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St. Mary the Virgin, Eastry, Kent © Copyright Robin Webster - - and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence cc-by-sa/2.0.
St. Mary the Virgin, Eastry Parish Church

Eastry 1861 Census

Transcribed by Mick Ralph.
The National Archives, RG9/539, fols. 72-104, Eastry, Kent, England.
7211Woodnesborough LaneFOORDAbrahamHead W 80Bricklayer Master Emp 4b-l 4lab SSX Newick empl 4 bricklayers & 4 lab
7211Woodnesborough LaneFOORDHenrySon M 60Bricklayer KEN Nonington
7211Woodnesborough LaneFOORDMaryDaughter-in-lawM45  KEN Woodnesborough
7211Woodnesborough LaneFOORDGeorgeSon U 45Bricklayer KEN Eastry
7212Woodnesborough LaneHUCKSTEPRobertHead M 37Baker KEN Wye
7212Woodnesborough LaneHUCKSTEPMarthaWife M37  KEN Woolich ? Woolwich
7212Woodnesborough LaneHUCKSTEPJane Dau  14Scholar KEN Old Brompton
7213Woodnesborough LaneBILNERRobertHead M 45Groom Chelsea Pensioner LAN Bury
7213Woodnesborough LaneBILNERJenetWife M30  SCT Edinborough
7213Woodnesborough LaneBILNERRobertSon  13Scholar WAR Birmingham
7213Woodnesborough LaneBILNERJohnSon  4Scholar DEV Exeter
7214Woodnesborough LanePRIORGeorgeHead M 30Ag Labourer KEN Rowling
7214Woodnesborough LanePRIOREmmaWife M24  KEN Eastry
7214Woodnesborough LanePRIOREllen Dau  2m  KEN Eastry
7214Woodnesborough LaneJARVISGeorgeBrother-in-lawU 20Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
7214Woodnesborough LaneJARVISWilliamBrother-in-lawU 18Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
7215Woodnesborough LaneWONSTALLWilliamHead M 56Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
7215Woodnesborough LaneWONSTALLElizabethWife M54  KEN Lyminge
7215Woodnesborough LaneWONSTALLGeorge-T.Son U 16Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
7216Woodnesborough LaneHOILERichardHead M 40Engine Driver KEN Houghham
7216Woodnesborough LaneHOILEMatildaWife M37  KEN Eastry
7216Woodnesborough LaneHOILEMary-R. Dau  7Scholar KEN Eastry
7216Woodnesborough LaneHOILEElizabeth-A. Dau  5Scholar KEN Eastry
7216Woodnesborough LaneHOILEFrederick-R.Son  3Scholar KEN Eastry
7216Woodnesborough LaneHOILEJohnSon  11m KEN Eastry
7227Woodnesborough LaneDEVESONRichardHead M 29Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
7227Woodnesborough LaneDEVESONElizaWife M24  KEN Womenswould
7227Woodnesborough LaneDEVESONWilliamSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
7227Woodnesborough LaneDEVESONSarah Dau  2  KEN Eastry
7228Eastry Street LAURENCEElizaHead U 59Farming 15 Acres Empl 1 Man KEN Woodnesborough
7228Eastry Street LAURENCEEsther-E.Niece..11Scholar KEN Woodnesborough
7229Eastry Street WYBORNMary L.Servnt U 25  KEN Northbourne
7229Eastry Street CARLTONAnneServnt U 16  KEN Ham
7229Eastry Street STANDERSolly U 27Dressmaker KEN Eastry
72210Eastry Street BERRYWilliamHead M 35Grocers Assistant HRT North Mimmens presumably north mimms
72210Eastry Street BERRYElizabethWife M30Schoolmistress KEN St. Lawrence
72210Eastry Street BERRYCordelia-E. Dau  2  KEN Ramsgate
72210Eastry Street BERRYElizabeth-E. Dau  4m  KEN Eastry
72210Eastry Street WALKERMary AuntM66Tailoress ESS Southminster
72211Eastry Street MORRISSarahHead U 66Annuitant KEN Eastry
72211Eastry Street MORRISJuliet-F. Dau  36  KEN Eastry
72212Eastry Street BELLFEILDHerbertSon  3  KEN Dover ?misspelling of bellfield
72212Eastry Street BELLFEILDFrank-W.Son  2  KEN Eastry ?misspelling of bellfield
72212Eastry Street WACKETTEllenServnt U 36Nurse KEN Canterbury ? Surname
72212Eastry Street PEARCEAnnServnt U 28Cook KEN Dover
72212Eastry Street ELLENDENAnn-F.Servnt U 25Housemaid KEN Dover
72213Eastry Street TERRYWilliamHead M 41Baker & Grocer & Beer Seller KEN St. Laurence
72213Eastry Street TERRYJaneWife M49  DEV Broadwood
72213Eastry Street TERRYMarion-E. Dau U 15Scholar DEV Egsmford can't read ? Intended as eggesford?
72213Eastry Street TERRYMary-J. Dau  12Scholar DEV Egsmford can't read ? Intended as eggesford?
73313Eastry Street TERRYEmily-R. Dau  8Scholar KEN Eastry ? Second initial
73313Eastry Street TERRYWilliamFatherW 74Publican KEN Eastry
73314Eastry Street, Post OfficeFOORDGeorgeHead M 37Painter & Plumber Empl 2 Men KEN Eastry
73314Eastry Street, Post Office FOORDSarahWife M26  KEN Eastry
73314Eastry Street, Post OfficeFOORDWilliam-G.Son  5m  KEN Eastry
73314Eastry Street, Post OfficeCAVEWilliam-J. VisitorM 53Watchmaker MDX Clerkenwell
73314Eastry Street, Post Office CAVESarah VisitorM46Wife WAR -
73315Eastry Street, Bakers ShopWYBORNAlfredHead M 33Baker Master Empl 2 Men KEN Sandwich
73315Eastry Street, Bakers ShopWYBORNSelinaWife M30  KEN Chislett
73315Eastry Street, Bakers ShopWYBORNHerbert-J.Son  12Scholar KEN Eastry
73315Eastry Street, Bakers Shop WYBORNEdwin-A.Son  8Scholar KEN Eastry
73315Eastry Street, Bakers ShopWYBORNOlliff-J. Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
73315Eastry Street, Bakers ShopWYBORNWalter-G.Son  3Scholar KEN Eastry
73315Eastry Street, Bakers ShopWYBORNFrankSon  1  KEN Eastry
73315Eastry Street, Bakers ShopCASTLEHarriet-J.Servnt U 16House Servant KEN Chillenden
73315Eastry Street, Bakers ShopCHAPMANGeorge-H.Servnt U 19Baker KEN Ramsgate
73316Eastry Street FAGGRichardHead M 59Tailor KEN Eastry
73316Eastry Street FAGGLydiaWife M57  KEN Worth
73317 FERRIERSusannaHead W72  KEN Deal
73318 Cordwainers Shop MARSHThomasHead M 52Cordwainer Empl 2 Men KEN Ash
73318Cordwainers Shop MARSHElizaWife M45  KEN Barfrestone
73318Cordwainers Shop MARSHEliza Dau U 15Scholar KEN Eastry
73318Cordwainers Shop MARSHWalter-G.Son  13Scholar KEN Eastry
73319 PITTOCKWilliamHead M 44Butcher Master Empl 3 Men KEN Folkstone
73319 PITTOCKCharlotte-E.Wife M45  KEN Northbourne
73419 PITTOCKJulia Dau U 23Bookkeeper Butchers KEN Northbourne
73419 PITTOCKWilliam-F.Son U 21Butcher KEN St. Peters Thanet
73419 PITTOCKCharlotte Dau U 19Domestic Assistant KEN Eastry
73419 PITTOCKWalter-G.Son U 17Butcher KEN Eastry
73419 PITTOCKRalphSon  15Clerk At Oil Mill KEN Eastry
73419 PITTOCKFriendSon  13Scholar KEN Eastry
73419 PITTOCKFrederickSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
73419 PITTOCKEdwinSon  8Scholar KEN Eastry
73419 PITTOCKAlbertSon  5Scholar KEN Eastry
73419 PITTOCKSophia Dau  3Scholar KEN Eastry
73419 PITTOCKJane Dau  3m  KEN Eastry
73419 FRIENDMary-AnnNiece U 19Domestic Servant KEN Betshanger
73420Eastry Street REDMANMary-A.Head W43Shopkeeper KEN Sandwich
73420Eastry Street REDMANJoana Dau U 17  KEN Eastry
73420Eastry Street NICHOLLSLouisaHead U 26SchoolmistressCON -I think this is start of sch. 21
73421 NICHOLLSMary-J. Sister U 31Farmers DaughterCON -I think sch. Should be the line above
73422 ROGERSRichardHead M 60Pauper KEN Ash
73422 ROGERSHannahWife M60Pauper KEN Northbourne
73422 ROGERSMary-A. Dau U 20  KEN Eastry
73422 CULVEREmmaGrndau 1  KEN Eastry
73423 SPINNEREdwardHead M 30Carrier KEN Deal
73423 SPINNERSusannaWife M28  KEN Eastry
73423 SPINNERAmy Dau  4Scholar KEN Eastry
73423 SPINNEREdward-A.Son  9m  KEN Eastry
73423 ADAMSThomasLodger M 45Painter Decorater GLS Bristol county not noted, but is GLS
74524Eastry Street CONVERElizabethHead M61Wife of a Butler STS Aldridge
74525Eastry Street TAMESarahHead W46Laundress KEN Ash
74525Eastry Street BUCKLEYJamesLodger W 55Painter Decorater MDX Stepney
74526Eastry Street HAWKINSGeorgeHead M 46Ag Labourer KEN Goodnestone
74526Eastry Street HAWKINSCharlotteWife M44Laundress KEN Eythorne
74526Eastry Street HAWKINSGeorgeSon U 22Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
74526Eastry Street HAWKINSWilliamSon U 16Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
74526Eastry Street HAWKINSHarriet Dau  13Scholar KEN Eastry
74526Eastry Street HAWKINSFanny Dau  10Scholar KEN Eastry
74526Eastry Street HAWKINSEdwardSon  8Scholar KEN Eastry
74526Eastry Street HAWKINSHenrySon  5Scholar KEN Eastry
74527 Bull Inn Public House MANSEREdwardHead M 42Innkeeper & Tailor KEN Northbourne
74527 Bull Inn Public House MANSEREmily-E.Wife M39  KEN Nonington
74527 Bull Inn Public House MANSERMargaret Dau  11Scholar KEN Eythorne
74527 Bull Inn Public House MANSERHerbertSon  9Scholar KEN Eythorne
74527 Bull Inn Public House MANSERJohn-A.Son  7Scholar KEN Eythorne
74527 Bull Inn Public House MANSERJosephSon  4  KEN Eythorne
74527Bull Inn Public House MANSEREliza Dau  2  KEN Eythorne
74527 Bull Inn Public House EASTERLaurenceBrother-in-law..75Formerly Housekeeper & Painter? KEN Northbourne
74527 Bull Inn Public House BOWMANAnnServnt U 22House Servant KEN Eastry
74527 Bull Inn Public House SLADDENEdward-R.Servnt W 63Ostler KEN Ash
74527 Bull Inn Public House SOAMESJohnLodger W 50Bricklayer KEN Eastry
74527 Bull Inn Public House MANSFEILDRobertLodger U 24Tailor SSX Hastings
74527 Bull Inn Public House JARVISHenryLodger U 23Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
74528Eastry Street YOUNGThomasHead M 67Schoolmaster LND Chelsea
74628Eastry Street YOUNGSophiaWife M63Schoolmistress KEN Lower Horder
