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St. Peter & St. Paul, Bromley Parish Church

Bromley Union,
Children Boarded Out 1902 - 1910

Transcribed by Henry Mantell with the generous support of Bromley Archives.
Compiled from entries in Bromley Union Kent Boarding Out Commitee Minute book number 2.  Bromley Historical Collections reference 846 GBy/A/M/86.  Additional information can be found in GBy/AW 2 Secretary's register including after care employment history.

PageDateChild surnameChild given nameFoster Parent AddressRemarks
8720-Jul-09ADDERWAYDennis[blank] has had measles and whooping cough
8627-Feb-09ADDERWAY or ADDINALLDennis GuyMrs VENABLES 12 Chancery Lane Beckenhamboarded out since 31 January 1907 now transferred to Raglan Road School with other foster child Elsie EVANS
665-Apr-07BALDREYMary Saint Jude's Hometo enter service as soon as place is found
7129-Oct-07BALDREYMary Ann Workhouseout of situation and unable to be cared for by friends
331-Nov-04BALDRYM Trewint Training Homehad to be re-admitted to the Workhouse "on account of great disobedience" subsequently found training home place
412-May-05BALDRYMary Saint Jude's Homegood written report from Matron
7321-Jan-08BANNISTERPeter Cudhamfoster parents removed to Cudham where there is no lady Visitor Ladies Committe member seeing them regularly in Bromley the Ladies Committee have organised a surprise vist to foster home in Cudham
7321-Jan-08BAXTERFritzWilliam FARRELL Pratt's Bottomhas been moved into a fresh home (a church family) and is getting on splendidly
7614-Apr-08BAXTERFritzWilliam FARRELL Pratt's Bottomcontinued progress in fresh foster home
8127-Oct-08BAXTERFritzMister JARRETT Pratts Bottomformer foster parent removed from the Union he is much improved and getting on well
8820-Jul-09BAXTERFritzMister JARRETT Pratts Bottomhad tonsils removed in Bromley Cottage Hospital
3610-Jan-05BLANCHARDAlbertMrs JOHNSON 30 Recreation Road Shortlandsa troublesome boy in a Cottage home to be sent to Gordon Boys Home
402-May-05BLANCHARDAlbertMrs JOHNSON 30 Recreation Road Shortlandsremains in cottage home until recovered from small operation then to be considered by Gordon Boys Home
493-Oct-05BLANCHARDAlbertMrs JOHNSON 30 Recreation Road Shortlandsis now fit to enter Gordon Boys Home when a vacancy arises
5223-Jan-06BLANCHARDAlbert Gordon Boys Homedoing well
229-Jul-02BLANCHARDArthur [Farnborough]handed over to Boarding out Committee on 16 April
7821-Jul-08CLEMENTSJack Downeemployed as Telegraph Boy at Downe Post Office stayed on in foster home "inclined to stay out late"
8627-Feb-09CLEMENTSJack[blank] now taken on as deck boy on Royal Mail steamship Segura and as servant to the Captain
9012-Oct-09CLEMENTSJack or John[blank] now on third passage to China aboard Royal Mail steamship Segura
665-Apr-07CLEMENTSJohn Downeaged 14 is "so small a boy" that he should remain at school
8820-Jul-09CLEMENTSJohn[blank] now on Royal Mail steamship passage to China for second time as Cabin Boy to the Captain
473-Oct-05CLEMENTSLilyMrs NETTLINGHAM 1 Croft Road Nichol Lane Bromleymoved from Mrs MACE Farnborough as more suitable
5123-Jan-06CLEMENTSLily 1 Croft Road Nichol Lanegoing on very well
628-Jan-07CLEMENTSLily[blank] has a morning situation
7614-Apr-08CLEMENTSLily[blank] off rates on 2 April having had a situation found for her
69-Oct-02CLEMENTSMinnie[blank] went to service on 10 September but was not strong enough to remain returns 10 October Committe to obtain lighter work for her
2419-Apr-04CLEMENTSMinnie[blank] advertise in local paper for situation she is in service at present at Bromley Common
3019-Jul-04CLEMENTSMinnie[blank] doing well in situation
79-Oct-02CLEMENTSRose Trewint Homehad to be removed from Brockham training Home as not satisfied with training she was receiving good reports from Trewint Haverstock Hill
2419-Apr-04CLEMENTSRose Trewint House Haverstock HillMatron requesting she be found service situation in Bromley to be near her sister
3019-Jul-04CLEMENTSRose[blank] doing well in situation in London and visited
229-Jul-02DEARRosina Trewint Home Haverstock Hillwas removed from Betchworth as too backward to train for service good report but certainly backward
