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Maidstone All Saints Church
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1826-27 Pigot & Co.'s Directory, Maidstone

Contained on pages 631-635 in occupational categories but arranged here alphabetically by surname


The county town of Kent, is pleasantly situated on the banks of the river Medway, distant 35 miles from London, 9 from Rochester, and 26 from Canterbury.  Maidstone was formerly written Meddestrane, and according to our best authorities, was, in the time of the ancient Britons, esteemed their third chief or principal city, and was a Roman station of considerable importance.

Previous to Edward the VI. Maidstone was governed by a portreve, etc. but he incorporated it by the name of mayor, jurats and commoners;  soon after this grant was made it forfeited the right of retaining it, by adhering to Sir Thomas Wyatt, against Queen Mary.  In the second year of the reign of the illustrious Elizabeth, Maidstone was re-incorporated, (with additional privileges) by the name of mayor and aldermen, and was also vested with the right of returning members to parliament.  It was afterwards incorporated by James I. by the style of "the mayor, jurats and commoners of the king's town and parish of Maidstone:"  after this several other charters were granted, and after the revolution (1688) all were abrogated;  however in 1747, it was again incorporated by the style of "the mayor, jurats and commonalty of the King's town and parish of Maidstone," under which charter it is now governed.

In the principal street, which is very capacious, stands the Town Hall.  The church is a venerable antique, and stands on the bank of the Medway, it presents a handsome structure, with a fine tower, and is supposed to have been erected by Archbishop Courtney:  near to this beautiful building, stand the remains of the college, which are well worth the notice of the antiquary, part of this is now converted into a barn;  there are also many other ancient ruins about Maidstone.  The new gaol, which stands on an extensive piece of ground, is considered one of the finest edifices of the kind in the kingdom;  near to the gaol are extensive barracks, the situation of which is fine.  Here is a free grammar-school and many other laudable charities, and in the town and neighbourhood are many corn and paper mills.

The spirit of improvement is here very active.  A handsome building in the centre of the town has been recently erected, the lower part of which is open and used as a corn market, behind this a new market-place has been laid out in the most judicious manner, with separate spaces allotted, for butchers, fishmongers, poulterers, etc. and for the sale of vegetables, fruits, etc., two pumps are in the centre.  The old fish and poultry market are both removed.  Other improvements and alterations are making, and contemplated, in this respectable and flourishing town.  The paving has been much attended to, and it is now well lighted with gas.

Maidstone now carries on considerable business with London, a great number of hoys sail from hence to that city.

The representatives in parliament are A. W. Robarts, and John Wells, esqs..  General quarter sessions are held as follows, January 16th, April 8, July 17, and October 14th.  Monthly stock market second Tuesday in the month, and a weekly corn market, when great quantities are sold every Thursday.  The following fairs are also held February 13th, May 12th, June 20th, and October 17th.

The population in 1821, was 12,508:  but it has much encreased [sic] since that census was made.

POST OFFICE.George Hulbard, Post Master, Week street.  -Mail for London dispatched at ten at night, and arrives at half past three in the morning;  to Ashford, dispatched at a quarter before five in the morning, and arrives at half past eight at night;  to Tonbridge, dispatched at a quarter past nine at night, and arrives at a quarter past four in the morning;  to Malling, Yalding, Sutton and Staplehurst, dispatched at six in the morning, and arrives at seven at night;  one penny on letters by the Tonbridge mail at half past eight at night;  one penny on letters by the London mail from nine to half past nine at night, and twopence from half past nine to ten.


To Chatham & Cranbrook, the Liberty Van Co. every day.
To Hastings and Rye, every alternate day.
To Ashford and Dover from the Swan, every morning, except Sunday, at nine.
To Tonbridge, from the Red Lion, every morning, except Sunday, at nine.


To London, from the office, High St. and the Swan Inn, every day except Sunday, at five, nine, ten and half-past twelve in the morning.  - From the Bell, at nine in the morning, and three in the afternoon.

To Ashford, from the Haunch of Venison, every night, at seven, Sundays excepted.
To Brighton, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at ten.
To Chatham, every morning, at a quarter before ten, and five after noon.
To Canterbury, from the office, Earl st, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning, at nine.
To Cranbrook, from the Bell, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at half-past one.
To Dover, from the office, Pudding lane, a van, every morning, at a quarter before nine, Sunday excepted.
To Folkestone, Ashford, etc. from the office, High st, every day at half-past twelve.
To Tenterden, from the Bell, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at one.


BoormanJohnNew StreetWheelwrights
Abrahams & Simmons 16 King StreetTailors, etc
AffendenR., esq.Week StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
AldridgeHenryHavock LaneMiscellaneous - sail maker
AlexanderJohnKing StreetBakers, etc.
AlexanderThomas, gent.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
AllenJohnWest BoroughBuilders, etc.
AllenJohnWest BoroughLime Burners
AllmanJohnSt. Faith's StreetBlock & Pump Makers
Allnut and Smith Ivy millsPaper Manufacturers
AmosJohnAshford roadPaper Mould Makers
ArcherGeorge77 High StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
Argles & Simmonds Bridge wharfCoal Dealers
Argles & Simmonds 91 High StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
Argles & Simmonds Bridge wharfHop Factors
Argles & Simmonds Bridge wharfWharfingers
Argles & Simmonds Bridge wharf to the Three Crane's wharf every SaturdayWater Conveyance
ArkcollJohn121 Stone StreetGrocers
ArnettCharles26 Mill LaneBoot & Shoe Makers
AssiterThomas (Executors of)West BoroughStone Masons and Statuaries
AustenA.Week Street - West of EnglandFire etc Office Agents
AustenAmbrose5 Week StreetBooksellers and Stationers
AustenAmbroseWeek StreetPrinters - Letter-Press
Austin the Ship - to Biddenden, day uncertainCarriers
AveryMisses, (ladies')Earl StreetAcademies - Boarding
AverySamuelUnion StreetButchers
AyerstFrancisWeek StreetBakers, etc.
