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Kent Online Parish Clerks

white cliffs of Dover

Royal East Kent Regiment (3rd Foot)
The Buffs, WWI, Privates, Surnames I - N

Killed in action or died of wounds or disease

Igglesden H.W.E. TT/203587
Igguldon W. G/8805
Iles W.H. G/13388
Illman C. G/24885
Ing A.G. G/2871
Ingham R. G/11671
Ingram A. L/8005
Ingram G.A. G/21194
Ingram J.H. G/922
Ingram L. L/9021
Ingrey G.A. G/7759
Inkpen W. G/1219
Instein J. G/26293
Inwood G. G/20912
Ipson W. T/206070
Ireland E.C. G/518
Ireland G. G/5511
Ireland G.H. T/3102
Iverson F.C. G/6500
Iverson H. G/9105
Jacklin W.T. G/19003
Jackson A. G/4495
Jackson D.E. G/20841
Jackson E.J.T. G/21171
Jackson J. G/6831
Jackson R.S. G/7345
Jackson T. G/24912
Jacques F.C. G/24352
James E.A. G/25836
James G.T. G/7943
James R.A. T/1610
James S. G/14197
Jameson H. L/10208
Janaway L.H. G/5280
Jarlett W. G/3140
Jarman A. G/6590
Jarman F.E. G/20476
Jarman S. T/3050
Jarrett A. G/197
Jarvest A.J. G/5186
Jarvis H.P.V. G/22555
Jarvis O.A. G/11229
Jarvis W.E. T/20169
Jay A. L/6706
Jay W.P. T/240487
Jayes T.H. L/5794
Jeffcott A. S/10904
Jefferies W.T. G/14764
Jeffery G. T/203159
Jeffs F. G/21099
Jeffs G. T/241293
Jell C. G/3923
Jemmett S.E T/201481
Jempson C. G/9358
Jenkins F. G/5685
Jennaway R.E. G/15628
Jenner A. G/20440
Jenner G. T/1340
Jenner J. G/13651
Jenner R. G/2872
Jenner T.C. G/13131
Jenner T.W. G/5673
Jenner W.A.E. G/22456
Jennings A.H. G/4358
Jennings W. G/3921
Jensen L.E. G/26298
Jermey J.H. G/7346
Jesshope H.L. T/204076
Jesshope P.N. G/4690
Jessop H.A. G/4795
Jeyes E.A. L/7053
John C.D. T/202379
Johncey M. T/241210
Johnings W.H. L/8081
Johns J.W. G/14384
Johnson A.A. G/14845
Johnson A. G/25239
Johnson B.W. G/4258
Johnson B.A. T/1582
Johnson D.C.A. G/591
Johnson E. G/22631
Johnson E.W. T/270422
Johnson F. G/5298
Johnson F. G/572
Johnson F. G/12174
Johnson G. G/3081
Johnson H.G. G/2425
Johnson H.H. S/22
Johnson J. G/5560
Johnson P.H. L/10087
Johnson S.A. G/2125
Johnson W. G/21020
Johnson W.J. S/9367
Johnston H.M. G/12791
Johnston P. G/13393
Johnston R. L/9110
Johnstone T. S/10892
Jones A. G/35569
Jones A. L/8391
Jones A.H. G/15629
Jones A.H. G/17419
Jones C. G/913
Jones C. S/151
Jones C.F. G/15630
Jones C.H. G/9590
Jones C.P. G/14133
Jones D.T. T/202389
Jones E. G/4657
Jones E. T/203590
Jones F. L/6552
Jones F. G/24894
Jones F.C. G/1377
Jones F.W.J. L/9791
Jones J. G/2036
Jones J.H. G/6711
Jones L. T/1256
Jones S. L/10171
Jones W. G/4961
Jones W.L.R. G/6403
Jordan B.G. G/4934
Jordan G.H. G/13312
Jordan J. G/11925
Jordan R. G/8756
Jordan T.F. G/172
Jordan W. G/8447
Joy H. G/9716
Joy W.B. L/8502
Judd W. L/8159
Judge R. G/1918
Judges S. L/5101
Jupp J.H. G/18205
Kaby J.T. G/19035
Keates A. G/12951
Kechane W. L/9470
Keeler A.M. T/2863
Keeler E.G. L/8629
Keeler F.P. G/5448
Keeley C.W. L/7726
Keeley T.J. G/412
Keen A.G. G/13722
Keen F.A. G/14200
Keen W. G/23781
Kellsey G.J. S/10952
Kelly D. G/5764
Kelly M. G/14051
Kelsey C.A. G/7878
Kelsey H.G. G/5364
