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Your County Administrator, Susan D. Young

Hello fellow 'genea' hunters, I'm Susan, your County Administrator

biowebpic.jpgI hope this brief look at my experience and interests provides you the opportunity to get to know a little bit about me, your County Administrator.  Any work or information that I provide in my capacity as the County Administrator of the Kent OPC project is drawn from my many years of direct research experience and my intimate knowledge of record and archival procedures.  Any advice or assistance I provide is not to be construed in any manner whatsoever as constituting legal advice.

Academic achievements

1974 Grad., Humanities and The Liberal Arts, West Coast College, Westminster, California

1977 Diploma, Law and Business Administration, St. Catharines College, Mason's Hall Campus, Ontario

1980 Diploma, Realty Licensing, Niagara College, Welland Vale Campus, Ontario

1988 Certification, Law Clerk (Ontario), Law Society of Upper Canada, Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Ontario

Continuing Education

Rules of Evidence, Law Society of Upper Canada, Osgoode Hall, Toronto

Communication for Managers, Harvard Business School (Distance Program), Toronto

Intellectual Property Law, Harvard Business School (Distance Program), Toronto

Corporate Liability, Harvard Business School (Distance Program), Toronto


1990 to date Chief Executive and Professional Researcher, Ancestry Solutions (formerly The Family Historian), registered Ontario business

1984 to date non-member Librarian and International Research Specialist, Family History Centre, Church of Latter-Day Saints, St. Catharines


Corporate Compliance and Legal Affairs Administrator and Office of Corporate Secretary

  •     TecSyn Inc.
  •     Omnisport International Corp.
  •     Sportec International Inc.
  •     Novastran (1986) Ltd.
  •     Omnisport GmbH
  •     Tuftbond Carpet Mills Inc.

Corporate Compliance and Legal Affairs Administrator and Office of Assistant Corporate Secretary

  •     TecSyn Canada Limited
  •     Omisport Australia International Pty. Ltd.
  •     Omnisport International (U.K.) Ltd.
  •     Polyloom Corporation of America Corp.
  •     Poli-Twine Inc.
  •     Ozite Canada (1981) Inc.

Corporate Compliance and Legal Affairs Administrator and Office of Second Assistant Corporate Secretary

  •     Tecsyn International Inc.

1980-1984 Law Clerk (Family and Civil Litigation), for The Honourable Judge Donald J. Taliano, formerly partner Chown, Cairns, Barristers and Solicitors, St. Catharines, Ontario

1977-1980 employed at various other law firms in Toronto and St. Catharines across broad practice areas, including conveyancing, corporate, probate and criminal law


Genealogical Experience

  (current to 31 Dec., 2011)
EnglandUse and analysis of all forms of documentation12,547 hours
ScotlandUse and analysis of all forms of documentation5,555 hours
Ireland Use and analysis of all forms of documentation3,407 hours
Canada Use and analysis of all forms of documentation6,794 hours
U.S.A. Use and analysis of all forms of documentation2,321 hours
Italy Use and analysis of all forms of documentation5,554 hours
Germany Use and analysis of all forms of documentation3,565 hours
Metis (Canada) Use and analysis of original or filmed documentation
(including preparation of all necessary documentation for successful registration of native status)
2,384 hours
 Total hours of practical genealogical research experience42,127 hours


  (by copyright date)

Additional genealogical experience

Performance of services for Canada Immigration, foreign Public Trustees, probate firms and solicitors in verifying claims of entitlement to entry into Canada, citizenship in both Canada and the U.S.A. as well as entitlement to legacies and bequests, respectively.

Conducted seminars and classes regarding various aspects of genealogical research and evidence independently and for several libraries and women's groups throughout the Niagara Peninsula.

Volunteer & Charitable Activities

Since December, 2006, County Administrator and Project Co-Ordinator, Kent Online Parish Clerks (

Since May 1983, Family History Consultant (non-member) and European research specialist at the Family History Centre of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints groups at St. Catharines.

Continuing Supporter, Lincoln County Humane Society, Ontario S.P.C.A., World Wildlife Federation, Red Cross

Founding member, Animal Assistance Society (registered charity), St. Catharines

Founding member, United Animal Protection Society (registered charity), St. Catharines

Founding member, Unity Metaphysical Study Group, (registered charity), St. Catharines

Past Secretary, Effingham Heritage Association, Pelham

Personal Interests

I have a vast and varied range of interests, and owing to continual extra-curricular education throughout my primary and secondary schools days, have acquired many skills and talents in the arts.  Amongst my passions are architecture, archaeology, sociology, philosophy, metaphysics, anthropology, dance, music, equestrian events, murder mysteries, logic puzzles, vintage aircraft and watercraft, aeronautical acrobatics and Formula One racing.  I am also a pianist, vocalist, artist (primarily oil, acrylic and pastels), sculptress (clay), swimmer, hiker, dancer, equestrian, and an eager participant in road rallying, flying and, for quieter times, needlework (tapestry, cross-stitch and weaving).