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photo of Maidstone All Saints Church
Maidstone All Saints Church
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Pigot's Directory (Maidstone), 1840


To London, the British Queen, from the Swan Inn, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at six;  the Reliance at eight;  the Tally Ho at ten and the Favourite, every afternoon at half past three.

To London, the Balloon, from the Queens Head, every morning at nine;  the Times, (from Folkestone) calls at the same Inn every day (Sunday excepted), at half past twelve;  and Martins Omnibus from the Eagle office, High st, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at a quarter before eight.

To Brighton, the Royal Blue, (from Rochester), calls at the Haunch of Venison every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at ten.

To Canterbury, Brydges Coach from the Castle Inn every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half past ten;  and an Omnibus from the Three Tuns every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at same hour.

To Chatham and Rochester, a Coach from the Haunch of Venison every morning at a quarter before ten and evening at five.

To Folkestone, the Times, (from London), calls at the Coach office, High st every day (Sunday excepted), at half past twelve;  goes through Lenham, Ashford, Hythe etc.

To Tenterden, a Coach from the Swan every evening (Sunday excepted), at half past six.

VANS - for passengers & goods

To London, from the Haunch of Venison every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half past seven.

To Ashford, Charing and Lenham from the Swan, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at half past nine and evening at seven.

To Benenden, Cranbrook, Rolvenden and Staplehurst from the Swan every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at three.

To Canterbury, Boughton, Faversham and Sittingbourne, from the Three Tuns, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at nine.

To Chatham and Rochester, from the Haunch of Venison every day at twelve and afternoon at three and from the Sun every evening at six.

To Cranbrooke [sic], from the Haunch of Venison every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at two and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening at seven.

To Dover, Folkestone and Hythe, from the Swan, every morning, (Sunday excepted) at ten.

To Hastings from the Sun every morning, (Sunday excepted) at eleven.

To Tonbridge and Tonbridge Wells, from the Swan, every morning, (Sunday excepted), at half past nine and afternoon at five.

To Yalding, from the Queens Head every Tuesday afternoon at half past five and Thursday afternoon at half past six.