79-Oct-02DEARRosina Trewint Homegood reports received
2214-Jan-04DEARRosina[blank] was carefully placed in a good situation by Matron of the Trewint Home found to be carefully looked after by her employer and doing well
2519-Apr-04DEARRosina[blank]  still in her place and good reports received
3019-Jul-04DEARRosina[blank] doing well in situation in London and visited
229-Jul-02EVANSClaud[blank] defective eyesight attends Moorfields Eye Hospital
142-Jul-03EVANSClaud[blank] Committee recommendation of assistance to emigrate to Canada referred to Local Government Board by Guardians
1722-Oct-03EVANSClaud[blank] rejected by Doctor Barnardo on account of his bad eye sight resolved to seek apprentice trade for him or to be sent to Gordon Boys Home
2114-Jan-04EVANSClaud Gordon Boys Homedespite defective eyesight was admitted on 17 December
3019-Jul-04EVANSClaud Gordon Boys Homenot so good a report Visitor has raised concerns
2114-Jan-04EVANSEliza[blank] long delayed surgery to remove tonsils has been carried out but her articulation has not improved
142-Jul-03EVANSElsieMrs SHEPPARD CHURCHMAN1 Laxey Road Green Street Greenhas bad tonsils
2719-Jul-04EVANSElsie [Bromley Common]new home needed as foster parents are moving she has a speech impediment and is a difficult child
412-May-05EVANSElsieMister and Mrs JONES 33 Elliott Road Bromley Commonsuffering from "bad eyes" to be seen by Doctor Willoughby LYALL
4625-Jul-05EVANSElsieMister and Mrs JONES 33 Elliott Road Bromley Common cost of prescribed spectacles
5724-Jul-06EVANSElsieMister and Mrs JONES 33 Elliott Road Bromley Commoncannot be trusted in foster home meddling with food proposed move to another home
6016-Oct-06EVANSElsieMister and Mrs JONES 33 Elliott Road Bromley Commonfoster father is out of work at present Committee decide to consider alternative if the father does not find work
628-Jan-07EVANSElsieMister and Mrs JONES 33 Elliott Road Bromley Commonaged 10 bad speech impediment a "difficult child rather deficient" Guardians permission sought to place her in a training home
655-Apr-07EVANSElsieMrs SHEPPARD CHURCHMAN1 Laxey Road Green Street Greenwas moved to fresh foster home has a speech impediment and is backward happier and doing well
679-Jul-07EVANSElsieMrs SHEPPARD CHURCHMAN1 Laxey Road Green Street Greenborn in 1897 troubled by her eyes and to be seen at Bromley Cottage Hospital
7029-Oct-07EVANSElsieMrs SHEPPARD CHURCHMAN1 Laxey Road Green Street Greentreated at Moorfields eye Hospital and due to attend again in six months time
8527-Feb-09EVANSElsie[blank]  now transferred to Raglan Road School and prescribed glasses
8720-Jul-09EVANSElsie[blank] has had measles and whooping cough
9411-Feb-10EVANSElsieMrs BARKER 3 Sydney Cottages Gladstone Road Farnboroughthere was insufficient room for her at pevious foster mother's [Green Street Green] suitable home in Farnborough found
69-Oct-02FLOYDWalterMister and Mrs REEVES Farnboroughdishonest and ran away with money to Ramsgate returned by Police plannned to take him from School as soon as possible and place him in outdoor work
1029-Jan-03FLOYDWalterMister and Mrs REEVES Farnboroughis inciting younger boys in the village to petty pilfering of items of little value not a strong lad so efforts to find him work have been difficult
132-Jul-03FLOYDWalter[blank] dismissed for dishonesty from situation in Eastbourne Committee recommendation of assistance to emigrate to Canada submitted by Guardians to Local Government Board
1622-Oct-03FLOYDWalter Gordon Boys Homeadmitted to Boys Home 7 September
2114-Jan-04FLOYDWalter Gordon Boys homegood report
3019-Jul-04FLOYDWalter Gordon Boys Homegood report
5223-Jan-06FLOYDWalter[blank] has now left Gordon Boys Home and is employed as garden boy in a private family [later absconds and returns to foster parents emigrated to Canada in May 1909]
331-Nov-04FOSTERAlec[blank] had been very troublesome now doing better Committee approve transfer to Farningham Home for little boys if necessary
7921-Jul-08FOSTERAlec[blank] nearly 14 years old will have to begin work this summer Mister TAYLOR Builder at Saint Mary Cray will probably take him
