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photo of St. John the Baptist Parish Church at Margate, Kent, England
St. John the Baptist Church
by kind courtesy of Alan Makey and the Kent FHS
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Margate St. John Baptisms 1726 - 1792

Transcribed by Susan D. Young. All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.  Please note:  all dates 1 January through to and including 24 March in all years up to and including 1751 are recorded in the Old Style and so, must be read by way of example as 2 January 1676/77.
Canterbury Cathedral Archives no.: U3/140/1/1-3, 5-30.
........Edward Blake24-Mar1782[no surname recorded], a Negro aged 23, witnessed by Thomas LANE, Richard MOULT, George SHEEN/Ann STETTLER
.........Francis Thomas16-May1773s. Gillham/Hannah, child born 9 May
........hSarah16-Aug1778d. William/Elizabeth, child born 12 Aug
ABRAHAMAnn27-May1749d. John/Elizabeth
ABRAHAMSSamuel7-May1740s. John/Mary
ADAMSElizabeth19-Apr1778d. William/Ann, child born 3 Apr
ADAMSElizabeth13-Feb1785d. William/Elizabeth, child born 17 Jan
ADAMSGeorge9-Aug1779s. William/Ann, child born 1 Aug
ADAMSJames31-Jul1768base s. Mary, child born 17 Jul
ADAMSMary18-Nov1781d. William/Ann, child born 24 Oct
ADAMSMary27-Dec1743bastard d. Mary
ADAMSRichard Crouch8-Sep1772base s. Sarah, child born 26 Aug
ADAMSSarah16-Oct1791d. George/Charlotte, child born 11 Oct
ADAMSSarah7-Nov1747bastard d. Mary
ADAMSSarah5-Jun1774base d. Sarah, child born 26 May
ADAMSWilliam23-Sep1739s. John/Martha of the Town of Fordwich
ADDISONJames2-Aug1726s. John/Mary
ADDISONMary1-Jan1728d. John/Mary
ADNETJane15-May1784d. John/Elizabeth, child born 23 Apr
ADNETJohn24-Mar1779s. John/Elizabeth, child born 6 Mar
ADNETMary15-Oct1749d. Thomas/Sarah
ADNETTDaniel25-Mar1764s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 4 Mar
ADNETTElizabeth27-May1781d. John/Elizabeth, child born 1 May
ADNETTElizabeth14-Mar1759d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 30 Dec 1758
ADNETTJane31-Mar1754d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 3 Feb
ADNETTWillliam14-Mar1756s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 23 Feb
ADNITTJohn28-May1751s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 21 May
AILESPhebe3-Dec1727d. John/Mary
AILESRichard23-Dec1733s. John/Mary
ALDERSONJohn6-Nov1750s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 5 Nov
ALDERSTONElisabeth3-Apr1743d. John/Mary
ALDERSTONMary24-Sep1739d. John/Mary
ALDERSTONEAnn10-Nov1741d. John/Mary
ALDERSTONEAnne12-Apr1759d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 11 Apr
ALDERSTONEElizabeth5-Sep1756d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 7 Aug
ALDERSTONEMary29-Sep1748d. Stephen/Sarah
ALDERSTONESarah24-Jun1753d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 27 May
ALEXANDERMary Ann8-Feb1784d. William/Margaret, child born 1 Jan
ALEXANDERWilliam12-Jul1782s. William/Margaret, child born 21 Jun
ALLABYElizabeth Smith17-Nov1750d. Charles/Elizabeth, child born 20 Oct
ALLENElisabeth29-Sep1736d. William/Sibilla
ALLENMary9-Apr1732d. William/Sybilla
ALLENMary Ann31-May1789d. William Elenton/Jane, child born 1 May
ALLENPhilpot4-Jan1749s. William/Sybilla
ALLENSybilla19-Apr1747d. William/Sybilla
ALLENWilliam5-Mar1743s. William/Sibilla
ALLENWilliam16-May1790s. Charles/Esther, child born 21 Apr
ALLENWilliam Elenton25-Dec1791s. William Elenton/Jane, child born 24 Nov
AMESHenry19-Jul1727s. Henry/Anne
ANCELLIsaac29-Jan1769s. John/Sarah, child born 5 Jan
ANCELLMary18-Aug1776d. John/Sarah, child born 29 Jul
ANCELLPaul Sackett14-Apr1782s. John/Sarah, child born 24 Mar
ANCELLRobert8-Jan1771s. John/Sarah, child born 21 Dec 1770
ANCELLStephen23-Feb1784s. John/Sarah, child born 17 Feb
ANCELLThomas2-Feb1766s. John/Sarah, child born 20 Jan
ANCELLWilliam3-May1767s. John/Sarah, child born 22 Apr
ANDERASSSarah18-Mar1764d. William/Jane, child born 8 Mar
ANDREWSElizabeth13-Mar1774d. Vincent/Elizabeth, child born 22 Feb
ANDREWSJane Hewett22-Sep1782base d. Sarah, child born 8 Sep
ANDREWSJohn3-Oct1762s. William/Jane, child born 9 Sep
ANDREWSJohn11-Mar1770s. William/Jane, child born 1 Mar
ANDREWSRichard9-Oct1774s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 13 Sep
ANDREWSSarah11-May1770d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 21 Apr
ANDREWSSarah26-Apr1772d. Vincent/Elizabeth, child born 2 Apr
ANDREWSStephen West25-Oct1772s. William/Jane, child born 17 Oct
ANDREWSThomas30-Aug1772s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 14 Aug
ANDREWSWilliam28-May1766s. William/Jane, child born 19 May
ANDREWS alias CLAGGSarah8-May1780d. ........ ANDREWS/Sarah CLAGG, child born 8 Apr [father's name not recorded]
ANSELLAnna11-Mar1787d. John/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 26 Feb
ANSELLAnna Maria11-Jun1780d. John/Sarah, child born 8 Jun
ANSELLAnne16-Oct1774d. John/Sarah, child born 24 Sep
ANSELLElizabeth17-May1778d. John/Sarah, child born 21 Apr
ANSELLElizabeth17-Jan1790d. John/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 31 Dec 1789
ANSELLElizabeth Ann14-Oct1792d. John/Sarah, child born 17 Sep
ANSELLJohn5-Aug1764s. John/Sarah, child born 23 Jul
ANSELLJohn19-Aug1792s. John/Sarah, child born 26 Jul
ANSELLMary19-Jun1785d. John/Sarah, child born 8 Jun
ANSELLSarah27-Mar1772d. John/Sarah, child born 16 Mar
ANSELLSarah22-Jun1788d. John/Sarah, child born 30 May
ANSELLStephen11-Apr1784s. John/Sarah, child born 17 Feb
ANSELLThomas Cock16-Dec1781s. John/Sarah, child born 3 Dec
ANSELLVincent12-Apr1789s. John/Sarah, child born 15 Mar
ANSELLWilliam19-Sep1790s. John/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 18 Aug
ANSWELLStephen28-May1780s. John/Sarah, child born 30 Apr
ARGELLSarah20-Jul1777d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 6 Jul
ARGULLAnn Alldiston25-Dec1785d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 30 Nov
ARGYLECharles31-May1780s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 27 Mar
ARGYLEThomas Alderson17-Jan1779s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 24 Dec 1778
ARMSTRONGAnna Maria21-Aug1761d. William/Mary, child born 27 Jul
ARMSTRONGMary18-Nov1751d. William/Mary, child born 16 Oct
ARMSTRONGRuth4-Aug1762d. William/Mary, child born 29 Jul
ARMSTRONGSarah18-Nov1753d. William/Mary, child born 8 Oct
ARMSTRONGWilliam8-Jan1749s. William/Mary
ARNALDThomas23-Sep1772s. Thomas/Mary, child born 14 Sep
ARNOLDJohn15-May1771s. Thomas/Mary, child born 25 Mar
ATKINSElisabeth25-Jun1727d. Charles/Elisabeth
ATKINSMichael10-May1726s. Charles/Elisabeth
ATTERSOLESamuel18-Jan1789s. Samuel/Susannah, child born 21 Dec 1788
ATTWOODAnn Hope23-Nov1788s. [sic] Henry/Mary, child born 1 Oct
ATTWOODWilliam Elliner7-Dec1788s. Elizabeth, child born 14 Nov
ATWOODAnne5-Jul1752d. William/Anne, child born 2 Jul
ATWOODAnne4-Nov1753d. William/Anne, child born 22 Oct
ATWOODElizabeth28-Nov1762d. William/Anne, child born 1 Nov
ATWOODMartha27-Apr1760d. William/Anne, child born 19 Apr
ATWOODSarah14-Sep1755d. William/Anne, child born 13 Aug
ATWOODSarah Ann27-Jul1777base d. Ann, child born 10 Jul
ATWOODWillliam7-Aug1757s. William/Anne, child born 25 Jul
AUSTENAbigail24-Feb1729d. Thomas/Abigail
AUSTENCharlotte26-Aug1787d. William/Sarah, child born 5 Aug
AUSTENElizabeth24-Sep1769d. William/Pleasant, child born 16 Aug
AUSTENGeorge16-Jan1774s. George/Anne, child born 29 Dec 1773
AUSTENJane22-Oct1727d. Ambrose/Elisabeth
AUSTENJohn30-May1767s. William/Pleasant, child born 17 May
AUSTENMaria18-Oct1789d. William/Sarah, child born 28 Sep
AUSTENMaria Anne28-Mar1772d. William/Pleasant, child born 27 Mar
AUSTENMary Ann23-Jun1785d. William [mother's name not recorded], child born 22 May
AUSTENNathaniel Lawrence11-Jan1792s. Nathaniel/Frances, child born 17 Nov 1791
AUSTENSarah2-Jul1729d. Ambrose/Elizabeth
AUSTENSusanna12-Nov1775d. George/Ann, child born 12 Oct
AUSTENThomas25-Dec1792s. John/Mary, child born 14 Oct
AUSTENWilliam12-Jan1766s. William/Pleasant, child born 19 Dec 1765
AUSTINBenjamin16-Aug1772s. George/Anne, child born 23 Jul
AUSTINGeorge19-Aug1789s. John/Mary, child born 25 Jul
AUSTINJohn Jeffries12-Jun1791s. John/Mary, child born 19 May
AYERSJohn2-Aug1752s. John/Elisabeth, child born 4 Jul
AYERSJoseph13-Jun1756s. John/Elisabeth, child born 7 Jun
AYERSSarah6-May1750d. John/Elisabeth, child born 4 May
AYERSWillliam16-Jul1758s. John/Elizabeth, child born 15 Jul
AYLESAbigail13-Sep1761d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 11 Sep
AYLESElizabeth9-Feb1747d. Thomas/Elizabeth
AYLESElizabeth13-Feb1780d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 3 Feb
AYLESHenry16-Nov1766s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 14 Nov
AYLESJames Gore6-Jan1782s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 31 Dec 1781
AYLESJane29-Sep1752d. Thomas/Elisabeth, child born 25 Sep
AYLESJohn8-Apr1743s. Thomas/Elisabeth
AYLESJoseph21-Nov1762s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 14 Nov
AYLESMargaret23-Sep1759d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 23 Sep
AYLESMary9-Dec1744d. Thomas/Elizabeth
AYLESMary18-Apr1784d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 5 Apr
AYLESRichard20-Dec1750s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 19 Dec
AYLESSarah9-Apr1732d. John/Mary
AYLESSarah24-Apr1757d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 17 Apr
AYLESSarah23-Nov1777d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 10 Nov
AYLESStephen28-Mar1749s. Thomas/Elizabeth
AYLESStephen24-Mar1771base s. Elizabeth, child born 17 Mar
AYLESWillliam12-Dec1754s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 12 Dec
AYLSThomas7-Dec1746s. Thomas/Elizabeth
AYRESSusanna21-Jun1754d. John/Elizabeth, child born 31 May
BACHELElisabeth19-Mar1731d. Jasper/Elisabeth
BACHELElisabeth31-May1743d. Samuel/Mary
BACHELFrancis14-Mar1735s. Jasper/Elisabeth
BACHELWilliam7-May1738s. Jasper/Elisabeth
BACHELWillliam22-Mar1752bastard s. Mary, child born 15 Mar
BACHELLAnna7-Apr1734d. Jasper/Elizabeth
BACHELLElizabeth8-Mar1758d. Samuel/Mary, child born 7 Mar
BACHELLSarah19-Aug1753d. Samuel/Mary, child born 8 Jul
BACHELLWilliam3-Aug1746s. Samuel/Mary
BAGERLYWilliam18-Jul1747s. John/Ann
BAILEYAnn10-Jul1776d. William/Ann, child born 28 May
BAILEYAnne6-Aug1764d. Edward/Sarah, child born 26 Jul
BAILEYCatharine19-Apr1772d. Edward/Sarah, child born 17 Apr
BAILEYEdward18-Jul1779s. Edward/Sarah, child born 24 Jun
BAILEYElizabeth30-Mar1766d. Edward/Sarah, child born 8 Mar
BAILEYElizabeth22-Aug1777d. John/Mary, child born 7 Aug
BAILEYElizabeth7-Nov1784d. William/Ann, child born 2 Sep
BAILEYElizabeth26-Sep1791d. John/Mary, child born 23 Sep
BAILEYJohn19-Mar1765s. of John/Anne, an adult aged 21 from Kennington in Kent
BAILEYJohn20-Dec1778s. William/Ann, child born 1 Nov
BAILEYJohn James8-Sep1771s. James/Elizabeth, child born 23 Aug
BAILEYJohn James2-Apr1779s. John/Mary, child born 23 Mar
BAILEYMary10-May1774d. William/Anne, child born 18 Apr
BAILEYMary9-Jun1776d. Edward/Sarah, child born 10 May
BAILEYMatthias14-Sep1780s. John/Elizabeth, child born 5 Sep
BAILEYRichard21-Aug1768s. John/Elizabeth, child born 28 Jul ,
BAILEYRichard8-May1774s. Edward/Sarah, child born 23 Apr
BAILEYRobert Harper & Mary Brook25-Dec1776twin s. and d. John/Elizabeth, child born 10 Dec
BAILEYSarah21-Feb1768d. Edward/Sarah, child born 7 Feb
BAILEYStephen9-Apr1775s. William/Anne, child born 16 Mar
BAILEYStephen26-Jul1782s. William/Ann, child born 2 Jun
BAILEYStephen Richard11-May1781s. John/Mary, child born 27 Mar
BAILEYWilliam4-Jun1792s. William/Ann, child born 31 Mar
BAKERCharlotte3-Jul1771d. John/Anne, child born 10 Jun
BAKERElizabeth19-Jul1747d. William/Elizabeth
BAKERElizabeth5-Jun1775d. Henry/Mary, child born 6 May
BAKERElizabeth24-Sep1780d. George/Elizabeth, child born 30 Aug
BAKERElizabeth9-Nov1784d. John/Elizabeth, child born 8 Nov
BAKERGeorge15-May1749s. William/Elizabeth
BAKERGeorge15-Jul1781s. Henry/Mary, child born 19 Jun
BAKERGeorge1-Dec1783s. George/Elizabeth, child born 21 Nov
BAKERHarriott13-Jul1786d. John/Elizabeth, child born 13 Jul
BAKERHenry15-Oct1758s. Joseph/Hannah, child born 30 Sep
BAKERJohn4-Oct1729s. Thomas/Mary
BAKERJohn2-Jun1736s. Thomas/Mary
BAKERJohn15-Dec1745s. William/Elisabeth
BAKERJohn19-Jun1783s. John/Elizabeth, child born 18 Jun
BAKERJohn Richardson13-Jun1733s. Stephen/Margaret
BAKERJohn Sackett & Thomas1-Apr1781twin ss. John/Elizabeth, child born 1 Apr
BAKERJoseph4-Jan1761s. Joseph/Hannah, child born 30 Nov 1760
BAKERMargaret21-Apr1729d. Stephen/Margaret
BAKERMartha6-Apr1731d. Thomas/Mary
BAKERMary23-Feb1730d. Stephen/Margaret
BAKERMary1-Nov1732d. Thomas/Mary
BAKERMary18-Mar1770d. Henry/Pleasant, child born 12 Feb
BAKERMary12-Feb1782d. George/Elizabeth, child born 29 Jan
BAKERMary Ann14-Jun1782d. John/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jun
BAKERPleasant19-Aug1755d. Joseph/Hannah, child born 11 Aug
BAKERPleasant3-Jan1779d. Henry/Mary, child born 1 Dec 1778
BAKERRichard & George20-Dec1786twin ss. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 19 Dec
BAKERRobert26-Oct1784s. George/Elizabeth, child born 13 Oct
BAKERSarah25-Nov1735d. Stephen/Margaret
BAKERSarah30-Jun1772d. John/Anne, child born 29 Jun
BAKERSophia6-Jul1789d. John/Elizabeth, child born 6 Jul
BAKERStephen13-Sep1727s. Stephen/Margaret
BAKERThomas11-Jan1733s. Thomas/Mary
BAKERThomas6-Jun1738s. Stephen/Margaret
BAKERThomas2-Mar1777s. Henry/Mary, child born 19 Jan
BAKERThomas Eld18-Aug1791s. John/Elizabeth, child born 19 Jun
BALDOCKElizabeth14-Jan1770d. James/Elizabeth, child born 18 Dec 1769
BANCOUPMargaret4-Nov1781d. Francis/Maria Clara, 'born on board a Packett in its passage from Ostend', child born 6 Oct
BANKSJane5-Apr1762d. William/Jane, child born 15 Mar
BARBERCharlotte9-Apr1762d. John/Mary, child born 18 Feb
BARBERElizabeth2-Feb1749d. John/Mary
BARBERIsaac4-Oct1763s. Isaac/Jane, child born 9 Sep
BARBERJames & John11-Aug1769twin ss. Issac/Jane, child born 29 Jun
BARBERJohn11-Jul1732s. Thomas/Margaret
BARBERJohn10-Nov1752s. John/Mary, child born 27 Jul
BARBERJohn30-Nov1754s. John/Philippi, child born 7 Nov
BARBERMargaret2-Mar1756d. Vincent/Mary, child born 12 Feb
BARBERMargaret29-Apr1757d. John/Mary, child born 3 Apr
BARBERMary11-Apr1755d. John/Mary, child born 24 Feb
BARBERMary25-Sep1757d. Vincent/Mary, child born 24 Sep
BARBERRichard25-Nov1735s. Thomas/Margaret
BARBERThomas Leonard25-May1764s. John/Mary, child born 24 Apr
BARBERVincent20-May1730s. Thomas/Margaret
BARCHELJames28-Mar1749s. Samuel/Mary
BARCLAYAnn8-Oct1785d. Andrew/Lea, [birth date not recorded]
BARDSJohn15-May1726s. John/Mary
BARNESJohn28-Feb1773s. John/Elizabeth, child born 15 Feb
BARNETThomas21-Jun1778s. Edward/Sarah, child born 4 Jun
BARNETTAnn25-Dec1789d. Edward/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 15 Dec
BARNETTJohn7-Aug1781s. Edward/Sarah, child born 21 Jul
BARRETTCharles12-Feb1792s. Isaac/Sarah, child born 6 Jan
BARRETTIsaac11-Nov1781s. Isaac/Sarah, child born 15 Oct
BARRETTJohn23-Nov1777s. Isaac/Sarah, child born 28 Oct
BARRETTMary17-Jan1779d. Isaac/Sarah, child born 25 Dec 1778
BARRETTMary Ann10-Mar1784base d. Jane, 'P' [pauper], child born 1 Feb
BARRETTSarah29-Jun1783d. Isaac/Sarah, child born 4 Jun
BARRETTSarah26-Oct1787d. Isaac/Sarah, child born 28 Sep
BARRETTWilliam19-Oct1785s. Isaac/Sarah, child born 2 Sep
BARROWSDorothy2-May1737d. William/Dorothy
BARROWSGeorge1-Jul1739s. William/Dorothy
BARROWSSusanna7-Feb1765d. Isaac/Susanna, child born 7 Feb
BARTLETAnne Alderson26-Jun1772d. Samuel/Sarah, child born 31 May
BARTLETElizabeth3-Aug1760d. William/Mary, child born 7 Jul
BARTLETSarah23-Jan1747d. William/Mary
BARTLETStephen Alderson15-Dec1776s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 13 Nov
BARTLETWilliam21-Feb1748s. William/Mary
BARTLETWillliam30-Nov1757s. William/Mary, child born 1 Nov
BARTLETTAnne10-Jul1763d. William/Mary, child born 20 Jun
BARTLETTJames6-May1792s. William/Mary, child born 28 Mar
BARTLETTJohn29-Aug1779s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 31 Jul
BARTLETTJohn27-Dec1789s. William/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 1 Nov
BARTLETTMary24-Oct1755d. William/Mary, child born 5 Oct
BARTLETTMary21-Jun1786d. Samuel/Sarah, child born 16 Jun
BARTLETTMichael3-Aug1783s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 5 Jul
BARTLETTPeter Webster5-Nov1780base s. Elizabeth, child born 1 Nov
BARTLETTRichard29-Oct1786s. William/Mary, child born 6 Oct [or 8 Oct ]
BARTLETTSamuel8-Sep1751s. William/Mary, child born 31 Aug
BARTLETTSarah15-Mar1778d. Samuel/Sarah, child born 9 Feb
BARTLETTThomas23-Jul1775s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 2 Jul
BARTLETTWilliam4-Nov1773s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 21 Oct
BARWICKMary23-Jun1771d. William/Keziah, child born 5 Jun
BARWISEElizabeth6-Nov1791d. Daniel/Sarah, child born 21 Oct
BARWISEJames Walton30-Nov1788s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 13 Nov
BARWISEJohn24-Aug1790s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 13 Aug
BASSETTElizabeth14-Aug1757d. Henry/Mary, child born 18 Jul
BASSETTFrances14-Sep1753d. John/Susanna, child born 17 Aug
BASSETTHenry16-Mar1755s. Henry/Mary, child born 12 Feb
BASSETTJane28-Sep1783d. William/Jane, child born 9 Sep
BASSETTJohn29-Sep1761s. John/Susanna, child born 21 Aug
BASSETTJohn Swinford7-May1788s. William/Jane, child born 12 Apr
BASSETTMary28-Jan1753d. Henry/Mary, child born 26 Dec 1752
BASSETTMary Swinford18-Feb1785d. William/Jane, child born 20 Jan
BASSETTStephen30-May1751s. Henry/Mary, child born 22 May
BASSETTWillliam4-Oct1761s. Henry/Mary, child born 17 Aug
BATHJohn Brin26-Sep1790s. John Brin/Alice, child born 17 Sep
BATTBenjamin19-May1750s. Benjamin/Susannah, child born 19 May
BATTElizabeth6-Oct1771d. Thomas/Susanna, child born 19 Sep
BATTMary31-Jan1747d. Benjamin/Susanna
BATTMary10-Jun1775d. Thomas/Susanna, child born 9 Jun
BATTSusanna11-Mar1770d. Thomas/Susanna, child born 19 Feb
BATTSusanna Elizabeth22-May1774d. Thomas/Susanna, child born 4 May
BATTWilliam30-Sep1768s. Thomas/Susanna, child born 27 Sep
BAXAmie29-Oct1777d. William/Elizabeth, child born 17 Oct
BAXThomas29-Aug1781s. William/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jul
BAXTERWilliam4-Nov1770s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 23 Oct
BAYLEYDaniel10-May1789s. John/Mary, child born 27 Apr
BAYLEYEdward8-Feb1789s. Martha, child born 12 Jan
BAYLEYHarriot13-Mar1789d. William/Ann, child born 11 Jan
BAYLEYJohn31-Mar1771s. John/Elizabeth, child born 11 Mar
BAYLEYMartha11-Feb1770d. Edward/Sarah, child born 2 Feb
BAYLEYMartha9-Mar1787d. William/Ann, child born 25 Jan
BAYLEYRichard5-Nov1780s. William/Ann, child born 24 Sep
BAYLEYWilliam25-Dec1773s. John/Elizabeth, child born 4 Dec
BEARJoseph26-Jun1785s. Joseph/Sarah, child born 13 Jun
BEARDEllen5-Aug1790d. Thomas/Ellen, child born 17 Jul
BEARDJohn6-Nov1791s. Thomas/Ellen, child born 12 Oct
BEARDMary Ann12-Mar1788d. Thomas/Ellen, child born 14 Feb
BEARDThomas6-Jul1789s. Thomas/Elen, child born 14 Jun
BEASOMDaniel Clarke25-Jul1763s. Daniel/Jane, child born 25 Jul
BEASOMEdward19-Aug1759s. Daniel/Jane, child born 11 Aug
BEAUCHAMPMary8-Apr1770d. John/Mary, child born 19 Mar
BEAUCHAMPThomas20-Sep1767s. John/Mary, child born 30 Aug
BEAUCHAMPUrsula22-Jan1769d. John/Mary, child born 15 Jan
BECKETJohn & Sarah9-Nov1758s. and d. John/Susanna, child born 8 Nov
BECKETSusanna16-May1754d. John/Susan, child born 5 May
BECKETTElizabeth12-Nov1752d. John/Susanna, child born 31 Oct
BECKETTJane21-Sep1755d. John/Susanna, child born 21 Sep
BECKETTMargaret29-May1757d. John/Susanna, child born 28 May
BEDWELLSarah11-Aug1792d. Hannah, child born 24 Jun
BEECHSalley8-Oct1776d. William/Elizabeth, child born 8 Sep
BEERElizabeth12-Aug1791d. Stephen/Susanna, child born 27 Jun
BEERMary7-Sep1778d. Joseph/Sarah, child born 29 Aug
BEERSally22-Oct1780d. Joseph/Sarah, child born 9 Oct
BEERSarah23-Jan1785d. Stephen/Susanna, child born 28 Dec 1784
BEERStephen11-Jul1756s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 3 Jul
BEERSusan & Stephen14-Jul1783twin d. and s. Stephen/Susanna, child born 14 Jul
BEERThomas2-Jan1782s. Stephen/Susanna, child born 2 Jan
BEERThomas3-May1789s. Stephen/Susanna, child born 13 Mar
BEERThomas23-Sep1750s. Thomas/Elisabeth, child born 17 Sep
BEERWilliam7-Jan1787s. Stephen/Susannah, child born 6 Nov 1786
BEESOMDaniel7-Nov1773s. Daniel/Jane, child born 7 Oct
BEESOMJane Elisabeth3-Jun1765d. Daniel/Jane, child born 3 Jun
BEESOMJohn15-Mar1767s. Daniel/Jane, child born 5 Mar
BEESOMMary Clarke2-Jul1769d. Daniel/Jane, child born 3 Jun
BELSEYJames4-Jun1792s. Isaac/Mary, child born 13 Apr
BENEFIELDSarah Steer17-Jun1787d. Mary, child born 21 May
BENEFILLMary17-Mar1765d. Richard/Sarah, child born 3 Jan
BENEZETMaria Anne5-Jul1775d. Claude, Esq/Anne, child born 11 Jun
BENEZETWilliam Henry Conyngham15-Oct1780s. Claude/Ann, child born 19 Sep
BENGERAlice19-Apr1727d. John/Mary
BENGERJohn15-May1728s. John/Mary
BENGERWilliam12-Nov1730s. John/Mary
BENNETAnne13-Jan1769d. John/Anne, child born 8 Dec 1768
BENNETElisabeth6-Jan1739d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BENNETJohn27-Aug1729s. John/Anne
BENNETJohn3-Sep1744s. Thomas/Elisabeth
BENNETMary8-Dec1742d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BENNETMercy8-Jul1741d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BENNETSarah7-Nov1732d. John/Anne
BENNETSarah12-May1734d. John/Anne
BENNETSarah16-Apr1736d. John/Ann
BENNETSarah28-Aug1737d. John/Ann
BENNETSarah18-Feb1747d. Thomas/Elizabeth 'p' [pauper?]
BENNETThomas18-Mar1745s. Thomas/Elisabeth
BENNETThomas8-Mar1748s. Thomas/Elizabeth
BENNIFIELDMary5-Jan1765d. Richard/Sarah, child born 3 Jan
BERRYCharles12-May1782s. William/Elizabeth, child born 13 Apr
BERRYDaniel Thomas28-Mar1784s. William/Elizabeth, child born 28 Feb
BERRYDavid William3-Dec1780s. William/Elizabeth, child born 9 Nov
BEXStephen31-Oct1779s. William/Elizabeth, child born 11 Oct
BICARDIKEAnne20-Jan1733d. Edward/Susanna
BICARDIKEElizabeth13-Dec1761d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 22 Nov
BICARDIKESusanna3-Jul1763d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 21 Jun
BICARDIKE or BICKERDIKEEdward15-Jan1735s. Edward/Susanna
BICKARDIKEEdward28-Jun1765s. Edward/Elisabeth, child born 28 Jun
BICKARDIKEMargaret17-Sep1769d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 21 Aug
BICKARDIKEMary9-Nov1766d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 27 Oct
BICKERDIKEMargaret9-Oct1739d. Edward/Susanna
BICKERDIKEMary26-Oct1742d. Edward/Susanna
BICKERDIKESusanna2-Jan1737d. Edward/Susan
BICKERDIKE or BUBERSSarah5-Nov1788d. Ann, child born 2 Feb 1776
BIGENDENSarah17-Oct1734d. Jeremiah/Margaret
BIGENDENSybil17-Jul1726d. Jeremiah/Martha
BIGGENDENMary9-Jan1729d. Jeremiah/Mary
BIGGENDENRichard27-Apr1737s. Jeremiah/Margaret
BILESElizabeth6-Dec1768d. John/Elizabeth, child born 23 Nov
BILLINGHURSTJames4-Jul1779s. James/Elizabeth, child born 6 Jun
BILLINGHURSTJohn25-Jun1780s. James/Elizabeth, child born 29 May
BINGSibylla7-Oct1746d. Edward/Ann
BIRCHElizabeth5-Mar1777d. James/Elizabeth, child born 18 Feb
BIRCHJames10-Apr1791s. John/Elizabeth, child born 13 Mar
BIRCHMary26-Sep1766d. Walker/Mary, child born 5 Sep
BIRDThomas15-Aug1791s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 22 Jul
BISHOPAnne17-May1761d. John/Sarah, child born 27 Apr
BISHOPAnne2-Aug1765d. Cornelius/Susanna, child born 10 Jul
BISHOPCornelius9-Feb1737bastard c. Elisabeth
BISHOPElizabeth3-Jun1766d. John/Sarah, child born 30 Mar
BISHOPHannah30-Aug1772d. Cornelius/Susanna, child born 3 Aug
BISHOPHannah21-Nov1773d. Cornelius/Susanna, child born 29 Oct
BISHOPJohn28-Jan1727s. John/Anne
BISHOPJohn17-Dec1769s. Cornelius/Susanna, child born 22 Nov
BISHOPJohn21-Oct1770s. John/Sarah, child born 1 Oct
BISHOPMaria26-Jun1768d. John/Sarah, child born 4 Jun
BISHOPMary13-Jul1729d. Thomas/Anne
BISHOPMary6-Dec1763d. John/Sarah, child born 1 Nov
BISHOPMary14-Apr1771d. Cornelius/Susanna, child born 24 Mar
BISHOPRichard7-Nov1779s. Richard/Mary, child born 18 Oct
BISHOPRobert7-Apr1736s. John/Ann
BISHOPSarah2-Oct1768d. Cornelius/Susanna, child born 17 Sep
BISHOPStephen11-Apr1733s. John/Anne
BISHOPSusanna21-Jan1759d. John/Sarah, child born 2 Jan
BISHOPSusanna8-Apr1764d. Cornelius/Susanna, child born 27 Mar
BISHOPThomas12-Apr1767s. Cornelius/Susanna, child born 31 Mar
BISSENDENElizabeth2-May1787d. William/Mary, child born 8 Mar
BLACKElizabeth18-Aug1747d. Hugh/Mary
BLACKBOURNRobert27-Dec1778s. Richard/Florinda, child born 27 Nov
BLACKBURNGeorge8-Jun1768s. Thomas/Mary, child born 6 Jun
BLACKBURNThomas13-May1766s. Thomas/Mary, child born 2 May
BLACKBURNEPeter & Isaac27-May1770twin ss. Thomas/Mary, child born 27 May
BLACKSHAWJohn23-Jan1780s. John/Mary, soldier in 65th Regiment, child born 3 Jan
BLACKSONWilliam29-Nov1747s. William/Ann
BLASLANDJohn9-Nov1752s. William/Anne, child born 8 Nov
BLASLANDMary2-May1753d. William/Mary, child born 23 Apr
BLASLANDThomas16-Apr1750s. William/Mary, child born 2 Apr
BLASTLANDStephen1-Aug1742s. William/Mary
BLAXLANDJohn10-Sep1738s. William/Mary
BLAXLANDJohn17-Feb1744s. William/Mary
BLAXLANDRichard4-Nov1744s. William/Ann
BLAXLANDRichard11-Oct1747s. William/Mary
BLAXLANDWilliam27-Apr1740s. William/Mary
BLISSMary6-Nov1785d. John/Elizabeth, child born 10 Oct
BLISSSarah3-Aug1788d. John/Elizabeth, child born 10 Jul
BLISTSusanna26-Sep1790d. John/Elizabeth, child born 22 Aug
BLOXAMSamuel24-May1778s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 26 Apr
BLOXHAMElizabeth9-Sep1789d. Samuel/Sarah, child born 13 Aug
BLOXHAMHannah12-Mar1773d. Samuel/Sarah, child born 13 Feb
BLOXHAMJohn1-Sep1786s. Samuel/Sarah [birth date not recorded]
BLOXHAMMartha Elizabeth30-Sep1774d. Samuel/Sarah, child born 19 Sep
BLOXHAMMary23-Nov1783d. Samuel/Sarah, child born 7 Nov
BLOXHAMSamuel25-Apr1776s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 19 Apr
BLOXHAMSamuel5-Dec1779s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 4 Nov
BLOXHAMSamuel27-Jan1782s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 8 Jan
BLOXHAMSarah8-Mar1771d. Samuel/Sarah, child born 24 Feb
BLOXHAMSarah Eleanor15-Jan1792d. John/Jane, child born 22 Dec 1791
BLOXHAMThomas22-Sep1787s. Samuel/Sarah, child born 5 Sep
BOCKMary12-Feb1764d. Isaac/Mary, child born 31 Jan
BOLTONFrancis25-Jul1790s. Richard/Sarah, child born 3 Jul
BOLTONSarah28-May1786d. Richard/Sarah, child born 6 May
BOLTONSarah1-Dec1788d. Richard/Sarah, child born 8 Nov
BONCAYMary19-Nov1786d. Samuel/Mary, child born 1 Sep
BONEAnn3-Apr1791d. George/Mary, child born 13 Mar
BONEMary22-Jul1792d. George/Mary, child born 30 Jun
BOORMANAnne3-Sep1759d. John/Mary, child born 21 Aug
BOORMANEdward31-Jan1733s. Edward/Martha
BOORMANElizabeth14-Oct1762d. Thomas/Mary, child born 27 Sep
BOORMANGeorge16-Jun1726s. Richard/Katharine
BOORMANJohn2-Jul1731s. Edward/Martha
BOORMANMartha28-Jan1727d. Edward/Martha
BOORMANMartha28-Aug1752d. John/Mary, child born 15 Aug
BOORMANThomas6-Oct1756s. Thomas/Anne, child born 6 Oct
BOORMANWilliam22-Apr1737s. Richard/Catharine
BOREMANMary7-Oct1755d. John/Mary, child born 30 Sep
BOREMANSarah3-Sep1766d. John/Mary, child born 5 Aug
BOSWELLAnne Stebbing23-Oct1773base d. Anne, child born 12 Oct
BOSWELLSarah26-Nov1752d. Benjamin John/Elizabeth, child born 8 Nov
BOULTONMary28-Oct1792d. Richard/Sarah, child born 24 Sep
BOURNHenry25-May1757s. Henry/Anne, child born 13 Mar
BOWENHenry30-May1791s. James/Elizabeth, child born 11 May
BOWERElizabeth29-Jul1762d. Joseph/Anne, child born 16 Jul
BOWERSGeorge26-Dec1751s. Borton/Anne, child born 6 Dec
BOWERSMargaret17-Aug1746d. Boughton/Ann
BOYMANAnn7-Jan1780d. Richard/Ann, child born 3 Nov 1779
BOYMANGeorge Richard28-Nov1785s. Richard/Ann, child born 5 Oct
BOYMONPriscilla12-Mar1783d. Richard/Ann, child born 9 Feb
BOYSEdward21-Oct1789s. Edward/Mary, child born 10 Oct
BOYSMary Ann8-Nov1787d. Edward/Mary, child born 8 Nov
BOYSThomasin24-Mar1791d. Edward/Mary, child born 22 Mar
BRADBRIDGEStephen Young22-Aug1779s. William/Elizabeth, child born 20 Jul
BRASHERHenry29-Jul1772s. Martin/Sarah, child born 19 Jul
BRASHERJames Foard22-Jan1775s. Martin/Sarah, child born 7 Jan
BRASHERJohn & Thomas21-Dec1777twin ss. Martin/Sarah, child born 25 Nov
BRASHERMartin7-Oct1770s. Martin/Sarah, child born 16 Sep
BRASHERMary Ann20-Jan1777d. Zechariah, Jr./late Susanna, child born 20 Dec 1776
BRASHERMary Sprackling6-Aug1780d. late Martin/Sarah, child born 23 Jun
BRASHERRobert Long19-Sep1777s. Zechariah/Rebecca, child born 14 Aug
BRASHERSarah22-Jan1769d. Martin/Sarah, child born 10 Jan
BRASIERAnn4-Mar1746d. Robert/Mary
BRASIERAnn17-Jun1791d. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 3 Nov 1790
BRASIERAnne5-Mar1758d. Thomas/Mary, child born 22 Dec 1757
BRASIERDorothy1-May1748d. Thomas/Mary
BRASIERElisabeth27-Apr1733d. Robert/Mary
BRASIERElisabeth16-Mar1745d. Thomas/Mary
BRASIERElizabeth22-Oct1767d. Zechariah/Rebecca, child born 16 Oct
BRASIERElizabeth21-Aug1789d. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 27 Jul
BRASIERElizabeth31-May1759d. John/Sarah, child born 14 May
BRASIERGeorge21-Oct1756s. John/Sarah, child born 8 Oct
BRASIERIsaac6-May1750s. Thomas/Mary, child born 29 Mar
BRASIERJohn30-Aug1726s. Robert/Mary
BRASIERJohn20-Aug1727s. John/Anne
BRASIERJohn5-Nov1739s. Robert/Mary
BRASIERJohn14-Mar1750s. Thomas/Mary, child born 13 Mar
BRASIERJohn7-Jan1755s. John/Sarah, child born 13 Dec 1754
BRASIERJohn28-Jan1742bastard c. Elisabeth
BRASIERMary4-Feb1727d. Robert/Mary
BRASIERMary24-Aug1752d. Zechariah/Anne, child born 30 Jul
BRASIERMary16-Jun1754d. Thomas/Mary, child born 5 May
BRASIERRebecca14-Apr1759d. Thomas/Mary, child born 4 Apr
BRASIERRichard18-Jan1771s. Zechariah/Rebecca, child born 4 Jan
BRASIERRobert25-Apr1731s. Robert/Mary
BRASIERRobert13-Nov1741s. Thomas/Mary
BRASIERRobert8-Apr1770s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 14 Mar
BRASIERRobert7-Dec1757s. Zachary/Anne, child born 7 Dec
BRASIERRobert12-Nov1761s. John/Sarah, child born 12 Oct
BRASIERSarah25-Dec1755d. Thomas/Mary
BRASIERSarah9-Mar1758d. John/Sarah, child born 18 Feb
BRASIERSarah Bennett24-Sep1788d. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 31 Aug
BRASIERStephen25-Jan1752s. Thomas/Mary, child born 25 Jan
BRASIERStephen1-Jan1753s. Thomas/Mary, child born 24 Dec 1752
BRASIERThomas30-Jan1743s. Thomas/Mary
BRASIERThomas24-Jul1768s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 3 Jul
BRASIERZachariah22-Dec1729s. Robert/Mary
BRASIERZechariah30-Sep1754s. Zechariah/Ann, child born 30 Sep
BRAZIERAnne16-Dec1772d. Zechariah/Rebecca, child born 17 Nov
BRAZIERJohn21-Mar1771s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 25 Feb
BRETTDaniel24-Apr1791s. William/Maria, child born 18 Mar
BRETTJames28-Aug1776s. Robert/Jane, child born 20 Jul
BRETTJames23-Apr1786s. John/Mary, child born 23 Mar
BRETTJames Stephen4-Jan1783s. James/Eleanor, child born 4 Dec 1782
BRETTJohn11-Dec1750s. William/Prudence, child born 20 Nov
BRETTJohn16-Jun1776s. William/Maria, child born 3 Jun
BRETTJohn9-Jun1783s. John/Mary, child born 9 Jun
BRETTJohn2-Jul1784s. John/Mary, child born 4 Jun
BRETTJohn14-Oct1785s. James/Eleanor, child born 5 Sep
BRETTJoseph2-Sep1791s. John/Mary, child born 6 Aug
BRETTMaria10-Jul1777d. William/Maria, child born 2 Jul
BRETTMaria29-Sep1782d. William/Maria, child born 31 Aug
BRETTMary3-Dec1751d. William/Prudence, child born 15 Nov
BRETTMary Ann23-Jan1784d. James/Eleanor, child born 17 Jan
BRETTMary Ann8-Feb1784d. James/Eleanor, child born 17 Jan 'entered above' [earlier entry on 23 Jan 1784]
BRETTMary Ann13-Nov1789d. John/Mary, child born 13 Oct
BRETTMary Godby15-Aug1781d. William/Maria, child born 7 Jul
BRETTMildred Silk10-Jan1779d. William/Maria, child born 13 Dec 1778
BRETTRobert Oldaker19-Jul1780s. William/Maria, child born 29 May
BRETTSarah27-Feb1785d. William/Maria, child born 25 Jan
BRETTSophia26-Oct1783d. William/Maria, child born 7 Oct
BRETTWilliam6-Apr1788s. William/Maria, child born 16 Feb
BRETTWilliam Henry22-Feb1788s. John/Mary, child born 18 Jan
BREWENWilliam30-Sep1747s. Joseph/Jane
BRICERichard17-Aug1786s. William/Sarah, child born 14 Aug
BRICEWilliam21-Feb1768s. William/Sarah, child born 21 Jan
BRIDGEMANMary24-Nov1790d. William/Mary, child born 21 Oct
BRIGGSMary25-Jul1775base d. Mary, child born 15 Jul
BRIGGSMary Crosier29-Sep1783base d. Mary, child born 28 Aug
BRIGHTMary16-Apr1769d. Thomas/Jane, child born 11 Apr
BRIGHTSarah12-Apr1767d. Thomas/Jane, child born 4 Apr
BRISTOWEdward2-Jul1774s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 2 Jul
BRISTOWElizabeth23-Oct1792d. Thomas/Hannah, child born 23 Sep
BRISTOWMary Ann27-Dec1789d. Thomas/Hannah, child born 26 Nov
BRISTOWWilliam1-May1791s. Thomas/Hannah, child born 2 Apr
BRITRichard7-Feb1730s. Richard/Sarah
BROADJohn9-Dec1781s. William/Elizabeth, child born 11 Nov
BROADRichard15-May1783s. William/Elizabeth, child born 14 May
BROCKWilliam Browning24-Jun1770s. John/Hannah, child born 11 Jun
BROCKMANJohn27-Jul1768s. John/Hannah, child born 25 Jul
BROCKMANMartha12-Apr1784d. Thomas/Martha, child born 12 Mar
BROCKMANMary20-Jan1771d. Thomas/Martha, child born 22 Dec 1770
BROCKMANRichard8-Dec1771s. John/Hannah, child born 12 Nov
BROCKMANSarah5-Feb1786d. Thomas/Martha, child born 29 Dec 1785
BROCKWELLAnn17-Mar1786d. Thomas/Mary, child born 10 Feb
BROCKWELLMary10-Jun1787d. Thomas/Mary, child born 13 May
BROCKWELLMary Ann Elizabeth25-Dec1790d. Thomas/Mary, child born 20 Nov
BROCKWELLThomas7-Dec1788s. Thomas/Mary, child born 9 Nov
BROOKAnn13-Feb1792d. Thomas/Mary, child born 12 Feb
BROOKFrancis31-May1752s. Francis/Mary, child born 11 May
BROOKFrancis12-Feb1760s. Francis/Martha, child born 10 Feb
BROOKGeorge11-Jul1739s. William/Susanna
BROOKJane3-Aug1788d. Francis/Jane, child born 5 Jul
BROOKJohn29-Feb1784s. Francis/Jane, child born 8 Feb
BROOKJohn4-Mar1787s. Jarvis/Sybyll, 'P' [pauper], child born 10 Jan
BROOKMargaret27-Feb1791d. Jarvis/Sybill, child born 27 Jan
BROOKMary Bolton19-Mar1786d. Francis/Jane, child born 21 Feb
BROOKRobert11-Mar1739s. Robert/Elisabeth
BROOKSarah Susanna3-Oct1790d. Francis/Jane, child born 27 Aug
BROOKSusan15-Aug1759d. William/Martha, child born 9 Jul
BROOKSusanna23-Mar1747d. Andrew/Jane 'p' [pauper?]
BROOKSusannah21-Dec1788d. Jarvis/Sybill, child born 24 Oct
BROOKThomas27-Mar1791s. Thomas/Mary, child born 17 Feb
BROOKEAndrew10-Aug1755s. Francis/Martha, child born 27 Jul
BROOKEAnne16-Oct1732d. William/Susanna
BROOKEDuke William26-Dec1749s. John, a Dragoon,/Sarah his wife
BROOKEElisabeth7-Sep1734d. William/Susanna
BROOKEElisabeth3-Nov1743d. Robert/Ann
BROOKEFrancis2-Apr1758s. Francis/Martha, child born 15 Mar
BROOKEGregory11-Nov1729s. John/Barbara
BROOKEJarvis28-Oct1757s. William/Martha, child born 30 Sep
BROOKEJohn4-Nov1736s. William/Susanna
BROOKEJohn25-Feb1749s. John/Elizabeth
BROOKEJohn26-Jun1749s. Robert/Ann
BROOKEMary7-Jun1727d. John/Barbara
BROOKEMary4-Apr1727d. Robert/Sarah
BROOKEMary29-May1731d. Robert/Sarah
BROOKEMary2-Nov1742d. Robert/Ann
BROOKEMary8-Feb1756d. William/Martha, child born 25 Jan
BROOKEMary17-May1767d. Gregory/Mary, child born 4 May
BROOKERobert9-Dec1729s. Robert/Sarah
BROOKERobert25-Dec1731s. John/Barbara
BROOKERobert & Barbara27-Sep1728s. and d. John/Barbara
BROOKESarah29-Sep1728d. Robert/Sarah
BROOKESarah7-Oct1747d. Robert/Ann
BROOKESarah & Elisabeth10-Apr1745ds. Robert/Ann
BROOKEStephen24-Nov1751s. John/Elisabeth, child born 11 Nov
BROOKESusan19-May1762d. William/Martha, child born 6 Apr
BROOKESusanna25-Jan1730d. William/Susanna
BROOKEThomas1-Dec1754s. Francis/Mary, child born 22 Nov
BROOKEThomas9-Jun1754s. John/Elizabeth, child born 30 May
BROOKEWilliam12-Jun1729s. William/Susanna
BROOKEWillliam14-May1751s. Mr Robert/Anne, child born 19 Apr
BROOKSJohn30-Aug1750s. Francis/Mary, child born 29 Aug
BROOMANAnn29-Apr1789d. Thomas/Mary, child born 19 Feb
BROOMANEdward26-Jun1751s. Thomas/Anne, child born 6 Jun
BROOMANEdward27-Jun1781s. John/Caroline, child born 2 Jun
BROOMANGeorge25-Jun1777s. John/Caroline, child born 29 May
BROOMANJames9-Sep1753s. Thomas/Anne, child born 26 Aug
BROOMANJames5-Nov1779s. John/Carolina, child born 11 Oct
BROOMANJames22-Jun1783s. John/Carolina, child born 29 May
BROOMANJohn7-Jul1747s. Thomas/Ann
BROOMANJohn12-Jun1776s. John/Caroline, child born 8 May
BROOMANJohn2-Oct1785s. Thomas/Mary, child born 3 Sep
BROOMANJohn Gray24-Oct1792s. Thomas/Mary, child born 7 [date not completed]
BROOMANMary16-Jul1746d. Thomas/Ann
BROOMANMary Ann9-Dec1785d. John/Caroline, child born 9 Nov
BROOMANThomas18-Oct1778s. John/Carolina, child born 17 Oct
BROOMANThomas20-Dec1787s. Thomas/Mary, child born 22 Nov
BROOMANThomas24-Jan1788s. Thomas/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 27 Nov 1787 'registered before'
BROOMANThomas2-Aug1759s. Thomas/Anne, child born 24 Jul
BROOMEMary Ann28-Sep1791d. William/Mary, child born 29 Jul
BROOMEThomas28-Aug1790s. Thomas/Mary, child born 18 Jul
BROTHERSCharles14-Nov1786s. John/Elizabeth, child born 5 Mar
BROTHERSJames26-Sep1773s. John/Elizabeth, child born 6 Sep
BROTHERSJohn28-May1766s. John/Elizabeth, child born 28 May
BROTHERSMargaret23-Nov1770d. John/Elizabeth, child born 28 Oct
BROTHERSMartha5-Feb1769d. John/Elizabeth, child born 8 Jan
BROTHERSMary Noakes2-Jun1775d. John/Elizabeth, child born 18 May
BROTHERSMatthias13-Sep1767s. John/Elizabeth, child born 6 Sep
BROTHERSSarah28-Nov1784d. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Oct
BROTHERSThomas9-Feb1772s. John/Elizabeth, child born 11 Jan
BROTHERSThomas28-Feb1777s. John/Elizabeth, child born 10 Feb
BROTHERSThomas9-Jun1782s. John/Elizabeth, child born 23 Jan
BROTHERSWilliam Hayward8-Jul1779s. John/Elizabeth, child born 2 Jun
BROWNAnn22-Nov1778d. John/Sarah, child born 21 Oct
BROWNAnne Turner20-Feb1770d. James, Esq/Anne, child born 24 Jan
BROWNDaniel24-Aug1749s. Thomas/Martha
BROWNEdward16-Aug1747s. John/Martha
BROWNElizabeth5-Oct1777d. William/Martha, child born 23 Sep
BROWNElizabeth28-Nov1784d. John/Ann, child born 10 Oct
BROWNFrancis1-Feb1767s. Francis/Martha, child born 5 Jan
BROWNJames6-Aug1780s. John/Sarah, child born 12 Jun
BROWNJohn20-Sep1761s. William/Martha, child born 14 Sep
BROWNJohn22-Nov1772s. John/Jane, child born 16 Nov
BROWNJohn5-Jun1791s. John/Ann, child born 15 Apr
BROWNJohn9-Dec1792s. Mary, child born 7 Nov
BROWNMartha12-Apr1730d. John/Martha
BROWNMartha25-Jan1746d. Thomas/Martha
BROWNMary27-Oct1771d. John/Jane, child born 27 Sep
BROWNSophia17-Jul1787d. John/Ann, child born 15 Mar
BROWNWilliam20-Nov1791s. William/Susanna, child born 17 Dec [Note: dates of birth and baptism may have been erroneously reversed by the clerk.]