ABNETTThomas10 County RoadBaker
ACRESGeorge84 Week StreetCurrier & Leather Seller
ACRESThomas84 Week StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
AGARThomasCounty PlaceGovernor, County Gaol
AGARThomas, Mr.County RoadGentry & Clergy
ALEXANDERThomas, Mr.High StreetGentry & Clergy
ALEXANDERAndrew5 County PlaceTailor
ALLCHINHenryfrom Warner's OfficeCarrier to Malling, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
ALLENCharles, Esq.Terrace, West BoroughGentry & Clergy
ALLENCharlotte, MissWest BoroughGentry & Clergy
ALLENRichardfrom the ShipCarrier to Horsemonden [sic], every Tuesday and Thursday
ALLENThomas WilliamNorth County RoadBrickmaker
ALLENThomas WilliamNorth County RoadLime Burner
ALLENThomas WilliamWestboroughBuilder
ALLENWilliam50 Week StreetChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
ALLMANJohnWatersideBlock & Pump Maker
ALLNUTTHenry, Esq.Ivy MillGentry & Clergy
AMIESJosephChancery lanePaper Mould Maker
ANNISONRichard WilliamsStone StreetCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
APPSWilliam & Susannah FRENCHKing StreetWatch & Clock Maker
ARCHERGeorgeBank Street & Earl StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
ARCHERGeorgeWatersideCoal Merchant
ARGLESJno. Archamble, Rev.Stone StreetGentry & Clergy
ARGLESJohn, Mrs.King StreetGentry & Clergy
ARKCOLLJohn121 Stone StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
ARNETTJohn HenryMill StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
ARTHAWESSamuel, Mr.Pennenden HeathGentry & Clergy
ASHBYJohnWoollett StreetBaker
ASHDOWNLeviStone StreetPlumber
ASHDOWNJoseph18 Wheeler StreetBaker
ASSITERDavid George36 Week StreetTobacconists
ASSITERDavid GeorgeWeek StreetStone Merchant
ATHAWESAnnBrunswick StreetStraw Hat Maker
ATTWOODAlfred40 Gabriel's HillChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
AUSTENAmbrose5 Week StreetBookseller, stationer & music seller
AUSTENAmbrose5 Week StreetMusical instrument maker
AUSTEN...from the ShipCarrier to Biddenden, every Saturday
AUSTINAmbrose5 Week StreetLetter Press Printer
AUSTINAmbrose5 Week StreetStationer
AVERYMargaret Elizabeth & Mary AnnHeath RoadStone and marble mason & Statuaries
AYERSTFrancisMill StreetAttorney
BABBINGTONLieut. Col.Calvary DepotGentry & Clergy
BABINGTONJno., Lieut. of Week stBarrack Master, Cavalry Barracks
BAILYHarriet Louisa1 Gabriel's HillStraw Hat Maker
BAKERCharles76 Bank StreetBrush Manufacturer
BAKERCharles78 Bank StreetCooper
BAKERCharlesBank StreetCorn & Coal Measure Maker
BAKEREdward7 Union StreetHairdresser
BAKERWilliam36 Week StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
BAKERWilliamPark house cottageMarket Gardener
BAKERWilliamTovilBoot & Shoe Maker
BALDERSC. M., CaptPark PlaceGentry & Clergy
BALDWINThomasfrom the Rose & CrownCarrier to Wadhurst, Lamberhurst and Wateringbury, every Friday
BALDWINW., Esq.St. Peter StreetGentry & Clergy
BALDWIN & GODDEN...Waterside & West BoroughMaltster
BALDWIN & GODDEN...West BoroughBrewer
BALLARDPhoebe & Son17 Stone StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
BALLARDPhoebe & Son17 Stone StreetTallow Chandler
BALLARDHenry82 Week StreetCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
BALLARDJohn80 Week StreetBrasier & Tin Plate Worker
BALLARDJohn80 Week StreetIronmonger
BALSTONWilliam, Esq.SpringfieldGentry & Clergy
BALSTON & Co...Springfield millsWhite Paper Manufacturer
BANEJohnStone StreetClothes Dealer
BANKSHercules105 Week StreetPork Butcher
BARKERMissChurch StreetGentry & Clergy
BARLINGJoseph90 High StreetWatch & Clock Maker
BARLOWJohn, Mr.London RoadGentry & Clergy
BARLOW, GILL & HILLS...Hills wharfHoys to London every Wednesday & Saturday, daily during hopping season
BARLOW, GILL & HILLS...Hills wharfWharfinger
BARLOW, GILL & WHITE...2 Market buildingsHop Factor
BARNARDJamesEyeborn mill, HollingbourneWhite Paper Manufacturer
BARNARDMaryBank StreetTripe Dresser
BARNESMarkWatersideSail Maker
BARNETTCharlesEarl StreetJolly Waterman - Tavern, Public House
BARNETTJohnKnightrider StreetBuilder
BARNETTJohnKnightrider StreetCarpenter
BARNETTJohnWest BoroughWhite Hart - Tavern, Public House
BARNETTJosephWest BoroughButcher
BARNETTSophiaMill StreetDay school
BARNETTWilliamHavock laneCoach Builder
BARRRobertStone StreetBaker
BARTLETTSamuel109 Week StreetEngraver & Copper Plate Printer
BARTLETTSamuel109 Week StreetWorking Jeweller & optician
BARTLETTSamuel109 Week StreetWatch & Clock Maker
BARTON...from the ShipCarrier to Frittenden, every Thursday
BARTONJamesBank StreetHaberdasher
BARTONWilliamUnion PlaceTailor
BATCHELORSusan29 Stone StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
BATTLEYW., Mr.Marsham StreetGentry & Clergy
BEACONGeorge, Mr.Pleasant RowGentry & Clergy
BEAUMONTCharlotte80 Bank StreetBrasier & Tin Plate Worker
BEDWELLWilliamunder the cliffBoat Builder
BEECHINGRichardUnion StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
BEECHINGWilliamTovilBoot & Shoe Maker
BEERJames29 King StreetTailor
BELLINGHAMJames, Mr.County RoadGentry & Clergy
BENNETTJohnTovil RoadBoot & Shoe Maker
BENNETTWilliamfrom the CastleCarrier to Tenterden, Biddenden and Headcorn, every Thursday
BENSTEAD & HIGGINS...WatersideWharfinger
BENSTED & HIGGINS...WatersideCoal Merchant
BENSTED & HIGGINS...WatersideStone Merchant
BENTLIF & Son89 High StreetWholesale Boot & Shoe Maker
BENTLIFFHenry & Co23 Week StreetLinen, Woollen & Silk Draper
BENTLIFFJohn79 Bank StreetCurrier & Leather Seller
BENTONCharlesfrom 72 Bank StreetCarrier to London, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening
BENTONCharlesfrom 72 Bank StreetCarrier to Ashford, Charing, Hythe & Folkestone, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning
BESTThe MissesAshford RoadGentry & Clergy
BETTSJames105 Week StreetTea Dealer
BETTSJames105 Week StreetTobacconists
BETTSJames77 Week StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
BETTSThomas88 Week StreetButcher
BILLINGHURSTWilliamfrom the CastleCarrier to Malling (West), every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
BINSKINHenryBrunswick StreetTailor
BIRCHSamuel36 King StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
BIRCHThomasMote RoadTailor
BIRCHALLCharles26 High StreetEating House Keeper
BIRCHALLCharlesEarl StreetTobacco pipe maker
BIRCHALLGeorgeStone StreetBlacksmith
BISHOPGodfrey6 Parliament StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
BISHOPWilliam57 King StreetWine & Spirit Merchant
BISHOPWilliam, Mr.Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
BLACKLOCKAnnaBrewer StreetDay school
BLINKHORNRobert24 King StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
BLINKHORNRobert24 King StreetMiller
BLUETStephenFair meadowCoach Builder
BLUNDENGeorgeEast MallingBrown Paper Manufacturer
BOCKHAMJohnWeek StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
BOLTONJohnCounty RoadDamask manufacturer
BONNERSarah54 King StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
BONNER & USMAR...1 George StreetStraw Hat Maker
BONNYGeorge59 King StreetButcher
BONNYJames44 Week StreetButcher
BOORMANJohnWeek StreetWheelwright
BOOTHJudithCounty placeBoarding & Day School
BOSANQUETR. G., Esq.Sandling RoadGentry & Clergy
BOTTLEElizabeth10 Union StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
BOVISThomasWest BoroughWheelwright
BOWWilliam & Edward58 Week StreetBricklayer
BOWWilliam & Edward58 Week StreetBuilder
BOWWilliam & EdwardCounty PlaceStone and marble mason, Statuaries & Roman stone manufacturers
BOWINSRobertStone StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
BOXJames17 Union StreetCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
BOXJames17 Union StreetFurniture Broker
BRABANTCharlesPudding laneBrasier & Tin Plate Worker
BRANDJohn2 High StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
BRATTLEThomas27 Gabriel's HillTailor
BRATTLEWilliam27 Gabriel's HillTailor
BRATTLEBrazierStone StreetTailor
BREMONTWilliamPudding laneTailor
BRENCHLEYMrs.Wheeler StreetGentry & Clergy
BRENCHLEYJohn, Mr.Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
BRENCHLEYStephen3 Stone StreetGlove Manufacturer
BRENCHLEYStephenStone StreetClothes Dealer
BRENCHLEYStephenWeek StreetBaker
BRENCHLEYThomasStone StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
BRENCHLEY & STACEYS...Stone StreetBrewer
BRENCHLEY & STACEYS...Week StreetMaltster
BREWERJonah63 King StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
BREWERHenryUnion StreetRope Maker
BREWERJonahKing StreetClothes Dealer
BRICHERPhoebe130 Stone StreetStraw Hat Maker
BRIGGSEdwardKing StreetHat Manufacturer
BRIGGSEdward & Edward2 King StreetWoolstapler
BRIGGSEdward, Mr.Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
BRISENDENJohn98 Week StreetConfectioner
BRISLEEGeorgeKnightrider StreetBlacksmith
BRISTOLWilliamStone StreetBaker
BROADMaryUnion StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
BROCKJemima17 Earl StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
BROCKJonathan15 Gabriel's HillGlove Manufacturer
BROCKJonathan15 Gabriel's HillTobacconists
BROCKThomas WilliamStone StreetCoal Dealer
BROCKThomas WilliamStone StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
BROCKHARDTChristianKing StreetBoarding & Day School
BROOKEWilliamKing StreetBricklayer
BROOKEWilliam, Mr.Union StreetGentry & Clergy
BROTHERSCaroline4 Week StreetHaberdasher
BROTHERTONWilliam Thomas, Col.BarracksGentry & Clergy
BROWNMissAshford RoadGentry & Clergy
BROWNElizabethUnion StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
BROWNGeorge James6 Stone StreetBaker
BROWNJames34 Earl StreetBlock & Pump Maker
BROWNJohn18 Week StreetToy Dealer
BROWNJohn19 Week StreetCutler
BROWNJoseph87 Week StreetBookbinder
BROWNJoseph87 Week StreetBookseller, stationer
BROWNJoseph87 Week StreetLetter Press & Copper Plate Printer
BROWNJosephMarket StreetBlock & Pump Maker
BROWNJosephMarket StreetPump & engine maker
BROWNJosephWeek StreetBaker
BROWNRobert & Co. (& engineers)WatersideIron Founders & Engineers
BROWNThomasSt. Faith StreetWatch & Clock Maker
BROWNCorneliusMiddle RowBookseller - second hand
BROWNEJohnMill StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
BRUCEMr.Marsham StreetGentry & Clergy
BRUCEGeorgeMarsham stHouse Surgeon & Secretary, West Kent Infirmary
BRUSTERWilliam3 Military RowShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
BRYANJohnWest BoroughEngineer, Gas, Light and Coke Company
BRYANJohnWest BoroughSurveyor to the Gas Light Company
BRYANSSamuelHigh StreetInn, Hotel - Haunch of Venison
