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Archbishops' Palace Cemetery, Maidstone

Photographed and transcribed by Suzannah Foad

Our grateful thanks to Suzannah for graciously granting the privilege to the Kent OPC Project to display the work that she completed in transcribing and photographing the small cemetery on the grounds of the Archbishops Palace, at Maidstone, Kent.  Click on any of the photographs for a larger view.


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The entrance to the small burial plot passes behind the back of the Tyrwhitt-Drake Museum of Carriages Maidstone.  The building had originally been stables built in the 14th century and formed part of the medieval Archbishop’s Palace complex used by the Archbishop of Canterbury during his travels through the county.  The Carriage Museum, opened in 1946, houses a collection of horse-drawn vehicles and transport curiosities that was gifted by Sir Garrard Tyrwhitt-Drake, twelve times Mayor of Maidstone.  The Archbishop’s Palace building is now the registry office.  Together, the complex was formerly part of the Manor of Maidstone, built primarily by Archbishop Courtenay during the late fourteenth century.
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At the top of the enclosed yard a small portion of the west wall of the Carriage House is visible behind the trees.  Immediately to the left and slightly above are the peaks of the Baptist Church on Knightrider Street.  On the left-hand side of this photograph the tops of the commercial range of buildings are visible. See map above for location of this enclosure with headstones.
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Visible behind the wall in this photograph is the back of the Magistrate’s Court and Maidstone Police Station complex.

  Sacred to the memory of Henrietta wife of
George MACKINTOSH who died in childbed
the 28th January 1819 aged 20 years
Whilst in this world I did remain
My latter days was grief and pain
When the Lord did think it best
He took me a place of rest.
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  In memory of Thomas RANSLEY
Of this parish
Who died March ? 1828
Aged 47 years

Also of Mary SAVAGE
Relict of the above
Who died Jan 9th 1852
Aged 63 years

Left issue by Mary his wife, 3 daughters
Eliza Ann, Mary and Sarah
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  In memory of Mary Ann, wife of
John AMIES, Paper Mould Maker
Who departed this life the 14th October 182?
Aged 35 years

Also of the above named
Who died February 20th 1828
Aged 41 years.
Left issue three children (viz)
John, Joseph and Mary
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  Sacred the memory of
Who died Feb 8th 1830
Aged 46 years

Also George WESTON
Who died March 13th 1822
Aged 2 years

Also William John
The son of Charles and Elizabeth HOMER
Who died December 9th 1848
Aged 12 years
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  Sacred to the memory of John, son of
Sarah BRANN of this parish
Who died Jan 1st 1832
Aged 10 years
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  Sacred to the memory of Sapientia
Wife of John Thomas MERRALL
Of this parish, who died December 4th 1848
Aged 39 years

Also Elizabeth, daughter of the above named
Who died June 3rd 1839 aged 7 years

Also of John Thomas, son of the above
Who died June 23rd 1839 aged 4 years.
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  In memory of Henry
Son of James and Mary RAYFIELD
Who died Feb 23rd 1832 aged 3 y and 3 m

Also, John their son
Who died Feb 25th 1832 aged 1 y 6m
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  Sacred to the memory of George and John
Son of Mr John Carpenter JENKINS
Of Clifford in the County of Hereford
George died at Maidstone April 29th 1815 aged 19 years
John died at Wilton nr Sittingbourne May 10th 1815 aged 21 years
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  Sacred to the memory of James DAVIS
Who departed this life 13th September 1827
In the 52 year of his age
He left a wife who laments his body

Also of Susan DAVIS, wife of the above
Died Jan 22nd 1844 aged 70 year
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  Erected to the memory of John POPE
Son of the late Thomas POPE Esq
(of In Park in the parish of Cattistock in the County of Dorset)
Who after a few hours severe suffering died on 18th July 1832 Aged 22 years
In the midst of life we are in death.
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  Sacred to the memory of Alice RUSSELL
Wife of Samuel RUSSELL of this parish
Who died November 1st 1848 aged 69 years
Beneath lies all that mortality can claim of a kind of parent

Also of the above named Samuel RUSSELL
Who died April 21st 1850 aged 76 years
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