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Maidstone All Saints Church
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London and Country Directory, (Maidstone) 1811

         The county town of Kent, in the diocese of Canterbury, on the east bank of the Medway which is here navigable for barges of 60 ton, burden and crossed by a Stone bridge;  8 miles south of Rochester, 22 west of Canterbury, and 34 south-east of London.  It has a very considerable trade in timber, wheat, large bullocks, apples, cherries, etc. and extensive manufactories of thread, etc.  Orchards and hop plantations are very numerous in this county.  Markets on Thursday and Saturday.  Fairs, 13th Feb., 12th May, 20th June, and 17th October.


London Waggons from this town to White Hart, Spur Inn and Nag's Head, Borough, High Street.


Vessels to London weekly to Bridge yard, Tooley Street - Beals wharf, Tooley Street - Hayes wharf, Tooley Street. Maidstone new wharf, Upper Thames Street - Bull wharf, Upper Thames Street - Brook's wharf, Upper Thames Street.


Maidstone Journal, Tuesday, coverage Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey

(Source:  London and Country Directory, 1811, vol. 2. pp. -, and vol. 3, p. 122)

AlchinR.secretary to Kent Life and Annuity office..
AlexanderThoslinen draperGabriel's hill
AllenGabrielsurgeonKing Street
Archer & Peck..corn factorsHigh Street
ArcherGeorgeseedmanHigh Street
Argles & Potter..grocersHigh Street
BallardJno.tallow chandlerStone Street
BaldockW. & J.coal merchantsEarl Street
BalstonWilliampaper makerSpringfield mills
Beaumont & Homewood..braziersGabriel's hill
Beeching & Edmettlinen drapersHigh Street..
BenstedWm. & Josephcoal merchants, wharfingers & hoymenPudding lane
BentliffGeorge & Sonshoe makersHigh Street
BishopSir Wm. LarkingHughes & Co., bankers..
Bishop, Sage, Burgess & Potter..coal merchants & wharfingersBridge wharf
BishopGeo. & Co.distillersHigh Street
BishopSir Wm. Knt.....
BishopA. & Co.malt distillers..
BishopGeo. C.soap manufacturerSt. Faith's green
Bishop..upholsterer & auctioneer..
BlakeJohnstationer & wine merchantHigh Street
BlinkhornThos.millerKing Street
BlundellRichardflax dresser & sackmakerHigh Street
BowraMaryhaberdasherWeek Street
Brenchley, Stacey, Parker, Springet & Penfold..bankers..
Brenchley & Co...brewersStone Street
BrenchleyS.grocer & cheesemongerHigh Street surveyorGabriel's hill
BrownWm.pump makerEarl Street
Browne & Mares..Chymists & druggistsHigh Street
BunyardJas.nurseryman, etc.West Borough
BunyerTho.gun maker & cutlerGabriel's hill
Burgess & Co...merchantsWeek Street
Burr & Hoan..attorniesKing Street
Carter & Morriss..upholsterers & auctioneersStone Street
Carter & Summerfield..surveyorsGabriel's hill
ChambersSam.corn factorHigh Street
ChaplinThos.boot and shoe makerHigh Street
CharlesWilliamsurgeonSt. Faith's Green
ChrisfieldWilliamgrocer & cheesemongerStone Street
CollensA.draperWeek Street
CollingsJas.brandy merchantWeek Street
CookeJohn Jas.attorneyQueen Street
CrowderJohncutlerHigh Street
CutbushTho.plumber and glazierHigh Street
CutbushT.R.plumber and glazierGabriel's hill
CutbushHenrybuilderKing Street
CutbushCatherinevictuallerKing Street
DannJas.bakerStone Street
DayThos. and SonsurgeonsGabriel's hill
DimmockBenjaminbasket makerStone Street