BUCHANANFriend WilliamWeek StreetChymists [Chemists], Druggists& medicated baths
BUCKLANDFriend WilliamMiddle RowMarine Store Dealer
BUCKLANDFriend WilliamPudding laneSmith & Bellhanger
BUCKLANDFriend WilliamPudding laneBlacksmith
BULMERMartin47 Week StreetLand Surveyor, etc.
BUNYARJohnStone StreetCoal Merchant
BUNYARJohnStone StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
BUNYARDJames & SonWest BoroughNursery, Seedsmen & florists
BUNYARDThomas38 Camden StreetCowkeeper
BUNYARDThomas38 Camden StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
BURCHPhiladelphiaMiddle RowCoach & Fly Proprietor
BURCHJames71 Bank StreetBrush Manufacturer
BURCHJamesBank StreetTurner and chair maker
BURCHJohn40 Stone StreetBricklayer
BURCHWilliamBank StreetWorking Jeweller
BURCHWilliamBank StreetWatch & Clock Maker
BURGESSMrs.Wheeler StreetDay School
BURGESSGeorgeWeek StreetBrewer
BURGESSGeorgeWeek StreetCoal Dealer
BURGESSGeorgeWeek StreetCoal Merchant
BURGESSGeorgeWeek StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
BURGESSGeorgeWeek StreetMaltster
BURRThe MissesAlbion PlaceGentry & Clergy
BURRFrederick132 Stone StreetPlumber
BURRHenryHigh StreetHouse Painter
BURRHenryHigh StreetPlumber
BURRMary Ann1 Marsham PlaceDay School
BURTONThomasNew StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
BUSBYJamesWatersideMarine Store Dealer
BUSHNELLJosephWeek StreetBlacksmith
BUTCHERWilliamfrom Warner's officeCarrier to Hollingbourne, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
BUTLERThomas3 York PlaceFruiterer & Greengrocer
BUTTONMissStone StreetGentry & Clergy
BUTTONWilliam9 Earl StreetCarpenter
BYRAMJohnCamden StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
BYROMJohn6 Church StreetAccountant
CANTANThomasStone StreetTailor
CARMANRobertSt. Faith StreetSail Maker
CARNFORDAnnKnightrider StreetDay School
CARRCharles3 Market buildingsBoot & Shoe Maker
CARTERWilliamSt. Faith StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
CARTERMrs.Wheeler StreetGentry & Clergy
CARTNEYWilliam19 Union StreetChina & Glass Dealer
CARTYWilliam8 Union StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
CASEJohnHigh StreetAttorney & clerk to the magistrates
CASTLECapt.Holland TerraceGentry & Clergy
CATHFORD...from the Town ArmsCarrier to Biddenden, every Monday
CAULFIELDWilliamHasler StreetBlacksmith
CHALONERJohnCounty RoadPlumber
CHAMBERLAYNEEdward, Capt.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
CHAMBERSMaryWheeler StreetStraw Hat Maker
CHAMBERSThomasStone StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
CHAMPIONEliz13 Gabriel's HillEating House Keeper
CHAMPIONElizabeth13 Gabriel's HillHam Dealer
CHAPLINRobert19 & 20 High stCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
CHAPLINSarahPudding laneCoal Merchant
CHAPLINThomas PepperellMiddle RowMarquess of Granby - Tavern, Public House
CHAPLINT. P.Middle RowFire & Office Agent - Guardian
CHARLESThos., Esq.Chillington houseGentry & Clergy
CHARLESWilliamSt. Faith StreetPaper felting manufacturer
CHARLTONCharles51 High StreetBaker
CHARLTONCharles51 High StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
CHARLTONCharles51 High StreetMaltster
CHARLTONElizabethMill StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
CHEESEMANWilliamKnightrider StreetFishmonger
CHELLFoster EdwardWeek StreetAttorney
CHENEYJohnfrom the CastleCarrier to Headcorn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
CHESTERRobertCounty RoadTailor
CHIITENDENFriend Edward18 Stone StreetTailor
CHIITENDENGeorgePudding laneTailor
CHITTENDENEleanor46 Stone StreetButcher
CHITTENDENJohn39 Stone StreetCarpenter
CLARKWilliam, Mr.Prospect cottageGentry & Clergy
CLARKEWilliam13 Earl StreetBasket Maker
CLAYTON & BIRCH...King StreetLinen, Woollen & Silk Draper
CLEAVERLetitia85 Week StreetStraw Hat Maker
CLEAVERJohn85 Week StreetTailor & Draper
CLEGGWm & Josunder the cliffBoat Builder
CLEMSONRichard25 King StreetSheep gate maker
CLEVERWilliamOrchard StreetBuilder
CLIFFORDJames78 Bank StreetRope maker, Kentish matting, hop bagging and horse hair manufacturer
CLIFFORDJames78 Bank StreetSacking Manufacturer
CLIFFORDRobertUnion StreetBlacksmith
CLINTONJohnWeek StreetLivery Stable Keeper, horses for hire
CLOAKEJohnRocky hillShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
CLOUTMrs.Marsham StreetGentry & Clergy
COBBWilliam44 King StreetBuilder
COGGERWilliam8 Gabriel's HillSmith & Bellhanger
COLEAnn42 Gabriel's HillConfectioner
COLEJamesPudding laneHat Manufacturer
COLEJohnFair MeadowShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
COLEGATERichardWeek StreetBuilder
COLEMAN & FRY...126 Stone StreetSurgeon
COLLENSGeorgeMarket StreetTimber Dealer and Merchant
COLLENSRobert Jr.St. Faith StreetHop Factor
COLLENSRobert junSt. Faith StreetMaltster
COLLIERWilliamNew MarketFishmonger
COLLINSGeorgefrom the SunCarrier to Sutton Valence, every day (Sunday excepted)
COLLINSJamesWeek StreetGlove Manufacturer
COLLINSMaryStone StreetBuilder
COLLINSArthur RobertTovilRoyal Paper Mill - Tavern, Public House
COLLISHenry117 Stone StreetLand Surveyor, etc.
COOEJosephMill StreetHorse Dealer
COOKThomas20 King StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
COOKEMissesRocky hillDay School
COOKEJames, Mrs.Dover PlaceGentry & Clergy
COOKEThomasHavock laneBaker
COOKEThomasHavock laneConfectioner
COOKEDorothy, Mrs.West BoroughGentry & Clergy
COOKEMr.Brewer StreetGentry & Clergy
COOPERThe Misses2 Bedford PlaceGentry & Clergy
COOPERJamesRose yardLivery Stable Keeper, horses for hire
COOPERJane, Mrs.41 Week StreetGentry & Clergy
COOPERRobert, Mr.West BoroughGentry & Clergy
COOPERThomasGabriel's Hill & at StroudFellmonger & Tanner
COOPERThomasPudding laneFruiterer & Greengrocer
COOPERWilliam23 Stone StreetBaker
COOPERLewis, Esq.BowerGentry & Clergy
COPLESTONThomas7 Hasler StreetHouse Painter
COPPINGSJamesfrom the CastleCarrier to Egerton, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
CORK...from the Rose & CrownCarrier to Groombridge, every Monday
CORKRichardChurch StreetCowkeeper
CORKEHenry74 Bank StreetMaker of Silk Hats
CORKEHenry74 Bank StreetTailor
CORNELLGeorge16 Gabriel's HillTailor
CORNES...from the Haunch of VenisonCarrier to Smarden, every Monday and Thursday
CORNFORDEliz., Mrs.Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
CORNWELLThomasUnion StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
CORRALLPhilip, Esq.CollegeGentry & Clergy
CORRALL & MERCER...Bank stBankers - draw on Masterman & Co., London
COUCHMANRichard23 Gabriel's HillCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
COUCHMANRichard23 Gabriel's HillFurniture Broker
COURTThomasUnion StreetHouse Painter
COURTThomasUnion StreetPlumber
COXHEAD...from Queens HeadCarrier to Brighton, every Thursday
COXHEAD...from the Queens HeadCarrier to Tonbridge Wells, every Thursday
CRADDOCK...from the SunCarrier to Staplehurst, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday
CRANDALLWilliam106 Week StreetLinen, Woollen & Silk Draper
CRANDALLWilliam, Mr.Heath RoadGentry & Clergy
CREEDMaria41 Earl StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
CRIMPSONEdwardSt. Faiths CourtSmith & Bellhanger
CRISPEMrs.King StreetGentry & Clergy
CRISPEWilliam82 High StreetButcher
CROKEREdward35 Week StreetCooper
CROUCHJohn5 Week StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
CROUCHER & CACKETT...from the George and the Haunch of VenisonCarrier to Charing, every Tuesday and Saturday
CROWDERJohn, Mr.High StreetGentry & Clergy
CROWHURSTWilliamBrunswick StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
CROWTHERRichardWheeler StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
CRUNDWELLCharlesBrunswick StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
CRUNDWELLJamesStone StreetPlumber
CRUTTENDENJohn22 Week StreetPlumber
CULLUMJohnMote RoadAccountant
CURRIEArchibald John96 Week StreetWatch & Clock Maker
CURTEISW. T., Mr.Bower RoadGentry & Clergy
CURTISHenryKing StreetSaddler & Harness Maker
CUTBILLThomas26 Week stManager, Surrey, Kent & Sussex Bank - draws on London Establishment, 71 Lombard st
CUTBUSHMary & George44 King StreetMaltster
CUTBUSHRichard James27 Week Streetagent for Robins patent filterers
CUTBUSHRichard James27 Week StreetPublisher, Maidstone Gazette & Kentish Courier (Tuesdays)
CUTBUSHRobert66 King StreetPlumber
CUTBUSHThomas19 High StreetPlumber
CUTBUSH & Son...27 Week StreetLetter Press & Copper Plate Printer
DADDElizabethSandlingBlacksmith & Farrier
DALLYF. F.High StreetFire & Office Agent - National Loan Fund (life)
DALLYFrank Fether38 High StreetAttorney
DAMPIERGeorgeHill's wharf, WatersidePorter Merchant
DAMPREYStephen ChasHeath RoadAttorney
DANNLukeWeek StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
DANNGeorge34 High StreetBrasier & Tin Plate Worker
DANNWilliam114 Week StreetSmith & Bellhanger
DANNWilliam114 Week StreetWatch & Clock Maker
DARTNELLElizabeth, Mrs.Bower RoadGentry & Clergy
DAVEYGeorge, Rev.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
DAVISAnnBrewer stmistress Booths Charity
DAVISWilliamRomney PlaceBoot & Shoe Maker
DAVISBartholomew14 Camden StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
DAWESJosiah WiseAlbion PlaceNursery & Seedsman
DAWSONJohn6 Market buildingsBoot & Shoe Maker
DAWSONWilliam100 Week StreetConfectioner
DAYCharles43 High StreetClothes Dealer
DAYEliza, Miss1 Park Place, Ashford RoadGentry & Clergy
DAYSamuelStone StreetPaper mould and frame maker
DAYThomasKing StreetSurgeon
DAYThomas, Esq.Ashford RoadGentry & Clergy
DAYWilliam49 High StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
DAYMrs.PrioryGentry & Clergy
DAY & Son Carey StreetCoal Dealer
DAY & STANGER 23 High StreetCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
DAY & STANGER Pudding laneMarine Store Dealer
DAY & STANGER 23 High StreetFurniture Broker
DAY & STRANGER 23 High StreetAuctioneer
DAY & WHATMAN 33 Gabriel's HillSurgeon
DEALLEdwardWheeler StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
DEALLEdwardWheeler StreetAncient Druid - Tavern, Public House
DEANGeorgeKing StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
DEARJamesWeek StreetCowkeeper
DEARWilliam91 Week StreetButcher
DELLThomasMote RoadMonks Head - Tavern, Public House
DELLThomasStone StreetLivery Stable Keeper, horses for hire
DELOGeorge72 Bank StreetBasket Maker
DENNESusanPudding lanemistress girls Blue Coat School
DICKESONJohn41 Gabriel's HillGrocer & Tea Dealer
DICKESONJohn41 Gabriel's HillWine Dealers - British