8127-Oct-08FOSTERAlexander[blank] now aged 14 and remains in same foster care is employed by Mister TAYLOR Saint Mary Cray where his foster father has been employed for many years Guardians approve apprenticeship
2114-Jan-04GLOVERWilliamMrs BURTON Beckenhamreal fears for his life and to be referred to Great Ormond street Hospital
2519-Apr-04GLOVERWilliamMrs BURTON Beckenhamhad recovered enormously in health and no longer needs to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital
7921-Jul-08GLOVERWilliamMrs BURTON 58 Durban Road Beckenhamhas ringworm and is to be treated with X ray Council Inspector to take up to London for treatment
8027-Oct-08GLOVERWilliamMrs BURTON 58 Durban Road Beckenhamstill has very bad ringworm and to undergo second X ray Treatment Council Inspector delayed visit for 3 weeks
8319-Jan-09GLOVERWilliamMrs BURTON 58 Durban Road Beckenhamstill has ringworm but hoped to be able to return to school in one month's time
89-Oct-02GRAHAMAlbert[blank] dismissed from the Navy due to "night blindness" and permanently disqualified from service Committee request Guardians fund foster carer for his care and clothing
5724-Jul-06HALLDavid Exmouth Training Shipcoming for leave with foster parents
79-Oct-02HAWTHORNRose[blank] has been suffering from Saint Vitus Dance and Medical Officer excused school attendance Guardians approval given to Committee recommendation of transfer to convalescent home
1129-Jan-03HAWTHORNRose[blank] new foster home as previous foster mother insisted on removal of older Edward O'NEILL and her care was not suitable no longer ill and marked improvement
412-May-05HAWTHORNRose[blank] funding railway fares and board at Hastings
8419-Jan-09HILDAPerryMrs NETTLINGHAM 1 Croft Road Nichol Lane Bromleyhas developed ringworm on her neck and is unable to attend school has been troublesome but behaving better
142-Jul-03HILLSLilly[blank] outfit
1622-Oct-03HILLSLilly[blank] accepted at Trewint Industrial Home and Guardians agree to fund
2214-Jan-04HILLSLilly Trewint House Haverstock Hilladmitted at end of October and doing well
412-May-05HILLSLilly Trewint Homeimproved report
7421-Jan-08HILLSLily[blank] aged 18 and beyond age for the Ladies Committee to supervise is in unsatisfactory employment MAYBS are involved and a visitor will support
8127-Oct-08JACOBSFlorenceMrs BARKER 3 Sydney Cottages Gladstone Road Farnboroughhas been in unsatisfactory state of health due to "large tonsils" is to be considered for surgery
8419-Jan-09JACOBSFlorenceMrs BARKER 3 Sydney Cottages Gladstone Road Farnboroughhad tonsils and adenoids removed in hospital
9511-Feb-10JACOBSFlorenceMrs UDALL West Hill Villas Downeenquiries to be made for new foster home at Mrs BARKER Farnborough she is a difficult child and present home unsatisfactory
9511-Feb-10JENKINSJohnMrs NETTLINGHAM PlaistowGuardians paid cost of surgery on adenoids
329-Jul-02KEYWORTH alias RUSSELLJohn Home for Waifs and Strays StandonCommitee approve place and agree to fund and outfit the boy
129-Jul-02LANEDorothy[blank] aged 2 died no inquest mother is subject to fits and she was not a strong child presumed to be a fit District Medical Officer had not seen her for 5 weeks
79-Oct-02LASLETTCharlotte Workhousehad to returned from Trewint Home as her unmanageable temper proved a danger to herself and others
2214-Jan-04LASLETTE[blank] ready for service
3710-Jan-05LEEBertram[blank] recommended to Gordon Boys Home subject to approval by Local Government Board
402-May-05LEEBertram[blank] awaiting vacancy at Gordon Boys home
5419-Apr-06LEECharlesMrs SHELDON Plaistow Cemetery Lodgeto remain on trial for up to two weeks but may need alternative away from his brothers
5724-Jul-06LEECharles[blank] no need to move him as he is doing better
5916-Oct-06LEECharlesMister and Mrs SHELDON age 6 Mister and Mrs SHELDON have formally requested permission to adopt Committee to consider in three months time
628-Jan-07LEECharlesMrs DAVIS 17 Shortland Gardens Bromleydate of birth 28 July 1901 orphaned when mother died
8820-Jul-09LEECharlesMrs DAVIS 17 Shortlands Gardens Bromleytroublesome at foster home awaiting place at Doctor STEVENSON's home
8820-Jul-09LEEJackMrs DAVIS 17 Shortlands Gardens Bromleytroublesome at foster home awaiting place at Doctor STEVENSON's home