BailyHarriet Louisa1 Gabriel's HillStraw Hatt Makers
Baker...Haunch of Venison - to Tonbridge Wells every Monday and ThursdayCarriers
BakerCapt.Earl StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
BakerCharles78 High StreetCoopers
BaldwinWilliamWest BoroughBrewers
BallWilliam3 Week StreetConfectioners
BallardPhoebe17 Stone StreetGrocers
BallardPhoebe17 Stone StreetTallow Chandlers
Balston and Co. Springfield millPaper Manufacturers
BareJohnWeek StreetSurgeons
BarlettSamuel96 Week StreetWatch & Clockmakers
BarlowJohnHill's wharfWharfingers
BarlowJohnHill's wharf to Coles' wharf, Tonley at every SaturdayWater Conveyance
BarnettCharlesEarl Street - Jolly WatermanTaverns and Public Houses
BarnettJohnWest Borough - White HartTaverns and Public Houses
BarrRobertWeek StreetMiscellaneous - tortoise shell manufacturer
BartlettSamuel96 Week StreetJewellers
BartonJames77 High StreetMiscellaneous - haberdasher
Beale Haunch of Venison - To Hadlow every Tuesday and FridayCarriers
Beale & Hoar King StreetAttorneys
BeaumontCharles, gent.Barming HeathNobility, Gentry and Clergy
BeaumontJohn Delap80 High StreetAuctioneers
BeaumontJohn Delap80 High StreetBraziers, etc.
BeaumontJohn Delap80 High StreetIronmongers
Beeching and Edmett High StreetLinen Drapers
Beeching and Edmett High StreetPawnbrokers
BenjaminPhilipHigh StreetFruiterers
BennettWilliam58 High Street - Queen's HeadTaverns and Public Houses
BensteadWmPudding LaneMiscellaneous - Stone merchant
BenstedWm and JosephWater side to Beal's wharf, every SaturdayWater Conveyance
BenstedWm. & JosephWater sideWharfingers
BentlifJames35 Gabriel's HillBoot & Shoe Makers
BentlifJohn79 High StreetCurriers and Leather Cutters
BentlifSarah89 High StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
Benton to Ashford from the Castle, every Wednesday and FridayCarriers
BenzieJohnUnion StreetCarpenters, etc.
BestMrs.Stone StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
BirchThomasKing StreetTailors, etc
BirchallCharles37 Earl StreetMiscellaneous - pipe maker
BishopElizabeth76 High StreetWine and Spirit Merchants (spirit)
BishopWilliamKing StreetWine and Spirit Merchants
BlinkhornRobertKing StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
BlinkhornRobertKing StreetMillers - Corn
BlundellRichard78 High StreetRope, etc. Makers
Bodman..., gent.Albion PlaceNobility, Gentry and Clergy
BonnickJohnPudding LaneMiscellaneous - coach painter
BonnyGeo.King StreetButchers
BonnyJamesWeek StreetButchers
BoormanJohnNew StreetWheelwrights
BottingWm.Week Street - Anchor & HopeTaverns and Public Houses
BovisThomasWest BoroughWheelwrights
BowerThos., gent.Mill LaneNobility, Gentry and Clergy
BoxGeorgeUnion StreetCabinet Makers and Upholsterers
BranJohnHigh StreetFruiterers
BrattleThomas2 Gabriel's HillTailors, etc
BrenchleyFrederickStone StreetBakers, etc.
BrenchleyStephenWeek StreetBakers, etc.
Brenchley, Stacey & Wise Stone StreetBrewers
BrewerHenryUnion StreetRope, etc. Makers
Bridges Three Tuns - To Canterbury every Wednesday and SaturdayCarriers
Bridges The Ship - to Marden every Monday, Thursday and SaturdayCarriers
Bridgland The George - to Frittenden every Tuesday, Thursday and SaturdayCarriers
BriggsEdward3 King StreetHatters (manufacturer)
BrockJemima17 Earl StreetMilliners, etc.
BrockJonathan15 Gabriel's HillMiscellaneous - glover
BrookeJohnUnion StreetTailors, etc
BrookeWilliamWinchester PlaceBricklayers, etc.
BrownJames36 Earl StreetBlock & Pump Makers
BrownJohn, Sir, Colonel,BarracksNobility, Gentry and Clergy
BrownJosephHigh StreetBakers, etc.
BrownJosephNew StreetMiscellaneous - engine and pump maker
BrownThomas25 Gabriel's HillSurveyors
BrownWilliamPudding LaneBakers, etc.
BrowneWilliam, esq.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
BryanJohnWest BoroughMiscellaneous - engineer, Gas Light Co.
BullJohnBuckingford millMillers - Corn
BullardJohnHigh Street - Red LionTaverns and Public Houses
Bunyan [sic]John108 Stone StreetCoal Dealers
Bunyar [sic]John108 Stone StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
Bunyar [sic]John108 Stone StreetMillers - Corn
BunyardJamesWest BoroughNursery & Seedsmen
BurchJames72 High Street (and chair maker)Turners (and chair maker)
BurchWilliam, Sr.70 High StreetWatch & Clockmakers
BurchWm, Jr.Week StreetWatch & Clockmakers
BurgessGeorgeWeek StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
BurgessGeorgeWeek StreetMaltsters
BurnGeorgeUnion StreetBakers, etc.