BROWNWilliam Standish10-Oct1779s. James/Margaret, child born 15 Aug
BROWNEDaniel6-Jun1744s. Thomas/Martha
BROWNEDorothy26-Sep1742d. George/Sarah
BROWNEElisabeth13-Oct1737d. Thomas/Martha
BROWNEJohn13-May1733s. William/Jane
BROWNEJohn9-Feb1734s. John/Martha
BROWNEJohn15-May1743s. Thomas/Martha
BROWNESarah4-Apr1733d. John/Sarah
BROWNEThomas11-Nov1739s. Thomas/Martha
BROWNINGBenjamin18-Sep1768s. John/Anne, child born 19 Aug
BROWNINGBethia5-Jun1763d. John/Martha, child born 17 May
BROWNINGElizabeth17-Mar1776d. Hannah/late Gillham, child born 9 Mar
BROWNINGElizabeth9-Jan1758d. John/Martha, child born 7 Jan
BROWNINGElizabeth10-Jun1763d. John/Anne, child born 12 May
BROWNINGElizabeth Dunn14-Nov1784d. William/Mary, child born 17 Oct
BROWNINGGillham11-Dec1774s. Gillham/Hannah, child born 11 Dec
BROWNINGJohn15-Apr1759s. John/Martha, child born 11 Apr
BROWNINGSarah18-May1766d. John/Martha, child born 10 May
BROWNINGSarah22-Nov1778d. George/Sarah, child born 3 Nov
BROWNINGSarah11-Mar1781d. George/Mary, child born 5 Mar
BROWNINGStephen2-Mar1788s. William/Mary, child born 9 Jan
BROWNINGWilliam19-Feb1786s. William/Mary, child born 18 Jan
BROWNINGWillliam15-Mar1761s. John/Martha, child born 27 Feb
BUBBRobert16-Apr1727s. Robert/Elisabeth
BUBBWilliam8-Dec1728s. Robert/Elisabeth
BUGDENPhilip Daniel28-Aug1791s. James/Jane, child born 3 Aug
BUNDOCKAnn19-Jul1789d. William/Elizabeth, child born 24 Jun
BUNDOCKAnne7-Aug1763d. William/Mary, child born 19 Jul
BUNDOCKElizabeth25-Jul1784d. William/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jul
BUNDOCKJoseph Mitchel28-Nov1784base d. Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 22 Oct
BUNDOCKMartha28-Apr1765d. William/Mary, child born 20 Mar
BUNDOCKPatty Martyn5-Nov1786d. William/Elizabeth, child born 24 Oct
BUNDOCKSarah16-Apr1780d. William/Elizabeth, child born 18 Mar
BUNDOCKWilliam16-Oct1791s. William/Elizabeth, child born 21 Sep
BUNOUFJohn Bayly1-Jul1770s. John James/Mary, child born 9 Jun
BURNELEdward14-Nov1736s. William/Mary
BURNELElisabeth17-Oct1736d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BURNELJane16-Aug1743d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BURNELMartha14-Sep1745d. William/Mary
BURNELMary13-Aug1732d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BURNELMary27-Jun1744d. William/Mary
BURNELRachel17-Aug1735d. William/Mary
BURNELSarah4-Feb1728d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BURNELSarah9-Dec1741d. William/Mary
BURNELThomas30-Oct1730s. Thomas/Elisabeth
BURNELWilliam21-Sep1738s. William/Mary
BURNELLEdward15-Feb1749s. William/Mary
BURNELLJane14-Feb1739d. William/Mary
BURNELLJohn30-Dec1754s. William/Mary, child born 29 Dec
BURNELLThomas5-Aug1733s. Thomas/Elisabeth
BURNELLThomas19-Jul1747s. William/Mary
BURNETTElizabeth3-Feb1788d. Edward/Sarah, child born 22 Dec 1787
BURNETTIsaac15-Jan1786s. Edward/Sarah, child born 9 Dec 1785
BURNETTPeter14-Mar1784s. Edward/Sarah, child born 25 Jan
BURNETTSarah24-Oct1779d. Edward/Sarah, child born 10 Sep
BURNHAMJohn27-Jul1792s. Robert/Jane, child born 29 Jun
BURVILLEHenry23-Sep1792s. Ann, child born 21 Aug
BUSBRIDGEGeorge25-Mar1792s. George/Ann, child born 11 Feb
BUSBRIDGEWilliam18-Nov1775base s. Hannah, child born 17 Nov
BUSHALStephen19-Nov1749s. Stephen/Lovina
BUSHELAnne23-Oct1763d. William/Margaret, child born 19 Oct
BUSHELAnne10-Jun1730aged 19y
BUSHELDaniel17-Jul1759s. Richard/Martha, child born 16 Jul
BUSHELDeborah16-Aug1735bastard c. Sarah
BUSHELElizabeth19-Jan1755d. Stephen/Lovina, child born 9 Jan
BUSHELJames23-Jan1757s. Stephen/Lovina, child born 8 Dec 1756
BUSHELJohn1-Aug1756s. John/Sarah, child born 20 Jul
BUSHELMary19-Jan1734d. William/Susanna
BUSHELMary16-Aug1737d. William/Martha
BUSHELMary17-Dec1752d. Stephen/Lovina, child born 2 Dec
BUSHELMildred11-Jul1728d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BUSHELPriscilla6-Dec1730d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BUSHELRichard25-Nov1761s. Richard/Martha, child born 23 Nov
BUSHELSarah12-May1754d. John/Sarah, child born 21 Apr
BUSHELSarah10-Jun1730aged 23y
BUSHELSusanna2-Oct1739d. William/Martha
BUSHELThomas21-Feb1762s. Stephen/Lovina, child born 16 Dec 1761
BUSHELWilliam29-Jul1781s. William/Elizabeth, child born 20 Jul
BUSHELWillliam16-Apr1759s. Stephen/Lovina, child born 29 Mar
BUSHELLAnn5-Jun1785d. John/Rebekah, child born 5 May
BUSHELLDaniel8-May1748s. Stephen/Lavinia
BUSHELLElisabeth13-Nov1726d. Thomas/Elisabeth
BUSHELLElizabeth27-Jun1779d. William/Elizabeth, child born 19 Jun
BUSHELLElizabeth6-Jul1783d. John/Rebekah, child born 6 Jun
BUSHELLElizabeth23-May1784d. William/Elizabeth, child born 2 May
BUSHELLGeorge9-Mar1777s. Richard/Martha, child born 14 Feb
BUSHELLGeorge10-Jul1791s. Thomas/Ann, child born 15 Jun
BUSHELLJames14-Oct1770s. Richard/Martha, child born 23 Sep
BUSHELLJames28-Apr1771s. James/Mary, child born 7 Apr
BUSHELLJohn18-Sep1768s. William/Sarah, child born 9 Sep
BUSHELLJohn28-Apr1771s. William/Sarah, child born 9 Apr
BUSHELLMargaret16-Jan1774d. William/Sarah, child born 1 Dec 1773
BUSHELLMary24-Apr1774d. Richard/Martha, child born 24 Mar
BUSHELLMary Ann2-Dec1787d. John/Rebeka, child born 29 Oct
BUSHELLRichard Davis20-May1792s. Stephen/Mary, child born 17 Apr
BUSHELLRobert6-Feb1791s. Stephen/Mary, child born 23 Dec 1790
BUSHELLRobert17-Apr1791s. William/Susanna, child born 26 Mar
BUSHELLSarah8-Dec1765d. William/Sarah, child born 28 Nov
BUSHELLSarah25-Apr1790d. William/Sarah, child born 25 Mar
BUSHELLSarah Cowper20-Aug1764d. Richard/Martha, child born 17 Aug
BUSHELLSarah Mary18-Mar1781d. John/Rebekah, child born 6 Mar
BUSHELLStephen20-Oct1789s. Stephen/Mary, child born 19 Oct
BUSHELLThomas7-Jan1768s. Richard/Martha, child born 21 Dec 1767
BUSHELLThomas14-Jul1776s. William/Sarah, child born 3 Jul
BUSHELLThomas3-May1789s. William/Sarah, child born 30 Mar
BUSHELLWilliam20-May1764s. William/Sarah, child born 8 May
BUSHELLWilliam23-Oct1785s. William/Elizabeth, child born 15 Oct
BUSHELLWilliam18-Apr1790s. John/Rebecca Randall, child born 7 Mar
BUSHELLWilliam25-Dec1791s. William/Sarah, child born 4 Dec
BUTLERCatharina14-Apr1790d. Michael/Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 24 Jan
BUTLERDaniel20-Jul1731s. Daniel/Mary
BUTLEREdwin14-Dec1744s. Daniel/Mary
BUTLERElizabeth12-Mar1727d. Daniel/Mary
BUTLERJames Benn10-Sep1740s. Daniel/Mary
BUTLERJane11-Jun1733d. Daniel/Mary
BUTLERLucy17-Feb1737d. Daniel/Mary
BUTLERMary27-Sep1729d. Daniel/Mary
BUTLERRichard11-May1736s. Daniel/Mary
BUTLERWeeden6-Oct1742s. Daniel/Mary
BYTHAMHenry5-Jan1788s. Henry/Sarah, child born 23 Sep 1787
BYTHAMMary25-Jun1783d. Henry/Sarah, child born 8 Apr
BYTHAMSarah10-Jan1790d. Henry/Sarah, child born 18 Dec 1789
BYTHAMThomas10-Jun1792s. Henry/Sarah, child born 25 Jan
BYTHAMThomas Allen17-May1785s. Henry/Sarah, child born 23 Mar
CANNABYElizabeth20-Dec1743d. Robert/Margaret
CANNABYRobert6-Mar1747s. Robert/Margaret
CARRAELAnn21-Jun1787d. John/Lydia, child born 21 Jun
CARRALLLydia16-Oct1785d. John/Lydia, child born 27 Sep
CARRALLMary14-Aug1791d. Martha, child born 20 Jul
CARRELLSarah Ann30-Nov1788d. John/Lydia, child born 7 Nov
CARRELLSarah Jane19-Dec1790base d. Sarah, child born 29 Oct
CARTHEWChristian Harvey28-Mar1771d. Thomas/Jane, child born 3 Mar
CARTHEWJames25-Apr1773s. Thomas/Jane, child born 28 Mar
CARTHEWJane9-Apr1775d. Thomas/Jane, child born 10 Mar
CARTHEWJohn28-Aug1783s. Thomas/Jane, child born 15 Aug
CARTHEWThomas21-Feb1779s. Thomas/Jane, child born 29 Jan
CARTHEWThomas Briscow3-Nov1776s. Thomas/Jane, child born 3 Nov
CASELDENWilliam Brett7-Apr1771base s. Elizabeth, child born 22 Mar
CASPELEdward 1759s. Edward/Esther about 3 years old
CASPELJohn24-Jun1759s. Edward/Esther, child born 10 Jun
CASPELLEdward16-Jul1775s. William/Elizabeth, child born 11 Jul
CASPELLEdward5-Jul1756s. Edward/Esther, child born 3 Jul
CASPELLElizabeth12-Mar1755d. Edward/Esther, child born 11 Mar
CASPELLHenry6-Feb1762s. Edward/Esther, child born 9 Jan
CASPELLMary9-Aug1752d. Edward/Esther, child born 30 Jun
CASPOLEElizabeth19-Jan1777d. Elizabeth/late William, child born 12 Dec 1776
CASSESarah31-Jan1775d. George/Anne, child born 29 Dec 1774
CASTELElisabeth8-Mar1737d. William/Margaret
CASTELGeorge2-Feb1737s. Clement/Sarah
CASTELJohn9-Mar1736s. Thomas/Mary
CASTELSarah17-Jul1732d. Richard/Mary
CASTELThomas23-Mar1738s. Thomas/Mary
CASTELLAnn23-Oct1791d. William/Sarah, child born 26 Sep
CASTELLDaniel16-Jan1774s. George/Anne, child born 7 Dec 1773
CASTELLDaniel13-Feb1780s. William/Sarah, child born 14 Jan
CASTELLElizabeth15-Jul1792d. William/Sarah, child born 5 Jun
CASTELLMary27-Dec1789d. William/Sarah, child born 21 Nov
CASTELLRachel Elgar29-Jul1792d. William/Ann, child born 14 Jul
CASTELLThomas19-Apr1772s. George/Anne, child born 21 Mar
CASTELLThomas20-Feb1780s. William/Sarah, child born 22 Jan
CASTELLThomas25-Feb1787s. William/Sarah, child born 25 Jan
CASTELLWilliam10-Dec1786base s. Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 10 Dec
CASTLEClement27-Nov1768s. George/Anne, child born 25 Oct
CASTLEDaniel29-Aug1784s. William/Sarah, child born 1 Aug
CASTLEElizabeth20-Jul1746d. George/Elizabeth
CASTLEGeorge17-Jun1770s. George/Anne, child born 26 May
CASTLEJane17-May1780base d. Sarah, child born 5 Apr
CASTLEJohn20-Jun1779s. George/Ann, child born 21 May
CASTLEJoye14-Jan1738s. Richard/Susanna
CASTLEMary18-May1777d. George/Ann, child born 27 Apr
CASTLESarah21-Mar1735d. William/Margaret
CASTLESarah27-Nov1741d. Clement/Sarah
CASTLESarah19-Jul1767d. George/Anne, child born 9 Jul
CASTLESarah14-Jul1782d. William/Sarah, child born 2 Jul
CASTLEThomas17-Dec1776s. William/Sarah, child born 16 Dec
CASTLEWilliam26-Jun1774s. William/Sarah, child born 2 Jun
CASTLEWilliam8-Nov1780s. George/Ann, child born 5 Oct
CASTLEDENElizabeth13-Aug1786d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 29 Jul
CASTLEDENHannah29-Jun1788d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 13 Jun
CASTLEDENJeremiah Stranack27-Jun1790s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 8 Jun
CASTLEDENThomas14-Nov1784s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 15 Oct
CAYLEYMercy13-Feb1791d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 20 Jan
CAYLEYSarah27-Dec1789d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 26 Nov
CEMITTGeorge Frederick12-Sep1762s. John/Jane, child born 19 Aug
CEMMITElisabeth10-Dec1738d. John/Elizabeth
CEMMITJohn17-Apr1735s. William/Mary
CEMMITJohn Pannel1-Feb1761s. John/Jane, child born 31 Jan
CEMMITJonas27-Dec1743s. William/Mary
CEMMITMary18-May1741d. William/Mary
CEMMITSarah28-Jun1737d. William/Mary
CEMMITWilliam10-Jun1739s. Willliam/Mary
CEMMIT alias LANESGeorge Frederick18-May1760s. Thomas LANES/Sarah CEMMIT, child born 29 Mar
CHAMBERSAnne16-Oct1774d. John/Elizabeth, child born 18 Sep
CHAMBERSElizabeth29-Sep1776d. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Aug
CHAMBERSJohn5-Sep1773s. John/Elizabeth, child born 5 Aug
CHAMPIONClara Graham7-Nov1790d. Edmond/Elizabeth, child born 5 Sep
CHAMPIONEdmond28-Jun1789s. Edmond/Elizabeth, child born 1 Jun
CHAMPIONElizabeth18-Apr1786d. Edmond/Elizabeth, child born 26 Mar
CHAMPIONElizabeth20-Jun1787d. Edmond/Elizabeth, [birth date not recorded]
CHANCELLORChristian25-Feb1760s. Matthew/Mary, child born 17 Feb
CHANCELLORElizabeth22-Sep1758d. Matthew/Mary, child born 12 Sep
CHANCELLORJohn25-Dec1764s. Matthew/Mary, child born 23 Nov
CHANCELLORJohn1-Feb1767s. Matthew/Mary, child born 31 Dec 1766
CHANCELLORJohn31-Oct1790s. John/Sarah Hester, child born 23 Oct
CHANCELLORMary7-Jul1754d. Matthew/Mary, child born 16 Jun
CHANCELLORSarah2-May1762d. Matthew/Sarah, child born 12 Apr
CHANCELLORStephen Sacket22-Jan1792s. John/Sarah, child born 26 Dec 1791
CHANDLERAnne14-Oct1768d. John/Margaret, child born 22 Sep
CHANDLERCharles13-Jun1771s. Robert/Anne, child born 17 Apr
CHANDLERFrances26-Nov1778d. Robert/Mary, child born 22 Nov
CHANDLERJohn9-Sep1782s. Robert/Mary, child born 9 Sep
CHANDLERJoseph17-Jan1773s. John/Margaret, child born 29 Dec 1772
CHANDLERMargaret23-May1782base d. Margaret, child born 22 May
CHANDLERMary21-Oct1770d. John/Margaret, child born 4 Oct
CHANDLERMary8-Jan1775d. Robert/Mary, child born 8 Dec 1774
CHANDLER or WORRELJohn22-Nov1789s. Mary Chandler, 'P' [pauper], child born 7 Nov
CHAPMANElizabeth1-Sep1782d. Abraham/Mary, child born 21 Aug
CHAPMANIsaac22-Apr1787s. Abraham/Mary, child born 1 Apr
CHAPMANJames12-Oct1760s. Robert/Rebecca, child born 28 Sep
CHAPMANMargaret Smith16-Jun1779d. William/Mildred, child born 19 May
CHAPMANMaria19-Oct1781d. James/Jane, child born 1 Oct
CHAPMANMary28-Jan1759d. Robert/Rebecca, child born 29 Dec 1758
CHAPMANMary4-Sep1785d. Abraham/Mary, child born 11 Aug
CHAPMANSarah8-Jan1769d. James/Susanna, child born 24 Dec 1768
CHAPMANSarah27-May1789d. William/Martha, child born 3 Apr
CHAPMANSarah9-May1790d. Abraham/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 25 Apr
CHAPMANThomas12-Jul1772base s. Susanna, child born 5 Jun
CHAPMANWilliam9-Feb1766s. James/Susanna, child born 19 Jan
CHAPMANWilliam10-Oct1790s. William/Martha, child born 11 Sep
CHAPMANWilliam30-Oct1791s. William/Ann, child born 7 Oct
CHAPPELSusanna24-Jan1773d. Richard/Catharine, child born 4 Jan
CHAPPELLMartha26-Feb1769d. Richard/Catharine, child born 9 Feb
CHAPPELLRichard28-Oct1770s. Richard/Catharine, child born 13 Oct
CHRISTIANHenry17-Mar1762an Indian Molotto about 10 years old
CHURCHAnne11-Oct1730d. George/Mary
CHURCHAnne7-Apr1732d. George/Mary
CHURCHGeorge13-Jan1726s. George/Mary
CHURCHThomas6-Jun1771s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 3 Jun
CLAGGJane9-Aug1778d. Samuel/Sarah, child born 19 Jul
CLAGGETTEdward13-Jun1790s. William/Mary, child born 16 May
CLAGGETTJohn19-Nov1786s. William/Mary, child born 16 Oct
CLAGGETTThomas29-Jun1788s. William/Mary, child born 1 Jun
CLAGGETTWilliam29-May1785s. William/Mary, child born 26 Mar
CLARKEleonora30-Dec1787d. Thomas/Mary, child born 1 Dec
CLARKElizabeth20-May1792d. James/Alice, child born 15 Mar
CLARKIsaac10-Aug1783s. Thomas/Mary, child born 27 Jul
CLARKJames1-Jan1786s. Thomas/Mary, child born 7 Dec 1785
CLARKMary Anne22-Oct1775d. Thomas/Mary, child born 19 Sep
CLARKMary Rebecca20-Aug1778d. Abraham/Rebecca, child born 4 Aug
CLARKSarah Anne3-May1772d. Thomas/Mary, child born 22 Apr
CLARKSusannah18-Jun1780d. Thomas/Mary, child born 4 Jun
CLARKEAlice15-Feb1789d. James/Alice, child born 7 Jan
CLARKEElizabeth Wood16-Jan1774d. Thomas/Mary, child born 5 Jan
CLARKEJames27-Nov1785s. James/Alice, child born 29 Oct
CLARKEJohn9-Feb1776s. Abraham/Rebecca, child born 31 Jan
CLARKEJoyce Williamson14-Mar1784d. Abraham/Rebecca, child born 4 Mar
CLARKEMercy20-Jul1777d. Abraham/Rebecca, child born 28 Jun
CLARKESarah25-Feb1781d. Richard/Mary, child born 12 Jan
CLARKESarah16-Feb1783d. James/Alice, child born 21 Jan
CLARKESarah Crofts26-Dec1781d. Abraham/Rebecca, child born 29 Nov
CLARKEThomas8-Mar1778s. Thomas/Mary, child born 24 Jan
CLAVERINGMary27-Sep1771d. George/Mary, child born 3 Sep
CLAVERINGSybilla1-Dec1769d. George/Mary, child born 16 Nov
CLEAVELANDJohn13-Feb1757s. Thomas/Anne, child born 12 Feb
CLEMENSJohn22-Jun1781s. John/Hannah, child born 23 Apr
CLEMENTSSarah13-Jul1783d. William/Sarah, child born 1 Jul
CLEMENTSSarah28-May1786d. William/Sarah, child born 8 May
CLEVELANDElizabeth22-Jul1759d. Thomas/Anne, child born 8 Jul
CLEVELANDJohn15-Sep1735s. John/Elisabeth
CLEVELANDThomas1-May1733s. John/Elisabeth
CLEVELANDThomas6-Oct1782s. John/Susanna, child born 22 Sep
CLEVELANDThomas2-Jul1758s. Thomas/Anne, child born 22 Jun
CLEVELANDWilliam17-Oct1784s. John/Susanna, child born 26 Sep
CLEVELANDWillliam31-Aug1760s. Thomas/Anne, child born 14 Aug
CLEWLEYAnn16-Dec1792d. Richard/Martha, child born 9 Dec
CLEWLEYJohn Robson19-Jan1772s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 1 Dec 1771
CLEWLEYRichard25-Feb1770s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 20 Jan
CLIFFORDJohn1-Jul1737s. Jeremiah/Mary
CLIFFORDJohn8-Jul1739s. Jeremy/Mary
CLUNSarah16-Jun1745bastard d. Sarah
COBAnn26-Dec1734d. John/Sarah
COBHenry17-Apr1733aged 22y
COBJohn7-Aug1737s. John/Sarah
COBJohn2-Jun1737s. William/Martha
COBJohn18-Aug1743s. John/Sarah
COBMartha14-May1732d. William/Martha
COBMary27-Dec1727d. John/Sarah
COBMary15-Aug1739d. John/Sarah
COBSarah26-Apr1730d. John/Sarah
COBThomas31-Aug1745s. John/Sarah
COBBAnne23-Sep1771d. William/Catharine, child born 31 Aug
COBBElizabeth5-Jan1752d. Francis/Elizabeth, child born 18 Dec 1751
COBBFrancis20-Aug1727s. William/Martha
COBBFrancis22-Feb1759s. Francis/Elizabeth, child born 13 Feb
COBBFrancis18-Jul1777s. William/Catherine, child born 16 Jun
COBBFrancis William15-Feb1787s. Francis/Elizabeth, child born 31 Jan
COBBJohn Curling15-Mar1775s. William/Catharine, child born 22 Feb
COBBMartha28-Oct1753d. Francis/Elizabeth, child born 11 Oct
COBBThomas28-May1780s. William/Catherine, child born 9 May
COBBWilliam5-Oct1746s. Yeomans/Ann
COBBWilliam8-Jul1749s. Francis/Elizabeth
COBBWilliam9-Apr1773s. William/Catharine, child born 21 Mar
COBBWillliam16-Aug1750s. Francis/Elisabeth, child born 5 Aug
COCKAnn18-May1777d. John/Susanna, child born 21 Apr
COCKAnn13-Jul1777d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 10 Jun
COCKAnn9-Feb1783d. George/Elizabeth, child born 26 Jan
COCKAnne10-Jan1728d. John/Jane
COCKAnne10-Aug1766d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 3 Aug
COCKAnne26-Jan1772d. William/Elizabeth, child born 8 Jan
COCKAnne11-Jun1775d. John/Susanna, child born 19 May
COCKAnne Elizabeth17-Sep1773d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 21 Aug
COCKBrooker29-Nov1772s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 15 Nov
COCKCharlotte12-Dec1776d. William/Elizabeth, child born 20 Nov
COCKCharlotte8-Feb1781d. William/Elizabeth, child born 8 Feb
COCKCurling27-Mar1749s. John/Sarah
COCKDaniel16-Aug1767s. John/Susanna, child born 7 Aug
COCKEdward29-Jun1750bastard s. Elizabeth
COCKEdward7-Nov1756s. Thomas/Anne, child born 23 Oct
COCKElisabeth13-Oct1734d. Edward/Joanna
COCKElizabeth17-Dec1769d. William/Elizabeth, child born 12 Nov
COCKElizabeth7-Oct1770d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 26 Sep
COCKElizabeth6-Jun1773d. John/Susanna, child born 30 Apr
COCKElizabeth4-Aug1780d. George/Elizabeth, child born 20 Jul
COCKElizabeth26-Sep1790d. John/Hannah, child born 26 Aug
COCKElizabeth17-Feb1760d. Thomas/Anne, child born 14 Feb
COCKGeorge10-Nov1754s. Thomas/Anne, child born 3 Nov
COCKGeorge8-Feb1775s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 31 Dec 1774
COCKGeorge14-Jul1778s. George/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jul
COCKHannah13-Feb1782d. John/Hannah, child born 13 Feb
COCKHarriot Smith21-Oct1789d. John/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 13 Sep
COCKHenry5-Nov1734s. John/Mary
COCKJacob20-Mar1747s. John/Sarah 'p' [pauper]
COCKJames10-Feb1729s. John/Jane
COCKJane25-Mar1764d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 19 Mar
COCKJane12-Mar1780d. John/Hannah, child born 8 Feb
COCKJohn15-Dec1726s. John/Jane
COCKJohn4-Feb1744s. John/Sarah
COCKJohn8-Dec1753s. Thomas/Anne, child born 7 Dec
COCKJohn29-May1758s. Thomas/Anne, child born 29 May
COCKJohn17-Oct1762s. John/Susanna, child born 5 Oct
COCKJohn13-Sep1778s. John/Hannah, child born 16 Aug
COCKJohn10-Apr1791s. John/Elizabeth, child born 26 Feb
COCKKentton9-Nov1766s. William/Elizabeth, child born 16 Oct
COCKMary27-Jul1736d. John/Mary
COCKMary21-Jan1753d. John/Sarah, child born 29 Dec 1752
COCKMary5-Jun1768d. William/Elizabeth, child born 17 May
COCKMary21-May1769d. John/Susanna, child born 23 Apr
COCKMary23-Apr1775d. George/Elizabeth, child born 28 Mar
COCKMary18-Jun1786d. John/Elizabeth, child born 6 May
COCKPleasant10-Jun1787d. John/Sarah, child born 1 Jun
COCKRobert4-Feb1776s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 24 Dec 1775
COCKRobert Douse28-Jul1765base s. Anne, child born 12 Jul
COCKSarah4-Feb1746d. John/Sarah
COCKSarah15-Mar1761d. John/Susanna, child born 18 Feb
COCKSarah2-May1762d. Thomas/Elisabeth, child born 25 Apr
COCKSarah22-Jul1764d. John/Susanna, child born 14 Jul
COCKSarah25-Feb1779d. William/Elizabeth, child born 16 Feb
COCKSarah7-Mar1784d. George/Elizabeth, child born 26 Feb
COCKSarah26-Dec1790d. George/Elizabeth, child born 5 Nov
COCKSarah11-Nov1792d. John/Hannah, child born 13 Oct
COCKSarah Shibboleth29-Jan1792d. James/Ann, child born 21 Jan
COCKStephen28-Dec1783s. John/Hannah, child born 2 Dec
COCKSusanna12-Aug1733d. John/Mary
COCKSusanna5-Jan1766d. John/Susanna, child born 22 Dec 1765
COCKSusanna13-Feb1774d. William/Elizabeth, child born 28 Jan
COCKThomas18-Aug1728s. Edward/Joanna
COCKThomas7-Jun1771s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 23 May
COCKWilliam9-Apr1740s. John/Mary
COCKWilliam19-Feb1769s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 20 Jan
COCKWilliam17-Mar1771s. John/Susanna, child born 30 Jan
COCKWilliam31-May1788s. John/Hannah, child born 2 May, [no baptism date between 25 May /1 Jun 1788]
COCKEJohn18-Dec1731s. Edward/Jane
COCKLINGMargaret26-Jun1768d. William/Mary, child born 16 Jun
COCKSPhebe8-Feb1789d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 17 Dec 1788
COLEElizabeth11-Jan1778d. Thomas/Catharine, child born 25 Dec 1777
COLEEsther27-Feb1785d. Thomas/Catherine, child born 31 Jan
COLEJames24-Nov1779s. Thomas/Catharine, child born 29 Oct
COLEMANJohn15-Apr1781s. Thomas/Catherine, 59th Regiment, child born 28 Mar
COLEMANThomas29-Nov1761s. Thomas/Rebecca, child born 17 Nov
COLLERGeorge23-Mar1791s. Thomas/Emblin, child born 4 Mar
COLLETTAnn13-Nov1748d. William/Mary
COLLETTMartha15-Jul1750d. William/Mary, child born 2 Jul
COLLINWillliam26-Jan1755s. William/Elisabeth, child born 27 Sep 1754
COLLINSElizabeth Dawson15-Nov1789d. John/Elizabeth, child born 3 Nov
COLLINSGeorge Cowell10-Apr1785s. John/Elizabeth, child born 29 Mar
COLLINSJohn29-Feb1756s. John/Mary, child born 15 Feb
COLLINSJohn4-Mar1781s. John/Judith, child born 12 Feb
COLLINSMary21-Oct1753d. John/Mary, child born 12 Oct
COLLINSMary31-Jul1775d. John, Jr./Judith, child born 17 Jul
COLLINSRichard15-Apr1787s. John/Elizabeth, child born 7 Apr
COLLINSRichard Toppin25-Sep1768s. John/Mary, child born 16 Sep
COLLINSSarah11-Sep1757d. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 26 Aug
COLLINSSarah16-Sep1761d. John/Mary, child born 7 Sep
COLLINSWilliam25-Jan1778s. John/Judith, child born 25 Dec 1777
COLLINSWillliam3-Dec1758s. John/Mary, child born 28 Nov
COMBESLucy10-Aug1783d. John/Elizabeth, child born 19 Jul
CONSTABLEElisabeth5-Sep1736d. Thomas/Sarah
CONSTABLEHannah23-Feb1783d. Matthew/Hannah, child born 6 Jan
CONSTABLEJames21-Mar1741s. Thomas/Sarah
CONSTABLEJames30-Jun1751s. James/Mary, child born 24 Jun
CONSTABLEJohn21-Dec1777s. Matthew/Hannah, child born 25 Nov
CONSTABLEJohn3-Oct1779s. Matthew/Hannah, child born 1 Sep
CONSTABLEJohn & Stephen21-Mar1790twin ss. Matthew/Hannah, child born 5 Feb
CONSTABLEMary5-Jul1778d. James/Sarah, child born 27 Jun
CONSTABLEMary25-Mar1781d. Matthew/Hanna, child born 14 Feb
CONSTABLESarah17-May1730d. Thomas/Sarah
CONSTABLEThomas10-Dec1727s. Thomas/Sarah
CONSTABLEThomas27-Mar1785s. Matthew/Hannah, child born 18 Feb
CONSTABLEThomas6-May1787s. Matthew/Hannah, child born 2 Mar
CONSTABLEWilliam8-Oct1775s. Matthew/Hannah, child born 2 Sep
CONSTANTAnn Price30-Sep1792d. John/Mary, child born 26 Aug
CONSTANTAnne7-Jun1752d. William/Esther, child born 30 May
CONSTANTElisabeth15-Feb1736d. John/Mary
CONSTANTHenry18-May1755s. William/Esther, child born 6 May
CONSTANTJohn29-Mar1789s. John/Mary, child born 11 Mar
CONSTANTJohn29-Jun1758bastard s. Mary, child born 28 Jun
CONSTANTMary3-Apr1737d. Thomas/Sarah
CONSTANTMary30-Mar1740d. John/Mary
CONSTANTMary6-Aug1749d. William/Esther
CONSTANTMary22-Apr1787d. John/Mary, child born 19 Feb
CONSTANTSarah21-Feb1741d. Thomas/Sarah
CONSTANTSarah Price26-Dec1790d. John/Mary, child born 27 Sep
CONSTANTSusanna19-Feb1754bastard d. Sarah, child born 15 Feb
COOKAmelia13-Apr1789d. Thomas/Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 1 Apr
COOKAnn19-Nov1780d. John/Elizabeth, child born 15 Oct
COOKCharlotte26-Jun1785d. John/Elizabeth, child born 24 May
COOKEdward1-Mar1783s. John/Elizabeth, child born 29 Jan
COOKElizabeth12-Apr1747d. Thomas/Elizabeth
COOKElizabeth4-Jan1778d. John/Elizabeth, child born 28 Dec 1777
COOKElizabeth25-Sep1789d. Robert/Elizabeth, 'P' [pauper], child born 22 Aug
COOKElizabeth Ann9-May1785d. Thomas/Ann, child born 3 May
COOKGeorge29-Oct1780s. Thomas/Jane, child born 29 Sep
COOKHarriott16-Mar1787d. Thomas/Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 4 Mar
COOKJohn13-Mar1791s. Richard/Mary, child born 10 Feb
COOKJohn Williams27-Jan1788s. Elizabeth/John [sic], child born 25 Dec 1787
COOKMaria24-Jul1791d. John/Elizabeth, child born 22 Jun
COOKMary Ann20-May1792d. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 27 Apr
COOKRobert31-May1748s. Thomas/Elizabeth
COOKRobert1-Jun1773s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 19 May
COOKSusanna25-Jul1744d. Thomas/Elisabeth
COOKThomas23-Nov1742s. Thomas/Elisabeth
COOKThomas James3-Apr1791s. Thomas/Ann, child born 22 Mar
COOKWilliam4-Apr1777s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 16 Mar
COOKWilliam10-Oct1784s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 25 Sep
COOKWilliam Henry6-Apr1792s. Thomas/Ann, child born 28 Mar
COOKEAnn14-Jan1780d. Robert/Ann, child born 26 Dec 1779
COOKEElizabeth17-Jul1785d. Thomas/Ann, child born 4 May
COOKEJohn23-Mar1745s. Thomas/Elisabeth
COOKEMary28-Jan1775d. John/Elizabeth, child born 25 Jan
COOKESarah5-Oct1740d. Thomas/Elisabeth
COOKEWilliam11-Nov1736s. Thomas/Elisabeth
COOPERElizabeth13-Feb1788d. Thomas/Jane, child born 15 Jan
COOPERJane6-Jun1786d. Thomas/Jane, child born 28 Apr
COOPERJohn12-Aug1789s. Thomas/Jane, child born 4 Jul
COOPERWilliam20-Nov1791s. Thomas/Jane, child born 31 Oct
COPPINSusanna15-Jan1792d. Thomas/Mary, child born 12 Dec 1791
COPPONElizabeth16-Dec1787d. Thomas/Mary, child born 16 Nov
CORBENWillliam7-Nov1762s. John/Mary, child born 24 Oct
CORBETTHenry Joseph27-Aug1786s. Joseph/Rachell [birth date not recorded]
CORBETTJoseph10-Nov1783s. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 10 Nov
CORBINAnn15-Dec1791d. John/Ann, child born 14 Dec
CORBINJohn13-Mar1766s. John/Mary, child born 25 Feb
CORBINMary8-Nov1789d. John/Ann, child born 16 Oct
CORBINRobert14-Feb1764s. John/Mary, child born 5 Feb
CORBINRobert16-Jul1769s. Robert/Martha, child born 7 Jul
CORDEROYSarah27-May1792d. William/Sarah, child born 10 May
CORDERYMatthias15-Aug1790s. William/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 31 Jul
CORKJohn27-Jan1782s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 19 Jan
COSWORTHAnne10-Jul1726d. Arundel/Martha
COSWORTHAnne7-Jun1759d. John Jewel/Mary, child born 7 Jun
COSWORTHElizabeth8-Dec1754d. John Jewel/Mary, child born 1 Dec
COSWORTHJohn30-May1732s. Arundel/Martha
COSWORTHJohn Jewell27-Jan1756s. John Jewell/Mary, child born 16 Jan
COSWORTHMartha18-Nov1753d. John Jewel/Mary, child born 18 Nov
COSWORTHMary1-Nov1729d. Arundel/Martha
COSWORTHMary29-Dec1757d. John Jewel/Mary, child born 14 Dec
COVELGeorge24-Dec1741s. George/Mary
COVELMartha1-Jan1743d. George/Mary
COVELMary23-Mar1739d. George/Mary
COVELWilliam28-Jan1744s. George/Mary
COVELLAnne14-Nov1754d. George/Mary, child born 10 Nov
COVELLElizabeth30-Aug1754d. Isaac/Mary, child born 15 Aug
COVELLElizabeth16-Dec1760d. George/Mary, child born 19 Nov
COVELLGeorge Witherden26-Sep1775s. Isaac/Mary, child born 21 Sep
COVELLHenry William13-Dec1761s. George/Mary, child born 28 Nov
COVELLIsaac5-Dec1771s. Isaac/Mary, Lieut in the Royal Navy, child born 21 Oct [the entry has two footnotes: (1) 'The whole account below relative to Lieut COVELL is false He was the reputed Father of a Child baptized Isaac s of Mary QUALE Nov 4 1770 by me William HARRISON Vicar' (2) 'It appears, as well by a Memorandum made by Lieutt Isaac COVELL, as by the testimony of others, that the Birth/Baptism of Isaac s of the said Lieutt Isaac COVELL was neglected to be registered. I have therefore inserted it. Chr WELLS, Curate, 26 July 1782']
COVELLJoanna21-Dec1758d. George/Mary, child born 15 Dec
COVELLJohn24-Nov1751s. George/Mary, child born 8 Nov
COVELLJohn27-Mar1753s. George/Mary, child born 15 Feb
COVELLJohn Freeman31-Jul1757s. George/Mary, child born 25 Jun
COVELLMartha3-May1748d. George/Mary
COVELLMartha29-Dec1773d. Isaac/Mary, child born 16 Dec
COVELLMary5-Nov1752d. Isaac/Mary, child born 17 Oct
COVELLMary18-Jun1772d. Richard/Mary, child born 9 Jun
COVELLRichard19-Jun1746s. George/Mary
COVELLRichard5-Aug1777s. Isaac/Mary, child born 19 Jul
COVELLRichard7-Oct1781s. Isaac/Mary, child born 7 Dec 1780
COVELLRichard17-Jan1781base s. Mary, child born 6 Dec 1780
COVELLRobert Shelton28-May1756s. George/Mary, child born 26 Apr
COVELLSarah12-Jun1750d. George/Mary, child born 8 May
COVELLThomas28-May1773s. Richard/Mary, child born 9 May
COVELLWilliam17-Jul1772s. Isaac/Mary, child born 7 Jul
COWELAlice2-Sep1743d. Edward/Mary
COWELBenjamin14-Jun1737s. Edward/Mary
COWELBenjamin14-Feb1748s. Beaton/Elizabeth
COWELEdward11-Jul1735s. Edward/Mary
COWELGrant4-May1739s. Edward/Mary
COWELJohn20-Mar1733s. Edward/Mary
COWELJohn6-Jun1754s. Beaton/Elisabeth, child born 15 May
COWELMary18-Aug1741d. Edward/Mary
COWELSybilla23-Apr1746d. Edward/Mary
COWELLAlice5-Nov1786d. Edward/Mary, child born 1 Oct
COWELLAllice1-Oct1786d. Benjamin/Eve, child born 19 Sep
COWELLBeaton27-Feb1749s. Beaton/Elizabeth
COWELLBenjamin10-Sep1775s. Benjamin/Eve, child born 18 Aug
COWELLBenjamin3-Nov1776s. Benjamin/Eve, child born 12 Oct
COWELLBenjamin30-Jan1780s. Troward/Sarah, child born 2 Jan
COWELLBenjamin4-Sep1785s. Benjamin/Eve, child born 19 Aug
COWELLBenjamin2-Jul1788s. Edward/Mary, child born 4 Jun
COWELLEdward24-May1772s. Edward/Mary, child born 4 May
COWELLEdward2-Nov1775s. John/Mary, child born 31 Oct
COWELLEdward19-Oct1777s. Benjamin/Eve, child born 23 Sep
COWELLEdward20-Aug1780s. Benjamin/Anne, child born 31 Jul
COWELLEdward30-Dec1760s. John/Elizabeth, child born 29 Dec
COWELLEleonora20-Apr1780d. Benjamin/Eleonora, child born 15 Mar
COWELLElizabeth18-Apr1790d. Benjamin/Eve, 'P' [pauper], child born 5 Mar
COWELLElizabeth6-Jul1763d. John/Elizabeth, child born 17 Jun
COWELLIsabella6-Jun1784d. Benjamin/Eve, child born 26 Apr
COWELLJohn30-Sep1771s. John/Mary, child born 19 Sep
COWELLJohn28-Aug1774s. Benjamin/Eve, child born 1 Aug
COWELLJohn27-Oct1776s. Edward/Mary, child born 4 Oct
COWELLJohn24-Mar1776s. Troward/Sarah, child born 8 Mar
COWELLJohn11-Feb1790s. John/Anna, child born 18 Jan
COWELLJohn9-Dec1792s. John/Elizabeth Crouch, child born 23 Nov
COWELLLucy17-Jun1781d. Edward/Mary, child born 30 May
COWELLMartha15-Aug1790d. Edward/Mary, child born 19 Jul
COWELLMary20-Sep1767d. Benjamin/Sarah, child born 18 Sep
COWELLMary19-Feb1775d. Edward/Mary, child born 5 Feb
COWELLMary13-Apr1783d. Benjamin/Eve, child born 20 Mar
COWELLRichard4-Jun1792s. Edward/Mary, child born 7 May
COWELLSarah7-Apr1782d. Benjamin/Eve, child born 11 Mar
COWELLSarah2-Jul1782d. Benjamin/Leonora, child born 24 Jun
COWELLSarah Elizabeth22-Feb1784d. Troward/Sarah, child born 31 Dec 1783
COWELLSibilla Elizabeth23-Jan1785d. Edward/Mary, child born 28 Nov 1784
COWELLStephen27-Dec1751s. Beaton/Elisabeth, child born 8 Dec
COWELLSusanna29-Nov1778d. Benjamin/Eve, child born 8 Nov
COWELLSusanna19-Jul1778d. Edward/Mary, child born 30 Jun
COWELLThomas13-Jan1782s. Troward/Sarah, child born 21 Dec 1781
COWELLThomas11-May1783s. Edward/Mary, child born 4 May
COWELLWilliam Castle19-Apr1778s. Troward/Sarah, child born 8 Apr
COWLANDGeorge17-Aug1777s. Thomas/Susannah, child born 19 Jul
COWPERAnn9-Apr1743d. Gervas/Elisabeth
COWPERAnne25-Oct1756d. Gervase/Elizabeth, child born 26 Sep
COWPERElizabeth17-Jun1778d. John/Elizabeth, child born 29 May
COWPERGervas Thomas5-Jan1777s. John/Elizabeth, child born 29 Nov 1776
COWPERGervase21-May1746s. Gervase/Elisabeth
COWPERHarriet Maddison4-Feb1785d. John/Elizabeth, child born 1 Jan
COWPERJohn27-Mar1749s. Gervis/Elizabeth
COWPERJohn Edward28-Feb1781s. John/Elizabeth, child born 29 Jan
COWPERRebecca9-Jan1750d. Gervase/Elizabeth, child born 21 Dec
COWPERRichard11-Sep1782s. John/Elizabeth, child born 3 Aug
COWPERSarah26-Sep1753d. Gervase/Elizabeth, child born 10 Sep
COWPERSarah25-Jan1780d. John/Elizabeth, child born 21 Dec 1779
COWPERSteven12-Aug1744s. Gervaise/Elisabeth
COWPERWilliam7-Apr1771s. John/Agnes, child born 2 Mar
COWPERWilliam Henry12-Dec1786s. John/Elizabeth, child born 7 Nov
COXAnn26-Aug1781d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 26 Jul
COXCharlotte27-Jul1783d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 9 Mar
COXDorothy Smith27-Oct1790d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 14 Oct
COXEdward22-Aug1784s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 10 Aug
COXSarah28-Feb1786d. George/Elizabeth, [birth date not recorded]
COZENSEdward17-Aug1788s. Zechariah/Jane, child born 12 Jul
COZENSElizabeth2-May1790d. Zechariah/Jane, child born 10 Apr
COZENSMartha Goodburn4-Mar1792d. Zechariah/Jane, child born 2 Feb
CRAFTElizabeth18-Oct1764d. John/Sarah, child born 7 Oct
CRAFTRobert13-Oct1747s. John/Sarah
CRAFTSMary6-Aug1749d. John/Sarah
CRAFTSSusanna24-Oct1755d. John/Sarah, child born 26 Sep
CRAMPAnn1-Jan1749d. Thomas/Jane
CRAMPDaniel20-Sep1758s. Thomas/Jane, child born 18 Aug
CRAMPJane31-Jan1754d. Thomas/Jane, child born 8 Dec 1753
CRAMPMary4-Mar1735d. Peter/Mary
CRAMPMary8-Dec1751d. Thomas/Jane, child born 9 Nov
CRAMPPriscilla18-Jul1762d. Thomas/Jane, child born 18 Jul
CRAMPSarah29-Oct1730d. Thomas/Mary
CRAMPSarah22-Jun1760d. Thomas/Jane, child born 9 Jun
CRAMPStephen16-Aug1728s. Thomas/Mary
CRAMPThomas12-Aug1748s. Thomas/Jane
CRAMPThomas Kerby25-Dec1755s. Thomas/Jane, child born 11 Dec
CRICKETAnne11-Nov1759d. Charles/Mary, child born 2 Nov
CRICKETCharles1-Jan1749s. Charles/Mary
CRICKETJohn1-May1751s. Charles/Mary, child born 15 Apr
CRICKETSusanna5-Jul1761d. Charles/Mary, child born 11 Jun
CRICKETSusanna16-Jan1774d. John/Susanna, child born 20 Dec 1773
CRICKETSusanna11-Dec1791d. Bartholomew/Mary, child born 27 Oct
CRICKETTBartholomew7-May1755s. Charles/Mary, child born 24 Apr
CRICKETTCharles26-May1782s. Bartholemew/Mary, child born 28 Apr
CRICKETTCharles19-Sep1787s. Bartholomew [mothers name not recorded], child born 10 Aug
CRICKETTJane5-Jun1763d. Charles/Mary, child born 14 May
CRICKETTJohn Row16-Nov1788s. Bartholomew/Mary, child born 4 Oct
CRICKETTSarah17-Apr1757d. Charles/Mary, child born 1 Apr
CRICKETTSarah6-Jul1785d. Bartholomew/Mary, child born 3 Jun
CRICKETTWilliam30-Mar1753s. Charles/Mary, child born 28 Feb
CRIPSElizabeth16-Apr1755d. John/Mary, child born 8 Mar
CRIPSHannah7-May1769d. John/Mary, child born 8 Apr
CRIPSMary24-Oct1756d. John/Mary, child born 22 Oct
CRIPSMary Anne22-Aug1766d. John/Mary, child born 10 Aug
CRISPEdward Ladd1-Nov1774base s. Elizabeth, child born 6 Oct
CRISPElizabeth9-Apr1780base d. Elizabeth, child born 20 Feb
CRISPGeorge & William15-Jun1771twin ss. John/Mary, child born 4 Jun
CRISPJacob & John6-May1764twin ss. John/Mary, child born 5 May
CRISPMary17-Jun1762[adult baptism of] wife of John
CRISPEElizabeth23-Sep1774d. William/Philadelphia, child born 10 Sep
CRISPERobert Daniel11-May1777base s. Elizabeth, child born 21 Mar
CRISPESusanna2-Feb1753d. John/Mary, child born 31 Dec 1752
CROFTJohn26-Dec1743s. John/Sarah
CROFTRebecca3-Jun1753d. John/Sarah, child born 29 May
CROFTRobert22-Oct1745s. John/Sarah
CROFTRuth27-May1751d. John/Sarah, child born 30 Apr
CROFTSarah18-Jul1742d. John/Sarah
CROFTSElizabeth6-Mar1768d. John, Jr./Elizabeth, child born 2 Feb
CROFTSFrances26-Nov1787d. John/Mary, child born 27 Oct
CROFTSFrancis26-Nov1787s. John/Mary, child born 1 Aug 1784
CROFTSJames20-May1777s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 9 May
CROFTSJohn19-Sep1773s. John, Jr./Mary, child born 8 Sep
CROFTSRachel11-Sep1757d. John/Sarah, child born 23 Aug
CROFTSRobert24-Oct1774s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 17 Oct
CROFTSStephen7-Feb1772s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 7 Feb
CROFTSWilliam2-Jun1777s. John, Jr./Mary, child born 12 May
CROFTSWilliam Flamstead6-Dec1775s. John, Jr./Mary, child born 6 Dec
CRONKElizabeth16-Apr1781d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 14 Feb
CRONKJames19-Apr1786s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 23 Feb
CRONKThomas & Ann29-Jun1783twin s. and d. Thomas/Elizabeth, children born 28 Jun and 29 Jun , respectively
CROSSMANElizabeth Scrafton13-Dec1767d. John/Catharine, child born 30 Oct
CROSSMANHenry25-Jul1769s. John/Catharine, child born 15 Jul
CROSSMANJohn16-Apr1772s. John/Catharine, child born 14 Mar
CROSSMANJohn Garnham2-Jul1764s. John/Catharine, child born 18 Jun
CROSSMANMary1-Dec1765d. John/Catharine, child born 27 Oct
CROUCHAnn17-Sep1784d. Simon/Martha, child born 24 Aug
CROUCHEdward Gilbert4-Jun1786s. Simon/Martha, child born 3 May
CROUCHElizabeth18-Oct1747d. Simon/Margaret
CROUCHElizabeth11-Nov1778d. Simon/Mary, child born 4 Oct
CROUCHJethro12-May1776s. Simon/Mary, child born 29 Apr
CROUCHMargaret23-Feb1752d. Simon/Margaret, child born 29 Jan
CROUCHMargaret Gilbert8-Nov1782d. Simon/Martha, child born 11 Oct
CROUCHMary21-Oct1768d. Simon, Jr./Mary, child born 7 Oct
CROUCHRichard13-Oct1772s. Simon, Jr./Mary, child born 23 Sep
CROUCHRichard22-Jul1750s. Simon/Margt, child born 9 Jul
CROUCHSimon17-Nov1745s. Simon/Margaret
CROUCHSimon30-Sep1770s. Simon, Jr./Mary, child born 9 Sep
CROUCHStephen22-Mar1774s. Simon, Jr./Mary, child born 3 Mar
CROWCaleb25-Apr1772s. William/Elizabeth, child born 8 Apr
CROWCaleb22-Mar1778s. John/Margarett, child born 13 Feb
CROWJames13-Aug1779s. William/Mary, child born 5 Jul
CROWJohn Le Breton15-Sep1774s. William/Mary, child born 10 Sep
CROWJoshua4-Jun1780s. John/Margaret, child born 6 May
CROWMary12-Oct1777d. William/Mary, child born 19 Sep
CROWMary Baynham18-Aug1773d. William/Mary, child born 12 Aug
CROWSusannah25-Feb1784d. William/Mary, child born 2 Jan
CROWThomas12-May1769s. William/Elizabeth, child born 27 Apr
CROWEElizabeth7-Aug1763d. William/Elizabeth, child born 13 Jul
CROWEGeorge25-Dec1767s. William/Elizabeth, child born 2 Dec
CROWEWilliam6-Feb1766s. William/Elizabeth, child born 19 Jan
CULLENAnn20-Sep1780d. Thomas/Ann, child born 16 Sep , twin of Thomas [q.v.]