DICKSONGeorgeStone StreetCoal Dealer
DICKSONGeorgeStone StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
DIPROSEWilliamBusbys yard, High stUmbrella Maker
DIPROSEWilliamBusbys Yard, High stCutler
DITCHGeorgeEarl StreetPatten & Clog Maker
DITCHGeorgeEarl StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
DIXON & Co 25 High StreetTea Dealer
DODSONJamesBank StreetHop Factor
DOEJohn35 High StreetButcher
DOEJohn junBrewer StreetButcher
DOLPHINDanielWeek StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
DORANEdward66 Week StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
DOWNJohnStone StreetButcher
DOWNERHenry, Esq.9 Surrey PlaceGentry & Clergy
DRIVERJohn104 Week StreetHairdresser
DRURYHenryWest BoroughFire & Office Agent - Argus
DRURYHenryWest BoroughWharfinger
DRURYHenryDrury's wharfConveyance by water to London every Wednesday & Saturday, daily during hopping season
DUNGATEHarrietGabriel's HillShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
DUNGEMrs.Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
DUNKRobertWeek StreetTwo Brewers - Tavern, Public House
DUNMILLRichard25 Gabriel's HillPatten & Clog Maker
DUNMILLRichardGabriel's HillCork Cutter
DUNMILLWilliam Barrow6 Gabriel's HillSaddler & Harness Maker
DURRANTWoodgate12 Week StreetButcher
DURRANTJohnHigh StreetTailor & Draper
EAGLESWilliam, Mr.2 Marsham PlaceGentry & Clergy
EASTHAMAnn75 Week StreetPlumber
EDGLEYCrispianus23 Camden StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
EDMEDThomas, Mr.TerraceGentry & Clergy
EDMETTCharlesWeek StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
EDMETTJohnfrom the Rose & CrownCarrier to Mereworth, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
EDMETTThomasHigh StreetAuctioneer
EDMETTThomasMiddle RowCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
EDMETTWilliam, Mr.Brewer StreetGentry & Clergy
EDMETT & Son 3 High StreetClothes Dealer
EDMETT & Son 3 High StreetHatter
EDMETT & Son 3 High StreetLinen, Woollen & Silk Draper
EDMETT & Son 3 High StreetPawnbroker
EDMUNDSMissBrewer StreetGentry & Clergy
ELLIOTTJamesRose YardBlacksmith & Farrier
ELLISCharles & Co10 & 11 Gabriel's HillSaddler & Harness Maker
ELLISCharles & Co10 Gabriel's HillIronmonger
ELSEJosephfrom the Royal OakCarrier to Pluckley, occasionally
ELSFORDRobertUnion StreetBlacksmith
ELVYThomas7 King StreetPork Butcher
ELVYSusannah, Miss31 High StreetGentry & Clergy
ELYCapt.Church StreetGentry & Clergy
ENGLANDWilliam2 Week StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
EPPSMr.Tonbridge RoadGentry & Clergy
EVENDENAnn9 Union StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
EVENDENCharles41 Stone StreetButcher
EVERNDENThomas1 Union StreetBuilder
EVERNDENThomas1 Union StreetCarpenter
FAIRYJames44 Earl StreetWatch & Clock Maker
FANCETTElizabethHasler StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
FANCETTThomasbottom of High stSuperintendent, Police Office
FANCETTThomasbottom of High stSuperintendent, Watch House
FANCHONJamesStone StreetCoal Dealer
FANCHONJamesStone StreetCoal Merchant
FANCHONJamesStone StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
FARRANTMr.TerraceGentry & Clergy
FARRANTRichardStone StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
FARRANT & SPEARING High StreetBrasier & Tin Plate Worker
FARRANT & SPEARING High StreetIronmonger, furnishing & stone grate manufacturers
FARRANT & SPEARING High StreetOil & Colourman
FARRANT & SPEARING High StreetSmith & Bellhanger
FEARNJohnMarsham StreetPoulterer
FEATHERSTONEWilliamWeek StreetWindsor Castle - Tavern, Public House
FIELDMichaelAshford RoadArtichoke - Tavern, Public House
FILDERMissesRomney PlacePreparatory School
FINCHMary & Elizabeth, MissesKing StreetGentry & Clergy
FINNWilliamWoollett StreetCounty Arms - Tavern, Public House
FISHWilliamEarl StreetBrewer
FISHWilliamEarl StreetCoal Merchant
FISHWilliamEarl StreetMaltster
FITZGERALDJohn41 High StreetProvision Merchant
FLETCHERWilliam41 Stone StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
FOREMANGeorge42 Stone StreetCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
FOWLEGeorgeEylesfordWhite Paper Manufacturer
FOWLEJohnSt. Faith StreetCarpenter
FOWLERRichard22 Gabriel's HillProfessor, teacher of music & musical instrument seller
FRANCISWilliamWeek StreetFishmonger
FRANKLYNThomasStone StreetWine & Spirit Merchant
FRANKLYNThomas, Esq.Stone StreetGentry & Clergy
FRANKLYNH., Mr.Romney PlaceGentry & Clergy
FRENCHEdwardStone StreetChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
FRENCHEdwardStone StreetSurgeon
FRENCHSusannah & William APPSKing StreetWatch & Clock Maker
FRITHStephenfrom Jeffery StreetCarrier to Rochester, every night
FROUDWilliamWheeler StreetMarket Gardener
FROUDWilliamWheeler StreetNursery & Seedsman
FRYFrederickStone StreetSurgeon
FULLJAMESRobert92 High Streetagent for Betts patent brandy
FULLJAMESRobert92 High StreetCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
FUNNELLRobertfrom the Queens HeadCarrier to Robertsbridge, every Friday
FURMINGERJohn14 Earl StreetCoal Barge - Tavern, Public House
GAMONMrs.Church StreetGentry & Clergy
GANDYEdwardBrewer stmaster Booths Charity
GANDYGeorge94 Week StreetPlumber
GANDYRichardBrewer StreetDay School
GANDYWilliam3 Week StreetConfectioner
GARDNERHenryUnion StreetEngraver & Copper Plate Printer
GARRETTBallsEarl StreetAgricultural Machine Maker
GARSIDEJamesOrchard StreetProfessor & teacher of music
GEGANJamesBank StreetCarver & Guilder
GEGANJamesBank StreetHouse Painter
GIBBONSarah1 Albion PlaceMilliner & Dress Maker
GILBERTGeorge & Jos. Thos31 Gabriel's HillRope Maker
GILBERTGeorge & Jos. Thos.31 Gabriel's HillSacking Manufacturer
GILBERTJohnWeek StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
GILBERTJohnWeek StreetLivery Stable Keeper, horses for hire
GILESSarah, Mrs.Mill StreetGentry & Clergy
GILESNicholas125 Stone StreetWatch & Clock Maker
GILLJames, Mr.London RoadGentry & Clergy
GODDARDJohnPudding laneBoot & Shoe Maker
GODDENHenry, Esq.Earl StreetGentry & Clergy
GODFREY...from Warner's officeCarrier to Benenden, every Tuesday
GODFREYJamesAshford RoadButcher
GODINGJohn25 Union StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
GOODWilliamStone StreetPlough - Tavern, Public House
GOODCHILDRobertWhyatt StreetCoal Dealer
GOODCHILDRobertWhyatt StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
GOODWINJamesHigh StreetCoach & Fly Proprietor
GOODWINJohnAlbion PlaceShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
GOODWINSamuel6 Church StreetBricklayer
GOODWINSamuel6 Church StreetBuilder
GOODWINSarah32 High StreetStraw Hat Maker
GOODWINWilliamMiddle RowPoulterer
GORHAMJohn, Mr.Earl StreetGentry & Clergy
GORHAMWilliamMiddle RowEating House Keeper
GOWERWilliamHigh StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
GREENMrs.Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
GREENJohnMill StreetPaper Mould Maker
GREENSamuelHayle millsWhite, coloured and fancy Paper Manufacturer
GREENThomas SheltonChurch stmaster Proprietary School
GREENLEAFJohnMill stmaster National School
GRIFFINMichaelSt. Faith StreetTailor
GRIFFITHThomas29 Week StreetTea Dealer
GRIFFITHSHenryStone StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
GROOMBRIDGEWilliamMarsham StreetBlacksmith
GROSERWilliam, Rev.4 Marsham PlaceGentry & Clergy
GROVERWilliamSandlingRunning Horse - Tavern, Public House
GURNEY & HAYES 1 Week StreetIronmonger
GUTHRIECatherineUnion StreetGlove Manufacturer
GUYMrs.St. Faith StreetGentry & Clergy
HACETTFrancisHeath RoadMarket Gardener
HADLERLewisTovilShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
HADLERRobert & LewisTovilBricklayer
HADLOWWilliamUnion StreetButcher
HAFFENDENJohn19 Stone StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
HAFFENDENThomas25 Week StreetBaker
HAFFENDENWilliamKnightrider StreetNursery & Seedsman
HAFFENDENWilliam John25 Week StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
HALLJ. V., Mr.Heath RoadGentry & Clergy
HALLElizabeth113 Week StreetStraw Hat Maker
HALLJohnMiddle RowButcher
HALLJohn Vine & Son83 Bank StreetPublisher, Maidstone Journal (Tuesdays)
HALLJohn Vine & SonBank StreetBookbinder
HALLJohn Vine & SonBank StreetBookseller, stationer & sub distributer of stamps
HALLJohn Vine & SonBank StreetEngraver & Copper Plate Printer
HALLJohn Vine & SonBank StreetFire & Office Agent - Norwich Union
HALLJohn Vine & SonBank StreetLetter Press Printer
HALLJohn Vine & SonBank StreetStationer
HALLJohn Vine & SonBank StreetWine & Spirit Merchant
HALLJohn, Mr.BucklandGentry & Clergy
HALLLouisaKnightrider StreetDay School
HAMMONDWilliam113 Week StreetStraw Hat Maker
HANBUEY...from Rose & CrownCarrier to Brenchley, every Tuesday and Friday
HARDSRichardTovilRose - Tavern, Public House
HARRISHannah, Mrs.Marsham PlaceGentry & Clergy
HARRISJohn PolhillHavock laneGrocer & Tea Dealer
HARRISJosephKing StreetButcher
HARRISMrs.Church StreetGentry & Clergy
HARRISRobert14 King StreetChina & Glass Dealer
HARRISRobertRose YardBoot & Shoe Maker
HARRISSarah90 High StreetHaberdasher
HARRISWalter25 High StreetHatter
HARRISONJamesCamden StreetBricklayer
HARRISONJamesCamden StreetBuilder
HARRISONJamesWheeler StreetBrickmaker
HARRISONJamesWheeler StreetStone Merchant
HARRISONThomas, Rev. M.A.Earl stmaster Grammar School
HARRISONThomas, Rev., M.A.Earl StreetGentry & Clergy
HARRISONJoseph, Mr.Church StreetGentry & Clergy
HARTRichard17 King StreetAttorney
HASLEWOODFrederick Fitzherbert, Rev.NewarkGentry & Clergy
HASTIEGeorgeBones alleyBasket Maker
HAWKINSW., Mr.Upper Stone StreetGentry & Clergy
HAWTHORNAdam Duncan71 Bank StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
HAYNESMr.Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
HAYNESEdward4 King StreetBaker
HAYNESEdward4 King StreetConfectioner
HAYWOODWilliam37 Gabriel's HillGeorge - Tavern, Public House
HAZELStephen L.Town HallSecretary, Savings Bank
HAZELLRobert, Esq.Bank StreetGentry & Clergy
HEARNDENJohn Hogben37 Week StreetIronmonger
HEATHORNCharlesCounty RoadLime burner, lime & cement manufacturer
HEATHORNJohnEarl StreetBrewer
HEATHORNJohnEarl StreetMaltster
HEIZMANGeorgeGerman Week StreetWatch & Clock Maker
HENTYPriscillaHavock laneBaker
HEPBOURNJames, Esq.Tovil PlaceGentry & Clergy
HESTERJohn2 Stone StreetClothes Dealer
HESTERJohn2 Stone StreetHatter
HESTERJohn2 Stone StreetTailor & Draper
HEWLETTEbenezer18 Hasler StreetBaker
HICKMOTTWilliam41 King StreetBaker
HIGGINSCharles, Mr.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