628-Jan-07LEEJohnMrs DAVIS 17 Shortland Gardens Bromleydate of birth 8 April 1898 orphaned when mother died
5419-Apr-06LEERose Downeaged 14 Committe agree to outfit her for service
628-Jan-07LEERoseMrs UDALL Downenot doing very well but foster parents willing to try longer
665-Apr-07LEERoseMrs UDALL Downefoster parents are kind to her and are trying to train her "not very honest and tiresome" causing trouble age 14 on 9 February 1906
7614-Apr-08LEERoseMrs UDALL Downea difficult girl but will remain with foster parent employed and outfitted by employer [Mrs NEALE 3 Elmfield Road Bromley]felt to be difficult to find other employment for her
7821-Jul-08LEERose[blank] now off rates as had a place as Housemaid in Bromley found for her
8820-Jul-09LEERoseMRS UDALL West Hill Villas Downeis 17 years old and has lost her situation due to dishonesty did not return to foster parent but was found in lodging in Saint Mary Cray
9012-Oct-09LEERoseMRS UDALL West Hill Villas Downenow has employment
628-Jan-07LEEThomasMrs JOHNSON 30 Recreation Road Shortlandsdate of birth 12 April 1896 orphaned when mother died
8227-Oct-08LEEThomasMrs JOHNSON 30 Recreation Road Bromleyproven dishonest Guardians approve place at Gordon Boys Home
3019-Jul-04LUSTEDElsie[blank] well situated as a housemaid with Mrs WILSON at Farnborough Lodge
3710-Jan-05O'CONNELLCharlesMrs WATSON Roman Catholic doing well
4525-Jul-05O'CONNELLCharlesMrs WATSON Roman Catholic foster parent unable to continue
5724-Jul-06O'CONNELLCharles[blank] foster mother is leaving the neighbourhood and Union so he will need an alternative
6016-Oct-06O'CONNELLCharlesMrs WALTON he is Roman Catholic in a temporary home with Church people to be moved if a Roman Catholic foster home can be found
7614-Apr-08O'CONNELLCharles[blank] half pay as now employed by Sir Henry LENNARD as Garden boy
3710-Jan-05O'CONNELLEmilyMrs WATSON Roman Catholic doing well
4525-Jul-05O'CONNELLEmilyMrs WATSON  Roman Catholic girl has ear trouble and is "deficient" foster parent unable to continue care
483-Oct-05O'CONNELLEmilyMrs JORDAN 6 Martin's Road Shortlandsshortly after move to new foster home had to be admitted to Bromley Cottage Hospital for surger on her ear now needing much attention and attending hospital as outpatient
5123-Jan-06O'CONNELLEmilyMrs JORDAN 6 Martin's Road Shortlandshad been very ill now at convalescent home at Lancing
3710-Jan-05O'CONNELLWilliam  Roman Catholic doing well
7321-Jan-08O'CONNELLWilliam Bickleyhas been moved from Miss SULLIVAN at Nash to a Roman Catholic home
7614-Apr-08O'CONNELLWilliam Bickleyhas developed consumption and is to go to Brompton Hospital arranged by Ladies Committee
7714-Apr-08O'CONNELLWilliamMister JACKSON Police Officer 14 Burnhill Road Beckenhamboarded out subject to sanction of Local Government Board
7921-Jul-08O'CONNELLWilliamMrs G WHITEHEAD Chelsfieldhas been to convalescent home now in temporary cottage home until a Roman Catholic foster home can be found he has very weak eyes
5724-Jul-06O'CONNELLWillie[blank] has an eye disease which is likely to become chronic and need medical attention
4525-Jul-05O'CONNELLLWillyMrs WATSON Roman Catholic foster parent unable to continue
5023-Jan-06O'NEILEdward Upshire Bury homesuch good report that question of apprenticeship was considered but considered to be so backward and poor eyesight that he remain at the home whilst eventual apprentice to basket maker be sought
2519-Apr-04O'NEILLE[blank] good account received of this boy
329-Jul-02O'NEILLEdward[blank] should if possible be placed in a training Home as getting beyond controls of foster parents was ineligible for Farningham Home
69-Oct-02O'NEILLEdward[blank] still in trouble "dull quarrelsome and generally tiresome" several homes tried without success
1129-Jan-03O'NEILLEdward[blank] fresh foster home found when previous foster parent in a fit of temper insisted on removal said to to be liked and happy since 11 December entry to new home
1722-Oct-03O'NEILLEdward[blank] has ulcers in both eyes stammers and is unable to attend school he does some light work in Mister Edward NORMAN's garden but is felt to need training for the feeble minded to be sent to Uphill Bury Home for the feeble minded
2114-Jan-04O'NEILLEdward Upshire Bury Boys Homeadmitted 23 December encouraging account from home
