14 Jan. 1835. The poll for the knights of the shire to represent the Western Division of the County of Kent in Parliament, including the Registered Electors who did not vote, also, a general index, and an abstract of the number of votes for each parish.  Candidates Thomas Law Hodges, Esq., Thomas Rider, Esq., Sir William R. P. Geary, Bart.. Publication:  Maidstone. Printed and Published by J. Smith, sold by all booksellers in Kent; and Whittaker & Co., Ave Maria Lane, London.

99 votes for Hodges, 99 votes for Rider and 133 votes for Geary.

All of the following individuals qualified to vote in the election based upon eligible property held at Maidstone.  Some of the names may be mis-spelt from the inaccuracy of the Lists made out by the Overseers.
Given Name
Place of Residence
Abnett Thomas Maidstone
Alexander Thomas Maidstone
Allen Charles Maidstone
Allen John Maidstone
Allen Thomas William Maidstone
Allman Edward Maidstone
Appleton Henry Carey Street
Arkcoll John Stone Street
Athawes Henry Kingstone
Athawes Samuel Foley Cottage
Atkins Thomas Hawkhurst
Avery Stephen Carey Street, Maidstone
Bailey William Gabriels Hill
Balcomb John Maidstone
Balston William Maidstone
Barnett Charles Earl Street
Barnett John West Borough
Barrow Thomas Otham
Bassage James Chatham
Beaumont Charles Maidstone
Beeching John Ebenezer Shepway Court not stated
Bensted Joseph Scrubbs
Bensted William Harding Scrubbs
Blinkhorn Robert King Street
Bodman William Humphrey Rocky Hill
Bosanquet, Richard Godfrey Sandling Road not stated
Bowyer Henry West Borough
Bradford Isaac West Borough
Bradshaw John West Borough
Bradshaw Wiliam West Borough
Brenchley Frederick Upper Stone Street
Brenchley John Maidstone
Briggs Edward Albion Place
Brissenden Robert Union Street not stated
Britter Joseph Mannering High Street
Brooke William Union Street
Brooke John Union Street
Brown John Week Street
Brown Joseph Sr Market Street
Bunyar John Maidstone
Bunyard James Maidstone
Bunyard William Moat Road
Burch William High Street
Burch James Bank st not stated
Burgess George Week Street
Busby James High Street
Cabbell William Week Street
Carpenter John Brewer Street
Chalklen John Marshall Strood
Chambers George Jeffery Street, Maidstone
Chantler Thomas Southboro
Chittenden John 17 Orchard Street, Maidstone
Chittenden John Union Street
Clever William Orchard Street
Clifford Robert Union Street
Climson George Maidstone
Cobb Charles Francis Copthall Court, Throgmorton Street
Cobb Frederick Finsbury Circus, London
Cobb George Bredgar
Cobb Henry Albany, Piccadilly, London
Cobb Rev. William Francis Nettlestead
Collens George Week Street
Collens James Week Street
Collis Henry Stone Street
Cooke George Penshurst
Cooper Lewis Bower, Maidstone
Cotton Samuel Clapton
Cotton William Henry Upper Clapton, Middlesex
Crispe William High Street
Crowder John High Street, Maidstone
Crowhurst John Maidstone
Crundwell James Knightrider Street
Cutbush George King Street
Cutbush John Stone Street
Cutbush Robert King Street
Cutbush Thomas, Sr. King Street
Dann John St. Faiths Street
Dann Thomas Upper Stone Street
Dawson William Shirnold Pond
Day Thomas Gabriels Hill
Day William High Street
Dear William Richard Deacon Week Street
Denne William Stone Street
Dickenson William High Street
Dickson George Tovil
Disney John Blackheath Hill, Greenwich
Doe John High Street, Maidstone
Dunk William County Road
Edmett Thomas Maidstone
Edmett William High Street
Elvy Francis Barham Bow Hill
Evans John 7 Pullins Row, Islington
Fagg John East Malling
Fauchon Robert Allington
Field Samuel Tovil
Fleming William Brunswick Place, City Road
Fortnam George Maidstone
Fowle John Pleasant Row
Fowle William Week Street
Frostick William Mote Park
Froud William Market Street
Gandy Edward Union Street
Gegan James High Street
Gilbert Thomas Dean Street, East Farleigh
Giles Nicholas Stone Street
Glover Gabriel Maidstone
Goddard William Market Street
Goff Samuel East Malling
Goff Thomas Strood
Gorham William Knightrider Street
Gower Richard Penenden Heath
Gray James Wheeler Street
Green John, Sr. Mill Street
Green Samuel Sevenoaks
Green Thomas Bearsted
Green Thomas George St. James Street, London
Gregory Arthur Thomas Ightham
Gurney John Week Street
Guy William Winchester Place
Hadlow John Maidstone
Hanson Edward Maidstone
Hanson Henry Maidstone
Harman John Croydon, Surrey
Hart Richard Maidstone
Hawkins Abraham Stone Street
Hazell Stephen Link Mill Street
Hazlewood William Penenden Heath Road
Heathorn John Earl Street
Henty Edward Brewer Street
Higgins Charles Medway Terrace
Hills Francis Moat Road
Hills Robert Maidstone
Hills Thomas Thornham
Hills Thomas Moat Road
Hills Walter New Road, Chatham
Hills Walter Week Street, Maidstone
Hoadley John Charles Week Street
Hoar Charles King Street
Holloway John Week Street
Holloway William Union Street
Holloway William Bassett Week Street
Holmes Richard Union Street
Hopkins Henry Maidstone
Hughes James Brunswick Street
