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photo of Maidstone All Saints Church
Maidstone All Saints Church
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Maidstone Pubs, Taverns, Inns and Alehouses

Trading NameAddress, Location, Type, Established1798 - Existed as per song "The Maidstone Landlords, or a Song about Signs"1811 - Landlord1826/7 - Landlord1828/9 - Landlord1832/3 - Landlord1840 - Landlord1855 - Landlord
Admiral RodneyHigh Street, Tavern, Public House  CHARLTON GeorgeCHARLTON GeorgeCHARLTON George ALLDRIDGE Joshua
Anchor & HopeWeek Street, Tavern, Public House, mid-17thC east sideYes as Anchor of Hope BOTTING WilliamBOTTING Wm.CORNWALL Thomas  
Ancient DruidWheeler Street, Tavern, Public House     DEALL EdwardBUNYARD Thomas
ArtichokeAshford Road, Tavern, Public House  MASTERS AbigailMASTERS AbigalWESTOVER GeorgeFIELD Michael 
Ballca 1714, adjoining the Town HallYes      
Bell14 Week Street, Posting Inn, existed at Leland's visit in 1538 on Gabriel's Hill moved to Week Street c1711, in 1650 landlord was WATSON JohnYesWILDISH DilnotWILDISH ValentineWILDISH ValentineWILDISH ValentineWILDISH ValentineSWINFEN Spencer Bow
Bell Tap15 Week Street, Tavern, Public House    HOLLOWAY John SWINFEN John
Blacksmiths ArmsWest Borough, Tavern, Public House     SMITH Timothy 
BluebeardStone Street, Alehouse, 1650       
Bower Inn & grocerBower Road, Inn, grocer      DANELLS John
Bricklayers ArmsWheeler Street, Tavern, Public House    WATERS WilliamWATERS GeorgeHOLLOWAY John
Brickmakers ArmsThorn hill, undefined       
BritanniaGeorge Street, Tavern, Public House    THOMAS HenryWICKHAM FriendCLINTON George
Bull42 Gabriel's Hill, Commercial Inn, Hotel, existed at Leland's visit in 1538YesSIMONDS JosephRACHELL GeorgeRACHELL GeorgeRACHELL GeorgeJURY HenryJURY Henry
CanteenBarrack Road, Tavern, Public House     SWINFEN John 
Castle4 Week Street , Inn, Hotel, 1650 opposite Red Lion on east side Week Street, meeting place of the JacobinsYes FRENCH CharlesFRENCH CharlesFRENCH MaryNORBURN JosephWHICKMOTT William
ChequersGabriel's Hill, Unknown, existed at Leland's visit in 1538       
Cherry TreeBarming Heath      RUPELL Samuel
Coach and HorsesMiddle Row, High st      WESTON Margaret (Mrs.)
Coachmakers Arms        
Coal Barge14 Earl Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes SAGE WilliamSAGE WilliamUPTON Mary AnnFURMINGER John 
Compasses Yes      
Cooper's ArmsWeek Street, Tavern, Public House    DAVIS Oliver Sexby  
County ArmsWoollett Street, Tavern, Public House     FINN William 
CrownHigh Street, Unknown, 1610 lower end south side       
Crown and Sceptre Yes      
Dark Sun Yes      
Dog & Bear60 King Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes KENNETT JohnKENNETT JohnKENNETT John, Jr.KENNETT CatherineBRITTER Joseph Mannings
DolphinStone Street, Alehouse, 1650       
Duke of CambridgeSandling Road      LEADEN James
Duke of MarlboroughUnion Street, Tavern, Public House     MORETON ThomasCLIFFORD Thomas
Duke of WellingtonHigh Street, Tavern, Public House  WATERS WilliamWATERS William   
Flag UnionUnion Street, Tavern, Public House  USMAR Russell    
Fortune of WarStone Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes DANN ThomasDANN ThomasDUNN ThomasPOTTER JohnNEWMAN John
FountainWeek Street, Tavern, Public House     SEAMER SophiaBOYCE Robert
FountainBarming Heath      RANSLEY James
General KingsleyWeek Street, Tavern, Public House  COLLENS RobertCOLLENS RobertNORRISH WilliamSHARP Samuel 
General Monck117 Stone Street, Tavern, Public House  CHITTENDEN JohnCHITTENDEN John   
George37 Gabriel's Hill, Tavern, Public House, existed at Leland's visit in 1538YesWICKHAM ElizabethWICKHAM WilliamWICKHAM WilliamBASSETT ElizabethHAYWOOD William 
GibraltarGibraltar, Tavern, Public House    PEARCE FrancesPEARCE Francis 
GlobeKnightrider Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes SMITH SamuelSMITH SamuelWATTS StephenVIGOR WilliamDOWN James
Golden LionMill Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes HOGBEN KennettHOGBEN KennettHOGBEN KennettHOGBEN Kennett 
GrasshopperWeek Street, Tavern, Public House, as of 1855 on Sandling Road     LANE EdwardWOOLLETT Phoebe (Mrs.)