5519-Apr-06O'NEILLEdward[blank] now in a situation after leaving the the Upshire Bury Boys Home
3019-Jul-04O'NEILLTed[blank] in a home for the feeble minded very good report
142-Jul-03O'NEILLTed [Edward]Mrs MORLEY Elm Road Green Street Green Chelsfielddoing well at foster home unfit for school or hard work of any kind requested increased allowance leads Committee to recommend to Guardians that all foster parents receive increase
329-Jul-02OOSTMarionMrs THREADGOLD Bromley School Board report that a Hospital Medical Certificate indicates she is unable to attend School School Board indicate seaside visit beneficial no action taken by Committee
7614-Apr-08PERRYHildaMrs NETTLINGHAM 1 Croft Road Nichol Lane Bromleywill be boarded out
9611-Feb-10PERRYHildaMrs NETTLINGHAM 1 Croft Road Nichol Lane Bromleyadmitted to union 10 February 1910 to be sent for training for up to two years at Trewint Home Bexley from 8 March 1910 [later 25 July 1912 emigrated to Canada Church Emigration Society domestic servant to Canaon MORLEY Toronto later cardboard box factory Hamilton employment
5724-Jul-06POLLARDEdward[blank] off rates since 23 May
229-Jul-02RHODESEliza[blank] defective eyesight attends Moorfields Eye Hospital
2014-Jan-04RHODESEliza[blank] age 14 but has weak eye sight and is not strong her Aunt Mrs ELY of 2 and 4 Chief Street Ordsall Lane Salford is asking for her to join her sisters and older brother Guardians Clerk to ask Salford Union to report on circumstances
2419-Apr-04RHODESEliza[blank] aunt in Salford had withdrawn offer to accommodate her when she appreciated how small and delicate and unsuited for domestic service she is she is able to leave school and will attend the Domestic Economy school at Bromley for training
2719-Jul-04RHODESEliza[blank] competitive interviews held in September for place at Domestic Economy School Bromley
331-Nov-04RHODESEliza[blank] result of Domestic Economy School Bromley examination not yet known
3610-Jan-05RHODESEliza[blank] Domestic Economy School Bromley successfully but need to be maintained on rates as at Christmas she had to return to foster mother and had clothing needs
412-May-05RHODESEliza[blank] over 16 will spend Easter at foster parents and leave the Domestic Economy School Bromley after mid-summer term her Aunts are anxious to take her off rates Salford Union to be asked to report
1914-Jan-04RILEYEliza[blank] Lady Visitor discovered that her mother died 3 or 4 months previously and her father a Wood Turner and her elder brother are both employed and able to support maintenance the child was "wilfully deserted" and entered the Workhouse Guardians adopt her under provisions of Poor Law Act 1899
412-May-05RILEYEliza[blank] funding railway fares and board at Hastings
5724-Jul-06RILEYElizabeth[blank] has been outfitted now seeking situation
6016-Oct-06RILEYElizabethMrs DAVIS The Vale Shortlands Gardens Beckenhamnow off rates as she has found employment
7129-Oct-07RILEYElizabeth Workhouserturned to Workhouse as she has had 5 places "most tiresome and will not keep any place found for her" laundry work to be sought Committee resolved she be sent to Miss BROWN's Laundry at Bexley
7321-Jan-08RILEYElizabethMiss BROWN's LaundryBexleygood report received
7614-Apr-08RILEYElizabethMiss BROWN's LaundryBexleya most tiresome and difficult girl being trained in laundry with hopes of improvement
229-Jul-02RUSSELLJohn Shortlandsboth brothers ran away from foster home in April found by police in Limehouse awaiting place at Standen Home Farm
59-Oct-02RUSSELLJohn Standen Farm Homewent to the Farm home on 1 August writes happily and appears to be doing well
331-Nov-04RUSSELLM[blank] is suffering from rheumatism and may need special treatment
3710-Jan-05RUSSELLM[blank] improved health since last quarter
229-Jul-02RUSSELLMildred[blank] has not been well is under Doctor's care there does not seem to be much amiss
79-Oct-02RUSSELLMildred[blank] has had a sharp attack of pneumonia and will need care during winter
5419-Apr-06RUSSELLMildred[blank] although now old enough to leave school she is to remain longer as she may then be stronger and mor fit for occupation