BurrMissesStone StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
Burr & Mackenzie TovillMiscellaneous - seed crushers
BurwashMrs.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
BusbyJames16 High StreetTea Dealers
CabbellWilliamWeek StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
CarterWilliam15 Gabriel's HillTea Dealers
CarterWm.Union StreetButchers
Carter and Morris Week StreetAuctioneers
Carter and Morris Week StreetCabinet Makers and Upholsterers
ChamberlayneCapt.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
ChantlerThos.High Street - Rose and CrownTaverns and Public Houses
ChaplinJohnPudding LaneCoal Dealers
ChaplinThos. and Son8 High StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
CharlesWilliam and SonSt. Faith's StreetSurgeons
CharlesWilliam and SonSt. Faith's StreetWoollen Manufacturers
CharltonCharles45 High StreetBakers, etc.
CharltonCharles45 High StreetMaltsters
CharltonGeorgeHigh Street - Admiral RodneyTaverns and Public Houses
Chatfeild, Arnott & Mercer West BoroughTimber Merchants
ChittendenFriend Edwards18 Stone StreetTailors, etc
ChittendenJohn117 Stone Street - General MonckTaverns and Public Houses
ChittendenThos.Stone StreetButchers
ClapsonJohnNew market - Mitre (tap)Taverns and Public Houses
ClarkMrs., (ladies')55 King StreetAcademies - Boarding
ClarkeJames4 King StreetFurniture Brokers
ClarkeJoseph23 High StreetGrocers
CliffordRobertUnion StreetBlacksmiths
CloutJane15 King StreetWine and Spirit Merchants
CoggerWilliam8 Gabriel's HillMiscellaneous - whitesmith
ColeJames42 Gabriel's HillConfectioners
ColeJamesWeek StreetHatters
ColegateRichardWeek StreetBuilders, etc.
ColemanCharles126 Stone StreetSurgeons
CollensRobertWeek Street - General KingsleyTaverns and Public Houses
CollensAbraham79 Week StreetTailors, etc
CollisHenry115 Stone StreetBuilders, etc.
ColvinJohn20 Stone StreetConfectioners
CookMissWest BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
CookThomasHavock LaneBakers, etc.
CookeCapt.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
CooperThomas, gentWeek StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
CordellRobert and ThomasSt. Faiths StreetWine and Spirit Merchants
CorrallPhilip, esq.CollegeNobility, Gentry and Clergy
Corrall and Mercer High StreetBankers (Draw on Curries, Raikes & Co. London)
CowenWilliam44 High StreetBlacksmiths
Craddock...The Sun - to Staplehurst, days uncertainCarriers
CrandallWilliamWeek StreetLinen Drapers
CreweMrs.Albion PlaceNobility, Gentry and Clergy
CrispeWm.85 High Street.Butchers
CrowderJohn, gentHigh StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
CruttendenJohnWeek StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
CurrieArchibald JohnWeek StreetWatch & Clockmakers
CurrieWm.King StreetMiscellaneous - locksmith
CutbushHenry44 King StreetBuilders, etc.
CutbushHenry44 King StreetMaltsters
CutbushJohnStone StreetBuilders, etc.
CutbushMiss, (ladies')107 Stone StreetAcademies - Boarding
CutbushR. J.Week StreetNewspapers - Maidstone Gazette and Kentish Courier (Tuesday)
CutbushRichard James27 Week StreetPrinters - Letter-Press
CutbushRobert69 King StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
CutbushThomas19 High StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
CuylerColonelPennenden [sic] HeathNobility, Gentry and Clergy
DadswellElizabeth3 Gabriel's HillHair Dressers
DanellsJohn32 High StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
DannGeorgeHigh StreetBraziers, etc.
DannThomasStone Street - Fortune of WarTaverns and Public Houses
DannWilliam31 Week StreetWatch & Clockmakers
DaviesJohnWeek StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
DaviesTimothy4 Gabriel's HillSaddlers, etc.
DavisOliver, Sr.Week StreetCoopers
DawesJosiah WiseKing StreetNursery & Seedsmen
Day & Whatman 32 Gabriel's HillSurgeons
DeanGeorgeKing StreetTallow Chandlers
DearJamesWheeler StreetBakers, etc.
DearWilliam91 Week StreetButchers
DelfSamuel11 King StreetLinen Drapers
DieterJohnHigh StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
DiproseJohnHigh StreetCutlers
DitchGeorge18 Week StreetPatten Makers
DiversJohn58 King StreetBakers, etc.
DodsonJamesHigh StreetHop Factors
DoeJohnHigh StreetButchers
DouceAugustus, esq.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
DownJohnHigh Street - Haunch of VenisonInns
DriverJohnWeek StreetHair Dressers
DungateElizabethHigh StreetPoulterers
DunmillElizabeth6 Gabriel's HillSaddlers, etc.
DunningWm. AlexanderHigh StreetAttorneys
DurrantJohnHigh StreetTailors, etc
DurrantThomas Hall41 Gabriel's Hill - GuardianFire etc Office Agents
DurrantThomas Hall41 Gabriel's HillGrocers
EasthamWilliam42 Week StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
EdmettThomasHigh StreetAuctioneers
EdmettThomasHigh StreetCabinet Makers and Upholsterers
Edmett and Beeching High StreetLinen Drapers
Edmett and Beeching High StreetPawnbrokers
ElgarJohn25 High StreetClothiers
Ellis and Pine 12 Gabriel's HillIronmongers
ElvyFrancis Barham38 Earl StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
EveRobert, Jr.Week StreetBakers, etc.
