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Kent Online Parish Clerks

white cliffs of Dover

Royal East Kent Regiment (3rd Foot)
The Buffs, WWI, Privates, Surnames A - D

Killed in action or died of wounds or disease

Abbott A.L.V. G/9221
Abbott E. G/3342
Abbott J.S G/15761
Abbott V.F. G/14138
Abbott W. G/4189
Abel C.W. G/22404
Abel R. G/8373
Abraham W. G/10251
Abrahams E.W. G/22504
A'Court L.P.F. G/22012
Adams A.C. G/21768
Adams E.C G/4851
Adams F. G/15533
Adams F.G. G/708
Adams J. L/6928
Addison P.F. T/240312
Addy F. T/1314
Agnew C. G/8737
Aikenhead A. G/14752
Ainge A.E. G/14140
Ainsworth E. T/203482
Akehurst W.H. G/20185
Akhurst H.T. G/5015
Akhurst J.W. G/13343
Aldgate H.C. L/10783
Aldred H.J. G/9845
Aldridge A.W. G/9883
Aldridge E.S. L/9720
Alexander A. G/249
Alexander A.H. G/1056
Allaway W.T.W. G/8814
Allder H.G. G/17877
Allen A.L. G/21245
Allen B.R. G/9376
Allen C.H. G/4537
Allen G. G/15534
Allen G. L/7633
Allen H.J. G/25933
Allen H.J. G/3408
Allen H.P. G/6767
Allen T. G/20216
Allen T.H. G/13622
Allibone G. T/3209
Allison H.J. G/20235
Allison W.E. T/200757
Allsebrook J.H.R.E. G/29102
Almond A.R. G/6578
Ames A. G/23865
Amies N.G.R. G/703
Amos E. G/2298
Amos F.H. G/12979
Amos P.J. G/11459
Amos W.J. G/26607
Amps C.G. G/18837
Anderson H. G/5770
Anderson P.O.R. G/20850
Anderson W. G/11884
Anderson W. T/1753
Andrews A.J. G/15535
Andrews C. G/5402
Andrews G.T. G/6670
Andrews H. G/15536
Andrews H. L/9350
Andrews H.E.M. G/408
Andrews J. G/21166
Andrews L.B. G/19016
Andrews S.J. G/20049
Andrews W. G/25896
Andrews W. G/22353
Angell J.G.H. L/6680
Angus N.M. G/20833
Anthony W.J. G/9850
Appleford I. G/12680
Appleton A.E. G/2696
Appleton A.E. G/5019
Appleton C.E. T/4590
Appleton E.W. G/4527
Appleton R.W. G/25904
Appleton W.W. G/4953
Apps A. S/10477
Apps E.T. G/8166
Apps W. G/1967
Archer H. G/2411
Archer W.J. G/2318
Argent J.W. L/8566
Argrave A.G. G/3993
Armitage W.E. G/14597
Armstrong A.C. G/21037
Armstrong B. G/12803
Arnell L.W. L/7007
Arnold C. G/5863
Arnold E.D. G/8585
Arnold E.F. G/20016
Arnold F. G/1844
Arnold H.J. G/4394
Arnold P. G/12981
Arnott H.W. G/13717
Arscott W.C. G/12983
Ashby A.H. L/6859
Ashby E.J. G/358
Ashby H.E. G/15538
Ashby S.J. G/5547
Ashdown A.J. T/240581
Ashforth D. G/4209
Ashman C.W. G/5072
Ashman F.R. G/426
Ashpole H.W. G/25950
Ashworth R. S/441
Aslett E. G/1210
Aslett F.J. G/1419
Asplin E.E.V. G/2351
Assiter W.J. L/9311
Astbury P.S. L/10572
Atkins G.C. G/5056
Atkins G.W. G/1238
Atkins R. L/8217
Atkins W. G/9807
Attewell R.F.W. G/3910
Auburn H.G. G/25687
Austen C.R. L/9180
Austen J. G/17571
Austen S. L/8103
Austin A. S/9580
Austin J. T/201134
Austin S. G/7830
Avery A.H.P. T/270358
Avery S. T/270781
Avery T.F. T/1223
Ayres C. T/202430
Ayres E.E. T/3321



Bacon F.F. G/3614
Baddeley C. S/10709
Baddock F.H. G/2448
Bailey A.E. T/203928
Bailey B. G/9690