5624-Jul-06RUSSELLMildred[blank] now old enough to be employed efforts will be made to find apprentice dressmaker situation for her to remain at home
6016-Oct-06RUSSELLMildred[blank] remains with foster parents but is earning little to train as dressmaker with Miss SEYMOUR
628-Jan-07RUSSELLMildred[blank] unable to continue work as dressmaker due to her bad eyesight
665-Apr-07RUSSELLMildred[blank] place in service now being sought as her eyesight is too weak to pursue dressmaking
679-Jul-07RUSSELLMildred[blank] to remain in foster home and receive medical treatment for swollen ankles which ended her service as she was unable to walk
7029-Oct-07RUSSELLMildred[blank] still suffering from rheumatism and unable to enter service arrangements for her to enter spa treatment
7221-Jan-08RUSSELLMildred[blank] developed tubercular disease of the anklebone it was necessary to send her to Hospital at Margate Guardians to continue to maintain her stay there
7514-Apr-08RUSSELLMildred Convalescent Home Bexhill on SeaGuardians are funding and medical advice will be followed by Ladies Committee
7821-Jul-08RUSSELLMildred[blank] returned from convalescence walking with a crutch enquiries about dressmaking work at Keston are being made
8027-Oct-08RUSSELLMildred[blank] is now 17 years old still on crutches with tubercular disease of the anklebone Ladies Committee recommend to Guardians that they fund for three years place at Cripples Home Marylebone Road London
8419-Jan-09RUSSELLMildred Cripples Home Marylebone Roadmedically prescribed artificial leg to rest her foot Guardians funding sought
9511-Feb-10RUSSELLMildred Cripples Home Saint Leonardsprogressing but still has diseased foot and she must rest it
229-Jul-02RUSSELLSidney Shortlandsboth brothers ran away from foster home in April found by police in Limehouse Sidney to remain at Shortlands
3710-Jan-05RUSSELLSidney[blank] in all probability will need to leave his present home resolved to be sent to Gordon Boys home subject to approval by Local Government Board
402-May-05RUSSELLSidneyExmouth went to the Exmouth in January
5724-Jul-06RUSSELLSydney Exmouth Training Shipis to join the Marines as a bandboy after visiting foster home for his leave
2519-Apr-04SCRIVENER F[blank] advertise in local paper as house or page boy
2214-Jan-04SCRIVENERF[blank] recommended to enter service in March as a page boy
402-May-05SCRIVENERFred Exmouth training Shipwas transferred to the Exmouth in February
5724-Jul-06SCRIVENERFred Exmouth Training Shipcoming for leave with foster parents
321-Nov-04SCRIVENERG[blank] age 15 and situation needs to be found for him in view of link with proprietor of the Grand Hotel Eastbourne
3710-Jan-05SCRIVENERGeorge[blank] was earning poorly in a situation from which he disappeared
402-May-05SCRIVENERGeorge[blank]  mother refused to sign undertaking for him to enter childrens home
6016-Oct-06SELBY[Elsie] FlorenceMrs BOOKER 92 Victoria Road Bromley Commonis "going on better"
628-Jan-07SELBYElsieMrs BOOKER 92 Victoria Road Bromley Commonher eyes are bad and she needs to be examined Committee to obtain report from Epsom Union about written request to adopt by Mister and Mrs ROBERTS of 1 Cheam Road Sutton
6422-Jan-07SELBYElsieMrs BOOKER 92 Victoria Road Bromley Commonfavourable report about prospective adoptive parents approved to proceed
655-Apr-07SELBYElsieMister and Mrs ROBERTS 1 Cheam Road Suttonsatifactory adoption trial now legally adopted
5724-Jul-06SELBYFlorence[blank] will be watched as she does not appear to be "getting on very well"
8920-Jul-09SELBYFlorenceMrs BOOKER 92 Victoria Road Bromley Commonfoster parents talk of giving her up due to dishonesty
9411-Feb-10SELBYFlorenceMrs BOOKER 92 Victoria Road Bromley Commonbehaving better it is felt advisable to to enquire about a training home
628-Jan-07SELBYMabelMrs BOOKER 92 Victoria Road Bromley CommonCommittee to obtain report from Epsom Union about written request to adopt by Mister and Mrs ROBERTS of 1 Cheam Road Sutton
6422-Jan-07SELBYMabelMrs BOOKER 92 Victoria Road Bromley Commonfavourable report about prospective adoptive parents approved to proceed
655-Apr-07SELBYMabelMister and Mrs ROBERTS 1 Cheam Road Suttonsatifactory adoption trial now legally adopted