HIGGINS & WRIGHT High StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
HILLSW. B., Mr.Queen Anne RoadGentry & Clergy
HILLSWalter16 Week StreetTailor
HILLSAnnWeek StreetNags Head - Tavern, Public House
HILLSAnnWest BoroughStraw Hat Maker
HILLSFrancisMote RoadShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
HILLSGeorgeNew MarketFishmonger
HILLSHenryGabriel hillShip - Tavern, Public House
HILLSRichardPudding laneShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
HILLSRobert118 Stone StreetBaker
HILLSRobert118 Stone StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
HILLSWilliamFair MeadowCoal Dealer
HOADLYJohn Charles92 Week StreetProfessor & teacher of music
HOADLYMary92 Week StreetHaberdasher
HOADLYMary92 Week StreetTea Dealer
HOADLYAlexanderWeek StreetCoach Builder
HOARJohnUnion StreetBasket Maker
HOAR & BEALE King StreetAttorney
HOBBSWilliam12 Earl StreetTrunk, chest & music case maker
HOBSONAnn SophiaMiddle RowMilliner & Dress Maker
HODGESMrs.Romney PlaceGentry & Clergy
HODGES...from the Haunch of VenisonCarrier to Milton, every Tuesday and Friday
HODGESGeorgeStone StreetBaker
HODGESJohn & SonUnion StreetWatch & Clock Maker
HODGESSamuel, Esq.Pennenden HeathGentry & Clergy
HODGESSarahJeffery StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
HODGSKINJohn K & George SWest BoroughCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
HODSONMrs.Tovilmistress Free School
HOGBENKennettMill StreetGolden Lion - Tavern, Public House
HOLDENEliSt. Faith StreetPawnbroker
HOLLAND...from the Rose & CrownCarrier to Biddenden, every Tuesday & Friday
HOLLAWAYWilliamNew StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
HOLLELYBenjamin, Mr.8 Victoria PlaceGentry & Clergy
HOLLINGWORTHJohn Thomas & JohnTurkey millsWhite Paper Manufacturer
HOLLINGWORTHJno, Esq.Turkey millsGentry & Clergy
HOLLOWAYJarrattStone StreetGlove Manufacturer
HOLLOWAYJohnParliament StreetBaker
HOLLOWAYWilliam4 Brewer StreetBuilder
HOLLOWAYWilliamUnion PlaceBricklayer
HOLLOWAYWilliam BassettWeek StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
HOLMESRichard24 High StreetChina & Glass Dealer
HOMERCharlesWeek StreetBlacksmith
HOMERCharlesWeek StreetSmith & Bellhanger
HOPKINSHenryWatersideCoal Merchant
HOPKINSHenryWatersideTimber Dealer and Merchant
HOPKINSThomasHigh StreetDyer & Scourer
HORNEA. M., Mrs.King StreetGentry & Clergy
HOSMERThe Misses3 Bedford PlaceGentry & Clergy
HOUSTOUNAlex, Capt.Mote RoadGentry & Clergy
HOWCharlesEarl StreetCoal Dealer
HUGHES...from Warner's OfficeCarrier to Lenham, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
HUGHESCharlesHigh stSecretary, Kent United (fire & life)
HUGHESCharles, Mr.High StreetGentry & Clergy
HUGHESJohnPudding laneGingerbread Baker
HUGHESRobertSt. Faith StreetHorse Dealer
HUGHESWilliamPudding laneConfectioner
HULBARDGeorge8 Week StreetHatter
HUNTAnthony & SonsCanal wharfCorn Merchant & Dealer
HUNTEdward47 Week StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
HUNTEdward47 Week StreetTailor
HUNTAnthony & SonsCanal wharfCoal Merchant
HUNTAnthony & SonsCanal wharfWoolstapler
HUNTLEYJohnfrom the ShipCarrier to Horsemonden [sic], every Tuesday and Thursday
HUSSEYWilliam & PeterKing StreetAttorney
HUSSEYWilliam, Esq.King StreetGentry & Clergy
HYDEJohnWater laneCarpenter
HYDEThomas4 High StreetChina & Glass Dealer
HYDEThomas4 High StreetSacking Manufacturer
HYDEThomas5 High StreetPatten & Clog Maker
HYDEThomas, Esq.Manor houseGentry & Clergy
HYLANDJohn52 King StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
IGGULDENStephenStone StreetButcher
INKPENGeorgeFair meadowBrass Founder
INKPENGeorgeFair MeadowSmith & Bellhanger
ISAACJohn Shelton88 High StreetSaddler & Harness Maker
JACKSONWilliam Richard Radley39 Gabriel's HillWatch & Clock Maker
JACKSONWilliam Richard RadleyGabriel's HillJeweller
JACOBSJacob9 Week StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
JAMESThomasStone StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
JAMESWilliamStone StreetAttorney
JAMESONJohnChillington PlaceTailor
JARRETTEdwardUnion StreetCarpenter
JARRETTJamesWeek StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
JARRETTJohnMiddle RowButcher
JEFFERISCharles, Esq.Bower PlaceGentry & Clergy
JEFFERISCharles, Lieut., R.N.6 Surrey PlaceGentry & Clergy
JEFFERYSMissQueen Anne RoadGentry & Clergy
JEFFREYGeorgeRomney PlaceAttorney
JENKINSFossey5 Brewer StreetSurgeon
JENKINSHenry7 Wheeler StreetCowkeeper
JENKINSMissBrewer StreetGentry & Clergy
JENNINGSAnn12 Church StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
JESSELLMichael AaronMiddle RowIronmonger
JESSUPJohnHeath RoadNursery & Seedsman
JEWELLJohn7 Victoria PlaceTailor
JINKINGSEdmund, Rev.Week StreetGentry & Clergy
JOHNSONBenjaminBank StreetHairdresser
JOHNSONThomas38 Gabriel's HillButcher
JOHNSONWilliamOrdnance RowTobacconists
JOLLIFFThe MissesWeek StreetGentry & Clergy
JONESCol.Little BucklandGentry & Clergy
JONESHenry109 Week StreetSurgeon Dentist
JONESSarah ElizaSandling RoadDay School
JORDANRobert Collins39 Week StreetHairdresser
JORDANRobert Collins39 Week StreetToy Dealer
JOSLENJonathan5... Market buildingsStationer
JURYEdwardSt. Faith StreetLord Nelson - Tavern, Public House
JURYWalterMill StreetTailor & Draper
JURYGeorge9 Gabriel's HillTailor
JURYGeorgeGabriel's HillFire & Office Agent - Phoenix
JURYHarrietSt. Faith StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
JURYHenryGabriel's HillCommercial Inn, Hotel - Bull
JURYRobertQueen Anne RoadWheelwright
JURYWilliam26 Stone StreetPlumber
KEBBLEJohn, Mr.Week StreetGentry & Clergy
KEMP & ELPHEE 107 Week StreetLinen Draper
KENNARDElizabethbank StreetBrasier & Tin Plate Worker
KENNETTBishopHigh StreetCommercial Inn, Hotel & coach office Swan
KENNETTCatherineKing StreetDog & Bear - Tavern, Public House
KENNETTGeorge19 King StreetButcher
KENTJohnUnion StreetCowkeeper
KENTJohnUnion StreetNursery & Seedsman
KENTISHWilliam4 Brewer StreetWine & Spirit Merchant
KETTLENathaniel28 King StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
KIBBELJohn, Mr.1 Brewer StreetGentry & Clergy
KINGKnowlesMill StreetAttorney
KINGJohnChurch StreetPatten & Clog Maker
KINGStephenStone StreetClothes Dealer
KINGWilliamThorn hillWheelwright
KIPPINGHenry70 King StreetAuctioneer
KIPPINGHenry70 King StreetFurniture Broker
KIRKRobertStone StreetTailor
KIRKBYJohnQueen Anne RoadQueen Anne - Tavern, Public House
KNELLAnn23 King StreetStay maker
KNELLRobertHeath RoadCoal Dealer
KNELLRobertHeath RoadTimber Dealer and Merchant
KNELLRobertHeath RoadWheelwright
KNELLThomas, Mr.19 Earl StreetGentry & Clergy
KNIGHTEdwardfrom the BellCarrier to Debtling, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
KNIGHTJohn & Charles25 Gabriel's HillBrush Manufacturer
KNOTTStephenMarket StreetPork Butcher
KNOTTMichaelWeek StreetBaker
KNOTTMichael WoodWeek StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
KNOWLESHenry6 High StreetChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
KNOWLESWilliamKing StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
KNOWLESMary, Mrs.5 Rocky Hill TerraceGentry & Clergy
KNOXCapt.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
LAKERJohnBrewer StreetBuilder
LAKERJohnBrewer StreetCarpenter
LAKERJohnWheeler StreetBricklayer
LAKERThomasUnion Streetagent - house
LAMPARDStephen83 Week StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
LAMPREYStephen CharlesBoxley RoadAttorney
LANEEdwardWeek StreetGrasshopper - Tavern, Public House
LAPLAINHarrietHavock laneMilliner & Dress Maker
LARKINGCharlesRose yardOyster Rooms
LARKINGJohn2 Week StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
LARKINGJohnfrom the SunCarrier to London, every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon
LASHMARMatthewBank StreetLinen Draper
LAURENCEThomas28 High StreetCheesemonger, Grocer, Tea Dealer & importer of Irish provisions
LAWRENCEDavid37 Stone StreetGun, pistol maker & cutler
LAWRENCEDavid WilliamGabriel's HillCutler
LEADERAnnUnion StreetDay School
LEADERWilliam, Rev.Knightrider StreetGentry & Clergy
LEECHCharlotteBrewer StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
LENEYGeorge8 Mill StreetSurgeon
LESTERThomas26 Union StreetTailor
LINDRIDGEGeorge10 Bower PlaceProfessor & teacher of music
LINDRIDGEGeorge67 Week StreetBookseller, stationer & news agent
LINDRIDGEGeorge67 Week StreetPaper hanger
LINDRIDGEGeorgeWeek StreetBookbinder
LINTOTTEdward StonhamStone StreetDay School
LITTLEJohnWheeler StreetCoal Dealer
LOCKHURSTJohnQueen Anne RoadLivery Stable Keeper, horses for hire
LOGANWilliam36 High StreetBaker
LOMASJohn6 Week StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
LOMASWilliamStone StreetBlacksmith
LONGEdward1 Union StreetCoal Dealer
LONGLibertyStone StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
LONGHURSTEdwardQueens Head, High stSupervisor, Excise Office
LOWRYJames40 Earl StreetSurgeon
LURCOCKJohn15 King StreetBookseller, stationer & library, toy dealer and news agent
LUSHINGTON...from the Queens HeadCarrier to Ashford, Charing, Harrietsham and Lenham, every Monday & Friday
LUSHINGTONEdm. Henry., Esq.Park HouseGentry & Clergy
McKENZIEHarriet, Mrs.TovilGentry & Clergy
McRITCHIEThomas, Esq..Bower HouseGentry & Clergy
MACKELLOWJohn56 King StreetUmbrella Maker
MACKELLOWJohn56 King StreetWatch & Clock Maker
MAIDMANRobertKing StreetButcher
MAINJohnHeath RoadCoal Dealer
MAJORMichael MinterBank StreetCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
MALINSarah, Mrs.Brunswick StreetGentry & Clergy
MANWARINGRichard38 Earl StreetWorking Jeweller
MANWARINGRichard38 Earl StreetWatch & Clock Maker
MANWARINGWilliamfrom the CastleCarrier to Burwash and Lewes, every Tuesday
MARCHANTJamesWater laneCooper
MARCHANTJohnHuntsman cottageLand Surveyor, etc.
MARCHANTJosephGabriel's HillLinen, Woollen & Silk Draper
MARESJohn, Esq.LenfieldGentry & Clergy
MARESThe MissesPortland PlaceGentry & Clergy
MARES & ARGLES Bank StreetChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
MARSHJohn6 Middle RowBoot & Shoe Maker
MARSHMaria, Mrs.Stone StreetGentry & Clergy
MARSHALLHenryStone StreetHairdresser
MARSHALLMary5 Stone StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
MARSHALLSarah103 Week StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
MARSHALLSarah & Ann103 Week StreetStraw Hat Maker
MARTINE & EBrewer StreetBoarding & Day School
MARTINJamesMiddle RowTea Dealer
MARTINJohn4 Church StreetCabinet Maker, Upholsterer & picture frame maker
MARTINJohnHigh StreetUmbrella Maker
MARTINJohnMiddle RowJeweller