Bailey C.E. G/4965
Bailey E.E. G/13105
Bailey G.R. G/7889
Bailey P.T. G/1590
Bailey S. T/203929
Bailey W. G/18177
Bailey W.H. G/4350
Bailey W.H. G/4805
Bailey W.T. G/11431
Bainbridge J. G/20230
Baines A. S/10714
Baker A.E. T/203972
Baker A.D. G/2974
Baker A. G/24742
Baker A.L. T/1660
Baker C.W. L/10531
Baker E.W. G/1370
Baker F.C. G/7858
Baker F.B. G/9745
Baker G. G/4743
Baker G.F. T/270166
Baker G.R. S/614
Baker G.W. T/2434
Baker H. S/10530
Baker H.W. G/8893
Baker J. G/12944
Baker J. S/156
Baker J. G/8690
Baker J. G/5787
Baker P.J. T/2435
Baker W. G/26551
Baker W. G/3947
Baker W.H. L/7059
Balcombe H.G. G/6411
Baldcock W.C. G/4916
Baldock J.E. G/20127
Baldwin F. L/7796
Balfour A.H.L. G/4447
Ball H.C. G/3671
Ball W.W.M. L/9465
Ballard H.H. G/3708
Ballard J. T/204205
Balls F.L. G/2842
Balls G. G/4239
Bancroft A.W. G/17489
Banks F.J. G/1904
Banks G.H.C. G/7927
Banting H.H. G/22702
Barber E. G/14400
Barden L.C. G/107
Barden W. T/1765
Barden W.J. G/20129
Bare E.A. L/6339
Barfield A. G/21887
Barham A.C. T/241584
Barham G.E. G/26419
Barker A. G/21289
Barker A. G/22991
Barker F. T/204450
Barker H.G. T/243158
Barker W. G/13918
Barkham W. S/10842
Barkson H. G/1231
Barlow J. G/18215
Barnard A.E. G/21238
Barnard C.W.E. G/1822
Barnard R.C. G/6795
Barnes E.A. S/9217
Barnes F.L. A/10797
Barnes G.W. L/9548
Barnes L.H. G/14401
Barnes W. T/270289
Barnes W.E. G/12588
Barnes W.J. G/4903
Barnes W.J. L/9830
Barnes W.W. G/13870
Barnett A.W. L/9598
Barnett B.L. G/4365
Barnwell H.J. G/6679
Barr H.J.S. G/8468
Barr T. G/8567
Barranger G. L/7149
Barrett H.P. G/1541
Barrett W. G/7579
Barrett W. T/204123
Barrett W. G/13196
Barrow J. G/9137
Barry D. G/6866
Barry W. G/1992
Barsley C.H.J. G/15547
Bartholomew W. G/477
Bartle B. G/14094
Bartle F.H. G/19195
Bartley A.J. L/8131
Barton D.W. T/202812
Barton E.E. L/8444
Barton H.F. G/9029
Barton J. L/10388
Bartram C. G/12580
Basford H.F. L/8097
Bass C.W. G/6305
Bass G. G/10193
Bassett P. G/12641
Bassett W. G/22245
Batchelor W.L. T/271012
Bateman G.H. G/8378
Bates A. G/5332
Bates W.C. G/13116
Batt S. G/3535
Battle A.K. G/23771
Baulson R. G/2330
Baxter H. G/1055
Baxter H. G/24815
Bayley C. G/20847
Beach A. S/68
Beach E. L/8096
Beach F. G/13761
Beach H. G/10207
Beacher W. S/10891
Beachey W.J. G/12679
Beadel A.S. L/9483
Beadle A.T. L/9935
Beadle L. G/22046
Beale S. L/6554
Bean A.J. G/9311
Bean A. G/8115
Bean C. G/2789
Bean J.T. S/180
Bean L. G/4452
Bean R. G/4081
Beaney A. G/5120
Beaney E.W. G/17709
Beaney F. S/10696
Beard G. G/644
Beard G.F. G/13073
Beard W.E. L/9960
Beasley B. T/3251
Beasley F. G/22392
Beasley H.F. G/22273
Beauchamp P. G/21181
Beaumont S.H. G/21169
Beaver W.J. T/243272
Beavis G.B. G/1813
Beazley H. G/1449
Beck A. L/8806
Becks W.J. L/8788
Bedford R. G/24423
Bedwell S. G/13437
Beeching S.F. G/14127
Beecliff R. G/2230
Beecroft P. L/7665
