hanah
GOODSON Sarah 6-Jan 1682 d. Allexander/Hannah
GOODSON Stephen 21-Mar 1708 s. Richard/Anne
GOODSON William 1-Jan 1683 s. Allexander/Hanah
GORE Alice 12-Dec 1693 d. Robert/Alice
GORE Austen 16-Aug 1713 s. Robert/Jane
GORE Hanah 24-Mar 1709 d. Robert/Jane
GORE Jane 16-Mar 1700 d. Robert/Jane
GORE John 18-Apr 1697 s. Robert/Jane
GORE John 29-May 1703 s. Robert/Jane
GORE Mary 3-Apr 1696 d. Robert/Jane
GORE Mary 16-Mar 1697 d. Robert/Jane
GORE Robert 29-Oct 1699 s. Robert/Jane
GORE Thomas 29-Oct 1704 s. Robert/Jane
GRAINGER Ann 12-Aug 1694 d. George/Mary
GRAINGER Elizabeth 1-Jan 1720 d. Gyles/Elizabeth
GRAINGER Giles 23-Dec 1716 s. Giles/Elizabeth
GRAINGER John & Mary 26-Mar 1705 s. and d. William
GRAINGER Mary 2…Mar 1709 d. Gyles/Elizabeth
GRAINGER Michaell 1-May 1709 s. William/Mary
GRAINGER William 19-Oct 1707 s. William/Mary
GRANGER Bennet 15-Nov 1691 d. George/Mary
GRANGER George 1…Nov 1711 s. Gyles/Elizabeth
GRANGER George 29-Aug 1714 s. Gyles/Elizabeth
GRANGER Gyles 22-May 1687 s. George/Mary
GRANGER Jane 15-Mar 1684 d. George/Mary
GRANGER Jane 20-Jul 1689 d. George/Mary
GRANGER Mary 12-Jul 1682 d. George/Mary
GRANGER Mary 8-May 1687 [adult baptism of] wife of George, aged about …… years [age not recorded]
GRANGER Sarah 30-Sep 1696 d. George/Mary
GRANGER Sarah 27-Sep 1724 d. Giles/Elizabeth
GRANT Ann 20-Nov 1687 d. John/Ann
GRANT Anna 10-Jan 1719 d. Matthew/Hannah
GRANT Anne 26-Feb 1698 d. Edward/Elizabeth
GRANT Anne 31-Jan 1707 d. John/Anne
GRANT Anne 1-Nov 1713 d. Matthew/Hanah
GRANT Elisabeth 15-May 1692 d. John/Katherine
GRANT Elizabeth 22-Oct 1698 d. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
GRANT Frances 11-Sep 1687 d. Richard/Margarett
GRANT Frances 21-Nov 1703 d. Matthew [mother's name not recorded]
GRANT Francis 10-Sep 1710 s. Matthew/Hanah
GRANT John 21-Sep 1684 s. John/Ann
GRANT John 1-Jul 1705 s. Robert/Elizabeth
GRANT Martha 11-Nov 1705 d. John/Catherine
GRANT Martha 2-May 1725 d. Matthew/Hannah
GRANT Mary 13-Nov 1682 d. Jeremy/Mildred
GRANT Mary 25-Feb 1685 d. John/Ann
GRANT Mary 26-Aug 1694 d. John/Catherin
GRANT Mary 6-Apr 1701 d. Edward/Mary
GRANT Mary 29-Jun 1701 d. Matthew [mother's name not recorded]
GRANT Richard 7-Jul 1689 s. Richard/Margaret
GRANT Richard 9-May 1697 s. Edward [mothers name not recorded]
GRANT Richard 6-Feb 1697 s. Matthew [mother's name not recorded]
GRANT Robert 28-Sep 1700 s. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
GRANT Robert 30-Oct 1702 s. Robert/Elizabeth
GRANT Sarah 16-Aug 1682 d. Thomas/Sibella
GRANT Sarah 15-Oct 1693 d. Edward/Mary
GRANT Sarah 7-Jan 1721 d. Matthew/Hanah
GRANT Thomas 24-Sep 1680 s. Thomas/Mary
GRANT Ursula 2…Oct 1717 d. Matthew/Hanah
GRAY Ann 12-Oct 1679 d. Thomas/Ann
GRAY Mary 8-May 1687 d. Thomas/Ann
GREEDIER Martha 27-Jun 1700 d. Stephen/Elizabeth
GREEDIER Mary 9-May 1703 d. Stephen/Elizabeth
GREEDIER Stephen 20-Aug 1697 s. Stephen/Elizabeth
GREEDIERS John 31-Jul 1698 s. Stephen/Elizabeth
GREENE John 13-Aug 1695 s. John/Susanah