CULLENCharles21-May1749s. Charles/Elizabeth
CULLENElizabeth30-Jun1782d. Thomas/Ann, child born 3 Jun
CULLENJane4-Oct1760d. John/Anne, child born 3 Oct
CULLENJohn1-Nov1730s. Charles/Margaret
CULLENJohn22-May1763s. John/Anne, child born 30 Apr
CULLENMargaret10-Oct1742d. Charles/Elisabeth
CULLENMargaret1-Sep1765d. John/Anne, child born 2 Aug
CULLENMary4-Oct1761d. John/Anne, child born 18 Sep
CULLENPleasant27-Apr1746d. Charles/Elisabeth
CULLENRobert5-Sep1753s. Charles/Elizabeth, child born 31 Aug
CULLENThomas31-Dec1732s. Christopher/Margaret
CULLENThomas4-Dec1768s. John/Anne, child born 29 Oct
CULLENThomas20-Sep1780s. Thomas/Ann, child born 16 Sep , twin of Ann [q.v.]
CULLENThomas20-Mar1757s. Charles/Elizabeth, child born 10 Mar
CULLENZechariah2-Feb1752s. Charles/Elisabeth, child born 25 Jan
CULLINGCharles6-Jun1790s. Thomas/Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 1 May
CULLINGJohn9-Dec1785s. Thomas/Ann, child born 8 Nov
CULLMERSarah12-Jan1764d. Moses/Anne, child born 16 Dec 1763
CULMERAnn18-Sep1737d. Moses/Mary
CULMERAnne17-Aug1766d. Moses/Anne, child born 29 Jul
CULMERAnne9-Sep1771d. Moses/Anne, child born 27 Aug
CULMERAnne9-Jul1775d. Moses/Anne, child born 17 Jun
CULMERElizabeth30-Aug1772d. Moses/Anne, child born 8 Aug
CULMERJohn10-Apr1781s. Moses/Ann, child born 10 Apr
CULMERMary31-Oct1738d. John/Susanna
CULMERMary8-Jan1769d. Moses/Anne, child born 19 Dec 1768
CULMERMoses30-Jan1738s. Moses/Mary
CULMERRachel12-Jun1741d. Francis/Dorothy
CULMERRoger & Laming6-Aug1739ss. Francis/Dorothy
CULMERSusanna25-Dec1734d. John/Susanna
CULMERWilliam17-Apr1786base s. Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 2 Mar
CUPPENHannah12-Jan1790d. Thomas/Mary, child born 24 Nov 1789
CUPPERFrances28-Feb1790d. Daniel/Frances, child born 26 Feb
CURDElizabeth6-Mar1774d. John/Elizabeth, child born 15 Feb
CURDMary16-Jun1782d. John/Elizabeth, child born 1 Jun
CURLINGAnne20-May1782d. William/Anne, child born 11 May
CURLINGEdward William12-Oct1785s. William/Ann, child born 9 Sep
CURLINGElisabeth7-Mar1730d. John/Susanna
CURLINGJames22-Mar1789s. William/Ann, child born 23 Sep 1788
CURLINGJohn Creed14-Dec1781base s. Ann, child born 26 Nov
CURLINGMary3-Sep1727d. John/Mary
CURLINGThomas Kirby4-Aug1780s. William/Ann, child born 12 Jun
CURREYEbenezer22-May1785s. Robert/Margaret, child born 25 Apr
CURTISJoseph10-Oct1781s. Joseph/Sarah, child born 18 Sep
CURTISJoseph22-Dec1782s. Joseph/Sarah, child born 10 Nov
CUTLEREliza20-Oct1790d. John/Elizabeth, [birth date not recorded]
DABSONDavid29-Jan1775s. John/Sarah, child born 13 Jan
DABSONHenry21-Dec1777s. John/Sarah, child born 8 Nov
DALTONAnn1-Aug1792d. Charles/Sarah, child born 14 Jul
DALTONCharles25-Dec1779s. Daniel/Grace, child born 7 Dec
DALTONMary1-Aug1792d. Charles/Sarah, child born 5 May 1790
DANTONElisabeth19-May1741d. Isaac/Mary
DANTONElisabeth5-May1745d. Isaac/Jane
DANTONElizabeth24-Aug1766d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 7 Aug
DANTONElizabeth13-Mar1785d. William/Susanna, child born 1 Feb
DANTONHenry30-Mar1783s. William/Susanna, child born 28 Feb
DANTONMary21-Sep1735d. Isaac/Mary
DANTONMary21-Feb1787d. William/Susanna, child born 12 Jan
DANTONSarah18-Jun1769d. William/Susanna, child born 21 May
DANTONSusannah4-May1788d. William/Susannah, child born 30 Mar
DANTONThomas Joppa18-Mar1792s. Jane, [fathers name not recorded] child born 22 Feb
DANTUMGeorge22-Jul1781s. William/Susannah, child born 17 Jun
DANTUNJohn2-Nov1777s. William/Susannah, child born 7 Oct
DAPSELLDaniel19-Dec1779s. John/Sarah, child born 8 Dec
DAPSONAnn3-Feb1788d. John/Sarah, child born 22 Jan
DAPSONJohn3-Jan1790s. John/Sarah, child born 20 Dec 1789
DAPSONSarah Wanstall8-Feb1782d. John/Sarah, child born 23 Jan
DAPSONStephen23-Feb1786s. John/Sarah, child born 19 Feb
DAPSONStephen19-Mar1786s. John/Sarah, child born 19 Feb, 'registered before'
DARBYHannah9-Apr1792d. William/Sarah, child born 12 Mar
DARBYJane29-Oct1788d. William/Sarah, child born 29 Oct
DARBYMary13-Sep1792d. Richard/Hannah, child born 13 Sep
DARBYMary Ann3-Sep1790d. William/Sarah, child born 10 Jul
DARBYWilliam10-Dec1769s. Thomas/Mary, child born 8 Nov
DAUNTONBenedicta23-Oct1739d. Isaac/Mary
DAUNTONElizabeth Eleanor5-Dec1779d. William/Susanna, child born 6 Nov
DAUNTONGeorge20-Mar1776s. William/Susanna, child born 14 Feb
DAUNTONIsaac27-Feb1742s. Isaac/Mary
DAUNTONJane29-May1774d. William/Susanna, child born 28 Apr
DAUNTONJohn20-Aug1769base s. Mary, child born 16 Aug
DAUNTONMary4-Sep1737d. Isaac/Mary
DAUNTONSarah8-Jun1746d. Isaac/Mary
DAUNTONThomas27-Jan1771s. William/Susanna, child born 31 Dec 1770
DAUNTONWilliam26-Jul1772s. William/Susanna, child born 16 Jul
DAVEYPeter3-Jun1781s. Peter/Mary, 65th Regiment, child born 27 May
DAVISDudly25-Oct1729s. Richard/Sarah
DAVISElizabeth5-Sep1784d. John/Elizabeth, child born 14 Aug
DAVISElizabeth2-Jan1785d. Edward/Dorcas, child born 6 Dec 1784
DAVISGeorge Holland31-Jul1791s. George/Margaret, child born 7 Jul
DAVISJohn23-May1732s. Richard/Sarah
DAVISJohn30-Jun1782s. Edward/Dorcas, child born 19 Jun
DAVISMary21-Mar1779d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 28 Feb
DAVISThomas19-Jul1778s. John/Elizabeth, child born 2 Jul
DAVISThomas25-Feb1781s. Edward/Dorcas, child born 8 Feb
DAVISSJohn29-Jul1781s. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Jul
DAVISSRichard12-May1776s. John/Elizabeth, child born 26 Apr
DAWRobert William26-Dec1788s. William/Ann, child born 15 Nov
DAWESThomas8-May1791s. William/Ann, child born 17 Apr
DAWSONAnn12-Dec1779d. William/Susanna, child born 27 Oct
DAWSONAnne1-Oct1732d. Nicholas/Mary
DAWSONAnne23-Apr1762d. Nicholas/Margaret, child born 8 Feb
DAWSONElizabeth27-Jun1756d. Nicholas/Margaret, child born 14 Jun
DAWSONJohn13-Aug1727s. Thomas/Sarah
DAWSONJohn2-Dec1759s. Nicholas/Margaret, child born 12 Nov
DAWSONJohn17-Jun1781s. John/Elizabeth, child born 28 May
DAWSONJohn5-Jun1785s. William/Susanna, child born 20 Apr
DAWSONMartha6-May1764d. Nicholas/Margaret, child born 4 Mar
DAWSONMary14-Jan1727d. Nicholas/Mary
DAWSONMary15-Jun1729d. Thomas/Sarah
DAWSONMary29-May1754d. Nicholas/Margaret, child born 19 May
DAWSONRichard8-May1726s. John/Elisabeth
DAWSONSarah25-Dec1781d. William/Susanna, child born 4 Nov
DAWSONSusannah30-Nov1780d. William/Susanna, child born 26 Nov
DAWSONSusannah17-Jul1787d. William/Susannah, child born 1 Jul
DAWSONThomas10-Jul1737s. Nicholas/Mary
DAWSONThomas12-Apr1767s. Nicholas/Margaret, child born 11 Mar
DAWSONThomas18-Jun1786s. John/Elizabeth, child born 13 Apr
DAWSONWilliam23-May1790s. William/Susanna, child born 6 Apr
DAYJames4-Dec1791s. Thomas/Bethia, child born 12 Nov
DEBOCKElizabeth1-Nov1771d. James/Anne, child born 14 Oct
DEBOCKElizabeth10-Nov1776d. Isaac/Mary, child born 16 Oct
DEBOCKIsaac28-Apr1765s. Isaac/Mary, child born 13 Apr
DEBOCKIsaac15-Mar1767s. Isaac/Mary, child born 22 Feb
DEBOCKIsaac28-May1775s. Isaac/Mary, child born 28 Apr
DEBOCKJames1-May1747s. James/Elizabeth
DEBOCKJames5-Aug1770s. Isaac/Mary, child born 15 Jul
DEBOCKJohn26-Nov1773s. James/Anne, child born 9 Nov
DEBOCKJohn8-Nov1778s. Isaac/Mary, child born 25 Sep
DEBOCKMartha22-Feb1746d. Isaac/Mary
DEBOCKMartha1-Aug1748d. Isaac/Mary
DEBOCKSarah30-Oct1768d. Isaac/Mary, child born 6 Oct
DEBOCKStephen24-Nov1771s. Isaac/Mary, child born 3 Nov
DEBOCKThamsing9-Dec1750d. Isaac/Mary, child born 5 Dec
DEERING alias GOLDSMITHElisabeth3-Aug1746d. Daniel DEERING/Mary GOLDSMITH
DENAMElizabeth18-Sep1785d. Henry/Mary, child born 26 Aug
DENHAMAnn17-Oct1742d. John/Wender of the Army
DENHAMMary Ann12-Aug1792d. Henry/Mary, child born 12 Jul
DENHAMSarah16-Dec1787d. Henry/Mary, child born 20 Nov
DENHAMWilliam22-Feb1784s. Henry/Mary, child born 29 Dec 1783
DENHAMWilliam Henry28-Mar1790s. Henry/Mary, child born 26 Feb
DENNEYMartha Webb15-Apr1792d. Joseph/Martha, child born 6 Mar
DENNISDaniel Edward21-Oct1785s. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 12 Oct
DENNISElizabeth4-Jul1773d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 12 Jun
DENNISJames Peter22-Aug1779s. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 25 Jul
DENNISMary Ann1-Jan1792d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 25 Nov 1791
DENNISPeter24-Feb1775s. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 23 Feb
DENNISSSarah18-Jul1777d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 21 Jun
DEVERSONWilliam21-Sep1777base d. [sic] Ann, child born 22 Aug
DEVERSONWilliam23-Aug1777base s. Ann, child born 22 Aug
DICKAnn5-Dec1779d. James/Mary, child born 17 Nov
DICKENSONAnn15-Oct1775d. William/Sarah, child born 23 Sep
DICKENSONEdward1-Mar1789s. Edward/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 5 Jan
DICKENSONJohn3-Apr1774s. William/Sarah, child born 12 Mar
DICKENSONSusanna11-Apr1779d. William/Sarah, child born 20 Mar
DICKENSONWilliam1-Mar1789s. Elizabeth, 'P' [pauper], child born 18 Feb
DICKERSONMartha8-Mar1778d. William/Sarah, child born 17 Feb
DICKERSONMary10-Sep1780d. William/Sarah, child born 24 Aug
DICKERSONRobert10-Apr1785s. William/Sarah, child born 13 Mar
DICKINSONAnne26-May1727d. Daniel/Anne
DICKINSONJohn3-Feb1782s. William/Mary, child born 15 Jan
DICKINSONMary18-Jul1736d. Daniel/Ann
DICKINSONRobert16-Mar1783d. [sic] William/Sarah, child born 30 Jan
DICKINSONThomas30-Jul1732s. Daniel/Anne
DICKINSONWilliam8-Mar1729s. Daniel/Anne
DIGGSDudley2-Apr1726s. Francis/Elisabeth
DIGGSEdward7-Dec1727s. Francis/Elisabeth
DIGGSLeonard19-Mar1728s. Francis/Elisabeth
DIKKINSONElizabeth12-Jul1767d. William/Sarah, child born 25 Jun
DIXONAnn28-Jul1744d. James/Ann
DIXONAnn27-Mar1791d. George/Frances, child born 2 Mar
DIXONAnn Russell11-Nov1792d. Thomas/Mary, child born 28 Sep
DIXONAnne21-Mar1771d. James/Elizabeth, child born 4 Mar
DIXONAnne17-Nov1771d. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 3 Nov
DIXONBetsy13-May1792d. George/Frances, child born 16 Apr
DIXONCatherine Hibden12-Jul1778d. James/Elizabeth, child born 8 Jun
DIXONCharles22-Sep1776s. James/Elizabeth, child born 1 Sep
DIXONDavid Toomer & Hannah Toomer18-Oct1782twin s. and d. James/Elizabeth, child born 7 Sep
DIXONJames8-Jan1742s. James/Ann
DIXONJames4-Dec1768s. Richard/Mary, child born 5 Nov
DIXONJames15-Dec1774s. James/Elizabeth, child born 4 Dec
DIXONJeremiah11-Dec1774s. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 19 Nov
DIXONJohn13-Jan1783s. James/Martha, child born 2 Jan
DIXONJohn Price11-Apr1773s. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 29 Mar
DIXONMartha21-Oct1785d. James/Martha, child born 21 Sep
DIXONMary29-Dec1772d. James/Elizabeth, child born 7 Dec
DIXONMary7-Feb1790d. George/Frances, child born 16 Jan
DIXONMary Anne13-Aug1769d. James/Elizabeth, child born 8 Aug
DIXONRichard2-Dec1770s. Richard/Mary, child born 2 Nov
DIXONRichard26-Jul1772s. Richard/Mary, child born 1 Jul
DIXONRichard3-Nov1780s. James/Elizabeth, child born 16 Aug
DIXONRichard & Mary29-Aug1737s. and d. James/Susanna
DIXONSarah Esther20-Mar1768d. James/Elizabeth, child born 29 Feb
DIXONSusanna14-Dec1748d. James/Ann
DIXSONThomas Watler15-Dec1776s. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 29 Oct
DOBSONAnn5-Feb1792d. John/Sarah, child born 17 Jan
DOBSONGeorge14-Jul1783s. Matthew/Martha, child born 25 Jun
DOBSONHenry20-Dec1776s. John/Sarah, child born 20 Dec
DOBSONPeter Major22-Oct1780s. Matthew/Martha, child born 5 Oct
DOLLINGMary4-Jun1792d. John/Sarah, child born 26 Apr
DONCASTERJohn6-Sep1745s. Benjamin/Martha
DONKESTERBenjamin3-Nov1750s. Ben/Martha, child born 2 Nov
DONKESTERRachell8-Mar1746d. Benjamin/Martha
DONKESTERSarah11-Jun1749d. Benjamin/Sarah
DORESTJohn5-Nov1786s. Thomas/Jane, child born 28 Sep
DOUGHTYAnne1-Apr1781d. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 7 Mar
DOUGHTYAnne Marbrook17-Nov1771d. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 4 Nov
DOUGHTYElizabeth & Mary Ann19-Dec1777twin ds. William/Sarah, child born 19 Dec
DOUGHTYElizabeth Dawson11-Apr1779d. William/Sarah, child born 29 Mar
DOUGHTYGeorge4-Sep1768s. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 16 Aug
DOUGHTYGeorge3-May1772s. John/Elizabeth, child born 19 Apr
DOUGHTYGeorge6-Jun1779s. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 13 May
DOUGHTYGeorge5-Sep1784s. William/Sarah, child born 30 Jul
DOUGHTYJeremiah21-Jan1770s. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 11 Jan
DOUGHTYJohn18-Sep1768s. John/Elizabeth, child born 8 Sep
DOUGHTYJohn18-Mar1774s. William/Mary, child born 17 Mar
DOUGHTYJohn27-Jan1782s. William/Sarah, child born 10 Jan
DOUGHTYJohn Marbrook18-May1777s. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 23 Apr
DOUGHTYJohn Marbrook13-Nov1785s. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 17 Oct
DOUGHTYMary18-Feb1769d. William/Mary, child born 20 Jan
DOUGHTYMary8-Nov1773d. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 12 Oct
DOUGHTYSarah19-Nov1775d. William/Sarah, child born 6 Nov
DOUGHTYThomas19-Apr1767s. William/Mary, child born 3 Apr
DOUGHTYThomas26-Mar1769s. William/Sarah, child born 18 Mar
DOUGHTYThomas1-Aug1773s. William/Sarah, child born 18 Jul
DOUGHTYThomasin18-Oct1775d. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 27 Sep
DOUGHTYWilliam26-Oct1735s. Jeremy/Mary
DOUGHTYWilliam13-Apr1770s. William/Mary, child born 21 Mar
DOUGHTYWilliam28-Apr1771s. William/Sarah, child born 18 Apr
DOUGHTYWilliam25-Feb1787s. Jeremiah/Mary, child born 28 Jan
DOUGHTYWilliam18-Nov1787s. William/Sarah, child born 10 Oct
DOUSEElizabeth6-Jun1779d. Thomas/Jane, child born 10 May
DOUSEJames12-Mar1769s. Robert/Sarah, child born 11 Mar
DOUSESarah23-Jan1774d. Thomas/Jane, child born 6 Jan
DOUSESusanna2-Feb1739d. Henry/Susanna
DOUSEThomas10-Mar1776s. Thomas/Jane, child born 20 Feb
DOUSTAmelia5-Jan1766d. Robert/Sarah, child born 11 Dec 1765
DOUSTDaniel25-Mar1792s. Thomas/Jane, child born 25 Mar
DOUSTHenry19-Jun1743s. Henry/Susanna
DOUSTHenry Adnet18-Aug1784s. Thomas/Jane, child born 10 Jul
DOUSTJane13-May1781d. Thomas/Jane, child born 18 Apr
DOUSTJane29-Sep1782d. Thomas/Jane, child born 1 Sep
DOUSTMary Ann26-Dec1790d. Thomas/Jane, child born 29 Nov
DOUSTSusanna18-Mar1778d. Thomas/Jane, child born 19 Feb
DOUSTThomas11-Oct1747s. Henry/Susanna
DOUTIESarah8-Aug1738d. Jeremy/Mary
DOUTIEThomas19-Sep1731s. Jeremia/Mary
DOUTYJeremiah30-Sep1733s. Jeremiah/Mary
DOUTYJohn21-Oct1733s. George/Sarah [DOUTIE in entry]
DOUTYMary14-Jul1727d. Jeremiah/Mary
DOUTYWilliam1-Jun1766s. John/Elizabeth, child born 23 May
DOUTYWilliam11-Oct1767s. William/Sarah, child born 28 Sep
DOUTY or CASTLESarah6-Jun1756bastard d. John DOUTY/Elizabeth CASTLE, child born 15 May
DOWSTMary10-May1789d. Thomas/Jane, child born 10 Apr
DOWTYMartha14-Aug1791d. William/Sarah, child born 13 Jul
DRAPERHarriot4-Nov1792d. Robert/Ann, child born 6 Sep
DRAPERSusanna28-Oct1792d. George/Grace, child born 28 Sep
DRAYSONJohn28-Feb1790s. John/Ann, child born 16 Feb
DUFFJames12-Aug1792s. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Jul
DUFFJohn Henry25-Apr1790s. John/Elizabeth, child born 3 Apr
DUFFThomas16-Jan1770s. John/Elizabeth, child born 22 Dec 1769
DUFFWilliam1-Apr1772s. John/Elizabeth, child born 8 Mar
DUFFWilliam5-Apr1774s. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Mar
DUKEJoseph26-Aug1778s. Lovis/Ann, child born 11 Jul
DUNDavid27-Oct1742s. Richard/Elisabeth
DUNBARSusanna4-Dec1755d. Jonathan/Elizabeth, child born 4 Nov
DUNKENJohn22-Nov1758s. George/Mary, child born 28 Oct
DUNKINBennett31-Jan1779d. George/Mary, child born 17 Nov 1778
DUNKINBennett3-Jul1785s. George/Jane, child born 3 Jun
DUNKINJames & John18-Sep1776twin ss. George/Mary, child born 5 Aug
DUNKINJeremiah20-Nov1774s. George/Mary, child born 14 Oct
DUNKINMary Ann27-Feb1791d. William/Mary, child born 28 Jan
DUNKINSarah17-Aug1792d. Denn/Ann, child born 27 Jul
DUNKINSusanna14-Feb1773d. George/Mary, child born 11 Jan
DUNKINWilliam14-Mar1792s. William/Mary, child born 16 Feb
DUNKINWilliam Henry1-May1788s. William/Mary, child born 25 Mar
DUNLOPWilliam28-Aug1783s. William/Rachel, child born 13 Aug
DUNNAnn6-Sep1746d. Richard/Elisabeth
DUNNAnn17-Nov1747d. Richard/Elizabeth
DUNNBethia12-May1770d. William/Margaret, child born 12 Apr
DUNNDavid6-Dec1738s. John/Elisabeth
DUNNDavid17-May1776s. William/Margaret, child born 11 Apr
DUNNElizabeth23-Nov1740d. Richard/Elizabeth
DUNNElizabeth22-Dec1776d. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 17 Nov
DUNNElizabeth15-Jan1786d. John/Elizabeth, 'P' [pauper], child born 4 Dec 1785
DUNNElizabeth22-Jan1764d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 23 Dec 1763
DUNNElizabeth26-Feb1764d. Thomas/Plesant, child born 29 Jan
DUNNGeorge24-Nov1776s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 12 Sep
DUNNGeorge23-Mar1783s. George/Mary, child born 3 Mar
DUNNGeorge25-Nov1792s. George/Mary, child born 31 Oct
DUNNHenry28-Mar1766s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 6 Mar
DUNNJames11-Nov1749s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 6 Nov
DUNNJane1-May1774d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 2 Apr
DUNNJane & Sarah9-Dec1770twin ds. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 9 Dec
DUNNJohn6-Jan1736s. Richard/Elisabeth
DUNNJohn4-Feb1770s. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 18 Dec 1769
DUNNJohn18-Jul1790s. John/Elizabeth, child born 5 Jul
DUNNJohn Peake3-Apr1764s. William/Margaret, child born 18 Mar
DUNNMargaret5-Sep1765d. William/Margaret, child born 30 Aug
DUNNMargaret8-Feb1789d. John/Elizabeth, child born 29 Jan
DUNNMary27-Mar1745d. Richard/Elisabeth
DUNNMary22-Nov1750d. Richard/Elisabeth, child born 11 Nov
DUNNMary8-Nov1771d. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 8 Nov
DUNNMary Ann14-Oct1787d. George/Mary, child born 13 Sep
DUNNPleasant1-Nov1767d. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 14 Oct
DUNNRichard19-Jan1731s. Richard/Elisabeth
DUNNRichard21-Feb1790s. George/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 29 Jan
DUNNRichard25-Dec1761s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 30 Nov
DUNNSarah26-Feb1769d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 19 Jan
DUNNSarah23-Jun1782d. William/Margaret, child born 23 May
DUNNSarah12-Feb1792d. John/Elizabeth, child born 23 Jan
DUNNStephen26-Mar1780s. William/Margaret, child born 28 Feb
DUNNSusanna26-Jun1785d. George/Mary, child born 15 Jun
DUNNThomas27-Feb1734s. Richard/Elisabeth
DUNNThomas25-Dec1772s. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 26 Nov
DUNNThomas Chitty22-Aug1762s. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 10 Aug
DUNNThomasin13-May1792d. Richard/Sarah, child born 4 Apr
DUNNWilliam5-Nov1733s. William/Elisabeth
DUNNWilliam5-Nov1791s. William/Margaret, child born 4 Jun 1767
DUNNWillliam2-Mar1760s. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 18 Feb
DUNNERichard28-Jan1759s. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 24 Jan
DURANTMary25-Nov1739d. John/Mary of St Peters
EASONAnne30-Nov1773d. Robert/Alice, child born 29 Oct
EASONEdward1-Jan1772s. Robert/Alice, child born 27 Nov 1771
EASONMary30-Jan1777d. Robert/Alice, child born 9 Jan
EASONMercy26-May1779d. Robert/Alice, child born 16 Apr
EASONRobert13-Feb1770s. Robert/Alice, child born 19 Jan
EASONThomas21-Dec1786s. Robert/Alice, child born 7 Nov
EDMONDSBenjamin William10-Oct1790s. Thomas/Mary, child born 14 Aug
EDMONDSThomas29-Jun1792s. Thomas/Mary, child born 8 Apr
EDMUNDSRebecca5-Oct1788d. Thomas/Mary, child born 8 Sep
ELGARFrancis20-Nov1726s. William/Mary
ELGARWilliam29-Apr1792s. John/Mary, child born 29 Apr
ELLETEdward5-Jan1770s. Thomas/Mary, child born 24 Dec 1769
ELLETTElizabeth19-May1771d. Thomas/Mary, child born 11 May
ELLIOTMary17-Sep1777d. John/Susanna, child born 11 Aug
ELLIOTTElizabeth16-May1776d. John/Susanna, child born 9 Apr
ELLIOTTHarriott1-Apr1785d. Henry/Ann, child born 1 Mar
ELLIOTTSusanna18-Dec1774d. John/Susanna, child born 13 Nov
ELLISSamuel Burdon10-Mar1782s. John/Susanna, Lieut in Royal Navy, child born 21 Jan
ELSTEDElizabeth10-Feb1756d. Jesaiah/Mary, child born 29 Jan
ELVERYDaniel28-Jan1732s. Ralph/Susanna
ELVERYDaniel31-May1772s. Daniel/Benezette, child born 2 May
ELVERYJohn18-Apr1731s. Ralph/Susanna
ELVERYMartha7-Dec1766d. Daniel/Benedicta, child born 26 Nov
ELVERYMartha8-Jan1775d. Daniel/Bennet, child born 9 Dec 1774
ELVERYMary28-Jul1765d. Daniel/Benedict, child born 2 Jul
ELVERYMary18-Mar1770d. Daniel/Benedicta, child born 19 Feb
ELVERYSarah24-Apr1768d. Daniel/Benedicta, child born 14 Apr
ELVERYSusannah27-Mar1726d. Ralph/Susannah
ELVINSarah16-Sep1791d. Ann, child born 13 Sep
EMPTAGEEdward27-Nov1791s. Henry/Ann, child born 3 Nov
EMPTAGEElijah29-Oct1769s. Henry/Anne, child born 17 Oct
EMPTAGEElizabeth2-Aug1772d. Henry/Anne, child born 22 Jul
EMPTAGEHenry13-Oct1754s. Humphry/Catherine, child born 16 Sep
EMPTAGEHenry4-Dec1763s. Henry/Anne, child born 19 Nov
EMPTAGEHenry25-Apr1791s. Henry/Susanna, child born 14 Apr
EMPTAGEHumphrey10-Jan1780s. Humphrey/Rachel, child born 6 Dec 1779
EMPTAGEHumphry15-Jan1758s. Hump/Cather, child born 12 Dec 1757
EMPTAGEJames3-Feb1788s. Henry/Susannah, child born 25 Dec 1787
EMPTAGEJohn6-Oct1765s. Henry/Anne, child born 22 Sep
EMPTAGEJoseph17-Dec1780s. Henry/Anne, child born 13 Nov
EMPTAGEMary29-Jan1775d. Henry/Anne, child born 17 Jan
EMPTAGEMary9-May1782d. Humphry/Rachel [another child's name, possibly 'Elizabeth', and the word 'twins', both erased], child born 18 Apr
EMPTAGEMary17-Mar1731bastard d. Jane
EMPTAGESusan5-Dec1756d. Humphry/Catherine, child born 3 Nov
EMPTAGEWilliam18-Oct1767s. Henry/Anne, child born 9 Oct
EMTAGEAnn26-Oct1777d. Henry/Ann, child born 11 Oct
EMTAGEEdward28-Sep1777s. Humphry/Rachael, child born 10 Sep
EMTAGEJohn5-Aug1787s. Henry/Ann, child born 12 Jul
EMTAGESarah21-Sep1789d. Henry/Ann, child born 20 Sep
EMTAGESarah28-Jun1789d. Henry/Susanna, child born 1 Jun
ESTICKDaniel23-Feb1789s. Daniel/Jane, child born 8 Feb
ESTICKThomas20-Jun1790s. Daniel/Jane, child born 14 Apr
EVERETAnne Lacey29-Jan1775base d. Susanna, child born 23 Jan
EVERETTAnne23-Mar1756d. Henry/Mary, child born 23 Mar
EVERETTJudith30-Jul1760d. Henry/Mary, child born 11 Jul
EVERETTMargaret15-Apr1753d. Henry/Mary, child born 8 Mar
EVERETTMary23-Oct1758d. Henry/Mary, child born 15 Oct
EVERETTMary10-May1778base d. Susanna, child born 3 Mar
EWENJemima Grace6-Oct1779d. Thomas/Jane, child born 4 Sep
EWENRichard Buckingham6-Oct1779s. John/Jane, child born 25 Aug 1776
FAGAnn8-Mar1740d. Edward/Sarah
FAGElisabeth21-Nov1736d. James/Elisabeth
FAGJohn20-Aug1732s. Stephen/Elisabeth
FAGMary29-Aug1736d. Stephen/Mary
FAGMary1-Apr1739d. Edward/Sarah
FAGRachel17-Sep1734d. John/Elisabeth
FAGRoger18-May1740s. Roger/Elisabeth
FAGSarah13-Jan1738[adult baptism of] wife of Edward aged 23
FAGStephen6-Apr1735s. Stephen/Mary
FAGStephen26-Nov1738s. Stephen/Mary
FAGSusanna2-Oct1738d. William/Susanna
FAGThomas19-May1745s. Roger/Elisabeth
FAGGAnne13-Nov1757d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 11 Nov
FAGGAnne9-Apr1769d. Stephen/Anne, child born 24 Mar
FAGGElisabeth23-Oct1743d. Stephen/Mary
FAGGElizabeth25-Oct1772d. Stephen/Anne, child born 13 Oct
FAGGElizabeth28-Apr1780d. Thomas/Jane, child born 24 Apr
FAGGElizabeth27-Mar1791d. Thomas/Jane, child born 19 Feb
FAGGElizabeth5-Aug1792d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 11 Jul
FAGGElizabeth2-Sep1753d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 25 Aug
FAGGElizabeth26-Feb1764bastard d. Elizabeth, child born 18 Jan
FAGGJames25-Dec1770s. Stephen/Anne, child born 19 Dec
FAGGJane21-Nov1773d. Thomas/Jane, child born 23 Oct
FAGGJane22-Dec1782d. Thomas/Jane, child born 27 Nov
FAGGJohn12-Mar1761s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 11 Mar
FAGGJohn3-Nov1771s. Thomas/Jane, child born 20 Oct
FAGGJohn24-Dec1775s. Thomas/Susanna, child born 9 Dec
FAGGJohn13-Apr1785s. Thomas/Susanna, [birth date not recorded]
FAGGJohn25-Jul1787s. William/Mary, child born 21 Jun
FAGGMartha30-Nov1745d. James/Elizabeth
FAGGMary8-Dec1754d. Thomas/Elisabeth, child born 27 Nov
FAGGMary6-Sep1767d. Stephen/Anne, child born 25 Aug
FAGGMary Ann12-Jan1783d. Thomas/Susanna, [birth date not recorded]
FAGGMercy Hannah30-Jan1778d. Thomas/Jane, child born 31 Dec 1777
FAGGPeter23-Jan1742s. Roger/Elisabeth
FAGGRebekah8-Jan1786d. Thomas/Jane, child born 13 Dec 1785
FAGGSarah13-Nov1748d. James/Elizabeth
FAGGSarah25-Nov1759d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 25 Nov
FAGGSarah25-Dec1774d. Stephen/Anne, child born 9 Dec
FAGGSarah30-Sep1774d. Thomas/Susanna, child born 8 Sep
FAGGSibilla16-Mar1742d. James/Elizabeth
FAGGStephen21-Dec1776s. Stephen/Ann, child born 16 Dec
FAGGSusanna24-Feb1738d. James/Elisabeth
FAGGSusanna25-Dec1780d. Thomas/Susannah, child born 7 Dec
FAGGThomas22-Feb1778s. Thomas/Susanna, child born 5 Feb
FAGGThomas14-Feb1779s. Thomas/Susanna, child born 30 Jan
FAGGThomas9-Apr1756s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 3 Apr
FAGGWilliam28-May1786s. William/Mary, child born 23 Apr
FAGGWilliam Scoats25-Dec1791s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 17 Nov
FARCEYMary3-Nov1771d. Richard/Sarah, child born 16 Sep
FARCEYSarah21-Jan1770d. Richard/Sarah, child born 24 Dec 1769
FARLEYAnn14-Jul1776d. William/Mary, child born 16 Jun
FARLEYMary10-Jun1792d. John/Elizabeth, child born 20 May
FARLEYRobert Higgins15-Jul1781s. John/Elizabeth, child born 22 Jun
FARLEYRobert Huggins12-Jun1785s. John/Elizabeth, child born 20 May
FARLEYSarah4-Jul1790d. John/Elizabeth, child born 19 May
FARLEYThomas7-Jan1787s. John/Elizabeth, child born 20 Nov 1786
FARSHAMDavid8-Oct1732s. James/Mary
FARSHAMJohn19-Jul1730s. James/Mary
FARSHAMJohn1-Oct1752s. James/Mary, child born 19 Sep
FARSHAMMartha29-Mar1736d. Robert/Mary
FARSHAMMary30-Aug1730d. Robert/Mary
FARSHAMRobert12-Nov1732s. Robert/Mary
FASHAMAnne6-Dec1726d. Robert/Mary
FASHAMDinah9-Jun1728d. Robert/Mary
FASHAMJohn7-Jul1728s. James/Mary
FASHAMMary19-May1734d. Robert/Mary
FASSAMDaniel4-Jan1789s. Stephen/Elizabeth, child born 12 Dec 1788
FASSAMElizabeth8-Feb1784d. James/Ann, child born 24 Dec 1783
FASSAMElizabeth13-Nov1785d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 28 Oct
FASSAMElizabeth2-Jan1791d. David/Elizabeth, child born 26 Nov 1790
FASSAMMary4-Sep1785d. James/Mary, child born 4 Aug
FASSAMSarah3-Dec1786d. Stephen/Elizabeth, child born 20 Nov
FASSAMSusanna12-Jul1789d. David/Elizabeth, child born 22 Jun
FASSAMThomas10-Dec1786s. David/Elizabeth, child born 17 Nov
FASSUMAnne1-Nov1761d. James/Mary, child born 20 Oct
FASSUMDavid22-Apr1764s. James/Mary, child born 8 Apr
FASSUMDavid2-Sep1773s. Susanna/late David, child born 31 Aug
FASSUMDavid15-Apr1792s. David/Elizabeth, child born 22 Mar
FASSUMDinah18-Jun1780d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 4 Jun
FASSUMEdward6-Feb1757s. James/Mary, child born 25 Jan
FASSUMElizabeth17-Feb1750d. James/Mary, child born 8 Feb
FASSUMHammond24-Dec1769s. James/Mary, child born 8 Dec
FASSUMJames10-Nov1754s. James/Mary, child born 27 Oct
FASSUMJohn14-Nov1762s. John/Mary, child born 4 Nov
FASSUMJohn15-Dec1783s. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 13 Dec
FASSUMJohn28-Nov1784s. Stephen/Elizabeth, child born 28 Oct
FASSUMMary27-May1759d. James/Mary, child born 10 May
FASSUMMary13-Jul1760d. John/Mary, child born 30 Jun
FASSUMMary22-Sep1769d. David/Susanna, child born 22 Sep
FASSUMMary21-Oct1770d. David/Susanna, child born 12 Oct
FASSUMMary2-Dec1781d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 18 Nov
FASSUMRebecca12-May1765d. David/Susanna, child born 28 Apr
FASSUMStephen15-Jan1758s. John/Mary, child born 2 Jan
FASSUMStephen12-Dec1790s. Stephen/Mary, child born 25 Nov
FASSUMSusanna15-Feb1767d. David/Susanna, child born 30 Jan
FEAKINSMary10-Apr1791d. George/Elizabeth, child born 26 Feb
FENMOORWilliam8-Apr1770s. William/Rachel, child born 3 Apr
FIFEElizabeth6-Apr1788d. Thomas/Frances, child born 10 Mar
FIFEJohn14-Feb1790s. Thomas/Frances, child born 17 Jan
FINNAnn28-Nov1783d. James/Elizabeth, child born 1 Oct
FINNJohn13-May1781s. James/Elizabeth, child born 13 Apr
FINNThomas22-Aug1779s. James/Elizabeth, child born 2 Aug
FINNIMOREMary31-Jul1772d. William/Rachel, child born 26 Jul
FISHERIsaac20-Nov1726s. William/Hannah
FITTALElizabeth22-Jan1764d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 18 Jan
FITTALLAnne27-Jun1773d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 6 Jun
FITTALLElizabeth Ann25-Oct1775d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 20 Sep
FITTALLMary20-Jan1771d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 28 Dec 1770
FITTELLElizabeth27-Feb1762d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 27 Feb
FLAGDENJohn27-Nov1726s. John/Jane
FLAVELLGeorge9-Dec1792s. Thomas/Susanna, child born 7 Nov
FLEETMary3-Apr1791d. Sarah, child born 9 Mar
FLEMINGAnn4-Jul1783d. Thomas/Jane, child born 7 Jun
FLEMINGEdmund20-Apr1788s. Stephen/Mary, child born 14 Feb
FLEMINGElizabeth30-Nov1783d. Stephen/Mary, child born 6 Nov
FLEMINGElizabeth17-Oct1757d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 3 Oct
FLEMINGJohn30-Nov1755s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 18 Nov
FLEMINGJohn24-Sep1763s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 19 Sep
FLEMINGMargaret11-Dec1758d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 23 Nov
FLEMINGMargaret5-Feb1786d. Stephen/Mary, child born 8 Jan
FLEMINGStephen21-Oct1753s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 10 Oct
FLEMINGStephen11-Nov1756s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 24 Oct
FLEMINGStephen30-Jan1791s. Stephen/Mary, child born 28 Dec 1790
FLEMINGThomas14-Jan1778s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 1 Jan
FLEMINGThomas28-Mar1781s. Stephen/Mary, child born 25 Feb
FLEMINGThomas12-Apr1752s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 27 Mar
FOARDElizabeth9-Dec1744d. Roger/Sarah
FOARDElizabeth11-Nov1781d. John/Jane, child born 31 Oct
FOARDElizabeth6-Jan1761d. Roger/Sarah, child born 4 Dec 1760
FOARDHannah23-Jan1754d. Roger/Sarah, child born 2 Jan
FOARDJohn18-Jan1747s. George/Mary
FOARDJoseph22-May1726s. John/Elisabeth
FOARDSarah5-Jun1748d. Roger/Sarah
FOATAnn17-Dec1786d. John/Elizabeth, child born 4 Nov
FOATElizabeth30-Jul1760d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 3 Jul
FOATElizabeth19-Mar1780base d. Elizabeth, child born 9 Mar
FOATElizabeth Cheeseman21-Dec1783d. John/Elizabeth, child born 21 Nov
FOATJohn13-Nov1785s. John/Elizabeth, child born 16 Oct
FOATJohn2-Aug1789s. John/Elizabeth, child born 7 Jul
FOATJohn9-Jan1791s. John/Elizabeth, child born 5 Dec 1790
FOATMary31-Jul1763d. John/Martha, child born 8 Jul
FOATMary20-Feb1788d. John/Elizabeth, child born 20 Jan
FOATThomas16-Feb1757s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 16 Feb
FORDGeorge18-Apr1779s. John/Jane, child born 6 Mar
FORDMary29-Sep1744d. George/Mary
FORDMary24-Aug1746d. George/Mary
FORDThomas14-Mar1735s. John/Sarah
FORDREDFrances Mary4-Mar1792d. Thomas/Frances, child born 5 Feb
FOREMANJohn5-Jun1748s. Edward/Mary
FOREMANJohn27-Nov1791s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 31 Oct
FOREMANMary9-Aug1730d. John/Elisabeth
FOREMANMary25-Sep1750d. Edward/Mary, child born 10 Sep
FOREMANStephen15-Nov1789s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 14 Oct
FOREMAN alias HURSTDavid9-Apr1756bastard s. David HURST/Mary FOREMAN, child born 2 Apr
FORRESTJohn3-Oct1770base s. Alice, child born 22 Sep
FORTElizabeth26-Jun1785d. Thomas/Frances, child born 13 Jun
FORTJesse12-Mar1758s. Robert/Mary, child born 23 Feb
FORTJohn Cheesman1-Feb1756s. Robert/Mary, child born 24 Jan
FORTSarah6-Aug1754d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 24 Jul
FORWOODGeorge9-Jan1750s. George/Jane, child born 29 Dec
FORWOODSarah6-Jan1749d. George/Jane
FOSTERAnne7-Oct1733d. John/Anne
FOSTERDaniel10-Nov1728s. John/Anne
FOSTEREdward11-Aug1743s. Edward/Mary
FOULSERAnn12-Nov1787d. Thomas/Ann, child born 14 Oct
FOULSERRichard4-Jun1786s. Thomas/Ann, child born 8 Apr
FOULSERSarah27-Nov1791d. Thomas/Ann, child born 11 Oct
FOULSERThomas9-Jan1785s. Thomas/Ann, child born 16 Nov 1784
FOWLERElizabeth25-Dec1769d. Croft/Elizabeth, child born 24 Nov
FOWLERJohn5-Dec1766s. Croft/Elizabeth, child born 9 Nov
FOWLERMargaret25-Sep1765d. Croft/Elizabeth, child born 16 Aug
FOWLERRichard Scoats8-Sep1782base s. Elizabeth, child born 16 Aug
FOXElisabeth25-Oct1736d. Isaac/Susanna
FOXGeorge Smith21-Jan1783s. John/Esther, child born 31 Dec 1782
FOXIsaac12-Nov1733s. Isaac/Susanna
FOXIsaac23-Sep1770s. John/Esther, child born 7 Sep
FOXJames Larkings17-Apr1785s. John/Esther, child born 9 Feb
FOXJohn24-Oct1731s. Isaac/Susanna
FOXJohn22-Nov1745s. Isaac/Susanne
FOXJohn Darling25-May1775s. John/Esther, child born 10 May
FOXLucy25-Jun1788d. John/Esther, child born 21 May
FOXMaria Ann17-Dec1780d. John/Esther, child born 28 Oct