Beeden S.C. G/13367
Beedle J.C. G/13344
Beeken T.H. L/8124
Beeling W.I. G/3073
Beer* C.L.  ---------
Beer H.H. G/30
Beer L.W. L/9933
Beer W.R. G/4259
Beerling A. L/8018
Beerling F.W. G/13654
Beerling G.A. G/5297
Beighton E. G/29120
Beken G. S/10871
Bell A. G/35644
Bell D. G/73
Bell G.W. G/5052
Bell R. G/64
Bellamy H.C. G/2377
Belsey A.I. S/10443
Belsey H.G. G/7560
Bending F.W. G/13277
Benge F. G/11846
Bennett A.G. S/10898
Bennett F.C. G/18838
Bennett H.W. G/5734
Bennett J. G/14302
Bennett S. S/10448
Bennett W. T/1227
Bennett W.A. G/26251
Benoy H.H. G/7795
Benson E.T. G/4251
Bentley R.C. G/20056
Bentley W.C. G/29122
Bentzing J. G/14639
Berry A.E. G/13633
Berry E.G. G/352
Berry H.W. G/24951
Berry J.H. G/9362
Berry S. G/32
Berryman G.H. G/18878
Best H.W. G/19197
Beston H. G/2171
Bevan R.E. T/241218
Bew F. G/15552
Bicker A. G/17684
Bigwood V.L. G/3599
Bills P.W. T/270405
Bilsby E. G/5813
Bilton E.S. G/6826
Bing H.J. G/13814
Bingham C.H. L/9057
Bingham F.J. G/4710
Birch F.W. G/8236
Birch R.T. G/13020
Bircham E. L/7699
Birchett H. L/7920
Bishop C.H. G/18883
Bishop F.E. G/22508
Bishop H. G/35516
Bishop H.G. G/12895
Bishop H.J. T/202128
Bithell J. T/3080
Blackaby R.H. G/15504
Blackburn C.J. G/15822
Blackhurst W. L/10275
Blacklock A. G/1371
Blackman A. T/203078
Blackman A.J. G/6043
Blackman B.P. G/8902
Blackman J. T/202276
Blackman J.S. T/240257
Blackmore B.M. L/6857
Blacktin F. G/894
Blake C. T/242785
Blake J.H. T/4315
Blake P. G/18839
Blakeman J. G/8731
Blanchard W.H. G/12713
Bland J.H. G/9033
Bland W.H. G/24058
Blandford W.H. L/10283
Blay S.G. G/3434
Blewitt F. G/18681
Blewitt W.J. L/9669
Blight F.C. G/8754
Bloomfield F.G. T/270982
Bloomfield H.H. S/9212
Blott H.W. G/10225
Blowers G. G/2716
Blowers P.N. G/17387
Blundell W.C. G/14970
Blunt J. G/2648
Boakes J.S. T/201845
Boakes T. G/14032
Boardman F. G/12525
Boardman W.H. G/14836
Boarer W., M.M. G/21069
Bobby J. G/17711
Bodman W. L/7736
Bohannan W.G. T/204310
Boiling E. G/2220
Bolton A.J. T/270198
Bolton W. T/3513
Bolton W. L/7677
Bomford H. G/12807
Bond E.E.J. G/4728
Bond H. G/5631
Bond J.R. G/11781
Bone H.L. G/18758
Bones W.J. G/4926
Bonwick W.C. G/18841
Booker F.T. G/1743
Boon H.V. G/14405
Boorer E.T. T/203066
Boorman A.G. T/240284
Boorman H. G/20813
Booth J. G/968
Borland A. G/8309
Borrer E.G. G/3750
Bosely P., M.M. L/8229
Bostock J.F. G/21123
Botten C. T/240280
Botting D. G/4983
Botting E.C. G/915
Botting J. G/17643
Bourne A. G/15555
Bowden S.D. L/7875
Bowden V. G/22005
Bowe G.J. G/13628
Bowen J.E. L/10242
Bowen T. G/1519
Bowen W.C. G/638
Bower W. L/7234
Bowkett R.C. G/20040
Bowles E.J. G/8534
Bowles F. L/6582
Bowles L.F. G/8648
Bowley E. G/7927
Box F. G/734
Box J.A. G/19044
Boxall L.A. G/5542
Boyes J. T/206065
Brackley H. G/20227
Bradbury S.H. G/943
Bradbury W. G/3736
Bradley F.E. G/14300
Bradley G. L/9397
Bradley G.J. G/1418