Haunch of VenisonHigh Street , Inn, Hotel DOWN JohnDOWN JohnDOWN JohnBRYANS SamuelBRYANS SamuelCHEESEMAN Thomas
Jolly Waterman27 Earl Street, Tavern, Public House  BARNETT CharlesBARNETT CharlesBARNETT CharlesBARNETT CharlesRAYFIELD James
Kings Arms36 Earl Street, Tavern, Public House  HODGSKIN CharlesHODGSKIN CharlesHODGSKIN RichardYATES WilliamTOWN William Henry
Kings HeadWest Borough, Tavern, Public House, as of 1855 referred to as being on Borough RoadYes MATTHEWS JohnMATTHEWS JohnMATHEWS JohnMITEHELL JohnDUNK Robert
Kingsley's Head Yes      
LambFair Meadow (Waterside 1826/7), Tavern, Public House  STEVENSON CharlesSTEVENSON CharlesPOOLLY EdwinTAYLOR ThomasUSMAR Horatio
Lord NelsonSt. Faiths Street, Tavern, Public House  HARCOURT Sarah and sonHARCOURT Sarah & SonGARDNER MartinJURY Edward 
Louse TavernHigh Street, Tavern, 1610 lower end south side, opposite the Crown       
Market HouseEarl Street      HOMER Charles
Marquess of GranbyMiddle row, High Street 1826/7, Tavern, Public House  LONG SamuelLONG SamuelSANCTO JohnstoneCHAPLIN Thomas PepperellBOW Spencer
MitreHigh Street , Family & Commercial Inn, Hotel, est. post-1650YesMARTIN BenjaminCLAPSON JohnCLAPSON JohnSPENCER AbrahamSPENCER AbrahamSPENCER Abraham
Mitre TapMarket Buildings, Tavern, Public House    HUGGETT William SPENCER Abraham
Monks HeadMote Road, Tavern, Public House, as of 1855 referred to as being on Stone Street    DELL Thomas (116 Stone Street)DELL ThomasHILLS Thomas
Mother Red CapWest Borough, Tavern, Public House     SUTTON James 
Nags HeadWeek Street, Tavern, Public House, mid-17thC east sideYes HILLS JohnHILLS JohnHILLS AnnHILLS AnnHILLS Ann (Mrs.)
New InnWeek Street, Tavern, Public House  RANDALL WilliamRANDALL WilliamRANDALL WilliamRANDALL WilliamRANDALL William
Oak & IvyUpper Stone Street, undefined type      BRISSENDEN Charles
Paper MillTovilYes     SILLS William
PloughStone Street, Tavern, Public House, as of 1855 referred to as being on Upper Stone StreetYes MILLINCHAMP ChristianMILLINCHAMP ChristianBRITTER JosephGOOD WilliamFEAKINS James
Prince of WalesWest Borough, Tavern, Public House, as of 1855 referred to as being on London RoadYes POOLLY StephenPOOLLY StephenPOOLLY StephenPOOLLY ElizabethDOWN Francis
Queen AnneQueen Anne Road, Tavern, Public House   KIRKBY JohnKIRKBY JohnKIRKBY JohnPELLING George
Queen AnneUnion Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes KIRKBY John    
Queen's ArmsHigh Street, Unknown type, existed at time Leland's visit in 1538       
Queens Head58 High Street, Inn, Hotel & Excise OfficeYes BENNETT WilliamBENNETT WilliamSIMMONS Wm.SIMMONS WilliamFREEMAN Mary (Mrs.)
