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Plumstead parish church, Kent
St. Nicholas,
Plumstead Parish Church

Plumstead, Photographs

The original railway station
Unlike other suburban stations on the North West Kent Line, the Plumstead station had very little impact in the development of the area.  Click on photo for full-sized image.
Plumstead Railway Station


Plum de feathers Pub

The mainstays of village life
Located opposite the parish church of St. Nicholas is the Plum de feathers, the village pub (on the left).  To the right is the parish church of St. Nicholas on the high street in Plumstead.    Click on photos for full-sized images.
Plumstead old parish church of St. Nicholas
middle gates at Woolwich Arsenal circa 2007
Woolwich Arsenal
Middle Gates in 2007.  This now disused gate used to open directly onto Plumstead Road.  Having been concealed and protected behind metal sheeting for many years, workers who removed the sheeting in order to restore the gates discovered that the gates were missing.  The building behind the gates is called Middle Gate House and now used as Council offices. Formerly, this pictured building was the storekeeper's house. Reusing most of the original buildings, the Arsenal property is now a mixed site encompassing both housing and industrial buildings.    Click on photo for full-sized image.