Bradley H.L. G/22467
Bradshaw G. G/29110
Bradshaw W.G. G/26656
Braisdell G.H. G/17396
Bramble T.H. L/8166
Branchett A.P. G/12984
Brann R.J. T/2443
Brant T. T/1321
Brattle E.W. L/7734
Bray J.W. G/456
Bremmer F. L/6147
Brenchley J.E. G/4948
Brett J.R. S/10906
Brett R.B. G/5452
Brewer A. S/8278
Brewer S.W. T/1807
Brewster E.J. G/12619
Brice A. T/241907
Brice G.F. G/2494
Brickstock F. T/265133
Bridge A.R. G/24791
Bridge W.R.H. T/957
Bridger A. G/17685
Bridger T. T/3714
Bridges L.A.F. G/19007
Bridges R. G/3523
Bridgland S. L/9583
Briggenshaw A. G/1505
Briggs C. G/1533
Briggs C. G/4037
Brinkley A.W. G/22298
Brinn F.W.F. G/18808
Briscoe J.H. G/6870
Briscoe S. G/13733
Briselden T.H. T/270780
Britchford C.C. T/204120
Broad G.A. L/7751
Broad W. G/4268
Broadhurst J. G/4403
Brockman A.T. G/2489
Brodie W.H. G/8489
Brogden J. G/25310
Broker F. G/7643
Bromley A. S/10936
Bromley J. G/4702
Bromley W.E. T/2330
Brook B. G/24432
Brooker F. S/10267
Brooker F.N. G/18924
Brookes H.G. G/19143
Brooks A. G/14499
Brooks A.W. G/14823
Brooks C.E. S/207
Brooks C.F. G/11823
Brooks E.W. G/1190
Brooks H. G/8124
Brooks J.S. G/17828
Broomfield A. G/1291
Brotherwood H. G/15559
Brown A. L/9889
Brown A.E. G/14298
Brown A.H.G.P. G/4939
Brown A.J. G/13426
Brown C. L/10229
Brown C.J. G/9393
Brown E. G/11297
Brown E.T. G/5604
Brown F. G/12990
Brown F.A. G/505
Brown G. L/7824
Brown G.R. T/1940
(Initials shown as C.R. in book?)
Brown H. G/6820
Brown H.H. G/23311
Brown H.J. G/26166
Brown J. G/4640
Brown J. G/13201
Brown J. G/6081
Brown J. G/5983
Brown J.H. G/13100
Brown J.L. G/24748
Brown J.T. G/10238
Brown O.A. G/18285
Brown P. G/8758
Brown P.E. G/13076
Brown R. G/20038
Brown S. G/14574
Brown S. G/9879
Brown W.R. L/8964
Brown W.T. G/14964
Browne A.G. G/13771
Browne A.V. G/13786
Browne G.W. G/732
Browne T.A.E. T/270706
Browning E.P. T/241436
Browning F.J. T/240395
Browning G.F. G/18660
Bruce R.H. G/11365
Bruce R.H. G/8376
Brungar E.F. T/240901
Brunger D. T/241817
Brunger E. L/8140
Brunger H. T/240374
Brunger H.T. G/12992
Bruniges R. G/1404
Bryan H.J. S/10920
Bryant A. G/8508
Bryant C. G/4644
Bryant H.C. S/883
Bryant J.T. T/242404
Bubb C. G/15756
Bubb E.J.W. G/3047
Bubb L.W. G/240845
Buckman E.W.J. L/11230
Buckwell C. G/18963
Buddell F.H. G/7715
Bugden F.C. L/9096
Bugden W.T. G/5794
Bull A.J. G/842
Bull A.S. G/14947
Bull L.F. L/7919
Bunn J. G/29272
Bunting C.H. G/22200
Burbridge G.T. G/3625
Burcham F. L/6937
Burcham H.E. G/4406
Burchfell W. G/18956
Burden F.J.C. G/3261
Burdett A. G/14098
Burdock C. G/10228
Burfutt J. G/1944
Burge J.A. T/203452
Burgess F.S. S/325
Burgess H.E. T/202522
Burgess H.J. G/15562
Burgess H.W. S/383
Burgess J.E. T/1939
Burgess T. S/684
Burgoyne J.W. L/10803
Burke G.S. G/8103
Burke J. S/9160
Burnap E. G/4575
Burnap R.J. G/20123
Burns C.J. L/4672
Burrows F. G/1438
Burrows H. G/2734
