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photo of Maidstone All Saints Church
Maidstone All Saints Church
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Masters of the Grammar School at Maidstone, 1549-1847

According to the original rules, the School was to assemble at seven o'clock in the morning, and to continue until eleven, when they were to adjourn to dinner.  At one they were to re-assemble, and continue their duties until five or six in the evening.  Once a week the scholars were to be called to account by the Master for their behaviour at Church during Divine Service.

1549COLEThomas, M.A. 
1585SYMONDSONThomasSymondson was a member of the Common Council.In 1621 he was excused attendance at their meetings on account of his great age, and his presence being also required at the school.
1628ELMSTONEThomas, M.A. 
1648THOMASRichardDismissed in 1650
1651 JunePEEKEDanielPeeke's election was not confirmed
1651 Oct.HASSARDNathaniel, M.A.Hassard died the following November
1664LAWJohn, M.A.Dismissed in 1691
1691CANNANHorsmonden, Rev., M.A.Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. Elected during the pleasure of the Corporation.
1696WALWYNCharles, Rev., M.A.Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. Elected during the pleasure of the Corporation.
1741BYEDeodatus, Rev., M.A.Resigned in 1746
1746RUSSELLJohn, Rev., M.A.Elected by a Vestry Meeting of the Inhabitants
1764POLHILLWilliam, Rev., B.A. 
1777CHERRYThomas, Rev., B.D.Fellow of St. John's, Oxford
1795EVANSJohn, Rev., M.A. 
1805ALFREEEdward Mott, Rev., M.A. 
1818COLEBenjamin Thomas Halcot, Rev., M.A. 
1822HEAWOODEdward, Rev., M.A. 
1828HARRISONThomas, Rev., M.A. 
1844SPURGINJohn, Rev., M.A.Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge
1857GOULDGeorge Masters, Rev., M.A.