74628Eastry Street MAXTEDThomasLodger M 48Blacksmith KEN Swingfeild misspelling of swingfield
74628Eastry Street MAXTEDThomasLodger U 16Blacksmith KEN Folkstone
74628Eastry Street BRIGHTAlfredLodger U 40Gardener KEN Eastry
74629Eastry Street FREWERThomasHead M 64Plumber & Painter KEN St. Peters Thanet
74629Eastry Street FREWERMary-AnnWife M62  MDX Old Street
74630Eastry Street COURTJohnHead M 53Dairyman KEN Swingfeild
74630Eastry StreetCOURTMaryWife M56  KEN Swingfeild
74631 BOWMANJosephHead M 52Schoolmaster KEN Eastry
74631 BOWMANMaryannWife M62  KEN Halstead
74631 BOWMANMaria Dau U 28Shopwoman KEN Eastry
74631 PIERCELouisa Dau M30Wife of a ? KEN Eastry ?occupation
74631 PIERCESusannahGrndau 3  KEN Charlton Dover
74631 PIERCEWillie-P. Grandson ..1m  KEN Charlton Dover
74632Collarmakers Shop BUTLERJamesHead M 73Sadler KEN Edgerton misspelling of egerton
74632Collarmakers Shop BUTLERElizabethWife M74  KEN Preston
74632Collarmakers Shop POOLEWilliamLodger U 38Decorator WES Kendal
74633 Grocers Shop FERRIERWilliamHead M 35Baker & Grocer KEN Eastry
74633 Grocers Shop FERRIERReturahWife M34  KEN Faversham ?forename
74633Grocers Shop FERRIEREmma Dau  8Scholar KEN Eastry
74633Grocers Shop FERRIERWilliamSon  7Scholar KEN Eastry
74633Grocers Shop FERRIERHelen-M. Dau  1  KEN Eastry
74633Grocers Shop WILLIAMSFrancesServnt U 16House Servant KEN Eastry
74633Grocers Shop PRICEJohnServnt U 16Baker KEN Deal
74634Eastry Street SPAINSarah-AnnHead W45Laundress KEN Eastry
75734Eastry Street SPAINJuniom Dau U 21House Servant KEN Eastry ?forename
75735Eastry Street Sadlers Shop COBINThomasHead M 63?master Sadler Empl 1 Man KEN Woodnesborough ?surname ?word before sadler
75735Eastry Street Sadlers Shop COBINCarolineWife M57  KEN Chatham
75735Eastry Street Sadlers Shop COBINJamesSon U 23Sadler KEN Eastry
75735Eastry Street Sadlers Shop COZENSCatharine-J.Grndau 5  KEN Staple
75735Eastry Street Sadlers Shop COZENSLucyGrndau 3  KEN Staple
75736 DRAYSONWilliamHead M 64Blacksmith Master Empl 2 Men KEN Eastry
75736 DRAYSONElizaWife M44  KEN Eastry
75736 DRAYSONWilliam-S.Son  5  KEN Eastry
75737 MARTINRobert-T.Head M 50Cordwainer Master KEN Deal
75737 MARTINDianaWife M42  KEN Cudham
75738 HOLIDAYGeorgeHead M 33Stone Sawyer KEN Woodnesborough
75738 HOLIDAYAnn-S.Wife M32  KEN Walmer
75738 HOLIDAYGeorgeSon  3  KEN Sandwich
75738 HOLIDAYWilliamSon  1  KEN Eastry
75738 PRITCHARDMary Mother-in-LawU 74Formerly Housekeeper KEN Eastry
75739 BOWMANThomasHead M 77Carpenter KEN Littlebourn
75739 BOWMANAnnWife M50Laundress KEN Ham
75740 WOODJaneHead W72Laundress KEN Newchurch
75740 WOODJohnSon U 35Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
75741Eastry Street FOORDJohnHead M 50Bricklayer KEN Eastry
75741Eastry Street FOORDAnnWife M46  KEN Eastry
75741Eastry Street FOORDCharlotte-E. Dau  15  KEN Eastry
75741Eastry Street FOORDSusan Dau  8Scholar KEN Eastry
75741Eastry Street FOORDJohnSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
75841Eastry Street FOORDRobertSon  4  KEN Eastry
75841Eastry Street FOORDAnne Dau  1  KEN Eastry
75842 STANDINGAnnHead W68  KEN Word
75842 STANDINGEdwardSon U 29Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
75842 STANDINGSarah-A. Visitor..3  KEN Dover
75843 TURNERSarahHead W70Oak Door Pauper KEN Preston
75844 NYEIsaacHead M 40Draper & Methodist Preacher, emp 1 asst. KEN East Peckham
75844 NYEFrances-A.Wife M37  LND Westminster
75844 NYEEmily-G. Dau  6  STS West Bromich presumably "West Bromwich"
75844 MORTIMERSamuelAssistantU 18Drapers Assistant BRK Leckhamstead
75845 YOUNGSusannaWife M55Carpenters Wife (Deaf) KEN Eastry surname could be nonny
75846 PRIOREphraimHead M 42Wheelwright KEN St. Marys birthplace unclear
75846 PRIORJaneWife M32  KEN Nonington
75846 PRIOREphraimSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
75846 PRIORJane Dau  8Scholar KEN Eastry
75846 PRIOREllen Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
75846 PRIORLaurie Dau  1  KEN Eastry
75846 MARTINElizabeth-A.Servnt 13House Servant KEN Eastry
75847 LATHAMHenry-H.Head M 30M R C Eng; Asst To Gen. Pract. DEV Barnstaple
75847 LATHAMEliza-M.Wife M24  MDX Chelsea
75848Eastry Street DRAYGeorgeHead M 36Carter KEN Waltham
75848Eastry Street DRAYPhoebeWife M36  KEN Petham
75848Eastry Street DRAYCharlotte Dau  12Scholar KEN Northbourne
75848Eastry Street DRAYWilliamSon  11Scholar KEN Northbourne
75848Eastry Street DRAYRichardSon  10Scholar KEN Northbourne
76948Eastry Street DRAYStephenSon  8Scholar KEN Northbourne
76948Eastry Street DRAYJamesSon  6Scholar KEN Eastry
76948Eastry Street DRAYSarah Dau  3  KEN Eastry
76948Eastry Street DRAYGeorgeSon  1  KEN Eastry
7690 Uninhabited      
76949 HORTONWilliamHead M 32Wheelwright KEN Church Hougham
76949 HORTONCharlotteWife M30  KEN Eastry
76949 HORTONAnnie Dau  2  KEN Eastry
76949 DUNNSarahServnt U 17House Servant KEN Eastry
76949 TURNERDavidLodger M 38Cabinet Maker HEF -
76950 WATSONJaneLodger U 57Governess NBL Ilderton not clear why sched. no. here
76951 MOATEthelbertHead M 27Carpenter KEN Eastry
76951 MOATElizaWife M32  KEN Dover
76951 MOATEthelbertSon  3Scholar KEN Eastry
76951 MOATDouglasSon  6m  KEN Eastry
76952 WORDSWORTHMrs.Head W69Fundholder LND St James apparently no forename
76952 WORDSWORTHMiss Dau U 46Fundholder KEN Sandwich apparently no forename
76953 HIGGINSJohnHead M 41Groom & Gardener KEN Eythorne
76953 HIGGINSDennessWife M33  KEN Eythorne
76953 HIGGINSMary-A. Dau  11Scholar KEN Coldred
76953 HIGGINSWilliamSon  9Scholar KEN Coldred
76953 HIGGINSSarah-J. Dau  7Scholar KEN Eastry
76953 HIGGINSEdward-M.Son  4Scholar KEN Eastry
76953 HIGGINSJamesSon  3  KEN Eastry
76953 HIGGINSJohnSon  1  KEN Eastry
76953 HYDEWilliamLodger U 32Bricklayers Labourer KEN Bridge
761054Eastry Street GRAHAMElizabethHead W64Charwoman KEN Eastry
761054Eastry Street GRAHAMEmma Dau U 18Servant Maid KEN Eastry
761055 DUNNAlexanderHead M 65Ag Lab M Greenwich Pensioner KEN Ham
761055 DUNNFrancesWife M44  KEN Northbourne
761055 DUNNFrances Dau  11Scholar KEN Eastry
761055 DUNNAlexanderSon  9Scholar KEN Eastry
761055 DUNNGeorgeSon  5Scholar KEN Eastry
761056 LEGGATTRichard-S.Head U 41M R C S Eng Lond LPA Lond GP KEN Deal General Practitioner
761056 BRACKLEYElizabethServnt U 41House Keeper KEN Birchington
761056 DUNNEdwardServnt 13Errand Boy KEN Eastry
761057 DEVESONRichardHead U 60Fundholder KEN Eastry Deveson, but could be Doveson
761058 SUTTONStephenHead M 37Ag Labourer KEN Northbourne
761058 SUTTONAnnWife M35  KEN Eastry
761058 SUTTONCharlotte Dau  7Scholar KEN Eastry
761058 SUTTONSusanna Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
761058 SUTTONMariann Dau  1  KEN Eastry
761058 SUTTONDorcas Mother-in-LawW82Out Door Pauper (Deaf) KEN St Margarets suspect "out door "
761059Eastry Street MARTINHenryHead M 39Gardener KEN Sandwich
761059Eastry Street MARTINSarahWife M38  KEN Eastry
761059Eastry Street DAWKINSSarah Mother-in-LawW74  KEN Eastry
761059Eastry Street MARTINJohnSon  14Helper To Groom KEN Eastry
761059Eastry Street MARTINHenrySon  12Scholar KEN Eastry
761059Eastry Street MARTINAnn Dau  10Scholar KEN Eastry
761059Eastry Street MARTINGeorgeSon  9Scholar KEN Eastry
761059Eastry Street MARTINAlfredSon  7Scholar KEN Eastry
771159Eastry Street MARTINEdward-W.Son  5Scholar KEN Eastry
771159Eastry Street MARTINEmma Dau  3Scholar KEN Eastry
771159Eastry Street MARTINEllen Dau  1  KEN Eastry
771160 SOUTHWELLFrederickHead M 25Ag Labourer KEN Buckland
771161 ULPTONMaryHead W68Gentlemans Woman KEN St Margarets Cliff
771161 MATSONJohnBrother M 70Gentleman KEN St Margarets Cliff
771161 MATSONHannah Sister-in-law M66  KEN Upchurch
771162 ROMNEYWilliamHead M 35Gardener KEN Goodnestone
771162 ROMNEYAnn-S.Wife M40  KEN Deal
771162 ROMNEYHarry-F.Son  6Scholar KEN Eastry
771162 ROMNEYCharlesSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
771162 PARKERLydia-A. VisitorW45  KEN Deal
771162 MOATEdith Boarder ..5Scholar KEN Eastry
771163 YOUNGAlfredHead M 32Tailor KEN Eastry
771163 YOUNGCharlotteWife M32  KEN Deal
771163 YOUNGWalter-T.Son  11m KEN Eastry
771163 GORDONGeorgeLodger U 35Painter SRY Kingston On Thames
771163 TOZERWilliamLodger M 50Painter LND Westminster
771164 NOWERJosephHead M 24Carter KEN Eastry
771164 NOWERSarahWife M24  KEN Eastry
771165 FITZGERALDRebeccaHead M44Laundress KEN Ham
771165 FITZGERALDJames-J.Son  6Scholar KEN Eastry
771165 FITZGERALDHarriet-A. Dau  3Scholar KEN Eastry
771166Walton House RAEElizabeth-L.Head W66Landed Proprietor FundholderOVB Dominica ? Forenames initial
771166Walton House RAEJamesSon M 31Army Retired Fundholder Kav LND -occup inc Kent Artillery Volunteers
771266Walton House RAEAdelaide Son's wife M30Fundholder LND -
771266Walton House RAERosa-M. Dau U 24Fundholder KEN Eastry
771266Walton House RAEFlorence-G.Grndau 3  LND -
771266Walton House RAEAda-G.Grndau 2  KEN Eastry
771266Walton House RAEConstanceGrndau 9m  KEN Eastry