Burt R. L/6175
Burton C.R. G/137
Burton H.C. G/19171
Burton W.E. G/13010
Burton W.J. G/22496
Busbridge W.R. G/15563
Busby J.A. G/1688
Bush R. G/24056
Bushell C.H. G/1443
Bushell J. G/27
Bushill E.J. T/241864
Buss W.E. G/9686
Buss W. L/10254
Buswell E. G/21080
Butcher C.H. L/7583
Butcher E.J. T/240707
Butcher H.M. G/4614
Butcher J. L/9326
Butcher W. L/8476
Butcher W. G/100
Butcher W.A.S. G/24948
Butler A.E. T/241442
Butler A.E. G/9607
Butler G. T/204211
Butler H. G/9729
Butler H.F. G/8940
Butler H.S. G/14143
Butler J. G/8910
Butterfield G. G/13107
Butterfield H.W. S/9721
Butterworth W. G/26141
Button A. T/2483
Button G.E. L/8602
Button J.G. G/9625
Buxton A.J. S/10786
Byford C.V. T/1661
Bysouth A.W. L/10553



Cage C. G/9720
Calf R.F. G/19160
Calfe E.C. G/3322
Calver B.J. G/6048
Calvert L. G/12776
Cameron F. G/2513
Cameron J.S. G/25263
Cameron I.C. G/14732
Cammack A. G/26128
Camp F. G/25745
Camp S.J. G/22158
Campbell C.S. G/14307
Campbell C.R.J. G/13709
Campbell J. S/726
Campbell W. T/1530
Candy J.L. L/9039
Canham A. G/2921
Canham J.S. G/11932
Cansick H.M. G/26592
Capp G.H. G/11308
Card E.P. G/11378
Card T.W. T/242847
Carden E.T. G/13346
Care F.T. S/10584
Carey F. G/14962
Carey T.H. L/6866
Carlton F.P. S/10393
Carlton W. T/206104
Carpenter H. S/7978
Carpenter H.J. L/9782
Carpenter T.B. G/14100
Carr C. L/8306
Carr S. G/2730
Carrack J. G/14656
Carter A. T/3518
Carter C. G/1548
Carter H. S/10973
Carter J. G/12901
Carter J.H. G/15566
Carter J.T. G/6136
Carter R.H. G/2478
Carter T.F. L/7696
Carthew J. S/60
Cartwright F.G. G/14161
Carver W. G/768
Caselton S. G/7706
Casey H.T. G/11131
Casey R.F. T/242206
Cashman J. G/565
Cassidy J. G/10499
Castle F.H. G/8455
Castle R. G/4004
Cath H. G/11317
Catlin E. T/3116
Catlow W. T/20242
Catt A.E. G/5367
Catt A.H. G/8894
Catt J.B. G/11284
Causer E. G/544
Causer J. G/602
Cavalier E.S. G/8062
Cave E.M. T/271022
Cave H.J. G/131
Chaddock W.E.V. L/9330
Chadwick H. G/11959
Chaffer A.T. G/14158
Chalk H.G.W. G/9283
Chalkley A. G/21208
Challis C.J. S/8730
Chaloner H.B. G/14502
Chamberlain H.F. G/12794
Chamberlin H. G/1067
Chambers C.T. T/1620
Champion T.E. G/21291
Champkins C. G/20132
Champs B. G/463
Chandler A. G/22343
Chandler E.D. G/22426
Chandler W.H. G/24355
Chantler J.H. L/8929
Chantley A.H. G/11432
Chapman A.R. L/7647
Chapman C.F. G/19022
Chapman E. G/4930
Chapman F.J. G/4980
Chapman H. G/18846
Chapman J.P. G/10142
Chapman J. G/5682
Chapman R.W. L/10497
Chapman R.H. G/5397
Chapman V. T/240083
Chapman W. G/22423
Chappell E.G. G/18844
Chapple A.E. L/7227
Charlton F.J. L/6578
Charlton J.S. T/203521
Charman A.E. G/3737
Charman H.J. G/5646
Chatterton H.F. G/1912
Cheadle R.H. G/13936
Cheeseman C. G/22429
Cheeseman C.A. G/18965
Cheeseman G.H.S. T/2164
Cheeseman H.J. G/6165
Cheeseman P.E. G/4911
Chenery C. T/240214
Cheney C. G/18719
Cherrison J. S/486