FOXRobert17-Jan1787s. John/Hester, child born 10 Jan
FOXRobert23-Jul1750s. Isaac/Susannah, child born 23 Jul
FOXSarah28-May1778d. John/Esther, child born 29 Apr
FOXSarah25-Feb1792d. William/Ann, child born 27 Jan
FOXSusanna27-Jul1742d. Isaac/Susanna
FOXSusanna10-Jan1773d. John/Esther, child born 13 Dec 1772
FRANKLINAnn Elizabeth30-Nov1783d. John/Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 21 Nov
FRANKLINJohn22-Jul1741s. John/Sarah
FRANKLINMary Catharine19-May1790d. John/Ann, child born 5 Apr
FRANKLINThomas4-Apr1748s. John/Sarah
FRANKLINThomas22-Oct1786s. John/Ann, child born 17 Sep
FRANKLINWaters25-Jul1750s. John/Sarah, child born 24 Jun
FRANKLINGElisabeth19-Nov1735d. John/Sarah
FRANKLINGJohn30-Sep1735aged 24y
FRANKLINGMary16-Apr1746d. John/Sarah
FRANKLINGMary22-Oct1752d. John/Sarah, child born 22 Sep
FRANKLINGSarah1-Jan1743d. John/Sarah
FRECKSONMary Ann28-Aug1783d. Johannes/Rachel, child born 8 Aug
FREEBODYMary17-Jan1790d. John/Mary, child born 20 Dec 1789
FREEBODYSarah16-Nov1791d. John/Mary, child born 27 Oct
FREEKSONSarah19-Jun1785d. John/Rachel, child born 31 May
FREEMANAnne16-May1773d. William/Anne, child born 15 Apr
FREEMANJames29-Apr1770s. William/Anne, child born 18 Apr
FREEMANMary18-Jan1775d. William/Anne, child born 30 Dec 1774
FREEMANSarah16-Feb1772d. William/Anne, child born 22 Jan
FREWERSarah18-Jul1786d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 10 Jul
FREWERWilliam6-Mar1784s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 6 Mar
FRIENDJames27-Jan1733s. James/Elisabeth
FRIENDJane29-Jan1726d. James/Elisabeth
FRIENDJohn6-Oct1728s. James/Elisabeth
FRIENDJohn12-Nov1742s. John/Mary
FRIENDWilliam8-Mar1744s. John/Mary
FULLERJane12-Jun1785d. Robert/Jane, child born 27 Mar
FULLERRobert25-Dec1792s. Robert/Jane, child born 23 Dec 1791
FULLERSarah Susanna1-Aug1790d. Robert/Jane, 'P' [pauper], child born 11 Jun
GAMMONFrances Whenright25-Jul1784d. Stephen/Mary, child born 14 Jul
GAMMONRichard Coleman12-Jun1791s. Thomas/Jane, child born 12 May
GannDaniel13-Oct1728s. Robert/Elisabeth
GannHenry4-Jun1732s. Robert/Elisabeth
GannJane25-Feb1749d. John/Jane
GannJoanna21-Jan1749d. Robert/Joanna
GannJohn9-Aug1752s. John/Jane, child born 9 Aug
GannMargaret30-Oct1737d. Robert/Margaret
GannMartha14-Dec1735d. Robert/Margaret
GannMary5-Aug1733d. Robert/Margaret
GannRobert2-Sep1753s. Robert/Joanna, child born 19 Aug
GannThomas14-Jul1765base s. Martha, child born 24 Jun
GARDINERElizabeth17-Jul1737d. Richard/Hannah
GARDNERAnn5-Feb1786d. John/Ann, child born 9 Jan
GARDNERDaniel13-May1777s. Daniel/Jane, child born 11 May
GARDNEREdward16-Aug1772s. Thomas/Mary, child born 30 Jun
GARDNERHenry26-Feb1792s. John/Ann, child born 8 Feb
GARDNERJames7-Jun1789s. John/Ann, child born 10 May
GARLINGEHenry10-Nov1730s. John/Mary
GARNERMary14-Nov1773d. Thomas/Mary, child born 17 Oct
GARRETTJohn21-Sep1770s. John/Elizabeth, child born 28 Aug
GARRETTMary27-Sep1771d. John/Elizabeth, child born 30 Aug
GENESTEElizabeth3-Aug1763d. David/Elizabeth, child born 12 Jul
GENESTEJudith24-Jul1768d. David/Elizabeth, child born 29 Jun
GENESTEMatthew18-Apr1773s. David/Elizabeth, child born 1 Apr
GENESTESamuel30-Apr1766s. David/Elizabeth, child born 13 Apr
GIBBENSVincent12-Sep1742s. Samuel/Elisabeth
GIBBINSWilliam10-May1778s. Samuel/Ann, child born 4 Apr
GIBBONElizabeth20-Oct1751d. Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 20 Sep
GIBBONHenry8-Jun1746s. Samuel/Elisabeth
GIBBONJohn10-Nov1745s. John/Susanna
GIBBONJohn24-Jun1750s. Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 15 Jun
GIBBONSamuel15-May1744s. Samuel/Elizabeth
GIBBONSusanna16-Oct1743d. John/Susanna
GIBBONThomas15-Feb1740s. John/Susanna
GIBBONSAnne25-Jun1775d. Samuel/Anne, child born 15 May
GIBBONSEdward11-Nov1764s. Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 31 Oct
GIBBONSEdward & Mary26-Dec1747s. and d. Edward/Mary
GIBBONSElisabeth27-Aug1741d. Samuel/Elisabeth
GIBBONSElisabeth1-Apr1744d. Edward/Mary
GIBBONSElizabeth24-Jan1773d. Henry/Sarah, child born 6 Jan
GIBBONSFrances9-May1790d. Thomas/Mary, child born 27 Apr
GIBBONSHenry27-Mar1748s. Samuel/Elizabeth
GIBBONSHenry23-Mar1788s. Thomas/Mary, child born 21 Feb
GIBBONSJane22-Oct1769d. Samuel/Anne, child born 25 Sep
GIBBONSJohn19-Sep1756s. Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 6 Sep
GIBBONSJohn4-Apr1773s. Samuel/Anne, child born 26 Mar
GIBBONSJohn10-Jun1792s. Thomas/Mary, child born 24 May
GIBBONSSamuel21-Apr1771s. Samuel/Anne, child born 15 Mar
GIBBONSSarah6-Jul1777d. Henry/Sarah, child born 19 Jun
GIBBONSSarah19-Mar1780d. Samuel/Ann, child born 11 Feb
GIBBONSThomas2-Feb1745s. Edward/Mary
GIBBONSThomas11-Nov1753s. Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 29 Oct
GIBBONSThomas29-Jan1775s. Henry/Sarah, child born 8 Jan
GIFFARDEdward22-Jul1770s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 20 Jun
GIFFARDElizabeth13-Apr1779d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 10 Apr
GIFFARDJoseph Hurst14-Oct1781s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 3 Oct
GIFFARDNicholas16-Apr1769base s. Mary, child born 3 Apr
GIFFARDThomas9-Nov1766s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 26 Oct
GIFFARDWilliam18-Oct1772s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 4 Oct
GIFFORDEdward Gibbins14-Dec1783s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 24 Nov
GIFFORDJohn29-Sep1776s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 20 Sep
GILBERDSarah28-Jan1752d. Edward/Sarah, child born 11 Jan
GILBERTAnn20-Jul1777d. John/Susannah, child born 16 Jun
GILBERTAnne19-Nov1727d. Richard/Anne
GILBERTAnne3-Oct1754d. Edward/Sarah [GILBERD in entry], child born 14 Sep
GILBERTEdward15-Jun1746s. Edward/Sarah
GILBERTEdward7-Oct1774s. William/Mary, child born 7 Oct
GILBERTElizabeth26-Oct1779d. William/Martha, child born 9 Oct
GILBERTJohn22-Feb1743s. Edward/Sarah
GILBERTJohn Hossiter9-Mar1770s. Richard/late Joanna, child born 27 Feb
GILBERTJohn Salter2-Feb1777s. William/Martha, child born 6 Jan
GILBERTJohn Sladden4-Dec1775s. John/Susanna, child born 22 Nov
GILBERTMartha6-Mar1774d. William/Martha, child born 13 Feb
GILBERTMary2-Aug1772d. William/Martha, child born 6 Jul
GILBERTRachel26-Feb1775d. late Richard/Rachel, child born 20 Feb
GILBERTRichard20-Apr1740s. Edward/Sarah
GILBERTRichard Morris14-Mar1773s. Richard/Rachel, child born 5 Mar
GILBERTRobert31-May1772s. William/Mary, child born 5 May
GILBERTSarah23-Jul1775d. William/Martha, child born 25 Jun
GILBERTSarah Ladd18-Jan1767d. Richard/Joanna, child born 3 Dec 1766
GILBERTSarah Rachael19-Apr1778d. William/Martha, child born 18 Mar
GILBERTSusanna18-Feb1781d. William/Martha, child born 19 Jan
GILBERTWilliam4-Mar1747s. Edward/Sarah
GILBERTWilliam1-Jul1770s. William/Mary, child born 31 May
GILDERAnn7-Nov1792d. James/Susanna, child born 11 Sep
GILDEREliza7-Nov1790d. James/Susanna, child born 31 Aug
GILDERJames5-Jan1787s. James/Susanna, child born 16 Nov 1786
GILESHenry31-Oct1734s. John/Rachel
GILESJohn23-Oct1733s. John/Rachel
GILESRachel17-Mar1735d. John/Rachel
GILLHAMElizabeth10-Jun1792d. Henry/Susanna, child born 1 Jun
GIMBERJames Vanhear7-Nov1779s. William/Sarah, child born 14 Oct
GIMBERJoseph23-Mar1771s. William/Sarah, child born 21 Mar
GIMBERPeter Vanhear16-Jun1776s. William/Sarah, child born 2 Jun
GIMBERSarah Vanhear3-Oct1792d. Joseph/Jane, child born 2 Sep
GISBEYJohn19-Apr1772s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 27 Mar
GISBYAnne8-May1763d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 25 Apr
GISBYElizabeth5-Apr1761d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 20 Mar
GISBYGeorge17-Dec1769s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 12 Dec
GISBYMary23-Jan1757d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 1 Jan
GISBYPleasant21-Jul1765d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 23 Jun
GISBYPleasant23-Sep1789d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 15 Aug
GISBYRobert30-Jan1774s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 8 Jan
GISBYSarah16-Jul1758d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 30 Jun
GISBYSarah11-Sep1791d. Sarah, child born 4 Aug
GISBYThomas22-Nov1767s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 8 Nov
GISBYThomas17-Feb1760s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 10 Feb
GOATHAMAnne25-May1756d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 17 Apr
GOATHAMEdward16-Jan1758s. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 26 Dec 1757
GOATHAMElizabeth16-Jun1754d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 1 Jun
GOATHAMJohn14-Aug1730s. John/Anne
GOATHAMJohn19-Dec1752s. Edward/Elisabeth, child born 20 Nov
GOATHAMJudith26-Aug1733d. John/Anne
GOATHAMMary1-Dec1728d. John/Anne
GOATHAMMary30-Jun1762d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 29 May
GOATHAMRobert28-Sep1736s. John/Ann
GOATHAMRobert12-Jan1766s. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 2 Dec 1765
GOATHAMSarah9-Apr1727d. John/Anne
GOATLEY alias SCOATESAnne7-May1731d. William/Anne
GODFREEThomas27-Jan1788s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 25 Dec 1787
GOLDFINCHDaniel James25-Dec1791s. James/Jane, child born 2 Oct
GOLDFINCHGeorge29-Aug1779s. George/Margaret, child born 10 Aug
GOLDFINCHHenry & James28-Dec1787twin ss. George/Margaret, 'P' [pauper], child born 27 Dec
GOLDFINCHHenry & James27-Jan1788twin ss. George/Margaret, child born 25 Dec 1787, 'registered before' [Note: this birth date precedes birth date in earlier baptism entry by 2 days]
GOLDFINCHJohn29-Sep1751s. John/Sarah, child born 21 Sep
GOLDFINCHJohn12-Oct1777s. George/Margaret, child born 2 Oct
GOLDFINCHJohn5-Mar1779base s. Mary, child born 1 Mar
GOLDFINCHJohn Maxted12-Nov1775base s. Mary, child born 1 Nov
GOLDFINCHMary5-Jun1785d. George/Margaret, child born 7 May
GOLDFINCHThomas3-Jun1781s. George/Margaret, child born 6 May
GOLDFINCHThomas22-Jun1783s. George/Margaret, child born 11 Jun
GOLDSMITHEdward28-May1738s. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITHEdward11-Jun1749s. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITHElisabeth28-Oct1740d. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITHElizabeth16-Dec1774d. Franklin/Elizabeth, child born 15 Dec
GOLDSMITHFrankling24-May1740s. John/Elisabeth
GOLDSMITHFrankling18-Nov1741s. John/Elisabeth
GOLDSMITHGeorge13-Nov1785s. John/Elizabeth, child born 17 Oct
GOLDSMITHKatharine & Sarah4-Aug1743ds. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITHMary12-Nov1729d. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITHMary5-Feb1732d. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITHMary20-Oct1745d. Jarman/Mary
GOLDSMITHWilliam26-Oct1735s. Edward/Mary
GOLDSMITH alias BEDINGFIELDRichard19-May1738bastard s. Mary GOLDSMITH by …........ BEDINGFIELD [father's name not recorded]
GOLDSMITH alias TERRYThomas7-May1740bastard s. Mary GOLDSMITH by Thomas TERRY
GOODALEElizabeth Anne18-Dec1766d. William/Mary, child born 22 Nov
GOODALEFrances Hatfield13-Jul1769d. William/Mary, child born 20 Jun
GOODALEGeorge20-Sep1760s. William/Anne, child born 20 Sep
GOODALEJames Hudson24-May1776s. William/Mary, child born 22 Apr
GOODALEJohn Hatfield31-Jul1765s. William/Mary, child born 9 Jul
GOODALEMary22-Mar1775d. William/Mary, child born 23 Feb
GOODALESarah29-Nov1767d. William/Mary, child born 7 Nov
GOODALEWilliam Hatfeild31-Jul1773s. William/Mary, child born 18 Jul
GOODALEWilliam Hatfield28-May1771s. William/Mary, child born 3 May
GOODBOURNDaniel25-Dec1784s. Daniel/Elizabeth, child born 21 Dec
GOODBOURNElizabeth27-Jun1773d. James/Martha, child born 8 Jun
GOODBOURNIsaac25-Dec1775s. James/Martha, child born 8 Dec
GOODBOURNJames22-May1767s. James/Martha, child born 12 Apr
GOODBOURNJohn8-Oct1780s. James/Martha, child born 18 Sep
GOODBOURNMartha9-Oct1765d. James/Martha, child born 21 Aug
GOODBOURNMary20-Jun1790d. Daniel/Elizabeth, 'P' [pauper], child born 19 May
GOODBOURNSally22-Feb1778d. James/Martha, child born 2 Feb
GOODBOURNWilliam20-Feb1771s. James/Martha, child born 14 Jan
GOODBUNDaniel7-Jun1757s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 4 Jun
GOODBUNWillliam21-Mar1756s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 8 Mar
GOODBURNElizabeth30-Mar1783d. Daniel/Elizabeth, child born 30 Mar
GOODBURNElizabeth27-Aug1786d. Daniel/Elizabeth, child born 17 Aug
GOODBURNFrances10-Apr1792d. Daniel/Elizabeth, child born 18 Apr
GOODBURNJames27-Jul1788s. Daniel/Elizabeth, child born 24 Jun
GOODBURNSally13-Apr1783d. James/Martha, child born 24 Mar
GOODBURNSarah14-Aug1761d. Daniel/Sarah, child born 31 Jul
GOODSPEEDEdward Haddock13-Nov1785s. John Matthews/Elizabeth, child born 25 Oct
GOODSPEEDElizabeth13-May1788d. John Matthews/Elizabeth, child born 19 Apr
GOODSPEEDJohn Sackett3-Dec1780s. John/Mary, child born 13 Nov
GOODSPEEDThomas Haddock30-Jul1783s. Matthew/Elizabeth, child born 25 Jun
GOREAnn Grant29-Sep1783d. James/Mary, child born 18 Sep
GOREElisabeth9-Jul1732d. Stephen/Elisabeth
GOREElizabeth25-Dec1748d. Stephen/Sarah
GOREElizabeth26-May1771d. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 17 May
GOREElizabeth8-Aug1753d. John/Susanna, child born 13 Jul
GOREFrances2-Dec1792d. Thomas/Ann, child born 29 Oct
GOREGeorge15-Mar1782s. Thomas/Mary, child born 16 Feb
GOREGeorge27-Jan1791s. Thomas/Mary, child born 10 Dec 1790
GOREHannah8-Sep1756d. John/Susanna, child born 30 Aug
GOREIsrael1-Apr1789s. Thomas/Ann, child born 8 Mar
GOREJames3-Nov1751s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 29 Oct
GOREJames14-Nov1784s. James/Mary, child born 13 Oct
GOREJane1-Apr1740d. John/Susanna
GOREJohn4-Oct1737s. John/Susanna
GOREJohn21-Sep1777s. Thomas/Mary, child born 31 Aug
GOREJohn Gurney15-Oct1776s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 19 Sep
GOREMargaret22-Mar1746d. John/Susanna
GOREMargaret26-Apr1748d. John/Susanna
GOREMargaret28-Mar1792d. Thomas/Mary, child born 5 Mar
GOREMary4-Feb1734d. John/Susanna
GOREMary21-Feb1776d. Thomas/Mary, child born 29 Jan
GORERichard Grant2-Sep1791s. James/Mary, child born 6 Aug
GORERobert12-May1742s. John/Susanna
GORERobert15-Nov1772s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 30 Oct
GORERobert23-May1787s. Thomas/Mary, child born 8 May
GOREStephen3-Mar1754s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 25 Feb
GOREStephen23-Nov1755s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 17 Nov
GOREStephen17-Dec1786s. James/Mary, child born 18 Nov
GORESusanna2-Mar1732d. John/Susanna
GORESusanna18-Sep1744d. John/Susanna
GORESusanna17-May1774d. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 24 Apr
GORESusanna9-Jun1784d. Thomas/Mary, child born 14 May
GOREThomas17-Aug1740s. Stephen/Elisabeth
GOREThomas12-Nov1758s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 5 Nov
GOREThomas23-Apr1780s. Thomas/Mary, child born 31 Mar
GOREThomas4-Sep1750s. John/Susanna, child born 13 Aug
GOREWilliam21-Jan1776base s. Hannah, child born 23 Nov 1775
GOREWilliam Grant7-Dec1788s. James/Mary, child born 9 Nov
GRAHAMThomas William29-Mar1788s. George/Mary Ann, child born 11 Mar
GRAINGERElizabeth17-Oct1738d. William/Ann
GRAINGERElizabeth17-Dec1754d. Gyles/Sarah, child born 27 Nov
GRAINGERGeorge28-Nov1749s. Giles/Sarah
GRAINGERGeorge22-Apr1768s. Giles/Mary, child born 6 Apr
GRAINGERGiles4-Dec1744s. George/Elizabeth
GRAINGERGiles & John19-Oct1748ss. Giles/Sarah
GRAINGERMary17-Aug1770d. Giles/Mary, child born 6 Aug
GRAINGERRachel25-Mar1758d. George/Rachel, child born 24 Mar
GRAINGERSarah13-Dec1744d. Giles/Sarah
GRAINGERSarah9-May1756d. George/Rachel, child born 17 Apr
GRAINGERSarah8-Oct1775d. Mary/late Giles, child born 15 Sep
GRANGERHenry24-May1730s. William/Anne
GRANGERJohn11-Jan1735s. William/Ann
GRANGERMary14-May1732d. William/Anne
GRANGERWilliam13-Jan1733s. William/Anne
GRANTAnn23-Nov1741d. John/Mary
GRANTAnn26-Nov1749d. Richard/Ann
GRANTAnne9-Aug1732d. John/Mary
GRANTAnne15-May1774d. Richard/Ruth, child born 18 Apr
GRANTElisabeth15-Aug1738d. John/Mary
GRANTFrancis25-Aug1791s. Charles/Ann, child born 18 Jul
GRANTJohn10-Feb1743s. John/Mary
GRANTJohn8-Oct1766s. Richard/Anne, child born 19 Sep
GRANTJohn10-Aug1777s. Richard/Sarah, child born 7 Aug
GRANTJohn30-Dec1781s. Richard/Sarah, child born 3 Dec
GRANTMartha5-Mar1760d. Richard/Anne, child born 9 Feb
GRANTMary8-Feb1736d. John/Mary
GRANTMary23-Nov1755d. Richard/Anne, child born 6 Nov
GRANTMary7-Dec1788d. Richard/Sarah, child born 16 Nov
GRANTRichard6-Jul1732s. Robert/Mary
GRANTRichard29-Dec1747s. Richard/Ann
GRANTRichard23-Feb1772s. Richard, Jr./Ruth, child born 5 Feb
GRANTRichard27-Mar1791s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 22 Feb
GRANTRobert9-Jan1729s. Robert/Mary
GRANTRobert6-Jun1764s. Richard/Anne, child born 11 May
GRANTRobert1-Dec1778s. Richard/Sarah, child born 30 Oct
GRANTSarah22-Mar1780d. Richard/Sarah, child born 4 Feb
GRANTSarah27-Aug1786d. Richard/Sarah, child born 26 Aug
GRANTSarah2-Sep1791d. Richard/Sarah, child born 31 Jul
GRANTWilliam Sims7-Nov1775s. Richard/late Ruth, child born 20 Oct
GRANTWillliam15-Oct1752s. Richard/Anne, child born 8 Oct
GRAVESJohn Reader21-Nov1790s. John/Ann, child born 25 Oct
GREENJames29-Apr1781s. James/Mary, child born 9 Apr
GREENMary21-Sep1783d. James/Mary, child born 27 Aug
GREENSusanna16-Nov1776d. James/Mary, child born 6 Nov
GREENWilliam19-Feb1775s. James/Mary, child born 6 Feb
GREENLANDWilliam27-Jul1783s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 21 Jun
GREENWOODMargaret17-Jan1768d. Richard/Dinah, child born 22 Dec 1767
GREENWOODSamuel17-Jan1768s. Richard/Dinah, rec'd into our church from Yarmouth, child born 5 Nov 1763
GREGGSSarah10-Mar1729d. Henry/Jane
GRIGGElisabeth3-Oct1744d. John/Mary
GRIGGJohn24-Feb1764s. John/Mary, child born 14 Feb
GRIGGRobert22-Apr1770s. Robert/Sarah, child born 6 Apr
GRIGGWilliam10-Jun1743s. William/Sarah
GRIGGEAnne28-Sep1755d. Edward/Joanna, child born 13 Aug
GRIGGEEdward28-Aug1753s. Edward/Joanna, child born 28 Jul
GRIGGEJoanna18-Aug1751d. Edward/Joanna, child born 14 Aug
GRIGGEMary24-Sep1752d. John/Mary, child born 28 Aug
GRIGGEStephen Smith1-Apr1751s. William/Sarah, child born 17 Mar1750
GRIGGSAnn8-Feb1784d. Robert/Sarah, child born 24 Dec 1783
GRIGGSAnn30-Aug1789d. Robert/Sarah, child born 26 Jul
GRIGGSAnn22-Aug1790d. William/Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 29 Jul
GRIGGSAnne3-Jun1762d. Henry/Susanna, child born 21 May
GRIGGSCharles Sladden30-Jul1775s. William/Anne, child born 21 Jul
GRIGGSCroft2-Aug1778s. Robert/Sarah, child born 5 Jul
GRIGGSDaniel6-Dec1745s. William/Sarah
GRIGGSEdward28-Oct1764s. Edward/Margaret, child born 8 Oct
GRIGGSEdward21-Nov1779s. Robert/Sarah, child born 22 Oct
GRIGGSEdward12-Sep1762s. Edward/Martha, child born 16 Aug
GRIGGSElisabeth4-Aug1734d. Henry/Jane
GRIGGSElisabeth11-Nov1744d. Edward/Joanna
GRIGGSElizabeth4-Aug1771d. Edward/Margaret, child born 23 Jul
GRIGGSFrances Evans19-Dec1784d. William/Ann, child born 18 Nov
GRIGGSGeorge Cock24-Aug1791s. William/Mary Smith, child born 21 Aug
GRIGGSHenry26-May1771s. Henry/Susanna, child born 5 May
GRIGGSHenry24-Sep1780s. William/Ann, child born 5 Sep
GRIGGSJames13-Dec1747s. Henry/Jane
GRIGGSJane21-Oct1748d. Edward/Joanna
GRIGGSJane Bickardike10-Sep1769d. Edward/Susanna, child born 16 Aug
GRIGGSJohn8-Apr1732s. Henry/Jane
GRIGGSJohn24-Jan1746s. Edward/Joanna
GRIGGSMargaret12-Apr1738d. William/Sarah
GRIGGSMaria4-May1777d. William/Ann, child born 9 Apr
GRIGGSMary2-Jan1745d. John/Mary
GRIGGSMary10-Mar1782d. Robert/Sarah, child born 12 Feb
GRIGGSMary Ann10-Aug1783base d. Susanna, child born 18 Jul
GRIGGSSarah22-Jan1769d. Edward/Margaret, child born 24 Dec 1768
GRIGGSSarah26-Jul1772d. Robert/Sarah, child born 27 Jun
GRIGGSStephen8-Oct1758s. Edward/Martha, child born 22 Sep
GRIGGSSusanna8-Jul1764d. Henry/Susanna, child born 26 May
GRIGGSWilliam14-Aug1743s. Henry/Jane
GRIGGSWilliam17-Jan1779s. William/Ann, child born 21 Dec 1778
GRIGGSWilliam Nelson30-Mar1788s. William/Ann, child born 26 Feb
GRIGSAnne14-Sep1766d. Edward/Margaret, child born 29 Aug
GRIGSHenry20-Oct1728s. Henry/Jane
GRIGSHenry29-May1737s. Henry/Jane
GRIGSHenry2-Mar1766s. Henry/Susanna, child born 5 Feb
GRIGSJane24-Oct1742d. Edward/Joanna
GRIGSJohn30-Jun1776s. Robert/Sarah, child born 31 May
GRIGSMoses19-Feb1739s. Henry/Jane
GRIGSSarah31-Mar1741d. William/Sarah
GROVERMary Anne29-Oct1774d. John/Anne, child born 22 Sep
GUNNELJohn Baker24-May1783s. John/Mary, child born 18 Apr
GUNNELLJessintour Booth3-May1781s. John/Mary, child born 5 Apr
GUNNELLLouisa Coxell20-Jul1785d. John/Mary, child born 24 Jun
GUNNELLRobert Jewell17-Dec1778s. John/Mary, child born 16 Nov
GUNNELLWilliam10-Feb1780s. John/Mary, child born 6 Jan
GURNEYAnn8-Mar1744d. Thomas/Jane
GURNEYAnn19-Jul1745d. Thomas/Mary
GURNEYAnne24-Mar1730d. John/Mary
GURNEYElisabeth3-Aug1729d. John/Mary
GURNEYElizabeth5-Jul1738d. Thomas/Jane
GURNEYHannah29-Jul1749d. Thomas/Jane
GURNEYJane13-Dec1727d. John/Mary
GURNEYJane17-Apr1734d. Thomas/Jane
GURNEYJohn19-Apr1737s. Thomas/Jane
GURNEYJohn22-Aug1748s. John/Mary
GURNEYMartha18-Sep1747d. Thomas/Jane
GURNEYMary30-Nov1726d. John/Mary
GURNEYMary17-Dec1735d. Thomas/Jane
GURNEYRebekah13-Dec1730d. John/Anne
GURNEYSarah28-Jul1742d. Thomas/Jane
GURNEYSarah8-Dec1743d. Thomas/Jane
GURNEYSelina13-Feb1756d. Thomas/Mary, child born 10 Jan
GURNYJoanna14-Apr1751d. Thomas/Jane, child born 6 Apr
HAINESAnne30-May1773d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 18 May
HAINESElizabeth15-Nov1767d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 27 Oct
HAINESElizabeth1-Apr1770d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 19 Mar
HAINESJohn1-Sep1771s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 4 Aug
HAINESMary5-Feb1769d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jan
HAINESMary27-Nov1776d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 31 Oct
HAINESRichard4-Dec1774s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 6 Nov
HAINSSarah4-Oct1778d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 14 Sep
HALLAnne18-Dec1732d. George/Anne
HALLCharles5-Apr1778s. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 16 Mar
HALLElizabeth4-Sep1780d. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 1 Jul
HALLGeorge10-Apr1768s. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 15 Mar
HALLHenry22-Dec1782s. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 23 Oct
HALLJames6-Feb1774s. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 17 Jan
HALLMary26-Jan1776d. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 2 Jan
HALLMary Elizabeth20-Aug1792d. Joseph/Mary, child born 6 Aug
HALLSarah Fry1-Jun1766d. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 10 May
HALLSusanna28-Mar1770d. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 23 Dec 1769
HALLThomas9-Feb1772s. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 4 Dec 1771
HALLANDEdward5-Dec1779s. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 26 Nov
HAMMONDElizabeth18-Mar1759d. Thomas/Anne, child born 9 Mar
HAMMONDJohn14-Oct1768s. Thomas/Anne, child born 3 Oct
HAMMONDMargaret22-Jan1753d. John/Margaret, child born 20 Jan
HAMMONDWilliam7-Apr1765s. Thomas/Anne, child born 29 Mar
HAMONDAnne5-Oct1760d. Thomas/Anne, child born 26 Sep
HAMONDEdward Wylde24-Nov1751s. Jon/Margaret, child born 2 Nov
HAMONDThomas9-Oct1757s. Thomas/Anne, child born 4 Oct
HANCOCKAnn Howland20-Apr1783d. Francis/Mary, child born 24 Mar
HANCOCKAnne18-Jul1774d. Francis/Mary, child born 10 Jul
HANCOCKFrancis19-Jul1778s. Francis/Mary, child born 3 Jul
HANCOCKGeorge10-Dec1779s. Francis/Mary, child born 8 Dec
HANCOCKIsaac19-May1774s. John/Mary, child born 19 May
HANCOCKIsaac15-Nov1775s. John/Mary, child born 5 Nov
HANCOCKJames Howlett30-Jun1776s. Francis/Mary, child born 15 May
HANCOCKJohn20-May1781s. Francis/Mary, child born 24 Apr
HANCOCKSarah12-Mar1786d. Frances [sic]/Mary, child born 4 Feb
HANCOCKSarah Smith7-Mar1790d. Francis/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 6 Feb
HANCOCKThomas1-Feb1773s. John/Mary, child born 29 Jan
HANDCOCKJohn24-Aug1788s. Francis/Mary, child born 29 Jul
HANDCOCKJohn17-Jan1790s. Robert/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 29 Dec 1789
HANDCOCKSarah Elizabeth25-Mar1792d. Robert/Sarah, child born 27 Feb
HARDENJohn7-Aug1791s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 12 Jul
HARDENSarah Brackston12-Aug1787d. Thomas/Mary, child born 30 Jul
HARDENWilliam24-Aug1786s. Thomas/Mary, child born 11 Aug
HARLOWMary28-Oct1792d. William/Ann, child born 1 Oct
HARMANAnne23-Jun1771base d. Jane, child born 13 Jun
HARMANElisabeth25-Dec1726d. Henry/Elisabeth
HARMANElisabeth27-Jul1733d. Henry/Elisabeth
HARMANElizabeth1-Jan1753d. John/Mary, child born 1 Jan
HARMANElizabeth16-Feb1764d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 31 Jan
HARMANElizabeth22-Nov1789d. Robert/Sarah, child born 16 Oct
HARMANHenry10-Mar1727s. Henry/Elizabeth
HARMANHenry1-Aug1756s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 30 Jul
HARMANJohn17-Sep1730s. Henry/Elisabeth
HARMANJohn17-Jun1759s. John/Mary, child born 13 Jun
HARMANMartha25-Feb1738d. Henry/Elisabeth
HARMANMary14-Jun1736d. Henry/Elisabeth
HARMANMary18-Jan1756d. John/Mary, child born 18 Jan
HARMANMary Ann18-Oct1786d. Robert/Sarah [birth date not recorded]
HARMANRobert19-Aug1791s. Robert/Sarah, child born 28 Jul
HARMANRobert17-Jun1763s. John/Mary, child born 17 Jun
HARMANSamuel Boncey26-Jun1776base s. Mary, child born 24 Jun
HARMANSarah24-Nov1751d. Henry/Elisabeth, child born 16 Nov
HARMONSarah30-Jan1788d. Robert/Sarah, child born 4 Jan
HARNETIsabel18-May1731d. John/Mercy
HARRISONAnn3-Oct1790d. Denwood/Ann, child born 28 Aug
HARRISONDenwood5-Apr1786s. Denwood/Ann, child born 12 Mar
HARRISONMary Ann2-Nov1788d. Denwood/Ann, child born 25 Sep
HARRISONMoses23-May1784s. Denwood/Ann, child born 22 Mar
HARVEYElliot31-May1772d. John/Jane, child born 18 May
HARVEYJohn2-May1773s. John/Jane, child born 20 Apr
HARVEYMary22-Oct1769d. John/Jane, child born 8 Oct
HARVEYMary28-May1775d. John/Jane, child born 1 May
HARVEYSarah25-Dec1770d. John/Jane, child born 15 Dec
HARVEYSusanna23-May1779d. John/Amy, child born 28 Apr
HASTJohn10-Apr1782s. John/Mary, child born 27 Mar
HATFEILDThomas Courthope3-Jul1774s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 28 May
HATFIELDSarah25-Feb1781d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 31 Jan
HAWKESEllener30-Apr1787d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 15 Mar
HAWKESMary14-May1786d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 28 May [28 Apr intended?]
HAWKESRobert20-Nov1791s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 8 Nov
HAWKINSBenjamin1-May1731s. William/Susanna
HAWKINSElisabeth10-Mar1733d. William/Susanna
HAWKINSElizabeth18-Feb1726d. William/Susannah
HAWKINSWilliam22-Dec1728s. William/Susanna
HAWKSAnn6-Jul1783d. Thomas/Ann, child born 13 Jun
HAWKSSarah Ann16-Jun1784d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 6 Jun
HAWKSThomas27-Dec1789s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 16 Dec
HAYWARDAnn27-Mar1791d. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 3 Mar
HAYWARDAnne10-Mar1771d. James/Sarah, child born 24 Feb
HAYWARDCornelius28-Mar1749s. William/Mary
HAYWARDElizabeth25-Jun1775d. John/Elizabeth, child born 5 Jun
HAYWARDElizabeth5-Dec1782d. John/Elizabeth, child born 13 Nov
HAYWARDElizabeth24-Jun1792d. John/Susanna, child born 26 May
HAYWARDJames13-Aug1781s. James/Sarah, child born 7 Jul
HAYWARDJane10-Mar1741d. William/Mary
HAYWARDJohn11-Feb1753s. William/Mary, child born 30 Jan
HAYWARDJohn15-Jan1775s. James/Sarah, child born 18 Dec 1774
HAYWARDJohn24-Nov1776s. John/Elizabeth, child born 4 Nov
HAYWARDJoseph6-Jan1750s. William/Mary, child born 28 Dec
HAYWARDJoseph30-Apr1775base s. Mary, child born 15 Apr
HAYWARDMary17-Feb1743d. William/Mary
HAYWARDMary10-Nov1745d. William/Mary
HAYWARDMary31-Jul1772d. Cornelius/Sarah, child born 17 Jul
HAYWARDMary15-Oct1775d. Robert/Hannah, child born 4 Oct
HAYWARDMary18-May1777d. Robert/Hannah, child born 7 May
HAYWARDMary2-Apr1786d. John/Susanna, child born 4 Mar
HAYWARDMary Ann10-Jan1784d. John/Elizabeth, child born 10 Dec 1783
HAYWARDRichard30-Mar1777s. James/Sarah, child born 9 Feb
HAYWARDRobert30-Aug1778s. late Robert/Hannah, child born 30 Aug
HAYWARDRobert22-Feb1784s. John/Susannah, child born 28 Dec 1783
HAYWARDRobert13-Apr1788s. John/Susannah, child born 13 Feb
HAYWARDRobert9-Feb1755s. William/Mary, child born 14 Jan
HAYWARDSarah27-Dec1772d. James/Sarah, child born 14 Dec
HAYWARDSarah31-May1776d. Cornelius/Sarah, child born 31 May
HAYWARDSarah26-Apr1778d. John/Susanna, child born 1 Apr
HAYWARDSarah21-Oct1781d. John/Elizabeth, child born 17 Sep
HAYWARDSarah16-Sep1781d. John/Susanna, child born 20 Aug
HAYWARDSusan15-Apr1757d. William/Mary, child born 15 Apr
HAYWARDSusanna13-Jul1777base d. Susannah, child born 12 Jun
HAYWARDThomas23-Jan1780s. John/Susanna, child born 7 Jan
HAYWARDThomas13-Sep1787s. James/Mary, child born 7 Sep
HAYWARDWilliam24-Jul1739s. William/Mary
HAYWARDWilliam11-Apr1774s. Cornelius/Sarah, child born 10 Apr
HAYWOODMary22-Dec1751bastard d. Mary, child born 15 Dec
HEDGCOCKAbraham1-Oct1728s. Abraham/Mary
HEDGCOCKAnn26-Jan1777d. James/Sophia, child born 9 Jan
HEDGCOCKAnn28-Feb1781d. James/Sophia, child born 30 Jan
HEDGCOCKDennis24-Nov1738d. James/Dennis
HEDGCOCKElisabeth27-Dec1732d. John/Frances
HEDGCOCKElisabeth5-Oct1744d. James/Dennis
HEDGCOCKFrances18-Sep1726d. John/Frances
HEDGCOCKFrances6-Jan1761d. John/Margaret, child born 6 Jan
HEDGCOCKGeorge13-Dec1772s. James/Sophia, child born 16 Nov
HEDGCOCKJames16-Dec1764s. James/Sophia, child born 29 Nov
HEDGCOCKJenkin13-Jul1737s. John/Frances
HEDGCOCKJohn26-Dec1727s. John/Frances
HEDGCOCKJohn10-Sep1729s. John/Sarah
HEDGCOCKJohn28-Oct1747s. James/Dennis
HEDGCOCKJohn21-Feb1757s. John/Margaret, child born 13 Feb
HEDGCOCKJohn14-Jul1765s. John/Martha, child born 15 Jun
HEDGCOCKJohn10-Apr1768s. James/Sophia, child born 20 Mar
HEDGCOCKJohn24-Jun1770s. James/Sophia, child born 29 May
HEDGCOCKMargaret & Elisabeth20-Oct1734ds. James/Dennis
HEDGCOCKMary24-Aug1766d. James/Sophia, child born 27 Jul
HEDGCOCKSarah13-Dec1731d. James/Dennis
HEDGCOCKSophia20-Oct1763d. James/Sophia, child born 29 Sep
HEDGCOCK alias STAMPERSarah30-Oct1743bastard d. Sarah HEDGCOCK by …...... STAMPER
HEDGCOCKEJames23-Jul1736s. James/Dennis
HENEKERElizabeth18-Aug1730d. James/Mary
HENEKERJohn8-Jan1738s. Richard/Sarah
HENEKERMary & Sarah6-Mar1732ds. Richard/Sarah
HENEKERRichard6-Aug1734s. Richard/Sarah
HENEKERSarah6-Oct1741d. Richard/Sarah
HENEKERWilliam20-Aug1736s. Richard/Sarah
HENNEKERJohn Sayer15-Mar1770s. John/Sarah, child born 10 Mar
HEPWORTHJane Friend2-Mar1788d. James/Jane, child born 16 Jan
HERMONHenry13-Jul1783s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 7 Jun
HERMONJohn Boncey17-Jan1779base s. Mary, child born 2 Jan
HERMONJohn Cossworth7-Oct1781s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 7 Aug
HERSTArmonel23-May1740d. William/Mary
HERSTJohn15-Feb1737s. William/Mary
HERST or HURSTEdward30-Apr1745s. William/Mary
HERVEYElizabeth13-Nov1768d. John/Jane, child born 29 Oct
HESKETHWilliam5-Mar1748s. John/Sarah
HEWESMary Ann29-Jul1787d. John/Johanna, 'P' [pauper], child born 28 Jun
HEWESSarah19-Nov1786d. William/Sarah, child born 1 Oct
HEWESWilliam2-Mar1788s. William/Mary, child born 19 Jan
HEWETHenry11-Nov1764s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 1 Nov
HEWETThomas31-Jul1757s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 6 Jul
HEWETTElizabeth Smith28-May1780d. James/Elizabeth, child born 25 Apr
HEWETTJames Haman10-Jun1787s. Thomas/Ann, child born 19 Apr
HEWETTMary Ann8-Aug1789d. William/Martha, child born 28 Jul
HEWETTSarah12-Feb1792d. Thomas/Ann, child born 9 Jan
HEWETTWilliam3-Jan1790s. Thomas/Ann, child born 29 Nov 1789
HEWETTWilliam12-Jun1791s. William/Martha, child born 24 Apr
HEWETTWillliam3-Apr1763s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 25 Mar
HEWITElizabeth9-Dec1753d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 30 Nov
HEWITMary17-Sep1752d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 11 Aug
HEWITSarah13-Jul1755d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jun
HEWSHarriott8-May1785d. William/Mary, child born 14 Apr
HEWSONAlice24-Aug1729d. James/Elizabeth
HEWSONConstant28-Dec1736d. James/Elisabeth
HEWSONElizabeth5-Oct1727d. James/Elizabeth
HEWSONMargaret4-Dec1733d. James/Elisabeth
HEWSONThomas25-Dec1731s. James/Elisabeth
HICKMANJames3-Aug1783s. James/Mary, child born 22 Jun
HILDERElizabeth5-Apr1789d. William/Plesant, child born 17 Nov 1788
HILDERMary22-Jul1787d. William/Pleasant, child born 4 Jul
HILLARAnne23-Sep1750d. Robert/Sarah, child born 29 Aug
HILLYARRobert5-Jul1747s. Robert/Sarah 'pr' [pauper?]