GREENFIELD Elizabeth 20-Mar 1681 d. Thomas/Mary
GREENFIELD Mary 12-Feb 1682 d. Thomas/Mary
GREENFIELD Mary 30-Mar 1685 d. Thomas/Mary
GREGORY Mary 28-Dec 1689 d. John/Rejoyce
GRIFFIN Thomas 23-Sep 1699 s. …… [no parents recorded]
GRIGG John 20-Nov 1720 s. John/Mary
GRIGG Sarah 13-Jul 1718 d. John/Mary
GRIGGS Frances 27-May 1711 d. James/Margaret
GRIGGS James 3-May 1713 s. James/Margaret
GRIGGS John 22-Nov 1696 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
GRIGGS Margarett 20-Jul 1707 d. James/Margarett
GRIGGS Martin 21-Apr 1723 s. Joseph/Jane
GRIGGS Mary 21-Sep 1698 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
GRIGGS Mary 23-Mar 1717 d. James [mother's name not recorded]
GRIGGS Moses 8-Apr 1716 s. James [mothers name not recorded]
GRIGGS Stephen 25-Feb 1714 s. James [mothers name not recorded]
GRIGGS William 10-Jul 1709 s. James/Margarett
GRIGS Mary 25-Oct 1724 d. John/Mary
GURNEY Anne 7-Mar 1716 d. John/Rebeckah
GURNEY Elizabeth 18-Mar 1713 d. John/Rebackah
GURNEY Jane 1…Apr 1723 d. John/Rebecka
GURNEY John 2-Aug 1681 s. John/Rebecka
GURNEY John 16-Apr 1721 s. John/Rebackah
GURNEY Mary 6-Jan 1715 d. John/Rebackah
GURNEY Mary 1-Nov 1719 d. John/Rebackah
GURNEY Mary 21-Apr 1725 d. John/Rebeckah
GURNEY Rebeckah 28-Dec 1711 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
GURNEY Thomas 26-Feb 1712 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
GYLES Anne 27-Jul 1705 d. Robert/Mary
GYLES Elizabeth 25-Jan 1684 d. Richard/Sarah
GYLES Elizabeth 14-Sep 1701 d. Henry/Elizabeth
GYLES Elizabeth 6-Nov 1711 d. Robert/Catherine
GYLES Henry 15-Jul 1705 s. Henry/Elizabeth
GYLES John 10-Jan 1702 s. Henry/Elizabeth
GYLES Martha 15-Dec 1689 d. Richard/Sarah
GYLES Mary 9-Sep 1683 d. Richard/Sarah
GYLES Richard 14-May 1682 s. Richard/Sarah
GYLES Robert 16-Nov 1706 s. Robert [mother's name not recorded]
GYLES Sarah 23-May 1680 d. Richard/Sarah
HADDAWAY Martha 25-Feb 1714 d. Henry [mother's name not recorded]
HALES Ann 14-Sep 1680 d. Charles/Elizabeth
HALES Charles 23-Jun 1684 s. Charles/Elizabeth
HALES Edward 3-Aug 1682 s. Charles/Elizabeth
HALES Elisabeth 10-Feb 1686 d. Charles/Elisabeth
HALES Elisabeth 1-Jan 1688 d. Charles/Elisabeth
HALES James 30-Dec 1694 s. Charles/Ann
HALES Josias 24-Dec 1692 s. Charle [sic]/Elisabeth
HALES Josias 29-Sep 1697 s. Charles/Ann
HALES Michael 4-Sep 1690 s. Charles/Elisabeth
HALL Catherine 25-Apr 1698 d. George/Anne
HALL Elizabeth 25-Feb 1685 d. William/Ann
HALL Elizabeth 4-May 1701 d. George/Ann
HALL George 16-Feb 1695 s. George/Ann
HALL Henry 21-Apr 1682 s. William/Ann
HALL John 8-Aug 1693 s. George/Ann
HALL John 21-Oct 1705 s. George/Ann
HALL Joseph 23-May 1686 s. George/Ann
HALL Richard 11-Mar 1687 s. George/Ann
HALL William 19-Feb 1683 s. William/Ann
HAMBLETON Sarah 25-Dec 1709 d. Patrick/Elizabeth
HARFLETE Anne 28-Jun 1724 d. Thomas/Jane, excise officer at Wye