EveRobert, Sr.Union StreetBakers, etc.
FaithornStephenWeek StreetMiscellaneous - general dealer
FinchMrs.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
FishWilliamEarl StreetBrewers
FishWilliamEarl StreetMaltsters
FisherSamuel103 Week StreetConfectioners
ForemanGeorgeStone StreetGrocers
FrancisJohnHigh StreetFishmongers
FrenchCharles4 Week Street - CastleTaverns and Public Houses
FrenchGeorge Weldish22 Week StreetCutlers
FrenchRichard VinerKing StreetWatch & Clockmakers
FrenchWm.Pudding LaneMiscellaneous - coach spring maker
FulljamesRobert92 High StreetGrocers
GamonJohn17 Gabriel's HillCurriers and Leather Cutters
GamonMrs.Albion PlaceNobility, Gentry and Clergy
GandyGeorge and Edmund92 Week StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
GeganHarrietWeek StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
GeganJamesHigh StreetCarvers and Gilders
GeganJamesHigh StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
GibbsThomasMoat roadBlacksmiths
GilbertJoseph31 Gabriel's HillRope, etc. Makers
GilbertJoseph31 Gabriel's HillMiscellaneous - sacking and hair cloth manufr.
GilesJohnEarl StreetAttorneys
GilesN.88 High StreetMiscellaneous - Hawker's Licence office
GilesNicholas87 High StreetWatch & Clockmakers
Godden and Mares 66 High StreetDruggists, etc.
GoldsmidHenry, esq.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
GorhamWilliam & SonKnightrider StreetWheelwrights
GreenJohn3 Mill LanePaper Mould Makers
GreenJohn and SonHayle millPaper Manufacturers
GreenWilliam Henry AlexanderWest BoroughMiscellaneous - coach proprietor
GurneyJohn2 Week StreetIronmongers
GuthrieWilliamWeek StreetClothiers
HadlowJohnPudding LaneClothiers
HallJ. V.83 High StreetNewspapers - Maidstone Journal (Tuesday)
HallJohnHigh StreetButchers
HallJohn Vine83 High StreetBooksellers and Stationers
HallJohn Vine83 High StreetPrinters - Letter-Press
HallJohn Vine83 High StreetWine and Spirit Merchants
HarcourtSarah and sonSt. Faith's Street - Lord NelsonTaverns and Public Houses
HarperWilliamHigh StreetBasket Makers
HarriottMrs.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HarrisMrs.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HarrisRobert14 Kent StreetChina, Glass & Eathenware Dealers
HarrisWalter11 High StreetHatters
Haunch of Venison to Ashford, backs, every FridayCarriers
HawkinsGeorge90 High StreetChina, Glass & Eathenware Dealers
HawkinsGeorge90 High Street - Norwich UnionFire etc Office Agents
HawkinsGeorge90 High StreetStationers (Wholesale and Retail)
HaynesEdward7 King StreetFruiterers
HaynesEdwardKing Street - to London every Tuesday and FridayCarriers
HazellRobt., gentHigh StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HazellStephen Link, gent.Mill LaneNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HearndenWilliam28 Gabriel's HillButchers
HeathornJohnEarl StreetLime Burners
Heathorn and Plane Earl StreetMaltsters
HeawoodEdward, Rev (grammar)Earl StreetAcademies - Boarding
HeawoodMrs.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HenryJohnWeek StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
HepburnJames, esq.Tovill PlaceNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HillsHenry30 Gabriel's Hill - ShipTaverns and Public Houses
HillsJohnWeek Street - Nag's HeadTaverns and Public Houses
HillsJoseph, Jr., gent.Week StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HillsThomas24 Week StreetBakers, etc.
HillsWalter16 Week StreetTailors, etc
Hills and Stephens Mill LaneAttorneys
HinckleyJosephMitre - to Cranbrook, day uncertainCarriers
HoadleyJohn Charles92 Week StreetTea Dealers
HoadlyWilliam and SonWeek StreetCoach Builders
Hoar & Beale(Chas. Hoar, town clerk)King StreetAttorneys
HobsonAnn SophiaWeek StreetMilliners, etc.
HodgesGeorgeUnion StreetBakers, etc.
HodgesGeorgeUnion StreetCoal Dealers
HodgesRichardStone StreetSurgeons
HodgkinJohn RobertKing StreetGrocers
HodgskinCharlesEarl Street - King's ArmsTaverns and Public Houses
HodgskinJohn Rogers37 Earl StreetGrocers
HogbenKennetMill Lane - Golden LionTaverns and Public Houses
HollandJoseph, esq.Wheeler StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
Hollingworth, Finch and Thomas Turkey MillsPaper Manufacturers
HollowayWilliamWeek StreetCoal Dealers
HollowayWilliam78 Week StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
HolyerJohnStone StreetButchers
HomewoodThos.32 Gabriel's HillAuctioneers
HomewoodThos.32 Gabriel's Hill - Pelican (life)Fire etc Office Agents
HomewoodThs.32 Gabriel's Hill - PhoenixFire etc Office Agents
HoneyJames12 Week StreetBakers, etc.