HILMANMary16-Oct1757d. William/Sarah, child born 10 Oct
HOBDYMary10-Apr1791d. Ann, child born 4 Apr
HOGGEdward18-May1777s. John/Lydia, child born 20 Apr
HOLBOURNThomas6-Aug1775s. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jul
HOLBOURNEAnn9-Apr1783d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 12 Mar
HOLBOURNECharlotte7-Mar1773d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 17 Feb
HOLBOURNEMary29-Jul1778d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 5 Jul
HOLBOURNESally11-Feb1781d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 24 Jan
HOLBOURNESarah20-Jul1777d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 5 Jul
HOLDSTOCKElizabeth25-Sep1791d. William/Mary, child born 31 Aug
HOLLANDSAnne19-Jan1766d. William/Anne, child born 6 Dec 1765
HOLLANDSDavid18-Jul1762s. William/Anne, child born 19 Jun
HOLLANDSEdward28-Oct1764s. William/Anne, child born 11 Oct
HOLLANDSWillliam6-Oct1760s. William/Anne, child born 18 Sep
HOLLONDSJohn20-Jan1787s. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 5 Jan
HOLLOWAYRobert Stranack1-Apr1792s. Ann, child born 16 Mar
HOLMANWilliam22-Nov1789s. William/Sarah, child born 31 Oct
HOLMANSElizabeth Strivens18-Apr1784d. Stephen/Phoebe, child born 2 Apr
HOLMANSJames22-Sep1790s. Robert/Mary, child born 8 Sep
HOLMANSJohn16-Apr1780s. Benjamin/Elizabeth, child born 26 Mar
HOLMANSJohn1-Feb1784s. John/Sarah, child born 6 Jan
HOLMANSJohn27-Nov1787s. John/Sarah, child born 29 Oct
HOLMANSMary13-May1783d. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 29 Apr
HOLMANSMary4-Jan1784d. Daniel/Mary, child born 21 Dec 1783
HOLMANSRobert17-Aug1781s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 9 Aug
HOLMANSSamuel10-Apr1785s. Daniel/Mary, child born 21 Mar
HOLMANSSarah19-Aug1792d. John/Sarah, child born 28 Jul
HOLMANSWilliam4-Apr1790s. John/Sarah, child born 15 Mar
HOLMESJohn4-Mar1792s. John/Elizabeth, child born 26 Jan
HOLNESSDaniel7-Oct1787s. Thomas/Hannah, child born 19 Sep
HOLNESSDaniel Jarvis7-Apr1782s. Thomas/Hannah, child born 16 Feb
HOLNESSHannah2-Apr1786d. Thomas/Hannah, child born 26 Feb
HOLNESSHannah7-Mar1790d. Thomas/Hannah, child born 10 Feb
HOLNESSHenry Franklin1-Feb1784s. Thomas/Hannah, child born 9 Jan
HOLNESSJarvis29-May1791s. Jarvis/Susanna, child born 5 May
HOLNESSJohn19-Aug1792s. Jarvis/Susanna, child born 27 Jul
HOLNESSSarah20-Sep1778d. Thomas/Hannah, child born 28 Aug
HOLNESSSarah20-Nov1791d. Thomas/Hannah, child born 29 Oct
HOLNESSSusanna21-Feb1790d. Jarvis/Susanna, child born 30 Jan
HOLNESSThomas27-Feb1780s. Thomas/Hannah, child born 5 Feb
HOMANSPheby14-Jun1789d. Stephen/Pheby, child born 29 May
HOMANSSarah1-May1791d. Stephen/Phoebe, child born 22 Mar
HOMESJohn22-Apr1726s. Gideon/Susanna
HONESElizabeth Ann2-Aug1789d. John/Elizabeth Ann, child born 10 Jun
HONESSJohn12-Aug1790s. John/Elizabeth, child born 3 Aug
HONESSJohn Bing25-May1788s. John/Elizabeth Ann, child born 2 May
HONESSRobert8-Apr1792s. John/Elizabeth Ann, child born 2 Nov 1791
HOOKBenjamin19-Oct1764s. Benjamin/Elisabeth, child born 17 Sep
HOOPERDaniel23-Nov1776s. Stephen/Abigail, child born 20 Nov
HOOPERDaniel27-Dec1777s. Stephen/Abigail, child born 26 Dec
HOOPEREdward19-Oct1780s. Stephen/Abigail, child born 18 Oct
HOOPERElizabeth13-Jul1774d. Stephen/Abigail, child born 15 Jun
HOOPERElizabeth14-May1775d. Anthony/Mary, child born 22 Apr
HOOPERElizabeth31-Jan1783d. Stephen/Abigail, child born 29 Jan
HOOPERGeorge Wastall11-Apr1773s. Anthony/Mary, child born 21 Mar
HOOPERHarriot8-May1779d. Stephen/Abigail, child born 7 May
HOOPERJane11-Dec1770d. Stephen/Abigail, child born 18 Nov
HOOPERMartha4-Jul1775d. Stephen/Abigail, child born 29 Jun
HOOPERStephen9-Dec1771s. Stephen/Abigail, child born 18 Nov
HOOPERWilliam16-Feb1773s. Stephen/Abigail, child born 26 Jan
HOPEAnne22-Oct1775d. Daniel/Sarah, child born 2 Oct
HOPEDaniel25-Mar1781s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 7 Mar
HOPEJohn27-Oct1771s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 17 Oct
HOPESarah10-Oct1773d. Daniel/Sarah, child born 23 Sep
HOPEWilliam6-Jun1779s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 24 May
HOPLEYRichard5-Jul1772s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 15 Jun
HOPPERFrances12-Nov1780d. James/Judith, child born 16 Sep
HOPPERJames29-Nov1778s. James/Judith, child born 6 Nov
HOPPERJames15-Jan1786s. James/Judith, child born 26 Nov 1785
HOPPERJohn21-Feb1790s. James/Judith, 'P' [pauper], child born 24 Dec 1789
HOPPERJudith18-Dec1774d. James/Judith, child born 20 Nov
HOPPERMaria24-Nov1776d. James/Judith, child born 5 Nov
HOPPERMary30-Aug1772d. James/Judith, child born 11 Aug
HOPPERMary2-Feb1783d. James/Judith, child born 24 Dec 1782
HOPPERSarah19-Feb1770d. James/Judith, child born 19 Feb
HORNCharles18-May1777s. Charles/Rachel, child born 18 May
HORNElizabeth30-Jan1785d. William/Sarah, child born 10 Jan
HORNJohn30-Apr1786s. William/Sarah, child born 10 Apr
HORNJohn Solly6-Feb1780s. Andrew/Jane, child born 30 Jan
HORNMary Elizabeth20-Jun1779d. Charles/Rachel, child born 31 May
HORNStephen William20-May1781s. Andrew/Jane, child born 2 May
HORNWilliam20-Feb1781s. Charles/Rachel, child born 20 Feb
HORNWilliam30-Sep1782s. William/Sarah, child born 11 Aug
HORNWilliam26-Oct1783s. William/Sarah, child born 28 Sep
HORNWilliam Twyman5-May1782s. Charles/Rachel, child born 15 Mar
HORNEJoseph21-Apr1774s. Charles/Rachel, child born 15 Apr
HORSFIELDAnn24-Aug1743d. John/Mary
HORTONDavid25-Aug1754s. John/Mary, child born 15 Aug
HORTONEdward9-May1773s. John/Mary, child born 25 Apr
HORTONElizabeth15-Dec1765d. Joseph/Mary, child born 4 Dec
HORTONElizabeth11-Mar1789d. John/Ann, child born 4 Feb
HORTONElizabeth Bartlett2-Jul1784d. John/Elizabeth, child born 23 Jun
HORTONHannah Bourn24-Mar1776d. Joseph/Mary, child born 28 Feb
HORTONJohn13-Feb1752s. John/Mary, child born 10 Feb
HORTONJohn11-Jan1761s. Joseph/Mary, child born 21 Dec 1760
HORTONJoseph18-Jul1773s. Joseph/Mary, child born 17 May
HORTONMartha23-Oct1768d. Samuel/Mary, child born 15 Oct
HORTONMary30-Oct1763d. Joseph/Mary, child born 4 Oct
HORTONMary30-Apr1783d. David/Mary, child born 7 Apr
HORTONRichard26-Mar1775s. John/Mary, child born 26 Feb
HORTONRobert13-Jul1744s. John/Mary
HORTONRobert & John22-Jan1748ss. John/Mary
HORTONRobert Strevens1-Aug1779s. John/Mary, child born 19 Jul
HORTONSusanna21-Dec1770d. Joseph/Mary, child born 25 Nov
HORTONWilliam Foreman31-Jul1768s. Joseph/Mary, child born 6 Jul
HOSITERMary7-Feb1747d. John/Mary
HOSSITERJoanna2-Nov1744d. John/Mary
HOSSITERWillliam25-Apr1756s. John/Mary, child born 27 Mar
HOWElisabeth22-Sep1735bastard d. Elisabeth
HUBBARDAlice7-Oct1753d. George/Elizabeth, child born 28 Sep
HUBBARDAnn19-Feb1786d. Michael/Hannah, child born 18 Jan
HUBBARDElizabeth1-May1755d. George/Elizabeth, child born 1 May
HUBBARDEzechiel22-Sep1769s. Michael/Ann, child born 27 Aug
HUBBARDEzekiel10-Jul1766s. Michael/Anne, child born 10 Jul
HUBBARDGeorge31-Mar1730s. John/Mary
HUBBARDGeorge20-Mar1757s. George/Elizabeth, child born 3 Mar
HUBBARDGeorge29-Nov1760s. George/Elizabeth, child born 29 Oct
HUBBARDGeorge17-Oct1776s. Michael/Ann, child born 11 Oct
HUBBARDGeorge & Mary10-Dec1758s. and d. George/Elizabeth, child born 27 Nov
HUBBARDJohn22-Nov1760s. Michael/Mary, child born 20 Nov
HUBBARDJohn4-Jun1762s. George/Elizabeth, child born 3 Jun
HUBBARDJohn17-Oct1765s. Michael/Anne, child born 6 Oct
HUBBARDJohn Alderstone22-Jul1767s. Michael/Anne, child born 22 Jun
HUBBARDJohn William Cornelius15-Apr1781s. Samuel/Mary, child born 23 Mar
HUBBARDMary2-May1773d. Michael/Anne, child born 30 Mar
HUBBARDMichael5-Aug1733s. John/Mary
HUBBARDMichael20-Dec1763s. Michael/Mary, child born 20 Nov
HUBBARDMichael & Ezekiel3-Jun1732ss. John/Mary
HUBBARDRichard10-Feb1738s. John/Mary
HUBBARDSamuel30-Nov1783s. Samuel/Mary, child born 5 Nov
HUBBARDSamuel Henry2-Mar1777s. Samuel/Mary, child born 5 Feb
HUBBARDThomas Anthony25-Jul1779s. Samuel/Mary, child born 29 Jun
HUDSONSarah3-Aug1783d. late Thomas/Sarah, child born 15 Jul
HUDSONThomas11-Mar1781s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 17 Feb
HUETMartha27-Nov1768d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 16 Nov
HUETTEdward14-Dec1766s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 7 Dec
HUFFAMJohn28-Aug1726s. Stephen/Mary
HUFFAMJohn & Elisabeth28-Mar1731s. and d. Stephen/Mary
HUGHESAnne8-Sep1761d. Stephen/Mary, child born 8 Sep
HUGHESCharlotte7-Jun1778d. Thomas/Martha, child born 21 May
HUGHESElizabeth24-Jan1730d. Michael/Elizabeth
HUGHESElizabeth23-Apr1786d. Bennett Randall [or RANDALL is a surname], child born 12 Apr
HUGHESElizabeth10-Apr1755d. Stephen/Mary, child born 9 Apr
HUGHESElizabeth3-Jan1762d. John/Anne, child born 29 Dec 1761
HUGHESElizabeth Anne13-Apr1783d. Samuel/Mary, child born 19 Mar
HUGHESHanna11-Feb1732d. Michael/Elisabeth
HUGHESHarriott22-Apr1785d. William/Mary, [birth date not recorded]
HUGHESJohn20-Feb1736s. John/Mary
HUGHESJohn17-Jun1750s. Stephen/Mary, child born 5 Jun
HUGHESJohn31-May1778s. William/Sarah, child born 9 May
HUGHESJohn14-May1783s. William/Sarah, child born 1 May
HUGHESMartha24-Sep1780d. Thomas/Martha, child born 7 Sep
HUGHESMary14-Nov1736d. Michael/Elisabeth
HUGHESMary15-Jun1759d. Stephen/Mary, child born 15 Jun
HUGHESMercy15-Sep1778d. John/Johanna, child born 5 Sep
HUGHESMichael1-Oct1747s. Michael/Elizabeth
HUGHESSamuel19-Feb1754s. Stephen/Mary, child born 18 Feb
HUGHESStephen14-Jan1752s. Stephen/Mary, child born 13 Jan
HUGHESStephen20-Feb1785s. John/Johanna, child born 31 Jan
HUGHESThomas1-Oct1780s. John/Johanna, child born 30 Aug
HUGHESThomas4-Aug1784s. William/Sarah, child born 11 Jul
HUGHESThomas5-Sep1784s. William/Sarah, child born 15 Jul
HUGHSAnn7-Apr1776d. Thomas/Martha, child born 18 Mar [or 17 Mar]
HUGHSElizabeth5-Apr1772d. John/Susanna, child born 27 Mar
HUGHSGeorge23-May1790s. William/Sarah, child born 27 Mar
HUGHSHenry23-Jan1767s. Stephen/Mary, child born 23 Jan
HUGHSJane24-May1774d. Thomas/Martha, child born 7 May
HUGHSJoanna17-Jan1790d. John/Joanna, 'P' [pauper], child born 13 Jan
HUGHSMary10-Jul1763d. John/Anne, child born 29 Jun
HUGHSMary13-May1781d. William/Sarah, [birth date not recorded]
HUGHSMary12-Sep1790d. Stephen/Mary, child born 16 Aug
HUGHSMary Ann14-Mar1790d. William/Mary, child born 11 Feb
HUGHSMary Ann22-May1791d. William/Sarah, child born 15 Apr
HUGHSSarah10-Feb1765d. John/Anne, child born 25 Jan
HUGHSSarah26-Oct1775d. John/Susanna, child born 26 Oct
HUGHSSarah14-Nov1779d. William/Sarah, child born 2 Nov
HUGHSSarah4-Nov1792d. William/Mary, child born 27 Sep
HUGHSSarah2-Sep1792d. William/Sarah, child born 9 Aug
HUGHSStephen12-Dec1773s. John/Susanna, child born 6 Dec
HUGHSStephen20-Nov1791s. Stephen/Mary, child born 26 Oct
HUGHSWilliam1-Sep1776s. William/Sarah, child born 21 Aug
HUGHSWilliam6-Oct1782s. John/Johanna, child born 10 Sep
HUMBLEJane20-Dec1769d. John/Anne, child born 20 Dec
HUMBLEJohn25-Feb1789s. John/Sarah, child born 2 Feb
HUMBLEWilliam15-May1774s. John/Anne, child born 24 Apr
HUMPHREYJane1-Mar1758d. John/Effey, child born 8 Feb
HUNTAnn18-Oct1789d. George/Margaret, 'P' [pauper], child born 14 Sep
HUNTEdward12-Jun1768s. George/Mary, child born 29 May
HUNTElizabeth10-Aug1792d. George/Margaret, child born 26 Jul
HUNTGeorge30-Jan1738s. Nicholas/Rachel
HUNTGeorge14-Aug1763s. George/Mary, child born 10 Aug
HUNTGeorge & Mary24-Aug1788twin s. and d. George/Margaret, child born 8 Aug
HUNTHannah1-Oct1786d. Stephen/Mary, child born 4 Sep
HUNTJohn18-Sep1766s. George/Mary, child born 5 Aug
HUNTJohn11-Jan1784s. Stephen/Mary, child born 18 Dec 1783
HUNTJohn31-Aug1787s. George/Margaret, child born 20 Aug
HUNTJohn15-Feb1789s. John/Lydia, child born 20 Nov 1788
HUNTMargaret8-Feb1789d. Stephen/Mary, child born 6 Jan
HUNTMary4-Aug1792d. John/Lydia, child born 1 Aug
HUNTPeggy2-Jul1786d. George/Margaret, child born 2 Jun
HUNTRachel27-Dec1761d. George/Mary, child born 24 Dec
HUNTRachel14-May1784d. George/Margaret, child born 13 May
HUNTSarah20-Mar1765d. George/Mary, child born 27 Feb
HUNTSarah12-Jun1785d. George/Margaret, child born 24 Apr
HUNTSarah4-May1785d. George/Margaret, child born 24 Apr
HUNTSarah Mussared5-Sep1791d. George/Margaret, child born 14 Aug
HUNTStephen15-May1785s. Stephen/Mary, child born 16 Apr
HUNTStephen4-Sep1791s. Stephen/Mary, child born 2 Aug
HUNTERAnna Maria23-Feb1787d. Robert Edward/Maria, child born 26 Jan
HUNTERChristopher Thomas Agrippa2-Aug1790s. Robert Edward/Maria, child born 7 Jul
HUNTERGeorge18-May1759s. William/Margaret, child born 12 May
HUNTERSarah Amelia24-Oct1788d. Robert Edward/Maria, child born 20 Oct
HUNTERWilliam Harrison30-Mar1792s. Robert Edward/Maria, child born 29 Feb
HUNTER alias WHITEWAYRobert Edward21-Dec1785s. Maria WHITEWAY 'The supposed father was Robert Edward HUNTER who afterwards married this woman on the 1st Dec instant [1785] at Kensington, Middlesex', child born 20 Oct
HURSTAbigail12-Jan1753d. William/Mary, child born 23 Dec 1752
HURSTDavid26-Jun1785s. David/Sarah, child born 13 Jun
HURSTElizabeth24-Nov1754bastard d. Sarah, child born 13 Nov
HURSTJoseph Reynolds29-Jan1792s. David/Sarah, child born 19 Dec 1791
HURSTMary18-Sep1733d. William/Mary
HURSTSarah12-Jul1789d. David/Sarah, child born 23 Jun
HURSTThomas26-Dec1750s. William/Mary, child born 9 Dec
HURSTWheatly13-Aug1747s. William/Mary
HURSTWilliam1-Jan1742s. William/Mary
HURSTWilliam7-Jan1776s. Robert/Sarah, child born 22 Dec 1775
HUTCHINSMargaret26-Dec1727d. Cuthbert/Deborah
HUTCHINSONGeorge22-Dec1785s. Thomas/Mary, child born 24 Nov
HUTCHINSONRachel9-Feb1783d. Thomas/Mary, child born 20 Jan
HUTCHINSONRobert4-Jan1789s. Thomas/Mary, child born 8 Dec 1788
INGRAMThomas16-Mar1789s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 24 Feb
INNARDSarah4-Mar1764d. Robert/Sarah, child born 24 Feb
INNISSSarah21-Sep1783d. Matthew/Sarah, child born 11 Sep
INWARDAnne2-Feb1732d. Jonathan/Anne
INWARDAnne6-Nov1757d. Jonathan/Agnes, child born 27 Oct
INWARDJonathan20-Jan1728s. Jonathan/Anne
INWARDMartha1-May1735d. Jonathan/Ann
INWARDMary Crickett14-Jul1776base d. Ann, child born 10 Jul
INWARDRobert3-Oct1731s. Jonathan/Anne
INWARDRobert23-Jan1770s. Robert/late Sarah, child born 13 Jan
INWARDSarah27-Apr1760d. Jonathan/Agnes, child born 13 Apr
IRELANDHenry Joseph30-Oct1785s. John Alexander/Mary, child born 5 Oct
JACKSONElizabeth Lejant7-Jun1761d. Richard/Mary, child born 5 Jun
JACKSONJonathan13-Aug1749s. Stephen/Mary
JACOBAnn29-Aug1790d. Daniel/Mary, child born 20 Jul
JACOBDaniel18-Aug1765s. John/Mary, child born 19 Jul
JACOBElizabeth2-Feb1787d. Daniel/Mary, child born 25 Dec 1786
JACOBMary16-May1764d. John/Mary, child born 8 Apr
JACOBMary Ann Elizabeth21-Dec1788d. Daniel/Mary, child born 14 Oct
JACOBRobert18-Apr1762s. John/Mary, child born 4 Apr
JACOBSarah19-Oct1788d. Robert/Ann, child born 13 Sep
JACOBSDaniel20-Apr1783s. Peter/Susanna, child born 24 Mar
JACOBSDaniel27-Mar1785s. Robert/Ann, child born 28 Feb
JACOBSHarriot31-Jul1791d. Robert/Ann, child born 7 Jun
JACOBSRobert Gann10-Dec1786s. Robert/Ann, child born 23 Nov
JACOBSSarah12-Aug1792d. Daniel/Mary, child born 12 Jul
JARMANJohn10-May1752s. Thomas/Martha, child born 22 Apr
JARRATCharles Thomas7-Oct1792s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 5 Aug
JARVISEdward26-May1739aged about 40y
JARVISEdward30-Mar1754s. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 28 Mar
JARVISEdward6-Jun1756s. Edward/Sibilla, child born 22 May
JARVISJeremiah Bradford20-Jan1760s. Edward/Sybilla, child born 20 Jan
JARVISJohn23-Feb1762s. Edward/Sybilla, child born 7 Feb
JARVISRichard17-Dec1757s. Edward/Sibilla, child born 16 Dec
JARVISWilliam15-Apr1765s. Edward/Sibilla, child born 3 Mar
JEKINPhillip8-Dec1782s. William/Sarah, child born 4 Dec
JEKINPhillip10-Mar1784s. William/Sarah, child born 19 Feb
JELLCharles14-Nov1792s. Benjamin/Mary, child born 15 Aug
JELLElizabeth Ann30-Jan1780d. Benjamin/Mary, child born 27 Dec 1779
JELLGeorge15-Feb1786s. Benjamin/Mary, child born 6 Jan
JELLIden2-Jul1788s. Benjamin/Mary, child born 6 Jun
JELLJohn4-Jul1790s. Benjamin/Mary, child born 27 Apr
JELLSarah19-Jun1782d. Benjamin/Mary, child born 20 Mar
JELLWilliam11-Jan1784s. Benjamin/Mary, child born 6 Dec 1783
JENKINMary1-May1792d. William/Sarah, child born 4 Apr
JENKINSAnn Elizabeth15-Jun1791d. John/Ann, child born 19 May
JENKINSJohn30-Nov1786s. William/Sarah, child born 5 Nov
JENKINSPhilip27-May1792s. John/Ann, child born 11 May
JENKINSRichard19-Jul1789s. William/Sarah, child born 14 Jun
JENKINSWilliam5-Dec1785s. William/Sarah, child born 21 Nov
JESSARDJames12-Oct1785s. James/Elizabeth, child born 10 Oct
JESSARDJames20-Nov1785s. James/Elizabeth, child born 10 Oct, 'registered before'
JESSARDMary & Elizabeth25-Nov1788twin ds. James/Elizabeth, child born 25 Nov
JESSARDThomas12-Aug1787s. James/Elizabeth, child born 11 Jul
JEWELAnn23-Apr1742d. Prince/Elisabeth
JEWELElisabeth6-Nov1738d. Prince/Elisabeth
JEWELMargaret9-Jan1743d. Prince/Elizabeth
JEWELMary4-Apr1745d. William/Mary
JEWELMary24-Feb1756d. William/Mary, child born 6 Feb
JEWELPrince6-Dec1739s. Prince/Elisabeth
JEWELWilliam6-Feb1732s. Valentine/Mary, child born 12 Jan
JEZARDHarriot31-Jul1791d. James/Elizabeth, child born 1 Jul
JEZARDMary26-Sep1792d. James/Elizabeth, child born 19 Aug
JEZARDThomas25-Jul1790s. James/Elizabeth, child born 4 Jul
JOADGeorge Curling14-Mar1766s. Andrew/Jane, child born 25 Feb
JOADSarah12-Dec1770d. Andrew/Jane, child born 27 Nov
JOADThomas1-Jan1765s. Andrew/Jane, child born 19 Dec 1764
JOHNCOCKEdward Cowell2-Mar1769base s. Mary, child born 2 Mar
JOHNCOCKJeremiah Joyce1-Oct1773base s. Mary, child born 17 Sep
JOHNSThomas26-Dec1774s. John/Anne, child born 26 Nov
JOHNSONEdward1-May1774s. Edward/Margaret, child born 17 Apr
JOHNSONHenry18-Feb1789s. Edward/Margaret, child born 17 Feb [Note: baptism date not included, the one entered here is an estimate]
JOHNSONJohn21-Oct1766s. Capt Thomas/Martha, child born 20 Oct
JOHNSONJohn14-Nov1779s. Edward/Margaret, child born 31 Oct
JOHNSONRobert & John13-Feb1785twin ss. Edward/Margaret, child born 7 Feb
JOHNSONSarah Bushell2-Aug1772d. Edward/Margaret, child born 19 Jul
JOHNSONSarah Solly29-Dec1776d. Edward/Margaret, child born 18 Dec
JOHNSONThomas3-Sep1786s. Edward/Margaret, child born 8 Aug
JOHNSONThomas Demottos22-Oct1759s. Thomas/Martha, child born 8 Oct
JOHNSONWilliam Butler23-Jun1782s. Edward/Margaret, child born 16 Jun
JOINERSarah18-Feb1776base d. Ann, child born 22 Jan
JONESAnn9-Aug1789d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jul
JONESAnn Sophia3-Aug1783d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 6 Jul
JONESAnne12-Jul1772d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 4 Jul
JONESElizabeth25-Dec1768d. William/Margaret, child born 19 Dec
JONESElizabeth3-Jun1781d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 2 May
JONESElizabeth6-Jun1784d. William/Elizabeth, child born 24 May
JONESElizabeth9-Nov1785d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 15 Oct
JONESEmma4-Nov1792d. Thomas/Ann, child born 5 Sep
JONESHenry11-Aug1775s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 21 Jul
JONESHenry30-May1781s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 10 May
JONESJohn30-Sep1785s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 11 Sep
JONESJohn Richard22-Oct1773s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 8 Oct
JONESMary13-Apr1788d. William/Elizabeth, child born 11 Feb
JONESRichard21-Nov1777s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 20 Oct
JONESRichard27-Oct1777s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 20 Oct
JONESRichard18-Aug1779s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 28 Jul
JONESRobert1-Aug1787s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 5 Jul
JONESSarah29-May1766d. William/Margaret, child born 22 May
JONESSusanna20-Dec1789d. William/Elizabeth, child born 22 Nov
JONESThomas John2-Sep1791s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 8 Aug
JONESWilliam9-May1779s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 31 Mar
JONESWilliam19-Jan1783s. William/Elizabeth, child born 29 Dec 1782
JONESWilliam27-Feb1791s. William/Mary Ann, child born 31 Jan
JONESWilliam Stokes15-Dec1769s. William/Margaret, child born 2 Dec
JORDANElizabeth28-Apr1726aged about 63y
JOYJesse16-May1784s. James/Jane, child born 24 Apr
JOYJesse13-Dec1789s. Jesse/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 18 Nov
JOYMary14-May1786d. James/Jane, child born 28 May [28 Apr intended?]
JOYMercy10-Sep1788d. Jesse/Sarah, child born 31 Aug
JOYMercy22-Nov1789d. James/Susanna, 'P' [pauper], child born 4 Nov
JOYPetly14-Jul1736a bastard child
JOYSarah6-Mar1791d. Jesse/Sarah, child born 10 Feb
JOYThomas8-Jul1792s. Jesse/Sarah, child born 18 Jun
JOYNERMary7-Jun1748d. John/Elizabeth
KANNEBYMargaret Brown28-Feb1786d. John/Jemmima, child born 14 Feb
KEDDERMargaret30-May1732d. Ambrose/Martha [surname originally written as KEDDEL]
KEETEdward7-Aug1768s. John/Susanna, child born 28 Jul
KEETMary7-Mar1753d. John/Martha, child born 17 Feb
KEETSarah10-Nov1765d. John/Susanna, child born 23 Oct
KEETSusanna22-Feb1771d. John/Susanna, child born 13 Feb
KEETThomas25-Jan1761s. William/Margaret, child born 12 Jan
KEETWillliam15-Oct1762s. William/Margaret, child born 5 Oct
KEMBALLIsaac27-Feb1757s. Richard/Sarah, child born 13 Feb
KEMBERAnn12-Jan1783d. Richard/Sarah, [birth date not recorded]
KEMBERCatherine Shingleson28-Jan1781d. Richard/Sarah, child born 7 Jan
KEMBERGeorge24-Sep1786s. Richard/Sarah, child born 21 Aug
KEMBERJohn20-Oct1730s. Richard/Elisabeth
KEMBERLydia1-Aug1779d. Richard/Sarah, child born 28 Jun
KEMBERMary10-Mar1727d. Richard/Elizabeth
KEMBERMary27-May1753d. Richard/Sarah, child born 21 May
KEMBERMary28-Jul1776d. Richard/Sarah, child born 2 Jul
KEMBERRichard24-Sep1749s. Richard/Sarah
KEMBERRichard28-Feb1790s. Richard/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 26 Jan
KEMBERSarah30-Oct1748d. Richard/Sarah
KEMBERSarah11-Oct1772d. Richard/Sarah, child born 6 Sep
KEMBERSeth15-Dec1751s. Richard/Sarah, child born 20 Nov
KEMBERStephen11-Sep1774s. Richard/Sarah, child born 10 Aug
KEMBERWilliam12-May1771s. Richard/Sarah, child born 11 Apr
KEMPAnne22-Aug1762d. John/Joanna, child born 25 Jul
KEMPMary16-Nov1760d. John/Joanna, child born 1 Nov
KENDALLAnn29-Jan1787d. John/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 28 Jan
KENDALLAnn11-Mar1789d. John/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 16 Nov 1788
KENDALLGeorge16-May1790s. John/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 1 Apr
KENDALLThomas16-Oct1785s. John/Mary, child born 24 Sep
KENNARDAbigail21-Jul1751d. John/Elisabeth, child born 27 Jun
KENNARDAnn23-Oct1743d. John/Elisabeth
KENNARDHammond25-Sep1726s. Hammond/Mary
KENNARDHammond2-Aug1747s. John/Elizabeth
KENNARDJohn7-Sep1746s. John/Elisabeth
KENNARDJohn15-Apr1750s. John/Elizabeth, child born 23 Mar
KENNARDMary13-Sep1741d. John/Elisabeth
KENNARDSarah26-Nov1737d. John/Elisabeth
KENNARDStephen24-Aug1729s. Hammond/Mary
KENNARDStephen12-Feb1748s. John/Elizabeth
KENNARDStephen1-Feb1755s. Stephen/Margaret, child born 1 Feb
KENNEBYEdward27-May1787s. John/Jemmima, child born 15 May
KENNEBYElizabeth30-Nov1749d. Richard/Sarah
KENNEBYJohn5-Apr1752s. Robert/Margaret, child born 26 Mar
KENNEBYJohn22-Oct1775s. Robert/Mary, child born 18 Oct
KENNEBYMargaret16-Jul1754d. Robert/Margaret, child born 2 Jul
KENNEBYMartha Smith14-Feb1780d. Robert/Mary, child born 14 Feb
KERBYAnne11-Dec1763d. William/Mary, child born 20 Nov
KERBYElisabeth31-Dec1726d. William/Elisabeth
KERBYElizabeth19-Oct1760d. William/Mary, child born 28 Sep
KERBYMary16-May1762d. William/Mary, child born 11 Apr
KERBYMary18-Nov1792d. William/Mary, child born 17 Oct
KERBYWilliam23-Jul1732s. William/Elisabeth
KERBYWilliam7-Jan1770s. William/Mary, child born 16 Dec 1769
KERMONGeorge14-Nov1791s. Thomas/Mary, child born 28 Oct
KERMONJohn Litchfield20-Aug1786s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 30 Jul
KERMONMary Ann31-Oct1787d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 3 Oct
KERMONWilliam27-Mar1789s. Thomas/Mary, child born 3 Mar
KERWINJames Edward31-May1781s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 11 May
KEVERSAnne1-Jan1775d. James/Susanna, child born 7 Dec 1774
KEVERSEdward19-Sep1756s. John/Mary, child born 30 Aug
KEVERSElizabeth24-Aug1777d. James/Susanna, child born 25 Jul
KEVERSHannah2-Jun1776d. John/Hannah, child born 21 May
KEVERSJames8-Feb1746s. John/Mary
KEVERSJenny14-Sep1777d. John/Hannah, child born 20 Aug
KEVERSJohn28-Feb1768s. James/Susanna, child born 2 Feb
KEVERSJohn19-Mar1775s. John/Hannah, child born 23 Feb
KEVERSMary4-Mar1759d. John/Mary, child born 15 Feb
KEVERSMary8-Sep1765d. James/Susanna, child born 23 Aug
KEVERSMary12-Sep1773d. John/Hannah, child born 27 Aug
KEVERSSarah13-Jan1771d. James/Susanna, child born 9 Jan
KEVERSSarah10-May1772d. John/Hannah, child born 15 Apr
KEVERSThomas3-Mar1771s. John/Hannah, child born 15 Feb
KEVERSThomas12-May1776s. Thomas/Grace, child born 10 Apr
KEVERSThomas22-Apr1754s. John/Mary, child born 17 Apr
KEVERSWilliam9-Jul1749s. John/Mary
KEVERSWilliam6-May1792s. Edward/Mary, child born 11 Apr
KEVONSJames7-Jan1787s. James/Susannah, child born 13 Nov 1786
KEVUSJames8-Sep1782s. Edward/Mary, child born 26 Aug
KEVUSJane21-Jan1783d. John/Sarah, child born 1 Jan
KEVUSMary4-Mar1781d. Thomas/Grace, child born 1 Feb
KEYTEJohn23-Nov1760s. John/Susanna, child born 12 Nov
KEYTEThomas24-Jul1763s. John/Susanna, child born 18 Jul
KIDDJames14-Sep1770s. Robert/Mary, child born 31 Aug
KIDDJane Walton11-May1768d. Robert/Mary, child born 15 Apr
KIDDMary28-Jan1774d. Robert/Mary, child born 6 Jan
KIDDRobert1-Mar1772s. Robert/Mary, child born 13 Feb
KIDDWilliam3-May1778s. Robert/Mary, child born 19 Apr
KIDDERJohn30-Jun1734s. Ambrose/Martha
KIDDER or KIDWELLElias28-Nov1736s. Ambrose/Martha
KIDWELMartha3-Dec1739d. Ambrose/Martha
KIDWELWilliam5-Aug1741s. Ambrose/Martha
KIDWELLMary8-Jan1738d. Ambrose/Martha
KILEYAmbrose30-Mar1783s. John/Phoebe, child born 16 Mar
KIMBERSarah29-Sep1750d. Richard/Sarah, child born 25 Sep
KINGSarah19-Mar1775base d. Sarah, child born 6 Mar
KIRBYAnne26-Sep1767d. William/Mary, child born 12 Sep
KIRBYMary15-Dec1765d. William/Mary, child born 22 Nov
KIRBYMary27-Mar1771d. William/Mary, child born 22 Mar
KIRMONThomas1-May1785s. Thomas/Mary, child born 7 Apr
KITEElizabeth1-Oct1786d. John/Ann, child born 13 Sep
KITEElizabeth17-Jul1791d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 6 Jul
KITESarah29-Jul1791d. John/Ann, child born 16 Jun
KITESusanna21-Jun1789d. John/Ann, child born 8 Jun
KITEWilliam4-Oct1789s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 5 Sep
KITSONSarah28-Oct1792d. Edmund/Mary, child born 5 Oct
KNATCHBULLSarah11-Feb1770d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 31 Jan
KNATCHBULLThomas3-Aug1771s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 21 Jul
KNIGHTEdward23-Dec1776s. Henry/Sarah, child born 30 Nov
KNIGHTHenry Winnefrith28-Jun1775s. Henry/Sarah, child born 17 May
KNIGHTJohn18-Mar1792s. William/Margaret, child born 23 Feb
KNIGHTMary Franks19-Aug1778d. Henry/Sarah, child born 25 Jul
KNIGHTSarah27-Sep1773d. Henry/Sarah, child born 3 Sep
KNOCKAnn10-Sep1788d. Thomas/Ann, child born 10 Aug
KNOCKEdmund12-Aug1753s. Thomas/Mary, child born 4 Aug
KNOCKJane18-Mar1770d. Richard/Jane, child born 8 Mar
KNOCKJohn1-Jan1735s. Richard/Susanna
KNOCKJohn20-May1746s. John/Katharine
KNOCKJohn8-Jul1750s. Thomas/Mary, child born 4 Jul
KNOCKMaria28-Oct1792d. Thomas/Ann, child born 2 Sep
KNOCKMartha7-Dec1737d. Richard/Susanna
KNOCKMartha6-Oct1771d. Richard/Jane, child born 27 Sep
KNOCKMary6-Feb1739d. Richard/Susanna
KNOCKMary11-Dec1755d. Thomas/Mary, child born 8 Dec
KNOCKMary10-Apr1773d. Richard/Jane, child born 8 Apr
KNOCKRichard20-Apr1742s. Richard/Susanna
KNOCKRichard20-Jan1744s. John/Katharine
KNOCKRichard2-Aug1747s. Richard/Sarah
KNOCKRichard2-Oct1780s. Richard/Jane, child born 27 Sep
KNOCKRichard8-Jun1785s. Thomas/Ann, child born 7 May
KNOCKRichard27-Mar1757s. Thomas/Mary, child born 9 Mar
KNOCKSarah23-Jul1749d. Richard/Sarah
KNOCKSarah21-Nov1790d. Thomas/Ann, child born 1 Nov
KNOCKThomas7-Feb1747s. John/Catharine
KNOCKThomas24-Nov1751s. Thomas/Mary, child born 12 Nov
KNOCKThomas26-Nov1786s. Thomas/Ann, child born 20 Oct
KNOCKThomas4-Jul1756s. Richard/Sarah, child born 15 Jun
KNOCKWillliam11-Feb1755s. John/Catherine, child born 10 Feb
KNOCKWillliam22-Dec1758s. Richard/Sarah, child born 21 Dec
KNOTJames8-Mar1738s. Daniel/Elisabeth
KNOTJohn16-Dec1762s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 3 Dec
KNOTTElisabeth8-May1741d. Daniel/Elisabeth
KNOTTJames5-Oct1768s. Thomas/Anne, child born 17 Sep
KNOTTJohn12-Feb1790s. James/Elizabeth, child born 17 Jan
KNOTTSarah9-Dec1745d. Daniel/Elisabeth
KNOTTThomas19-Oct1770s. Thomas/Anne, child born 30 Sep
KNOTTThomas Brooker7-Oct1791s. James/Elizabeth, child born 11 Sep
KNOWLERWilliam5-Sep1730s. William/Anne
KYTEAnne12-Dec1756d. John/Martha, child born 9 Nov
LAATHRebekah31-Jul1789d. William/Ann, child born 4 Jul
LABROSSESusan Elisabeth25-Aug1765d. James/Elisabeth, child born 18 Aug
LADDaniel8-Jun1760s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 8 Jun
LADEdward29-Oct1741s. Edward/Ann
LADElisabeth28-Oct1729d. John/Mary
LADElisabeth30-Sep1733d. Thomas/Mary
LADElisabeth23-May1736d. William/Ann
LADElisabeth21-Feb1742d. Robert/Mary
LADEsther22-Aug1734d. Robert/Mary
LADGeorge10-Aug1743s. William/Ann
LADJane31-Jul1740d. William/Jane
LADJohn9-Jun1736s. John/Mary
LADMargaret13-Jan1737d. Robert/Sarah
LADMary2-Feb1732d. John/Mary
LADMary15-Sep1736d. John/Mary
LADMary7-Dec1736d. William/Jane
LADMary25-Jan1737d. Robert/Mary
LADMary Foreman27-Jul1738d. Edward/Ann
LADMichael2-Feb1730s. John/Mary
LADRachel1-Nov1726d. Robert/Mary
LADRobert12-Nov1727s. Thomas/Mary
LADRobert23-Mar1731s. Thomas/Mary
LADRobert26-Nov1732s. William/Anne
LADRobert30-Oct1740s. Robert/Sarah
LADRobert4-Sep1741s. John/Mary
LADRobert20-Aug1744s. Robert/Sarah
LADRuth9-May1729d. Robert/Mary
LADSarah6-Jun1726d. Thomas/Mary
LADSarah16-Apr1735d. John/Mary
LADSarah20-Jul1739d. John/Mary
LADSarah5-May1742d. Robert/Elisabeth
LADSusanna7-Mar1739d. Edward/Ann
LADThomas15-Nov1727s. John/Mary
LADThomas30-Jul1738s. Thomas/Mary
LADWillliam18-Jun1746s. William/Jane
LADDAnn19-Jan1742d. Edward/Ann
LADDAnn7-Mar1779d. Robert/Sarah, child born 22 Feb
LADDEdward10-Feb1754s. Robert/Sarah, child born 24 Jan
LADDEdward Wilds27-Dec1774s. Robert/Isabella, child born 4 Dec
LADDElizabeth19-Sep1738d. William/Jane
LADDElizabeth13-May1750d. John/Elisabeth, child born 26 Apr
LADDElizabeth25-Aug1776d. Robert/Sarah, child born 24 Aug
LADDElizabeth29-Nov1789d. Francis/Hannah, 'P' [pauper], child born 16 Nov
LADDElizabeth3-Jan1790d. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 10 Dec 1789
LADDFrances16-Apr1750d. William/Jane, child born 8 Apr
LADDFrancis9-Jan1753s. Francis/Anne, child born 25 Dec 1752
LADDGeorge1-Dec1785s. Robert/Isabell, child born 3 Nov
LADDGeorge25-Nov1786s. Robert/Issabella, child born 3 Nov
LADDGiles14-Jan1741s. William/Jane
LADDJane8-Jun1745d. William/Jane
LADDJane15-Jul1753d. William/Jane, child born 24 May
LADDJohn16-Apr1749s. Robert/Sarah
LADDJohn23-Jan1752s. Robert/Mary, child born 22 Dec 1751
LADDJohn1-Apr1758s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 31 Mar
LADDJohn27-May1779s. Robert, Jr./Isabella, child born 30 Apr
LADDJohn17-Sep1791s. Robert/Isabell, child born 2 Aug
LADDJohn13-Nov1791s. Robert/Sarah, child born 21 Oct
LADDMargaret6-May1726d. William/Anne
LADDMartha8-Feb1755d. Francis/Anne, child born 5 Feb
LADDMary26-Feb1745d. John/Elisabeth
LADDMary29-Dec1772d. Robert, Jr./Isabell, child born 13 Dec
LADDMary7-Nov1781d. Robert/Isabella, child born 28 Sep
LADDMary Ann2-Nov1788d. Mary, child born 16 Sep
LADDMary Grant10-Apr1773base d. Elizabeth, child born 8 Apr
LADDRachel8-Feb1759d. Robert/Mary, child born 18 Jan
LADDRichard Middleton7-Sep1783s. William/Mary, child born 3 Jul
LADDRobert15-Oct1747s. Robert/Mary
LADDRobert17-Oct1753s. Robert/Elizabeth, child born 17 Oct
LADDRobert27-May1781s. Robert/Sarah, child born 5 May
LADDRobert15-Dec1784s. Robert/Issabella, child born 18 Nov
LADDRobert23-Jun1785s. Edward/Lydia, child born 27 May
LADDRobert16-Oct1785s. Robert/Sarah, child born 3 Oct
LADDRobert7-Feb1791s. John/Margaret, child born 6 Feb
LADDRobert Brasher7-Dec1783s. Robert/Sarah, child born 20 Nov
LADDRobert Thomas25-Dec1781s. William/Mary, child born 24 Nov
LADDSarah2-Feb1740d. Robert/Mary
LADDSarah24-Oct1756d. Robert/Sarah, child born 4 Oct
LADDSarah26-Jun1782d. Robert/Sarah, child born 2 Jun
LADDSarah23-Dec1787d. Robert/Sarah, child born 9 Dec
LADDSarah19-Feb1792d. Mary, child born 5 Sep 1791
LADDSusanna16-Apr1745d. Robert/Mary
LADDSusanna2-Sep1753d. Robert/Mary, child born 29 May
LADDThomas7-Apr1730s. Thomas/Mary
LADDVincent17-Feb1771base s. Anne, child born 25 Jan
LADDWilliam21-Mar1748s. William/Jane
LADDWilliam25-Dec1780s. William/Mary, child born 16 Nov
LADDWilliam Atwood11-Sep1774s. Robert, Jr./Sarah, child born 9 Sep
LADDWilliam Foreman8-Apr1747s. John/Elizabeth
LADDWilliam Hammond1-Jan1777s. Robert, Jr./Isabella, child born 5 Dec 1776
LADDWilliam Tib16-Sep1746s. Robert/Sarah
LADDWillliam26-Sep1751s. Robert/Sarah, child born 28 Aug
LADDWillliam27-Sep1751s. William/Elizabeth ['Robert' written above the father's name with the following notation: 'It is authentickly affirmed that Mr. Jacob mistook the name William for Robert'], child born 19 Sep
LADDWillliam31-May1752s. William/Jane, child born 12 May
LAMINGAnne5-Mar1731d. Thomas/Elisabeth
LAMINGBredwell29-Mar1755s. Richard/Susanna, child born 29 Mar
LAMINGDaniel20-May1785s. William/Mary, child born 18 Apr
LAMINGDaniel19-Jun1785s. William/Mary, child born 25 May
LAMINGDaniel24-Jan1762s. John/Sarah, child born 23 Dec 1761
LAMINGElizabeth18-Jul1736d. Thomas/Elisabeth
LAMINGElizabeth23-Dec1792d. James/Sarah, child born 22 Nov
LAMINGElizabeth15-Feb1756d. John/Sarah, child born 7 Feb
LAMINGGeorge31-Oct1729s. Richard/Mary
LAMINGIsabella27-Nov1789d. Richard, Jr./Susanna, child born 22 Oct
LAMINGJames30-Jan1791s. James/Sarah, child born 27 Dec 1790
LAMINGJane12-Jan1752d. John/Sarah, child born 31 Dec 1751
LAMINGJane Woodeson22-Sep1765d. Richard/Susanna, child born 16 Sep
LAMINGJohn5-Oct1746s. Stephen/Mary
LAMINGJohn14-Sep1761s. Richard/Susanna, child born 30 Aug
LAMINGMartha29-Feb1739d. Stephen/Mary
LAMINGMary16-Sep1750d. John/Sarah, child born 7 Sep
LAMINGMary26-Oct1785d. Richard/Ann, child born 1 Oct
LAMINGMary26-Dec1788d. James/Sarah, child born 15 Nov
LAMINGMary15-Apr1792d. William/Mary, child born 8 Feb
LAMINGMary Ann18-Mar1791d. Richard/Susanna, child born 21 Feb
LAMINGRachel23-Dec1792d. Richard/Susanna, child born 20 Oct
LAMINGRejoyce27-Mar1733d. Richard/Mary
LAMINGRichard27-Jul1727s. Richard/Mary
LAMINGRichard23-May1787s. Richard/Ann, child born 20 Apr
LAMINGRichard28-Mar1754s. Richard/Susanna, child born 13 Mar
LAMINGRichard18-Sep1757s. Richard/Susanna, child born 17 Sep
LAMINGSarah3-Aug1768d. Richard/Susanna, child born 22 Jul
LAMINGSarah13-Oct1782d. James/Sarah, child born 22 Sep
LAMINGSarah4-Feb1787d. William/Mary, child born 11 Jan
LAMINGSmith6-Jul1738d. Richard/Mary
LAMINGStephen18-Oct1742s. Stephen/Mary
LAMINGStephen Jennings19-Feb1764s. Richard/Susanna, child born 13 Feb
LAMINGSusanna26-May1738d. Stephen/Mary
LAMINGSusanna6-Jun1784d. James/Sarah, child born 12 May
LAMINGSusanna Ann20-Dec1778d. Richard/Ann, child born 22 Nov
LAMINGSusanna Ann15-Jun1783d. Richard/Ann, child born 25 May
LAMINGThomas29-Jul1744s. Stephen/Mary
LAMINGThomas7-Jan1781s. Richard/Anne, child born 10 Dec 1780
LAMINGWilliam1-Apr1733s. William/Esther
LAMINGWilliam5-May1734s. Thomas/Elizabeth
LAMINGWilliam15-Dec1771s. Richard/Susanna, child born 10 Dec
LAMINGWilliam17-May1789s. William/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 25 Apr
LAMINGWillliam25-Nov1753s. John/Sarah, child born 19 Nov
LAMPARDPolly Sophia30-Sep1783d. William/Sarah, child born 10 Aug
LAMPERTWilliam27-Nov1785s. William/Sarah, child born 21 Nov
LANDYWillliam17-Jul1752s. William/Lucretia, child born 27 Jun
LANGERWOODRobert Brasher3-Feb1766s. John/Anne, child born 3 Feb
LANGLEYElisabeth30-May1740bastard d. Mary
LANSELLMary Ann18-Mar1792d. William/Elizabeth, child born 4 Feb
LARKINGIsaac17-Jul1777s. John/Susannah, child born 26 Jun
LARKINGJane31-Jan1779d. John/Susanna, child born 14 Dec 1778
LARKINGJohn3-Jun1770s. John/Susanna, child born 22 May
LARKINGMary7-Feb1768d. John/Susanna, child born 1 Feb
LARKINGSamuel4-Sep1775s. John/Susanna, child born 24 Jul
LARKINGSusanna1-Nov1772d. John/Susanna, child born 15 Oct
LAURENCEDavis7-Apr1735s. Pierce/Elisabeth
LAURENCEElisabeth15-Jun1737d. Pierce/Elisabeth
LAURENCEMary6-Dec1730d. Pierce/Elisabeth
LAURENCEPierce25-Nov1732s. Pierce/Elisabeth
LAURENCEWilliam13-Feb1774base s. Sarah, child born 8 Jan
LAURENCE alias MITCHENERWilliam7-May1775base s. Sarah, begot by William MITCHENER, child born 22 Mar
LAVENDERElizabeth7-Jan1781d. James/Elizabeth, child born 12 Nov 1780
LAWRENCEHenry6-Jan1728s. Pierce/Elisabeth
LEMMONAlice22-Feb1758d. John/Alice, child born 10 Feb
LEMMONJohn14-Feb1749s. John/Alice
LEMMONMary24-Nov1754d. John/Alice [LEMON in entry], child born 8 Nov
LEMMONRobert1-Jan1740s. Elisabeth [fathers name not recorded]
LEMMONSarah29-Feb1784d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 30 Jan
LEMONAnn19-Nov1775d. John/Ann, child born 21 Oct
LEMONAnn21-Jan1781d. William/Mary, child born 30 Dec 1780
LEMONHenryJan1738s. Steven/Jane
LEMONHenry18-Jun1792s. John/Sarah, child born 15 May 1788
LEMONJames28-Apr1785s. Robert/Jane, [birth date not recorded]
LEMONJohn14-Sep1769s. John/Sarah, child born 1 Sep
LEMONJohn21-Jul1771s. John/Anne, child born 6 Jul
LEMONJohn7-Nov1774s. John, Jr./Anne, child born 7 Nov
LEMONJohn18-Jun1792s. John/Sarah, child born 5 Oct 1786
LEMONMartha21-Jul1770d. John, Jr./Sarah, child born 14 Jul
LEMONMary20-Jun1773d. John/Anne, child born 31 May
LEMONMary22-Jan1792d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 13 Dec 1791
LEMONRichard6-May1772s. John, Jr./Anne, child born 6 May
LEMONRichard6-Jul1777s. John/Ann, child born 14 Jun
LEMONSarah12-Sep1779d. John/Anne, child born 27 Aug
LEWISNehemiah8-Dec1782s. Nehemiah/Elizabeth, child born 25 Nov
LINDRIDGEAnn25-Jan1784d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 9 Jan
LINDRIDGESarah16-Oct1775[adult baptism of] wife [nee GOODBUN] of Thomas and d. William/Sarah GOODBUN, aged 23
LINDRIDGEThomas5-Sep1779s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 20 Aug
LINDRIDGEWilliam7-Jan1776s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 15 Dec 1775
LINEGARJohn25-Nov1757s. Joseph/Jane, a soldier, child born 7 Nov
LINGRIDGEHarriot16-Apr1789d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 2 Apr
LINGRIDGESarah24-Jul1791d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 25 Jun
LLOYDSusanna Gold24-Mar1790d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 24 Feb
LOADSarah24-Jun1787d. John/Susannah, child born 24 Apr
LOCKYERCharlotte5-Aug1789d. William/Mary, child born 2 Aug
LONGJoseph14-Mar1779s. John/Agnes, soldier in 18th Regiment of Foot, child born 14 Feb
LOVEElizabeth & Jane15-Feb1789twin ds. Richard/Jane, child born 18 Dec 1788
LOVEJohn3-Nov1782s. Richard/Jane, child born 11 Oct
LOVERichard29-Feb1784s. Richard/Jane, child born 15 Feb
LOVESarah20-Sep1786d. Richard/Jane, child born 26 Aug
LOVEWilliam26-Jun1791s. Richard/Jane, child born 5 Jun
LOVELMary4-Apr1784d. Nathaniel/Mary, child born 5 Feb
LOVELLMary2-Aug1757d. Nathaniel/Elizabeth, child born 24 Jul
LOVELLNathanael17-Jan1762s. Nathanl/Elizabeth, child born 24 Dec 1761
LOVELLNathaniel & Edward18-Jul1755ss. Nathaniel/Elizabeth, child born 18 Jul
LUNDRIDGEMary17-Aug1786d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 17 Aug
LYONSJohn28-Feb1781s. late Robert/Sarah, child born 1 Feb
LYONSRobert Thomas29-Nov1778s. Robert/Sarah, child born 7 Nov
MACADAMSJames18-Feb1787s. William/Elizabeth, child born 23 Jan
MACADAMSWilliam4-Jan1784s. William/Elizabeth, child born 13 Dec 1783
MACEJohn Cullen30-Jan1791s. William/Jane, child born 4 Jan
MACEMary Ann19-Oct1788d. William/Jane, child born 27 Sep
MACKOYGeorge8-Jan1758s. John/Jane, child born 22 Dec 1757
MACLAURINMary7-Mar1770d. James/Esther, child born 20 Feb
MACNALLYJohn15-May1791s. John/Mary, child born 24 Apr
MACNALLYRichard28-Sep1792s. John/Mary, child born 8 Sep
MALLONYCatherine16-Oct1752bastard d. Elizabeth, child born 18 Aug
MALLOWNEYElizabeth1-Feb1748d. James/Elizabeth
MALONEJames27-Feb1785[no other details recorded]
MALPASAnn9-Mar1783d. Thomas/Mary, child born 12 Feb
MALPASJohn8-Oct1752bastard s. Susanna, child born 28 Sep
MALPASMaria19-Nov1780d. Thomas/Mary, child born 13 Oct
MALPASSarah17-Oct1773d. Thomas/Mary, child born 23 Sep
MALPASStephen25-Jan1787s. Thomas/Mary, child born 14 Jan
MALPASSusanna4-Feb1776d. Thomas/Mary, child born 6 Jan
MALPASThomas28-Nov1742s. Thomas/Susanna
MALPASThomas16-Sep1744s. Thomas/Susanna
MALPASThomas13-Jul1770s. Thomas/Mary, child born 23 Jun
MALPOSSDavid4-Oct1778s. Thomas/Mary, child born 6 Sep
MANTELLAlice18-Apr1790d. John/Susanna, child born 28 Feb
MANTELLElizabeth Bishop27-Mar1789d. John/Susanna, child born 6 Feb
MANTELLJohn23-Dec1787s. John/Susannah, child born 26 Oct
MANTELLThomasin22-Aug1792d. John/Susanna, child born 6 Jul
MARGATEDavey4-Jun1765black servant of Mr. PARKER of London
MARKSAnna4-Mar1752d. Edward/Anna, child born 4 Mar
MARKSAnne9-Jun1754d. Edward/Anna, child born 9 Jun
MARKSEdward21-Jun1747s. Edward/Hannah
MARKSElizabeth31-Oct1744d. Edward/Hannah
MARKSJohn17-Jul1743s. Edward/Hanna
MARKSJohn22-Aug1756s. Edward/Anna, child born 27 Jul
MARKSSamuel11-Feb1753s. Edward/Anna, child born 10 Feb
MARSHAnn18-Nov1792d. William/Ann, child born 20 Oct
MARSHAnne30-Aug1734d. Thomas/Anne
MARSHElisabeth5-Jul1737d. Thomas/Mary
MARSHElizabeth26-Apr1767d. John/Mary, child born 28 Mar
MARSHFrancis5-Nov1740s. Thomas/Mary
MARSHFrancis5-Jan1772s. Francis/Elizabeth, child born 23 Dec 1771
MARSHJohn2-Jun1743s. Thomas/Mary
MARSHMary13-May1733d. Thomas/Anne
MARSHMary27-Feb1765d. John/Mary, child born 26 Jan
MARSHRichard11-Aug1776s. Francis/Elizabeth, child born 15 Jul
MARSHSusanna22-Sep1771d. John/Mary, child born 1 Sep
MARSHThomas18-Feb1738s. Thomas/Mary
MARSHThomas4-Mar1770s. John/Mary, child born 5 Feb
MARSHThomas14-Nov1773s. Francis/Elizabeth, child born 13 Oct
MARSHWilliam22-May1748s. William/Margaret