771266Walton House DEVESONJohnServnt U 17Footman KEN Eastry
771266Walton House HONEYSETTCarolineServnt U 20Cook SSX Dullington
771266Walton House BROWNClaraServnt U 18Nurse LND -
771266Walton House THOMPSONEmilyServnt U 15Housemaid SSX Pevensey
771267Walton FarmWILLIAMSJohnHead M 38Clerk To Cornfactor KEN Bishopsbourne
771267Walton FarmWILLIAMSElizabeth-A.Wife M34  KEN Bridge
771267Walton FarmWILLIAMSJohnSon  9Scholar KEN Bridge
771267Walton FarmWILLIAMSFrederick-A.Son  7Scholar KEN Bridge
771267Walton FarmWILLIAMSGeorgeSon  6Scholar KEN Bridge
771267Walton FarmWILLIAMSFanny-C. Dau  3  KEN Canterbury
771267Walton FarmWILLIAMSAlice-M. Dau  1  KEN Eastry
771268Little Walton CASTLERobertHead U 44Landed Proprietor & Fundholder KEN Sandwich
771268Little WaltonWENDENRobertServnt M 28Groom KEN Littlebourne
771268Little WaltonWENDENJaneServnt M30House Servant KEN Wingham
771269 CHAPMANJohnHead M 38Painter Journeyman KEN Ramsgate
771269 CHAPMANHannahWife M53  KEN Ash
771269 CHAPMANMary Dau U 16  KEN Ramsgate
771270 StatenboroughWELLSGeorgeHead M 35Groom KEN Hythe
771270 Statenborough WELLSSarahWife M29  KEN Postling
771270 StatenboroughWELLSMary-A. Dau  6Scholar KEN Ashford
781370 StatenboroughWELLSEmily Dau  4Scholar KEN Folkestone
781370 Statenborough WELLSGeorgeSon  2  KEN Eastry
781371 Statenborough DEVESONHenryHead M 57Farm Servant KEN Eastry
781371 Statenborough DEVESONMarthaWife M59  BRK Thatham should be thatcham
781372 BELSEYMary-A.Head W55  KEN Deal
781372 BELSEYWilliam-J.Son U 30Ag Labourer KEN Deal
781373 HUNTMary-A.Head W49Dairywoman KEN Woodnesborough
781373 HUNTHenrySon U 18Ag Labourer KEN Word
781373 HUNTHarriet Dau  15  KEN Word
781373 HUNTSarah Dau  10  KEN Word
781373 HUNTWilliamSon  8Scholar KEN Eastry
781373 HUNTThomasSon  6Scholar KEN Eastry
781373 CHURCHEdwardServnt U 19Farm Servant Indoor KEN Northbourne
781373 ALLRIDGESamuelServnt U 19Farm Servant Indoor KEN Eastry
781374 BROWNJamesHead M 49Farm Bailiff KEN Mongeham
781374 BROWNMaryWife M42  KEN Shepherdswell
781374 BROWNLouisa Dau  7Scholar KEN Ramsgate
781374 BROWNMartha Dau  3Scholar KEN Woodnesborough
781375 CHURCHJamesHead M 49Ag Labourer KEN Barum ? Barham
781375 CHURCHHarrietWife M47  KEN Eastry
781375 CHURCHFanny Dau  14Scholar KEN Eastry
781375 CHURCHLizzy Dau  11Scholar KEN Eastry
781375 CHURCHJamesSon  9Scholar KEN Eastry
781375 CHURCHWilliamSon  6Scholar KEN Eastry
781476 Little Statenborough COLEMANGeorgeHead M 41Landed Proprietor KEN Ash
781476 Little Statenborough COLEMANMarionWife M30  GLS Mangotsfeild misspelling of mangotsfield
781476 Little Statenborough HAYWARDFrancesCousinU 25Visitor KEN Dover
781476 Little Statenborough HUNTAnn-J.Servnt U 22Cook KEN Whitstable
781476 Little Statenborough RIGDENSarah-A.Servnt U 17Housemaid KEN Mongeham
781477 Statenborough House SAYERGeorgeHead W 72Farmer 140 Acres 8 Men 1 Boy KEN Sandwich ?Surname
781477 Statenborough House HARVEYJohn-J.Son-in-law M 36Farmer 170 Acres 6 Men 1 Boy KEN Ripple
781477 Statenborough House HARVEYRoberta Dau M30Wife of John KEN Sandwich
781477 Statenborough House HARVEYJohn-J.Son  6  KEN Eastry
781477 Statenborough House SETTERFEILDAnnServnt U 32Housemaid KEN St Johns Margate surname misprint of setterfield?
781477 Statenborough House PAGECharlotteServnt U 16Under Housemaid KEN Eastry
781477 Statenborough House FERRIERElizaServnt U 42Nurse KEN Sholden
781477 Statenborough House PILCHERElizabethServnt U 32Cook KEN Kennington
781477 Statenborough House NEWMANJohnServnt U 25Coachman & Gardener Domestic ESS Stanstead
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONGeorgeHead M 45Market Gardener& Farmer 33a 3m KEN Eastry
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONElizaWife M37  MDX City
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONRichardSon U 15  KEN Eastry
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONJohnSon  14  KEN Eastry
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONMary-Ann Dau  13Scholar KEN Eastry
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONThomasSon  12Scholar KEN Eastry
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONElizabeth Dau  11Scholar KEN Eastry
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONWilliamSon  9Scholar KEN Eastry
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONEmma Dau  4Scholar KEN Eastry
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONRate Dau  3Scholar KEN Eastry
781478 StatenboroughDEVESONDanielSon  1  KEN Eastry
791578 StatenboroughDAMARDEllenNiece U 26  LND Marylebone
791578 StatenboroughDAYEmmaServnt U 19  SRY Shere
791579Turnpike House JAMIESONThomasHead M 43Turnpike Gate Keeper SCT -
791580Felderland LaneRICHARDSONHenryHead M 37Ag Labourer LND -
791580Felderland LaneRICHARDSONHarrietWife M33  KEN Eastry
791580Felderland LaneRICHARDSONHenrySon  13Farmers Boy KEN Eastry
791580Felderland LaneRICHARDSONEllen Dau  11Scholar KEN Eastry
791580Felderland LaneRICHARDSONMary-A. Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
791580Felderland LaneRICHARDSONJohnSon  7Scholar KEN Eastry
791580Felderland LaneRICHARDSONEmma Dau  5  KEN Eastry
791580Felderland LaneRICHARDSONHarriet Dau  3  KEN Eastry
791580Felderland LaneRICHARDSONWilliamSon  1  KEN Eastry
791581Felderland LanePHILPOTTCharlesHead M 34Market Gardener 5 Acres Emp 1m KEN Word
791581Felderland LanePHILPOTTJaneWife M30  KEN Sholden
791581Felderland LanePHILPOTTEdwardSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
791581Felderland LanePHILPOTTElizabeth-J. Dau  8Scholar KEN Eastry
791581Felderland LanePHILPOTTCharlesSon  6Scholar KEN Eastry
791582 FASSHAMWilliamHead M 43Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
791582 FASSHAMMaryWife M36  KEN Adisham
791582 FASSHAMMary Dau  13  KEN Woodnesborough
791582 FASSHAMSusan Dau  10Scholar KEN Eastry
791582 FASSHAMWilliamSon  8Scholar KEN Eastry
791582 FASSHAMJane Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
791582 FASSHAMAlfred-T.Son  4  KEN Eastry
791582 FASSHAMHenrySon  1  KEN Eastry
791683 Felderland House HARNETTJohnHead M 63Farmer 8 Acres Empl 1 Man KEN Minster Thanet
791683Felderland House HARNETTLaura Dau U 34  KEN Buckland Dover
791683Felderland House HARNETTJulia Dau U 30  KEN Buckland Dover
791683 Felderland House HARNETTCharlesSon U 22  KEN Eastry
791683 Felderland House HARNETTJane-B. Dau U 20  KEN Eastry
791683Felderland House NIGHElizaServnt U 17House Servant KEN Pluckley
791683Felderland House DOWKERLouiseGrndau 5  KEN Stourmouth
791683Felderland House HARNETTGeorgeSon U 18  KEN Mersham
791684HamCOCKWilliamHead M 60Ag Labourer KEN Northbourne
791684HamCOCKMaryWife M53  KEN Eastry
791684HamCOCKCharlesSon U 19Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
791684HamCOCKAnnGrndau 6  KEN Eastry
791685HamWOODJamesHead M 43Ag Labourer KEN Sandwich
791685HamWOODAnnWife M44  KEN Eastry
791685HamWOODJamesSon  11Farmers Boy KEN Eastry
791685HamWOODWilliamSon  10  KEN Eastry
791685HamWOODCharlotte Dau  8  KEN Eastry
791686HamHOILEThomasHead M 38Ag Labourer KEN Northbourne
791686HamHOILEElizabethWife M31  KEN Sholden
791686HamHOILEFrederickSon  10Farmers Boy KEN Deal
791686HamHOILERose Dau  7Scholar KEN Eastry
791686HamHOILERileySon  5Scholar KEN Eastry
791686HamHOILEEmma Dau  3  KEN Eastry
791686HamHOILEJohnSon  1  KEN Eastry
801787HamSPAINThomasHead M 78Ag Labourer KEN Ash
801787HamSPAINSarah Wife M67  KEN Preston
801788 BRISLEYThomas-A.Head M 59Farm Bailiff KEN Folkstone
801788 BRISLEYPhoebeWife M52Dairy Woman KEN Wye
801788 BRISLEYMarkSon  13Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
801788 BRISLEYDavidSon  11Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
801788 RALPHTomServnt 13  KEN Sandwich
801789 FASSHAMJohnHead M 35Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
801789 FASSHAMCharlotteWife M30  KEN Eastry
801789 FASSHAMJamesSon  11Scholar KEN Eastry
801789 FASSHAMSamuelSon  8Scholar KEN Eastry
801789 FASSHAMJohnSon  6Scholar KEN Eastry
801789 FASSHAMSarah Dau  4  KEN Eastry
801789 FASSHAMEllen Dau  2  KEN Eastry
801789 FASSHAMLydia Dau  1m  KEN Eastry
801790 MOATWilliamHead M 44Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
801790 MOATJaneWife M36  KEN Eastry
801790 MOATWilliamSon  13Scholar KEN Eastry
801790 MOATAnn Dau  11Scholar KEN Eastry
801790 MOATThomasSon  5Scholar KEN Eastry
801790 MOATJane Dau  4  KEN Eastry
801790 MOATEmily Dau  1  KEN Eastry
801791 Hay FarmCHANDLERGeorgeHead M 27Farm Bailiff KEN Ash
801791 Hay FarmCHANDLERSarahWife M22  KEN Ash
801791 Hay FarmJARVISThomasServnt U 55Carter KEN Ewell
801891 Hay FarmKNOWLERWilliamServnt U 17Carters Mate KEN St. Clement Sandwich
801891 Hay FarmKEMPGeorgeServnt 14Carters Mate KEN Ham
801891 Hay FarmKEMPRichardServnt W 74All Works KEN Northbourne
801892Hay LaneFITTALLGeorge-R.Head M 21Farmer 7 Acres KEN Eastry
801892Hay LaneFITTALLHarrietWife M20  KEN Ash
801892 Hay LaneBELSEYGrace Granma W89  KEN Shepherdswell