HopkinsHenryKent yardTimber Merchants
Hornbury Rose and Crown - to Brenchley every Tuesday and FridayCarriers
HortonCapt.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HortonEdmund, (gents)King StreetAcademies - Boarding
HudsonMiss (ladies')Stone StreetAcademies - Boarding
HughesCharlesHigh Street - Kent, secretaryFire etc Office Agents
HughesJohn Newington, esq.High StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HughesJohn, esq.High StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
HughesWilliamPudding LaneConfectioners
HulburdGeo.Week Street - BritishFire etc Office Agents
HulburdGeoge8 Week StreetHatters
HydeThomasHigh StreetPatten Makers
HydeThomas, Jr.High StreetChina, Glass & Eathenware Dealers
HydeThomas, Sr., esq.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
JacksonWilliamWeek StreetCutlers
JacksonWilliamWeek StreetJewellers (and hardware-man)
JacksonWilliamWeek StreetStationers (Wholesale and Retail)
JacksonWilliam Richard39 Gabriel's HillGun & Pistol Makers
JacksonWilliam Richard39 Gabriel's HillWatch & Clockmakers
JacobsonJames, esq.Week StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
JarrettJohnHigh StreetButchers
JenkingThomas and son56 King StreetCoopers
JenkingThos. & Son56 King Street - brush makersMiscellaneous
JenkinsEdmund, Rev.Weeks StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
Jenner...Three Tons - to Penshurst every WednesdayCarriers
JewellJohnWeek Street - Roe BuckTaverns and Public Houses
JohnsonBenjaminHigh StreetHair Dressers
JohnsonThomas38 Gabriel's HillButchers
JonesFrancisHigh StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
JordanRobert78 Week StreetHair Dressers
JuryGeorge9 Gabriel's HillTailors, etc
JuryWalterMill LaneTailors, etc
JuryWilliamStone StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
KebbleJohn, gent.Week StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
KennardElizabeth63 High StreetBraziers, etc.
KennardMary46 High StreetBraziers, etc.
KennettJohn60 King Street - Dog and BearTaverns and Public Houses
KettleHenryWest BoroughBoot & Shoe Makers
KipppingHenryKing StreetCoal Dealers
KirkbyJohnUnion Street - Queen AnnTaverns and Public Houses
KiteFelix59 King StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
KnottJames28 Union StreetMillers - Corn
LadbrookJohn23 Gabriel's HillPatten Makers
LakerJohnUnion StreetBricklayers, etc.
LampreySteph.Pennenden HeathAttorneys
LawrenceDavid21 Gabriel's HillGun & Pistol Makers
LawrenceT.Haunch of Venison - To Peckham (East and West) every Tuesday and FridayCarriers
Lawrence and Tassell High StreetGrocers
LeeJoseph, esq.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
LepperEdward6 King Street - Three TunsTaverns and Public Houses
Letts and TurnerTovilPaper Manufacturers
Levett Town Arms - to Biddenden every WednesdayCarriers
LinkElizabeth36 Gabriel's HillDruggists, etc.
LongSamuelHigh Street - Marquis of GranbyTaverns and Public Houses
LowryJames40 Earl StreetSurgeons
MackenzieCaptianTovillNobility, Gentry and Clergy
MaidmanRobertEarl StreetButchers
MarchantJamesKing StreetCoopers
Mares and Godden 66 High StreetDruggists, etc.
MarshHenryStone StreetPhysicians
MarshJohn1 High StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
MarshallElizabeth23 Week StreetMilliners, etc.
MarshallSarah103 Week StreetStraw Hatt Makers
MartinJames40 Stone StreetBookbinders
MartinJohnHigh StreetJewellers
MartinJoseph and SonHigh StreetTailors, etc
MartinThomasStone StreetCoopers
MartinWilliamWater sideStationers (Wholesale and Retail)
MasonEdwardWater sideCoal Dealers
MasonEdwardWater sideWharfingers
MasonEwardWater side to Brooke's wharf, Upr. Thames at every SaturdayWater Conveyance
MastersAbigailAshford road - ArtichokeTaverns and Public Houses
MastersCharles101 Week StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
MastersWilliam119 Stone StreetButchers
MatthewsJohnWest Borough - Kings' HeadTaverns and Public Houses
McKitchieThomas, esq.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
MeadJames100 Stone StreetButchers
Mercer Haunch of Venison - to Horsmonden every Tuesday, Thursday and SaturdayCarriers
MercerJohnPudding LaneCoopers
MercerJohn & ThomasMill LaneCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
MercerJohn and Thos.Mill LaneMillers - Corn
MercerWilliam25 High StreetHair Dressers
Mercer and Corrall High StreetBankers (Draw on Curries, Raikes & Co. London)
MerrittThos.Week StreetMiscellaneous - light drawing master
MillerJacobGeneral Monck - to Benenden, day uncertainCarriers
MillerMichael, Rev.Loose RoadNobility, Gentry and Clergy
MillinchampChristianStone Street - PloughTaverns and Public Houses
MitchellThomas110 Stone StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
MoncktonJohnKing StreetAttorneys
MooreJohn15 Earl StreetBlacksmiths
MooreWilliamHigh StreetJewellers
MooreWilliam and sonWater sideIron Founders
MooreWm. and sonWater sideBrass Founders
MorganJosephHigh StreetSaddlers, etc.