Kemble F.T. G/14582
Kemish G. T/203949
Kemp D. G/12463
Kemp F. L/8110
Kemp G. G/2850
Kemp H.F. G/516
Kemp J. G/21417
Kemp R.H. G/9420
Kemp W.W. G/14339
Kempshall A. G/23940
Kempster W.H. L/9378
Kendall A.C. S/802
Kennett G.W. G/18666
Kennett H. G/5201
Kennington A. G/5422
Kenton W.J. L/8346
Kerridge J.J. G/2732
Kerrison R. G/1064
Kerry G. G/7199
Ketley H.N. G/6000
Kettley W. G/2499
Kibby R. G/8429
Kidd F.R. G/13228
Killick J. G/1775
Killick S. G/18243
Kilsby C. G/2373
Kilsby J.H. G/2412
Kinch W. G/2345
King A.J. L/10068
King A.W. G/889
King C.C. G/14381
King E.J. T/1840
King G. G/26750
King J.H. T/271045
King M. G/14585
King P. L/9237
Kingham A.E. G/35628
Kingsford W.T. G/558
Kingsmill L. T/2775
Kirby C.J. G/4548
Kirby H. G/13295
Kirby J. T/20053
Kirby J. G/3038
Kirk A.C. L/9506
Kitchen J.D. G/12544
Kitney L.W.H. G/5480
Kitson W. G/6747
Kitteridge H.H.A. G/14338
Kitts G. S/10630
Knapman R.R. G/25381
Knapp W.A. G/13135
Knibbs W. S/48
Knight A. G/12121
Knight A.C. G/807
Knight C.J.T. G/13592
Knight E. G/13656
Knight F. G/13054
Knight H. G/13134
Knight H.G. G/8003
Knight J.S. T/202705
Knight W.G. G/12485
Knight W. G/22457
Knight W. L/9773
Knight W.C. L/9139
Knights A.J.H. T/203119
Knott A.F. G/4786
Knott W.C. G/546
Knott W.J. T/3422
Ladd F. G/941
Ladd F.D.G. G/3116
Ladd J.R. G/13688
Lake G., M.M. G/2005
Lake H. G/7684
Laker E. G/46
Laker H. T/1273
Laker J.F. T/270237
Laker R.P. G/9046
Laker W. G/21476
Laker W. T/3231
Laker W.E. G/9334
Lamb M. G/13229
Lambert A.F. G/3020
Lambert G. G/5907
Lambert H.F. G/10158
Lambert R.T. L/8594
Lambert T.J. L/9810
Lamberton F.G. G/5045
Lambeth W.J. G/14936
Laming B.C. G/2443
Laming E. G/2474
Lammas A.V. G/12697
Lancaster A.G. G/22249
Lancaster J. G/9630
Lander E.F. G/24849
Lander W.H. G/29178
Lane H. S/10688
Lane R. S/10867
Lane W. G/14728
Langham H.A. L/10590
Langley A.V. T/203992
Langrish C. G/26000
Langsharne W.T. G/13230
Langston H. G/21993
Langston S.C. S/92
Langton J. G/14605
Large G.W. T/203786
Larkin J. G/3721
Larkins T.H. S/93
Larkman J. G/18255
Laslett W.S.B. G/9191
Latham A.E.C. G/1164
Lattimore J. G/25385
Laurie C.W. T/240331
Lavender W.H. G/21285
Lavers H. G/14205
Lavis G.D. G/3641
Law A.J. L/8164
Lawless M. G/7027
Lawrence G.C. G/20019
Lawrence G.H. G/430
Lawrence J.A. G/6856
Lawrence J.W. G/4845
Lawrence J.B. G/2573
Lawrence R. G/20031
Lawrence S. T/202564
Lawrence W.E. G/22576
Lawrence W.J. G/8091
Lawrence W.N. G/1044
Lawson A. G/18496
Lawson J. T/206140
Lawton B. G/13943
Lea A.W. G/5766
Leason F.W.J. G/20442
Leaver C. G/2787
Ledger M. G/6581
Ledner J. G/6455
Ledsham F. L/7029
Lee G. G/21203
Lee L. L/7755
Lee T. G/11145
Lee W.G. G/21368
Leesley J. T/241498
Le Feaver V.G. G/9134
Leggat A. T/1780
Leigh J. G/18744
Lemar W. T/242804
Lent G.L. G/6479
Leslie H.A. G/3429
Lethbridge R.A. G/25387
Leverton D. G/29179
Levett W. G/2116
Levy L. G/25391
Lewin H.F. G/19130
Lewis A.E. G/2777
Lewis A. G/14126
Lewis C. G/4715
Lewis E.C. G/9900
Lewis E.W. G/29177
Lewis J. G/3208