801893 COXRichardHead M 39Agr Labourer KEN Eastry
801893 COXSarahWife M36  KEN Chislett
801893 COXHarriet-A. Dau  12Scholar KEN Ickham
801893 COXAnn-J. Dau  8Scholar KEN Eastry
801893 COXMary Dau  5Scholar KEN Eastry
801893 COXWilliamSon  2  KEN Eastry
801894 Farthing GateKENNETTStephenHead W 64Agr Labourer KEN Barham
801894 Farthing GateWILLIAMSJohnSon-in-law M 24Agr Labourer KEN Eastry
801894 Farthing GateWILLIAMSAnn-E. Dau M25  KEN Eastry
801894 Farthing GateKENNETTGeorgeSon U 22Agr Labourer KEN Eastry
801894 Farthing GateWILLIAMSAnn-M.Grndau 3  KEN Eastry
801895 PHILPOTTWilliamHead M 23Agr Labourer KEN Word
801895 PHILPOTTCharlotteWife 20  KEN Word
801895 PHILPOTTHarrySon  7m  KEN Word
801896 CULVERAnnHead W61UNK Manchester Lane 
801897 SPAINThomasHead M 57Agr Labourer KEN Eastry
801897 SPAINFannyWife M49  KEN Milton
801897 SPAINWilliamSon U 17Agr Labourer KEN Eastry
801897 SPAINRichardSon  10  KEN Eastry
811998 Farthing GateCRONDWilliamHead M 50Agr Labourer (Deaf) KEN Lydden
811999 MARSHThomasHead M 60Agr Labourer KEN Sandwich St Clements
811999 MARSHMaryWife M60  KEN St Peters
8119100 BRICEHenryHead M 49Agr Labourer KEN Littlebourne
8119100 BRICEMaryWife M46  KEN Buckland Dover
8119100 BRICEEliza Dau U 18  KEN Charlton Dover
8119100 BRICERichardSon U 16Agr Labourer KEN Eastry
8119100 BRICEWilliamSon  14Farmer Boy KEN Eastry
8119100 BRICEGeorgeSon  9Scholar KEN Eastry
8119100 MARSHEdward Grandson ..1  KEN Eythorne
8119101 SPAINThomasHead M 26Market Gardener KEN Eastry
8119101 SPAINMartha-E.Wife M25  BRK Reading
8119102 Visiting "head on a visit a widow"      
8119103 Parsonage House TERRYGeorgeHead M 43Seed Crusher Corn Factor Farmr KEN Eastry
8119103Parsonage House TERRYMaryWife M36  KEN Houghham ?hougham
8119103Parsonage House TERRYEdwardSon U 16  KEN Eastry
8119103Parsonage House TERRYGeorgeSon  5  KEN Eastry
8119103 Parsonage House TERRYCharlotte Dau  7  KEN Eastry
8119103 Parsonage House TERRYRosa Dau  2  KEN Eastry
8119103Parsonage House HOLEMaryServnt U 20Cook KEN Adisham
8119103Parsonage House HOPPERCharlotteServnt U 19  KEN Coldred
8119103 Parsonage House CourtAnnServnt U 24  KEN Eastry
8119104 Church Street BAYLEYStephenHead M 61Grocer & Draper Master 3m 1boy KEN Folkstone
8119104 Church Street BAYLEYSarahWife M59  KEN Ramsgate
8119104 Church Street BAYLEYSarah-A. Dau U 31Draper KEN Ramsgate
8120104 Church Street BAYLEYStephenSon U 30Grocer KEN Ramsgate
8120104 Church Street BAYLEYEmma Dau U 23Draper KEN Ramsgate
8120104 Church Street BAYLEYEliza Dau U 19Draper KEN Eastry
8120104 Church Street BAYLEYLouisa Dau U 16Draper KEN Eastry
8120104 Church Street BAYLEYMargarateNieceU 39House Keeper KEN Deal
8120104 Church Street FISHERAnnServnt U 24Cook KEN Postling
8120104 Church Street CULVEREllenServnt U 19Housemaid KEN Eastry
8120105 GOLDERHenryHead M 41Coachman KEN Sturry
8120105 GOLDERHannahWife M43  KEN Ash
8120106 SPAINMary-AnnHead W75  KEN Word
8120107Vicarage House CARUS-WILSONCharlesHead M 35Clergyman. Vicar Of Eastry LAN Tunstall
8120107Vicarage House CARUS-WILSONMary-J.Wife M27  SOM Swainswick
8120107Vicarage House MANDMatilda-E. Mother-in-LawW61Proprietor Of Land & Houses MDX London
8120107Vicarage House CARUS-WILSONHenrySon  7Scholar KEN Ramsgate
8120107Vicarage House CARUS-WILSONFrederick-L.Son  5Scholar KEN Eastry
8120107Vicarage House CARUS-WILSONErnest-J.Son  2  KEN Eastry
8120107Vicarage House CARUS-WILSONCharlesSon  4m  KEN Eastry
8120107Vicarage House WATTSFamelaServnt U 44Ladys Maid GLS Codrington
8120107Vicarage House BRIGHTJaneServnt U 33Nurse HAM Emery Down
8120107Vicarage House BRIGHTSarahServnt U 23Cook HAM Emery Down
8120107Vicarage House DAVIESElizabethServnt U 20Houseservant SSX Eastbourne
8120107Vicarage House FARLEYSarahServnt U 21Houseservant SRY Farncombe
8120107Vicarage House BLACKCharlotte-W. Boarder U 23Governess KEN Woolwich
8120108 Church Street HADAWAYThomasHead M 42Bricklayer & L Methodist Preac KEN Nonington orig bricklayer & local methodist preacher
8120108 Church Street HADAWAYMaryWife M41  KEN Eastry
8221108 Church Street HADAWAYGeorge-F.Son  12Scholar KEN Dover
8221108 Church Street HADAWAYSarah-L. Dau  10Scholar KEN Barham
8221108 Church Street HADAWAYCharles-H.Son  3Scholar KEN Eastry
8221108 Church Street HADAWAYMary-J. Dau  1  KEN Eastry
8221109 PARKEREdwardHead M 40Baker KEN Ramsgate
8221109 PARKERAnn-W.Wife M41  KEN Northbourne
8221109 PARKERFanny Dau  11Scholar KEN Canterbury
8221109 PARKERKate Dau  5Scholar MDX Hatton
8221110 FAGGMaryHead W70Needlewoman KEN Hearn
8221111 FAGGHarrietHead W51  KEN Eastry
8221111 FAGGJohnSon U 22Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
8221111 FAGGEmily Dau  13Scholar KEN Eastry
8221111 FAGGSarah Dau  10Scholar KEN Eastry
8221111 FAGGCharlotte Dau  10Scholar KEN Eastry
8221112 SOUTHFEILDJohnHead M 70Agr Labourer KEN Wingham
8221112 SOUTHFEILDAnnWife M72  KEN Eastry
8221113 CLARKHenryHead M 26Agr Labourer KEN Eastry
8221113 CLARKMarianneWife M28  HAM Purbrook
8221113 CLARKSarah Mother W69Midwife KEN Northbourne
8221113 CLARKGeorgeSon  5Scholar HAM Avon
8221113 CLARKElizabeth Dau  4Scholar KEN Eastry
8221113 CLARKWilliamSon  11m  KEN Eastry
8221114 SUTTONJohnHead M 72Pauper Formerly Agr Labourer KEN Northbourne
8221114 SUTTONElizabethWife M69  KEN Eythorne
8222115 Church Street HOPPERHenryHead M 42Gardener KEN Whitfield
8222115 Church Street HOPPERFrancesWife M42  KEN Ripple
8222115 Church Street FOWELLElizabethNieceU 23House Servant STS Mobberley
8222116 SUTTONJobHead M 28Agr Labourer KEN Eastry
8222116 SUTTONElizabethWife M29  KEN Woodnesborough
8222116 SUTTONElizabeth Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
8222116 SUTTONWilliamSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
8222116 SUTTONCharlotte-E. Dau  2  KEN Eastry
8222117 FAGGJohnHead M 40Maltster KEN Eastry
8222117 FAGGSarahWife M46  KEN Woodnesborough
8222118 BAYLYDanielHead M 64Agr Labourer KEN Eastry
8222118 BAYLYMary Dau  13Scholar KEN Eastry
8222118 MORRISSAlfredSon-in-law M 34Agr Labourer KEN Woodnesborough
8222118 MORRISSEmma Dau M28  KEN Eastry
8222118 MORRISSGeorge Grandson ..4  KEN Eastry
8222118 MORRISSWilliam Grandson ..2  KEN Goodnestone
8222118 MORRISSCharlotte Dau  6m  KEN Eastry presumably granddaughter
8222119 DEVESONGeorgeHead M 26  KEN Eastry
8222119 DEVESONMaria-E.Wife M24  KEN Woodnesborough
8222119 DEVESONWilliam-G.Son  4  KEN Eastry
8222119 DEVESONEdward-J.Son  3  KEN Eastry
8222119 DEVESONEsther-J. Dau  1  KEN Eastry
8222120 Church Street BEANHenryHead M 48  KEN Eastry
8222120 Church Street BEANCharlotteWife M38  KEN Wye
8222120 Church Street BEANSarah-A. Dau  13Scholar KEN Eastry
8323120 Church Street BEANThomasSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
8323121 GOODBANStephenHead M 75Agr Labourer KEN Ewell
8323121 GOODBANElizabethWife M65  KEN Eastry
8323121 GOODBANGeorgeSon U 32Bricklayers Labourer KEN Eastry
8323122 DIXONEdwardHead M 27Blacksmith KEN Whitfeild misspelling of whitfield
8323122 DIXONElizaWife M28  KEN Tilmanstone
8323122 DIXONJane-M. Dau  3Scholar KEN Woodnesborough
8323122 DIXONEdwardSon  2  KEN Woodnesborough
8323123 CLARKThomasHead M 39Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
8323123 CLARKElizabethWife M33  KEN Tilmanstone
8323123 KEMPKennet-T.Son-in-law  9  KEN Tilmanstone ? Forename
8323123 KEMPMary-E.Daughter-in-law..7  KEN Tilmanstone
8323123 KEMPWilliam-J.Son-in-law  5  KEN Tilmanstone
8323123 KEMPGeorgeSon-in-law  2  KEN Tilmanstone
8323124Eastry CourtSETTERFEILDJohnHead W 64Farm Bailiff KEN St. Lawrence Thanet ? Surname presumably setterfield
8323124Eastry CourtSETTERFEILDJohnSon U 30Carter KEN Margate ? Surname presumably setterfield
8323124Eastry CourtSETTERFEILDRobertSon U 28Agr Labourer KEN Margate ? Surname presumably setterfield
8323124Eastry CourtSETTERFEILDFanny Dau U 25House Keeper KEN St. Lawrence Thanet ? Surname presumably setterfield
8323124Eastry CourtSETTERFEILDMary Dau U 23  KEN St. Lawrence Thanet ? Surname presumably setterfield
8323125Eastry Court House GARDNERGeorgeHead M 40Fundholder KEN Kingston
8323125Eastry Court House GARDNERKateWife M40  KEN Canterbury
8323125Eastry Court House GARDNERHarrySon U 17  KEN Littlebourne
8323125Eastry Court House GARDNERGeorgeSon  9  BRK Old Windsor
8323125Eastry Court House WATSONElizabethServnt U 37Cook BDF Eaton 
8323125Eastry Court House BIRDEmily-C.Servnt U 19Housemaid KEN Throwley
8324126Eastry CourtNOWERWilliamHead M 26Gardener KEN Eastry
8324126Eastry CourtNOWERMaryWife M25  KEN Wickham
8324126Eastry CourtNOWERLouisa-E. Dau  6m  KEN Deal
8711 Street FarmBARKERJoseph-E.Head M 49Farmer Of 110 Acres Emp 7m 5b KEN Woodnesborough
8711 Street FarmBARKERSarahWife M59Farmers Wife KEN Eastry
8711 Street FarmCOCKSarahServnt U 28Dairymaid KEN Sturry
8711 Street FarmCOCKHarriatServnt U 19Housemaid KEN Sturry
8711 Street FarmGOLDSACKJohnServnt U 19Carter KEN Northbourne