HARMAN Anne 17-Dec 1710 d. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN Edolph 23-May 1703 s. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN Henry 14-Aug 1698 s. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN John 15-May 1696 s. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN Martha 15-Apr 1705 d. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN Mary 25-Mar 1701 d. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN Sarah 30-Aug 1707 d. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN Thomas 26-Jul 1691 s. Thomas/Martha
HARMAN Thomas & Martha 13-Feb 1688 s. and d. Thomas/Martha
HARMOND Jane 8-Jul 1685 d. Thomas/Martha
HARMOND Richard 6-May 1683 s. Thomas [‘Richard’ first written then deleted]/Martha
HARNETT Catherine 9-Jun 1696 d. Edward/Dinah
HARNETT Jane 29-Dec 1681 d. William/Jane
HARNETT John 25-Jan 1682 s. Edward/Elizabeth
HARNETT Peter 13-Sep 1684 s. Edward/Elizabeth
HARNETT William 25-Sep 1692 s. Edward/Dinah
HART Mary 22-Aug 1682 d. Paul/Mary
HART Thomas 1-Jan 1684 s. Paul/Mary
HART William 25-Oct 1683 s. Paul/Mary
HART William 29-Jan 1686 s. Paul/Mary
HATCHER Elizabeth 27-Sep 1710 d. Daniel late of the parish of Preston, aged about 22y
HATCHER John 20-Jan 1705 s. Thomas/Margarett
HATCHER Margaret 6-Jan 1711 d. Thomas/Margaret
HATCHER Thomas 2-May 1708 s. Thomas/Margarett
HAWKINS Benjamine 22-Mar 1723 s. William/Susanna
HAYWARD Cornelius 15-Mar 1720 s. Cornelius/Anne
HAYWARD Jane 9-Dec 1722 d. Cornelius/Jane
HAYWARD Mary 1-Jun 1718 d. Cornealius [mother's name not recorded]
HAYWARD Nicholas 21-Nov 1714 s. Cornelius
HAYWARD Stephen 15-Jul 1694 s. Nicholas/Deborah
HAYWARD William 10-Aug 1712 s. Cornelious/Anne
HAYWARD William 13-Jan 1716 s. Cornelious/Jane
HEASEDEN Mary 10-Apr 1694 d. Samuel/Bridgett
HEASELTON Bridgitt 15-Dec 1695 d. Samuel [mother's name not recorded]
HEATH John 21-Sep 1707 s. James/Mary
HEDGCOCK Abraham 24-Dec 1693 s. Abram/Margarett
HEDGCOCK Ann 10-Feb 1705 d. Elianor wife of Thomas
HEDGCOCK Anne 2-Sep 1725 d. John/Sarah
HEDGCOCK Daniel 26-Nov 1704 s. Abraham [mothers name not recorded]
HEDGCOCK Frances 15-Jul 1724 d. John/Frances
HEDGCOCK James 17-Aug 1701 s. Abraham/Mary
HEDGCOCK John 20-Dec 1696 s. Abraham [mothers name not recorded]
HEDGCOCK Margaret 24-Aug 1706 d. Mary [father's name not recorded]
HEDGCOCK Mary 18-Oct 1719 d. Thomas/Sarah
HEDGCOCK Mary 22-Jan 1720 d. Abraham/Mary
HEDGCOCK Sarah 11-Oct 1719 d. Abraham [mother's name not recorded]
HEDGCOCK Sarah 6-Mar 1720 d. Thomas/Sarah
HEDGCOCK Thomas 4-Oct 1691 s. Abraham/Mary
HEDGCOCK Thomas 2-Jun 1723 s. Thomas/Sarah
HEDGCOCKE Bennet 26-Dec 1725 d. Abraham/Mary
HEDGECOCK Frances 2-Jun 1723 d. Abraham/Mary
HEDGECOCK Mary 30-Apr 1699 d. Abraham [mother's name not recorded]
HENEKER Elizabeth 21-Jan 1721 d. James/Mary
HENEKER John 4-Jan 1718 s. James/Mary
HENEKER Mary 26-Oct 1713 d. James/Mary
HENEKER Richard 8-Jun 1708 s. James/Mary
HENEKER Sarah 16-Jun 1710 d. James [mother's name not recorded]
HENEKER William 20-May 1716 s. James/Mary
HENNEKER Elisabeth 8-May 1687 d. Richard/Sarah
HENNEKER John 30-Nov 1684 s. Richard/Sarah
HENNEKER Sarah 6-Mar 1680 d. Richard/Sarah