MARSHBANKSDavid16-Feb1777s. James/Mary, child born 22 Jan
MARSTOLLElisabeth17-Nov1734d. John/Mary
MARSTOLLJohn12-Sep1727s. John/Mary
MARSTOLLMary15-Dec1728d. John/Mary
MARSTOLLSusanna15-Mar1729d. John/Mary
MARSTOLLThomas25-Jul1736s. John/Mary
MARTINJohn16-Apr1791s. Samuel/Mary, child born 8 Apr
MARTINMary Ann18-Nov1792d. William/Mary, child born 15 Oct
MARTINSarah13-Aug1766d. William/Jane, child born 13 Aug
MARTINSarah27-Mar1791d. John/Sarah, child born 22 Feb
MARVELGeorge13-Oct1782s. John/Sarah, child born 16 Sep
MARVELLJohn14-Apr1750s. Valentine/Mary, child born 10 Apr
MARVELLValentine5-Sep1756s. Valentine/Mary, child born 30 Aug
MARVELLWilliam Webb11-Sep1785s. John/Sarah, child born 22 Aug
MASCHAELLLydia27-Aug1769d. Michael/Lydia, child born 7 Aug
MASCHAELLMichael16-Sep1770s. Michael/Lydia, child born 3 Sep
MASCHAELLSarah8-Sep1771d. Michael/Lydia, child born 20 Aug
MASKELJames3-May1778s. Michael/Lydia, child born 18 Apr
MASKILEdward22-Nov1772s. Michael/Lydia, child born 2 Nov
MASKILFrances2-Feb1777d. Michael/Lydia, child born 7 Jan
MASONJames & Mary10-Oct1726s. and d. James/Mary
MASONSarah12-Dec1729d. James/Abigal
MASTERSGeorge Stephens20-Mar1776s. George/Mary, child born 16 Feb
MATEMary Judith11-Jul1779d. Charles/Judith, child born 13 Jun
MATTHEWElisabeth1-Oct1746d. Stephen/Martha
MATTHEWSArthur20-Feb1742s. Edward/Hanna
MATTHEWSCatharine22-Apr1777d. Francis/Ann Catharine, child born 19 Apr
MATTHEWSHannah8-Aug1740d. Edward [mother's name not recorded]
MAXTEDAnn25-Apr1791d. Robert/Susanna, child born 9 Apr
MAXTEDGeorge6-Jan1782s. John/Mary, child born 27 Dec 1781
MAXTEDGeorge Harnett1-May1791s. George/Elizabeth, child born 26 Mar
MAXTEDHenry24-Sep1780s. John/Mary, child born 9 Sep
MAXTEDThomas13-Sep1780base s. Ann, child born 8 Sep
MAYAnn12-Aug1789d. Martin/Elizabeth, child born 30 Jun
MAYElizabeth19-Mar1773d. Martin/Elizabeth, child born 3 Mar
MAYHannah Belsey11-Dec1791d. Martin/Elizabeth, child born 27 Aug
MAYJohn22-Dec1782s. Martin/Elizabeth, child born 17 Nov
MAYJohn31-Aug1787s. Martin/Elizabeth, child born 26 Aug
MAYMartin13-Aug1780s. Martin/Elizabeth, child born 30 Jun
MAYSusanna Price16-Nov1777d. Martin/Elizabeth, child born 25 Oct
MAYSusanna Price3-Apr1785d. Martin/Elizabeth, child born 25 Feb
MAYWilliam Ladd9-Apr1775s. Martin/Elizabeth, child born 17 Mar
MAYNARDAbraham2-Mar1728s. William/Martha
MAYNARDDavid14-Aug1726s. William/Martha
MAYNARDSarah11-Jan1735d. William/Sarah
MAYNARDSarah1-Jan1740d. William/Sarah
MAYNARDStephen25-Jul1731s. William/Martha
MCADAMSHenry Stanley10-Jan1790s. William/Elizabeth, child born 16 Dec 1789
MERCERSamuel22-Jul1791s. Samuel/Ann, child born 8 Jul
MEREDITHJohn19-Mar1769s. John/Elizabeth, child born 19 Mar
MEXTEDSarah21-Dec1788d. Robert/Susannah, child born 28 Nov
MILESElizabeth28-Jun1789d. John/Susanna, child born 23 May
MILESJohn17-Jul1791s. Robert/Sarah, child born 22 Jun
MILESJohn30-Dec1792s. James/Frances, child born 16 Dec
MILESMartha28-Aug1791d. James/Frances, child born 23 Jul
MILESMary14-Oct1787d. Henry/Mary, child born 14 Sep
MILESThomas Gurney9-Apr1764s. Francis/Mary, child born 16 Mar
MILESWilliam26-Mar1786s. John/Susanna, child born 14 Feb
MILLARWilliam12-Nov1748s. Joseph/Ann
MILLERElisabeth10-Nov1744d. John/Elisabeth
MILLERElizabeth7-Mar1749d. Joseph/Ann
MILLERSarah10-Jun1792d. Stephen/Jane, child born 21 May
MILLERStephen29-Mar1730s. Joseph/Mildred
MILLESEdward27-Aug1784s. Jeremiah/Rose, child born 15 Jul
MILOMANJohn7-Aug1772s. John/Sarah, child born 27 Jul
MILOMANSarah24-May1776base d. Sarah, child born 17 May
MILOMANStephen12-Feb1769s. John/Sarah, child born 21 Jan
MILOMANWilliam Philpot21-Aug1774s. John/Sarah, child born 8 Aug
MINTERAnn15-Jul1777d. William/Ann, child born 7 Jul
MINTERAnn Elizabeth28-Mar1779d. George/Ann, child born 17 Mar
MINTERElizabeth4-Jan1789d. William/Ann, child born 27 Nov 1788
MINTERGeorge8-Sep1784s. William/Ann, child born 15 Aug
MINTERGeorge25-Nov1792s. Henry/Sarah, child born 27 Oct
MINTERHenry8-Oct1780s. William/Ann, child born 25 Sep
MINTERJane13-Sep1767d. George/Hannah, child born 5 Sep
MINTERJohn10-Dec1769s. Edward/Susanna, child born 28 Oct
MINTERJohn23-Jul1775s. William/Anne, child born 9 Jul
MINTERJohn8-Sep1782s. William/Ann, child born 10 Aug
MINTERJohn3-Jul1785s. George/Hannah, child born 2 Jun
MINTERJohn27-Jan1788s. George/Anna, child born 1 Jan
MINTERMargaret1-Oct1775d. George/Hannah, child born 15 Sep
MINTERMaria20-Oct1782d. George/Hannah, child born 29 Sep
MINTERMary18-Dec1768d. George/Hannah, child born 8 Dec
MINTERMary20-Nov1791d. Henry/Sarah, child born 19 Oct
MINTERSusanna17-Jan1768d. Edward/Susanna, child born 2 Dec 1767
MINTERSusanna30-Jun1771d. George/Hannah, child born 22 Jun
MINTERSusanna8-Nov1772d. George/Hannah, child born 1 Nov
MINTERThomas Bushell28-Jan1787s. William/Ann, child born 13 Jan
MITCHELLAnn7-Dec1788d. Joseph/Ann, child born 4 Nov
MITCHELLElizabeth25-May1788d. John/Sarah, child born 7 Apr
MITCHELLSarah14-Jan1787d. John/Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 14 Jan
MITCHENERAlice6-Mar1777d. John, Jr./Elizabeth, child born 19 Feb
MITCHENERAnn13-May1779d. John/Elizabeth, child born 13 May
MITCHENERAnna Maria20-Jun1784d. William/Sarah, child born 29 May
MITCHENERCatherine16-Feb1783d. William/Sarah, child born 24 Jan
MITCHENERCharles8-May1786s. John/Mary, child born 6 May
MITCHENERElizabeth15-Feb1774d. John, Jr./Elizabeth, child born 29 Jan
MITCHENERElizabeth17-Mar1776d. John, Jr./Elizabeth, child born 3 Mar
MITCHENERElizabeth17-Feb1782d. William/Sarah, child born 5 Feb
MITCHENERJohn17-Feb1773s. John, Jr./Elizabeth, child born 29 Jan
MITCHENERJoseph21-Oct1783s. John/Elizabeth, child born 21 Oct
MITCHENERSally25-Dec1778d. William/Sarah, child born 24 Nov
MITCHENERSusanna10-Mar1778d. John/Elizabeth, child born 14 Feb
MITCHENERThomas4-May1777s. William/Sarah, child born 6 Apr
MITCHENERThomas21-Jan1781s. William/Sarah, child born 28 Dec 1780
MOATElizabeth17-Apr1785d. William/Sarah, child born 25 Jan
MOATMaria28-Oct1787d. William/Sarah, child born 17 Sep
MOATSarah6-Sep1776d. William/Sarah, child born 24 Jul
MOATTElizabeth17-Oct1774d. William/Sarah, child born 19 Sep
MOATTWilliam16-Jul1780s. William/Sarah, child born 14 May
MOCKANESSMargaret19-Nov1738d. William/Ann
MOCKENESSElizabeth17-Jul1737d. William/Anne
MOCKETGeorge3-Oct1762s. William/Jane, child born 11 Sep
MOCKETSusanna12-Mar1734bastard d. Esther
MOCKETTAnne8-Jul1764d. John/Elisabeth, child born 23 Jun
MOCKETTElisabeth7-Apr1732d. William/Sybilla
MOCKETTMary27-Oct1765d. William/Elisabeth, child born 19 Oct
MOCKETTMary30-Oct1783d. Troward/Mary, child born 20 Oct
MOCKETTStephen16-Oct1764s. William/Jane, child born 8 Oct
MOCKETTThomas15-Apr1761s. William/Jane, child born 31 Mar
MOCKETTWilliam21-Mar1759s. William/Jane, child born 7 Mar
MOCKETTWilliam9-Sep1789s. William/Mary, child born 31 Jul
MOCKETTEEsther9-Sep1729d. John/Sarah
MOCKINESSAnne8-Apr1733d. William/Anne
MOCKINESSMartha8-Nov1730d. William/Anne
MOCKINESSMary15-Jun1735d. William/Ann
MOISEHenry13-Feb1728s. Henry/Mary
MOISEMary21-Dec1727d. Henry/Mary
MOLLOWNEYMary19-Aug1744d. James/Elisabeth
MONHORMargaret Cummins10-Jun1784d. Isabella, child born 11 May
MOORJohn25-Jun1750s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 24 Jun
MOORMary Ann21-Sep1792d. Jacob/Margaret, child born 7 Sep
MOOREMary1-Dec1727d. John/Susanna
MORISThomas26-Oct1788s. John/Martha, child born 9 Sep
MORLEYEdward Smyth1-Feb1779s. Edward Smyth/Elizabeth, child born 24 Jan
MORLEYElizabeth5-Mar1780d. Edward Smith/Elizabeth, child born 3 Feb
MORLEYGeorge19-Jun1777s. Edward Smyth/Elizabeth, child born 8 Jun
MORRISJohn15-Apr1787s. John/Martha, child born 15 Mar
MORRISSarah Ann29-Apr1792d. William/Sarah, child born 14 Mar
MORTALMANAlice2-Jun1771d. William/Catharine, child born 25 May
MORTALMANAnn10-Feb1788d. William/Catherine, child born 11 Jan
MORTALMANCharlotte Elizabeth23-Oct1785d. William/Catherine, child born 23 Sep
MORTALMANElizabeth3-Sep1780d. William/Catherine, child born 3 Aug
MORTALMANJohn19-Mar1769s. William/Catharine, child born 13 Feb
MORTALMANMary8-Mar1767d. William/Catharine, child born 23 Feb
MORTALMANSarah25-Jun1775d. William/Catharine, child born 6 Jun
MOSSAnn8-Mar1778d. Thomas/Hannah, child born 23 Feb
MOUNTINWilliam2-Jan1791s. George/Alice, child born 4 Dec 1790
MOYSEHenry6-Dec1736s. Henry/Mary
MOYSEJohn26-Dec1731s. Henry/Mary
MUMERYAbraham18-Sep1761s. Matthias/Hannah, child born 19 Aug
MUMERYJohn9-Jul1749s. John/Bennet
MUMERYJohn Foard25-Sep1755s. Matthias/Hannah, child born 25 Sep
MUMERYMatthias12-Aug1753s. Matthias/Hannah, child born 29 Jul
MUMERYRichard30-Oct1757s. Matthias/Hannah, child born 15 Oct
MUMERYRichard23-Nov1758s. Abraham/Mary, child born 7 Oct
MUMERYStephen17-Apr1759s. Matthias/Hannah, child born 24 Mar
MUMMERYAbraham6-Oct1755s. Abraham/Mary, child born 1 Sep
MUMMERYAnn13-Feb1788d. Matthias/Mary, child born 29 Jan
MUMMERYCharles13-May1781s. Matthias/Mary, child born 15 Apr
MUMMERYElisabeth16-Mar1745d. Matthias/Hanna
MUMMERYElizabeth9-Aug1747d. Matthias/Hannah
MUMMERYElizabeth30-Nov1784d. Matthias/Mary, child born 30 Nov
MUMMERYGeorge16-Jul1786s. Matthias/Mary, child born 7 Jun
MUMMERYHannah9-Mar1745d. John/Bennet
MUMMERYHannah4-Jul1751d. Matthias/Hannah, child born 3 Jul
MUMMERYHannah21-Dec1785d. Abraham/Sarah, child born 4 Nov
MUMMERYHenry2-Feb1726s. Richard/Anne
MUMMERYJohn20-Apr1731s. Richard/Anne
MUMMERYJohn Mocket6-Jan1745s. Abraham/Mary
MUMMERYMary11-Dec1749d. Matthias/Hannah
MUMMERYMary27-Apr1753d. Abraham/Mary, child born 5 Apr
MUMMERYMary19-Sep1779d. Matthias/Mary, child born 24 Aug
MUMMERYMary30-Dec1792d. Abraham, Jr./Sarah, child born 5 Dec
MUMMERYMatthias4-Jul1790s. Matthias, Jr./Mary, child born 2 Mar
MUMMERYMatthias Friend Lemon27-May1792s. Stephen/Lavinia, child born 21 Nov 1791
MUMMERYRichard7-Oct1782s. Matthias/Mary, child born 10 Sep
MUMMERYRobert28-Sep1729s. Richard/Anne
MUMMERYRobert9-Mar1780s. Richard/Mary, child born 17 Feb
MUMMERYSarah4-Jun1727d. Matthias/Elisabeth
MUMMERYSarah19-Feb1743d. John/Bennet
MUMMERYSarah16-Oct1776d. Matthias, Jr./Mary, child born 25 Sep
MUMMERYSarah Yeomans15-Nov1786d. Abraham/Sarah, [birth date not recorded]
MUMMERYStephen10-Aug1742s. Abraham/Mary
MUMMERYStephen12-Mar1748s. Abraham/Mary
MUMMERYSusanna9-Feb1753d. John/Bennet, child born 9 Feb
MUNDAYElizabeth13-May1770base d. Hannah, child born 5 May
MUNDAYHannah28-Mar1762d. Hannah, child born 19 Mar
MUNDAYMary17-Feb1754bastard d. Hannah, child born 8 Feb
MUNDSJohn2-Oct1785s. William/Elizabeth, child born 7 Sep
MUNNSMargaret15-Nov1789d. William/Elizabeth, child born 16 Oct
MUNNSThomas23-Aug1752s. John/Margaret, child born 11 Aug
MUNSSarah23-Dec1787d. William/Elizabeth, child born 26 Nov
MUNSWilliam11-Mar1792s. William/Elizabeth, child born 7 Mar
MURRAYMaria17-Jul1782d. Michael/Isabella, child born 13 Jul
MURRAYMartha18-Sep1776d. Michael/Isabella, child born 26 Aug
MURRAYMichael17-Jul1771s. Michael/Isabella, child born 16 Jul
MURSHESarah30-Mar1726d. Robert/Anne
MUSSAREDAndrew Simmons3-Nov1773s. William/Elizabeth, child born 22 Oct
MUSSAREDAnna Jemima13-Jun1784d. Thomas/Susanna, child born 11 May
MUSSAREDAnne13-Nov1763d. William/Rachel, child born 15 Oct
MUSSAREDElizabeth1-Oct1767d. William/Rachel, child born 21 Sep
MUSSAREDElizabeth10-Dec1775d. William/Elizabeth, child born 13 Nov
MUSSAREDJane17-Jan1741d. William/Jane
MUSSAREDJane18-Nov1777d. William/Elizabeth, child born 24 Oct
MUSSAREDJohn20-Dec1761s. William/Rachel, child born 19 Nov
MUSSAREDJohn12-Jun1782s. William/Elizabeth, child born 23 May
MUSSAREDMargaret5-Dec1756d. William/Jane, child born 2 Nov
MUSSAREDMepham6-Jul1777s. Thomas/Susanna, child born 21 Jun
MUSSAREDRachel2-Oct1765d. William/Rachel, child born 2 Sep
MUSSAREDRobert21-Nov1779s. Thomas/Susanna, child born 3 Nov
MUSSAREDSarah31-Dec1752d. William/Jane, child born 6 Dec
MUSSAREDSarah12-Jul1778d. Thomas/Susanna, child born 27 Jun
MUSSAREDThomas25-Feb1787s. Thomas/Susanna, child born 4 Feb
MUSSAREDWilliam27-Sep1747s. William/Jane
MUSSAREDWilliam3-Feb1785s. John/Sarah, child born ... Feb
MUSSAREDWilliam27-Feb1785s. John/Sarah, child born 3 Feb
MUSSAREDWilliam17-Aug1786s. John/Sarah, child born 13 Aug
MUSSAREDWilliam21-Sep1788s. William/Elizabeth, child born 10 Aug
MUSSEREDAnn15-Feb1740d. John/Ann
MUSSEREDElisabeth24-Jun1739d. John/Ann
MUSSEREDMartha29-Jun1746d. William/Jane
MUSSEREDMary14-Sep1735d. John/Ann
MUSSEREDMary22-Feb1740d. William/Jane
MUSSEREDThomas27-May1744s. William/Jane
MUSSEREDWilliam14-Aug1737s. John/Ann
MUTTONMary12-Jul1789d. William/Elizabeth, child born 21 Jun
MUTTONWilliam25-Dec1783s. William/Elizabeth, child born 15 Dec
MUZZERETJohn25-Mar1750s. William/Jane
NAPIERAgnes1-Sep1780d. Alexander/Elizabeth, child born 22 Aug
NAPIERCharles Alexander1-Aug1784s. Alexander/Elizabeth, child born 10 Jul
NAPIERElizabeth23-Jun1778d. Alexander/Elizabeth, child born 23 Jun
NAPIERHarriott16-Jul1786d. Alexander/Elizabeth, child born 17 Jun
NAPIERJosep24-Jan1789s. Alexander/Elizabeth, child born 22 Jan
NAPIERMargaret18-Nov1781d. Alexander/Elizabeth, child born 21 Oct
NAPIERMary Ann16-Jan1791d. Alexander/Elizabeth, child born 22 Dec 1790
NAPIERRosetta Margate6-Oct1776d. Alexander/Elizabeth, child born 17 Sep
NARERKelly4-Feb1787s. William/Ann, child born 17 Jan
NASHAnne13-Jan1754d. William/Anne, child born 25 Dec 1753
NASHBarbara22-Jun1785d. John/Jane, child born 21 May
NASHCaroline23-Dec1791d. John/Jane, child born 23 Nov
NASHElizabeth24-May1783d. John/Jane, child born 14 Apr
NASHJames24-Feb1790s. John/Jane, child born 4 Feb
NASHJane5-Oct1755d. William/Anne, child born 2 Oct
NASHJane6-Apr1779d. John/Jane, child born 20 Mar
NASHJane4-Jun1784d. John/Jane, child born 10 Apr
NASHJohn22-Jul1772s. William/Anne, child born 5 Jul
NASHMary14-Nov1756d. William/Anne, child born 23 Oct
NASHMary22-May1764d. Thomas/Anne, child born 5 May
NASHMary14-Apr1782d. John/Jane, child born 15 Jan
NASHMary11-Sep1787d. John/Jane, child born 26 Aug
NASHRichard3-Aug1774s. William/Anne, child born 2 Jul
NASHRobert26-Dec1777s. John/Jane, child born 1 Dec
NASHSarah2-Feb1759d. William/Anne, child born 20 Jan
NASHThomas25-Dec1780s. John/Jane, child born 11 Dec
NASHWilliam11-Oct1767s. William/Anne, child born 16 Sep
NEALElisabeth5-Mar1745d. John/Elisabeth
NEALJohn3-Aug1739s. John/Elisabeth
NEALJohn18-Oct1733aged 26y
NEALThomas18-Jul1739s. John/Elisabeth
NEALEEdward7-Feb1741s. John/Elizabeth
NEALEJohn11-Apr1737s. John/Elisabeth
NEALERachel5-Nov1733d. John/Elisabeth
NEALERachel3-Apr1748d. John/Elizabeth
NEALERichard.15-Jan1743s. John/Elisabeth
NEAMEFrances Jenkin26-May1779d. William/Elizabeth, child born 27 Apr
NETHERSOLEElizabeth14-Mar1749d. Robert/Hannah
NETHERSOLEEster12-Sep1742d. Henry/Catharine
NETHERSOLEHenry28-May1738s. Henry/Katharine
NETHERSOLEHenry10-Mar1754s. Richard/Laodicea, child born 1 Mar
NETHERSOLEJohn20-Feb1756s. Robert/Hannah, child born 16 Feb
NETHERSOLEJohn7-Sep1777s. Robert/Ann, child born 17 Aug
NETHERSOLEMary30-Nov1735d. Henry/Katharine
NETHERSOLERichard7-Jan1732s. Henry/Catharine
NETHERSOLERobert27-Dec1751s. Robert/Hannah, child born 26 Dec
NETHERSOLERobert14-May1775s. Robert/Anne, child born 17 Apr
NETHERSOLE or MOCKETLaurence30-Mar1755bastard s. Laurence NETHERSOLE/Elizabeth MOCKET, child born 28 Mar
NEWAnne19-Apr1757d. Gabriel/Elizabeth, child born 19 Apr
NEWAnne2-Nov1760d. Gabriel/Elizabeth, child born 13 Oct
NEWCOMBEElizabeth7-Jul1784base d. Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 2 May
NEWINJane16-Nov1760d. Thomas/Judith, child born 13 Nov
NEWINSarah5-Dec1762d. Thomas/Judith, child born 6 Oct
NEWINStephen5-May1765s. Thomas/Judith, child born 26 Mar
NEWINThomas7-Jun1767s. Thomas/Judith, child born 14 May
NEWINThomas23-Feb1759s. Thomas/Judith, child born 2 Feb
NEWINGJane8-Oct1780d. John/Jane, child born 19 Sep
NEWINGJudith13-Jul1755d. Thomas/Judith, child born 1 Jul
NEWTONMary Ann21-Mar1790d. Richard/Isabel, child born 21 Feb
NICHOLLSEdward22-Mar1770s. Anthony/Anne, child born 20 Mar
NICHOLSONThomas Johnson7-Nov1782s. James/Elizabeth, child born 6 Nov
NISBETAgnes Smith29-Sep1779d. George/Mary, child born 17 Sep
NISBETGeorge25-Dec1780s. George/Mary, child born 6 Dec
NISBETMary14-Aug1782d. George/Mary, child born 15 Jul
NISBETTHenry19-Oct1783s. George/Mary, child born 15 Sep
NORRISJohn22-Nov1741s. Francis/Elisabeth
NORRISMary3-Apr1740d. Francis/Elisabeth
NORWOODAnn7-Jan1746d. William/Ann
NORWOODAnne3-Feb1760d. William/Susanna, child born 23 Jan
NORWOODElisabeth12-Oct1737d. John/Mary
NORWOODJohn17-Apr1748s. William/Ann
NORWOODJohn2-May1779s. John/Mary, child born 6 Apr
NORWOODRachel20-Oct1730d. William/Sarah
NORWOODSarah21-Mar1726d. William/Sarah
NORWOODSarah24-Feb1735bastard d. Sarah
NORWOODThomas13-Feb1785s. John/Mary, child born 18 Jan
NORWOODWilliam17-Oct1728s. William/Sarah
NORWOODWilliam19-Oct1736s. William/Ann
NORWOODWilliam12-May1782s. John/Mary, child born 13 Apr
OAKENFULWilliam17-Jul1787s. William/Martha, child born 28 May
OAKENFULLMartha12-Apr1789d. William/Martha, child born 8 Mar
OFFENWilliam Wheeler8-Jun1788s. John/Sarah, child born 2 May
OFFINCharlotte19-Jun1791d. Richard/Mary, child born 27 Apr
OFFINHarriot16-Oct1791d. John/Sarah, child born 14 Sep
OFFINHenrietta18-Apr1790d. John/Sarah, child born 24 Mar
OFFINJohn2-Oct1785s. John/Sarah, child born 3 Sep
OKENFULLThomas9-Sep1791s. William/Martha, child born 7 Sep
OKENFULLThomas20-Dec1792s. William/Martha, child born 18 Dec
OLDERSHAWAnna19-Aug1792d. Isaac/Sarah, child born 15 Jul
OLDERSHAWMary Ann6-Jun1790d. Isaac/Sarah, child born 26 Apr
OMENSMary Ann15-Apr1787d. Stephen/Phoebe, child born 10 Mar
OMERJacob10-Dec1748s. Jacob/Mary
OMERMary Hope19-Feb1747d. James/Ann 'p' [pauper]
OMERSarah24-Aug1745d. Roger/Sarah
OSBORNSarah10-Jan1790d. Edward/Susanna, child born 14 Dec 1789
OSBORNThomas21-Jul1788s. Edward/Susannah, child born 6 Jun
OSBORNEPeter13-May1787s. Edward/Susannah, child born 16 Apr
OSBURNEEdward13-Nov1791s. Edward/Susanna, child born 14 Oct
OTWAYSarah Elizabeth10-Jul1792d. Henry/Sarah, child born 10 Jul
OVENDENAbigail20-Mar1757d. Richard/Abigail, child born 8 Mar
OVENDENAnne7-Apr1734d. Edward/Anne
OVENDENAnne5-Aug1764d. Edward/Sarah, child born 26 Jul
OVENDENAnne6-Oct1765d. Richard/Sarah, child born 7 Sep
OVENDENEdward26-Dec1736s. Edward/Ann
OVENDENGeorge4-Apr1762s. Richard/Sarah, child born 24 Mar
OVENDENGeorge Robert6-Mar1791s. George/Sarah, child born 6 Feb
OVENDENGerbin Gale14-Apr1792s. Isaac/Mary, child born 28 Feb 1790
OVENDENJane20-Nov1743d. Edward/Ann
OVENDENJane15-Nov1772d. Richard/Sarah, child born 31 Oct
OVENDENJohn11-May1739s. Edward/Ann
OVENDENJoseph16-Jul1777s. Richard/Sarah, child born 11 Jun
OVENDENMary21-Sep1745d. Edward/Ann
OVENDENMary1-Mar1767d. Richard/Sarah, child born 22 Feb
OVENDENMary Ann14-Apr1792d. Isaac/Mary, child born 3 Feb
OVENDENRichard8-Jun1731s. Edward/Anne
OVENDENRichard8-Dec1754s. Richard/Abigail, child born 23 Nov
OVENDENRobert12-Sep1747s. Edward/Ann
OVENDENSarah15-Jul1792d. George/Sarah, child born 23 Jun
OVENDENSarah26-Dec1758d.Edward/Sarah [Note: The following added to father's name 'by mistake instead of Richard'], child born 15 Dec
OVENDENStephen6-Jan1775s. Richard/Sarah, child born 27 Dec 1774
OVENDENThomas28-Mar1769s. Richard/Sarah, child born 4 Mar
OVENDENWilliam14-Feb1741s. Edward/Ann
OVENDENWilliam28-Mar1789s. Isaac/Mary, child born 21 Jan
OVERYMatthias7-Feb1740bastard s. Ann
OVERYWilliam29-Sep1732s. John/Elisabeth
OVERY alias LADJohn11-Dec1730s. John OVERY/Elisabeth LAD
OWENJemimah28-Sep1792d. John/Mary, child born 9 Sep
OXLEYMary Smith17-Mar1767d. Richard/Anne, child born 16 Mar
OXLEYMary Smith8-Sep1772d. Richard/Anne, child born 7 Sep
OXLEYRichard Burvill18-Feb1770s. Richard/Anne, child born 21 Jan
OXLEYSarah14-Oct1792d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 13 Sep
OXLEYThomas21-Jul1765s. Richard/Anne, child born 19 Jul
PACKERAugustus10-Jan1777s. John/Mary, child born 16 Dec 1776
PACKERElizabeth26-Jun1785d. Elizabeth, 'P' [pauper], child born 6 Jun
PACKERElizabeth Ann11-Jul1792d. John/Mary, child born 4 Jun
PACKERRichard26-Feb1775s. John/Mary, child born 30 Jan
PACKERThomas17-Dec1775s. John/Elizabeth, child born 24 Nov
PACKERThomas30-Mar1788s. Elizabeth, child born 5 Mar
PAGEMargaret Fox6-Apr1788d. Sarah, child born 17 Mar
PAGESarah2-Nov1783base d. Margaret, 'P' [pauper], child born 19 Oct
PAINAnne29-Jul1759d. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Jul
PAINAnne26-Oct1760d. Henry/Mary, child born 8 Oct
PAINAustin11-Dec1754s. Richard/Jane , child born 19 Nov
PAINHenry26-Feb1758s. Henry/Mary, child born 12 Feb
PAINJohn12-Oct1755s. John/Sarah, child born 30 Sep
PAINJohn22-Oct1756s. John/Elizabeth, child born 19 Oct
PAINJohn18-Oct1782s. Henry/Mary, child born 25 Sep
PAINJohn13-Jul1788s. John/Ann, child born 29 Jun
PAINMartha25-Dec1728d. William/Martha
PAINMary27-Feb1757d. John/Sarah, child born 7 Feb
PAINRebekah6-Sep1730d. William/Martha
PAINSarah4-Feb1753d. John/Sarah, child born 22 Jan
PAINSarah29-Feb1756d. Henry/Mary, child born 18 Feb
PAINSarah2-Jul1766d. John/Elizabeth, child born 2 Jul
PAINSarah13-Dec1778d. Martin/Ann, child born 22 Nov
PAINSusanna5-Aug1778d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 22 Jul
PAINThomas8-Oct1775s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 30 Sep
PAINWilliam1-Apr1792s. George/Elizabeth, child born 4 Mar
PAINEAnne17-Dec1769d. Martin/Anne, child born 25 Nov
PAINECharlotte26-Aug1781d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 5 Aug
PAINEElizabeth22-Aug1773d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 10 Aug
PAINEElizabeth Redwith13-Jan1772base d. Elizabeth, child born 13 Jan
PAINEGeorge David26-Oct1783s. Martin/Ann, child born 25 Sep
PAINEJohn27-Nov1768s. Martin/Anne, child born 11 Nov
PAINEJohn24-Feb1771s. Martin/Anne, child born 31 Jan
PAINEMartin14-Aug1774s. Martin/Anne, child born 25 Jul
PAINEMary19-Oct1737d. George/Martha
PAINEMary23-Sep1770d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 30 Aug
PAINEMary28-Mar1773d. Martin/Anne, child born 5 Mar
PAINEPleasant23-Jun1734d. John/Elisabeth
PAINESalley Elizabeth19-May1777d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 6 Apr
PAINESarah30-Oct1768d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 19 Oct
PAINESarah19-Feb1772d. Martin/Anne, child born 19 Feb
PAINEThomas28-Mar1790s. George/Elizabeth Street, child born 14 Mar
PAINEWilliam10-Sep1775s. Martin, Jr./Anne, child born 17 Aug
PALMERAnn28-Nov1743d. William/Mary
PALMERAnn13-Jun1779d. Henry/Ann, child born 22 May
PALMERAnne1-Feb1767base d. Anne, child born 20 Jan
PALMEREdward Brochis24-Jun1774s. Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jun
PALMERElizabeth4-Mar1784d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 19 Feb
PALMERHannah10-Apr1771d. Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 25 Mar
PALMERJethro6-Feb1767s. John Egerton/Martha, child born 15 Jan
PALMERJohn6-Dec1763s. John Eggerton/Martha, child born 18 Nov
PALMERJohn20-Apr1786s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 2 Apr
PALMERJohn Edgender5-Oct1738s. John/Mary
PALMERJohn Egerton22-Sep1768s. John Egerton/Martha, child born 18 Sep
PALMERLydia2-Nov1777d. Henry/Ann, child born 6 Sep
PALMERLydia Alethea4-Apr1781d. Henry/Anne, child born 17 Jul 1780 [birth year not specified so presumed to be 1780]
PALMERMargaret Newport4-Mar1788d. George Newport [mother's name not recorded], [birth date not recorded]
PALMERMartha24-Aug1737d. William/Martha
PALMERMartha8-Sep1785d. George/Mary, child born 23 Aug
PALMERMary10-Jul1741d. John/Mary
PALMERMary19-Aug1742d. John/Mary
PALMERMary9-Jan1780d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 9 Dec 1779
PALMERMary28-Mar1784d. George/Mary, child born 25 Mar
PALMERMary3-Apr1789d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 23 Mar
PALMERMary Crofts5-Feb1792d. George/Sarah, child born 10 Jan
PALMERSarah27-Jul1744d. John/Mary
PALMERSarah1-Sep1776d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 4 Aug
PALMERSarah2-Sep1781d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 19 Jul
PALMERSarah30-Jul1783d. Henry/Ann, child born 16 Mar
PALMERSarah22-Nov1789d. Samuel/Elizabeth, 'P' [pauper], child born 18 Oct
PALMERSarah Thompson6-Jun1790d. George/Sarah, child born 13 May
PALMERStephen27-Apr1765s. John Egerton/Martha, child born 12 Apr
PALMERThomas14-Aug1748s. John/Mary
PALMERThomas11-Jan1778s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 19 Dec 1777
PALMERThomas6-Feb1791s. Henry/Ann, child born 15 Dec 1790
PALMERWilliam12-Jun1773s. Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 2 Jun
PAMFLEETGeorge8-Feb1778s. Stephen/Mary, child born 27 Dec 1777
PAMFLETTDaniel18-Oct1772s. Stephen/Mary, child born 9 Sep
PAMFLETTGabriel Dunlop22-Apr1787s. Stephen/Mary, child born 22 Mar
PAMFLETTJohn12-Jul1775s. Stephen/Mary, child born 27 May
PAMFLETTMartin16-Apr1780s. Stephen/Mary, child born 2 Mar
PAMFLETTMary13-Feb1770d. Stephen/Mary, child born 16 Jan
PAMFLETTMary10-May1789d. Stephen/Mary, child born 24 Mar
PAMFLETTRachel25-Feb1729d. Daniel/Rachel
PAMFLETTRachel Griffin26-May1765d. Stephen/Mary, child born 14 May
PAMFLETTStephen20-Dec1766s. Stephen/Mary, child born 20 Dec
PAMFLETTEConstant30-Sep1728d. Stephen/Elisabeth
PAMFLETTEDaniel28-May1728s. Daniel/Rachel
PAMFLETTEJohn8-Apr1732s. Daniel/Rachel
PAMFLETTENicholas20-Aug1734s. Daniel/Rachel
PAMFLETTERejoyce16-Mar1735d. Daniel/Rachel
PAMFLETTEStephen2-Jun1727s. Stephen/Elisabeth
PAMPHLETTCharles28-Mar1784s. Stephen/Mary, child born 21 Feb
PAMPHLETTEStephen12-Feb1739s. Daniel/Rachel
PANNELElisabeth14-May1733d. Stephen/Mary
PANNELElisabeth24-Feb1735d. William/Margaret
PANNELJohn10-Sep1731s. William/Margaret
PANNELMartha16-Feb1746d. John/Martha
PANNELSarah14-Jul1744d. John/Martha
PANNELStephen25-Jun1742s. William/Margaret
PANNELThomas & Richard28-Oct1744ss. William/Margaret
PANNELThomas Lisle21-Feb1745s. John/Martha
PANNELWilliam1-Jan1737s. William/Margaret
PARAMORDeborah11-Dec1748d. Thomas/Kezia
PARAMORJohn5-Aug1733s. Robert/Mary
PARAMORRichard18-Jul1731s. Robert/Mary
PARAMOREAnne24-Jul1768d. Richard/Mary, child born 17 Jul
PARAMOREGeorge Newport25-Jul1762s. Robert/Mary, child born 18 Jul
PARAMOREHannah12-Dec1768d. John/Martha, child born 12 Dec
PARAMOREJohn21-Aug1763s. John/Martha, child born 15 Jul
PARAMOREMartha9-Mar1760d. John/Martha, child born 3 Mar
PARAMOREMary21-Jan1759d. John/Martha, child born 17 Jan
PARAMOREMary12-Apr1767d. Richard/Mary, child born 31 Mar
PARAMOREMary14-Mar1791d. Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 22 Feb
PARAMORERobert26-Jan1734s. Robert/Mary
PARAMORERobert12-Jul1761s. John/Martha, child born 7 Jul
PARAMOREThomas31-Dec1769s. Richard/late Mary, child born 27 Dec
PARAMOURThomas16-Jun1751s. Thomas/Kezia, child born 3 Jun
PARFITTJoseph19-Nov1747s. Benjamin/Isabella
PARKERAnn5-Feb1792d. Robert/Ann, child born 6 Jan
PARKERAnne15-Mar1773d. Witherden/Anne, child born 6 Mar
PARKEREdmond25-Aug1791s. Edmund/Ann, child born 11 Aug
PARKERElisabeth31-Jul1743d. John/Mary
PARKERElizabeth20-Apr1732d. Thomas/Hanna
PARKERElizabeth1-Dec1747d. John/Mary
PARKERHannah25-May1773d. Thomas/Mary, child born 25 May
PARKERJane1-Jan1749d. John/Mary
PARKERJohn4-Jan1731s. John/Mary
PARKERJohn18-Jun1780s. Witherden/Ann, child born 30 May
PARKERJohn10-Oct1790s. John/Sarah, child born 22 Sep
PARKERMary24-Dec1733d. John/Mary
PARKERMary18-Oct1771d. Thomas/Mary, child born 9 Oct
PARKERMary26-Aug1781d. Witherden/Elizabeth, child born 30 Jul
PARKERMary Ann13-Jul1792d. John/Sarah, child born 26 Jun
PARKERRachel Griffin17-Jul1791d. Thomas/Rachel, child born 17 Jun
PARKERRobert14-Jan1737s. John/Mary
PARKERSarah16-Oct1739d. John/Mary
PARKERSarah25-Oct1782d. Thomas/Mary, child born 15 Aug
PARKERStephen24-Dec1735s. John/Mary
PARKERStephen29-Mar1771s. Stephen/Elizabeth, child born 9 Mar
PARKERSuanna25-Dec1768d. Thomas/Mary, child born 25 Dec
PARKERThomas9-Jun1766s. Thomas/Mary, child born 8 Jun
PARKERWilliam31-Jan1790s. Robert/Ann, child born 16 Jan
PARKERWilliam & Thomas22-Nov1763ss. Thomas/Mary, child born 22 Nov
PARKERWitherden7-Sep1745s. John/Mary
PARMERMary30-Sep1764d. Robert/Mary, child born 19 Sep
PARMERPleasant9-Aug1767d. John/Martha, child born 31 Jul
PARMORSarah9-Sep1792d. William/Elizabeth, child born 26 Jul
PARMOURAnn20-Jun1790d. William/Elizabeth, child born 9 May
PARMOURJames10-Aug1788d. [sic] Samuel/Elizabeth, child born 18 Jul
PATERSONJames29-Dec1733bastard c. Catharine
PATTSELLElizabeth29-May1791d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 22 Apr
PAULMargaret26-Dec1727d. Thomas/Sarah
PAVEYJames9-Sep1785s. Simon/Mary, child born 8 Sep
PAVEYMary28-Aug1783d. Simon/Mary, child born 27 Aug
PAYAnn30-Dec1792d. Thomas/Ann, child born 13 Nov
PAYCharlotte10-Apr1791d. Thomas/Ann, child born 5 Dec 1790
PAYEdward29-Oct1758s. Richard/Susanna, child born 17 Oct
PAYElisabeth18-Oct1730d. Isaac/Elisabeth
PAYGeorge2-Feb1783base s. Ann, child born 19 Jan
PAYIsaac12-Nov1727s. Isaac/Elisabeth
PAYJames22-Apr1787s. Stephen/Bathina, child born 30 Mar
PAYMary Ann1-Mar1789d. Thomas/Ann, child born 8 Feb
PAYSarah25-Oct1789d. Stephen/Bethia, 'P' [pauper], child born 12 Sep
PAYStephen6-Jul1760s. Richard/Susanna, child born 30 Jun
PAYStephen12-Feb1792s. Stephen/Bethia, child born 13 Jan
PAYSusanna9-May1762d. Thomas/Susanna, child born 25 Apr
PAYSusanna27-Mar1785d. Stephen/Bethia, child born 17 Mar
PAYWilliam23-Feb1783d. [sic] Stephen/Bathia, child born 1 Feb
PAYNEElizabeth4-Oct1752d. John/Elizabeth, child born 24 Sep
PAYNEMartin25-Jan1746s. John/Sarah
PAYNEWilliam27-Mar1785s. Henry/Mary, child born 6 Mar
PEADElizabeth15-May1791d. William/Ann, child born 25 Apr
PEAKDaniel9-Nov1760s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 8 Nov
PEAKDaniel15-Jun1762s. William/Anne, child born 8 Jun
PEAKGeorge27-Feb1774s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 24 Feb
PEAKJohn26-Apr1749s. William/Ann
PEAKJohn6-Feb1763s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 18 Jan
PEAKMargaret5-Nov1751d. William/Anne, child born 27 Oct
PEAKMary16-Feb1754d. William/Anne, child born 25 Jan
PEAKMary Johnson21-Sep1758d. Daniel/Sarah, child born 21 Sep
PEAKSarah8-May1761d. William/Anne, child born 7 May
PEAKEElizabeth Anne11-Feb1768d. Daniel/Sarah, child born 5 Feb
PEAKEGeorge24-Aug1775s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 18 Aug
PEAKEJohn19-Mar1769s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 26 Feb
PEAKENanny5-Jun1772d. William/Hannah, child born 18 May
PEAKERichard25-Nov1770s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 31 Oct
PEAKESalley23-Dec1771d. Daniel/Sarah, child born 13 Dec
PEAKEThomas18-Apr1746s. William/Ann
PEAKEThomas9-Nov1764s. William/Anne, child born 28 Oct
PEAKEThomas5-Nov1774s. William/Hannah, child born 5 Nov
PEAKEThomas Beley10-Dec1755s. Daniel/Sarah, child born 12 Nov
PEAKEWilliam7-May1744s. William/Ann
PEALBenjamin6-Oct1771s. Benjamin/Margaret, child born 15 Sep
PEALCharles Daunton12-Sep1773s. Benjamin/Margaret, child born 25 Aug
PEALHenry Solly21-Jul1788s. Elijah/Mary, child born 23 Jun
PEALMargaret15-Oct1769d. Benjamin/Margaret, child born 26 Sep
PEALEAnn Crane23-Apr1780d. Benjamin/Margaret, child born 6 Apr
PEALEElizabeth7-Feb1779s. Elijah Mary, child born 13 Jan
PEALEGeorge19-Nov1780s. Elijah/Mary, child born 29 Oct
PEALEJohn Benjamin17-Feb1782s. Elijah/Mary, [birth given as '29', the month last specified being ' Feb']
PEALEMary Dawson12-Dec1784d. Elijah/Mary, child born 21 Nov
PEALERobert11-Jan1784s. Benjamin/Margaret, child born 20 Dec 1783
PEALEThomas Collins18-Oct1775s. Benjamin/Margaret, child born 6 Oct
PEANEFrances18-Jul1779d. Daniel/Mary, child born 26 Jun
PEANEMary Brown22-Sep1776d. Daniel/Mary, child born 15 Aug
PEARSEJohn15-Jan1747s. John/Sarah
PEARSERobert5-Jun1748s. Robert/Elizabeth
PECKERJohn5-Dec1770s. John/Mary, child born 18 Nov
PECKERMary2-May1769d. John/Mary, child born 1 May
PECKERThomas19-Jul1772s. John/Mary, child born 28 Jun
PECKERThomas30-Jan1774s. John/Mary, child born 29 Dec 1773
PEELRobert15-Feb1778s. Benjamin/Margarett, child born 23 Jan
PEENHannah Maria7-Apr1782d. Daniel/Mary, child born 22 Feb
PEENWilliam9-Oct1774s. Daniel/Mary, child born 9 Sep
PEENEThomas29-Nov1772s. Daniel/Mary, child born 22 Oct
PEGDENAnn8-Jun1788d. Samuel/Ann, child born 9 May
PEGDENEdward21-Sep1783s. Edward/Susanna, child born 9 Sep
PEGDENElizabeth22-Oct1786d. Samuel/Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 7 Sep
PEGDENJames24-Sep1775s. Edward/Susanna, child born 17 Sep
PEGDENJohn21-Nov1773s. Edward/Susanna, child born 12 Nov
PEGDENMary6-Sep1778d. Edward/Susanna, child born 20 Aug
PEGDENNicholas19-Jan1733s. William/Anne
PEGDENSamuel3-Dec1742s. Thomas/Alice
PEGDENSarah6-Feb1791d. Samuel/Ann, child born 30 Dec 1790
PEGDENWilliam29-Jan1728s. William/Anne
PEIRCEMary16-Mar1764d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 19 Feb
PENNYCharles29-Jul1778s. Richard/Sarah, child born 20 Jul
PENNYEddol28-Nov1780s. Richard/Sarah, child born 1 Nov
PENNYJohn27-Dec1767s. Richard/Sarah, child born 26 Dec
PENNYMathar [sic] Ann29-Oct1783d. Richard/Sarah, child born 9 Oct
PENNYRichard11-Nov1773s. Richard/Sarah, child born 24 Oct
PENNYSarah24-Oct1771d. Richard/Sarah, child born 2 Oct
PENNYThomas27-Aug1775s. Richard/Sarah, child born 27 Aug
PERKINSAnn5-Jan1779d. Stephen/Rachael, child born 13 Dec 1778
PERKINSElsy Mary3-Dec1792d. Francis/Elizabeth, child born 30 Oct
PERKINSFanny Wellard4-Oct1779base d. Frances, child born 4 Oct
PERKINSJohn28-Feb1768s. John/Elizabeth, child born 18 Feb
PERKINSJohn26-Sep1777s. Stephen/Rachael, child born 1 Sep
PETKENHenry12-May1747s. Henry/Ann
PETKENMary7-Mar1748d. Henry/Ann
PETKENThomas24-Aug1741s. Henry/Ann
PETKENWilliam8-Jul1745s. Henry/Ann
PETKINAnne19-Jan1753d. Henry/Anne, child born 27 Dec 1752
PETKINJohn18-Mar1755s. Henry/Anne, child born 24 Feb
PETKINMary6-Dec1726d. Henry/Mary
PETKINRoger15-Feb1750s. Henry/Anne, child born 26 Jan
PETKINSavage17-Jan1758s. Henry/Anne, child born 21 Dec 1757
PETKINWilliam12-Dec1743s. Henry/Ann
PETTElizabeth8-Jan1764d. William/Mary, child born 21 Dec 1763
PETTMary6-Jul1760d. William/Mary, child born 11 Jun
PETTRuth27-Nov1768d. William/Mary, child born 5 Nov
PETTSarah29-Dec1765d. William/Mary, child born 5 Dec
PETTITAnn14-Jun1776d. John/Elizabeth, child born 11 May
PETTITElizabeth5-Apr1771d. John/Elizabeth, child born 26 Feb
PETTITHarriott24-Jul1785d. John/Ann, child born 3 Jul
PETTITJames9-Dec1764s. James/Mary, child born 18 Nov
PETTITJohn25-Jul1762s. James/Mary, child born 12 Jul
PETTITJohn23-Sep1789s. late John/Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 9 Sep
PETTITMartha2-Jan1774d. Thomas/Martha, child born 15 Dec 1773
PETTITMary1-Feb1767d. James/Mary, child born 22 Jan
PETTITMary11-Feb1767d. John/Elizabeth, child born 26 Jan
PETTITSarah19-Nov1769d. John/Susanna, child born 4 Nov
PETTITSarah25-Jan1774d. John/Elizabeth, child born 8 Dec 1773
PETTITSarah20-Apr1777base d. Martha, child born 12 Jan
PETTITStephen7-May1769s. James/Mary, child born 24 Apr
PETTITSusanna6-Jan1769d. John/Elizabeth, child born 8 Dec 1768
PETTITSusanna27-Oct1776d. James/Mary, child born 3 Oct
PETTITThomas5-Jan1772s. James/Mary, child born 20 Dec 1771
PETTITThomas & John30-Mar1772twin ss. John/Susanna, child born 29 Mar
PETTITTSamuel11-Aug1781s. John/Ann, child born 15 Jun
PETTITTSamuel22-Oct1786s. John/Ann, child born 9 Oct
PETTYElizabeth15-Oct1787d. William/Elizabeth, child born 11 Oct
PHILLIPSElizabeth22-Mar1789d. James/Mary, child born 30 Dec 1788
PHILLPOTTElizabeth11-Jun1791d. George/Mary, child born 18 Mar
PHILLPOTTJohn28-Dec1774s. Thomas/Jane, child born 11 Dec
PHILLPOTTMary26-Dec1790d. John/Elizabeth, child born 18 Nov
PHILPOTAnne10-Sep1750d. Roger/Hannah, child born 2 Sep
PHILPOTElizabeth25-Mar1777d. Thomas/Jane, child born 20 Feb
PHILPOTGeorge9-Jul1742s. Roger/Hannah
PHILPOTGeorge26-Aug1744s. George/Sarah
PHILPOTHannah31-Aug1740d. Roger/Hannah
PHILPOTJohn14-Jan1749s. George/Sarah
PHILPOTMartha17-Oct1789d. Thomas/Martha, child born 15 Oct
PHILPOTMary27-Dec1752d. Roger/Hannah, child born 4 Dec
PHILPOTMary19-May1777d. John/Margaret, child born 17 Apr
PHILPOTMary2-Feb1781d. Thomas/Martha, child born 4 Jul 1780 [but year not specified]
PHILPOTMary21-Oct1789d. George/Mary, child born 13 Jul
PHILPOTMichael Minter21-Mar1790base s. Ann, 'P' [pauper], child born 21 Feb
PHILPOTRoger15-Jan1748s. Roger/Hannah
PHILPOTRoger & Sarah1-Mar1745s. and d. Roger/Hanna
PHILPOTSarah4-Aug1780d. John/Margaret, child born 10 Jul
PHILPOTSarah9-Nov1782d. Thomas/Martha, child born 2 Nov
PHILPOTSarah16-Jan1791d. Stephen/Ann, child born 22 Dec 1790
PHILPOTSarahJan1738[adult baptism of] wife of George aged 19
PHILPOTSusanna21-Jan1738d. Roger/Hanna
PHILPOTSusanna11-Feb1777d. Thomas/Martha, child born 8 Feb
PHILPOTThomas24-Jun1739s. George/Sarah
PHILPOTThomas5-Sep1774s. Thomas/Martha, child born 4 Sep
PHILPOTThomas8-Sep1751s. Roger/Hannah, child born 3 Sep
PHILPOTWilliam30-Jan1780s. Thomas/Jane, child born 6 Jan
PHILPOTWillliam29-Sep1754s. George/Sarah, child born 20 Sep
PHILPOTTGeorge15-Apr1784s. Thomas/Martha, child born 7 Apr
PHILPOTTGeorge10-Oct1787s. George/Mary, child born 31 Aug
PHILPOTTJohn6-May1788s. Thomas/Martha, child born 15 Apr
PHILPOTTMartha14-Nov1786d. Thomas/Martha, child born 5 Nov
PHILPOTTRebecca Ann2-Nov1785d. George/Mary, child born 15 Sep
PHILPOTTSarah21-Jun1747d. Roger/Hannah
PHILPOTTSarah1-Jan1786d. Marcy Wildbore [or WILDBORE is a surname], child born 14 Dec 1785
PHILPOTTStephen27-Apr1788s. Stephen/Ann, child born 24 Feb
PICKERINGMary21-Jun1773d. Mary/late John, child born 21 Jun
PICKERINGRichard7-Apr1771s. John/Mary, child born 25 Mar
PICKRINJohn12-Nov1769s. John/Mary, child born 2 Nov
PIERCEEdward9-Jul1740s. John/Sarah
PIERCE or PEARSEJohn19-Jun1737s. John/Sarah
PIERSEFrank William28-May1775s. William/Hannah, child born 21 May
PILCHERMartha27-Mar1734bastard c. Martha the wife of John
PILCHERMary25-Nov1770d. James/Mary, child born 24 Oct
PITTMary Ann10-Jan1790d. George Ceicil [sic]/Mary, child born 20 Dec 1789
PLUMMERGeorge Grainger22-Feb1778s. Walter/Sarah, child born 12 Feb
PLUMMERMary4-Oct1739d. Walter/Mary
PLUMMERMary31-Mar1777d. Walter/Sarah, child born 22 Mar
PLUMMERSarah29-Jul1779d. Walter/Sarah, child born 14 Jul
PLUMMERSarah10-Jul1782d. Walter/Sarah, child born 16 Jun
PLUMMERWalter29-Oct1741s. Walter/Mary
PODEVINJohn Francis14-Jul1782s. Victor/Mary, child born 21 Jun
PODEVINWilliam25-Mar1781s. Victor/Mary, child born 2 Mar
POINTEREdward3-Jul1765s. Edward/Anne, child born 23 Jun
POINTERJane19-May1765base d. Martha, child born 8 May
POINTERMary25-Sep1737d. George/Ann
POINTERMary14-Aug1737d. James/Jane
POINTERWilliamJan1738s. James/Jane
POINTERWilliam31-Mar1741s. James/Jane
POINTONSamuel5-Apr1767s. Edward/Anne, child born 4 Apr
PONETMartha5-Mar1734bastard d. Jane
POOLEdward7-Feb1738bastard c. Ann
POOLElizabeth18-Feb1759d. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Jan
POOLJohn9-Dec1753s. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Nov
POOLMary1-Dec1743d. Thomas/Elisabeth
POOLThomas11-Jul1756s. John/Elisabeth, child born 18 Jun
POOLEAnne15-Aug1732d. Anne by a father unknown
POOLEMary21-Oct1738d. Thomas/Jane
POOLEWilliam2-Jun1734s. William/Elisabeth
POORJohn2-Jan1791s. John/Elizabeth, child born 5 Dec 1790
PORTERJohn21-Oct1785s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 2 Oct
POTTHenry2-Aug1789s. Henry/Mary, child born 3 Jul
POTTHenry8-Jul1792s. Henry/Mary, child born 11 Jun
POTTJane2-Oct1785d. Henry/Mary, child born 24 Sep
POTTJohn13-Nov1791s. James/Martha, child born 7 Oct
POTTMary Ann29-Aug1790d. Henry/Mary, child born 20 Jul
POTTWilliam13-Apr1787s. Henry/Mary, child born 19 Mar
POUNDAnne13-Mar1766d. Daniel/Susanna, child born 16 Feb
POUNDDaniel16-Feb1741s. Henry/Sarah
POUNDDaniel23-Feb1769s. Henry/Sarah, child born 21 Jan
POUNDDaniel29-Sep1771s. Daniel/Martha, child born 11 Sep
POUNDEdward16-Mar1770s. Daniel/Susanna, child born 21 Feb
POUNDElizabeth29-Jul1735d. Henry/Sarah
POUNDElizabeth29-Apr1764d. John/Elizabeth, child born 3 Apr
POUNDGeorge & Susanna24-Mar1769twin s. and d. John/Elizabeth, child born 24 Mar
POUNDHenry9-Jun1738s. Henry/Sarah
POUNDHenry13-Sep1765s. Henry/Sarah, child born 17 Aug
POUNDHenry6-Jul1766s. John/Elizabeth, child born 11 Jun
POUNDJohn17-Sep1730s. Henry/Sarah
POUNDJohn6-Mar1763s. John/Elizabeth, child born 25 Jan
POUNDJohn8-Feb1767s. Henry/Sarah, child born 13 Jan
POUNDJohn28-Sep1785s. Robert/Ann, child born 4 Sep
POUNDMary4-May1733d. Henry/Sarah
POUNDMary3-Dec1758d. John/Hester, child born 7 Nov
POUNDMary Ann20-Oct1790d. Robert/Ann, child born 25 Sep
POUNDMary Northcote8-Nov1771d. John/Elizabeth, child born 1 Nov
POUNDRobert21-Jul1788s. Robert/Ann, child born 21 Jun
POUNDRobert8-May1757s. John/Esther, child born 18 Apr
POUNDSarah12-Jun1768d. Daniel/Susanna, child born 21 May
POUNDSarah28-Oct1770d. Henry/Sarah, child born 7 Oct
POUNDSarah29-Oct1775d. Henry/Sarah, child born 2 Oct
POUNDZipporah5-Nov1727d. Henry/Sarah
POWELLDaniel3-Mar1776s. Daniel/Mary, child born 3 Feb
POYNTERMartha25-Jan1735d. James/Jane
PREETMaria27-Nov1785d. John/Elizabeth, [birth date not recorded]
PRENTICESarah15-Aug1740d. John/Sara, travellers
PRESCOTThomas20-Sep1775s. Thomas/Mary, child born 20 Sep
PRESCOTTThomas8-Mar1778s. Thomas/Mary, child born 2 Feb
PRESTONElizabeth9-May1759d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 11 Apr
PRETTCharlotte10-Aug1783d. John/Elizabeth, child born 22 Jul
PRETTGeorge12-Mar1775s. John/Jane, child born 11 Feb
PRETTGeorge Downer28-Oct1787s. George/Ann, child born 6 Sep
PRETTJohn16-May1773s. John/Jane, child born 23 Apr
PRETTMary7-Apr1776d. John/Jane, child born 12 Mar
PRETTSarah31-May1771d. John/Jane, child born 14 May
PRETTThomas18-Mar1777s. John/Jane, child born 6 Mar
PRICEAnn Paul1-Jul1744d. Ann
PRICEAnne8-Oct1752d. John/Anne, child born 27 Sep
PRICEElisabeth1-Mar1734d. John/Sarah
PRICEElizabeth16-Apr1750d. John/Anne, child born 31 Mar
PRICEFanny20-Aug1786d. John/Ann, child born 25 Jul
PRICEJane24-Feb1754d. John/Anne, child born 8 Feb
PRICEMary24-May1751d. John/Anne, child born 13 May
PRICERichard22-Sep1728s. John/Sarah
PRICESarah26-Dec1729d. John/Sarah
PRICESarah25-Jun1755d. John/Anne, child born 14 Jun
PRICESarah22-Jun1777base d. Sarah, child born 27 May
PRICEThomas19-Oct1733s. John/Sarah
PRICEThomas Stroud3-Dec1775base s. Jane, child born 1 Nov
PRICEThomas, Anne & Elisabeth28-Oct1731s. and two ds. John/Sarah
PRICEWilliam18-Feb1749baseborn s. Ether [should mother's name be Esther?]
