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FAQs about Genealogy Research

Below are several research questions that we have asked of us many times in any one month. Click on the question (below) that is of interest to you to reveal the answer.

Where can I get birth, death and marriage certificates?

My ancestor died in Kent - not sure where - after 1858. How can I get a copy of his Will?

Where can I get a copy of my family's 'coat of arms'?

What does 7br, 8br, 9br, Xbr or 10br mean when entered in place of a date on a document?

What do the abbreviations "Pd" and "P" in the church register mean?

What is Hardwicke's Marriage Act and what can it do for my research?

What is a Settlement Certificate?

What is a Removal order?

What sources in England are sealed for 100 years?

Did the term son-in-law ever have a different meaning other than being the husband of one's daughter?

What is the difference between 'Junior' and 'younger' when found in a document?

What is an "Admon. with the before registered will annexed" and how do I get a copy of the Will?

What is a marriage register code and where would I find it?

Is there any index to the registers on CityArk?

How do I find any information on CityArk?

On the 1881 Census the letters N.D. are entered underneath the occupation. What does this mean?