HENNEKER William 3-Dec 1682 s. Richard/Sarah
HERNE Margarett 4-Aug 1700 d. John/Margarett
HERRINGTON Margery 28-Aug 1686 d. Robert/Sarah
HERRINGTON Robert 30-Jul 1684 s. Robert/Sarah
HERRINGTON Sarah 21-May 1683 d. Robert/Sarah
HEWES Mary 27-Oct 1706 d. Thomas/Anne
HEWS Elizabeth 24-Oct 1708 d. Thomas/Ann
HEWS Matthias 2…Feb 1713 s. Michaell/Hanah
HEWS Stephen 23-Apr 1718 bastard s. ……, wife of Thomas HEWS [mother's name not recorded]
HEWSON David 8-Nov 1719 s. James/Elizabeth
HEWSON Donkester 28-Oct 1722 s. James/Elizabeth
HEWSON Elizabeth 2-Nov 1721 d. James/Elizabeth
HEWSON James 6-Jan 1724 s. James/Elizabeth
HEYWARD Allexander 6-Jan 1679 s. Nicolas/Deborah
HEYWARD Cornelius 3-Feb 1688 s. Nicolas/Deborah
HEYWARD Deborah 18-May 1686 d. Nicolas/Deborah
HEYWARD Jeremiah 24-Feb 1683 s. Nicolas/Deborah
HEYWARD Nicolas 10-Nov 1681 s. Nicolas/Deborah
HEYWARD William 7-Jun 1691 s. Nicolas/Deborah
HIDE Elizabeth 15-Jul 1697 d. Philip/Elizabeth
HIDE Jane 3-Sep 1699 d. Phillip/Elizabeth
HILLS John 28-Aug 1679 s. John/Elizabeth
HINGE Anne 13-May 1711 d. William/Mary
HITCHINS Humphrey 6-Mar 1691 s. Humphrey/Margaret
HOGBEN Christian 18-Mar 1679 d. Valentine/Ann
HOGBEN Dorothy 12-Jul 1682 d. Valentine/Ann
HOGBEN Joseph 17-Oct 1715 s. Clement/Mary
HOGBEN Margaret 17-Sep 1710 d. Richard/Alice
HOGBEN Richard 19-Oct 1712 s. Richard/Alice
HOGBEN Valentine 16-Mar 1683 s. Valentine/Ann
HOGBEN Valentine 4-Apr 1689 s. Valentine/Ann
HOGBEN Valentine 26-Aug 1711 s. Clement/Mary
HOGBIN Ann 30-May 1700 d. Clement/Mary
HOGBIN Anne 31-Jul 1703 d. Clement/Mary
HOGBIN Elizabeth 31-Jan 1707 d. Richard/Alice
HOGBIN Josiah 30-Dec 1705 s. Clement/Mary
HOLBORNE Mary 14-Oct 1716 d. Solomon [mother's name not recorded]
HOLBOURNE Anne 8-Dec 1712 d. Solomon/Elizabeth
HOLBOURNE Elizabeth 4-Apr 1714 d. Solomon/Elizabeth
HOLBOURNE Margaret 11-Sep 1720 d. Solomon/Elizabeth
HOLBOURNE Rachell 5-Jul 1722 d. Solomon/Elizabeth
HOLBOURNE Sarah 11-Jun 1718 d. Solomon/Elizabeth
HOLMAN Elizabeth 11-Jul 1714 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
HOLMANS Mary 15-Jul 1716 d. John [mother's name not recorded]
HOOPER Mary 13-Sep 1679 d. Nicolas/Mary
HOPKINS Mary 27-May 1711 d. William/Mary of the parish of St Ollives [St Olave?] in Southwark, London
HORTON John 25-Dec 1725 s. Thomas/Sarah
HOUGH Ann 7-Dec 1704 d. Abraham/Hanah
HOUGH Elizabeth 15-Apr 1695 d. Abraham/Hanah
HOUGH Hanah 29-Sep 1697 d. Abraham/Hanah
HOUGH Mary 11-Apr 1703 d. Abraham/Hanah
HOUGH Thomasmos [sic] 5-Oct 1699 s. Abraham [mothers name not recorded]
HOUGH William 12-Apr 1693 s. Abraham/Hanah
HOUGHAM Mary 16-Feb 1723 d. Stephen/Mary
HOWARD George 15-Jul 1682 s. George/Sarah
HOWARD Sarah 8-Jul 1686 d. George/Sarah
HOWELL John 2-Nov 1717 s. John/Elizabeth
HUCHENS Mary 6-Aug 1716 d. Cuthbert/Deborah
HUES Hannah 31-Jan 1715 d. Michaell/Hannah
HUFFAM Gabriel 26-Mar 1694 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
HUFFAM Mary 11-Oct 1719 d. Stephen [mother's name not recorded]