Cheshire H. G/9869
Chesson W. T/2338
Chester E.J.P. T/242075
Chester F.G. G/26560
Chevous S.G. L/10145
Chidwick F. G/325
Chinnery T. G/17659
Chittenden G.A. G/13077
Chittenden T. S/860
Chittenden W. T/1676
Chown W.H. G/15762
Chubb E.F. G/1792
Churchill A.E. G/1057
Churchman L.F. S/10954
Churchward W. G/17661
Clack A.C. G/9876
Clackett A.E. G/9511
Clackett C. T/203581
Clampin J.H. G/24192
Claridge A.W.T. G/21209
Claringbold F.W. S/10428
Clark A. G/21213
Clark A. T/203583
Clark A.J. L/8489
Clark C. G/12596
Clark C. G/1535
Clark J.E. G/5934
Clark L.R. S/10855
Clark R.H. G/24258
Clark S.H. G/25322
Clark W.E. G/12902
Clark W.M. T/270281
Clarke A. T/241334
Clarke A. G/7908
Clarke A. S/10231
Clarke A.C. S/10981
Clarke A.W. G/2182
Clarke C. G/1576
Clarke C. L/10344
Clarke E.F. G/4364
Clarke H. G/2235
Clarke H.P. G/24264
Clarke R. L/9917
Clarke R.A. T/4440
Clay E.W. G/11874
Claydon T. G/18876
Clayton F. G/986
Clayton J.T.H. G/29265
Clayton S.G. G/18248
Cleaver S. G/13193
Clegg R.H. L/9962
Clemence J. G/3281
Clements E. G/13866
Clements G.C. G/25499
Clements H.E. G/11182
Clephane D. G/7863
Clewley J.H. G/26655
Clifford E. G/12795
Clifford J. G/6665
Clifton H.A. G/3632
Clifton J.E. L/10250
Clinch T.J. G/18210
Close W. G/6626
Clough T. G/14153
Clout H.W. G/9712
Clubb H.W. G/18993
Cobain H. T/206121
Cock E.J. G/6286
Cockerill E.A. G/6731
Cockle F. G/8631
Coesheaell L. G/12164
Coffield E.C. G/18845
Cogger H. G/4460
Cohen O. G/22470
Cohsall J. S/10450
Cole A.G. L/10260
Cole C. G/5089
Cole F. T/241451
Cole H. L/9822
Cole J. G/12113
Cole L. G/25128
Cole S.M. G/12597
Cole W. G/730
Coleman A.W. G/12016
Coleman E.J. G/4098
Coleman G.B. G/8659
Coleman H.J. G/12817
Coleman J. G/751
Coleman J.M. L/9832
Coleman O. G/20133
Coleman T. G/20236
Coles R. G/25877
Coley G. T/240055
Coley H. G/2481
Collard A.S. G/1383
Collard P. L/7164
Collard R. G/5123
Collier F.C. G/25210
Collier F.H. L/9986
Collin R. G/14102
Collin T. G/13263
Collins E.A. G/8946
Collins H.W. T/203920
Collins J. S/10547
Collins L.C. L/10165
Collins P.J.M. G/7632
Collins R.C. G/1575
Collins S. G/22032
Collins S.A. G/1381
Collins T. G/14416
Collins T.G. S/10704
Collison A.L.T. G/15573
Collison W. G/6535
Colvin D. G/4574
Comboy D.P. G/127
Company F. G/2479
Conley A. G/8517
Connor B. G/7024
Cook A.E. S/10327
Cook F.W. S/10818
Cook G.F. T/1887
Cook H.J. S/8883
Cook J. G/720
Cook J.A. G/7821
Cook J.H. G/1586
Cook T.G. G/20826
Cook W. G/2722
Cook W.E. S/9868
Cooke F.W. G/18716
Coomber H. G/13619
Coomber H. G/18728
Coomber R. G/1943
Coombs C. L/7848
Coomer C.A. G/12182
Cooper B.J. G/20954
Cooper F. G/1867
Cooper G.H. G/15574
Cooper G.L. G/15575
Cooper H.E. L/8968
Cooper J.H. L/8551
Cooper J. G/20853
Cooper P.B.A. G/9691
Cooper W.E. G/1705
Coote P.R. G/18065
Cope C. T/204104
Cope L.W. G/3516
Coppen E.E. G/38
Coppin W.R. G/5639