Lewis J.N. L/7776
Lewis J.R. G/7536
Lewis W.G. S/10662
Lewis W.P. G/3760
Liddel D. G/11995
Lilley S.T.J. G/29180
Lindemann H. L/7963
Lindley E.J. G/1202
Lindon G. G/6727
Lindsay W. G/4020
Linkins A.A. T/271157
Linkins C. G/20806
Linklett G. G/13752
Linnett E.G. G/5695
Linnett H.L.J. G/12836
Linthwaite W.H. G/9806
Little E. G/234
Little H. T/3127
Littlewood A. G/12616
Littlewood J. G/2612
Littlewood W.B. G/35682
Lloyd C.L. T/270339
Lloyd T. G/18952
Loanes J. G/9174
Loasby E.E. G/21022
Lock A.E. G/21881
Lock G.E. G/5697
Lock L. G/767
Lockwood J.W. G/1452
Lodge W.T. G/9577
Lombardy G. G/9718
London A. G/13136
Long A.E. G/6890
Long A.J. G/4173
Long A.W. G/763
Long C.H. G/523
Long F.C. G/17920
Long G.F. G/5703
Longley B. G/202948
Longley F.E. G/21762
Longley F.R. G/12837
Longley G.W. T/6100
Longley W.H. T/2419
Lonsdale J.R. G/13986
Loosley R. T/203789
Lording H.H. G/9051
Lott B.W.F. L/9799
Lound T. G/66
Love A. G/12801
Love W. G/7538
Lovell A.W.L. T/1391
Lovell H.T. G/13689
Lovell J. L/10032
Lovell T. G/4760
Lovesday H.V. G/953
Lowe T. G/397
Lower J. T/1397
Lucas J. S/10418
Lucas R. G/15514
Luck A.E. G/20562
Luck E. G/160
Luck H. G/6260
Luck J. G/9810
Luckhurst G.H. T/200151
Luckhurst J.E. G/6446
Luckhurst W.E. L/9920
Ludwig S.F. G/6909
Lunn E. G/1029
Lunn W.S. G/21138
Lunniss R. T/242601
Lupton B. G/914
Lye A. G/828
Lyle T.G. G/13413
Lynch A. G/22345
Lynds P. T/200926
Lyons E. G/15513
Lyons L.A. S/10735
Lythe D.S. L/11107
Macey G.A.A. S/10590
Machon C. G/18070
Mack E.F. G/8023
Mackelden G. T/996
Mackenzie J. G/13907
Mackessack R. G/1720
Mackrill F. L/7189
Maddicks F.W. L/10530
Madeley J. G/4335
Madgwick E. G/18096
Magee F. G/14788
Maggs W.H. G/17433
Mahoney E. T/241843
Mahoney P.W. T/242304
Maier W.H. G/5895
Maitland W.T. G/8044
Makin F. G/3968
Makin S.G. G/16539
Malin H. G/22462
Maloney W. G/13156
Maloney W.J. G/4595
Maltby A.H. G/7778
Maltby H.W. S/8727
Malton A.F. G/17432
Manklow R. G/9629
Mann C. G/5421
Mann S.G. G/14213
Mann T.H. G/17384
Mannering J.V. L/6519
Mannering J.W. G/8352
Mannering W. T/240650
Manning E.T.H. L/6838
Manning G.C.R. G/22346
Manning J. S/10545
Manning J. G/2452
Manning L.E. G/3678
Manning R.P. S/10899
Manning W. G/13593
Mannings R. G/5731
Mansbridge P.B. G/12700
Manser F.C. L/8430
Mantle A. L/7208
Maple E. S/120
Maple G. G/419
March A.W. G/8866
Marchant F. G/15801
Marchant W. G/3524
Maris L.P. G/56
Markham A.W. G/7581
Marks E. G/393
Marler H.J. L/7925
Marlow T.E. G/22137
Marnham W.A. T/241500
Marriott F.C. L/8674
Marriott W. G/35629
Marsh * A. G/8168
Marsh A.F. G/14457
Marsh A.W. G/429
Marsh C. S/373
Marsh C. G/5206
Marsh C.H. G/376
Marsh F.A.E. G/1592
Marsh F.J. G/13608
Marsh H. G/5145
Marsh H.G. G/8281
Marsh J. S/57
Marsh J.E. G/13875
Marsh P. G/603
Marsh P.T. G/573
Marsh S.C. G/9057
Marsh S.G. T/270477
Marsh W. G/63
Marsh W.J. G/9643
Marshall A.E.D. G/13401
Marshall F.J. G/8706
Marshall H. G/1323
Marshall H. L/6851
Marshall R.A.O. G/23816
Marshall S.V. G/5220
Marshall W. G/164