8711 Street FarmCOCKJohnServnt U 68Carter KEN Worth
8712 GRAHAMJohnHead M 42Agricultural Lab KEN Eastry
8712 GRAHAMSarahWife M50  KEN Hythe
8712 GRAHAMJamesSon  13Labourer KEN Worth
8712 GRAHAMSusanna Dau  10Scholar KEN Worth
8712 GRAHAMJohnSon  7Scholar KEN Eastry
8712 SOUTHFEILDJames-Nursch     KEN Dover
8713 STORKEYJohnHead M 30Watchmaker Master SFK Bungay
8713 STORKEYSusannaWife M30  KEN Eastry
8713 STORKEYEmma Dau  8m  KEN Eastry
8713 WATTISWilliamLodger M 23Photograph Artist NTH Finedon
8714 SOAMESThomasHead M 42Bricklayer Master Empl 2 Men KEN Eastry
8714 SOAMESJaneWife M39  KEN Tilmanstone
8714 SOAMESWilliamSon U 15Bricklayer KEN Eastry
8714 SOAMESEsther Dau  14  KEN Eastry
8724 SOAMESFrederick-EdwardSon  12Scholar KEN Eastry
8724 SOAMESEdwin-JamesSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
8724 SOAMESAnn-Maria Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
8724 SOAMESAlbert-LouisSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
8724 SOAMESAlfred-RichardSon  2  KEN Eastry
8725 BETTSGeorgeHead M 42Butcher Master KEN Eastry
8725 BETTSSarahWife M43  SSX Barham Street
8725 BETTSMary-Ann Dau U 19House Servant KEN Eastry
8725 BETTSThomasSon U 18Butchers Son KEN Eastry
8725 BETTSJesseSon U 16Butchers Son KEN Eastry
8725 BETTSEmma-Amelia Dau  12Scholar KEN Eastry
8726 MOATJohnHead M 77Carpenter KEN Eastry
8726 MOATMaryWife M76  KEN Eastry
8726 LEEPhilpot-Rutley Boarder U 25Grocers Assistant KEN Sandwich
8727 MOATRichardHead M 55Carpenter Master Empl 5 Men KEN Eastry
8727 MOATCharlotteWife M61  KEN Minster
8727 MOATSarah-Vembear Dau U 31Schoolmistress KEN Eastry
8727 MOATElizabeth-Ann Dau U 22Schoolmistress KEN Eastry
8727 MOATRichardSon U 19Carpenter KEN Eastry
8728 THOMPSONEdmundHead M 39Painter Master Empl 5 Men KEN Deal
8838 THOMPSONSarahWife M38  KEN Deal
8838 THOMPSONSarah-E. Dau  13Scholar KEN Eastry
8838 THOMPSONThomas-E.Son  12Scholar KEN Eastry
8838 THOMPSONEmma-A. Dau  11Scholar KEN Eastry
8838 THOMPSONCatharine Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
8838 THOMPSONWilliam-S.Son  7Scholar KEN Eastry
8838 THOMPSONEmily Dau  5Scholar KEN Eastry
8839 GANYENElizabethHead W54Seamstress KEN Nackington ?surname
88310 BEANThomasHead M 34Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
88310 BEANLydiaWife M27  KEN Walmer
88310 BEANMargaret-Hannah Dau  1m  KEN Eastry
88311 MANNRobertHead M 33Fly Proprietor KEN Larkfield
88311 MANNSusanWife M33  KEN Milton
88311 HAWKINSAnnServnt 12Housemaid KEN Eastry
88312 ATKINSHenryHead M 26Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
88312 ATKINSCeciliaWife M26  KEN Goodnestone
88312 ATKINSSarah-Jane Dau  4Scholar KEN Eastry
88312 ATKINSGeorgeSon  1  KEN Eastry
88313 ASHHarriatWife M23Wife of a Constable KEN Eastry
88313 ASHWm. HarrySon  3Scholar KEN Eastry
88313 ASHJohn-A.-RichardSon  2Scholar KEN Eastry
88313 ASHAmelia-A.-Ann Dau  1  KEN Eastry
88414 SUTTONGeorgeHead M 30Carter KEN Eastry
88414 SUTTONSarah-DavyWife M31  KEN Eastry
88414 SUTTONWilliamSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
88414 SUTTONCharlesSon  3Scholar KEN Eastry
88414 SUTTONMary-Ann Dau  9m  KEN Eastry
88414 WILLIAMSGeorgeBrother-in-lawU 17Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
88415 PRATTWilliamHead M 34Agricultural Labourer KEN Northbourne
88415 PRATTAnn-B.-ElizabethWife M33  KEN Eastry
88415 PRATTFrederickSon  9m  KEN Eastry
88415 HOODRichard-B.Lodger M 23Painter & Grainer YKS Beverly presumably beverley 
88416 GRAINThomasHead W 48Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
88416 GRAINHenrySon U 25Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
88416 GRAINGeorgeSon U 21Invalid KEN Eastry
88416 SOAMESEdward-Wm.Servnt 11Errand Boy KEN Eastry
88417 REGISJohnHead M 50Cordwainer Master KEN East Langdon
88417 REGISMaryWife M50  KEN Eastry
88417 REGISAnn Dau U 22Invalid KEN Eastry
88417 REGISJohnSon U 17Cordwainer KEN Eastry
88417 REGISMargaret Dau  13Scholar KEN Eastry
88417 REGISEllen Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
89518 Buttsole WALKERJohnHead M 62Tailor KEN Sandwich
89518 Buttsole WALKERSarahWife M44  KEN Eastry
89518 Buttsole WALKERStephenSon U 16Errand Boy KEN Eastry
89518 Buttsole WALKERMartha Dau  12Scholar KEN Eastry
89518 Buttsole WALKERBertha Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
89518 Buttsole WALKERAgnes-E. Dau  6  KEN Eastry
89518 Buttsole WALKERJuliaGrndau 5m  KEN Eastry
89519 Public House MANNThomasHead M 68Inn Keeper KEN Whihtfeild presumably whitfield
89519Public House MANNBettyWife M64  KEN Upchurch
89519Public House MANNRichardSon M 37Fly Driver KEN Buckland
89519Public House MANNElizabeth Dau U 25Barmaid KEN Sandwich
89519 Public House MANNEmma Dau U 20Barmaid KEN Eastry
89519Public House WOODSolomonLodger W 64Cordwainer KEN Eastry
89520 HARTWilliamHead W 56Gardener KEN Ringwould
89520 HARTMartha Dau U 16Housekeeper KEN Tilmanstone
89521 Buttsole BULLOCKWilliamHead M 47Agricultural Labourer KEN Chillenden
89521 Buttsole BULLOCKEllenWife M47  KEN Eastry
89521 Buttsole BULLOCKJohnSon U 19Agricultural Labourer KEN Northbourne
89521 Buttsole BULLOCKHannah Dau  13Scholar KEN Northbourne
89521 Buttsole BULLOCKWilliamSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
89621 Buttsole BULLOCKFrederickSon  5Scholar KEN Eastry
89622 BACHELORSamuelHead M 42Agricultural Labourer KEN West Pembury
89622 BACHELORElizabethWife M32  KEN Canterbury
89623 JARVISEdwardHead W 50Agricultural Labourer KEN Ash
89623 JARVISEdwardSon  16Farmers Boy KEN Eastry
89623 JARVISElizabeth Dau  12Scholar KEN Eastry
89624 DUNGEYJamesHead M 31General Dealer KEN Eastry
89624 DUNGEYSarahWife M31  KEN Whitfeild misspelling of whitfield
89624 DUNGEYCharlesSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
89624 DUNGEYGeorgeSon  3Scholar KEN Eastry
89624 SOAMESHenryLodger U 27Bricklayer KEN Eastry
89624 CHAPMANGeorgeLodger U 23Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
89624 WILLIAMSWilliamLodger U 22Bricklayers Labourer KEN Eastry
89624 BANNANSarah-E. VisitorU 18Invalid KEN Deal ?surname
89624 RICHARDSONEdwardLodger U 23Cordwainer Journeyman KEN Maidstone
89625 PORTRichardHead M 49Carpenter KEN Eastry ?surname
89625 PORTJaneWife M48  KEN Boughton Blean
89625 PORTMary Dau U 20Laundress KEN Eastry
89625 PORTAnn Dau  15Scholar KEN Eastry
89625 PORTSamuelSon  13Scholar KEN Eastry
90726 Buttsole BOWMANArthurHead M 26Printer KEN Eastry
90726 Buttsole BOWMANSarah-E.Wife M26  KEN Deal
90726 Buttsole BOWMANEdwin-W.Son  3  KEN Eastry
90726 Buttsole BOWMANArthurSon  1  KEN Eastry
90726 Buttsole BOWMANJulia-M. Dau  8m  KEN Eastry
90727Turnpike House JAMIESONCatharineWife M38Toll Gate Collector KEN Thanington
90727Turnpike House JAMIESONJamesSon  12Scholar KEN Canterbury
90727Turnpike House HORTONAnn Maria VisitorW27  KEN Thanington
90727Turnpike House HORTONCatharine Visitor..3  KEN Deal
90728 Venson FarmMEDGETTThomasHead M 50Farmer Of 50 Acres Empl 2 Men KEN Wingham
90728 Venson FarmMEDGETTMariaWife M50Farmers Wife KEN Staple
90728 Venson FarmMEDGETTEmma Dau U 16Farmers Daughter KEN Wingham
90728 Venson FarmMEDGETTWilliamSon  13Scholar KEN Herne
90728 Venson FarmMEDGETTIsabella Dau  11Scholar KEN Eastry
90729 Venson CourtJohn Head W 58Market Gardener & Farmer 5 Acr KEN Ash
90729 Venson CourtMary-Ann Daughter-in-lawU 40Housekeeper KEN Chatham
90730 Launton Cottages BARTLETTJohnHead M 40Agricultural Labourer KEN Chillenden
90730 Launton Cottages BARTLETTSarahWife M37  KEN Nonington
90730 Launton Cottages BARTLETTElizabeth Dau  12Scholar KEN Eastry
90730 Launton Cottages BARTLETTMildred Dau  9Scholar KEN Chillenden
90831Thornton Cottages SUTTONCharlesHead M 61Agricultural Labourer KEN Ash
90831Thornton Cottages SUTTONMariaWife M47  KEN Nonington
90831Thornton Cottages SUTTONJohnSon  13Farmers Boy KEN Eastry
90831Thornton Cottages SUTTONJamesSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
90832 Shingleton FarmWILSONWilliamHead W 76Farmer Of 400 Acres Emp 9m 4bYKS Kirbywisk presumably "Kirby Wiske" per Genie
90832 Shingleton FarmWILSONWilliamSon U 36Farmers Son KEN Brasted
90832 Shingleton FarmWILSONMaryann Dau U 30Farmers Daughter KEN Brasted
90832 Shingleton FarmARTERHannahServnt U 17House Servant KEN Littlebourne
90832 Shingleton FarmBURGHOPETho.Servnt M 53Herdsman SRY Limpsfeild misspelling of Limpsfield
90832 Shingleton FarmBURGHOPEHarriet None M60Wife Of Tho. Burghope LND Islington
90832 Shingleton FarmFRIENDJamesServnt U 26Waggoner KEN Eastry
90832 Shingleton FarmBURGHOPEJamesServnt U 49Carter SRY Limpsfeild misspelling of Limpsfield
90832 Shingleton FarmWALLRAVENWilliamServnt U 26Carter KEN Eastry
90832 Shingleton FarmFAGGGeorgeServnt U 18Waggoners Mate KEN Eastry
90832 Shingleton FarmWALLRAVENJohnServnt U 16Carters Mate KEN Eastry
90832 Shingleton FarmGIFFORDWm.Servnt U 16Carters Mate KEN Ickham
90832 Shingleton FarmCHAPMANHarryServnt U 17Carter KEN Eastry