Copping T. G/1582
Coppins E.S. L/10127
Coppins G. T/240102
Coppins T. G/18691
Corah A. G/29291
Corby W.J. L/9084
Cordarcy S. G/14155
Cordell E. G/5333
Cordell F.C. G/21439
Cordery G. T/203939
Cordier A. L/10061
Cordingly W. G/7271
Cork A. G/9765
Cork J. G/4831
Cork W.J. G/9222
Corke J. G/1956
Corney L.A. G/21042
Cornhill A.J. G/10230
Cornish A. L/6391
Corrall G.L. G/14315
Corrie E.G. G/20848
Corry E.A. L/8242
Cosens W. G/19174
Costa J. T/242688
Cotter B. L/8881
Cotter W. L/7996
Cotterill F.A. G/29285
Cottingham J.A. G/8491
Cotton A. G/18804
Cotton E.H. G/22238
Cottrell A.E. G/22445
Couch J.W. G/14733
Coughlan J.J. G/4606
Coulbeck J.H. G/4478
Court B.J. S/10338
Court E. T/20213
Court J.S. T/240695
Courtman F.A.L. G/25275
Courtney A.G. T/202595
Courtney W.G. G/1608
Cousins F.W. L/6915
Cousins T. G/26717
Couzens T.J. S/849
Cowdrey R. G/4237
Cowell A.T. G/139
Cowell S. G/15577
Cowey T.B. G/8778
Cowland C.W. G/6353
Cox F.J. G/4533
Cox H. S/10743
Cox H. G/1327
Cox W.T. S/10249
Cox W.T. G/2656
Crabb F.C.G. T/206021
Crabb W.H. G/3307
Crabtree A. G/6755
Cracknell E.P. G/25257
Craddock W. G/8759
Craker T.R. G/13078
Craker W. L/10249
Cramp D.S. G/20254
Cramp J. G/9467
Crampton P. G/4473
Crampton W. G/15505
Crawford W. G/6778
Crawley G.E. G/14974
Crawley J. G/13207
Crayden H. G/9489
Crayford S. G/15578
Crean H. G/14931
Creed S. T/203567
Cresdel T.F. G/3297
Creswell G. G/29132
Crick J.W. G/10227
Crickett G.A. L/8657
Crippen S.G. G/5241
Crisp E.H.G. G/25314
Crispin J. L/10217
Crockford G.O. G/17906
Crofford G.N. G/22440
Croft J.S. G/4677
Croft W. L/6179
Croft W.J., M.M. S/9428
Crofts E.L. G/8388
Crofts F.W. L/9742
Cronin D. G/7981
Crook J. G/12904
Crookes F. G/1683
Crooks J. T/206185
Crosby E.H.S. G/14976
Crosier W. G/20071
Cross W.N. T/202690
Crouch C.F. G/6072
Crouch G. G/4838
Crouch H. G/12903
Crouch J.C. G/13282
Croucher A.E. L/8763
Croucher C. L/10663
Croucher E. G/4856
Croucher F.S. G/39
Croucher J.R. L/5391
Croud F. G/6151
Crowhurst P. S/675
Crowson W.P. G/22428
Crummey D. G/24895
Crump E.H. L/9214
Crumpton E.H. G/12993
Cudlip H.D. L/7845
Cuff J.W. G/12815
Cullen J. T/1334
Culling W.G. G/2840
Culver A.E. G/4023
Culver T. G/9894
Culwich W.J. G/817
Cummings T.H. G/6876
Curl G. G/9844
Curness F.G. G/4413
Curnow G. L/7532
Currall E. G/22159
Curry T.W. G/13874
Curtis J. G/20449
Curtis P.J. G/20990
Curtis W. G/12584
Curtis W.G. G/7888
Curtiss H. G/6100
Cuttress H. G/14018



Dadds T.W. G/13653
Dadson A. G/15581
Dadswell T. T/923
Dainton A.E. G/6697
Daisey W.H. G/9187
Dale A.B. T/3417
Dale F.A. T/202600
Dale F.R. G/5974
Dale T.E. S/168
Dalton A.F. T/202460
Dalton N. G/3900
Dancer G. G/23878
Danes A.W. G/271
Daniel R.M. G/12973
Daniells R. G/5711
Daniels D.B. G/13004
Daniels E.T. G/8803
Daniels G. G/9855
Daniels W.S. G/9774
Dann F. L/7549
Danton A. L/8575
Darling A.E. G/14004
Dart C.G. G/14077