HUFFAM Richard 22-Nov 1696 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
HUFFAM Solomon 10-Aug 1698 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
HUFFAM Stephen 11-Apr 1721 s. Stephen/Mary
HUFFAM Thomas 29-Apr 1722 s. Stephen/Mary
HUFFHAM Elizabeth 15-Jul 1685 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
HUFFHAM Mary 11-May 1690 d. Thomas/Elisabeth
HUFFHAM Stephen 24-Feb 1688 s. Thomas/Elisabeth
HUFFHAM Stephen 8-Apr 1692 s. Thomas/Elisabeth
HUFFHAM Thomas 13-Mar 1686 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
HUNT George 6-Jan 1718 s. Nicholas/Sarah
HUNT Hanah 22-Jul 1684 d. Nicolas/Mary
HUNT Mary 24-Nov 1680 d. Nicolas/Mary
HUNT Mary 29-Jan 1681 d. Nicolas/Mary
HUNT Nicholas 25-Dec 1707 s. Nicholas/Sarah
HUNT Nicolas 5-May 1687 s. Nicolas/Mary
HUNT Sarah 7-Aug 1715 d. Nicholas/Sarah
HUNT William 29-May 1722 s. Nicholas/Sarah
HURST Anne 1-Sep 1706 d. John/Anne
HURST Edward 25-Dec 1689 s. Andrew/Elisabeth
HURST Edward 17-May 1710 s. John/Anne
HURST Elizabeth 11-Nov 1694 d. Andrew/Elizabeth
HURST Elizabeth 1… Dec 1711 d. John/Anne
HURST John 1-Jan 1703 s. John/Anne
HURST Mary 2-Feb 1707 d. John/Anne
HURST William 29-Apr 1705 s. John/Anne
HUTCHINSON Anne 26-Mar 1721 d. Cuthbert/Deborah
HUTCHINSON Deborah 19-Dec 1725 d. Cuthbert/Deborah
HUTCHINSON Elizabeth 8-Sep 1723 d. Cuthbert/Deborah
HUTCHINSON William 15-Feb 1718 s. Cuthbert/Deborah
HUTT Thomas 24-Aug 1719 s. Thomas/Hannah
IDLEY Ann 17-Nov 1689 d. Robert/Mary
INGE John 30-Sep 1716 s. William/Mary
INNES Elisabeth 29-Sep 1689 d. Mr Gilbert, vicar otp/Mrs Susan
INNES Gibert [sic] 1-Mar 1690 s. Gilbert, vicar/Susan
INNES Peter 24-Jun 1692 s. Mr Gilbert, late vicar otp/Susan
INNES Susan & John 5-Sep 1688 d. and s. Mr Gilbert vicar otp, born the same day
INWARD Thomas 25-Jun 1699 s. Jonathan/Martha
ITCHINS Daniell 13-Jul 1684 s. Humphrey/Mary
ITCHINS Humphrey 4-Mar 1682 s. Humphrey/Mary
ITCHINS John & William 26-Jul 1696 ss. Humphery [mother's name not recorded]
ITCHINS Sarah 24-Dec 1693 d. Humphery/Mary
JACKSON Catherine 9-Apr 1699 d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
JARMAN Catherine 23-Jul 1704 d. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
JARMAN John 13-Jun 1698 s. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
JARMAN Mary 2-Feb 1700 d. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
JARMAN Richard 30-Nov 1707 s. Richard/Mary
JARMAN Rose 5-Feb 1682 d. Thomas/Mary
JARMAN Sarah 11-Sep 1687 d. Thomas/Mary
JARMAN Sarah 17-Feb 1708 d. Richard [mother's name not recorded]
JARVICE William 25-Jan 1681 s. John/Elizabeth
JARVICE William 14-Apr 1706 s. Anthoney [mothers name not recorded]
JARVIS Edward 19-Nov 1693 s. Daniel/Sarah
JARVIS Elisabeth 29-Sep 1692 d. Daniel/Sarah
JARVIS John 2-Apr 1704 s. Anthoney [mothers name not recorded]
JARVIS John Jan 1707 s. Anthoney [mothers name not recorded]
JEFFERYS Elizabeth 9-Nov 1701 d. Richard [Note: name of father in dispute as 'obert' was written above 'ichd']/Elizabeth
JENKIN Daniel 15-Jan 1699 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
