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Kent Online Parish Clerks

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Donations & Gifts

Thank you for your participation

We hope that you've found this site useful for your local or family history research.  Beyond the major contribution of resources by the various record offices and the Family History Library, the Kent Online Parish Clerks project is self-funded.  If you would like to participate in building more resources for this project but are unable to transcribe or index records, or find access to records difficult, resources can be donated.

If you wish to volunteer either as an OPC or as a casual contributor I would direct you to the Volunteer page for further information.

Donations for Record Transcriptions

We will arrange for the transcription or indexing of the records for your specified parish or the special interest that you have.  You, our donor, will receive full credit on each page of the transcriptions as the sponsor for that resource or parish, as the case may be, along with the credit given to the participating transcriber.  In addition, we offer our donors the option of having their donation dedicated to the memory of a family member who resided in the parish.

If your parish of choice has an OPC the opportunity would be given first to that OPC to transcribe the record.  If that OPC is unable to complete the transcription we will then arrange for an independent transcriber to complete the transcription.  In either case, credit would be given to you as donor/supporter of that particular record.  Credit would also be given to the transcriber of the record.

Gifts of Reference Material

The Kent OPC web site is designed to be a platform through which to share transcribed information for a particular parish even if no OPC has taken up responsibility for that parish.  Accordingly, any donations of photographs, articles, original source material and general historical information about any Kent parish will be very welcome.  I am certain that, even if a particular parish has an OPC, any donation of additional material would be most welcomed by that OPC.  Credit would be given to you as donor of the particular record on the record transcription page.  If you so specify, the source can be used only for lookups.  Credit will be given to you as donor of the particular record on our Acknowledgements page.  Please email me with your details.

Sponsor a Parish

This option is ideally suited to small local businesses such as B & Bs, restaurants, gift shops.  In exchange for your contribution you will be given credit as the sponsor for that parish during the term of your active participation as a sponsor.  We will also set up a suitable on-page advertisement for your business on certain pages associated with the parish of your choice.  Please note that parishes that already have an Online Parish Clerk or independently donated transcripts are not available for sponsorship.  If you wish to sponsor a particular parish, please write to me, Susan Young, at setting out your details and advising of the parish you wish to sponsor.

Web Site Maintenance Donations

Again, this option is ideally suited to small local businesses as described in the section immediately above.  Many costs must be met in order to keep this web site active such as domain registration and renewal fees, server set-up fees, and domain hosting/storage fees.  If you feel you would like to help us, in any way, to meet some of these costs we would be most grateful.  Credit would be given to you for your contribution on our list of Acknowledgements.  Please email me for further details.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and thank you very much for choosing to support this exciting project.  Your contributions are an integral part in the overall ongoing success of the Kent Online Parish Clerks project.