3710-Jan-05STAPLESA[blank] had to change situation now has new place
2719-Jul-04STAPLESAlfred[blank] has lost employment due to dishonesty an alternative situation to be sought by Lady visitors before steps to place him in a reformatory
331-Nov-04STAPLESAlfred[blank] despite dishonesty his employer has retained him and favourable report
5123-Jan-06STAPLESAlfred[blank] felt to need full pay although earning at Mister SKINNER Chemist in Bromley
5419-Apr-06STAPLESAlfred[blank] to continue payment to foster parent due to low pay in his situation
5419-Apr-06STAPLESAlfred[blank] invitation to visit grandmother felt to be too unsettling for him
665-Apr-07STAPLESAlfred[blank] full pay to continue at present as he is earning all he capable of at Mister SKINNER the chemist
7614-Apr-08STAPLESAlfred[blank] half pay as he earns small wages as an errand boy
7921-Jul-08STAPLESAlfred[blank] nearly 18 years old and off rates having better paid employment
2014-Jan-04STAPLESErnest[blank] has skill with carpentry Mister DUTHOIT approached but unable to employ at present but will bear in mind in future
2519-Apr-04STAPLESErnest[blank] indentures due to be signed in day or two apprenticed to Mister KNIGHT Duster Works Bromley
3019-Jul-04STAPLESErnest[blank] doing well but not earning sufficient to keep himself
402-May-05STAPLESErnest[blank] is earning insufficient to be placed on half pay
5419-Apr-06STAPLESErnest[blank] was invited to spend a few days with Grandmother
665-Apr-07STAPLESErnest[blank] employed by Mister KNIGHT doing well and can soon be taken off rates
689-Jul-07STAPLESErnest[blank] now off rates as he earns suffucient to keep himself in final months of apprenticeship to Mister KNIGHT Bromley Common he has earned a scholarship at the School of Art Bromley
8127-Oct-08THOMPSONEdwardMrs REEVES High Street Farnboroughplaced with excellent foster parents but "a very naughty and tiresome boy" Guardians consent given to place him at National Children's home and Orphanage Bonner Road North London
8419-Jan-09THOMPSONEdwardMrs REEVES High Street Farnboroughstill with foster mother where he gives less trouble awaiting next vacancy at Doctor Gregory's Home
8720-Jul-09THOMSONEdward Bonner Road Homegetting on well at the school and home
7321-Jan-08TUFFSWilliamW ARMSTRONG 2 Chelsfield Road Green Street Greendoing well and well cared for by foster parents [previously boarded out 18 January 1907 at Mrs BARKER Elm Road Green Street Green]
5123-Jan-06VOWLESMinnieMrs BURTON 58 Durban Road Beckenhama very delicate baby needing "much extra medical attention and food" likely to be "a great expense"
5419-Apr-06VOWLESMinnieMrs BURTON 58 Durban Road Beckenhamhas fully recovered from her illness [adopted April 1908]
3610-Jan-05WEATHERALE[blank] now returned from Hastings after convalescence and entering service in Camberley in a situation found by Lady visitors approved expenditure by Guardians
689-Jul-07WEATHERALMarcella[blank] age 19 Guardians approve cost of bed at National Orthopaedic hospital and adopt all girls in the Union until age 18
69-Oct-02WEATHERALLElsie[blank] entered service on 1 October
7514-Apr-08WEATHERALLElsie[blank] still in hospital and could not take up employment found for her although it remains possibility if she is well
7221-Jan-08WEATHERALLMarcella Workhousehas returned from convalescence and is seeking employment but her disability is considered an obstacle to employment
69-Oct-02WEAVERCharles[blank] aged 10 continually pilfering and this has been habitual since age 5 foster parents unable to continue Committee wish to send him to an institution where he there is no money Guardians give approval to admit to suitable training home
8627-Feb-09WELLARDMary[blank] has been employed at Laundry in Bexley now run by Mrs CRAWFOOT but had to detained in Dartford Infirmary due to mental health
8820-Jul-09WELLARDMary[blank] remains detained at Dartford Infirmary it is unsafe for her to return to the Laundry
3019-Jul-04WESKALLElsie[blank] has to leave service on 26 July due to weak ankles and for which surgical apparatus is worn to rest with foster mother funded from Reserve fund
483-Oct-05WESTBROOKGeorge Workhousehad run away from Mister STEER Green Street Green twice so removed to Workhouse further attempt to find suitable foster home to be made