JENKIN Daniel 4-Jan 1701 s. Daniel/Mary
JENKIN Elizabeth 17-Mar 1694 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
JENKIN Francess 26-Jun 1696 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
JENKIN George 28-Oct 1697 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
JENKIN Sarah 13-Mar 1680 d. Thomas/Elizabeth
JENKIN Thomas 4-Sep 1692 s. Thomas/Ann
JENKINSON Mary 13-Feb 1686 d. Thomas/Susana, aged about 'seaventeene' years
JENNINGS Alexander 29-Nov 1685 s. Thomas/Sarah
JEWELL Adrian 24-Jun 1705 s. Valentine/Anne
JEWELL Ann 13-Jul 1694 d. Valintin [sic]/Martha
JEWELL Ann 3-Oct 1697 d. Joseph/Mary
JEWELL Benjamine 9-Aug 1713 s. Joseph/Elizabeth
JEWELL Elisabeth 8-Jun 1690 d. Roger/Hanah
JEWELL Elizabeth 23-Aug 1683 d. Valentine/Martha
JEWELL Elizabeth 21-Jul 1689 d. Joseph/Mary
JEWELL Jeremiah 17-Jan 1709 s. Joseph/Mary
JEWELL John 3-May 1703 s. Vallentine/Anne
JEWELL John 19-Jun 1706 s. Joseph/Mary
JEWELL Joseph 7-Jul 1685 s. Roger/Hanah
JEWELL Joseph 21-Dec 1686 s. Valentine/Martha
JEWELL Joseph 25-Mar 1700 s. Joseph/Mary
JEWELL Joseph 7-Mar 1717 s. Joseph/Elizabeth
JEWELL Martha 3-Feb 1691 d. Valentine/Martha
JEWELL Mary 6-May 1688 d. Roger/Hanah
JEWELL Mary 20-Aug 1689 d. Valentine/Martha
JEWELL Mary & Martha 7-Sep 1691 ds. Joseph/Mary
JEWELL Prince 17-Oct 1707 s. Vallentine/Anne
JEWELL Prince 18-Jan 1714 s. Valentine/Anne
JEWELL Rachell 25-May 1694 d. Joseph/Mary
JEWELL Rachell 13-Sep 1695 d. Joseph/Mary
JEWELL Rachell 28-Jun 1716 d. Joseph/Elizabeth
JEWELL Richard 8-Oct 1713 s. Joseph/Elizabeth
JEWELL Roger 22-Nov 1696 s. Vallintine/Martha
JEWELL Roger 4-Oct 1702 s. Joseph/Mary
JEWELL Valintine 21-Feb 1700 s. Valintine/Ann
JEWELL William 14-Mar 1709 s. Valentine/Anne
JOANES Anne 1-Dec 1712 d. Samuel/Elizabeth
JOANES Elizabeth 9-Dec 1716 d. Samuel [mother's name not recorded]
JOHNSON Margarett 15-Aug 1697 d. Mr John, minister otp/Margarett
JOHNSON Sarah 9-Aug 1693 d. Henry/Sarah, aged 16y 3m 'or thereabouts'
JOLLEY Frances 28-Oct 1722 d. Richard/Mary
JOLLY alias JELLY Robert 12-Jul 1724 s. Richard/Mary
JONES Thomas 16-Jun 1714 s. Samuel/Elizabeth
JORAM Mary 29-Mar 1680 d. Mathew/Mary, strangers
JORDAN Ann & Deborah 5-May 1695 ds. William/Elizabeth
JORDAN Elisabeth 3-Jan 1691 d. William/Elisabeth
JORDAN John 18-Apr 1697 s. William/Elizabeth
JORDAN William 16-Apr 1693 s. William/Elizabeth
JOYCI Christian 23-Dec 1712 d. John/Jane of the town of Sterling in Scotland
KEDDAMS Thomas 23-Sep 1711 s. William/Sarah
KEDDAMS William 12-Apr 1713 s. William/Sarah
KEMPE Edward 31-May 1691 s. Thomas/Mary
KEMPE John 2-Jan 1686 s. Thomas/Mary
KEMPE Katherine 18-Aug 1685 d. Thomas/Mary
KEMPE Thomas 22-Sep 1689 s. Thomas/Mary
KENNARD Elizabeth 5-Jun 1720 d. Hammond/Mary
KENNARD John 10-Aug 1718 s. Hammon [mothers name not recorded]
KENNARD Mary 8-Sep 1723 d. Hammond/Mary
KIDDAMS George 27-May 1722 s. William/Sarah
KIRBEY Henry 30-Sep 1688 s. Henry/Jane
KIRBEY Jane 25-Dec 1690 d. Henry/Jane