PRICHARDCatherine12-Feb1786d. John/Catherine, child born 22 Sep 1785
PRICHARDNathanael14-Mar1791s. John/Sarah, child born 7 Feb
PRINCEEmerson6-Jul1747s. William/Martha 'pr' [pauper?]
PRINCERichard13-Jun1743s. William/Martha
PRINCERichard18-Jul1750s. William/Martha, child born 16 Jun
PRIORRichard15-May1791s. Martha, child born 16 Apr
PULLENElizabeth4-Oct1778d. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Sep
PULLENMary17-Dec1775d. John/Elizabeth, child born 24 Nov
PULLENRabshekah3-Apr1774d. John/Elizabeth, child born 11 Mar
PULLINJames1-Apr1781s. John/Elizabeth, child born 15 Mar
PULLINJohn21-Dec1783s. John/Elizabeth, child born 24 Nov
PULLINMathew8-Dec1789s. John/Elizabeth, 'P' [pauper], child born 28 Nov
PULLINWilliam25-Aug1786s. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Aug
PULLINGMartha5-Dec1779d. John/Elizabeth, child born 6 Nov
PUNNETElisabeth18-Feb1738d. John/Elisabeth
PUNNETElisabeth23-Oct1743d. Thomas/Elisabeth
PUNNETMartha1-Feb1729d. John/Jane
PUNNETMary25-Mar1745d. John/Mary
PUNNETRobert25-Jul1766base s. Elizabeth, child born 17 Jul
PUNNET or POINETJohn23-Sep1739s. Thomas/Elisabeth
PUNNETTJohn28-Mar1759s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 24 Feb
PUNNETTThomas3-Dec1750s. Thomas/Elisabeth, child born 17 Nov
PUNNETTThomas25-Jan1755s. Thomas/Elisabeth, child born 25 Jan
PUNNETTWillliam6-Mar1753s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 20 Feb
PUNNETTWillliam1-Apr1757s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 22 Feb
PUNNIT or POINETElisabeth12-Dec1742d. John/Mary
QUALEIsaac4-Nov1770base s. Mary, child born 21 Oct
RALPHElizabeth15-Apr1792d. William/Jane, child born 30 Mar
RALPHJohn10-Apr1791s. John/Ann, child born 15 Mar
RALPHWilliam4-Jul1790s. William/Jane, child born 20 Jun
RAMELLEdward25-Aug1780s. Gibon/Mary, child born 29 Jul
RAMELLMargaret17-Aug1775d. Gibon/Mary, child born 20 Jul
RAMELLMary21-Sep1773d. Gibon/Mary, child born 24 Aug
RAMELLThomas11-Mar1778s. Giborn/Mary, child born 12 Feb
RAMMELMary4-Apr1783d. Gibbon/Mary, child born 5 Mar
RAMMELLEdward29-Nov1771s. Gibon/Mary, child born 8 Nov
RAMMELLGibon11-May1770s. Gibon/Mary, child born 15 Apr
RAMMELLSusanna20-Apr1785d. Gibon/Mary, child born 24 Mar
RAMSAYJohn30-Mar1739s. John/Isabel of St Andrews in Scotland
RANDALAnne2-Feb1733d. William/Jane
RANDALEdward27-Nov1739s. William/Jane
RANDALEdward22-Jul1781s. William/Ann, child born 7 Jun
RANDALEdward29-Aug1784s. William/Ann, child born 10 Jul
RANDALElizabeth19-Dec1773d. William/Anne, child born 20 Nov
RANDALGeorge18-Jun1728s. John/Prudence
RANDALJames25-Dec1744s. Sarah [father's name not recorded]
RANDALJohn15-May1737s. William/Jane
RANDALJoseph18-Jan1740s. John/Ann
RANDALMary15-Sep1734d. John/Anne
RANDALRichard10-Dec1744s. William/Jane
RANDALWilliam25-Jan1731s. William/Jane
RANDALLEdward4-Feb1776s. William/Anne, child born 19 Dec 1775
RANDALLJames24-Sep1769s. John/Martha, child born 2 Sep
RANDALLJohn Allot30-Nov1764s. John/Martha, child born 8 Nov
RANDALLRobert12-May1742s. William/Ann
RANDALLWilliam16-Oct1766s. John/Martha, child born 12 Oct
RANDALLWilliam10-Jul1778s. John/Mary, child born 16 Jun
RAWLINSHenry David30-Sep1782s. James/Mary, child born 28 Sep
RAWLINSHenry David18-Oct1788s. James/Mary, child born 18 Oct
READElisabeth27-Jan1744d. Henry/Mary
READElizabeth19-Nov1786d. John/Sarah, child born 19 Oct
READHenry17-Apr1743s. Henry/Mary
READJames18-May1777s. James/Susanna, child born 4 May
READJames20-Apr1788s. James/Susannah, child born 21 Feb
READJames23-Nov1791s. James/Susanna, child born 29 Oct
READMary25-Feb1774d. John/Sarah, child born 25 Feb
READMary19-Nov1775d. John/Sarah, child born 6 Nov
READMary20-Sep1782d. James/Susanna, child born 29 Aug
READMary12-Mar1786d. James/Susanna, child born 4 Feb
READSusanna25-Nov1789d. James/Susanna, child born 29 Oct
READThomas10-Jun1792s. Hannah, child born 17 May
READWilliam26-Mar1775s. James/Susanna, child born 21 Mar
READWilliam30-Aug1789s. William/Jane, child born 3 Jun
READERJohn27-Jul1766s. John/Jane, child born 12 Jul
REEDElizabeth8-Oct1783d. James/Susanna, child born 12 Sep
REEDGeorge Newport27-Jun1783s. William/Mary, child born 26 Jun
REEDJohn5-Dec1779s. John/Sarah, child born 12 Nov
REEDMary11-Oct1778d. James/Susanna, child born 30 Sep
REEDSarah3-Dec1780d. James/Susanna, child born 16 Nov
REEDSarah Rebecca25-Apr1784d. John/Sarah, child born 24 Mar
REEDThomas1-Feb1778s. John/Sarah, child born 24 Dec 1777
REEDWilliam16-Dec1781s. John/Sarah, child born 22 Nov
REEDERElizabeth & Richard23-Sep1777d. and s. John/Jane, child born 21 Sep
REEDERJane14-Apr1770d. John/Jane, child born 10 Apr
REEDERStephen20-Sep1772s. John/Jane, child born 1 Sep
RENALLSJohn8-Jan1786s. Isaac/Elizabeth, child born 13 Dec 1785
RENALLSSarah21-Jan1787d. Isaac/Elizabeth, child born 7 Jan
RENOLDSElizabeth Harris24-Apr1791d. John/Sarah, child born 18 Feb
RETEHenry13-Oct1776s. Augustus/Mary, child born 23 Aug
RETEJames9-Feb1766s. Augustus/Mary, child born 24 Jan
RETEJohn18-Oct1761s. Augustin/Mary, child born 1 Oct
RETEJohn Cock Fredrerick3-Dec1787s. John/Sarah, child born 7 Oct
RETEMaria20-Aug1792d. John/Sarah, child born 7 Aug
RETEMaria Street18-Aug1784base d. Mary, child born 29 Jul
RETEMary7-Sep1767d. Aug ustus/Mary, child born 24 Aug
RETESarah Inward13-Jun1790d. John/Sarah, child born 20 May
RETEThomas10-Oct1771s. Augustus/Mary, child born 15 Sep
RETEWilliam Alderson11-Mar1784s. John/Sarah, child born 10 Mar
RETEWilliam Alderson11-Apr1784s. John/Sarah, child born 10 Mar [second entry note that baptism date differs]
REVELJohn7-Jan1785s. Stephen/Jane, child born 27 Dec 1784
REVELLAnn25-Dec1787d. Stephen/Jane, child born 16 Nov
REYNALSJohn Boreman1-Jan1777s. Isaac/Martha, child born 8 Nov 1776
REYNALSSarah10-Jul1774d. Isaac/Martha, child born 13 Jun
REYNOLDSAbigail22-Jan1726d. Richard/Elisabeth
REYNOLDSAnna Maria24-Jan1772d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 31 Dec 1771
REYNOLDSAnne Ling30-Apr1775base d. Mary, child born 15 Mar
REYNOLDSDina6-Sep1730d. Richard/Elisabeth
REYNOLDSElizabeth11-Sep1750d. Richard/Elisabeth, child born 9 Sep
REYNOLDSElizabeth17-Jun1766d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 23 May
REYNOLDSElizabeth18-Feb1750d. Isaac/Elizabeth, child born 22 Jan
REYNOLDSIsaac21-Aug1732s. Richard/Elisabeth
REYNOLDSIsaac19-Oct1735s. Richard/Elisabeth
REYNOLDSIsaac18-Feb1749s. John/Sarah
REYNOLDSIsaac2-Oct1757s. Isaac/Elizabeth, child born 9 Sep
REYNOLDSIsaac10-Jan1779s. Isaac/Martha, child born 13 Dec 1778
REYNOLDSIsaac12-Feb1785s. Isaac/Elizabeth, child born 14 Jan
REYNOLDSJohn8-Aug1762s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 29 Jul
REYNOLDSJohn8-Apr1789s. Isaac/Elizabeth, child born 8 Apr
REYNOLDSJohn25-Jan1745bastard s. Elisabeth
REYNOLDSMartha28-Dec1748d. Isaac/Elizabeth
REYNOLDSMary12-Jul1727d. Richard/Mary
REYNOLDSMary26-Jan1755d. Richard/Elisabeth, child born 10 Jan
REYNOLDSMary3-Apr1789d. John/Sarah, child born 24 Mar
REYNOLDSRichard19-Apr1730s. Richard/Mary, father master of a merchant ship who died in the Streights
REYNOLDSRichard1-Oct1752s. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 28 Sep
REYNOLDSSarah14-Jun1752d. John/Sarah, child born 17 May
REYNOLDSSarah8-Jun1760d. Richard/Elizabeth, child born 27 May
REYNOLDSSarah Cookley9-Mar1747bastard d. Sarah
REYNOLDSSophia18-Dec1767d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 29 Nov
REYNOLDSSusanna28-Feb1779d. William/Hannah, child born 10 Feb
REYNOLDSWilliam25-Dec1728s. Isaac/Sarah
REYNOLDSWilliam22-Apr1792s. Isaac/Elizabeth, child born 28 Mar
REYNOLDSWilliam Kerby15-Apr1755s. Isaac/Elisabeth, child born 28 Mar
RICEJane Elizabeth28-Jul1791d. John/Mary, child born 23 Jul
RICEJohn9-Feb1790s. John/Mary, child born 3 Feb
RICEKatharine7-Jan1743d. John/Katharine
RICHARDSONCatharine2-Sep1770d. John/Catharine, child born 2 Sep
RICKESIESElizabeth Smith25-Dec1761d. Henry/Anne, child born 2 Dec
RIDDEN alias FITTALWilliam24-Feb1782base s. Daniel FITTAL/Mary RIDDEN, child born 6 Jan
RIGHTONElizabeth7-May1786d. Samuel/Margaret, child born 15 Apr
RIGHTONJames Brown17-Oct1784s. Samuel/Margaret, child born 18 Sep
RIGHTONSamuel1-Apr1789s. Samuel/Margaret, child born 27 Feb
RIPLEYAnne30-Dec1767d. Thomas/Anne, child born 30 Dec
ROAFElizabeth14-Oct1772d. Henry/Smith, child born 30 Sep
ROAFGeorge1-Jan1770s. Henry/Smith, child born 25 Dec 1769
ROAFJohn25-Dec1767s. Henry/Smith, child born 18 Dec
ROAFJohn23-Jan1785s. William/Margaret, child born 26 Dec 1784
ROAFKitty Crouch11-Nov1778d. William/Margarett, child born 10 Oct
ROAFMary27-Aug1757d. Henry/Smith, child born 24 Aug
ROAFSarah6-Feb1791d. Thomas/Ann, child born 30 Dec 1790
ROAFSmith24-Aug1759d. Henry/Smith, child born 9 Aug
ROAFSmith13-Jul1763d. Henry/Smith, child born 17 Jun
ROAFFElizabeth13-Aug1762d. William/Sarah, child born 18 Jul
ROASEHarriot4-Mar1792d. William/Mary, child born 6 Jan
ROBASONEdward3-Mar1779s. Edward/Frances, child born 4 Feb
ROBASONEdward Pierce17-Dec1786s. George/Mary, child born 18 Nov
ROBASONElizabeth1-Feb1784d. George/Mary, child born 11 Jan
ROBASONGeorge16-Dec1769s. George/Mary, child born 18 Nov
ROBASONJohn10-Nov1766s. George/Mary, child born 13 Oct
ROBASONJohn8-May1791s. George/Mary, child born 13 Apr
ROBASONSusanna21-Apr1768d. George/Mary, child born 28 Mar
ROBASONSusanna26-Jun1772d. George/Mary, child born 31 May
ROBASON alias WHORWELLAnne4-Jan1765base begot d. Anne by Richd WHORWELL, child born 4 Jan
ROBBENSNicholas24-Aug1750s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 5 Aug
ROBBENSSusanna20-Jul1752d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 11 Jul
ROBBENSThomas12-Mar1748s. Thomas/Margaret
ROBBENSWillliam20-Oct1754s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 22 Sep
ROBBINSWilliam11-Jun1786s. Isaac/Mary, child born 4 Apr
ROBENSEdward21-Feb1768s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 12 Feb
ROBENSGeorge10-Feb1765s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 6 Jan
ROBENSIsaac1-Aug1756s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 9 Jul
ROBENSJohn31-Jan1747s. Thomas/Margaret
ROBENSMargaret14-Nov1762d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 24 Oct
ROBENSRichard20-Apr1760s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 6 Apr
ROBENSSusan30-Jul1758d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 19 Jul
ROBERTSONMary25-Dec1788d. George/Mary, child born 22 Nov
ROBINSEdward7-Nov1784s. Isaac/Mary, child born 30 Sep
ROBINSHester9-Aug1792d. Isaac/Mary, child born 24 Jul
ROBINSHester4-Nov1792d. Isaac/Mary, child born 25 Jul
ROBINSIsaac17-Jul1791s. Isaac/Mary, child born 22 Jun
ROBINSJohn30-Nov1777s. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 12 Nov
ROBINSMargaret8-Apr1781d. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 25 Mar
ROBINSMary7-Aug1726d. Thomas/Mary
ROBINSMary5-Apr1789d. Isaac/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 13 Mar
ROBINSThomas2-Jan1780s. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 13 Dec 1779
ROBINSONAnne6-Dec1732d. Edward/Mary
ROBINSONElisabeth31-Jan1737d. George/Ann
ROBINSONGeorge27-Jul1736s. George/Ann
ROBINSONMary27-Sep1733d. George/Anne
ROBINSONMary29-Oct1734d. George/Ann
ROBINSONMaurice2-Mar1728s. Maurice/Anne of Cambridge, born 'on shipboard'
ROBSONAnn11-Aug1741d. George/Ann
ROBSONAnne5-Nov1756d. Edward/Susanna, child born 25 Sep
ROBSONDaniel28-Oct1758s. Edward/Susanna, child born 1 Oct
ROBSONEdward15-Apr1745s. Edward/Susanna
ROBSONElizabeth9-Mar1763d. Edward/Susanna, child born 12 Jan
ROBSONGeorge16-Sep1754s. Edward/Susanna, child born 25 Jul
ROBSONJames25-Mar1766s. Edward/Susanna, child born 7 Feb
ROBSONJane13-Aug1746d. Edward/Susanna
ROBSONJohn27-Jan1761s. Edward/Susanna, child born 15 Dec 1760
ROBSONNancy17-Jul1787d. Thomas/Nancy, child born 18 Jun
ROBSONRichard Smith1-Jun1755s. Richard/Martha, child born 14 May
ROBSONSusannah8-Jul1750d. Edward/Susannah, child born 29 May
ROBSONThomas19-Oct1764s. Edward/Susanna, child born 28 Sep
ROBSONThomas Thurlow Pit14-Apr1789s. Thomas/Ann, child born 17 Mar
ROBSONWilliam18-Sep1748s. Edward/Susanna
ROBSONWillliam23-May1752s. Edward/Susanna, child born 21 May
ROFE alias RUFFFrances2-Apr1732d. Henry/Frances
ROFFERichard29-Mar1789s. Thomas/Ann, child born 24 Feb
ROGERSAnn27-Oct1790d. William/Frances, child born 10 Oct
ROGERSAnn Allen26-Apr1778d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 7 Apr
ROGERSBridget Tucker15-Mar1778d. William/Frances, child born 18 Feb
ROGERSCharlotte7-Mar1779d. Robert/Phoebe, child born 20 Feb
ROGERSDaniel8-Nov1778s. John/Mary, child born 20 Oct
ROGERSElizabeth29-Mar1774d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 16 Feb
ROGERSJames22-Apr1781s. John/Mary, child born 17 Mar
ROGERSJohn3-Oct1773s. John/Mary, child born 15 Aug
ROGERSJohn26-Jun1774s. William/Frances, child born 2 Jun
ROGERSJohn5-Mar1780s. John/Mary, child born 7 Feb
ROGERSJohn19-Nov1786s. Robert/Phoeby, child born 16 Oct
ROGERSMargaret10-Dec1780d. John/Phoebe, child born 9 Nov
ROGERSMartha2-Dec1787d. Robert/Phoebe, child born 3 Sep
ROGERSMary16-Feb1783d. Robert/Phoebe, child born 5 Jan
ROGERSMary Frances8-Nov1776d. William/Frances, child born 19 Sep
ROGERSPollard Haden10-Mar1780s. William/Frances, child born 18 Feb
ROGERSRebekah3-Oct1790d. Robert/Phoebe, child born 10 Sep
ROGERSRobert16-Jan1785s. Robert/Phebe, child born 17 Dec 1784
ROGERSSarah17-Dec1775d. John/Mary, child born 26 Nov
ROGERSStephen26-Apr1772s. John/Mary, child born 3 Apr
ROGERSThomas24-Aug1746s. John/Sarah
ROGERSThomas6-Apr1777s. John/Mary, child born 1 Mar
ROGERSWilliam24-Jan1773s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 11 Jan
ROGERSWilliam18-Dec1774s. John/Mary, child born 18 Nov
ROMNEYMartha24-Dec1732d. Stephen/Elisabeth
ROMNEYMary7-Aug1726d. Stephen/Elizabeth
ROMNEYStephen20-Mar1729s. Stephen/Elisabeth
ROOF or RUFFSarah13-Nov1741d. Henry/Frances
ROOFFMargaret22-Aug1774d. William/Margaret, child born 28 Jul
ROOFFWillliam9-Dec1751s. William/Sarah, child born 2 Dec
ROOKECharles12-Mar1772s. William/Sarah, child born 6 Feb
ROOKEElizabeth23-Aug1778d. William/Sarah, child born 11 Aug
ROOKESarah Hammond9-Oct1773d. William/Sarah, child born 8 Oct
ROOKSMargaret Wilds6-Jul1777d. William/Sarah, child born 8 Jun
ROOKSSusanna25-Oct1775d. William/Sarah, child born 5 Sep
ROOKSWilliam4-Nov1770s. William/Sarah, child born 2 Nov
ROOSECharlotte6-Sep1789d. William/Mary, child born 5 Aug
ROSEAmbrose8-Jun1731s. Daniel/Bennet
ROSEAnn19-Jul1778d. John/Ann, child born 2 Jul
ROSEDaniel16-Feb1732s. Daniel/Bennet
ROSEJames Daniel5-Sep1791s. John Daniel/Mary Ann, child born 24 Aug
ROSEMary Ann21-Jan1787d. John/Ann Mary, child born 25 Dec 1786
ROSEPhilip5-Jul1738s. Edward/Sarah
ROSERobert Daniel18-Nov1792s. John Daniel/Mary Ann, child born 4 Oct
ROSEThomas7-Aug1789s. John/Mary, child born 4 Aug
ROWAbraham1-Feb1748s. Isaac/Rachel
ROWAnn30-May1748d. Isaac/Ann
ROWAnn9-Oct1749d. Thomas/Elizabeth
ROWElisabeth29-Jun1744d. Isaac/Rachel
ROWIsaac25-Sep1748s. Isaac/Mary
ROWJane4-Nov1743d. William/Mary
ROWJohn20-Jun1746s. Thomas/Jane
ROWSarah30-Jul1749d. Thomas/Sarah
ROWSusanna6-Mar1746d. William/Mary
ROWThomas12-Sep1746s. Isaac/Rachel
ROWThomas31-Aug1747s. Thomas/Elizabeth
ROWThomas6-Mar1747s. Thomas/Sarah
ROWEAbraham10-Feb1750s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 18 Jan
ROWEAbraham13-Feb1758s. Abraham/Anne, child born 26 Jan
ROWEAbraham7-Aug1791s. William/Elizabeth, child born 4 Jul
ROWEAnn8-Nov1744d. Thomas/Elisabeth
ROWEAnn26-Jun1782d. Thomas/Thomazine, child born 25 Apr
ROWEAnn13-Nov1785d. Thomas/Tamsin, child born 10 Oct
ROWEAnne12-Jan1752d. James/Mary, child born 25 Dec 1751
ROWEAnne20-Jun1766d. John/Anne, child born 29 May
ROWEAnne14-Jul1775d. John/Susanna, child born 24 Jun
ROWECatharine16-Aug1736d. Thomas/Elisabeth
ROWECharles24-Jan1773s. James/Mary, child born 11 Dec 1772
ROWECharlotte Mary8-Nov1787d. John/Ann, child born 8 Oct
ROWEDavid27-May1753s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 13 May
ROWEElias18-Dec1740d. Thomas/Elisabeth
ROWEElisabeth3-Apr1734d. William/Mary
ROWEElisabeth21-Sep1738d. Thomas/Elisabeth
ROWEElisabeth2-Mar1739d. Thomas/Jane
ROWEElizabeth5-Oct1772d. Thomas/Thomazin, child born 5 Sep
ROWEElizabeth2-May1776d. John/Ann, child born 3 Apr
ROWEElizabeth24-Apr1752d. Abraham/Anne, child born 14 Apr
ROWEElizabeth Anne31-Jul1775d. Thomas/Thomasin, child born 25 Jul
ROWEGeorge3-May1777s. Isaac/Mary, child born 3 May
ROWEGeorge30-Dec1781s. John/Susannah, child born 14 Dec
ROWEGeorge25-Apr1790s. James/Margaret, child born 6 Apr
ROWEGilson9-Nov1772s. John/Anne, child born 21 Oct
ROWEHanna26-May1745d. Thomas/Jane
ROWEHille4-Jul1742s. Thomas/Jane
ROWEHills10-Dec1786s. Isaac/Jane, child born 4 Nov
ROWEIsaac2-Jul1736s. Isaac/Rachel
ROWEIsaac16-Oct1768s. John/Anne, child born 17 Sep
ROWEIsaac31-Dec1784s. Isaac/Jane, [birth date not recorded]
ROWEIsaac2-Dec1787s. Thomas/Tamson, child born 27 Sep
ROWEIsaac Debock27-Dec1778s. Thomas/Thomasin, child born 29 Nov
ROWEJames17-Dec1758s. James/Mary, child born 3 Dec
ROWEJames29-Oct1783s. Thomas/Thomazine, child born 6 Sep
ROWEJane31-Jul1743d. Thomas/Jane
ROWEJane11-Feb1750d. Abraham/Anne, child born 31 Jan
ROWEJane16-Apr1751d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 29 Mar
ROWEJane Dorothy4-Dec1791d. Thomas/Thomasin, child born 18 Nov
ROWEJane Hills20-Aug1778d. John/Ann, child born 4 Aug
ROWEJohn22-Aug1736s. William/Mary
ROWEJohn26-Feb1737s. Isaac/Rachel
ROWEJohn13-May1764s. James/Mary, child born 15 Apr
ROWEJohn26-Jan1773s. John/Susanna, child born 27 Dec 1772
ROWEJohn30-Aug1780s. Thomas/Thomazine, child born 23 Jul
ROWEMargaret26-Mar1742d. Isaac/Rachel
ROWEMargaret14-Mar1756d. James/Mary, child born 5 Mar
ROWEMargaret26-Dec1779d. John/Susanna, child born 28 Nov
ROWEMartha30-Aug1761d. James/Mary, child born 18 Aug
ROWEMartha27-Jun1790d. Thomas/Thomasin, 'P' [pauper], child born 18 May
ROWEMary2-Oct1738d. Thomas/Elisabeth
ROWEMary Ann12-Jul1789d. Thomas/Tamsin, 'P' [pauper], child born 19 May
ROWEMary Ann1-Jul1792d. James/Mary, child born 21 Jun
ROWEMary Harper4-Jun1775base d. Margaret, child born 14 May
ROWEMatthew Smith16-Jul1784s. John/Susanna, child born 6 Jun
ROWEMercy6-Jan1769d. John/Susanna, child born 7 Dec 1768
ROWERachel8-Jan1739d. Isaac/Rachel
ROWERachel30-Aug1771d. Thomas/Thomasin, child born 16 Aug
ROWERejoyce15-Dec1754d. Abraham/Anne, child born 29 Nov
ROWESarah20-Oct1741d. William/Mary
ROWESarah6-Mar1742d. Thomas/Elizabeth
ROWESarah21-Mar1764d. John/Anne, child born 4 Mar
ROWESarah1-Feb1767d. James/Mary, child born 4 Dec 1766
ROWESarah12-Dec1777d. Thomas/Thomasin, child born 18 Nov
ROWESarah30-Oct1782d. Isaac/Jane, child born 29 Sep
ROWEStephen15-Oct1752s. Isaac/Mary, child born 29 Sep
ROWEStephen4-May1781s. John/Ann, child born 8 Apr
ROWESusanna10-Nov1771d. John/Susanna, child born 24 Sep
ROWEThomas9-Apr1746s. Thomas/Elisabeth
ROWEThomas4-Jul1770s. John/Anne, child born 2 Jun
ROWEThomas14-Mar1774s. Thomas/Thomasin, child born 20 Feb
ROWEThomas7-Apr1754s. James/Mary, child born 31 Mar
ROWEThomas Smith22-Feb1778s. John/Susanna, child born 14 Jan
ROWEWalton14-Jan1781s. Stephen/Mary, child born 25 Dec 1780
ROWEWilliam14-Jan1767s. John/Susanna, child born 12 Dec 1766
ROWEWilliam25-Jun1780base s. Ann, child born 7 Jun
ROWEWillliam9-May1761s. Abraham/Anne, child born 9 May
ROWLAND alias ROBENSNicholas16-Mar1745s. Thomas ROBENS/Margaret ROWLAND
RUDDDorothy Saunders1-Jan1788d. Richard/Mary, child born 25 Nov 1787
RUDDJohn30-Aug1789s. Richard/Mary, child born 6 Aug
RUDDMary Ann25-Dec1785d. Richard/Mary, child born 29 Nov
RUDYERDCharlotte21-Jun1754d. Benjamin/Rachel, child born 17 Jun
RUFFHenry21-Dec1760s. Henry/Smith, child born 9 Dec
RUFFMary18-Dec1755d. William/Sarah, child born 23 Nov
RUFFSarah25-May1747d. William/Sarah
RUFFSusanna12-Nov1758d. William/Sarah, child born 21 Oct
RUFFSusannah5-Jan1749d. William/Sarah
RUFFThomas14-Mar1766s. Henry/Smith, child born 3 Mar
RUFFEElisabeth26-Nov1736d. John/Mary
RUFFEHenry8-Oct1728s. Henry/Frances
RUMNYHenry6-Jun1762s. Anne, child born 22 May
SACKETAnn26-Jun1777d. Paul/Alice, child born 4 Jun
SACKETAnne4-Jul1770d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 28 Jun
SACKETAnne8-Sep1772d. Paul, Jr./Margaret, child born 12 Aug
SACKETEdward2-Feb1753s. Henry/Elisabeth, child born 22 Jan
SACKETElizabeth6-Aug1769d. Richard/Rebecca, child born 24 Jul
SACKETHenry20-Mar1774s. Richard/Rebecca, child born 16 Mar
SACKETJeremiah29-Jan1775s. John/Catharine, child born 9 Jan
SACKETJohn3-Sep1749s. Paul/Sarah
SACKETJohn30-Nov1757s. John/Mary, child born 17 Nov
SACKETMary14-Nov1773d. Henry/Mary, child born 1 Nov
SACKETMary24-Mar1776d. John/Catharine, child born 3 Mar
SACKETMary Sandwell1-Mar1780d. Henry/Mary, child born 3 Feb
SACKETPaul29-Mar1767s. Paul/Margaret, child born 11 Mar
SACKETRebecca14-Oct1770d. Richard/Rebecca, child born 21 Sep
SACKETRebecca28-Apr1772d. Richard/Rebecca, child born 12 Apr
SACKETRobert12-Dec1773s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 21 Nov
SACKETSarah Elnor28-Jun1792d. Paul/Hannah, child born 8 May
SACKETStephen29-Apr1779s. Paul/Alice, child born 12 Apr
SACKETSusanna6-Nov1768d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 19 Oct
SACKETThomas24-Nov1764s. Paul/Margaret, child born 23 Oct
SACKETThomas25-Oct1771s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 24 Oct
SACKETThomas27-Mar1791s. John/Mary, child born 27 Feb
SACKETThomas Wheatley8-Mar1770s. Paul, Jr./Margaret, child born 25 Feb
SACKETTAnn11-May1788d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 19 Apr
SACKETTAnn & Mary26-Dec1740ds. John/Mary
SACKETTAnne16-Nov1755d. John/Amie, child born 10 Oct
SACKETTAnne14-Oct1759d. William/Elizabeth, child born 10 Oct
SACKETTElizabeth3-Apr1748d. William/Elizabeth
SACKETTElizabeth5-Apr1778d. Henry/Mary, child born 17 Mar
SACKETTElizabeth10-Jun1781d. late Paul/Alice, child born 6 Jun
SACKETTElizabeth28-Nov1784d. John/Mary, child born 23 Nov
SACKETTElizabeth4-Dec1785d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 7 Nov
SACKETTElizabeth8-Jun1788d. John/Mary, child born 20 May
SACKETTHenry23-Jun1776s. Henry/Mary, child born 1 Jun
SACKETTJohn18-Sep1757s. William/Elizabeth, child born 9 Sep
SACKETTMartha3-Apr1763d. William/Elizabeth, child born 23 Mar
SACKETTMary22-Feb1735d. Paul/Sarah
SACKETTMary23-Aug1752d. William/Elizabeth, child born 15 Aug
SACKETTMary4-Feb1756d. John/Mary, child born 20 Jan
SACKETTMary3-Nov1782d. John/Mary, child born 16 Oct
SACKETTMary22-Jul1789d. John/Ann, child born 25 Jun
SACKETTRobert19-Jul1747s. Paul/Sarah
SACKETTRobert4-Sep1754s. John/Mary, child born 1 Sep
SACKETTSarah6-Jan1761d. John/Mary, child born 25 Dec 1760
SACKETTSusan16-Aug1761d. William/Elizabeth, child born 5 Aug
SACKETTThomas27-Oct1754s. William/Elizabeth, child born 19 Oct
SACKETTEAmbrose24-Apr1743s. John/Mary
SACKETTEAnn7-Aug1740d. Paul/Ann
SACKETTEAnn30-Nov1744d. Paul/Sarah
SACKETTEAnna9-Nov1735d. John/Elisabeth
SACKETTEElisabeth28-Jun1731d. John/Elisabeth
SACKETTEElisabeth25-Jan1735d. Henry/Elisabeth of Woodchurch
SACKETTEElisabeth13-Aug1738d. John/Mary
SACKETTEFrancis15-Nov1726s. Robert/Frances
SACKETTEHenry19-May1745s. John/Mary
SACKETTEJohn17-Mar1730s. Thomas/Anne
SACKETTEJohn17-Dec1733s. John/Elisabeth
SACKETTEJohn21-Jul1736s. John/Mary
SACKETTEMary28-Dec1729d. John/Elisabeth
SACKETTEMary1-May1729d. Stephen/Elisabeth
SACKETTEMary7-Nov1732d. Stephen/Elisabeth
SACKETTEPaul25-Jul1736s. Paul/Ann
SACKETTEPaul9-Oct1737s. Paul/Sarah
SACKETTESarahAug1729d. Thomas/Sarah
SACKETTESarah20-Apr1736d. Stephen/Elisabeth
SACKETTESarah10-Feb1739d. Paul/Sarah
SACKETTESarah15-Jun1746d. William/Elisabeth
SACKETTESusanna2-Feb1747d. Richard/Hannah
SACKETTEThomas28-Jul1734s. Henry/Elisabeth
SACKETTEThomas23-May1742s. Paul, Jr./Sarah
SACKETTETritton28-May1746s. Richard/Hannah
SACKETTEWilliam11-Feb1749s. William/Elizabeth
SAGEJames Salter3-Dec1769s. John/Sarah, child born 6 Nov
SAGESarah27-Jan1771d. John/Sarah, child born 31 Dec 1770
SALLYElisabeth25-Mar1730d. Richard/Mary
SALLYJudith22-Oct1727d. Stephen/Judith
SALLYStephen3-Jan1729s. Stephen/Judith [surname first written as SOLLY]
SALLYStephen4-Feb1731s. Richard/Mary [surname first written as SOLLY]
SALMONJohn Renals30-May1774s. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 30 May
SALTERBenjamin4-Dec1738s. John/Martha
SALTERHenry19-Feb1744s. John/Martha
SALTERJeremiah17-Sep1737s. John/Sarah
SALTERJohn17-Mar1741s. John/Martha
SALTERMargaret2-Dec1768d. Samuel/Margaret, child born 13 Nov
SALTERMargaret7-Jan1771d. Samuel/Margaret, child born 20 Dec 1770
SALTERMartha10-Feb1746d. John/Martha
SALTERMary18-May1737d. John/Martha
SALTERRachel7-Mar1739d. John/Martha
SALTERRobert28-Mar1763s. Samuel/Margaret, child born 6 Mar
SALTERSamuel15-Apr1735s. John/Sarah
SALTERSarah25-Mar1749d. John/Martha
SALTERSarah1-Jan1765d. Samuel/Margaret, child born 13 Dec 1764
SALTERWilliam16-Mar1767s. Samuel/Margaret, child born 21 Feb
SAMPSONElizabeth6-Feb1791d. Sarah, child born 4 Jan
SAMPSONJohn24-Aug1739s. Lazarus/Susanna
SAMPSONPedder24-Aug1737s. Lazarus/Susanna
SAMWAYSMary18-Nov1741d. James/Sarah
SANDWELNicholas26-Dec1738s. Nicholas/Elisabeth
SANDWELWilliam1-Jan1736s. Nicholas/Elisabeth
SANDWELLAnne16-Sep1772d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 19 Aug
SANDWELLEdward14-Jan1770s. Jethro/Mary, child born 2 Dec 1769
SANDWELLElizabeth24-May1767d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 30 Apr
SANDWELLElizabeth30-Sep1770d. John/Elizabeth, child born 7 Sep
SANDWELLGeorge25-Dec1785s. George/Hannah, child born 12 Dec
SANDWELLJane9-Dec1770d. Jethro/Elizabeth, child born 19 Nov
SANDWELLJethro31-Jul1737s. John/Elisabeth
SANDWELLJethro21-Mar1784s. Jethro/Elizabeth, child born 15 Jan
SANDWELLJethro19-Dec1790s. George/Rosanah, child born 29 Nov
SANDWELLJohn14-Nov1742s. John/Elisabeth
SANDWELLJohn12-Oct1766s. Jethro/Mary, child born 6 Sep
SANDWELLJohn23-Jul1769s. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 1 Jul
SANDWELLJohn13-Nov1791s. Ann, child born 18 Sep
SANDWELLLavinia Spickett18-Apr1784base d. Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 16 Mar
SANDWELLMary5-Oct1740d. John/Elisabeth
SANDWELLMary17-Dec1769d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 17 Nov
SANDWELLMary26-Jan1772d. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 22 Dec 1771
SANDWELLMary12-Feb1775d. John/Elizabeth, child born 31 Jan
SANDWELLRebecca18-Oct1735d. Nicholas/Elisabeth
SANDWELLRichard3-Nov1776s. Nicolas/Sarah, child born 8 Oct
SANDWELLRobert & John22-Apr1768twin ss. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 22 Apr
SANDWELLSarah12-Dec1731d. John/Elisabeth
SANDWELLSarah11-Oct1764d. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 11 Oct
SANDWELLSarah6-Mar1765d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 27 Feb
SANDWELLSarah4-Apr1766d. William/Sarah, child born 4 Apr
SANDWELLSarah23-Oct1772d. Jethro/Elizabeth, child born 27 Sep
SANDWELLSarah29-Mar1772d. John/Elizabeth, child born 27 Feb
SANDWELLSarah23-Sep1789d. Sarah, 'P' [pauper], child born 30 Jun
SANDWELLSophia17-Dec1777d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 28 Oct
SANDWELLStephen3-May1772s. Sarah/late Stephen, Jr., child born 17 Apr
SANDWELLStephen26-Dec1774s. Jethro/Mary, child born 7 Dec
SANDWELLStephen22-Apr1787s. Sarah, child born 22 Mar
SANDWELLStephen13-Jul1788s. George/Hannah, child born 22 Jun
SANDWELLStephen & Jethro25-May1776ss. Jethro/Elizabeth, child born 23 May
SANDWELLSusanna12-Apr1734d. John/Elizabeth
SANDWELLSusanna26-Feb1775d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 18 Feb
SANDWELLSusanna7-Sep1777d. John/Susanna, child born 17 Aug
SANDWELLWilliam23-Jan1765s. William/Sarah, child born 23 Jan
SANDWELLWilliam6-Apr1766s. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 6 Apr
SANDWELLWilliam7-Jun1772s. Jethro/Mary, child born 29 Apr
SANDWELLWilliam7-Feb1773s. Nicholas/Sarah, child born 23 Jan
SANDWELLWillliam3-Apr1763s. William/Sarah, child born 16 Mar
SANNEVILLJohn Henry12-Nov1788s. Abraham/Elizabeth, child born 15 Oct
SANNEVILL or SANNWILLElizabeth Susanna29-Jul1791d. Abraham/Elizabeth, child born 12 Jun
SARESarah14-Apr1738d. Charles/Elisabeth
SARKETTAnn6-Aug1788d. John/Ann, child born 11 Jul
SAUNDERSElizabeth11-Nov1785d. Richard/Susanna, [birth date not recorded]
SAUNDERSJacob3-Dec1734s. William/Sarah
SAUNDERSJohn12-Jun1791s. Stephen/Jane, child born 8 May
SAUNDERSJohn Thomas3-Feb1788s. Richard/Susannah, child born 4 Jan
SAUNDERSJoseph20-Jul1729s. William/Sarah
SAUNDERSMary Ann23-Aug1789d. Richard/Susannah, child born 26 Jul
SAUNDERSRichard25-Mar1782s. Richard/Susanna, child born 25 Mar
SAUNDERSRichard14-Sep1783s. Richard/Susanna, child born 23 Aug
SAUNDERSSarah17-Dec1732d. William/Sarah
SAUNDERSThomas21-Aug1791s. Richard/Susanna, child born 23 Jul
SAWKINSAnn27-Mar1785d. Jacob/Ann, child born 25 Mar
SAWKINSAnn18-Jul1788d. John Drayton/Ann, child born 22 Jun
SAWKINSCharles Fearne25-Apr1792s. John Drayton/Ann, child born 29 Mar
SAWKINSJacob1-Sep1790s. John Drayton/Ann, child born 31 Jul
SAWKINSJohn8-Jun1780s. Jacob/Ann, child born 7 May
SAXBYSarah28-Apr1771d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 13 Apr
SAXBYStephen Billness31-May1772s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 18 May
SAYERAnne Abbot9-May1773d. John/Mercy, child born 8 Apr
SAYERCatherine25-Feb1784d. John/Mercy, child born 18 Dec 1783
SAYEREdward22-Apr1781s. Edward/Mary, child born 8 Apr
SAYERElizabeth5-Jul1771d. John/Mercy, child born 7 Jun
SAYERElizabeth17-Dec1780d. George/Mary, child born 2 Dec
SAYERElizabeth30-Nov1783d. Edward/Mary, child born 14 Nov
SAYERGeorge12-Dec1790s. George/Mary, child born 19 Nov
SAYERGeorge Augustine7-Mar1788s. John/Mercy, child born 21 Jan
SAYERHenry12-Feb1786s. Edward [mothers name not recorded], child born 22 Jan
SAYERJohn12-Feb1775s. John/Mercy, child born 6 Jan
SAYERJohn18-Jul1787s. George/Mary, child born 6 Jun
SAYERLydia14-Apr1780d. John/Mercy, child born 17 Mar
SAYERMary29-Mar1746d. Charles/Elisabeth
SAYERMary21-Jul1788d. Edward/Mary, child born 25 Jun
SAYERMary5-Feb1792d. George/Mary, child born 9 Jan
SAYERMary Blackburn29-Oct1769d. John/Mercy, child born 9 Oct
SAYERMercy22-May1768d. John/Mercy, child born 28 Apr
SAYERRobert16-Jan1791s. Edward/Mary, child born 2 Dec 1790
SAYERSarah13-Aug1786d. James/Mary, child born 2 Jul
SAYERSusanna8-Apr1778d. John/Mercy, child born 2 Mar
SAYERThomas23-Nov1788s. George/Mary, child born 19 Oct
SAYERSAnne3-Nov1754d. Charles/Elizabeth, child born 26 Oct
SAYERSCharles29-Aug1742s. Charles/Elisabeth
SAYERSElisabeth21-Mar1739d. Charles/Elisabeth
SAYERSMartha7-Mar1779d. Edward/Mary, child born 23 Feb
SAYERSSusanna14-Aug1748d. Charles/Elizabeth
SCAUFFYSusanna2-Apr1744a West Indian aged 18
SCOATESEleanor6-Sep1748d. Henry/Mary
SCOATESElisabeth19-Aug1733d. William/Elisabeth
SCOATESHenry17-Feb1749s. Henry/Mary
SCOATESJohn19-Aug1740s. William/Elisabeth
SCOATESMargaret28-Jun1738d. William/Elisabeth
SCOATESMargaret12-Feb1760d. Henry/Mary, child born 16 Jan
SCOATESMary12-Jan1743d. William/Elizabeth
SCOATESMary23-Apr1754d. Henry/Mary, child born 24 Mar
SCOATESRobert16-Jun1761s. Henry/Mary, child born 28 May
SCOATESSarah27-Aug1747d. William/Elizabeth
SCOATESStephen3-Oct1735s. William/Elisabeth
SCOATESStephen24-Jul1752s. Henry/Mary, child born 17 Jul
SCOATSEleanor28-Jan1770d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 2 Jan
SCOATSElizabeth21-Feb1773d. William/Amey, child born 3 Feb
SCOATSElizabeth Ann5-Jan1783d. Stephen/Elizabeth, child born 4 Dec 1782
SCOATSGeorge9-Jun1776s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 20 May
SCOATSHarriot12-Oct1788d. Robert/Rachell, child born 8 Sep
SCOATSHenry25-Sep1768s. William/Faith, child born 14 Feb 1765
SCOATSJames26-Apr1786s. Stephen/Esther, [birth date not recorded]
SCOATSMary4-Sep1763d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 22 Aug
SCOATSMary22-Jul1781d. Stephen/Elizabeth, child born 2 Jul
SCOATSMary28-Mar1784d. William/Susanna, child born 3 Feb
SCOATSRobert26-Jun1791s. Robert/Rachel, child born 28 May
SCOATSSarah13-Oct1768d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 30 Sep
SCOATSSarah10-May1773d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 7 May
SCOATSStephen27-Apr1757s. William/Faith, child born 21 Apr
SCOATSStephen9-Jun1765s. Henry/Elisabeth, child born 12 May
SCOATSStephen10-Oct1784s. Stephen/Elizabeth, child born 27 Aug
SCOATSWilliam21-Dec1766s. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 27 Nov
SCOATSWilliam28-May1780s. William/Susannah, child born 18 Mar
SCOATSWillliam11-Jan1756s. William/Faith, child born 11 Jan
SCOTCHERJohn14-May1783s. John/Susanna, child born 16 Apr
SCOTCHERMary25-Feb1787d. John/Susanna, child born 30 Jan
SCOTCHERStephen4-Dec1784s. John/Susanna, child born 16 Nov
SCOTCHERStephen17-Jan1790s. John/Susanna, 'P' [pauper], child born 13 Dec 1789
SCRIMESAnn Harpur1-Aug1784d. John/Elizabeth, child born 2 Jun
SCRIVENERAnn24-May1738d. John/Sarah
SCRIVENERSarah11-Nov1739d. John/Sarah
SEAMary20-Nov1768d. William/Mary, child born 5 Nov
SEAMary11-May1770d. William/Mary, child born 1 May
SETERFIELDWilliam3-Jan1790s. William/Elizabeth, child born 25 Nov 1789
SETFIELDJane1-Jun1788d. William/Elizabeth, child born 10 May
SETTERFIELDElizabeth Mary21-Aug1791d. William/Elizabeth, child born 19 Jul
SHARPJacob18-Aug1775s. John/Margaret, child born 13 Aug
SHARPJohn & William23-Jun1765twin ss. John/Margaret, child born 15 Jun
SHARPJoseph2-Feb1772s. John/Margaret, child born 11 Jan
SHARPMargaret13-Nov1785d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 12 Oct
SHARPMary16-Dec1787d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 19 Nov
SHARPSally Polly9-Oct1782d. Robert/Sarah, child born 19 Sep
SHARPSamuel5-Feb1769s. John/Margaret, child born 26 Jan
SHARPThomas Wilkinson24-May1789s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 30 Apr
SHARPEGeorge14-Aug1791s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 19 Jul
SHARPESarah21-Mar1784d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 1 Mar