90833 Poorstart FarmWOODGeorgeHead M 51Farmer Of 67 Acres Empl 1 Boy KEN Ickham
90833 Poorstart FarmWOODTammersineWife M49  KEN Ash
90833 Poorstart FarmWOODGeorgeSon U 20Carter KEN Eastry
91933 Poorstart FarmWOODJane Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
91934Harnden DEVESONRichardHead M 63Agricultural Labourer KEN Woodnesborough
91934Harnden DEVESONElizabethWife M59  KEN Preston
91934Harnden DEVESONGeorgeSon U 28Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
91934Harnden DEVESONEmma Dau  13Invalid KEN Eastry
91935 MINTERJohnHead M 38Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
91935 MINTERJaneWife M30  KEN Eastry
91935 MINTERAnn Dau  8Scholar KEN Eastry
91935 FAGGAlfredBrother-in-lawU 17Carter KEN Eastry
91935 FAGGRichardBrother-in-law..14Farmer's Boy KEN Eastry
91936 MEGGETTRobertHead M 39Agricultural Labourer KEN Ash
91936 MEGGETTSarahWife M38  KEN Ash
91936 MEGGETTWilliamSon  8Scholar KEN Mongeham
91936 MEGGETTSarah Dau  7Scholar KEN Mongeham
91936 MEGGETTJohnSon  3Scholar KEN Eastry
91936 MEGGETTElizabeth Dau  1  KEN Eastry
91936 BAILEYJamesLodger U 20Carters Mate KEN Eastry
91937 SPINNERJamesHead M 66Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
91937 SPINNERMaryWife M61  KEN Preston
91937 SPINNERHenrySon U 32Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
911037 SPINNERJohnSon U 29Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
911037 SPINNERCharlesSon U 17Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
911038 STRONDGeorgeHead M 39Waggoner KEN Birchington
911038 STRONDSarahWife M34  KEN Herne
911038 STRONDEmma Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
911038 STRONDHannah Dau  7Scholar KEN Eastry
911038 STRONDAnn Dau  5Scholar KEN Eastry
911038 STRONDGeorgeSon  3  KEN Eastry
911038 STRONDCharlesSon  1  KEN Eastry
911039Harnden FarmFISHERJaneServnt U 22Cook KEN Postling
911040 Middle Farm, HarndenCLARKStephenHead M 34Farmer Of 112 Ac Emp 4men 1boy KEN Eastry
911040 Middle Farm, Harnden CLARKElizabeth-M.Wife M33  KEN Woodnesborough
911040 Middle Farm, Harnden CLARKThomas-A.Son  7Scholar KEN Eastry
911040 Middle Farm, Harnden CLARKWalter-A.Son  2  KEN Eastry
911040 Middle Farm, Harnden NEWINGMariaServnt U 20House Servant KEN Sholden
911040 Middle Farm, Harnden SMITHStephenServnt U 20Carter KEN Eastry
911040 Middle Farm, Harnden CLARKMary VisitorU 17Farmers Daughter KEN Nonington
911041 FISHENDENThomas-D.Head M 49Farm Bailiff KEN Woodnesborough
911041 FISHENDENAnnWife M46  KEN Womenswould
91100Harnden Cottages Uninhabited      
911042Harnden Cottages BISHOPSladdenHead M 50Agricultural Labourer KEN Sandwich
921142Harnden Cottages BISHOPFrancesWife M45  KEN Woodnesborough
921142Harnden Cottages BISHOPGeorgeSon U 18Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
921142Harnden Cottages BISHOPAbrahamSon  15Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
921142Harnden Cottages COOPERThomas Father-in-LawW 72Agricultural Labourer KEN St Pauls Canterbury
921143Harnden Cottages WILLIAMSWilliamHead M 36Agricultural Labourer KEN Wickham
921143Harnden Cottages WILLIAMSSarahWife M31  KEN Eastry
921143Harnden Cottages WILLIAMSJamesSon  6m  KEN Eastry
921143Harnden Cottages BAILEYJohn Father-in-LawW 61Agricultural Labourer KEN Shepherdswell
921144 Sekon FarmBELSEYHenryHead M 45Farmer Of 100 Acres Empl 2 Men KEN Northbourne
921144 Sekon FarmBELSEYAliceWife M55Farmers Wife KEN Houghham
921144 Sekon FarmBELSEYJohnSon U 24Farmers Son KEN Houghham
921144 Sekon FarmBELSEYFrances Dau U 21Farmers Daughter KEN Sutton
921144 Sekon FarmBELSEYEmma Dau U 15Farmers Daughter KEN Sutton
921144 Sekon FarmBELSEYAnn Dau  12Scholar KEN Sutton
921144 Sekon FarmBELSEYHenrySon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
921144 Sekon FarmBIRCHJohnServnt M 40Carter KEN Woodnesborough
921144 Sekon FarmKEMPHenryServnt U 16Carters Mate KEN Woodnesborough
921145 Sekon FarmBEALWilliam-R.Head M 27Farmer Of 60 Acres Empl 4 Men KEN Sandwich
921145 Sekon FarmBEALKateWife M27Farmers Wife KEN Canterbury
921145 Sekon FarmBEALJane-P. VisitorU 24Retired Farmers Daughter KEN Sandwich
921245 Sekon FarmSTOKESMary-B.Servnt U 40House Servant KEN Sandwich
921245 Sekon FarmSHELVYJohnServnt U 31Waggoner KEN Eastry ?surname
921245 Sekon FarmOLIVERJosephServnt U 30All Work Man KEN Eastry
921245 Sekon FarmBAILEYRobertServnt U 17Waggoners Mate KEN Eastry
921246 Farm House FAMARISSWilliamHead W 82Retired Farmer KEN Woodnesborough ?surname
921246 Farm House FAMARISSWilliamSon U 58Farmers Son KEN Eastry ?surname
921246 Farm House FAMARISSRichardSon U 47Farmers Son KEN Eastry ?surname
921246 Farm House FAMARISSRobertSon U 40Farmers Son KEN Eastry ?surname
921246 Farm House WHITFORDEmmaGrndau U 27House Servant LND Lambeth
921246 Farm House WHITFORDCharles Grandson U 25Carter LND Lambeth
921246 Farm House FAMARISSGeorge Grandson U 21Farm Labourer KEN Eastry
921246 Farm House BELSEYJosephServnt U 20Carter KEN Eastry
921247 BUSHELLTimothyHead M 48Waggoner KEN Staple
921247 BUSHELLMary-AnnWife M44  KEN Tilmanstone
921247 BUSHELLMary-Ann Dau  13Scholar KEN Eastry
921247 BUSHELLElizabeth Dau  11Scholar KEN Eastry
921247 BUSHELLThomasSon  6Scholar KEN Eastry
921248 Wells FarmFAMARISSHenryHead W 44Farmer 190 Acres Empl 5m 2b KEN Eastry
921248Wells FarmFAMARISSAnnNieceU 27Housekeeper KEN Preston
921248 Wells FarmRINGSLANDCourtBrother-in-lawU 20Son Of A Farmer (Deceased) KEN Waltham
931348 Wells FarmRINGSLANDEmily Sister-in-law U 18Daughter Of Farmer (Deceased) KEN Waltham
931348Wells FarmRINGSLANDJamesBrother-in-law 16Son Of A Farmer (Deceased) KEN Eastry
931348Wells FarmCLEMENTSWilliamServnt U 23Carter KEN Littlebourn
931349 Gore JORDANJamesHead M 52Thatcher KEN Ash
931349 Gore JORDANHannahWife M49  KEN Tilmanstone
931349 GoreJORDANWilliamSon U 20Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
931349 Gore JORDANRichardSon  11Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
931349 Gore JORDANSarah Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
931349 Gore JORDANHenrySon  5Scholar KEN Eastry
931350 FAMARISSCharlesHead M 57Shepherd KEN Eastry
931350 FAMARISSHarrietWife M50  KEN Wickham
931351 SPAINElizabethHead U 70House Proprietor KEN Deal
931352 WOODFilmerHead M 59Agricultural Labourer KEN Ickham
931352 WOODJaneWife M52  KEN Wickhan
931353 Gore DEVESONRichardHead M 26Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
931353 Gore DEVESONEllenWife M25  KEN Eastry
931353 GoreDEVESONJane Dau  4Scholar KEN Eastry
931353 GoreDEVESONEmily Dau  2  KEN Eastry
931353 GoreDEVESONStephen-T.Son  1  KEN Eastry
931353 Gore FASSHAMEmily Sister-in-law U 19House Servant KEN Eastry
931453 Gore FASSHAMFrederick-JosephNephew 1m  KEN Eastry
931454 BAILEYWilliamHead M 29Agricultural Labourer KEN St Clement Sandwich
931454 BAILEYFrancesWife M25  KEN Woodnesborough
931454 BAILEYSarah-F. Dau  2  KEN Eastry
931454 BAILEYWilliamSon  4m  KEN Eastry
931455 ROGERSGeorgeHead M 52Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
931455 ROGERSMaryWife M49  KEN Woodnesborough
931455 HARLOWMary-AnnNieceU 14  KEN Eastry
931456 Gore Farm House DUNNDavidHead M 34Farm Bailiff KEN Waltham
931456 Gore Farm House DUNNMaryWife M24  KEN Herne
931456 Gore Farm House DUNNGeorgeSon  1  KEN Herne
931456 Gore Farm House HUNTGeorgeServnt U 19Carter KEN Word
931456 Gore Farm House WALLRAVENJohnServnt U 58Carter KEN Eastry ?surname Walkaven
931457 FISHENDENMaryHead W82Pauper KEN Woodnesborough
931458 Gore HOILEGeorgeHead M 34Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
931458 Gore HOILEHarrietWife M36  KEN Woodnesborough
931458 Gore HOILEEmily-J. Dau  13Scholar KEN Woodnesborough
931458 Gore HOILEWilliamSon  10Scholar KEN Woodnesborough
931458 Gore HOILESarah Dau  5Scholar KEN Eastry
931458 Gore HOILEElizabeth Dau  3Scholar KEN Eastry
941558 Gore HOILEEllen Dau  1  KEN Eastry
941558 GoreHOILEEmmaNiece..8  KEN Eastry
941559 TERRYSarah   Visiting- only 1 in family- Sarah Terry -out visitng 
941560 KEMPHenry-C.Head M 33Shepherd KEN Eastry
941560 KEMPPleasant-S.Wife M32  KEN Sandwich
941560 KEMPGeorge-G.Son U 16Agricultural Labourer KEN Word
941560 KEMPEliza-A. Dau  14Just Left School KEN Eastry
941560 KEMPEmma Dau  10Scholar KEN Eastry
941560 KEMPHenry-C.Son  6Scholar KEN Eastry
941560 KEMPThomasSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
941560 KEMPPleasant-S. Dau  2  KEN Eastry
941561 StampscourtTERRYJohnHead M 56Agricultural Labourer KEN Ash
941561 StampscourtTERRYSusanWife M56  KEN Ash
941561 StampscourtTERRYIsaac-J.Son U 20Agricultural Labourer KEN Ash
941561 StampscourtTERRYAnn Dau  15Just Left School KEN Ash
941561 StampscourtTERRYSusannah Dau  11Scholar KEN Ash
941562 StampscourtBELSEYSarahHead W70Pauper KEN Eastry
941562 StampscourtBELSEYGeorgeSon U 32Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
941563 StampscourtKEMPThomasHead M 33Agricultural Labourer KEN Ham