Marshall W.H. G/6290
Marskell A. G/332
Martin C.A. T/2013
Martin F. L/9147
Martin F. T/203951
Martin G. L/7119
Martin H.J. G/223
Martin J.C. G/1170
Martin J. T/3382
Martin J.L. L/7565
Martin R. L/10484
Martin R. G/515
Martin R.H. G/22022
Martin S. G/7879
Martin T.E. G/1198
Martin ** T.J. G/231
Martin W. G/4995
Martin W. G/21452
Martin W., M.M. L/8782
Martindale H. G/1118
Martinne R. G/19024
Mascord T.J. G/13152
Masey H. G/9420
Masheder J. G/25293
Maskell A. G/25407
Maslin W.R. T/2205
Mason C. G/29189
Mason H. G/4867
Mason J.W. G/8022
Mason J. G/14896
Mason R.L. T/242576
Masters A. G/6968
Masters A.S. G/5213
Masters C. T/203238
Masters F.C. G/3980
Mather E. G/1793
Mather H.S. G/17428
Matthews A.E. G/13635
Matthews G.W. G/20937
Matthews H. S/10764
Matthews S.C. G/873
Matthews W. G/20973
Mattock T.W. G/17624
Matucha J. G/24618
Mawson J. G/6566
Maxted S.J. G/441
Maxted W.C. G/240412
May C. G/5742
May H. G/25405
May T.W. T/3598
Mayatt W. L/8315
Maybourne E.E. G/15
Mayes F. G/22297
Mayes W.G. G/27388
Mayes W.I. G/22461
Maygold G.E. G/1420
Mayled W. G/19026
Maynard A.E. S/11
Maynard W. T/204219
Maytum W.G. T/240093
McCarthy D.J. G/5060
McCarthy J. G/3162
McCarthy P.M.V. G/1092
McClatchie J.E. G/6702
McDonald J. G/13234
McDonnell M. G/13267
McEwen J. G/15637
McGee C. S/39
McGeorge E.W.C. G/23785
McGill G.W. G/15638
McGrath D.J. L/6388
McGregor M. L/7035
McLearie J.T. G/3909
McMahon A. G/5393
McMillan H. G/2058
McNamara O. G/4404
McQuillian S. G/5833
McWilliams J. G/8134
Mead E. G/14657
Mead F. G/10198
Mead F.C. L/8600
Mead J. G/12839
Meader R.A. G/3600
Mealing S.J. G/14882
Medcalf W.H. G/4042
Medgett A.R. L/8362
Medhurst J.A. S/10572
Medway H. L/5985
Meek F. G/2959
Mekins L. G/13235
Melhuish R.M. G/10826
Melville E. G/2104
Mercer A.W.G. T/242044
Mercer H.J. G/13404
Mercer T. T/204083
Mercer T.F. G/4083
Merifield G. G/6841
Merricks G. G/3726
Merriman W.A. G/3604
Metcalfe J.W. G/9031
Meyrick J. G/6842
Miles A. L/6211
Miles H. G/21139
Miles S. L/10020
Miles W. G/3368
Millard P.W. L/8971
Millen C. L/7571
Millen C.V. G/5013
Miller A.G. G/9600
Miller A.J. G/685
Miller C. G/5342
Miller C.B. G/5684
Miller F.J. T/270187
Miller F.S. G/4195
Miller G. L/6979
Miller J.H. G/1410
Miller J.T. G/4907
Miller J.W. L/9359
Miller L.A. G/4577
Milling R.A. G/6184
Millington H. G/1554
Mills A. G/337
Mills A. T/241697
Mills C.H. G/262
Mills E.W. G/8864
Mills L.C. G/26654
Mills R.A. G/22529
Mills S. L/7770
Mills W.H. L/8541
Mills W.J. G/5896
Millward W.O. G/17981
Milton F.C. T/1092
Milton F. G/23811
Milton L. T/241560
Milton S.E. G/5638
Minter E. G/15647
Missen E.J. G/4671
Mitchell A. L/8441
Mitchell A.L. T/242520
Mitchell C.H. T/204280
Mitchell C.T. G/20205
Mitchell F.T. L/9482
Mitchell H. L/10327
Mitchell L. L/9076
Mitchell R. G/2975
Mitchell W. L/8991
Mitchell W.S. G/5200
Mizen S.H. G/12718
Moat A.G. G/8820
Molyneux N.W. G/20934
Monk A.R. G/243
Monk W.G. S/10771
Monro W.J. G/13407
Montgomery E.M. T/242198
Moon A. G/7982
Moon H. T/6102