Red Lion1 High Street, Tavern, Public House, ca1648 corner High and Week Streets, demolished 1857Yes BULLARD JohnBULLARD JohnTURNER JohnMITCHELL ElizabethBRIGLAND William
Red LionSandling, Tavern, Public House    DANELLS JohnONGLEY Thomas 
Rising Sun InnMarsham street, inn      MERRONY George
Rodney's HeadHigh Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes, existed as Rodney    SANDERS Samuel 
Roebuck95 Week Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes, on Mote Road JEWELL JohnJEWELL JohnJEWELL JohnRAWLINGS WilliamRAWLING Charlotte (Mrs.)
RoseMote Road, Tavern, Public House      HILLS Francis
RoseTovil, Tavern, Public House    RAYFIELD JohnHARDS RichardFARINDON Caroline (Mrs.)
Rose & Crown37 High Street, Tavern, Public House, 1608 on north side of streetYes CHANTLER ThomasCHANTLER ThomasLONG SamuelPAYNE JarvisBUSHNELL James
Royal OakKing Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes SIMMONDS ThomasSIMMONDS ThomasSIMMONDS ThomasSIMMONS ThomasUSMAR George
Royal Paper MillTovil, Tavern, Public House  WEEKS ThomasWEEKS ThomasWEEKS ThomasCOLLINS Arthur Robert 
Royal Star HotelHigh Street, hotel & commercial inn, may be the same as the Star noted above      MURUSS Edward
Running HorseSandling, Tavern, Public House    STREATFIELD GeorgeGROVER William 
Ship30 Gabriel's Hill, Tavern, Public House, existed at Leland's visit in 1538, east sideYes HILLS HenryHILLS HenryHILLS HenryHILLS HenryKIRBY Jesse
Sign of the CockEast Lane, Unknown type, 1650 south side       
StarHigh Street, Inn, Hotel, 16thC Royalists met here on the eve of the Civil War to discuss the Kentish petitionYesSPRATT WilliamSCOONS WilliamSCOONS WilliamSCOONS WilliamSCOONS John 
SunMiddle row, High Street 1826/7, Tavern, Public HouseYes STONHAM StephenSTONHAM StephenSTONHAM StephenSTONHAM StephenONGLEY Cecilia (Mrs.)
Swan87 High Street, Commercial Inn, Hotel & coach office, south side (mentioned as Le Swan in 1476, dismantled 1852)YesSMITH AnnPARRY DavidPARRY DavidKENNETT BishopKENNETT BishopPIKE Mary (Mrs.)
Three CompassesWeek Street, Tavern, Public House  REYNOLDS ThomasREYNOLDS ThomasPATTENDEN RobertPATTENDEN RobertJEFFERY William
Three Tuns5/6 King Street, Tavern, Public House, ca1680 north side East Lane, eventually took over the site of the Sign of the CockYes LEPPER EdwardLEPPER EdwardWALLIS John H.POUND James 
Town Arms123 Stone Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes PELL ThomasPELL ThomasNEWMAN JohnNEWMAN JohnPUNNETT George
Turks HeadRose yard, Tavern, Public House, WOOLLETT father of the engraver was an early landlord, as of 1855 referred to as being on Mill StreetYes  OLLIVER HenryOLIVER HenryOLIVER HenryCOOKER Mary (Mrs.)
Two BrewersWeek Street, Tavern, Public House  SPRINGATT RichardSPRINGATT Richd.SPRINGATE RichardDUNK RobertTRICE William
UnicornEarl Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes WESTOVER GeorgeWESTOVER GeorgeMISSON WilliamMISSON WilliamMISSON William
Union Flag19 Union Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes  USMAR RussellUSMAR RussellUSMAR RusselJEWELL John
Wellington       SMITH Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Wheat SheafLoose Road, Tavern, Public House     MILLS RichardANTRUM William
White HartWest Borough, Tavern, Public House, as of 1855 referred to as being on Hart StreetYes BARNETT JohnBARNETT JohnBARNETT JohnBARNETT JohnBARNETT Mary Ann (Mrs.)
White HorseHigh Street, Unknown type, mid 17thC, as of 1855 referred to as being on London Road      SIMPSON John Liberty
White Lion111 Stone Street, Tavern, Public HouseYes READER WilliamREADER WilliamREADER WilliamREADER Walter HillsWEEKS James
Windsor CastleWeek Street, Tavern, Public House     FEATHERSTONE WilliamAPPLETON Henry David
WoolpackWeek Street, Tavern, mid-17thC west side