941563 StampscourtKEMPElizaWife M29  KEN Nonington
941563 StampscourtKEMPEmma Dau  5Scholar KEN Eastry
941663 StampscourtKEMPEliza Dau  3  KEN Eastry
941663 StampscourtKEMPJane Dau  6m  KEN Eastry
941664 Mills DUNGEYJohnHead M 79Agricultural Labourer KEN Town Sutton
941664 Mills DUNGEYMaryWife M69  KEN Eastry
941664 Mills DUNGEYMary-Ann Dau U 28House Servant KEN Eastry
941664 Mills DUNGEYCharlesSon U 25Blacksmith KEN Eastry
941665 Mills WILLIAMSStephenHead M 65Thatcher KEN Tilmanstone
941665 Mills WILLIAMSMaryWife M57  KEN Eythorne
941665 Mills WILLIAMSEmily Dau  13Scholar KEN Eastry
941665 Mills COATESEliza Dau M28Wife of Scoats KEN Eastry occupation presumably "wife of s coates"
941666 Mills GILHAMMaryHead W67Pauper KEN Shepherdswell
941666 Mills GILHAMGeorgeSon U 25Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
941666 Mills GILHAMJohnSon U 23Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
941667 Mills GOLDFINCHJamesHead W 40Waggoner KEN Eastry
941667 Mills GOLDFINCHMatilda Dau  11Scholar KEN Eastry
941667 Mills GOLDFINCHThomasSon  9Scholar KEN Eastry
941667 Mills GOLDFINCHMargaret Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
941667 Mills GOLDFINCHCharlesSon  4  KEN Eastry
941667 Mills MARSHMatildaServnt U 25Housekeeper KEN Northbourne
941668 Mills GIFFORDHenryHead M 40Agricultural Labourer KEN Stodmarsh
951768 Mills GIFFORDMaryWife M41  KEN Eastry
951768 Mills OLIVERBenjaminSon-in-law U 16Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
951768 Mills GIFFORDGeorgeSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
951768 Mills GIFFORDJamesSon  3  KEN Eastry
951768 Mills GIFFORDSarah Dau  1  KEN Eastry
951768 Mills VINTENIsaac Boarder U 29Miller KEN Chislett
951769 Mills GOODBANJohnHead M 39  KEN Ash
951769 Mills GOODBANMary-AnnWife M36  KEN Ash
951769 Mills GOODBANJohnSon  12Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
951769 Mills GOODBANGeorge-A.Son  10Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
951769 Mills GOODBANEmma Dau  8Scholar KEN Worth
951769 Mills GOODBANThomas-A.Son  7Scholar KEN Worth
951769 Mills GOODBANWilliam-J.Son  5Scholar KEN Worth
951769 Mills GOODBANAlbertSon  3  KEN Worth
951769 Mills GOODBANWalterSon  11m KEN Worth
951770 Mills GRAHAMJaneHead W70Pauper KEN Nonington
951771 Mills SMITHRobertHead M 50Agricultural Labourer Invalid KEN Goodnestone
951771 Mills SMITHSusannaWife M40  KEN Eastry
951771 Mills SMITHSusanna Dau  12Scholar KEN Eastry
951771 Mills SMITHMary-Ann Dau  7Scholar KEN Eastry
951871 Mills SMITHRobertSon  3  KEN Eastry
951871 Mills SMITHSarah-Ann Dau U 17House Servant KEN Eastry
951872 Mills BEANCharlotteHead W47Field Labourer KEN Barham
951872 Mills BEANFrederickSon  8(Deaf) KEN Eastry deaf from birth
951872 Mills RINGThomas Boarder U 65Wheel Wright KEN Bridge
951873 Mills GIBBONSJohn-B.Head M 34Flour Miller KEN Ash
951873 Mills GIBBONSKeziaWife M32  KEN Eastry
951873 Mills GIBBONSWilliamSon  2  KEN Eastry
951873 Mills GIBBONSEmma-A. Dau  1  KEN Eastry
951873 Mills GIBBONSFrederickBrother U 24Agricultural Labourer KEN Minster
951874 Mills BROWNElizabethHead W47Schoolmistress KEN Northbourne
951874 Mills BROWNElizabeth-A. Dau U 17Schoolmistress KEN Woodnesborough
951874 Mills BROWNEmily-J. Dau  15School Assistant KEN Woodnesborough
951874 Mills HATCHERAnn Boarder ..13Scholar KEN Staple
951874 Mills ARMSTRONGEmily-M. Boarder ..9Scholar KEN Ash
951875 Mills CLARKWilliam-C.Head M 41Miller & Farmer 56ac 4m,2b & KEN Eastry orig includes "& 5 men at the mills"
951875 Mills CLARKSarah-Y.Wife M43  KEN Barham ? second initial
951875 Mills CLARKWilliamSon U 15Miller KEN Eastry
951875 Mills CLARKJohnSon  14Miller KEN Eastry
951875 Mills CLARKJamesSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
961975 Mills CLARKHenrySon  8Scholar KEN Little Mongeham
961975 Mills CLARKAlfredSon  2  KEN Eastry
961975 Mills WANSTALLMary Sister-in-law U 41House Keeper KEN Barham
961975 Mills SPEARPOINTSarah VisitorW71A Nurse KEN West Langdon
961976Mill LaneSOAMESRichardHead W 47Bricklayers Labourer KEN Eastry
961976Mill LaneSOAMESMary Dau U 15House Keeper KEN Eastry
961976Mill LaneSOAMESWilliam-E.Son  11Just Left School KEN Eastry
961976Mill LaneSOAMESHarriet Dau  8Scholar KEN Eastry
961976Mill LaneSOAMESSarah-A. Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
961976Mill LaneSOAMESEmily Dau  3Scholar KEN Eastry
961976Mill LaneHUDSONJohnLodger W 56Bricklayers Labourer KEN Eastry
961977Mill LaneANDREWSThomasHead M 82Agricultural Labourer KEN Ash ? Age
961977Mill LaneANDREWSElizabethWife M65  KEN Eastry
961978Mill LaneCHAPMANCharlesHead M 61Carrier KEN Eastry
961978Mill LaneCHAPMANSusanWife M62  KEN St Marys Sandwich
961978Mill LanePAGEMariaNurse child ..5  KEN Eastry
961979Mill LaneROMNEYDanielHead M 37Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
961979Mill LaneROMNEYCharlotteWife M34  KEN Eastry
961979Mill LaneROMNEYJane Dau U 15At Home KEN Eastry
961979Mill LaneROMNEYWilliamSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
962079Mill LaneROMNEYMary-Ann Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
962079Mill LaneROMNEYGeorgeSon  8Scholar KEN Eastry
962079Mill LaneROMNEYDanielSon  6  KEN Eastry
962079Mill LaneROMNEYSarah Dau  3  KEN Eastry
962079Mill LaneROMNEYCharlotte Dau  2  KEN Eastry
962080Mill LaneWALLRAVENRichardHead M 23Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
962080Mill LaneWALLRAVENMaryWife M23  KEN Eastry
962080Mill LaneWALLRAVENWilliamSon  1  KEN Eastry
962081Mill LaneWALLRAVENWilliamHead M 55Agricultural Labourer KEN Eastry
962081Mill LaneWALLRAVENElizaWife M54  KEN Eastry
962081Mill LaneWALLRAVENGeorgeSon  10  KEN Eastry
962081Mill LaneWALLRAVENThomasSon  8  KEN Eastry
962082Mill LaneTWYMANWilliam-T.Head M 32Blacksmith KEN Sandwich
962082Mill LaneTWYMANHannahWife M30  KEN Sandwich
962082Mill LaneTWYMANWilliam-T.Son  7Scholar KEN Eastry
962083AlmshousesEWELLJemimaHead W70Almswoman KEN Nonington
962084 PRITCHARDDavidHead W 70Almsman Formerly Agr. Labourer KEN Eastry
962085 BRICEWilliamHead W 82Almsman Formerly Agr. Labourer KEN Beaksbourn
962086 JORDANSarahHead W83Almswoman KEN Sandwich
962087 JOLLYSarahHead W80Almswoman KEN Chartham
972188AlmshousesBELSEYJosephHead W 67Almsman Formerly Agr. Labourer KEN Woodnesborough
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsCULVEREliasHead M 40Licensed Victualler KEN Canterbury
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsCULVERFrancisWife M38  KEN Woodnesborough
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsCULVEREliasSon  7Scholar KEN Ash
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsCULVERWalterSon  5Scholar KEN Ash
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsCULVERAlfredSon  3  KEN Eastry
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsCULVERJacobSon  2  KEN Eastry
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsCULVER DauF 1w  KEN Eastry
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsKNOWLESLydiaServnt U 25General Serv. KEN Chillenden
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsKENDALLGeorgeServnt U 47Osler KEN Wingham
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsFOORDJohnLodger U 25Bricklayer KEN Eastry
10111Eastry Street, Five BellsGISSONHenry-W.Lodger M 46Decorative Painter MDX Tottenham
10112Eastry Street BOWESJohnHead M 69Maltster & Brewer KEN Womenswould
10112Eastry Street BOWESSusannaWife M62  KEN Tilmanstone
10112Eastry Street BOWESWilliamSon U 32Maltster KEN Eastry
10112Eastry Street BOWESRichardSon U 29Maltster KEN Eastry
10112Eastry Street BOWESHenrySon U 26Maltster KEN Eastry
10112Eastry Street GROOMBRIDGEElizabethServnt W64Cook KEN Ash
10112Eastry Street WARRENElizabethServnt U 23Housemaid LND Westminster St Marg orig Westminster St. Margarets
10113 MOATAnnHead W65Proprietor Of Houses KEN Ramsgate
10114 MOATBenjaminHead M 26Carpenter KEN Eastry
10114 MOATSusannaWife M28  KEN Deal
10114 MOATMary Dau  4Scholar KEN Dover
10114 MOATBenjaminSon  2  KEN Eastry
10114 MOATEmily Dau  8m  KEN Eastry
10114 WILLISEmily Visitor..10Scholar KEN Deal
10125Eastry Street HUDSONEdwardHead M 45Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
10125Eastry Street HUDSONFrancesWife M35  KEN Eastry
10125Eastry Street HUDSONRobertSon U 13  KEN Eastry
10125Eastry Street HUDSONEdwardSon  11  KEN Eastry
10125Eastry Street HUDSONHenrySon  9Scholar KEN Eastry
10125Eastry Street HUDSONEliza Dau  7Scholar KEN Eastry
10125Eastry Street HUDSONCharlesSon  5Scholar KEN Eastry
10125Eastry Street HUDSONSarah Dau  2  KEN Eastry
10126 BOWMANAlbertHead M 24Shoe Maker KEN Eastry
10126 BOWMANSarah-E.Wife M22  KEN Eastry
10126 BOWMANGeorgeSon  1  KEN Eastry
10127 BEERLINGSamuelHead M 65Ag Labourer KEN Ash
10127 BEERLINGAnnWife M64  KEN Ickham
10127 BEERLINGEdwardSon U 29Miller KEN Eastry
10127 BELSEYGeorgeLodger U 35Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