Morris and Carter Week StreetAuctioneers
Morris and Carter Week StreetCabinet Makers and Upholsterers
MortimerJohn, esq.West BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
MullenThomas38 King StreetButchers
MunkEdward11 Stone StreetGrocers
MunnJohn94 Stone StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
NewmanDennyHigh StreetCoal Dealers
NewmanDennyHigh Street (private and family)Hotel
NortonJamesKnightrider StreetButchers
Oakes,Edward, Rev.16 Union StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
OliverEdward and son18 High StreetCurriers and Leather Cutters
OliverGeorge98 Week StreetButchers
OliverHenryRose yard - Turk's HeadTaverns and Public Houses
OliverSarah100 Week StreetMilliners, etc.
OliverWilliam7 Week StreetCurriers and Leather Cutters
OlliverGeorge62 High StreetButchers
OrfordThos.16 High StreetMiscellaneous - Staymaker
OveryWilliam5 Week StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
PackhamJohn10 King StreetTruss Maker - Patent (inventor of the new and improved rupture truss)
PaineJosephHigh StreetHair Dressers
PalfreyWilliam81 High StreetLinen Drapers
ParisThomas16 Stone StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
ParryDavid87 High Street - SwanInns
ParsonsBenjaminWeek StreetMiscellaneous - umbrella maker
PattendenRobertWeek StreetButchers
PayneJohn105 Stone StreetCoopers
PayneJohn29 Week StreetStraw Hatt Makers
PealeEdw., esq.Pennenden HeathNobility, Gentry and Clergy
PearneCharles10 Week StreetGrocers
PearsonIsaacPudding LaneFurniture Brokers
PearsonIsaac5 King StreetIronmongers
PearsonIsaac, sr.West BoroughBlacksmiths
PearsonWm.Clare StreetWatch & Clockmakers (Dutch clock)
PeckhamJ.Red Lion - to Tonbridge dailyCarriers
PellGeorgeStone StreetBakers, etc.
PellJames34 Gabriel's HillBakers, etc.
PellThomasStone StreetCoopers
PellThomas123 Stone Street - Town's ArmsTaverns and Public Houses
PembleIsaacKing StreetButchers
PetersGeorge8 Stone StreetTea Dealers
PetersWilliam69 High StreetBasket Makers
PextonJames8 King StreetCarvers and Gilders
PhilpotGeorgeStone StreetToy Dealers
Pierce and Stanger 93 High StreetCutlers
Pierce and Stanger 93 High StreetIronmongers
Pierce and Stanger 93 High StreetOil & Colourmen
PietyRichardWeek StreetFishmongers
Pilbrow 59 High StreetRope, etc. Makers
PillowJohn, gent.TovillNobility, Gentry and Clergy
PineMissVirginiaNobility, Gentry and Clergy
PineThomas, gentVirginiaNobility, Gentry and Clergy
Pine and Ellis 12 Gabriel's HillIronmongers
PiperCharles and HenryHavock LanePress Screw Makers
PiperChas and HenryHavock LaneBrass Founders (and smiths)
PiperChas. & HenryHavock LaneMillwrights
PiperJesseThe Castle - To Northiam every TuesdayCarriers
PiperThos.Spring StreetMillwrights
Plane and Heathorn Earl StreetBrewers
Plane and Heathorn Earl StreetMaltsters
PooleJamesWeek StreetLinen Drapers
PoollyGeorgeWater sideCoal Dealers
PoollyGeorgeWater sideWharfingers
PoollyGeorgeWater side - to Lisbon, Newcastle, etc.Water Conveyance
PoollyStephenWest Borough - Prince of WalesTaverns and Public Houses
PoollyStephenWest BoroughTimber Merchants
PoollyStephenWest BoroughWharfingers
PoollyStephenTo London, occasionallyWater Conveyance
PopeHoratio, gent.FantNobility, Gentry and Clergy
PopeThos. Blissett, esq.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
PorterWilliamWeek StreetBooksellers and Stationers
PotterJames68 High StreetGrocers
PranceJames Connell86 High StreetDruggists, etc.
PranceJames Connell86 High StreetSurgeons
PrattWalter30 Stone StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
PrentisMissWest BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
PrentisStephen and SonEarl StreetWine and Spirit Merchants
PriceThomas49 King StreetBookbinders
PybusThomasWater sideTimber Merchants
RachellGeorge42 Gabriel's Hill - BullInns
RailtonThos. Robert73 High StreetHatters
RandallWilliam16 Gabriel's HillBoot & Shoe Makers
RandallWilliam16 Gabriel's Hill - AtlasFire etc Office Agents
RandallWm.Week Street - New InnTaverns and Public Houses
RangerHenryTovillBuilders, etc.
ReaderJohn118 Stone StreetCurriers and Leather Cutters
ReaderJohnWeek StreetTailors, etc
ReaderThomasStone StreetBakers, etc.
ReaderWalterStone StreetSaddlers, etc.
ReaderWilliam111 Stone Street - White LionTaverns and Public Houses
ReeveJames, Rev.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
Reeves & William 112 Stone StreetAuctioneers
Reeves & William 112 Stone Street - ProtectorFire etc Office Agents
Reeves & William 112 Stone StreetFurniture Brokers
ReynoldsThomasWeek Street - Three CompassesTaverns and Public Houses
RidoutsMisses (ladies')Albion PlaceAcademies - Boarding
RigdenMiss (ladies')Albion PlaceAcademies - Boarding
RigdenMiss (ladies')West BoroughAcademies - Boarding
Roberts...The Ship - to Tenterden, every WednesdayCarriers
RobinsonJames75 High StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
RobinsonSamuel12 King StreetBakers, etc.