DiproseJohncutlerHigh Street
DoddGeorgebakerKing Street
DownJohnHaunch of Venison InnHigh Street
DurgateJamespoultererHigh Street
DurtnillRichardsadlerGabriel's hill
DurrantWaltertannerWest Borough
DurrantJ.tea dealer and grocerGabriel's hill
Edmeads, Atkins and Tyrrell..bankers..
ElgarWilliamgrocerWeek Street
EllissJameshop planterEast Farley
EloyMrs..High St
FrenchStephenironmongery etcWeek Street
FilmerElizabethfruitererStone Street
FletcherHenrytimber merchantWaterside
FouldsSamuelshoe makerKing Street
GorhamWilliamclothierHigh Street
GorhamWilliamwheelwrightKnightridger Street
GrayRobertconfectionerGabriel's hill
GreenJohnpaper mould makerQueen Street
GreenJohnclothes warehouseHigh Street
GreenJamespipe makerEarl Street
GreenWilliaminnkeeperWest Borough
Green & to the George Inn Borough, Blossom's Inn, Lawrance lane and Golden cross, Charing cross, London, daily 
HaffendenRichardsurgeonEarl Street
HardyJohntailorStone Street
HarrisElizabethhatterHigh Street
HawkinsGeorgechina, glass and Staffordshire-warehouseGabriel's hill
HeathornRobertmaltster and coal merchantHavock lane
HillsJosephtimber merchant and hoymanWaterside
HillsWalterbakerStone Street
HillsThos.bakerWeek Street
HoadleyWilliamcoach makerWeeks Street
HobsonRichardmercerHigh Street
HogsfleshJohnbakerHigh Street
Honey & Gilbert..thread manufacturers, rope and sack makersGabriel's hill
HoneyJamesbakerWeek Street
Horne & Sankey..timber merchantsWaterside
Howard & co...confectionersHigh Street
HowsleyJamesshoe makerStone Street
HughesJohnslop sellerWeek Street
HughesJ.N., Esq...High Street
HydeThos.patten makerHigh Street
IllsleyH.ironmonger and cutlerWeek Street
JacksonW.silversmith & watchmakerHigh Street
JarrettJohnbutcherMiddle row
JohnsonTho.butcherMiddle row
JohnstonJohndraper & tailorHigh Street
JonesThomashop merchantKnightridger Street
JonesF.corn factorStone Street
Jury & Brattlo..draper and tailorGabriel's hill
JuryWilliamplumberStone Street
KennardT & EbraziersHigh Street
KennettJohnbuilderKing Street
KennettJohnvictuallerKing Street
Kent Life & Annuity office....High Street
Kent Fire office......
KingMr. John..Stone Street
KingsnorthDanielthread makerHigh Street and appraiserWeek Street
LadbrookJohnpatten makerGabriel's hill
LampreyStephenattorneyStone Street
LancefieldTho.tallow chandlerGabriel's hill
LandJohndruggistHigh Street
LidiardThos., Esq.Secretary to the Kent Fire office..
LInkMrs.druggistGabriel's hill
LuckhurstElizafancy dress makerGabriel's hill
MackellowJohnwatchmaker, silversmith, umbrella and parasol manufacturerHigh Street
MarshJohnshoe makerHigh Street
MarshallElizabethmillinerHigh Street
MartinBenjaminMitre InnHigh Street
MartinJosephlinendraperHigh Street
MasonAllenhoyman & wharfingerWaterside
MasonRoberthoyman & wharfingerWaterside
MercerRichardmillerChurch lane
MercerJohnvictuallerEarl Street
MooreJosephmillwrightStone Street
MooreJohnsmithEarl Street
MooreEdw.smithEarl Street
MooreWilliamsmithHavock lane
MorganJosephsadlerHigh Street
MunnGeorgetailorWeek Street
NewtonGeorgesadlerHigh Street
OliverJosephcurrier & leathercutterHigh Street
OliverEdw.leathercutterHigh Street
OliverGeo.butcherWeek Street
OrfordThos.staymakerHigh Street
OveryWm.plumber, glazier & painterWeek Street
OwleetMr. John..near this town
PackThos.Post Office..