Hughes John Pudding Lane
Hughes John Newington St. Michaels, Winchester
Hughes William Pudding Lane
Hunt Edward Harbour Land
Hunt Richard Knightrider Street
Hyde Thomas, Jr. High Street
Hyde Thomas, Sr. Clarendon Place
James Charles Week Street
Jarrett John Middle Row
Jenkins Fossey Brewer Street
Johnson James High Street
Johnson Thomas Gabriels Hill
Johnson Thomas Maidstone
Jones John Oliver 1 John Street, Bedford Row
Jury Henry Broomfield
Jury William Stone Street
Kebbell John Week Street
Kemp John Carey Street
Kennett John Maidstone
Kiernan John Maidstone
Kirkby John Queen Ann Road
Laker John Brewer Street
Lawrence Isaac Cottage Grove, Mile End Road
Lawrence Thomas East Malling
Lemmon Thomas Meadow
Logan John Moat Road
Logan Thomas Maidstone
Long Samuel Minster, Sheppy
Lowdell Stephen Lewes, Sussex
Lowry James Earl Street, Maidstone
Marchant John Maidstone
Marchant Joseph Gabriels Hill
Marsham Charles Boxley
Martin Thomas Gidds Pond
McRitchie Thomas Bower
Mercer John Maidstone
Midhurst John Timber Wharf
Mitchell Robert Moat Road
Mitchell Thomas Wrens Cross
Moore William High Street
Morgan Joseph Langdon High Street
Mortimer John West Boro not stated
Mount William Leytonstone, Essex
Munn John Upper Stone Street, Maidstone
Nicholson Richard Brewer Street
Oliver Charles Week Street
Oliver Edward Week Street
Oliver William Week Street
Orford Thomas Mill Street
Parker Rev. Henry John Summerfield House
Pattenden Robert Week Street
Payne John Week Street
Pearce George, Sr. Moat Road
Pell Thomas Stone Street, Maidstone
Penfold William Margesson Wood Lawn, Loose
Philpot George Stone Street, Maidstone
Phipps John 19 Buckingham Street, Adelphi
Pike Dean Rayne East Peckham
Pillow John Maidstone
Piper Alfred Upper Stone Street
Piper Henry Havock Lane
Piper Silvester George Street
Piper Thomas Brewer Street
Piper Philip Detellin County Road
Poolly Edwin Maidstone
Poolly George Waterside
Poolly Joseph Maidstone
Pope Horatio Fant
Pope Thomas Blissett King Street
Potter James High Street
Pound George Upper Stone Street
Powell Thomas Holland Terrace
Prentis Stephen Palace
Prosser Thomas Maidstone
Pybus Thomas Waterside
Randall Alexander Week Street
Randall William Week Street
Ranger Henry Langley
Reader John Maidstone
Reeve John Wrotham
Reeve Rev. James King Street
Richards John Tunbridge
Ruck Benjamin Maidstone
Russell Isaac Leeds
Sage William 18 Sloane Terrace, Chelsea
Sanders Edward St. Faiths Green, Maidstone
Sawer John County Place
Sayer George Edward Charing
Scratton Daniel Penenden Heath, Maidstone
Sellen Joseph Maidstone
Sharp John Springfield
Sharp Joseph King Street
Sharp Stephen Brewer Street
Shepherd John Sevenoaks
Shirley Thomas Sevenoaks
Shortter William Rocky Hill, Maidstone
Simmonds Charles King Street
Simmonds Joseph High Street
Simmonds Stephen Stone Street
Simmons Thomas King Street
Simpson George Carey Street
Skeere Thomas Queen Ann Road
Smith George Gabriels Hill
Smith John Tovil
Smith John Week Street
Smith Samuel Moat Road
Smith Thomas Tovil
Smitherman Richard Carshalton, Surrey
Southon David Week Street
Springett John Maidstone
Stacey Courtney Stockbury
Stacey William Henry Stockbury
Stephens John Cribb Maidstone
Stone Arthur Rocky Hill
Styles William Upper Stone Street
Sutton Edward West Borough
Sutton John West Borough
Swain Robert Union Street
Swan Thomas Tovil
Tapp John Maidstone
Tassell Thomas West Borough
Taylor John Queen Ann Road
Thompson Thomas Upper Stone Street
Titus John County Road
Topping Charles Albion Place
Turner George William St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey
Tyrrell George Reading, Berkshire
Tyssen William George Daniel Foley House
Tyssen William George Tyssen D. Foulden Hall, Norfolk
Underdown John Moat Road
Upfold Henry Wheeler Street
Valentine William John High Street, Maidstone
Vigor William, Jr. Knightrider Street
Vigor William, Sr. not stated
Vile Henry Lucerne Street
Waghorne Charles Wheeler Street
Wakefield George Knightrider Street
Walker Charles Chelsea, Middlesex
Walker Frederick Willington Street
Walker William Rocky Hill
Wallis John Homewood King Street, Maidstone
Walter William Stone Street
Warwick Richard Maidstone
Washford John Moat Road
Waters Samuel Maidstone
Wayth Charles Thurnham
Wedd Richard Stone Street, Maidstone
Weeks William Upper Stone Street
Wells Henry Precincts, Rochester
Whatman James Vinters, Boxley
Whatman James Maidstone
Wheeler Benjamin Week Street
Wheeler Frederick High Street, Strood
Whibley George Havock Lane
White William Maidstone
Wickham William Maidstone
Wickings James Meadow
Wildes Henry Atkinson Maidstone
Wildes Thomas Steward Brompton, Middlesex
Williams Richard Maidstone
Willson George Maidstone
Willson John High Street, Deptford
Willson John Maidstone
Willson Thomas Maidstone
Wimble John East Malling
Worley George Maidstone
Worley James Alexander Chatham
Wright George Maidstone

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