MARTINJohnMiddle RowWatch & Clock Maker
MARTINJosephHigh StreetTailor
MARTINSusannahMill stmistress National School
MARTINThomasCoxheathGovernor, Workhouse
MARTINThomasStone StreetCooper
MARTINMrs.CoxheathMatron, Workhouse
MASONCaleb63 King StreetHairdresser
MASONEdwardWatersideCoal Merchant
MASONEdwardWatersideConveyance by water to London every Wednesday & Saturday, daily during hopping season
MASONRobert, Mr.Suffolk PlaceGentry & Clergy
MASONThomasUnion StreetTailor
MASTERSCharles101 Week StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
MASTERSWilliam120 Stone StreetButcher
MASTERSWilliamAlbion wharfCoal Merchant
MASTERSWilliamAlbion wharfCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
MASTERSWilliamAlbion wharfWharfinger
MASTERSWilliamAlbion wharf, West Borough and Calverts buildings, Borough, London [Southwark area]Hop Factor
MAYERCapt.Week StreetGentry & Clergy
MEADHenry60 King StreetBaker
MEADSSamuelUnion StreetWire worker
MERCERJohnPudding laneCooper
MERCERJohn, Esq.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
MERCERRobertPleasant RowBoot & Shoe Maker
MERCERWilliamMiddle RowHairdresser
MERCER & PARTON Mill StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
MERCER & PARTON Mill StreetMaltster
MERCER & PARTON Mill StreetMiller
MERRALLJohnStone StreetCoach Builder
MERRALLJohnStone StreetWheelwright
MERRITTThomas Light14 Church StreetProfessor and teacher of drawing
MIDDLETONCharles, Col.BarracksGentry & Clergy
MILLENGeorgeCarey StreetCarpenter
MILLERJames5 Church StreetTea Dealer
MILLERJohn51 Week StreetPlumber
MILLERWilliamHavock laneTailor, Draper & undertaker
MILLINGCHAMPWilliamOrdnance RowBaker
MILLSEdmund32 Week StreetChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
MILLS...from the Rose & CrownCarrier to Peckham (East and West), every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
MILLSRichardLoose RoadWheat Sheaf - Tavern, Public House
MISSONWilliamEarl StreetUnicorn - Tavern, Public House
MITCHELLElizabeth1 High StreetRed Lion - Tavern, Public House
MITEHELLJohnWest BoroughKings Head - Tavern, Public House
MONCKTONJohnHigh stTown Hall
MONCKTONJohnHigh StreetAttorney & town clerk
MOODIEDouglas93 Week StreetLadies Boot & Shoe Maker
MOODIEDouglas93 Week StreetLinen Draper
MOOREMrsWheeler StreetPreparatory School
MOOREMrs.Wheeler StreetGentry & Clergy
MOOREJohnMarket StreetSmith & Bellhanger
MOORERichardTovilSmith & Bellhanger
MOOREWilliam, Mr.Heath RoadGentry & Clergy
MORETONJosephPratling StreetWhite Paper Manufacturer
MORETONThomasUnion StreetDuke of Marlborough - Tavern, Public House
MORFIELDWilliamWheeler StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
MORFITTWilliam11 Church StreetProfessor & teacher of music
MORGANCharles21 Earl StreetAttorney
MORGANJosephHigh StreetSaddler & Harness Maker
MORICEK. H., MajorHigh StreetGentry & Clergy
MORRISCharles5 Union StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
MORRISJohnCareys court, High stTurner and chair maker
MORRISJohnStone StreetBrasier & Tin Plate Worker
MORRISSamuel110 Week StreetCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
MORRISSamuelStone StreetBasket Maker
MORRISSamuel & Henry110 Week StreetAuctioneer
MORTIMERJohn, Mr.Brewer StreetGentry & Clergy
MORTONJohn Henry49 Week StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
MOSELEY & DUNMILL 20 Gabriel's HillCooper
MOSELEY & DUNMILL 20 Gabriel's HillPatten & Clog Maker
MUNCKEdwardEarl StreetSalt Merchant
MUNKMr.Brewer StreetGentry & Clergy
MUNKEdward11 Stone Street& 5 Market buildingsCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
MUNNHesterTovilShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
MUNNJohn94 Stone StreetPlumber
MUNNSarah14 Marsham PlaceMilliner & Dress Maker
MURRELLJosephMote RoadBlacksmith
MYERSDaniel21 & 22 High StreetPawnbroker
MYERSDaniel21 & 22 High StreetLinen Draper
MYNNWilliamMarket buildingsHop Factor
NASHEdwardSt. Faiths GreenCoal Dealer
NASH & Son St. Faiths GreenCarpenter
NASH & Son St. Faiths greenWheelwright
NAYLORWilliamStone StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
NEALEThomasOrdnance RowFruiterer & Greengrocer
NEEDHAMGeorge5 Gabriel's HillBoot & Shoe Maker
NEWBERJames, Mr.Marsham StreetGentry & Clergy
NEWMANJohn123 Stone StreetTown Arms - Tavern, Public House
NEWMANDenny, Mr.County RoadGentry & Clergy
NICCOLLESGeorgeMiddle RowNursery & Seedsman
NICHOLSONJohn53 King StreetSurveyor of taxes
NICKELSJosephWeek StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
NOCKWilliam, Capt.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
NORBURNJoseph4 Week StreetInn, Hotel - Castle
NYEGeorge19 & 21 Gabriel's HillAuctioneer
NYEGeorge19 & 21 Gabriel's HillCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
NYEGeorgeGabriel's HillFire & Office Agent - Atlas
OLIVEREdward17 High StreetButcher
OLIVEREdward & Son17 High StreetCurrier & Leather Seller
OLIVERElizab. & Rebecca97 Week StreetButcher
OLIVERGeorge15 Earl StreetButcher
OLIVERGeorgeBank StreetButcher
OLIVERHenryRose yardTurks Head - Tavern, Public House
OLIVERJames Edward76 Week StreetButcher
OLIVERSarah4 Earl StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
OLIVERThomas Overy7 Earl StreetBaker
OLIVERWilliam6 Week StreetCurrier & Leather Seller
OLIVERWilliam7 Earl StreetPlumber
OLIVERWalter88 Week StreetCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
ONGLEYThomasSandlingRed Lion - Tavern, Public House
ORFORDNanny16 High StreetStay maker
OSBORNE...from the ShipCarrier to Marden, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
OSTLERCharles13 Union StreetBookbinder
OTLEYJohnStone StreetSurgeon
OTTAWAYHenryHigh StreetBookbinder
OTTAWAYHenryHigh StreetLetter Press Printer
OTTAWAYRobertBrewer StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
OTTAWAYRobertWheeler StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
OVERYWilliamEarl StreetPlumber
OWENWilliamfrom Warner's OfficeCarrier to Tonbridge, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
PACKHAMJohn10 King StreetTruss Maker
PAGEGregoryHigh StreetDay School
PAGEEdwardUnion StreetBaker
PAGEEleanor4 Stone StreetDay School
PAGEGregoryHigh stmaster boys Blue Coat School
PAINEJohn105 Stone StreetCooper
PAINEJoseph103 Week StreetHairdresser
PAINE & SHARP from the ShipCarrier to Marden, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
PALMERPhiladelphia61 King StreetFurniture Broker
PANKHURSTAnnStone StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
PANKHURSTJamesParliament StreetHairdresser
PARISThomas16 Stone StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
PARKERHenry Jno., Rev.Rock HouseGentry & Clergy
PARKERMaria & Ann12 Marsham PlaceMilliner & Dress Maker
PARKSHenry, Mr.Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
PARKSThomas2 High StreetTurner and chair maker
PARKSThomasKing StreetBaker
PARSONSJosephWest BoroughBoot & Shoe Maker
PARSONSThomasWest BoroughButcher
PATRICKJohnPudding laneWatch & Clock Maker
PATTENDENGeorge6 Week StreetButcher
PATTENDENRobert21 Stone StreetButcher
PATTENDENRobertWeek StreetThree Compasses - Tavern, Public House
PATTENDENWilliamUnion StreetButcher
PATTERSONElizabethGeorge StreetBaker
PAYNEElizabeth29 Week StreetStraw Hat Maker
PAYNEJarvisHigh StreetRose & Crown - Tavern, Public House
PEALEEdward, Esq.Knightrider StreetGentry & Clergy
PEALEJohn, Esq.Knightrider StreetGentry & Clergy
PEALEWilliamKnightrider StreetGentry & Clergy
PEARCEFrancIsGibraltarGibraltar - Tavern, Public House
PEARCEWilliamWheeler StreetEgg Merchant
PEARSONAnnOrdnance PlaceMilliner & Dress Maker
PEARSONCharles5 York PlaceBoot & Shoe Maker
PEARSONJonathan & HenryWest BoroughIronmonger
PEARSONJonathan & HenryWest BoroughSmith & Bellhanger
PEARSONJonathan & HenryWest Borough & TovilBlacksmith & Farrier
PECKHAMSarah, MissAlbion PlaceGentry & Clergy
PEENEWilliam GClarendon PlacePhysician
PELLGeorge22 Stone StreetCork Cutter
PELLThomasStone StreetCooper
PELLINGAnnWatersideShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
PESKETTPhilip1 King StreetLinen, Woollen & Silk Draper
PESKETTPhilipKing StreetClothes Dealer
PETERSGeorge8 Stone StreetTea Dealer
PEXTONAlfred37 King StreetCarver & Guilder
PEXTONAlfred37 King StreetHouse Painter
PHILPOTGeorge27 & 28 Stone stSecretary, County of Kent General Registry, Central Office
PHILPOTGeorge27 Stone StreetHairdresser
PHILPOTGeorge27 Stone StreetToy Dealer
PHILPOTGeorgeStone StreetFire & Office Agent - Royal Exchange
PHILPOTWilliam5 Surrey PlaceProfessor and teacher of drawing
PIETYJamesNew MarketFishmonger
PIETYRichardNew MarketFishmonger
PIGRAMEdward, Mr.Union StreetGentry & Clergy
PIKEEdward HenryEarl StreetLivery Stable Keeper, horses for hire
PIKEWilliamRomney Placeagent - estate
PIKEWilliamRomney PlaceAuctioneer
PIKEWilliamRomney PlaceFire & Office Agent - Clerical & Medical (life)
PIKEDean Rayner, Esq.Clarendon PlaceGentry & Clergy
PILBROWJamesStone StreetAuctioneer
PILBROWJamesStone StreetCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
PILBROWJamesStone StreetFire & Office Agent - Protection
PILBROWJamesStone StreetFurniture Broker
PILBROWJamesStone StreetIronmonger
PILBROWJamesStone StreetMarine Store Dealer
PINEMrs & MissEarl StreetPreparatory School
PINEAnn, MissWest BoroughGentry & Clergy
PINEJohn, Mr.Earl StreetGentry & Clergy
PINEThomas, Mr.Ashford RoadGentry & Clergy
PIPERCharlesHavock laneShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
PIPERCharlesParliament StreetSmith, Bellhanger & spring maker
PIPERHenryHavock laneBrass Founder
PIPERHenryHavock laneMillwright
PIPERThomas2 Brewer StreetMillwright
PIPERHyHavock lanePress Screw Maker
PIPER & GLADWIN from the CastleCarrier to Northiam, every Tuesday and Friday
PIPER & HARDEN 12 County RoadBuilder
PIPER & HARDEN 12 County RoadCarpenter
PIPONGeorge, Major1 Rocky Hill TerraceGentry & Clergy
PITTFIELDHattonUnion StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
PLANEElizabeth, Mrs.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
PLANEJohnMill StreetSurgeon
PLANTMrs.Wheeler StreetGentry & Clergy
PLIMPTONSamuelHigh StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
PLIMPTONSamuelHigh StreetHop Factor
POOLSarah65 King StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
POOLEJas111 Week StreetLinen draper & undertaker
POOLLYEdwinMarket StreetCoal Merchant
POOLLYEdwinNorth County RoadTimber Dealer and Merchant
POOLLYEdwinNorth County RoadWheelwright
POOLLYElizabethWest BoroughPrince of Wales - Tavern, Public House
POOLLYGeorgeTown wharfCoal Merchant