5419-Apr-06WETHERALElsie[blank] doing well in her employment
7129-Oct-07WETHERALElsie[blank] returned from the National Orthopedic Hospital request for convalescence at sea approved
5123-Jan-06WETHERALLElsie[blank] needs new surgical boots and is so handicapped although maintaining her place she will need assistance
7921-Jul-08WETHERALLElsie Cripples Home Marylebone Road LondonGuardians are funding for three years and provided outfit for her to learn dressmaking
9511-Feb-10WETHERALLMarcella Cripples Home Saint Leonardsletter from Secretary indicates it may be too early to make plans but there is potential to find situation with a dressmaker
5724-Jul-06WHITEAlbion[blank] he wants a newspaper delivery before school hours permission given
628-Jan-07WHITEAlbionMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley CommonRoman Catholic boy troublesome and discontented now in second foster home to see if it suited better
655-Apr-07WHITEAlbionMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley Commondoing better in fresh home now not needed to send them to Saint Joseph's home at Orpington
8627-Feb-09WHITEAlbionMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley Commonwill have to board at his foster home and commute to London where he is employed by Messrs SPEERS and POND
8820-Jul-09WHITEAlbionMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley Commondoing well in employment although still low wages
9112-Oct-09WHITEAlbionMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley Commondoing well and has an increase in wages
9511-Feb-10WHITEAlbionMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley Commondoing well at SPIERS and PONDS
8820-Jul-09WHITECharlesMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley Commonin need of new employment and is being helped to find
9511-Feb-10WHITECharlesMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley Commonon half pay and out of regular work it was suggested the Guardians may wish to emigrate him in view of interest in Canada
9711-Feb-10WHITECharlesMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley CommonSelf Help Emigration Society request that his eyesight should be examined Committee request dental and eye examination be organised by the Ladies Committee
628-Jan-07WHITECharles, ChadMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley CommonRoman Catholic boy troublesome and discontented now in second foster home [previously Mrs McGARRY Fernlea 2 Bromley Crescent] to see if it suited better
655-Apr-07WHITECharles, Chad or CharlieMrs CRAUSE 68 Homesdale Road Bromley Commondoing better in fresh home now not needed to send them to Saint Joseph's home at Orpington
2114-Jan-04WHITEDorothy  suffering from ringworm and giving endless trouble to foster parent
2719-Jul-04WHITEDorothy[blank] had ringworm in the Workhouse and has suffered for over a year and give great trouble to foster parent
3710-Jan-05WHITEDorothy[blank] still has ringworm
412-May-05WHITEDorothy[blank] still has ringworm
4625-Jul-05WHITEDorothy[blank] ringworm to be taken to hospital
5123-Jan-06WHITEDorothy[blank] finally free of ringworm and able to resume school
2114-Jan-04WHITEMargaret  suffering from ringworm and giving endless trouble to foster parent
2719-Jul-04WHITEMargaret[blank] had ringworm in the Workhouse and has suffered for over a year and give great trouble to foster parent
3710-Jan-05WHITEMargaret[blank] still has ringworm
402-May-05WHITEMargaret[blank] better from ringworm
4625-Jul-05WHITEMargaret[blank] ringworm to be taken to hospital
5123-Jan-06WHITEMargaret[blank] finally free of ringworm and able to resume school
1722-Oct-03WHITEHEADRobert[blank] age 15 has lost an excellent position in Mister Hugh LUBBOCK's stable Committe recommend emigration he is requested to appear before the house General Purposes Committee at next meeting
79-Oct-02WHITEHEADWilliam ArthurWrs WARD The Village Downebecoming unmanageable and felt to need stricter discipline attempts to find suitable training home Guardians approval to admit to home when found
7614-Apr-08WOODJames[blank] earning at Bickley bookstall and delivering newspapers so now on halfpay