RomneyEarl ofMoat houseNobility, Gentry and Clergy
RootsWilliamThe Ship- to Tonbridge every Monday, Wednesday and FridayCarriers
RoseWilliam7 Mill LaneDyers
RoweWilliam3 Mill LaneStraw Hatt Makers
RuckBenj. & CharlesEarl StreetLime Burners
RuckBenj. and CharlesEarl StreetBrick Makers
RuckBenjamin and CharlesSt. Faith's greenBuilders, etc.
RuckJames9 King StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
RuckJohn (Executors of the late)24 High StreetChina, Glass & Eathenware Dealers
RuckJosephWeek StreetBuilders, etc.
RuckJoshuaKing StreetPawnbrokers
RussellThomasStone StreetCarpenters, etc.
SageWilliamEarl Street - Coal BargeTaverns and Public Houses
SandersEdwardSt. Faith's houseMusic - Professor of
SandersMrs. (ladies')St. Faith's houseAcademies - Boarding
SavageRichardStone StreetCoal Dealers
SawerJoseph PhilipUnion StreetCabinet Makers and Upholsterers
ScoonsWilliamHigh Street - StarInns
Scudamore & Wildes 21 Week StreetAttorneys - Wm. Scudamore, deputy clerk of the peace, and county treasurer
ScultupJoseph18 Gabriel's HillPlumbers, Painters, etc. (house painter)
ScultupJosephHigh StreetToy Dealers
SeagerRichardNew StreetCarpenters, etc.
Sealey...Three Tons - To Smarden, every ThursdayCarriers
SedgwickWilliamHigh StreetDruggists, etc.
SedgwickWilliamHigh StreetSurgeons
SextyRichardMill LaneSurgeons
ShadgateFanny39 Week Street - to London Monday and ThursdayCarriers
SharpMaryKing StreetGun & Pistol Makers
SharpRichard39 Earl StreetWine and Spirit Merchants
SheenThomas22 Gabriel's HillBoot & Shoe Makers
ShepherdHenry, esq.VirginiaNobility, Gentry and Clergy
ShepherdJulius Sampson17 Week StreetDruggists, etc.
ShererHarry17 King Street - East Kent & CanterburyFire etc Office Agents
ShererJohn & Co.17 King StreetWine and Spirit Merchants
ShirleySamuel, esq.Water LaneNobility, Gentry and Clergy
SimmondsHenryHigh StreetCoal Dealers
SimmondsHenryHigh StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
SimmondsHenryHigh StreetMaltsters
SimmondsJosephWeek StreetMiscellaneous - dealer in hay and Straw
SimmondsJoseph, gent.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
SimmondsThomasKing Street - Royal OakTaverns and Public Houses
SimmondsThomas40 Week StreetMiscellaneous - gun flint maker
Simmonds & Argles 91 High StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
Simmonds & Argles Bridge wharfCoal Dealers
Simmonds & Argles Bridge wharfHop Factors
Simmons & Abrahams 16 King StreetTailors, etc
SindenMaryHigh StreetFruiterers
SkeereThos., esq.Queen Ann RowNobility, Gentry and Clergy
SlaughterWilliam16 Union StreetMiscellaneous - veterinary surgeon
SlomanJohnWheeler StreetTimber Merchants
SlomanJohnWheeler StreetWheelwrights
SmallmanRobert13 High StreetMilliners, etc.
Smith...Haunch of Venison - to Yalding every Monday, Wednesday and FridayCarriers
SmithGeorge26 Gabriel's HillDruggists, etc.
SmithGeorge26 Gabriel's HillOil & Colourmen
SmithJohnHigh Street (and reading room and Streetlamp office)Booksellers and Stationers
SmithJohn120 tone StreetFruiterers
SmithJohnHigh StreetPrinters - Letter-Press
SmithMaryWeek StreetMiscellaneous - tobacconist
SmithRobertKing StreetPhysicians
SmithSamuelKnightrider Street - GlobeTaverns and Public Houses
SmithThomas5 Gabriel's HillPoulterers
Smith and Allnut Ivy millsPaper Manufacturers
Smith and Pierce(ladies)Knightrider StreetAcademies - Boarding
Smyth & Poolly West Borough (and slate)Coal Dealers
SmytheClement TaylorRomney PlaceAttorneys
SouthonDavid82 Week StreetGrocers
SpencerRichard Read25 Week StreetWine and Spirit Merchants
SpringattJohnWeek StreetCoopers
SpringattRichardWeek Street - Two BrewersTaverns and Public Houses
SpringettJohn, esq.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
StaceyCourtney, esq.Stone StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
StaceyJamesWeek StreetBakers, etc.
StaceyWm. Henry, esq.Stone StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
StandenThomasUnion StreetGrocers
StanderJames93 High Street - CountyFire etc Office Agents
StanfordJamesHigh StreetBoot & Shoe Makers
StangerJames93 High Street - Provident (life)Fire etc Office Agents
Stanger and Pierce 93 High StreetCutlers
Stanger and Pierce 93 High StreetOil & Colourmen
StanleySamuelWeek StreetButchers
StanleyThomasWeek StreetButchers
SteerJames14 High StreetFruiterers
SteerJames14 High StreetTallow Chandlers
Stephens and Hills Mill LaneAttorneys
StevensJohnUnion StreetBricklayers, etc.