POOLLYGeorgeTown wharfWharfinger
POOLLYJohnTown wharfStone Merchant
POOLLYJosephWest BoroughBuilder
POOLLYJosephWest BoroughCarpenter
POOLLYStephenWest BoroughWharfinger
POPERobert, Rev.Great BucklandGentry & Clergy
POPEHoratio, Mr.Fant HouseGentry & Clergy
PORTERS., Mrs.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
PORTERGeorge, Mr.2 Surrey PlaceGentry & Clergy
PORTERHenry, Mr.Bower RoadGentry & Clergy
POTTERJohnStone StreetFortune of War - Tavern, Public House
POTTSThomasWheeler StreetWine & Spirit Merchant
POTTS & FRANKLYN 1 Market buildingsWine & Spirit Merchant
POUNDJames6 King StreetThree Tuns - Tavern, Public House
POUNDThomasPudding laneBoot & Shoe Maker
POWELLGeorge, Mr.Suffolk PlaceGentry & Clergy
POWELLJamesCamden StreetTailor
POYNDERGeorgeBarming HeathMedical Superintendent, Kent Lunatic Asylum
PRANCEJames Connell81 High StreetChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
PRANCEJames Connell81 High StreetSurgeon
PRANCESarah, MissAlbion PlaceGentry & Clergy
PRENTISGeorgeEarl StreetWine & Spirit Merchant
PRENTISGeorgeWatersideBrass Founder
PRENTISGeorgeWatersideCement Manufacturer
PRENTISThe MissesWest BoroughGentry & Clergy
PRICEThomas49 King StreetBookbinder
PRICEThomasKing StreetLivery Stable Keeper, horses for hire
PRINCEWilliamBones AlleyTailor
PUDNERMrs.Clarendon PlaceGentry & Clergy
PYBUSThos.WatersideBoat & Barge Builder
PYBUSJames, Esq.WatersideGentry & Clergy
PYBUSThomasWatersideCoal Merchant
PYBUSThomasWatersideLime Burner
PYBUSThomasWatersideTimber Dealer and Merchant - British & Foreign
RACHELLMary, Mrs.Ashford RoadGentry & Clergy
RAILTONThomas RobertBank StreetHat Manufacturer
RANDALLEliz., Mrs.Clarendon PlaceGentry & Clergy
RANDALLJane16 Gabriel's HillBoot & Shoe Maker
RANDALLWilliam3 Week StreetChina & Glass Dealer
RANDALLWilliamWeek StreetNew Inn - Tavern, Public House
RANDALLAlex, Esq.Ashford RoadGentry & Clergy
RANGERMrs.Union StreetGentry & Clergy
RANSLEYJames5 Earl StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
RAWLINGSWilliamWeek StreetRoebuck - Tavern, Public House
RAWLISONThos & Jno.Knightrider StreetStone and marble mason & Statuaries
READERWalter25 Stone StreetSaddler & Harness Maker
READERJohn4 Earl StreetClothes Dealer
READERJohn4 Earl StreetTailor
READERWalter Hills111 Stone StreetWhite Lion - Tavern, Public House
REEDJohnStone StreetHatter
REEVEJames, Rev.King StreetGentry & Clergy
RELFJosephSt. Faith StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
REWCharles, Rev.Knightrider StreetGentry & Clergy
REYNOLDSWilliamBrewer StreetCoal Dealer
REYNOLDSWilliamBrewer StreetPatten & Clog Maker
RICEThomas27 Union StreetBaker
RICHARDSONGeorgeStone StreetHairdresser
RICHARDSONJohnfrom the CastleCarrier to Ewhurst, every Friday
RIDDELLLady Frances BuchananBishops PalaceGentry & Clergy
RIDEOUTMary & CharlotteAlbion PlaceBoarding & Day School
RIGDENMaryRock Hill houseBoarding School
RIXHenry5 Wheeler StreetCoal Dealer
ROBERTSThomas3 Gabriel's HillLinen Draper
ROBERTSWilliamfrom the Rodney's HeadCarrier to Tenterden, Biddenden and Headcorn, every Tuesday and Saturday
ROBINSONGeorge25 George StreetBaker
ROBINSONGeorge25 Wheeler StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
ROBINSONJames90 Week StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
ROBINSONJohn45 King StreetSurgeon
ROBINSONSamuel & Hannah12 King StreetBaker
ROBINSONSamuel & Hannah12 King StreetConfectioner
ROBINSONIsaac15 High StreetTea Dealer
ROFE...from Warner's officeCarrier to Cranbrooke [sic], every Monday and Friday
ROMNEYThe Right Hon EarlMoteGentry & Clergy
ROOMSRichardKing StreetChina & Glass Dealer
ROSECarolineWeek StreetMarine Store Dealer
ROSEWilliamHigh StreetDyer & Scourer
ROSSELJames, Rev.Brewer StreetGentry & Clergy
ROWEMrsMill StreetStraw Hat Maker
RUCKBenjamin45 Week StreetBuilder
RUCKBenjaminNorth County RoadBrickmaker
RUCKCharlesThornhillStone and marble mason & Statuaries
RUCKJames9 King StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
RUCKJoshua36 Gabriel's HillClothes Dealer
RUCKBenjaminNorth County RoadLime Burner
RUSEEliza17 Gabriel's HillBaker
RUSSELLBarnabasWheeler StreetBaker
RUSSELLEdwardMarket buildingsHop Factor
RUSSELLGeorgeUnion StreetPlumber
RUSSELLRobert, Esq.Clarendon PlaceGentry & Clergy
RUSSELLSarah42 Week StreetPoulterer
RUSSELLThomas7 Parliament StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
RUSSELLMr.Brewer StreetGentry & Clergy
RUTTERWilliam9 Marsham PlaceShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
SAGE & SIMMONDS from the CastleCarrier to Bredgar, every Thursday & Saturday
SAITJohnSt. Faiths GreenSaddler & Harness Maker
SALMONWilliamWeek StreetAuctioneer
SANCTOElizabethKnightrider StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
SANCTOJohnsonWater LaneCarpenter
SANCTOWilliamBarham RowCarpenter
SANDERSMrsSt. Faith StreetDay School
SANDERSEdwardStone StreetSurgeon
SANDERSEdwardSt. Faith StreetProfessor & teacher of music
SANDERSJohnWheeler StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
SANDERSSamuelHigh StreetRodney's Head - Tavern, Public House
SANDERSSarah42 High StreetClothes Dealer
SANDERS & POWER 27 High StreetSurgeon
SAVAGERichardWest BoroughShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
SAWERJos4 County PlaceCabinet Maker, Upholsterer & paper hanger
SAXBY...Haunch of VenisonCarrier to Tonbridge Wells, every Monday and Thursday
SCOONSJohnHigh StreetInn, Hotel - Star
SCUDAMORECharlesStone StreetAttorney
SCUDAMOREEliza, Mrs.Stone houseGentry & Clergy
SEAGERRichardMarket StreetCarpenter
SEAMERSophiaWeek StreetFountain - Tavern, Public House
SEATHMary, Mrs.West BoroughGentry & Clergy
SEDGWICKWilliamStone StreetSurgeon
SELBYMary, Mrs.6 Rocky Hill TerraceGentry & Clergy
SELLENJoseph128 Stone StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
SELLERSJamesWoollett StreetCutler
SERGEANTRichard78 Week StreetOil, Colourman & Italian warehouse
SERGEANTRichard78 Week StreetWine Dealers - British
SETTLEWilliamBrewer StreetCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
SEXTYRichardMill StreetSurgeon
SHARPJosephKing StreetGun & pistol maker
SHARPSamuelWeek StreetGeneral Kingley - Tavern, Public House
SHARPSarah & Richard William39 Earl StreetWine & Spirit Merchant
SHAWEdmundPads hole millPaper Manufacturer
SHAWThomasRose yardTobacco pipe maker
SHEENThomas24 Gabriel's HillBoot & Shoe Maker
SHEENThomas28 Gabriel's HillCurrier & Leather Seller
SHELLYRobertWheeler StreetCarpenter
SHEPHERDMrs.Ashford RoadGentry & Clergy
SHEPHERDSamuel, Mr.Wheeler StreetGentry & Clergy
SHEPPARDSarahUnion StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
SHOREBRIDGEJohnfrom the Rose & CrownCarrier to Rolvenden, every Tuesday and Saturday
SHORTGeorgeBank StreetHatter
SHORTJames3 Earl StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
SHORTJaneWeek StreetStraw Hat Maker
SHORTWilliamMarket buildingsNursery & Seedsman
SHORTTERWilliam6 Camden StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
SHREEVESWilliamWheeler StreetBuilder
SHREEVESWilliamWheeler StreetCarpenter
SHRUBSOLEGeorgeStone StreetBlacksmith
SIBBALDJames20 Week StreetPhysician
SILLSJohnYork PlaceStone Merchant
SILVERLOCKEdward10 High StreetLinen Draper
SIMMONDSCharles16 King StreetTailor & Draper
SIMMONDSHenry & SonBridge wharfConveyance by water to London every Wednesday & Saturday, daily during hopping season
SIMMONDSHenry, Mr.Bower PlaceGentry & Clergy
SIMMONDSStephen110 Stone StreetButcher
SIMMONDSThomasWeek StreetGun Flint Maker and Fossilist
SIMMONDS & Son Bridge wharfCoal Merchant
SIMMONDS & Son Bridge wharfCorn Merchant & Dealer
SIMMONDS & Son Bridge wharf & 239 High st, Borough, London [Southwark area]Hop Factor
SIMMONDS & Son Bridge wharf & Kent Wharf, Montague close, Borough, London [Southwark are]Wharfinger
SIMMONDS & Son West BoroughMaltster
SIMMONSThomasKing StreetRoyal Oak - Tavern, Public House
SIMMONSWilliamHigh StreetInn, Hotel & Excise Office Queen's Head
SIMSElizabeth, Mrs.Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
SINDENEdwardWeek StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
SKEEREThomas, Mr.Queen Anne RoadGentry & Clergy
SKINNEREzekiel4 Market buildingsBoot & Shoe Maker
SKINNEREzekiel4 Market buildingsClerk of the Market
SLAUGHTERWilliamHavock laneBlacksmith & Farrier
SLAUGHTER & PLAMLEY...Market StreetVeterinary Surgeons
SLEAMJohnfrom the Rose & CrownCarrier to Yalding, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday
SLOMANSamuelKnightrider StreetRope Maker
SMALLMANEliza13 High StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
SMALLMANFrancisHasler StreetBaker
SMALLMANRobert13 High StreetHaberdasher
SMITHLewis Henry4 Gabriel's HillSaddler & Harness Maker
SMITHGeorge27 Gabriel's HillChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
SMITHHenry50 Week StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
SMITHHenryStone Streetagent - house
SMITHHenryStone StreetAuctioneer
SMITHJames6 Wheeler StreetBasket Maker
SMITHJamesWheeler StreetFoot Truss & Mat Maker
SMITHJohn10 Week stStamp Office
SMITHJohn10 Week StreetBookbinder
SMITHJohn10 Week StreetBookseller, stationer & reading rooms, library and stamp distributer
SMITHJohn10 Week StreetLetter Press & Copper Plate Printer
SMITHJohn10 Week StreetStationer
SMITHJohn64 King StreetCoal Dealer
SMITHJohn64 King StreetFurniture Broker
SMITHJohnMill StreetTailor & Draper
SMITHJohnWeek stDistributer, Hawkers Licence Office
SMITHJohnWeek StreetCooper
SMITHRobertKing StreetPhysician
SMITHThomas70 King StreetMarine Store Dealer
SMITHThomasKing StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
SMITHThomas, Esq.TovilGentry & Clergy
SMITHTimothyWest BoroughBlacksmiths Arms - Tavern, Public House
SMITH & ALLNUTT Lower Tovil & Ivy MillsWhite, coloured and fancy Paper Manufacturer
SMYTHEWilliamWest Boroughagent to Truman, Hanbury & Co. brewers
SMYTHEWilliamWest BoroughTimber & Slate Dealer and Merchant& slate
SMYTHEClement TaylorBrewer StreetAttorney & clerk of the peace
SOUTHONSamuelfrom the Town ArmsCarrier to Frittenden, every Monday and Thursday
SOUTHONDavid, Mr.Heath RoadGentry & Clergy
SPENCERR.R. & G.Week StreetFire & Office Agent - Sun
SPENCERRichard Read & George26 Week StreetWine & Spirit Merchant
SPENCERAbrahamHigh StreetFamily & Commercial Inn, Hotel - Mitre
SPENCERAbrahamMitre Hotel, High St.Coach & Fly Proprietor
SPONGWilliam BMiddle RowCoach Builder
SPRAGGSAlfredQueen Anne RoadTailor
SPRINGATERichardWeek StreetMarine Store Dealer
SPRINGETTJohn, Mr.Clarendon PlaceGentry & Clergy