ParisThos.boot and shoemakerStone Street
PearceWilliampoultererHigh Street
PellThos.cooperStone Street
PellThos., Jr.cooperStone Street
PetersMrs.bakerHigh Street
PextonJamescarver and gilderGabriel's hill
Pierce & Stanger..ironmongersHigh Street
PineBenjamin C.ironmongerGabriel's hill
PineJohnpaper manufactuererLower Tovill mill
PineJohnstationerStone Street
PiperJohnsmith and wheelwrightHavock lane
PlaneW.brewerEarl Street
PooleThosbatterWeek Street
PooleJames & sonlinendrapersWeek Street
PrentisStephenwine and brandy merchantEarl Street
Randall & Co...nursery and seedsmanHigh Street
ReaderJohncurrier & leathercutterStone Street
ReaderWaltersadlerStone Street
ReaderThos.BakerStone Street
ReedRalphlinendraperHigh Street
RhodesThos.turnerHigh Street
RidoutThos.surveyor of the customersStone Street
RomneyRight Hon. Earl....
RuckJohnbricklayer & glassdealerHigh Street
RuckHannahbricklayerSt. Faith's green
Russell, Pigram & Munk..wholesale & retail grocersWeek Street
Russell & Munk..grocersHigh Street
RussellMrs...High Street
RussellRobertstock salesmanStone Street
RussellH & Tpaper manufacturers..
Ruse & Turnerspaper manufacturersTovil place..
Sage & Moore..ironfounders, hoymen & wharfingersWaterside
SandersCatherineSt. Faith's boarding schoolSt. Faith's green
SandersE.professor of musicSt. Faith's green
SaxbyI.R.hop merchantHigh Street
Scott & Giles...silversmithsHigh Street
ScudamoreWilliamattorneyWeek Street
ScultupJosephpainterHigh Street
ScultupMrs.grocerHigh Street
SearesDanielstonemasonStone Street
SharpJohngunsmithKing Street
SimmondsThos.spirit merchantWest Borough
SimondsJosephBull InnGabriel's hill
SmallmanRobertdraper, tailor, milliner & fancy dress makerHigh Street
SmithJohncounty surveyorKing Street
SmithWilliamhardwaremanGabriel's hill
SmithJamescoal and coke warehouseSt. Faith's green
SmithDr...King Street
SmithAnnSwan InnHigh Street
Smyth & Atkins..brewers..
SprattWilliamStar InnHigh Street
SpringetJohnlinen and woollen draperHigh Street
StanfordJamesshoemakerBridge wharf
StanleySamuelbutcherGabriel's hill
StevensonMarybrandy merchantGabriel's hill
StewardMrs...High Street
StoneJohncyder merchantHigh Street
StoneJohn & Co.oil millsLower Tovil
SuttonJamesstonemasonunder the Cliff
SuttonThos.clock & watch makerGabriel's hill
SweetloveThomasmillwrightQueen Street
TannerBenjamintanner, fellmonger and woolstaplerHigh Street
TassellRobertgroer & cheesemongerHigh Street
TassellThomasgrocer and oilmanStone Street
TaylorJohnbasketmakerGabriel's hill
ToppingCharlesattorneyKing Street
TyrrellJohnironmongerWeek Street
TyrrellJohn & Jas.coal merchantsWeek Street
TyrrellSarahbookseller & stationerWeek Street
TyrrellRichardstationer and music sellerWeek Street
ValentineWilliamplumber and glazierHigh Street
VinionJohnbookseller & StreetationerWeek Street
VigorMarydressmakerChurch Street
WarwickI. & R.linendrapersHigh Street
WattsJames & Edw.linendrapersHigh Street
WheatleyWilliamcarrierEarl Street
WickhamElizabethGeorge InnGabriel's hill
WildishDilnotBell InnWeek Street
WilkinsSamueltailorHIgh Street
WilliamsRichardbroker & auctioneerStone Street
WilsonMr. JohnMillerLoose
WilsonMr. John..Gabriel's hill
Wimble & Chaplin..coal merchants & hoymenEarl Street
WiseStacey, Esq...Stone Street
WiseS & Gpaper manufacturers..
WrightGeorgebakerHigh St.