KIRBEY John 20-Nov 1692 s. Henry/Jane
KIRBEY Thomas 29-Aug 1686 s. Henry/Jane
KIRBY William 21-Apr 1695 s. Thomas/Damaris
KITSON Mary 26-Sep 1680 d. John/Elisabeth
KITTAMS David & Elizabeth 20-Jul 1718 s. and d. William
KITTAMS Sarah 21-Aug 1715 d. William/Sarah
KNIGHT Elizabeth 10-Apr 1698 d. Joseph [mother's name not recorded]
KNIGHT John 31-Mar 1695 s. Joseph [mother's name not recorded]
KNOCK John 9-Dec 1716 s. Richard/Martha
KNOCK Mary 30-Nov 1718 d. Richard/Martha
KNOCK Richard Jan 1710 s. Richard/Elizabeth, …
KNOCK Richard 2…Mar 1712 basely begott s. Richard/Martha
KNOCK Thomas 19-Jun 1715 s. Richard/Martha
KNOT Elizabeth 26-Jun 1720 d. Vincent/Elizabeth
KNOT Henry 26-Nov 1710 s. Vincent/Elizabeth
KNOT Vincent 11-Dec 1709 s. Vincent/Elizabeth
KNOT Vincent 21-Dec 1712 s. Vincent/Elizabeth
KNOWLER Elizabeth 5-Nov 1719 d. William/Anne
KNOWLER Thomas 16-Sep 1716 s. William/Anne
KNOWLER William 3-Jun 1720 aged about 30y
LAD John 15-Nov 1724 s. John/Mary
LAD Mary 26-Apr 1724 d. Thomas/Mary
LADD Benett & Mary Sep 1711 ds. Robert/Sarah
LADD Bennett 28-Mar 1714 d. Robert/Sarah
LADD Edward 20-Jan 1716 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
LADD Elizabeth 7-Apr 1680 d. Robert/Sarah
LADD Elizabeth 13-Feb 1708 d. William/Anne
LADD Francis 18-Oct 1719 s. John/Mary
LADD George 29-Aug 1714 s. John/Mary
LADD John 10-Dec 1682 s. Robert/Sarah
LADD John 4-Nov 1688 s. Thomas/Alice
LADD John 28-Sep 1707 s. John/Mary
LADD John 23-Jul 1710 s. Robert/Sarah
LADD John 8-Oct 1721 s. Robert/Mary
LADD Mary 28-Nov 1708 d. John/Mary
LADD Mary 8-Nov 1713 d. William/Anne
LADD Mary 2…Oct 1717 d. Robert/Mary
LADD Mary 18-Aug 1723 d. John/Mary
LADD Mary 8-Sep 1723 d. Robert/Mary
LADD Richard 2-Mar 1717 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
LADD Robert 2-Nov 1690 s. Robert/Sarah
LADD Robert 12-Mar 1706 s. Robert/Sarah
LADD Robert 15-Jan 1709 s. John/Mary
LADD Robert 26-Feb 1715 s. Robert/Mary
LADD Robert 18-Jan 1722 s. Thomas/Mary
LADD Sarah 22-Aug 1703 d. Robert/Sarah
LADD Sarah 21-Sep 1719 d. Robert/Mary
LADD Sarah 10-Jul 1720 d. William/Anne
LADD Susanna 1-Jan 1722 d. William/Anne
LADD Thomas 5-Jan 1689 s. Thomas/Alice
LADD Thomas 7-May 1699 s. Robert/Sarah
LADD William 1-Jan 1684 s. Robert/Sarah
LADD William 2… Dec 1711 s. John/Mary
LADD William 15-Apr 1711 s. William/Anne
LAMING Ann 13-Sep 1683 d. George/Ann
LAMING Ann 6-Dec 1685 d. Samuell/Susan
LAMING Catherine 17-Apr 1696 d. Samuel/Susanah
LAMING Elizabeth 4-Jan 1712 d. John/Elizabeth
LAMING George 27-Sep 1685 s. George/Ann
LAMING George Nov 1711 s. George/Anne
LAMING George 6-May 1714 s. George/Anne
LAMING George 3-Apr 1717 s. Richard/Mary
LAMING George 11-May 1725 s. Richard/Mary
LAMING Joane 24-May 1679 d. John/Frances
LAMING John 13-Feb 1680 s. Samuell/Susan
LAMING John 23-Nov 1681 s. John/Frances
LAMING John 31-May 1681 s. Roger/Mary of St Lawrence
LAMING John 27-Nov 1683 s. Daniell/Mary
LAMING John 27-May 1683 s. John/Frances
LAMING John 20-Mar 1683 s. John/Sarah
LAMING John 25-Jan 1714 s. Richard/Mary