StevensonCharlesWater side - LambTaverns and Public Houses
StoneJohnStone StreetGrocers
StoneMrs.Albion PlaceNobility, Gentry and Clergy
StoneRobert, esq.Loddington near LintonNobility, Gentry and Clergy
StoneWilliamWest BoroughHop Factors
StonhamStephenHigh Street - SunTaverns and Public Houses
StubberfieldJohn7 Gabriel's HillBasket Makers
StubberfieldJohn7 Gabriel's HillTurners
SuttonJamesWest BoroughStone Masons and Statuaries
SuttonJno. Windram4 Wheeler StreetWatch & Clockmakers
SuttonThomas24 Gabriel's HillWatch & Clockmakers
SweetloveDavidTanner, Mill Lane and LenhamAttorneys
SweetloveThos.Moat roadMillwrights
SwinnockGeorgeWeek StreetCoopers
TannerBenjamin64 High StreetFellmonger
TannerBenjamin64 High StreetWoolstapler
TannerBenjamin64 High StreetMiscellaneous - tanner
TannerBenjamin64 High Street - to London every monday and Thursday.Carriers
TannerGeorgePudding LaneTailors, etc
TassellThomas, Sr.64 High StreetStraw Hatt Makers
TassellThos, Sr.65 High StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc. (house painter)
TassellThos.West BoroughBuilders, etc.
Tassell and Lawrence High StreetGrocers
TateJamesHigh StreetJewellers
TaylorLiberty, esq.High StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
TerryJamesStone StreetCoal Dealers
ThatcherJohn41 Earl StreetWine and Spirit Merchants
TolhurstWilliam Henry34 Gabriel's HillCurriers and Leather Cutters
ToppingCharlesAlbion PlaceAttorneys
TrendellWilliam20 Gabriel's HillMiscellaneous - rag dealer
TriggAnn10 King StreetStraw Hatt Makers
Turner and Letts TovilPaper Manufacturers
TuslerJohnHigh StreetMiscellaneous - Stay and ladies' shoe dealer
TysssenWilliam Geo. Daniel, esq.Pennenden HeathNobility, Gentry and Clergy
UsmarRussellUnion Street - Flag UnionTaverns and Public Houses
ValentineValentine14 Gabriel's HillNursery & Seedsmen
ValentineWilliam John30 High StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
Varty Robinson(gents)Bower houseAcademies - Boarding
VigorWilliamNew StreetButchers
VintenJohnWharf StreetCoal Dealers
Waghorn Haunch of Venison - To Goudhurst every Tuesday, Thursday and SaturdayCarriers
WaghorneJamesUnion StreetWatch & Clockmakers
WalterWilliam7 Stone StreetMiscellaneous - cork cutter
WardeMrs.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
WardeMrs.VirginiaNobility, Gentry and Clergy
WarwickJohn, esq.High StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
WarwickRichard88 High StreetLinen Drapers
WatersJohnGeorge StreetButchers
WatersWm.High Street - Duke of WellingtonTaverns and Public Houses
WattellJohn BormanKing StreetCoach Builders
WattsJas. and Edward61 High StreetLinen Drapers
WebbRichard and Co.36 King StreetGrocers
WeddRichardHigh StreetSurgeons
WeekesJamesStone StreetCarpenters, etc.
WeeksThomasTovill - Royal Paper MillTaverns and Public Houses
WestThomas1 Wheeler Street - Tonbridge ware makerMiscellaneous
WestoverGeorgeEarl Street - UnicornTaverns and Public Houses
WheelerBenjaminWeek StreetGrocers
WhichcordJohnWeek StreetSurveyors (and architect)
WhiteCapt.Week StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
WickhamPhoebe102 Week StreetBooksellers and Stationers
WickhamWilliam37 Gabriel's Hill - GeorgeInns
WicksThomasEarl StreetCorn Factors, Merchants and Dealers
WildesMrs.Week StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
Wildes & Scudamore 21 Week StreetAttorneys
WildeyRichardWeek StreetCoopers
WildishHenry14 Union StreetPlumbers, Painters, etc.
WildishValentineWeek Street - BellInns
WillcocksThomas43 High StreetGrocers
WillcocksThomas43 High StreetTallow Chandlers
WilliamsEdward17 Gabriel's HillBooksellers and Stationers
WilliamsEdward17 Gabriel's HillPrinters - Letter-Press
WilliamsEdward17 Gabriel's HillTea Dealers
WilliamsThomasWeek Street - artistMiscellaneous
Williams & Reeves 112 Stone StreetAuctioneers
Williams & Reeves 112 Stone Street - ProtectorFire etc Office Agents
Williams and Crampton General Monck - To Cranbrook, day uncertainCarriers
Williams and Reeves 112 Stone StreetFurniture Brokers
WillsWilliam19 Stone StreetMiscellaneous - Chair japanner
WillsonJohnBrunswick StreetBakers, etc.
WillsonThomasWeek StreetBakers, etc.
WilsonRobertTovilMillers - Corn
WimbleJohn & SonsWater sideWharfingers
WimbleJohn and sonsWater sideCoal Dealers
WimbleJohn and SosWater side to Haye's wharf, Tooley at every SaturdayWater Conveyance
WimbleMissWest BoroughNobility, Gentry and Clergy
WinchesterJ.Rose and Crown - to Tonbridge every Monday and ThursdayCarriers
WiseEdwardPads-solePaper Manufacturers
WiseMrs.King StreetNobility, Gentry and Clergy
WoodJamesEarl StreetTea Dealers
WoodhurstRebeccaSt. Faith's greenPawnbrokers
WoolleyPhilipPudding LaneDyers
WoolleyThomasMarquis of Granby - to Hythe every FridayCarriers
WoolvenCharles60 High StreetToy Dealers
WrightGeorge74 High StreetBakers, etc.
WrightGeorgeWater sideCoal Dealers
YatesJohnWeek StreetStone Masons and Statuaries
YoungFredrick WilliamUnion StreetFurniture Brokers