Darvill C.H. G/7321
Davey H. G/29137
Davey P. G/15759
Davidson W.G. G/20941
Davies E.A. T/242455
Davies G. G/6047
Davies S. G/825
Davies W. L/7883
Davis A.A. G/20933
Davis C. G/208
Davis E.E. G/21877
Davis E.E. S/10702
Davis G.J. G/14829
Davis H. S/303
Davis S.E. T/203632
Davis W.R.V. G/8661
Davitt J. G/3899
Davy H. T/270101
Daw A.J. G/2661
Dawes A. G/23870
Dawkins W.G. G/3911
Dawsey G.H. G/7041
Dawson C. G/13316
Dawson E. S/10540
Dawson G. S/9182
Dawson H. G/2389
Day E.J. G/1782
Day F.H. G/563
Day H. G/25325
Deacon F.T. G/6874
Deadman E. L/10488
Deal H.E. G/25264
Dearman S. S/9857
De Beger A.L. G/2075
Dedman R.A. G/18889
Deeprose H.J. G/3773
Degg R. T/203457
De la Mare H.R. T/2334
Dellaway A. G/12139
Deller A.L. G/13079
Dellison J. G/25329
Denham W. G/8959
Denley F. G/3195
Denmee A.L. T/201627
Denne C.T. G/20137
Denne D.G. G/20109
Denne P. L/9998
Dennett G.C.C., M.M. T/271029
Dennis J.W. L/8254
Denton A. S/9950
Derbyshire G. (?) G/24309
Derrick W.J. G/14503
Derrick W.W. T/271152
Deverson H. T/240659
Dewhurst W. S/10935
Dews E. G/1711
Dicker W.L. G/4376
Dickerson H. G/14424
Dickson F.G. G/385
Dickson W.C. G/5665
Diddams W. T/20040
Dier F.J., M.M. T/270082
Dillingham S.D. G/2163
Dillon H. T/265012
Divers A.W. G/4968
Dives W. G/26186
Dixon A.C. G/4913
Dixon MacD G/15821
Dobson C. G/13300
Dobson J. G/18054
Dodds J.W. G/6815
Dodge A. G/24986
Doe A. G/6544
Doe A.E. T/202561
Dolby L. T/201289
Dollin C. G/17616
Domoney H. T/242735
Donaldson A. G/14247
Dormer A. T/3332
Dormer J. S/59
Doubleday S.C. G/15738
Doubleday W. G/5822
Doubtfire J. G/4836
Dove W.H.G. G/22491
Dowling C.J. G/18734
Down F.T. G/5100
Down G.A. T/202160
Down T.G. T/25507
Downes W.F. G/25506
Downs R.W. G/5235
Dowsett A. T/20216
Dowsing H. G/2728
D'Oyley E. L/10144
Draper S.J. G/2029
Dray A.J. G/4862
Dray C.C. L/10383
Dray H. G/7618
Dray H.W. L/9638
Dray R. S/585
Drayson T.H. G/26658
Drew E.J. L/7787
Druce W. G/15004
Drury A.E.L. L/8015
Drury J.P. S/9810
Drury W.R. G/25983
Dryland G. G/8909
Dubbins G.W. G/5392
Duck F.J. L/5895
Duckers A. G/4620
Duff G. L/8662
Duff W. G/24312
Duffell A.V. G/829
Duffield W.C.J. G/2655
Duffy P. G/6906
Duke E.J. G/11890
Duly P.W. G/15583
Dumbleton A.J. L/5659
Dumbrell A.G. G/21495
Dumbrill S.J. G/11836
Dunbar S. L/9144
Duncan A.H. L/9906
Dungate H.C. G/9743
Dungey A.E. G/21190
Dunk P.J. L/10109
Dunkley F. G/3745
Dunn E.A. S/10264
Dunn G.A. G/5743
Dunn L. G/3103
Dunn R. G/6560
Dunster G. G/9626
Dunster J. T/3726
Duquemin T.H. G/14646
Durban E. G/4433
Durrant G. T/242130
Durrant G.W. G/1297
Durrant H. G/11359
Durrant H.G. G/25176
Dwyer W. G/3266
Dyer A.S. L/9940
Dyer D. G/21045
Dyer E.G. G/916
Dyer F.H. G/25327
Dyer H.M.A. L/10013
Dyke A. L/8925
Dynan G. G/5595
Dyson H.C. S/9718
Dyson T.H. G/14739


Non-commissioned Officers

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