SHEERMANHarriot11-Nov1792d. John/Elizabeth, child born 20 Jun 1790
SHEPHERD or FASSUMEdward19-Jun1774base s. Edward by Elizabeth SHEPHERD, child born 5 Jun
SHEPPARDJames Lucas18-Jan1767s. George/Mary from London, child born 10 Jan
SHINGLESTONFrances5-Feb1779d. John/Pleasant, child born 24 Jan
SHINGLESTONECatharine8-Mar1767d. William/Elizabeth, child born 3 Mar
SHINGLESTONECatharine27-May1770d. William/Elizabeth, child born 19 Apr
SHINGLESTONEElizabeth8-Apr1764d. William/Elizabeth, child born 4 Mar
SHINGLESTONEElizabeth2-Oct1768d. William/Elizabeth, child born 22 Sep
SHINGLESTONEGeorge15-Jul1764s. John/Pleasant, child born 6 Jul
SHINGLESTONEJoanna16-Feb1772d. William/Elizabeth, child born 16 Jan
SHINGLESTONEJohn15-Mar1767s. Thomas/Mary, child born 15 Feb
SHINGLESTONEMary26-Jun1765d. William/Elisabeth, child born 6 May
SHINGLESTONEMary2-Feb1766d. Thomas/Mary, child born 12 Jan
SHINGLESTONEMary24-Dec1769d. John/Pleasant, child born 11 Dec
SHINGLESTONEPhoebe2-Feb1772d. John/Pleasant, child born 21 Jan
SHINGLESTONERebecca16-Aug1767d. John/Pleasant, child born 9 Aug
SHINGLESTONESalley1-Jan1774d. William/Elizabeth, child born 19 Dec 1773
SHINGLESTONESarah Elgar18-Aug1776d. John/Pleasant, child born 30 Jul
SHINGLESTONESusanna24-Apr1774d. John/Pleasant, child born 5 Apr
SHINGLESTONEThomas12-Mar1768s. Thomas/Mary, child born 9 Mar
SHONKElizabeth27-Jul1746d. Stephen/Sarah
SHONKElizabeth2-Oct1772d. John/Margaret, child born 23 Sep
SHONKJohn4-Jul1750s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 8 Jun
SHONKJohn15-Apr1787s. John/Margaret, child born 17 Mar
SHONKSarah11-Jan1778d. John/Margarett, child born 21 Dec 1777
SHONKStephen12-Feb1782s. John/Margaret, child born 12 Feb
SHONKThomas7-Feb1790s. John/Margaret, child born 7 Jan
SHOOMAKERMargaret9-Sep1739d. Richard/Margaret
SHOOMAKERRichard17-Mar1737s. Richard/Margaret
SIDDERSJohn30-Oct1791s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 10 Oct
SIDDERSMary Ann22-Feb1788d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 31 Jan
SIDDERSSarah7-Jun1789d. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 13 May
SILVERCatherine24-May1753d. Isaac/Martha, child born 7 May
SILVEREmma Catharine23-Apr1789d. John/Mary, child born 8 Dec 1788
SILVEREmma Dorothy28-Dec1792d. John/Mary, child born 5 Jul
SILVERJames3-Apr1761s. Isaac/Martha, child born 13 Mar
SILVERJohn25-Dec1755s. Isaac/Martha, child born 9 Dec
SILVERJohn Taylor15-Apr1786s. John/Mary, child born 28 Mar
SILVERMary Ann4-Oct1787d. John/Mary, child born 20 Sep
SILVERSarah26-Jan1759d. Isaac/Martha, child born 6 Jan
SILVERWilliam7-Jun1765s. Isaac/Martha, child born 17 May
SILVERWilliam Henry8-Dec1790s. John/Mary, child born 18 Aug
SILVERWilliam Smith4-Sep1751s. Isaac/Martha, child born 20 Aug
SILVERWillliam2-Jan1758s. Isaac/Martha, child born 24 Dec 1757
SIMMONDSElisabeth13-Aug1745d. Andrew/Elisabeth
SIMMONDSJeremiah3-Aug1746s. Henry/Sarah
SIMMONDSJohn19-Feb1736s. Andrew/Elisabeth
SIMMONDSJohn4-Feb1741s. Henry/Martha
SIMMONDSJohn16-Jan1742s. Andrew/Elisabeth
SIMMONDSJohn12-Nov1749s. Andrew/Elizabeth
SIMMONDSJohn & Mockett12-Jun1732ss. John/Abigail
SIMMONDSJohn Neame6-Mar1778s. Valentine/Elizabeth, child born 15 Feb
SIMMONDSMary1-Dec1738d. Andrew/Elisabeth
SIMMONDSRichard21-Mar1739s. Andrew/Elisabeth
SIMMONDSSarah31-Oct1743d. Henry/Sarah
SIMMONDSWilliam9-Feb1730s. John/Abigal
SIMMONSElizabeth28-Nov1751d. Andrew/Elisabeth, child born 7 Nov
SIMMONSElizabeth Neame5-Feb1783d. Valentine/Elizabeth, child born 28 Dec 1782
SIMMONSHenry16-Dec1748s. Henry/Sarah
SIMMONSHenry27-Nov1774s. Henry/Susanna, child born 30 Oct
SIMMONSJane Lloyd24-Mar1791d. Valentine/Elizabeth, child born 16 Jan
SIMMONSJohn Neame6-May1781s. Eal [should be Val?]/Elizabeth, child born 31 Mar
SIMMONSMark8-Apr1791s. William/Elizabeth, child born 17 Mar
SIMMONSMary30-Dec1745d. Henry/Martha
SIMMONSMary Marth.7-Mar1787d. Valentine/Elizabeth, child born 11 Feb
SIMMONSRobert18-Jun1784s. Valentine/Elizabeth, child born 24 May
SIMMONSSarah27-Jun1753d. Andrew/Elizabeth, child born 11 Jun
SIMMONSSarah3-Feb1790d. Valentine/Elizabeth, child born 1 Dec 1789
SIMMONSSarah Ann22-Aug1792d. Valentine/Elizabeth, child born 20 Jun
SIMMONSValentine2-May1779s. Valentine/Elizabeth, child born 2 Apr
SIMMONSValentine18-Mar1786s. Valentine/Elizabeth, [birth date not recorded]
SIMMONSWilliam12-Dec1788s. Valentine/Elizabeth, child born 3 Dec
SIMMONSWilliam14-Nov1790s. Zechariah/Elizabeth, child born 13 Oct
SIMMONSZechariah26-Aug1792s. Zechariah/Elizabeth, child born 28 Apr
SIMONSWilliam21-Nov1788s. William/Elizabeth, child born 30 Oct
SINGLESTONEThomas7-Nov1762s. William/Elizabeth, child born 14 Oct
SKEATJohn30-Oct1791s. James/Ann, child born 16 Apr
SKINNERJoseph17-Aug1773s. Joseph/Mary, child born 8 Aug
SKINNERJoseph2-Mar1775s. Joseph/Mary, child born 23 Feb
SKINNERRobert25-Aug1754bastard s. Mary, child born 12 Aug
SLADDENElizabeth24-Apr1763d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 11 Apr
SLADDENMary5-Sep1756d. Henry/Elizabeth, child born 28 Aug
SLATERCarolina20-Mar1747d. George/Elizabeth 'p' [pauper]
SLATEREdward14-Dec1743s. George/Elisabeth
SLATEREdward17-Dec1776s. George/Frances, child born 15 Nov
SLATEREdward Quilter24-Feb1740s. George/Elisabeth
SLATERFrances18-Oct1768d. George, Jr./Frances, child born 20 Sep
SLATERGeorge28-Mar1739s. George/Elisabeth
SLATERGeorge4-Jul1770s. George, Jr./Frances, child born 3 Jun
SLATERGeorge5-Oct1773s. George, Jr./Frances, child born 9 Sep
SLATERJohn6-Jul1775s. George, Jr./Frances, child born 24 May
SLATERMary23-Mar1741d. George/Elisabeth
SLATERMary1-Jan1767d. George, Jr./Frances, child born 29 Nov 1766
SLATERSophia22-Oct1745d. George/Elisabeth
SLATERSophia1-Nov1771d. George, Jr./Frances, child born 6 Oct
SLATERWilliam2-Sep1778s. George/Frances, child born 6 Aug
SLEAMAKERElizabeth18-Sep1755d. Daniel/Mary, child born 7 Sep
SMALLThomas10-Aug1731s. William/Elisabeth
SMARTElizabeth Rebekah14-Aug1791d. Benjamin/Mary, child born 26 Mar
SMARTJames George7-Oct1789s. Benjamin/Mary, child born 7 Sep 1788
SMITHAnne2-Feb1730d. George/Dorothy
SMITHAnne26-Oct1730d. Matthew/Mary
SMITHCatherine14-Feb1762d. John/Catherine, child born 28 Jan
SMITHDaniel Castle23-Apr1763s. Daniel/Martha, child born 23 Apr
SMITHFrances10-Jan1773d. Daniel/Martha, child born 21 Dec 1772
SMITHFrances Ann16-Jan1791d. John/Jane, child born 9 Dec 1790
SMITHGeorge13-Jan1726s. George/Dorothy
SMITHGeorge30-Mar1729s. George/Dorothy
SMITHGeorge27-Aug1746s. John/Mary
SMITHHannah10-Dec1729d. Thomas/Mary
SMITHHonorat11-Apr1745s. Matthew/Mary
SMITHJohn7-Feb1736s. Matthew/Mary
SMITHJohn14-Aug1748s. John/Mary
SMITHJohn18-Feb1765s. Daniel/Martha, child born 3 Feb
SMITHJohn5-Apr1789s. John/Jane, child born 24 Mar
SMITHJohn14-Oct1792s. Thomas/Frances, child born 16 Sep
SMITHMargaret9-Dec1735d. Matthew/Mary
SMITHMartha9-Apr1769d. Daniel/Martha, child born 12 Mar
SMITHMary26-Nov1729d. Matthew/Mary
SMITHMary6-Jan1731d. Matthew/Mary
SMITHMary21-Sep1750d. John/Mary, child born 8 Sep
SMITHMatthew28-Nov1738s. Mathew/Mary
SMITHNathanael15-Apr1734s. Thomas/Mary
SMITHRobert13-Dec1733s. Matthew/Mary
SMITHSarah23-Jun1728d. Thomas/Mary
SMITHSarah16-Dec1757d. John/Mary, child born 15 Dec
SMITHStephen Taylor21-Feb1773base s. Elizabeth, child born 5 Feb
SMITHSusanna14-Jul1740d. Matthew/Mary
SMITHThomas30-Nov1726s. Thomas/Mary
SMITHThomas28-Jul1734s. George/Dorothy
SMITHThomas30-Nov1747s. Matthew/Mary
SMITHThomas8-Nov1771s. John/Sarah, child born 3 Oct
SMITHThomas21-Mar1785s. Thomas/Elizabeth [birth date not recorded]
SMITHWilliam6-Sep1776s. William/Mary, child born 31 Jul
SMITHWilliam15-Jul1792s. Daniel/Ann, child born 2 May
SOLLEYMartha21-Sep1726d. Richard/Mary
SOLLEYWilliam25-Dec1791s. Isaac/Rebekah, child born 30 Nov
SOLLYDaniel23-May1741s. Richard/Mary
SOLLYDaniel15-Apr1787s. John/Mary, child born 16 Mar
SOLLYEdward7-Feb1738s. John/Mary
SOLLYElizabeth21-Feb1773d. Stephen/Hannah, child born 18 Jan
SOLLYElizabeth23-Jun1776d. Daniel/Armauel, child born 23 Jun
SOLLYElizabeth17-Feb1758d. John/Sarah, child born 15 Feb
SOLLYGeorge2-Jan1780s. Isaac/Rebecca, child born 20 Nov 1779
SOLLYGyles27-Jan1757s. John/Sarah, child born 27 Jan
SOLLYHanna31-Aug1787d. Stephen/Ann, child born 13 Aug
SOLLYHenry8-Dec1782s. John/Mary, child born 21 Nov
SOLLYJohn14-Oct1734s. Stephen/Judith
SOLLYJohn11-Jan1750s. John/Mary, child born 29 Jul
SOLLYJohn14-Dec1755s. John/Sarah, child born 13 Dec
SOLLYJohn15-May1774s. Daniel/Armanel, child born 15 May
SOLLYJohn10-Nov1776s. Isaac/Rebecca, child born 13 Sep
SOLLYJohn20-Sep1778s. Stephen/Hannah, child born 21 Aug
SOLLYJohn4-Aug1780s. John/Mary, child born 22 Jul
SOLLYLydia9-Oct1743d. John/Mary
SOLLYMartha15-Oct1780d. Stephen/Hannah, child born 15 Sep
SOLLYMary26-Dec1736d. John/Mary
SOLLYMary2-Nov1736d. Stephen/Judith
SOLLYMary24-Apr1748d. John/Mary
SOLLYMary22-Mar1763d. John/Sarah, child born 20 Mar
SOLLYMary15-Sep1771d. Stephen/Hannah, child born 20 Aug
SOLLYMary1-Jan1785d. John/Mary, child born 31 Dec 1784
SOLLYMary Peak21-Mar1790d. Isaac/Rebekah, child born 24 Feb
SOLLYMercy9-Mar1735d. Richard/Mary
SOLLYMercy10-Nov1745d. John/Mary
SOLLYMercy10-Sep1780d. late Daniel/Armavel, child born 28 Aug
SOLLYMichael11-May1734s. Richard/Mary
SOLLYRachael15-Mar1778d. Daniel/Armavell, child born 8 Mar
SOLLYRachel21-Feb1737d. Richard/Mary
SOLLYRebekah22-Jun1788d. Isaac/Rebekah, child born 28 May
SOLLYRichard16-Aug1728s. Richard/Mary
SOLLYRichard24-Dec1739s. Richard/Mary
SOLLYRichard31-Aug1772s. Daniel/Armanel, child born 15 Aug
SOLLYRichard12-Mar1775s. Stephen/Hannah, child born 9 Feb
SOLLYSarah7-Aug1753d. John/Sarah, child born 2 Aug
SOLLYSarah4-Nov1789d. John/Mary, child born 4 Oct
SOLLYStephen6-Nov1732s. Stephen/Judith [mother's name first written as SALLY]
SOLLYStephen23-Jul1778s. Isaac/Rebecca, child born 9 Jul
SOLLYStephen1-Jul1792s. John/Mary, child born 31 May
SOLLYStephen Peake15-Jul1781s. Isaac/Rebekah, child born 25 Jun
SOLLYSteven22-Mar1740s. Richard/Judith
SOLLYSusanna7-Jun1741d. John/Mary
SOLLYSusannah Peak17-Dec1786d. Isaac/Rebekah, child born 16 Nov
SOLLYThomas15-Oct1778s. Benjamin/Ann, child born 14 Oct
SOLLYThomas28-Aug1785s. Isaac/Rebekah, child born 2 Aug
SOLLYWilliam31-Oct1770s. Daniel/Armanel, child born 16 Oct
SOUTHElizabeth2-Mar1728d. John/Mary
SOUTHJames21-Nov1756s. James/Sarah, child born 8 Nov
SOUTHJohn15-Jan1726s. John/Mary
SOUTHJohn1-Mar1736s. John/Mary
SOUTHJohn31-May1752s. John/Sarah, child born 31 May
SOUTHMartha25-Sep1763d. James/Sarah, child born 27 Aug
SOUTHMary14-Mar1756d. John/Sarah, child born 8 Mar
SOUTHRachel16-Sep1761d. James/Sarah, child born 19 Aug
SOUTHSarah12-Feb1730d. John/Mary
SOUTHSarah9-Dec1753d. John/Sarah, child born 13 Nov
SOUTHStephen14-Apr1758s. James/Sarah, child born 14 Apr
SOUTHStephen14-Jan1758s. John/Sarah, child born 11 Dec 1757
SOUTHStephen11-Apr1760s. James/Sarah, child born 11 Apr
SOUTHThomas22-Sep1766s. James/Sarah, child born 22 Sep
SOUTHERNAnne25-Jul1756d. John/Anne, child born 15 Jul
SPAINAnn17-Apr1779d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 10 Apr
SPAINElizabeth21-Jul1782d. Edward/Susanna, child born 11 Jul
SPAINJohn16-Jun1782s. Thomas/Sarah, child born 27 May
SPAINMary1-Jul1780d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 16 Jun
SPAINMary20-Jun1784d. Edward/Susanna, child born 4 Jun
SPAINSarah29-Sep1776d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 30 Sep [sic see date of baptism, these two May have been reversed by clerk]
SPAINSarah15-Feb1778d. Thomas/Sarah, child born 29 Jan
SPAINSusanna10-Jan1790d. William/Susanna, child born 30 Nov 1789
SPAREPOINTElizabeth24-Nov1782d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 29 Oct
SPAREPOINTJohn14-Jan1781s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 21 Dec 1780
SPARKSJames20-Jun1781s. James/Sarah, child born 25 May
SPARKSJohn6-Apr1783s. James/Sarah, child born 24 Mar
SPARKSMary30-May1779d. James/Sarah, child born 18 May
SPARROWMary Ann14-Jun1789d. Paul/Ann, child born 8 May
SPARROWSarah8-Aug1792d. Paul/Ann, child born 19 Jul
SPARROWThomas31-Jan1787s. Paul/Ann, child born 21 Dec 1786
SPEARPOINTJohn12-Aug1736s. John/Mary
SPEARPOINTSarah12-Dec1779d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 18 Nov
SPEARPOINTThomas25-Nov1792s. William/Mary, child born 31 Oct
SPELLARMartha2-Feb1757d. John/Elizabeth, child born 18 Jan
SPELLERFrancis25-Apr1755s. John/Elizabeth, child born 13 Apr
SPELLERJohn4-Jan1784s. Francis/Sarah, child born 13 Dec 1783
SPELLERMartha29-Dec1782d. Francis/Sarah, child born 7 Dec
SPENCEREleanora Selina6-May1772d. Christopher/Magdalen, child born 9 May [cf. baptism]
SPENCERJames Anderson20-Jan1768s. Christopher/Magdalen, child born 3 Jan
SPENCERJames Anderson2-Oct1774s. Christopher/Magdalen, child born 16 Sep
SPENCERJames Anderson17-Jun1781s. Christopher/Magdalen, child born 12 May
SPENCERJane Anderson4-Feb1770d. Christopher/Magdalen, child born 6 Jan
SPENCERJemima31-Aug1779d. Christopher/Magdalene, child born 4 Aug
SPENCERJohn26-Feb1766s. Christopher/Magdalen, child born 22 Feb
SPENCERMagdalen9-Mar1776d. Christopher/Magdalen, child born 15 Feb
SPENCERPhillipia3-Aug1778d. Christopher/Magdalene, child born 13 Jul
SPICERMary Tomson3-Apr1791d. Thomas/Mary, child born 15 Mar
SPICERWilliam27-Sep1789s. Thomas/Mary, child born 24 Aug
SPRACKLINGElisabeth21-Jul1732d. Henry/Elisabeth
SPRACKLINGHenry3-Dec1741s. Henry/Elisabeth
SPRACKLINGJohn22-Jul1731s. Henry/Elisabeth
SPRACKLINGMary30-Jan1735d. Henry/Elisabeth
SPRACKLINGSarah17-Sep1740d. Henry/Elisabeth
SPRACKLINGSarah26-Sep1746d. Henry/Elisabeth
SPRACKLINGThomas26-Apr1738s. Henry/Elisabeth
SPRATTWilliam31-May1789s. James/Sarah, child born 14 May
SPUNNERMartha24-Apr1785d. Robert/Mary, child born 1 Apr
SQUIERJames17-Dec1786s. James/Susannah, child born 28 Nov
SQUIREAnne27-Aug1758d. Thomas/Anne, child born 11 Aug
SQUIREElizabeth26-Oct1784d. James/Susanna, child born 26 Sep
SQUIREJames12-Dec1756s. Thomas/Anne, child born 7 Dec
SQUIREJohn18-Jan1761s. Thomas/Anne, child born 13 Jan
SQUIREMary16-Aug1730d. Thomas/Sarah
SQUIRERoger10-Apr1763s. Thomas/Ann, child born 1 Apr
SQUIRESarah24-Jun1735d. Thomas/Sarah
SQUIREThomas21-Jun1727s. Thomas/Sarah
STAINESMargaret2-Mar1773d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 29 Jan
STAINESThomas22-Mar1774s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 22 Feb
STAINESWilliam26-Dec1770s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 12 Dec
STAMPERElisabeth15-Feb1730d. John/Sarah
STAMPERJacob26-Oct1755s. Abraham/Anne, child born 26 Oct
STAMPERJenkin10-Feb1748s. Abraham/Ann
STAMPERJohn27-Apr1750s. Abraham/Anne, child born 27 Apr
STAMPERMary3-Aug1746d. John/Sarah
STAMPERSusanna4-Aug1728d. John/Sarah
STANLEYWilliam12-Aug1791s. William/Mary, child born 6 Jul
STARKFrancis28-Apr1780base s. Maria, child born 24 Apr
STARKEEdward & Frances21-Feb1748s. and d. Ambrose/Mary
STARKEFrances3-Jan1733d. Ambrose/Elisabeth
STARKEFrances1-Mar1736d. Ambrose/Elisabeth
STARKEHet21-Apr1732d. Ambrose/Elisabeth
STARKEMargaret27-Oct1756d. Ambrose/Mary, child born 24 Sep
STARKEMaria9-Jul1752d. Ambrose/Mary, child born 16 Jun
STARKEMartha17-Feb1737d. Ambrose/Elisabeth
STARKEMercy29-Jan1754d. Ambrose/Mary, child born 10 Jan
STARKERobert17-Jan1747s. Ambrose/Mary
STARKEThomas7-Apr1731s. Ambrose/Elisabeth
STEPHENSEdward Browning25-Oct1792s. James/Mary, child born 21 Jul
STEPHENSONElizabeth15-Jan1787d. James/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 15 Jan
STEVENSAnn12-Jun1785d. John/Mary, child born 13 May
STEVENSGeorge12-Jan1791s. James/Mary, child born 10 Jan
STEVENSJames Edward13-Feb1790s. James/Mary, child born 1 Feb
STEVENSJane14-Dec1788d. William/Sarah, child born 11 Nov
STEVENSJohn & Mary18-Jan1781twin s. and d. John/Mary, child born 15 Jan
STEVENSSarah16-Mar1783d. John/Mary, child born 9 Feb
STEVENSSusanna23-Aug1777d. Ambrose/Mary, child born 11 Aug
STEVENSSusanna31-Mar1782d. Ambrose/Mary, child born 17 Mar
STEVENSONJames19-Jul1789s. James/Ann, child born 18 Jun
STEWARTJames6-Apr1768s. James/Jane, child born 19 Mar
STOKESAnn18-Jan1778[adult baptism of] wife [nee POINTER] of Richard and d. John POINTER/Catharine POINTER, child born 19 Oct
STOKESRichard27-Apr1777s. Richard/Ann, child born 31 Mar
STOKESStephen21-Jan1776s. Richard/Ann, child born 22 Dec 1775
STOKESThomas27-Mar1774s. Richard/Anne, child born 28 Feb
STONEAmy14-Oct1735d. William/Mary
STONEDaniel15-Oct1732s. William/Mary
STONEDaniel3-Nov1737s. William/Mary
STONEElisabeth9-Oct1739d. John/Elisabeth
STONEElisabeth5-Jan1741d. William/Mary
STONEJohn26-Jul1743s. John/Elisabeth
STONEJohn7-Jan1744s. John/Elisabeth
STONEJohn5-Aug1745s. William/Mary
STONEJonas23-Mar1741s. John/Elisabeth
STONEJonas23-Mar1755s. William/Jane, child born 22 Mar
STONEJoseph30-Jul1747s. William/Mary
STONEMargaret5-Sep1743d. William/Mary
STONEMartha25-Jun1749d. William/Mary
STONEMartha2-Jul1758d. William/Jane, child born 11 Jun
STONEMary30-Nov1733d. William/Mary
STONEMary22-Mar1756d. William/Jane, child born 21 Mar
STONEMary13-May1772d. Thomas/Mary, child born 18 Apr
STONESarah18-Nov1731d. William/Mary
STONESarah8-Oct1739d. William/Mary
STONESarah19-Dec1753d. William/Jane, child born 13 Dec
STONESolomon28-Jan1740s. John/Elisabeth
STONEThomas10-Sep1775s. Thomas/Mary, child born 12 Aug
STONEWilliam22-Mar1729s. William/Mary
STONEWillliam10-Feb1760s. William/Jane, child born 25 Jan
STONESThomas26-Feb1779s. Thomas/Mary, child born 8 Feb
STRANACKElizabeth3-Apr1791d. James/Ann, child born 1 Dec 1790
STRANACKHenry Joseph20-Nov1791s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 25 Oct
STRANACKJames Pickering20-Nov1791s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 29 Sep 1789
STRANACKJeremiah11-Nov1792s. James/Mary, child born 6 Oct
STRANACKJohn Seth3-Jan1790s. James/Mary, child born 6 Dec 1789
STRANACKMary Ann9-Nov1784d. Stephen/Sarah, child born 12 Oct
STRANACKPriscilla28-Feb1770d. John/Priscilla, child born 27 Jan
STRANACKRachel29-Mar1763d. Henry/Mary, child born 15 Mar
STRANACKRobert24-Jun1772s. Jeremiah/Elizabeth, child born 28 May
STRANACKSusan30-Oct1762d. John/Priscilla, child born 18 Oct
STRANACKSusanna13-Sep1767d. Jeremiah/Elizabeth, child born 19 Aug
STRANNACKHenry3-Jan1770s. Jeremiah/Elizabeth, child born 3 Jan
STRANNACKJames19-Mar1783s. James/Mary, child born 22 Feb
STRANNACKJames1-May1788s. James/Sarah, child born 12 Apr
STRANNACKJeremiah24-Oct1787s. James/Mary, child born 26 Sep
STRANNACKJohn5-Jun1785s. James/Mary, child born 5 Apr
STRANNACKJohn Row14-Jan1788s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 19 Dec 1787
STRANNACKPriscilla2-Apr1786d. James/Sarah, child born 21 Mar
STRANNACKSarah24-Mar1769d. Henry/Mary, child born 23 Mar
STRANNACKStephen Henry16-Jul1786s. Stephen/Sarah, child born 20 Jun
STRANNOCJohn25-May1729s. John/Mary
STRANNOCKAnne22-Oct1755d. John/Priscilla [STRANOCK in entry], child born 23 Sep
STRANNOCKDaniel30-Oct1768s. John/Priscilla, child born 28 Sep
STRANNOCKDaniel Swinford23-Apr1765s. Henry/Mary, child born 23 Apr
STRANNOCKDaniel Terry20-Nov1766s. Henry/Mary, child born 29 Oct
STRANNOCKElizabeth1-Nov1727d. John/Mary
STRANNOCKElizabeth2-Sep1749d. James/Elizabeth
STRANNOCKElizabeth8-Apr1753d. Henry/Mary, child born 7 Apr
STRANNOCKHenry26-Apr1730s. James/Susanna
STRANNOCKJames27-Jul1755s. Jeremiah/Elisabeth, child born 1 Jul
STRANNOCKJeremiah7-Oct1750s. Jeremiah/Elizabeth, child born 30 Sep
STRANNOCKJohn9-Apr1732s. James/Susanna
STRANNOCKJohn29-Aug1732s. John/Mary
STRANNOCKJohn13-Feb1753s. Jeremiah/Elizabeth, child born 26 Jan
STRANNOCKJohn Jarvis12-Nov1766s. John/Priscilla, child born 15 Oct
STRANNOCKMary18-May1731d. John/Mary
STRANNOCKRobert17-Dec1727s. James/Susanna
STRANNOCKSarah21-Jul1739d. James/Susanna
STRANNOCKStephen6-Jan1761s. Henry/Mary, child born 18 Dec 1760
STRANNOCKSusanna15-Sep1758d. Henry/Mary, child born 30 Aug
STRANNOCKSusanna13-Jan1761d. Jeremiah/Elizabeth, child born 3 Jan
STRANOCKElisabeth18-Jan1735d. James/Susanna
STRANOCKElizabeth6-Dec1757d. James/Elizabeth, child born 27 Nov
STRANOCKElizabeth14-Mar1758d. Jeremiah/Elizabeth, child born 3 Mar
STRANOCKHenry12-Sep1756s. Henry/Mary, child born 11 Sep
STRANOCKJames4-Nov1753s. James/Elizabeth, child born 24 Oct
STRANOCKJames27-Sep1761s. John/Priscilla, child born 4 Sep
STRANOCKJeremiah10-Oct1764s. Jeremiah/Elizabeth, child born 13 Sep
STRANOCKJohn3-Aug1757s. John/Priscilla, child born 2 Aug
STRANOCKMartha24-May1743d. James/Susanna
STRANOCKMary12-Jan1755d. Henry/Mary, child born 8 Jan
STRANOCKStephen9-Apr1738s. James/Susanna
STREVENSHenry5-Feb1792s. William/Sarah, child born 6 Jan
STREVENSRobert22-Oct1786s. Robert/Ann, child born 7 Sep
STRIKERElizabeth16-Dec1760d. Jacob/Elizabeth, child born 22 Nov
STRIKERHenry George14-Dec1762s. Jacob/Elizabeth, child born 22 Nov
STRIKERMary24-Sep1769d. Jacob/Elizabeth, child born 12 Sep
STRIKERRichard21-Nov1766s. Jacob/Elizabeth, child born 10 Nov
STRIKERSarah24-Jun1764d. Jacob/Elizabeth, child born 21 May
STRIVENSJames14-Oct1781s. Robert/Ann, child born 15 Sep
STRIVENSSarah3-Oct1784d. Robert/Ann, child born 31 Aug
STROODElisabeth27-Apr1730d. William/Elisabeth
STROODElisabeth26-Jan1734d. Thomas/Mary
STROODJohn26-Sep1731s. William/Elisabeth
STROODJohn16-Mar1734s. John/Sarah
STROUDAnn28-Feb1779d. Thomas/Jane, child born 29 Jan
STROUDHarriot13-Dec1782d. Thomas/Jane, child born 17 Nov
STROUDHenry27-Feb1785s. Thomas/Jane, child born 17 Jan
STROUDWilliam6-Jan1778s. Thomas/Jane, child born 18 Dec 1777
STROUDWilliam27-Oct1780s. Thomas/Jane, child born 21 Sep
STUARTJane13-Jul1770d. James/Jane, child born 26 Jun
STURGESCharlotte30-Jan1791d. John/Susanna, child born 1 Jan
STURGESSusanna7-Jun1789d. John/Susanna, child born 13 May
SULLIVANHenry15-Jul1792s. Henry/Ann, child born 27 Apr
SURFLEINJohn27-Nov1787s. Edward/Mary, child born 27 Oct
SURFLEINThomas3-Nov1786s. Edward/Ann, child born 5 Oct
SURFLENAmadis2-Feb1746s. Thomas/Mary
SURFLENAmadis10-Nov1784s. Edward/Ann, child born 13 Oct
SURFLENAnn22-Mar1748d. Thomas/Mary
SURFLENAnn Mary9-Aug1789d. Edward/Ann, child born 30 Jun
SURFLENEdward20-Nov1740s. Thomas/Mary
SURFLENEdward19-Dec1779s. Edward/Ann, child born 25 Nov
SURFLENEdward8-Jun1752s. Thomas/Mary, child born 8 Jun
SURFLENElisabeth17-Mar1733d. Thomas/Mary
SURFLENEliza5-Jan1791d. Edward/Ann, child born 30 Nov 1790
SURFLENJohn11-Nov1737s. Thomas/Mary
SURFLENLouisa Anne24-Jan1771d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 14 Jan
SURFLENMargaret Mitchell30-Jan1765d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 8 Jan
SURFLENMary4-Jul1739d. Thomas/Mary
SURFLENMary2-Feb1744d. Thomas/Mary
SURFLENMary8-Mar1767d. Thomas/Margaret, child born 26 Feb
SURFLENMary Ann17-Jul1789d. Edward/Ann, child born 19 Jun
SURFLENThomas31-Mar1736s. Thomas/Mary
SURFLENThomas19-Feb1764s. Thomas/Margaret, child born 24 Feb
SURMANElizabeth Ann22-Nov1790d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 25 Oct
SURMANMaria16-Oct1778d. Peter/Elizabeth, child born 27 Dec 1775
SUTTONElizabeth25-Jul1762d. John/Anne, child born 20 Jul
SUTTONElizabeth30-Mar1788d. Allen/Elizabeth, child born 7 Mar
SUTTONLydia8-Feb1765d. Edward/Elisabeth, child born 6 Feb
SUTTONMary4-May1760d. John/Anne, child born 20 Apr
SUTTONMary1-May1763d. Edward/Elizabeth, child born 22 Apr
SUTTONMary Ann16-Nov1788d. Richard/Rachell, child born 29 Sep
SWAINSarah21-Apr1765base d. Sarah, child born 12 Apr
SWAINSONElizabeth Maria24-Sep1784d. John Timothy [mother's name not recorded], child born 26 Aug
SWANHenry Petken9-Oct1747s. William Dowell/Mary
SWANWilliam Dowell18-Nov1748s. William Dowell/Mary
SWINFORDCharity26-Dec1777d. late Daniel/Mary, child born 31 Dec 1776
SWINFORDDaniel4-Oct1728s. Daniel/Mary
SWINFORDMary13-Sep1744d. John/Mary
SWINFORDMary11-Sep1771d. Daniel/Mary, child born 11 Aug
SWINFORDSarah23-Jun1743d. John/Mary
SWINFORDSarah19-Mar1773d. Daniel/Mary, child born 14 Feb
SWINFORDStephen2-Aug1747s. Daniel/Mary
SWINFORDStephen3-Jan1748s. Daniel/Mary
TADDYAnne17-Dec1751d. James/Sarah, child born 27 Nov
TADDYEdward19-Dec1750s. James/Sarah, child born 30 Nov
TADDYElizabeth13-Sep1737d. James/Sarah
TADDYJames16-Apr1743s. James/Sarah
TADDYJames24-Apr1747s. James/Sarah
TADDYMary19-Sep1753d. James/Sarah, child born 30 Aug
TADDYRoger29-Jan1740s. James/Sarah
TADDYSarah13-Nov1739d. James/Sarah
TADDYSarah13-Sep1744d. James/Sarah
TADDYSarah18-Oct1745d. James/Sarah
TADDYSusanna29-Nov1748d. James/Sarah
TAPLEElisabeth9-Jul1727d. Simon/Elisabeth
TAPLEMary12-Jul1730d. Simon/Elisabeth
TAPLESarah6-Feb1736d. Simon/Elisabeth
TAPSELLStephen17-May1789s. John/Ann, child born 29 Apr
TARRITTSarah30-May1790d. Thomas/Elizabeth, 'P' [pauper], child born 19 May
TATNALElizabeth20-Aug1788d. John/Elizabeth, child born 12 Jul
TATNELLJohn22-Jun1791s. John/Elizabeth, child born 15 May
TAYLERSusanna17-May1778d. Stephen/Susanna, child born 21 Apr
TAYLORJames15-Aug1781s. John/Mary, child born 7 May
TAYLORJane19-Jan1777d. Stephen/Susanna, child born 28 Dec 1776
TAYLORJohn21-Aug1791s. John/Ann, child born 23 Jul
TAYLORMary29-Sep1741d. Edward/Elisabeth
TAYLORMary11-Feb1764d. John/Mary, child born 10 Feb
TAYLORMary Ann2-Oct1782d. John/Mary, child born 1 Sep
TAYLORWillliam18-Jan1761s. John/Mary, child born 5 Dec 1760
TERRYEdmund28-Jul1728s. Edmund/Sarah
TERRYEdmund22-Mar1733s. Edmund/Sarah
TERRYGeorge18-Apr1756s. Edmund/Sarah, child born 5 Apr
TERRYJohn18-Aug1745bastard s. Mary
TERRYMary24-Jun1731d. Stephen/Elisabeth
TERRYNicholas6-Aug1780s. Thomas/Elizabeth, child born 16 Jul
TERRYRebecca6-Jun1758d. Edmund/Sarah, child born 6 Jun
TERRYRebecca2-Dec1759d. Edmund/Sarah, child born 11 Nov
TERRYSwinford7-Nov1727s. Stephen/Elisabeth
TERRY alias NORWOODMary14-Aug1726bastard d. Edward TERRY/Mary NORWOOD
THOMPSONAnn16-Mar1783d. Matthew/Elizabeth, child born 5 Feb
THOMPSONThomas16-May1786s. William/Fanny, child born 14 May
THORNDENEdward28-May1732s. John/Elizabeth
THORNDENElisabeth5-Feb1730d. Henry/Sarah
THORNDENElisabeth23-Nov1735d. Duke/Ann
THORNDENEsther5-Feb1734d. Henry/Sarah
THORNDENHenry28-Jan1727s. Henry/Sarah
THORNDENHenry5-Nov1727s. John/Elizabeth
THORNDENJohn6-Apr1730s. John/Elisabeth
THORNDENJohn13-Sep1730s. Roger/Sarah
THORNDENJohn6-Feb1739s. John/Ann
THORNDENSandwel [sic]11-Feb1727s. Roger/Sarah
THORNDENThomas6-Jan1744s. Henry/Katharine
THORNTONAnn7-Mar1787d. John/Ann, child born 27 Jan
THORNTONAnne13-Dec1763d. Roger/Mary, child born 8 Dec
THORNTONAnne26-Jan1766d. John/Mary, child born 7 Jan
THORNTONAnne16-Feb1770d. John/Hannah, child born 14 Feb
THORNTONCharlotte6-Aug1769base d. Elizabeth, child born 21 Jul
THORNTONEdward11-May1783s. John/Ann, child born 29 Mar
THORNTONEdward11-Sep1757s. Henry/Charity, child born 29 Aug
THORNTONElizabeth19-Oct1766d. John/Hannah, child born 22 Sep
THORNTONElizabeth27-Feb1786d. John/Ann, child born 14 Feb
THORNTONElizabeth26-Jul1747d. Henry/Charity
THORNTONFrances26-Apr1747d. Henry/Catharine
THORNTONGeorge27-Nov1726s. Henry/Susanna
THORNTONHannah May4-Nov1771d. John/Hannah, child born 14 Sep
THORNTONHenry18-Nov1755s. Sandwell/Elisabeth, child born 1 Nov
THORNTONHenry29-Nov1761s. John/Mary, child born 9 Nov
THORNTONHenry22-Jul1787s. John/Mary, child born 26 May
THORNTONHenry18-Jan1789s. Henry/Sarah, child born 16 Dec 1788
THORNTONHenry Throm17-May1765base s. Elisabeth
THORNTONJane3-Feb1754d. Roger/Mary, child born 27 Jan
THORNTONJohn22-Oct1752s. Roger/Mary, born at Canterbury, child born 25 Sep
THORNTONJohn2-Nov1760s. John/Mary, child born 17 Oct
THORNTONJohn27-Feb1761s. Roger/Mary, child born 20 Feb
THORNTONJohn22-May1774s. John/Hannah, child born 6 May
THORNTONJohn25-Oct1776s. John/Hannah, child born 16 Sep
THORNTONJohn18-Mar1786s. John/Mary, child born 23 Jan
THORNTONJohn24-Jun1787s. Henry/Sarah, child born 4 Jun
THORNTONMary29-Dec1747d. Thomas/Mary
THORNTONMary10-Jan1764d. John/Mary, child born 26 Dec 1763
THORNTONMary15-Nov1789d. John/Mary, 'P' [pauper], child born 22 May
THORNTONMary12-Dec1790d. Henry/Sarah, child born 5 Nov
THORNTONMary Anne10-Jun1768d. John/Hannah, child born 12 May
THORNTONRichard25-Apr1753s. Thomas/Mary, child born 25 Apr
THORNTONRoger17-Jan1749s. Thomas/Mary
THORNTONSarah10-Feb1739d. Duke/Ann
THORNTONSarah29-Apr1752d. Henry/Charity, child born 3 Apr
THORNTONSarah26-Nov1758d. Roger/Mary, child born 20 Nov
THORNTONSarah28-May1775d. John/Hannah, child born 22 Apr
THORNTONStephen12-Jul1765s. Roger/Mary, child born 8 Jul
THORNTONThomas27-Nov1746s. Thomas/Mary
THORNTONThomas Morris29-Jan1769base s. Mary, widow, child born 21 Jan
THORNTONWilliam29-Jun1744s. Sarah [father's name not recorded]
THORNTONWilliam30-Sep1792s. Henry/Sarah, child born 24 Aug
THORNTONWilliam18-Mar1792s. Thomas/Mary, child born 22 Feb
THORNTON alias THORNDENEdward19-Jan1745s. Henry/Charity
THORPEMary Laming7-Mar1761d. Edward/Rejoyce, child born 7 Mar
THRUMHenry2-Oct1791s. Henry/Phyllis, child born 4 Sep
THUNDERFantin24-Dec1778s. Fantin/Elizabeth, child born 18 Dec
THUNDERSarah12-Sep1774d. Fantin/Elizabeth, child born 19 Aug
THUNDERThomas Ellington19-Apr1773s. Fantin/Elizabeth, child born 31 Mar
THWAITESMary Ann3-Feb1788d. Jeremiah/Frances, child born 9 Jan
THYERGeorge7-Jan1787s. Thomas/Kezia, 'P' [pauper], child born 21 Nov 1786
TIBEdward5-Jan1729s. William/Sarah
TIBKatharine14-Jun1727d. William/Sarah
TITTYAnthony12-May1771s. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 7 May
TITTYHannah3-Feb1760d. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 27 Jan
TITTYJohn Grant25-Jul1762s. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 20 Jul
TITTYMartha13-Mar1757d. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 7 Mar
TITTYMary11-Oct1741d. Anthony/Mary
TITTYMary17-Aug1755d. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 15 Aug
TITTYPleasant3-Apr1768d. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 3 Apr
TITTYThomas26-Dec1727s. Anthony/Mary
TITTYThomas17-Aug1766s. Thomas/Pleasant, child born 17 Aug
TOMLINElizabeth13-Aug1771d. John/Sarah, child born 28 Jul
TOMLINElizabeth10-Jun1783d. John/Sarah, child born 8 Jun
TOMLINMary11-Mar1777d. John/Sarah, child born 17 Feb
TOMLINPeggy8-Jun1775d. John/Sarah, child born 12 May
TOMLINPeggy20-May1779d. John/Sarah, child born 28 Apr
TOMLINPleasant5-May1774d. John/Sarah, child born 3 May
TOMLINRobert17-Jul1770s. John/Sarah, child born 24 Jun
TOMLINRobert Sacket5-Oct1790s. Robert/Sarah, child born 15 Sep
TOMLINSarah27-Mar1792d. Robert/Sarah, child born 3 Mar
TOMLINSarah Buchary3-Nov1772d. John/Sarah, child born 12 Oct
TOMLYNElizabeth22-Apr1780d. John/Sarah, child born 25 Mar
TOMLYNJohn Valentine6-Aug1781s. John/Sarah, child born 27 Jun
TOMPSONMaria Ann11-Mar1792d. William/Ann, child born 6 Feb
TRAPPJohn24-Jun1749s. Michael/Sarah
TRAPPSarah Moverly Wade30-Nov1766d. Jonas/Martha, child born 9 Nov
TRAPPStephen26-Sep1753s. Michael/Sarah, child born 16 Sep
TRAPPThomas22-Apr1744s. Samuel/Elisabeth
TRAPPThomas10-Jan1768s. Jonas/Martha, child born 28 Dec 1767
TRAPPSElizabeth26-Sep1727d. Michael/Mary
TRAPPSHenry28-Sep1740s. Michael/Mary
TRAPPSJohn21-Apr1726s. Michael/Mary
TRAPPSMargaret28-Mar1742d. Michael/Mary
TRAPPSMichael23-Apr1731s. Michael/Mary
TRAPPSStephen18-Nov1744s. Michael/Sarah
TRAPPSStephen16-Mar1745s. Michael/Sarah
TRAPSJohn9-Sep1743s. Michael/Sarah
TRAPSMartha13-Oct1728d. Samuel/Joanna
TRAPSMary27-May1729d. Michael/Mary
TRAPSMary24-Nov1735d. Michael/Mary
TRAPSSimmonds1-Nov1737s. Michael/Mary
TRAPSStephen8-Feb1738s. Michael/Mary
TRAPSWilliam26-Dec1732s. Michael/Mary
TRAPSWilliam16-Apr1734s. Michael/Mary
TRICEJohn17-Jan1741s. Thomas/Ann
TRICE alias MONINSJohn6-Nov1786s. Sarah TRICE/reputed father John MONINS Esq of Canterbury, child born 9 Oct
TRINDERWilliam2-Oct1785s. Charles/Ann, child born 2 Oct
TROWARDDavid4-Jun1764s. Richard/Susanna, child born 15 May
TROWARDElizabeth24-Jan1759d. Richard/Susanna, child born 2 Jan
TROWARDSusanna24-Nov1760d. Richard/Susanna, child born 1 Nov
TROWARDWillliam11-Nov1755s. Richard/Susanna, child born 26 Oct
TRUSSAlice29-Oct1751d. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 17 Oct
TRUSSAnne4-Apr1756d. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 12 Mar
TRUSSElizabeth28-Jun1747d. Joseph/Elizabeth, 'ratify'd in the Church' [see also baptism with her twin Joseph on 14 Jun 1747]
TRUSSFrances6-Aug1775d. William/Hannah, child born 10 Jul
TRUSSJoseph4-Dec1759s. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 25 Nov
TRUSSJoseph & Elizabeth14-Jun1747s. and d. Joseph/Elizabeth, private bapt [see also baptism of child Elizabeth on 28 Jun 1747]
TRUSSSarah11-Jun1773d. William/Hannah, child born 17 May
TRUSSSusanna22-Mar1761d. Joseph/Elizabeth, child born 13 Feb
TRUSSThomas5-Nov1749s. Joseph/Elizabeth
TRUSSWilliam28-Sep1748s. Joseph/Elizabeth
TUCKERAnn16-May1783d. late William/Elizabeth, child born 4 May ['born 4th']
TUCKEREdward9-May1773s. Edward/Mary, child born 18 Apr
TUCKERElizabeth24-Apr1771d. William/Elizabeth, child born 13 Apr
TUCKERElizabeth9-Nov1777d. Edward/Mary, child born 18 Oct
TUCKERGeorge29-Oct1727s. Edward/Mary of Wingham
TUCKERSarah31-May1776d. William/Elizabeth, child born 8 May
TUCKERSarah14-May1780d. Edward/Mary, child born 8 Apr
TUCKERWilliam3-Mar1773s. William/Elizabeth, child born 14 Feb
TUCKERWilliam Fuller14-Dec1780s. William/Elizabeth, child born 24 Nov
TUNSTALLMary Elizabeth28-Aug1789d. Francis/Mary, child born 4 Aug
TURNERAnne13-May1752d. David/Anne, child born 22 Apr
TURNERMary25-Jul1750d. Mr David/Anne, child born 10 Jul
TURNEYSarah3-Apr1791d. William/Mary, child born 5 Feb
TWYMANAnn2-Nov1777d. William/Margarett, child born 3 Oct
TWYMANCharles15-Feb1729s. William/Mary
TWYMANEdward14-Jul1745s. Edward/Mary
TWYMANEdward14-Feb1773s. William/Anne, child born 29 Jan
TWYMANElisabeth1-Jan1744d. Stephen/Margaret
TWYMANElizabeth1-May1743d. William/Mary
TWYMANElizabeth11-Apr1784d. Stephen/Mary, child born 12 Mar
TWYMANGeorge28-Oct1753s. Stephen/Margaret, child born 28 Oct
TWYMANGeorge6-Jan1782s. Stephen/Mary, child born 23 Dec 1781
TWYMANHenry24-Feb1733s. Henry/Anne of Minster
TWYMANIsaac15-May1757s. Stephen/Margaret, child born 7 May
TWYMANIsaac25-Feb1787s. Stephen/Mary, child born 2 Feb
TWYMANJane17-Feb1774d. Arthur/Susanna, child born 27 Jan