Moor W. G/745
Moore A. L/6829
Moore A. G/7644
Moore A.E. G/17697
Moore B.P. T/270965
Moore B. L/9380
Moore C. G/3167
Moore C.W. L/10441
Moore F.J. T/270258
Moore H. G/17601
Moore J. G/925
Moore J. T/265252
Moore L.T. L/9929
Moore R. T/265310
Moore S. G/22644
Moore S.A. S/10720
Moore S.H. G/22587
Moore T.W. G/29182
Moore W.D. G/1451
Moore W.E. G/26571
Moore W.I. G/18672
Moorman F.G. L/8656
Moran J. T/206090
Morecroft J.C. 270709
Moren H.A. L/10329
Morgan A. T/3130
Morgan B.L. G/3950
Morgan L.P. G/6829
Morgan R.A. G/14215
Morgan W. G/5519
Morley E.S. G/3619
Morley R.W. G/2458
Morley W. G/1446
Morris A. G/11979
Morris A.E. L/10133
Morris C. G/739
Morris C. G/2132
Morris E. G/13948
Morris G. G/1428
Morris H.W. G/4303
Morris T.E. G/25399
Morris W.T. G/5425
Morrison A.H. T/3435
Morrison D. G/21235
Mortley F.G. G/6167
Morton A. G/5245
Morton A.J. G/14849
Morton E.A. G/23382
Moscovsky H. G/25408
Moss A. G/13155
Moss B. L/9193
Moss S. G/13947
Moss W. T/2757
Mosser H. G/21140
Mosto R.W. L/6712
Moulton J.S. G/7206
Mount A.J. G/14849
Mount C. G/15749
Mount E. T/241625
Mount G. T/270379
Mount H. G/4613
Mount W.G. L/9997
Mount W.J. L/9601
Mountford R.J. T/3601
Mower E.J. G/2737
Moy G.W. T/240673
Moyes W. G/2327
Mugeridge R.H. T/204237
Muir T.M. S/175
Mullett A.L. S/250
Mumford H. L/7551
Mumford T.E. G/24728
Mummery A.E. G/3035
Mummery A.E. L/10012
Mummery W.A. G/417
Munday L.R. T/2135
Munday S.G. S/10923
Munds A.E. G/9368
Munn T.W. L/6833
Munton A. S/716
Murdock A.V. L/9394
Murphy J. T/242638
Murphy T.W. G/3563
Murphy W. L/8190
Murray P.S. G/20843
Murrell F.G. S/9429
Myall B.L. G/2733
Nash E.A. G/3496
Nash F. G/9540
Nash J. G/2358
Naylor M.E. T/241836
Naylor W.H. G/12842
Naylor W.J. G/10151
Neal W. G/25758
Neame J. L/7832
Neave A. G/13240
Needham H. G/14699
Neeves J.C. G/12954
Neill C. S/10607
Nelson B.A. G/2168
Nevard F.R. L/9892
Neve A.W. S/62
Neves C.H. G/8280
Neville A. G/12733
Newbold C.F. G/1884
Newby W. G/24726
Newcombe H.V. G/3616
Newell F. L/6432
Newell F. G/821
Newell W.J. T/202566
Newick I.O. L/9108
Newington H. G/2523
Newland F.T. G/237
Newman C. G/21934
Newman G.A. G/17750
Newman J.W. G/9733
Newman J.W. G/25412
Newport C. G/2508
Newport J.J. G/940
Newson G.A. G/13086
Newton T.H. L/7133
Nicholas A. G/5162
Nicholas A. G/5536
Nicholas R. G/17997
Nicholas T. G/6707
Nicholls A. L/10343
Nicholls A.E. L/10252
Nicholls C. G/17434
Nicholson W.A. G/12728
Ninnis A.E. T/241973
Nixon J. G/2639
Nixon S.C. G/1399
Nobbs R.D. G/2316
Noble E. G/7691
Nolte F.H.D. G/4470
Norkett W.T. T/243167
Norman C.D. T/203266
Norman F. G/18207
Norman O. G/2199
Norman W.H. G/19025
Norrington F. G/4374
Norris A.E. T/270391
Norris F. L/7781
Norris S.L. G/3454
Norris W. L/8705
North C.G.A. G/500
Norton A.D. G/3895
Norton A.E. L/9324
Norton C.T. G/830
Notley W.T. G/20897
Nowell H.H. G/17809
Nunn A.W. T/3133
Nunn R.G. G/2600
Nutley G. G/7004
Nutt P.J. G/20827
Nye A. T/203248


Non-commissioned Officers

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