SPURRELLMr.Bank StreetGentry & Clergy
STACEYJohnUnion StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
STAMFORDHenry41 High StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
STANDENThomasUnion StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
STANGERJames91 High StreetFire & Office Agent - County (fire)
STANGERJames91 High StreetFire & Office Agent - Provident (life)
STANGERJames91 High StreetIronmonger & cutler
STANGERJames91 High StreetOil & Colourman
STANGERJames91 High StreetSmith & Bellhanger
STANGERJohnRose yardCoach & Fly Proprietor
STANLEYSamuel64 Week StreetButcher
STAPLESJane31 Week StreetTobacco pipe maker
STARTUP & PHILPOT West FarleighSeed Crusher
STEERJames14 High StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
STEERJames14 High StreetTallow Chandler
STEINMETZWilliam ThomasTovilSeed Crusher
STEPHENSJohn Cribb30 Week StreetAttorney
STEVENSWilliam8 King StreetCooper
STEVENSWilliam8 King StreetPatten & Clog Maker
STEVENSWilliam, Rev.Bower HouseGentry & Clergy
STEVENSMrs.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
STEVENSWilliam, Rev.Bower houseBoarding & Day School
STILESWilliam51 Stone StreetChina & Glass Dealer
STONEMrs.Rocky hillGentry & Clergy
STONE...Albion PlaceGentry & Clergy
STONEAlfred39 High StreetChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
STONESTREETWilliamPudding laneBoot & Shoe Maker
STONEYMrs.Portland PlaceGentry & Clergy
STONHAMSamuel22 Earl StreetButcher
STONHAMStephenMiddle RowSun - Tavern, Public House
STREATFIELDWilliamWhitehall PlaceDay School
STUBBERFIELDJohn7 Gabriel's HillBasket Maker
STUBBERFIELDJohn7 Gabriel's HillBrush Manufacturer
STUBBERFIELDJohn7 Gabriel's HillTurner and chair maker
STURGISJohn6 Surrey PlaceBaker
SUMMERFIELDJasWeek Streetagent - estate
SUMMERFIELDJamesWeek StreetLand Surveyor, etc.
SUTTONEdwardWest BoroughShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
SUTTONJamesWest BoroughMother Red Cap - Tavern, Public House
SUTTONJohnWest BoroughStone and marble mason & Statuaries
SUTTONJohn Windram15 Union StreetWatch & Clock Maker
SUTTONMary & Eliz, MissesWest BoroughGentry & Clergy
SWEETLOVEDavid TannerMill StreetAttorney
SWEETLOVEJamesKing StreetTax Collector
SWEETLOVEThomasMote RoadMillwright
SWEETLOVEThomas, Esq.Mote RoadGentry & Clergy
SWINFENJohn5 Week StreetGun & pistol maker
SWINFENJohnBarrack RoadCanteen - Tavern, Public House
SWINFERSpencer BowWeek StreetPorter Merchant
SWINNOCKJosephWeek StreetHairdresser
SWINNOCKRobertWeek StreetDay School
SWINNOCKDanielWeek StreetShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
TANNERBenjamin & EdwardBank StreetFellmonger & Tanner
TANNERBenjamin & EdwardBank StreetWoolstapler
TANNEREdward, Mr.Stone StreetGentry & Clergy
TANNERGeorge23 Earl StreetTailor
TASSELLMary Ann65 Bank StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
TASSELLMary Ann65 Bank StreetStraw Hat Maker
TASSELLRobertEast MallingWhite and Brown Paper Manufacturer
TASSELLThomasBank StreetOil & Colourman
TASSELLThomasBank StreetHouse Painter
TASSELLThomasNorth County RoadBrickmaker
TASSELLThomasNorth County RoadLime Burner
TASSELLThomasWest BoroughBuilder
TATEJas7 High StreetJeweller & silversmith
TATEJames7 High StreetBookseller, stationer
TATEJames7 High StreetUmbrella Maker
TATEJames7 High StreetWatch & Clock Maker
TAYLORJames, Esq.Pennenden HeathGentry & Clergy
TAYLORThomasFair MeadowLamb - Tavern, Public House
TAYLORJ., Mr.Brewer StreetGentry & Clergy
TERRILLCollin52 Week StreetTailor
TERRYGeorge106 Stone StreetSaddler & Harness Maker
TERRYHenryUnion StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
THOMASThomas5 King StreetTailor
THOMASThe MissesStone StreetGentry & Clergy
THOMSONRobertTovilGrocer & Tea Dealer
TILDENMissesRomney PlacePreparatory School
TILLINGMrs.Union StreetGentry & Clergy
TINDELLHenry3 Church StreetCorn & Coal Measure Maker
TISSENMrs.Pennenden HeathGentry & Clergy
TOLHURSTWilliam Hy.34 Gabriel's HillCurrier & Leather Seller
TOLMERAlexr.48 King StreetProfessor and teacher of French
TOOTELLJosephMiddle Rowagent - house & estate
TOOTELLJosephMiddle RowAuctioneer
TOOTELLJosephMiddle RowLand Surveyor, etc.
TOPPINGCharlesAlbion PlaceAttorney
TORSELLCharlesCounty RoadShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
TRENDELLWilliamWater laneMarine Store Dealer
TRIMMERWilliam Willis32 Gabriel's HillChina & Glass Dealer
TRIMMERWilliam Willis32 Gabriel's HillWine Dealers - British
TUCKERWilliamCounty RoadDyer & Scourer
TULLOCKJohn10 Week stSecretary, Literary Institution
TURNEREdwardStone StreetSmith & Bellhanger
TURNERRichardTovil millWhite Paper Manufacturer
TUSLERJohn32 High StreetStay maker & ladies shoe warehouse
TUSONHenry65 Week StreetBaker
TWITCHELLGeorge57 King StreetWorking Jeweller
TYLERJohn11 Wheeler StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
USMARRusselUnion StreetUnion Flag - Tavern, Public House
USMARWilliam1 Union StreetButcher
VALENTINEWilliam JohnHigh StreetPlumber
VALENTINEMrs.High StreetGentry & Clergy
VARTYRobinson45 Stone StreetBoarding & Day School
VIGORWilliamKnightrider StreetGlobe - Tavern, Public House
VINTERJohnParliament StreetCoal Dealer
VINTERJohnParliament StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
WAGHORN...from the Haunch of VenisonCarrier to Goudhurst, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
WAGHORNEJames2 Gabriel's HillToy Dealer
WAITE...from the CastleCarrier to Rolvenden, every Thursday
WAKEFIELDGeorge95 Stone StreetButcher
WAKEFIELDLewisKnightrider StreetCarpenter
WAKEFORDGeorge21 Gabriel's HillHairdresser
WALKERMissPalaceGentry & Clergy
WALKERFrederick, Mr.Willington StreetGentry & Clergy
WALKERHenry Pinkney43 Week StreetAttorney
WALKERJohnKing StreetLand Surveyor & architect
WALLACEJohn14 Gabriel's HillNursery & Seedsman
WALLISJohnMarket StreetBrass Founder
WALLISJohnMarket StreetIron Founder
WALTERWilliam7 Stone StreetCork Cutter
WALTERWilliamStone StreetBrush Manufacturer
WALTERWilliamStone StreetPlumber
WARDRichard7 Week StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
WARDEJohn, Esq.West BoroughGentry & Clergy
WARGERJohn20 Stone StreetBoot & Shoe Maker
WARWICKIsaac87 High StreetLinen, Woollen & Silk Draper
WARWICKHarriet, Mrs.40 High StreetGentry & Clergy
WATERMANJ. M., Mr.West BoroughGentry & Clergy
WATERSGeorgeWheeler StreetBricklayers Arms - Tavern, Public House
WATERSJonathanUnion StreetCowkeeper
WATERSSarahWest BoroughShopkeeper, dealer in groceries & sundries
WATERSJonathanUnion StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
WATTELLJohn Boorman30 King StreetCoach Builder
WATTSJames Edward & JohnHigh StreetLinen, Woollen & Silk Draper
WATTSJohnWater laneBrasier & Tin Plate Worker
WEBBCharlesUnion StreetCoal Dealer
WEDDRichardStone StreetSurgeon
WEDDWilliamWatersideHop Factor
WEEKESWilliam96 Week StreetTailor & Draper
WEEKESWilliamStone StreetCoal Dealer
WEEKSWilliamStone StreetMillwright
WELCHJohn GeorgeStone StreetPhysician
WENHAMWilliam129 Stone StreetTailor & Draper
WESTWilliam51 King StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
WESTBROOKThomas50 High StreetEating House Keeper
WESTOVER...from the CastleCarrier to Smarden, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
WESTOVERJonathan29 Wheeler StreetCowkeeper
WHATMANJames3 Rocky hill TerraceSurgeon
WHATMANJames, Esq.VintersGentry & Clergy
WHEELERBenjamin108 Week StreetCheesemonger, Grocer & Tea Dealer
WHELANWilliam94 Week StreetCurrier & Leather Seller
WHITEJames38 Week StreetFruiterer & Greengrocer
WHITEMary, Mrs.Dover PlaceGentry & Clergy
WICHCORDJohnWeek StreetCounty Surveyor and architect
WICKHAMFriendGeorge StreetBritannia - Tavern, Public House
WICKHAMPhoebe102 Week StreetBookseller, stationer
WICKINGSAnnSt. Faiths greenmistress girls British School
WICKINGSJamesFair MeadowCarpenter
WICKSThomas11 Earl StreetCoach & Fly Proprietor
WICKSThomas11 Earl StreetCorn Factor, Merchant & Dealer
WICKSThomas11 Earl StreetLivery Stable Keeper, horses for hire
WILDESHenry AtkinsonSt. Faith StreetAttorney
WILDISHValentine14 Week StreetPosting Inn - Bell
WILDISHWilliam9 Market buildingsEating House Keeper
WILLCOCKSThomas48 High StreetGrocer & Tea Dealer
WILLCOCKSThomas48 High StreetTallow Chandler
WILLIAMS...from the Monks HeadCarrier to Cranbrooke, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
WILLIAMSGeorgeWeek StreetBoarding & Day School
WILLIAMSJames41 Brewer StreetSurgeon
WILLIAMSJaneBrewer StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
WILLIAMSRichardStone StreetIronmonger
WILLSWilliam24 Stone StreetHouse Painter
WILLSONGeorgeSt. Faith StreetBaker
WILLSONGeorgeWater laneCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
WILLSONJaneBrewer StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
WILLSONJohn22 King StreetTailor
WILLSONJohnBrunswick StreetBaker
WILSONEdwardfrom the Haunch of VenisonCarrier to Lenham and Livington Street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
WILSONJohnfrom the Rose & CrownCarrier to Lenham, every Thursday
WILSONJohn, Mr.Mount ArraratGentry & Clergy
WIMBLEEdward17 Week StreetChymists [Chemists] & Druggists
WIMBLEEdward17 Week Street& WatersideCoal Merchant
WIMBLEEdwardWatersideConveyance by water to London every Friday, daily during hopping season
WINCHRichard, Mr.Romney PlaceGentry & Clergy
WINCHESTERJohnfrom Warner's OfficeCarrier to Tonbridge, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
WINTERJohn, Rev.Heath RoadGentry & Clergy
WOODJohnUnion StreetCarpenter
WOODSarah3 Woods buildingsStraw Hat Maker
WOODCOCKJosiahWheeler stmaster boys British School
WOODCOCKJosiahWheeler stSecretary, Mechanics Institute
WOODHURSTRebeccaPudding laneClothes Dealer
WOODHURSTRebeccaPudding laneHatter
WOODWARDThomas26 Gabriel's HillClothes Dealer
WOOLLEYPhilip Samuel10 Pudding laneDyer & Scourer
WORLEYGeorgeHavock laneCowkeeper
WORTHINGTONEdward, Esq.TovilGentry & Clergy
WRIGHTCharles99 Week StreetPork Butcher
WRIGHTGeorgeFair MeadowCoal Merchant
WRIGHTHenryTown wharfCoal Merchant
WRIGHTHenryTown wharfWharfinger
WRIGHTJohn14 King StreetTailor & Draper
WRIGHTWilliamBank StreetBaker
WRIGHTW. L., Mr.Union StreetGentry & Clergy
YATESWilliamEarl StreetKings Arms - Tavern, Public House
YATESWilliamWeek StreetStone, marble & slate merchant and mason, statuaries
YOUNGFrederick WilliamUnion StreetFurniture Broker
YOUNGHenryUnion StreetCabinet Maker & Upholsterer
YOUNGHenryWeek StreetAuctioneer
YOUNGMartha85 Week StreetMilliner & Dress Maker
YOUNGWilliam ChristopherSt. Faith StreetCoal Dealer