10127 BATTERLYGeorgeLodger U 24Shoe Maker KEN Walmer ?surname
10127 SOAMESMatildaLodger ..12Scholar KEN Eastry
10128 WOODMaryHead W56Washerwoman KEN Staple
10128 WOODMary-T. Dau U 21Servant KEN Eastry
10128 WOODEllen Dau U 13Scholar KEN Eastry
10129Eastry Street LAWRENCEGeorgeHead M 47Master Shoe Maker Emp 2m 1b KEN Ash
10129Eastry Street LAWRENCELouisa-M.Wife M45  KEN Walmer
10129Eastry Street SOLLEYLouisa-A.Daughter-in-lawU 24Schoolmistress KEN Walmer
10129Eastry Street LAWRENCEGeorgeSon U 19Shoe Maker KEN Eastry
10129Eastry Street LAWRENCELouisa Dau U 16Schoolmistress KEN Eastry
10239Eastry Street LAWRENCEJamesSon U 14Shoe Maker KEN Eastry
10239Eastry Street LAWRENCESarah Dau  12Scholar KEN Eastry
10239Eastry Street LAWRENCERichardSon  10Scholar KEN Eastry
10239Eastry Street LAWRENCERuth Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
10239Eastry Street LAWRENCEHenrySon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
10239Eastry Street LAWRENCEFrederickSon  2  KEN Eastry
102310 BEANJohnHead M 66Ag Labourer KEN Worth
102310 BEANHannahWife M64  KEN Eastry
102311 BULLOCKMaryHead W58Pauper KEN Woodnesborough
102311 BULLOCKRobertSon U 15Carter KEN Eastry
102312 HAMBROOKHenryHead U 65Fishmonger KEN Northbourne
102313 ITKINSHenryHead M 58Gardener KEN Chillenden
102313 ITKINSElizabethWife M60  KEN Sandwich
102314 PAPILLONThomas-H.Head U 25Curate Of Eastry KEN Barham
102314 PAPILLONMary-G. Sister U 33  KEN Barham
102314 WILLIAMSSarahServnt W51Housekeeper KEN Northbourne
102314 WILLIAMSEmma Srvdau U 23Dressmaker KEN Eastry
102315 FRIENDJamesHead M 30Ag Labourer KEN Northbourne
102315 FRIENDMaryWife M31  KEN Worth
102315 FRIENDJamesSon  2  KEN Northbourne
102315 FRIENDGeorgeSon  6m  KEN Eastry
102316Butt Sole GIBBENSJohnHead M 41Ag Labourer KEN St Peters Thanet ? surname Gibbons
102316Butt SoleGIBBENSElizabethWife M37  KEN Barham
102316Butt SoleGIBBENSWalter-T.Son  13Farm Boy KEN Barham
102316Butt SoleGIBBENSJemima-E. Dau  10  KEN Wotten
102416Butt SoleGIBBENSJoseph-W.Son  8Scholar KEN Barham
102416Butt SoleGIBBENSJabez-E.Son  6Scholar KEN Eastry
102416Butt SoleGIBBENSJane-M. Dau  4Scholar KEN Eastry
102417 FRIENDJohnHead M 49Shepherd KEN Gt. Mongeham
102417 FRIENDSusannahWife M48  KEN Northbourne
102417 FRIENDRoseanna Dau U 14  KEN Eastry
102418 DIXONThomasHead M 45Ag Labourer KEN Eythorn
102418 DIXONElizaWife M46  KEN Northbourne
102418 DIXONWilliamSon U 15Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
102418 DIXONJane-M. Dau  12Scholar KEN Eastry
102418 DIXONEdwardSon  2  KEN Eastry
102419 FRIENDJamesHead M 52Ag Labourer KEN Gt. Mongeham
102419 FRIENDHannahWife M49  KEN Coldred
102419 FRIENDEliza Dau U 16  KEN Eastry
102419 FRIENDStephenSon U 12Farm Boy KEN Eastry
102419 FRIENDEmma Dau  10Scholar KEN Eastry
102419 FRIENDGeorgeSon  7Scholar KEN Eastry
102419 FRIENDCharlesSon  3Scholar KEN Eastry
102419 FRIENDMariaGrndau 1  KEN Dover
102420 CHAPMANWilliamHead M 48Ag Labourer KEN Sholden
102420 CHAPMANMaryWife M49  KEN Eythorn
102420 CHAPMANJohnSon U 14Shoemaker KEN Eastry
102420 CHAPMANCharlotte Dau  12Scholar KEN Eastry
102420 CHAPMANHannah Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
102420 ELLENDERArthur-W. Boarder ..1  KEN Eastry
103521Butt SoleFARCEYBrett-V.Head M 48Ag Labourer KEN Ash
103521Butt SoleFARCEYElizabethWife M42Laundress KEN Eastry
103522 PAGEEdwardHead M 58Ag Labourer KEN Wingham
103522 PAGEAnneWife M55Charwoman KEN Preston
103522 PAGEThomasSon U 26Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
103523 Updown Lodge CHANDLERJohnHead M 32Bailiff KEN Ash
103523 Updown LodgeCHANDLEREllenWife M33  KEN Eastry
103523 Updown LodgeCHANDLEREmma-A. Dau  4  KEN Eastry
103523 Updown LodgeCHANDLERJane-A. Dau  2  KEN Eastry
103523 Updown LodgeTUNBRIDGEEllenServnt U 12House Servant KEN Hougham
103524 SMITHRichardHead M 66Gardener KEN Barham
103524 SMITHSarahWife M53  KEN Gt. Mongeham
103525 Updown Cottage CourtWilliam Head M 57Ag Labourer KEN Ash
103525 Updown Cottage CourtMary Wife M53  KEN Woodnesborough
103525 Updown Cottage CourtMary  Dau U 34Dressmaker KEN Ash
103526 SUTTONWilliam-J.Head M 37Gardener KEN Eastry
103526 SUTTONMary-AnnWife M40  KEN Eastry
103526 SUTTONElizabeth Dau  9Scholar KEN Eastry
103526 SUTTONMary-Ann Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
103527Little Hay BURTONIsaacHead M 37Ag Labourer KEN Worth
103527Little Hay BURTONCharlotteWife M33  KEN Northbourne
103527Little Hay BURTONGeorgeSon  11Scholar KEN Eastry
103527Little Hay BURTONHenrySon  8Scholar KEN Eastry
103527Little Hay BURTONWilliamSon  4Scholar KEN Eastry
103527Little Hay BURTONFrederickSon  1  KEN Eastry
103628Little Hay TERRYSarahHead W33Pauper KEN Northbourne
103628Little Hay TERRYSarah-A. Dau  6Scholar KEN Eastry
103628Little Hay TERRYHannah-E. Dau  3Scholar KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTJohnHead M 48Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTHannahWife M42  KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTJane Dau U 22Servant KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTEdwardSon U 16Invalid KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTHenrySon  13Farm Boy KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTSarah Dau  10Scholar KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTAlfredSon  7Scholar KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTHannah Dau  5Scholar KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTEsther Dau  3Scholar KEN Eastry
103629 FarthingaleNEWPORTEleanorGrndau 2  KEN Eastry
103630 CARLTONJamesHead M 43Ag Labourer KEN Chillenden
103630 CARLTONMaryWife M37  KEN Ham
103630 CARLTONSarah Dau U 14Servant KEN Ham
103630 CARLTONWilliamSon  9Scholar KEN Eastry
103630 CARLTONEmma Dau  4Scholar KEN Eastry
103630 CARLTONFrederickSon  5m  KEN Eastry
103631 DEVESONRobertHead M 55Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
103631 DEVESONJaneWife M55  KEN Ham
103631 DEVESONWilliamnSon U 17Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
103631 DEVESONSusannah Dau U 13Scholar KEN Eastry
103631 DEVESONHenrySon  11Scholar KEN Eastry
103631 DEVESONMary-A.Grndau 9Scholar KEN Sutton
104732 FarthingateFASHAMThomasHead M 69Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
104732 Farthingate FASHAMHarriettWife M65  KEN Ewell
104733 BUDDLEGeorgeHead M 57Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
104733 BUDDLEJaneWife M60  KEN Ringwould
104733 BUDDLEHenrySon U 22Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
104734 KEELJamesHead M 59Ag Labourer KEN Staple
104734 KEELSarahWife M62  KEN Ickham
104735The LynchFAGGElizabeth-F.Servnt W43Cook KEN Hougham
104735The LynchHAWKINSJaneServnt U 19Housemaid KEN Eastry
104736 Brook House BELCHERCharlotte-G. Sister U 51Laundress KEN Canterbury
104736 Brook House BELCHERMary Sister U 49Laundress MDX St Andrews Holborn
104736 Brook House HULKESSarah-E.Servnt U 23Housemaid KEN Petham
104736 Brook House PAGEAnnServnt U 19Cook KEN Eastry
104737 Brook LaneMARBROOKEstherHead W60Pauper KEN Eastry
104737 Brook LaneMARBROOKEsther Dau U 40  KEN Eastry
104737 Brook LaneMARBROOKFrederickSon U 19Blacksmith KEN Eastry
104737 Brook LaneMARBROOKAbraham Grandson U 19Grocers Assistant KEN Eastry
104738 HAWKINSSamuelHead M 45Carter KEN Goodnestone
104738 HAWKINSMaryWife M40  KEN Eastry
104738 HAWKINSWilliamSon U 10Scholar KEN Eastry
104738 HAWKINSClara Dau  4Scholar KEN Eastry
104738 WALLISJane VisitorM25Artists Wife KEN Eastry
104738 WALLISWilliam-A. Visitor 3Artists Son NTH Tugwell
104739 Brook LaneFAGGJohnHead M 32Tailor Journeyman KEN Eastry
104739 Brook LaneFAGGEmma-T.Wife M33  KEN Deal
104839 Brook LaneFAGGThomas-F.Son U 12Scholar KEN Eastry second intial could be T
104839 Brook LaneFAGGEmily-E. Dau  10Scholar KEN Deal
104839 Brook LaneFAGGEdmund-H.Son  9Scholar KEN Deal
104839 Brook LaneFAGGLydia-E. Dau  4Scholar KEN Eastry
104839 Brook LaneFAGGHenry-T.Son  2  KEN Eastry
104839 Brook LaneFAGGEdith Dau  3m  KEN Eastry
104839 Brook LaneTHOMPSONElizabeth Mother-in-LawW77Superanuated Anuity BDF Bigglesden ?Birthplace -not Genie Biggleswade? 
104840 SPICKETTRobertHead M 34Ag Labourer KEN Littlebourn
104840 SPICKETTJaneWife M36  KEN Ash
104840 SPICKETTThomas-W.Son  5Scholar KEN Eastry
104841 PEDERICKJosephHead M 30Groom DEV Crediton
104841 PEDERICKFrances-A.Wife M26  KEN Hearn ? Initial ?bithplace presumably Herne
104841 PEDERICKWilliam-E.Son  2  KEN Walmer
104841 PEDERICKJoseph-F.Son  5m  KEN Eastry
104842 HOPPERHenryHead M 31Groom & Gardener KEN Ewell
104842 HOPPERSarahWife M25  KEN Elmstead
104842 HOPPERElizabeth Dau  1m  KEN Eastry
104843 BUSSEdwardHead M 23Police Constable K.C.C. KEN Bethersden
104843 BUSSAdelaideWife M28  KEN Worth
104844 OVENDENWilliamHead M 71Ag Labourer KEN Woodnesborough
104844 OVENDENElizabethWife M72  KEN Nonington
104845 OLIVEREdwardHead W 71Ag Labourer KEN Eastry
104845 OLIVERHenrySon U 24Ag Labourer KEN Eastry