LAMING John 6-Nov 1720 s. William/Sarah
LAMING Katherine 17-Oct 1679 d. George/Ann
LAMING Margarett 3-Jun 1688 d. Samuel/Susan
LAMING Margery 24-Jan 1679 d. Daniell/Mary
LAMING Martha 2…Oct 1710 d. Thomas/Martha
LAMING Martha 29-Jan 1723 d. Thomas/Martha
LAMING Mary 24-Jun 1679 d. Samuell/Sibella
LAMING Mary 11-Mar 1682 d. Samuell/Susana
LAMING Mary 7-Jan 1704 d. John/Elizabeth
LAMING Mary 24-Feb 1716 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
LAMING Mary 22-Jul 1716 d. William [mother's name not recorded]
LAMING Mary 19-Oct 1721 d. Richard/Mary
LAMING Rejoyce 25-Dec 1688 d. George/Ann
LAMING Rejoyce 6-Oct 1696 d. George/Ann
LAMING Rejoyce 19-Feb 1718 d. Richard/Mary
LAMING Richard 14-Dec 1680 s. George/Ann
LAMING Richard 25-Dec 1708 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
LAMING Richard 18-Jun 1710 s. John [mothers name not recorded]
LAMING Richard 23-Oct 1714 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
LAMING Roger 21-Jul 1680 s. John/Frances
LAMING Roger 8-Jun 1682 s. Daniell/Mary
LAMING Roger 12-Dec 1686 s. John/Frances
LAMING Roger 3-Aug 1721 s. Roger/Mary
LAMING Samuel 22-Nov 1719 s. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
LAMING Sarah 6-Jun 1723 d. Richard/Mary
LAMING Sibbella 30-Jan 1703 d. Thomas [mother's name not recorded]
LAMING Sibbella 16-Jun 1716 d. George/Anne
LAMING Sibella 3-Feb 1684 d. John/Frances
LAMING Susana 13-Nov 1692 d. Samuel/Susana
LAMING Sybilla 10-Jun 1722 d. Thomas/Mary
LAMING Thomas 7-Apr 1681 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
LAMING Thomas 20-May 1705 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
LAMING Thomas 3-Aug 1707 s. Thomas/Elizabeth
LAMING Thomas 23-Mar 1711 s. Thomas/Martha
LAMING Thomas 2-Oct 1715 s. Thomas/Martha
LAMING William 15-Jul 1685 s. John/Sarah
LAMING William 22-Feb 1690 s. Samuell/Susan
LAMING William 23-Jun 1692 s. George/Ann
LAMING William 5-Oct 1718 s. William [mother's name not recorded]
LAMMING Daniel 17-Oct 1725 s. William/Sarah
LANDEN Abraham 26-Dec 1679 s. Abraham/Jane
LANDEN Jane 17-Apr 1687 d. Abraham/Jane
LANDEN Peter 18-Mar 1683 s. Abraham/Jane
LANDEN Tristram 23-Jun 1682 s. Abraham [mothers name not recorded]
LAURENCE Catherine & Susanna 29-May 1715 ds. Henry/Joanna
LAURENCE Elizabeth 20-Jul 1701 d. Henry/Johanna
LAURENCE Henry 24-Oct 1703 s. Henry[mothers name not recorded]
LAURENCE John 2-Jun 1717 s. Henry [mothers name not recorded]
LAURENCE Peirse 20-Feb 1708 s. Henry/Joana
LAURENCE Robert 23-Sep 1705 s. Henry/Joana
LAURENCE Sarah 14-May 1699 d. Henry/Johana
LAURENCE Thomas Nov 1711 s. Henry/Joana
LEMMOND Daniel 29-Oct 1699 s. Henry [mothers name not recorded]
LEMMOND David 22-Oct 1721 s. Henry/Lovina
LEMMOND Elizabeth 24-Apr 1715 d. Henry/Lovina
LEMMOND Friend 16-Sep 1716 s. Henry/Lovina
LEMMOND Henry 5-Dec 1703 s. Henry [mothers name not recorded]
LEMMOND Jane 19-Jul 1719 d. Henry [mother's name not recorded]
LEMMOND Jane 2-Jun 1723 d. Henry/Lovina
LEMMOND John 7-Mar 1704 s. Henry/Lovina